Francis White.

Birmingham. History and general directory of the borough of Birmingham, with the remainder of the parish of Aston ... being part of a general history and directory of the county of Warwick .. online

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Knight Henry, mechanist, engineer, and
clock manufacturer, superintendent re-
gistrar, 15, Ann st., & borough treasurer,
Waterloo rooms, Waterloo street

Knight Henry, butcher, 13, Sand pits
Knight Henry, grocer ; h. 13, Wellington rd
Knight John, tailor, draper and clothier,

72, Snow hill
Knight John, shopkeeper, 33, Lench st.
Knight John, beerhouse, timber merchant,

gate and hurdle malcer. Worcester wharf
Knight Joseph, varnish and ])rinting ink

manufr. ; h. 5S, Barr st., Gt. Ilmptn. rw.
Knight Joseph, packing box and case mkr.,

38, Allison street
Knight Sml. pork bthr. 187, High st. Deritend
Knight Susannah, milliner. 96, Moor st
Knight Thomas, pill machine and cabinet

case maker, 288, Bradford st
Knight Thos., coal dlr., 83, U. Hospital st.
Knight Thomas, earthenware dealer, and

green grocer. Bell Barn road
Knight Thomas, linen draper, 27^, Snow hi
Knight Mr., Finch street
Knight Wm., timber merch., 31, Hockley st
Knight William, shopkper., 23, Lichfield st
Knighton William, butcher, 263, Small hth
KnowlesBenj.blank tray mkr. 7 1|, Summer 1
Knowles Charles, marine store dealer, 82,

Park street. Bullring
Knowles George Beauchamp, surgeon, 3,

St. Paul's square
Knowles George Beauchamp, jun., solicitor,

3, St. Paul's square
Knowles Henry, jeweller, 42, U. Gough st.
Knowles John, furniture broker, 116, Gt.

Hampton street
Knowles J ph. watch & clock mkr, 3, Moat rw
Knowles Richard, hame chain maker, 60,

High street, Bordesley
Knowles Thomas, paper hanging manu-