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Manual of the Holy Eucharist.

Conferences on the Blessed Sacrament and Eu-
charislic Devotions. Ubiong i^axo |o-75

A clear, pithy, and accurate exposition.

Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle.

Hours and Hajf-Hours of Adoration before the
Blessed Sacrament. With a Novcna to the Holy
Ghost, and Devotions for Mass, Holy Commun-
ion, etc. i6mo, cloth, red ed{,'es 1.25

The choicest and most use/ul work /or visits to
the liiessed Sacrament.

Pious Preparation for First Holy Com-

With a Retreat of Three Days. 32mo, cloth 0.75

A ccmplete manual /or boys and girls luho are pre-
paring Jor First Holy Communion.

Mass Devotions, and Readings on the Mass.

Oblong 24mo, 640 pages 0.75

This book contains twelve different methods 0/
hearing Mass.

Short Visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

Vest-pocket size 0.25

Little Manual of St. Anthony.

Vest-pocket size 0.25

The Sacred Heart Book.

Oblong 32mo, 640 pages 0.75

A complete and practical manual /or alt devout

Prayer-Book for Religious.

i6mo, cloth net,

The best and most complete book 0/ its kind pub-

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. 1 give you my heart and my

soul. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, may I breathe

forth my soul in psace with you.



CdwuscIs autr gcfantions







New York, Cincinnati, Chicago:
Benziger Brothers,

Printers to the Holy Apostolic See,

fltbll ©betat.


Censor Lt'irorum.



Archbishop ef New York.

New York, December 18, 1905.

Copyright, 1906, by Benzigbr Brothers.

B5ttor'5 3forewor&»

We trust that this little book will appeal to
Pastors, and Directors of sodalities, to the Children
of Mary in particular and to all Catholic girls in

To Pastors this little guide will supply suggestive
reading for exhortations; to Directors and Prefects
of sodalities it will lend assistance by means of its
Conferences; to the Children of Mary in particular
and to all Catholic girls in general it will furnish
helpful spiritual reading at home, and serve also
as a complete Prayer-Book, specially adapted to
their needs, in all their devotions at church.

The Conferences^ in connection with other pious
exercises, originally appeared in German under the
title Mil ins Leben. Their author is the Rev. P.
Coelestin Muff, O.S.B., of Einsiedeln, Switzerland.
This good Religious speaks to young women from
a heart that glows with charity, and is consumed
with zeal for God's glory and the salvation of souls.

We see in him a man of God and a man of culture
— one who is broad-minded and large-hearted, wise
and sympathetic, with the experience of years as a
Director of young girls in a Catholic Institute.

We revised the English translation of the Con-
ferences, eliminated parts of the original matter that
seemed to us undesirable, added a few new features,
substituted portions of well-known hymns in place
of scime of the author's verses, and endeavored to


6 Editor's Foreicord.

bring the whole book into greater harmony with the
views and customs of Catholics in our own country.

The latter part of this volume, consisting of
Devotions, Prayers, and Pious Hxcrcises, is mainly
our own compilation and adaptation and was
prepared with a view to making the book more
generally useful.

At the end are added Father Clarke's short but
very excellent and practical Meditations on the
Life of Mary for the Month of May.

May our dear LAidy oj the Sacred Heart, the
Queen oj the Most Holy Rosary, deign to accept
this little volume, which we most humbly dedicate
to her; may she from her heavenly throne bless
this work, so that it may be a firm guide to her
servants and her children in the way of perfection.

F. X. Lasance.

Notre Dame Convent,

Walnut Hills,

Cincinnati, Ohio.

Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary —

" Help of Christians,"

May 24, 1905.

" The virgin thinketh on the things of the Lord:
that she may be holy both in body and in spirit." —
I Cor. iii. 34.

" Be thou an example of the faithful, in word,
in conversation, in charity, in faith, in chastity." —
I Tim. iv. 12.

" Listen attentively, my daughter, to the words
of thy teacher, incline the ear of thy heart to them,
receive with a good will the admonitions of a loving
father, and strive earnestly to put them into prac-
tice."— St. Benedict.



In the joyous springtime the plain but fresh, sweet
verdure of wood and meadow is almost as pleasing
to the view as the more showy and brilliant hues of
flower and blossoming shrub. May the youthful
reader be a"flFected in like manner by the . perusal
of this unpretentious little book.

The exhortations or instructions which constitute
the principal part of this work were originally
conferences which I, in my character of chaplain
to a young ladies' Institute, gave to girls between
fifteen and twenty years of age The following are
the reasons which led me to place them before the
public. In the first place, I felt that the conferences
would be of more permanent utility to the girls who
heard them, if they could be read by them after-
ward in print. In the second place, I knew that
if these instructions were published, whatever bene-
ficial influence they might have would no longer be
restricted to those who were present when they were
delivered, since they would become to a greater or
less extent the common property of a far wider circle
of Catholic girls, in equal need of counsel and in-
struction. And my third reason was that
all the numerous and excellent instructive Manuals
and Prayer-Books for Catholic girls there is not,
to my knowledge, a single one that treats of the
spiritual life of a young girl in so comprehensive
and detailed a manner as is done in these pages.

Thus the little book now laid before the reader

10 Preface.

was written for the use of Catholic ^irls from the
time of their leaving school until they embraced
some calling or state of life; it is intended, as may
be gathered from tlie title, to be their companion
and guide amid the dangers and snares that beset
the path of youth. I have made it my constant aim
to give as far as possible counsels of practical use
for daily life, and to avoid anything which would not
apply to girls of the middle class, or which, being
beyond their comprehension, would be of no profit
to them.

]My first and foremost wish is to inspire the
maiden who stands on the threshold of womanhood
with a love of virtue, and to encourage her in the
pursuit of it. I wish to impress upon her the fact
that virtue and piety are not inconsistent with the
enjoyment of life, that they are not incomj)atible
with mirth and liigh spirits, with sport and recrea-
tion; in fine, with a moderate participation in harm-
less amusements. On the other liand, I wish to
show her that youth without virtue is like spring
on a bleak, barren height where an icy blast nips
every flower in the bud. Youth without virtue
is destitute of the very thing that renders youth
the springtide of life, which makes it truly a joyous
period; I mean the supernatural atmosphere,
the buoyancy of spirits, that is concomitant with
innocence and peace of heart — heavenly gifts,
which in their true beauty and bliss create a very
paradise on earth.

That is also the motive which led me to devote
in the present work especial care to depicting,
besides the lily-crown of virginal purity, in con-
siderable detail the maiden's garland composed
of nine fair flowers — the virtues most becoming
to the young — in their varied forms and colors.

Preface. 11

And since this Manual is to accompany the maiden
on her way through life until she comes to the
cross-roads, when it is incumbent on her to make
the definite choice of a state of life, the needful
advice and useful points are given to aid her, at
this most important epoch, on which so much
depends, in determining her vocation — in making
her choice between the married and unmarried
state. Furthermore, as a young woman ought
not to enter into holy matrimony — the state to
which the majority are called — without some
general knowledge of what family life is in the
highest sense of the word, in its reli,gious import,
as well as of the training of children and the virtues
essential to the mistress of a household, some brief
admonitions aie added on these points; though
fuller instructions as to the duties of wedded life
must naturally be sought in a Manual for mothers,
not in one intended exclusively for the unmarried.

Finally, in order that this book may serve not
only for spiritual reading, but also as a Prayer-Book
for young girls, and may give them practical aid in
approaching the throne of grace, some suitable de-
votions are added to the instructions. This part
is compiled with especial reference to the Children
of Mary, and with a view to making the book use-
ful as a Sodality-Manual.

May God grant that through the blessed influence
of His grace, this little book, in spite of its defi-
ciencies, may prove to the maiden who has to
encounter the dangers of the world, a powerful
support, a sure guide, a wise counsellor, a faithful
friend and loving comforter, a protecting angel and
an unfailing defence.

A threefold word of warning addressed to the
youthful reader yet remains to be added:

12 Preface.

1. Do not, my dear child, select from the spiritual
aliments here offered you only the dainty morsels,
the attractive sweetmeats; that is to say, do not
read merely the stories, anecdotes, or verses, but
peruse the whole thoughtfully and attentively,
each chapter, each instruction in turn, and apply
what you have read to yourself, not to others.

2. In church, at Mass, do not spend more time
in reading than in prayer, but follow the prayers
of the Mass devoutly.

3. Both before and after reading your accustomed
portion pray fervently for help and blessing from

That God may vouchsafe to bestow on you to
the full His fatherly benediction is the heartfelt
wish of the author.

Zo tbc ©entle IReaDer.

The Child of Mary.

O Maiden! let thy heart like a fragrant garden be;
Flowers fair of virtue thy Mother loves to see;
Then sweet thy prayer shaU sound in that fond

Mother's ear,
And when thou needest help, that Mother will be


She strengthens thee to conquer in the arduous strife;
And when thou standest at the crossways of thy life,
Thou shalt feel a heavenly breath to guide thee

The rough ways shall be smooth the dark wavs be

made light.

O Child of Mary! in thy youth's springtide,
Go to that Mother dear, and without fear
To her thy joys, thy grief, thy hopes confide.

h. life, in death, whatever may betide —

Jf foes assail, let not thy covu-age fail.

Her arm will thee protect, her wisdom guide.



Editor's Foreword 5

Preface 9

To the Gentle Reader 13

Booh 11.


I. The Sunflower — Faith.


I. How Great a Blessing Is the True Faith 29

II. Keep the Faith 33

III. Whose is this Image ? 37

IV. Be Vigilant 41

2. The Ivy — Hope.

V. Hope in the Lord 46

VI. God Doeth All Things Well 50

VII. The Blessed Fruits of Patience 54

VIII. Weep Not! 58

3. The Peony — Love of God.

IX. Sursum Corda ! Lift up Your Hearts !.. 62
X. Let the Love of God Dwell in Your

Heart 67

XI. The Miracle of Love ^rf;}; .,'/;,. . 72

XII. Love upon the Altar ..'.'...-..... 76

XIII. In the Bright Days of Youth 80


16 Contents.

4. The Rose — Love of Our Neighbor.


XIV. Kindheartedness 85

XV. Honor thy Father and thy Mother.. 8g

XVI. An Earnest of Future Blessings.... 93

XVII. The Ambassadors of Christ 98

XVIII. What Friendship Ought to Be 102

XIX. It is Difficult yet not Impossible 107

5. The Carnation — Obedience.

XX. Our Great Exemplar iii

XXI. A Careful Mother 115

XXII. Obedience the Christian's Ornament 120

XXIII. Some Objections Which May Be

Urged ^* . . 123

6. The Forget-me-not — Piety.

XXIV. The Real Flower 128

XXV. " Remember Thy Last End" 132

XXVI. " One Thing is Necessary " 136

XXVII. Do Not Imitate Eve 140

XXVIII. Imitate Mary 145

XXIX. A Ladder to Heaven 149

XXX. A Fount of Healing .....fy... 154

XXXI. Is Confession Difficult? 159

XXXII. The Table of the Lord 163

XXXIII. The Robe of Piety 168

7. The Violet— Humility.

XXXIV. The Maiden's Ornament 173

XXXV. Humility is Essential to Salvation.. 177

XXXVI. The Fruits of Humility 182

Contents. 17

8. The Daffodil — Industry,
chapter page

XXXVII. The Value of Work 187

XXXVIII. Love of Work 191

XXXIX. Away from Home 195

9. The Narcissus — Truthfulness.

XL. False Prophets igg

XLI. Truth Before All 203

XLII. Let Your Speech Be Always with

Charity 208

XLIII. There Is no Great Harm in It ! 212

XLIV. Calumny and Contempt 216

XLV. Sins Committed by Hearing 220

XLVI. A Small, but Dangerous Member.. 225


I. The Lily in Untarnished Splendor.

XLVII. How Beautiful Is the Chaste Gener-
ation ! 233

XLVIII. Blessed Are the Clean of Heart 237

XLIX. Fight and Conquer 241

L. Take Courage ! 245

2. The Lily and Her Enemies.

LI. The Enemy in Our Own Heart 249

LII. The Enemy in Human Shape 253

Lin. The Enemy in Finery and External

Attractions 257

18 Contents.


LIV. The Enemy in Our Eyes 26r

LV. The Enemy in What We Hear and

Read 264

LVI. The Enemy in the Ballroom 268

LVII. The Enemy in the Theatre 272

3. The Faded Lily.

LVIII. What a Misfortune ! 275

LIX. The Consequences of That Misfortune 278
LX. The Lily Fades ! To What an End

Does this Lead ! 281

4. The Lily Protected and Cared for.

LXL The Sentinels Who Guard the Lily of

Chastity 284

LXIL Sunshine 288

LXIII. Celestial Dew 292

LXIV. A Mother's Care 296


1. Which Is My Path ?

LXV. The Decision to Be Made 303

LXVI. Useful Advice 307

LXVII. The Means to Make a Wise Choice. 311

2. The Married State.

LXVIII. Ought I to Marry ? 316

LXIX. Whom Should I Marry ? 320

Contents. 19


LXX. The Time of Courtship * 324

LXXI. Marry a Catholic 327

LXXII. Are Mixed Marriages Happy ? 331

LXXIII. The Conditions Under Which the
Church Tolerates Mixed Mar-
riages 336

3. The Religious State.

LXXIV. The Happiness of a Religious Vo-
cation 339

LXXV. The Sacrifices of a Religious Vo-
cation 344

LXXVI. The Signs of a Religious Vocation 349

4. Unmarried Life in the World.

LXXVII. The Value of Virginity 354

LXXVIII. The So-called "Old Maids" 357


I. Religion the Foundation of Family Life.

LXXIX. The Happiness of Family Life.. 367

LXXX. The Safeguard of Family Life. . . 371

LXXXI. The Peace of Family Life 374

2. The Religious Education of Children.

LXXXII. Happiness or Misery 378

LXXXIII. Begin the Work Early 382

LXXXIV< The Principal Factors and Sup-
ports in the Training of a Child 3S5

20 Contents.


LXXXV. Studies: Higher Education 389

LXXXVI. The Blessing from Above 395

3. The Housewife's Adorning.

LXXXVII. Beautiful Apparel 399

LXXXVIII. Gold Ornaments 403

LXXXIX. Diamonds 407

XC. Precious Stones 410


XCI. Farewell 419

A Rule of Life 423

The Art of Being Happy 426

3Booh 1F1I. Devotions,



Morning Prayers 435

Morning Offering of the Apostleship of Prayer 436
Short Act of Consecration before a Picture of

the Sacred Heart 437

Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love 438

Prayer before Instruction 438

Prayer after Instruction 438

Grace before Meals 439

Grace after Meals 439

Indulgenced Aspirations and Short Prayers. . 440

Contents. 2i


Evening Prayers 451

Prayers to Obtain a Good Death 452


A Method of Assisting at the holy Sacrifice of
the Altar by Following the Ordinary of

the Mass 463

A Mode of Hearing Mass in Honor of the

Blessed Virgin Mary 481


Prayers before Confession 495

Examination of Conscience for Young Women 496

Acts of Contrition 503

Resolution of Amendment 504

Prayers after Confession 504


Acts of Faith, Adoration, Contrition, Humil-
ity, Hope, Charity, and Desire before

Communion 506

Acts of Humility, Thanksgiving and Oblation,

Love, and Petition after Communion.... 507

Indulgenced Prayer before a Crucifix 509

Petitions and Offerings after Holy Communion 510
Indulgenced Acts in Honor of the Sacred

Heart of Jesus 514

Promises and Resolutions to be Made by Fre-
quent Communicants 517

Simple Acts and Prayers for Holy Com-
munion 522

Prayer of Ven. Father Olier 525

Suscipe: Prayer of St. Ignatius •• 525

Anima Christi 526


22 Contents.


Stabat Mater 539


Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus 543

Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 546

Litany of the lilessed Virgin 550

Litany of the Saints 553

MENT 565

Prayer of St. Alphonsus Liguori 565

Spiritual Communion 567

Acts of Reparation to Jesus Christ in the

Blessed Sacrament 570

Acts of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of

Jesus 571

A Short Act of Consecration to the Sacred

Heart of Jesus 574

An Act of Consecration Recommended to the

Children of Mary 574

A Prayer for the Church and for the Civil

Authorities 575


Prayer in Honor of the Sacred Heart of

Jesus, and other Petitions Suitable after

Communion and at Visits to the Blessed

Sacrament, also in connection with a

Novena 577

Prayer of St. Alphonsus Liguori to the Blessed

Virgin Mary 580

Prayer of St. Aloysius Gonzaga to the Blessed

Virgin 581

Prayer and Consecration to Our Lady of Per-
petual Help 581

Contents. 23


Chaplet in Honor of the Immaculate Heart of

Mary 582

Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help 584

Prayer to Our Lady of Good Counsel 585

Indulgenced Novenas in Honor of the Blessed

Virgin Mary 585

Eleven Novenas in Honor of the Blessed V'ir-

gin Mary 5S5

Novena for any Festival and for any Special

Occasion 587

The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary 589

The Four Great Anthems ♦f the Blessed Vir-
gin Mary ^. ,^....^.^. 590

Alma Redemptoris ,w-|. -. 590

Ave Regina Coelorum 592

Regina Coeli 593

Salve Regina 594

Prayer to St. Joseph for the October Devo-
tions 596

Another Approved Version of the Same Prayer 596

Act of Consecration to St. Joseph 597

Prayer to St. Joseph for a Happy Death.. . . 597

Prayer to St. Joseph for Perseverance 598

Novena in Honor of St. Joseph 598

Prayers in Honor of St. Joseph for the Ag-
onizing 599

Prayer to St. Joseph, Patron of the Univer-
sal Church 599

Prayer to the Angel Guardian 600

Antiphon to the Archangel Michael 601

Prayer to St. Raphael, Archangel 601

Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel 601

24 Contents.


Prayer to St. Anne. 601

The Novena of Grace in Honor of St. Francis

Xavier, Apostle of the Indies 602

Devout Exercises of the Six Sundays in Honor

of St. Aloysius Gonzaga 604

Prayers to St. Anthony 606

Prayer to St. Stanislaus Kostka 607

Prayer in Honor of St. Agnes 607

Prayer to St. Lucy 608

Prayer to St. Rose of Lima 6og

Prayer to St. Agatha 6og

Prayer to any Virgin-Saint 610

Prayer for divine Direction in the Choice of a

State of Life 61 r

Indulgenccd Prayer for a Christian Family. . 612



The Object of this Association 614

Obligations of the Members 615

Indulgences 615


The Solemn Reception of New Members 617

Synopsis of the Rite of Reception 617

Ceremony of Solemn Reception 617

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament 628

Pious Exercises and Prayers for Regular and

Occasional Meetings .... 635

\ CoJiteiits. 25



Indulgences for the Month of May 640

Three Offerings in Honor of the Blessed Vir-
gin Mary 641

St. Aloysius' Act of Consecration 642

Prayer to our Queen of the Most Holy Rosary 642

Introduction 643

Mary's Vocation 643

Hymn to the Blessed Virgin, "Ave Maris

Stella " 648

1st Day. — Mary's Immaculate Conception.... 649

2d Day. — Mary's First Graces. 651

3d Day. — Mary's Earliest Gift 652

4th Day. — God's Design in Beautifying Mary 652

5th Day. — The Birth of Mary 653

6th Day. — The Presentation of Mary in the

Temple 654

7th Day. — Mary's Life in the Temple 655

8th Day. — Mary's Espousals 656

9th Day. — The Marriage of Mary 657

loth Day. — The Annunciation 658

nth Day. — The Incarnation 659

I2th Day. — The Visitation 660

13th Day. — Mary's Time of Expectancy 661

14th Day. — The Nativity 661

15th Day. — Mary's Purification 662

i6th Day. — Simeon's Propnecy to Mary 663

17th Day. — The Flight into Egypt 664

i8th Day. — Mary's Life at Nazareth 665

19th Day. — Mary's Loss of Jesus for Three

Days 666

26 Contents.


20th Day. — The Death of St- Joseph 667

2ist Day. — Mary at Cana 668

22d Day. — Mary During Our Lord's Public

Li f e f 668

23d Day. — Mary Meets Jesus Carrying the

Cross 669

24th Day. — Mary at the Foot of the Cross. . .. 670
25th Day. — Jesus is Placed in His Mother's

Arms. . . 671

26th Day. — Mary Sees Jesus Laid in the Sepul-
chre 672

27th Day. — Jesus Appears to Mary after the

Resurrection 673

28th Day. — Mary the Mother of the Infant

Church 674

29th Day. — Mary's Death 674

30th Day. — Mary's Assumption into Heaven. 675
31st Day. — Mary's Coronation as Queen of

Heaven 676

Hymn, " Mary, Thy Heart " 678

Hymn, " Holy God, We Praise Thy Name".. 678

3Booft f


I. TOe Sunflower— faltb,

y. fQotD ®Freat a Blessing £s tj^e STrue ffuiti).

1. ^^T^HERE is a flower which possesses this
V-^ peculiarity, that it turns constantly

to the sun, following it in its course; on this account
it is called the sunflower. Our faith may be com-
pared to this flower, since its gaze is ever fixed
above, and turned toward the glorious sun of
divine truth. The first flower in the maiden's
blooming garland of virtues is and ought to be
the faith of which we speak. For this faith, a
clear, living, steadfast, unalterable faith is supremely
necessary and all important for the maiden, es-
pecially in the present day. Therefore make it
the subject of your present meditation, my child,
and consider first how great a blessing it is to
possess the one true, Catholic faith.

2. Our Lord said upon one occasion: "Blessed
are they that have not seen and have believed."
Why did He thus speak? why are those blessed
who possess the true faith?

The first reason is this: by faith we please God.
The desire for happiness is deeply implanted in
every human breast, and the history of mankind


80 The Maiden's Wreath.

is merely the recital of a ceaseless search for
happiness. But where is man to find happiness,
and where alone? The following lines will tel'

Would you be happy, this is the way:
Please God and do His will day by day;
Saint-like your duty do; fervently pray.

3. Note well that we must strive to be pleasing
to God, and it is only by helicving in Him that we
can please Him. This is so true that the Apostle
Paul says expressly: " Without faith it is impossible
to please God." And if you \\-ish to understand
the matter more clearly, reflect upon the relation
in which you stand to your earthly father. When
do you please him best, when do you honor him
most? Is it not when you believe in him most
firmly, and show a childlike confidence in him?
And how much more is this the case in regard to
your heavenly Father, our Lord and God. For
it is the will of the eternal Father that we should
believe what He once taught and commanded us
by the voice of His Son, and now continues to
teach us by the voice of holy Church. And if St.
Paul says: "This is the will of God, your sancti-
fication," it is also the will of God that we should be-
lieve in Him, for faith is the beginning, foundation,
and root of all righteousness. Therefore when
we believe in God we do His will, and by so doing

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