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Birmingham. History and general directory of the borough of Birmingham, with the remainder of the parish of Aston ... being part of a general history and directory of the county of Warwick .. online

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Online LibraryFrancis WhiteBirmingham. History and general directory of the borough of Birmingham, with the remainder of the parish of Aston ... being part of a general history and directory of the county of Warwick .. → online text (page 54 of 82)
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locks, nipples, &c., 84, Weaman st.
Webster Adie, tailor, Wilton street
Webster Elizabeth, lodgings, 13, Lionel st,
Webster James, beerhouse, 51, Gt. Barr st.
Webster John and Co., manchester ware-
houseman, 74, High street; h. Bedford
place, Bristol road
Webster Jph., skinner &tripehs., 25, Balsalls
Webster Jph.,blow pipe mnfr.,8. Princes st
Webster My. Ann, milliner, 133, Digbeth
\Vebster Mrs. Sarah, Bristol road
Webster Thos. tailor &dpr., 61, Church st.
Webster William, tailor, 2, Legge street
Webster William, hau- dresser, 77, Snow

hill; h. 149, Hampton st.
Weeks Anthony, shoemkr., 106, Tennant st
Weeks Thomas, saddler and harness maker,

140, Icknield street. East
Weetman Hy. vict. Shakespeare, 185,Liverys
Weetman John, hair drsr., 19,NevvMeetingst
Welch Samuel, agent, 138 Gt. Charles st.
Weight Chas., hosier & laceman, 50, New st
Weintz John, gunstocker.57, Weaman st
Weiss Solomon, merchant, 2 1 , Gt. Charles st
Welch Alfred James, factor ; house, Francis
' street, Edgbaston
Welch Aim, grocer, 26, Summer lane
Welch Charles, (late William Wilkinson,)
j black ornament and glass toy manufac-
I turer, stamper and piercer, 1 , Caroline st. ;

h. Green lanes, Small heath
■Welch Frederick, tanner, currier, leather
japanner. and patten tie manufacturer,
15, Bromsgrove street ; h. Moseley
Welch George, assistant overseer & registrar
of births and deaths for All Saints dLstrict,
Warstone lane
Welch George, livery and bait stables, horse

and gig letter, 201, Livery street
Welch Geo ,tead: tobacco dlr,, 28, Regent pi



Welch Geo. & Co., manufrs. of patent elec-
tro plated and nickel .-silver spoons, forks,

candlesticks, cruet frames, &c., 11, Dean

street ; house, Bristol road
Welch James Pimrose, jeweller, 66, Gt.

Hampton street; house, Vyse street
Welch John, fruiterer, lo4, Livery street
Welch John, coal merchant, Oozells st.

and Bordeslcy st. Wharfs; h. Spring st.
Welch John, tailor, 18, Whittall street
Welch Mrs. Mary, Hagley road
Welch Richard, hay, corn and rope dealer,

21, Sunnner row
Welch Mrs. Sarah, Green lanes
Welch Mr. Thomas, Bristol road
M'elch Thomas, railway carriage furniture

manufacturer, 82, Gt. Brook street
Welch Win., fniiterer, 36, Snow hill
Welch Wm.. house ageut.68,NewJohn st, W
Welch Win., eating house, Lr. Temple st.
Welch \\'illiam, pork butcher and eating

house. 6, Dale end
Welch William, carjienter, 166. Gt. Brook

St.; house, 212, Lawley street
Welchman Eliz., milliner, 100, 1'p. Tower st.
A\'elchnian Wm., shopkeeper,.'iO,Camden st.
Welden J(jhn. gnn 1)aiTel maker, Cecil st.,
Weldon John, taihir and draper, 67, Bull st
Weller Kdwd,. vict. Swan with two Neck-s,

H, St. Martin's lane
Weller Geo. Frederick, baker and flour dlr.

1.^ Great Barr street
Weller John Richards, clerk, Park road,

Nechells green
Welling Ednmnd, beerhs., 30, Choajjside
Celling Eliz., maker, 64, Kenion st.
Wellings Jas. .split rhig mkr., 4ii, Lister st.
Wellings J.ihn, tlr, cVdrpr.,27, I'p- Tower st
WeUings .Joseph, papier machee manufctr.,

house. Villa street
Wellin^js William, baker and confectioner,

107, Hampton street
Wells (Jeorge, provision dlr. 142, Bath row
Wells (Jeorge, steel pen and holder manfr.

house, Lozells lane
Wells Henry, gun finisher, Baggot street;

house, Aston New Town
M'ells .lames, goods remover. Bridge st. W.
^Vells .Fames, tailor. SI, F>ove(]:iy street
A\'ells .lames, shoemkr., 14, Ltl. ( aiinon st.
Wells .lohii, lapidarj', ct. 15, Mott street
AN'ells .Fosepli, beerhouse, Lculge road
A\'ells Miss Mary Aim, Aston New Town
Wells lliclid., castor and plater of metals,

6r*, Ivlmniid street
Wells Samuel, jeweller, and manfr. of gold

and silver guard chains, seals, keys, «.V-c.

73, Northwood street
Wells Samuel, iiKiimfr. of bronzed A- steel

fenders, ."iD, Oxford st.; Inmse, (laremont

cottage, Halsall heath
Wells I'hos., vict.. Dog and Partridife, 186,

ri)per W indsor street

Wells Thos., & bacon dlr. Market hi
\\'elsh Joseph, furniture brkr., 127^, Great

Hampton street
Wenslow George, bricklayer, 9, Jennen'srw
Wesbury William, .shoemaker, 91 Livery st.
We.sson John Birt, tin plate and zinc wor-
ker, 143. Nelson street, West
West Isaac, gun rib forger, 4, Price street
West Robert Ar Compy., veneer saw mills,

Deritend Bridge
West Saml., bellows mkr., ct. 6, Sherlock st
West Thos., butcher, 90, Lichfield street
Westbury Ann, school, 79, Gt. Hampton rw
WestbTiry Donald, cabinet mkr., 25, Hillst.
Westbury John, beer machine, liquor foun-
tain, and portable cabinet mangle maker.

Hurst street
Westcombe Thos, nurseryman, Bristol road
We.stcott Frederick, gentleman. Spring st.
Westley Henry, haberdasher iind grocer,

33, Price street
Westley Isc, formn. japanner, 61, Albion st
Westley Mrs. Matilda, 128, \'yse street
Westley Wm., zinc and galvanised iron

worker, Latimer .street, S.
We.ston Henry, vict.. Earl Grey Inn, Per-

shore road
Weston James, lapidary, S6, Hockley .street
Weston James Francis, steel polisher, 88.^,

Hockley .street
Weston John, plasterer, ct. 11, Gt. Barr st.
WestonMark.brass hinge mkr. 23, Newton st
AVeston Richard Henry, steel pen, etc. mfr. ;, Islington row
Weston Robert, sword grinder, 33, Fazeley

street; house, ct. 8, Cardigan street
Weston Thomas, hosier and haberdasher,

91, High .street
Westwood Mrs. Ann, refiner and assayer ;

house, 96, Great Charles street
Westwood Edward, coral carver. 7, Harford st
Westwood Geo., green grcr., 19, Sheej)Cote st
A\'estwood Henry, refiner and assayer; h.

128, Great Francis street
We.stwood .lames, pniholder and black lead

pencil maker, 61, Ludgatehill
Westwood John, vict.. Nags Head, 94,

Lichfield .street
Westwood .Fno. steel pemnkr 61, Caroline st
Westwood .losiah, beerhs. tfc glass toy mkr.,

Ill, Hospital street
Westwood .Maria, stamper and ])iercer, 8,

WhittalLst.; h. 169, Hreurley street, West
Westwood Samuel (iibbons, japanner, A'c. ;

house, Halsall heath
Westwood Mrs. Sophia. Hunter's lane
AN'estwood A- Son, refiners, assayers, and ro-

mnu vitriol manfrs., 96, (it. Charles street
Westwood William, ])ellows ])ipe manufir.,

ct. 6, Meriiien street
Westwood Win. A' Son, refiners A: a.ssayer.s,

.37."», Summer lane
Wet ton Catherine, school, ct. 16, Price st.



Whalan Daniel, shoplceeper, 62, Princip st.
\\' ha itThos.j^frcr.tV-.sacUl le treemkr.y^, 1 1 iirst .st
Wharton Charles, painter, 37, Vale street
Wharton John, brass lonnder,39. Brewery st

Alcester street
Wharton John, coach proprietor, and Sarah,

milliner, 2, Minories

Wharton Thomas, senr., mannfr. of lamps,

Instres, ornaments in bronze, jia]jier nia-

chee, and every description of japanned

fj^oods, 4. fJt. Charles st.; h.323, (irnwy.ter.

Online LibraryFrancis WhiteBirmingham. History and general directory of the borough of Birmingham, with the remainder of the parish of Aston ... being part of a general history and directory of the county of Warwick .. → online text (page 54 of 82)