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and died June 25, 1872. Their children: Charles Wilson b.
June 2 1866- May b. Nov. 25, 1867, d. Sept. 16. 1869; Blanche
b. April 20, 1870. m. Edwin L. Parker; Harriet Virginia, d.

Married Margaret Thompson Smoot Nov. 25, 1874, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Abraham Owen Smoot and Emily
Hill, of Provo, Utah, pioneers September, 1847, Daniel Spen-
cer company). She was born Aug. 27, 1854, Sugar House

ward. Salt Lake county, Utah. Their children: Abraham
Owen b. Dec. 5, 1875, m. Gertrude Louder; Lorena b April 3
1878; Ada b. April 6, 1881, m. Joseph F. Nibley; Cora b. Sept
13, 1883; Eva b. Jan. 23, 1887, d. April 2, 1890; Edith b May
16, 1891. Family home Provo, Utah.

High priest; member high council 1878. School teacher
in Utah county 1863-76; county superintendent schools 1874-
80; with his brother organized Timpanogos branch of Uni-
versity of Deseret 1870; secretary and treasurer of Brigham
Young University since its organization in 1875. Member
Provo city council 1872-88; mayor of Provo; county clerk
1875-83; member state legislature 1880, 1882 and 1884; chair-
man of house committee on education. Cashier First Na-
tional Bank of Provo 1882-91; cashier Utah County Savings
Bank 1891-1901; assistant postmaster of Provo 1901-13.

DYE, RICHARD (son of Thomas Dye and Sarah Gower, of
Hertford, Hertfordshire. Eng.). Born Jan. 2, 1832, at Hert-
ford. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1858. Iver N. Iverson company

Married Mary Peek Nov. 23, 1859, South Weber, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Peek and Mary Maiden, of Soham,
Cambridgeshire, Eng.; latter pioneer Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph
Home company). She was born Aug. 21, 1841. Their chil-
dren: Mary Adelaide b. Oct. 15. 1860. d. June 4, 1869; Richard
Thomas b. Feb. 4, 1863. m. Elizabeth Jones; William Maiden
b. March 26, 1865, m. Julia A. Child; James Henry b. March
30, 1867, m. Nellie A. Child; Elizabeth b. Aug. 14, 1869. d.
March 2, 1879; James b. Jan. 16. 1872. m. Mamie Pike; Walter
Ernest b. July 16, 1874, m. Nellie Crofts; Samuel G. b. Oct. 10,
1876, m. Lydia Hobson; Sarah Gower b. Dec. 24, 1879, m.
Walter Jarrell. Family home Riverdale. Utah.

Justice of peace 1872-1902; public school trustee 1876-1906-
Sunday school superintendent 1876-1901; ward clerk 1880-
1908; president 76th quorum seventies 1884-91.

DYE, SAMUEL G. (son of Richard Dye and Mary Peek).
Born Oct. 10. 1876, Riverdale, Utah.

Married Lydia Hobson Oct. 22, 1902, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jesse D. Hobson and Joannah Lewis of Utah
and Arizona). She was born Jan. 16, 1882. Their children-
Elden Hobson b. July 29, 1903; Melvin Lewis b. Feb. 18, 1906;
Samuel Wayne b. June 22, 1910. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Clerk of board of education 1905-09; clerk Weber county
1909-14. First counselor to bishop of Riverdale ward;
member high council Weber and Ogden stakes.

DYET, WILLIAM (son of Joean Campbell). Born 1836,
Kelvin Grover, Scotland.

Married Martha Barnes Dec. 24, 1858, Polnan Parish,
Sterlingshlre, Scotland (daughter of Mark Barnes and Ann
Armstrong of England, came to Utah July, 1881, with Ross
Kelly). She was born Dec. 29, 1838. Their children:
William B. b. March 7, 1860, m. Isabella Simpson; Joseph
B. b. April 6, 1865, m. Katie Smith; Alexander b. April 6.
1865; Martha B., m. David Miller; James B. b. Aug. 29,
1867, m. Clara Lilya; John B. b. Dec. 29, 1869; Annie B. b.
Jan. 22, 1871, m. Dougals McWilliams; Sarah B. b. July 3,
1874. m. Albert Butcher; Elizabeth b. Jan. 1. 1882. Family
resided Salt Lake City, Utah, and Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Ordained high priest June 2, 1907.

DYET, WILLIAM B. (son of William Dyet and Martha
Barnes). Born March 7, 1860, Bo'ness, Scotland.

Married Isabella Simpson Jan. 11, 1892, Rock Springs,
Wyo. (daughter of William Simpson and Frances Bell of
England, came to Utah May, 1880). She was born Jan. 19,
1869. Only child: Mark W. b. March 31, 1900. Family re-
sided Salt Lake City, Utah, and Rock Springs, Wyo.

DYKES, GEORGE P. Married Dorcas Keeling, who came to
Utah 1852, Ezra T. Benson company. Their children: Lee,
m. Lillie Cook; Rhoda Ann, m. George Martin Burgess.

Missionary ten years in England, Holland. France, Sweden
and Denmark. Captain In Mormon Battalion. Died in Ari-

DITZETT, EDWARD P. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber
C. Klmball company.

Married Mary Adaline Ewing at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Samuel Ewing and Elizabeth Schaffer of Little Britain,
Lancastershire county, Pa., pioneers 1847). Their children:
Alveretta, m. Joseph Pettey; Minerva; Marjorie, m. Nathan
Terry; Ursolla, m. Joseph A. Smith; Edward Hanmer, m.
Rosa Hannah Slaughter; Rachel Vilate, died; Huldah, d.
child. Family home Rockville, Utah.

The children of the second wife were: Clarissa, m.

Johnson; Eliza, died; Jane, m. Frank Farnsworth; Emma.

Drummer In Nauvoo Legion. Teacher. Died November,
1874, Rockville, Utah.

DUZETT, EDWARD HANMER (son of Edward P. Duzett
and Mary Adaline Ewing). Born Jan. 1, 1861, at Salt Lake

Married Rosa Hannah Slaughter Feb. 1, 1882, at Rockville.
Utah, George Washington Terry officiating, daughter of
Charles Merrlwether Slaughter and Fanny Piety of Missouri
pioneers 1847, Mormon Battalion). She was born Sept.
11, 1863, Grafton, Washington county. Utah. Their children:
Edward Hanmer b. May 5, 1883, d. infant; Rosa Blanche b.



Nov. 10. 1884, m. Lewis W. Peterson: Virtue b. July 6. 1888,
m Arthur M. Anderson; Mable b. Oct. 23, 1891; Melvin b.
June 10. 1894, d .infant; Melburn b. July 20, 1896; Robert b.
March 17, 1899. Family home Emery, Utah.

Settled at Rockvllle when five years of age, where he as-
sisted in making- ditches, wagon roads, bridges, and in
developing the country; moved to Hlnckley 1890 and to
Emery 1891. Farmer and stockraiser; merchant.


KAKl.i:, HENRY KENNEDY (son of John B. Eakle and
Miss Kennedy, of Newhope, Va.). Born Nov. 28, 1828, in

Married Mary Jane Johnson, In Virginia (daughter of
Francis Johnson and Mary Jane Hall). Their children:
Sarah Catherine, m. William B. Folsom; Betty Kerr, m.
Eugene Peel; Millard F., m. Minnie Wllchen; Edgar F., m.
Emma Cox; Mary Abi, m. Thomas Tidwell; Henry Francis,
m. Ida Gochenhour; Julia Everiot: John Brigham, died;
Anna Asenath. Family lived in Virginia.

Elder. Farmer and stockraiser.

Faucett; Mary Ellen, m. Thomas Riding; John, m. Lottie
Law; Emaline Phoebe; Florence, m. Joseph Hawk; Hen-
rietta Drucllla. Family resided Salt Lake City and St.
George, Utah.

High priest. Pioneer to St. George. Potter. Died March

EAMES, DAVID (son of Nathaniel and Cathrlne Eames of
Wales). Born Nov. 16* 1826, in North Wales. Came to Utah
Sept. 17, 1850, Jonathan Foote company.

Married Esther Cullen in 1860. St. Louis, Mo. (daughter
of James Cullen of England). She was born Oct. 15, 1830.
Their children: David G., m. Elizabeth Greaves; Joseph C.,
m. Rebecca Williams; Cathrine, m. Joseph O. Greaves; Na-
thaniel; Arthur, m. Lydia Kidd; Rowland; Brigham; James;
Ezra, m. Tressie Pink; Henry. Family resided Salt Lake
City and Logan, Utah.

Seventy. Took part in Echo Canyon war. Carpenter and
wheelwright. Died Nov. 17, 1885, at Logan.

EAMES, DAVID C. (son of David Eames and Esther Cullen).
Born Sept. 1, 1851, at Salt Lake City.

Married Elizabeth C. Greaves Dec. 29, 1877, at Logan
(daughter of Joseph Greaves and Sarah Priscilla Chesley
of Logan). She was born Oct. 21. 1856, Provo, Utah. Their
children: David G. b. Sept. 29, 1879; Sarah G. b. Nov. 1, 1881;
Elizabeth G. b. June 6, 1884; Rebecca May b. Dec. 28, 1886;
Aerial G. b. July 18, 1889; Nathaniel H. b. Aug. 3, 1892; Jo-
seph Leland b. June 23, 1895; Rowland b. May 14, 1899, d. May
16, 1899; Ilah b. June 18, 1902. Family resided Logan, Utah,
and Preston, Idaho.

High priest; home missionary Oneida stake 1900-01;
counselor Preston ward bishopric nine years; member Oneida
stake high council eight years. President and director of
Cub River and Wormcreek Canal Co. 25 years. Farmer and

EAMES. DAVID G. (son of David C. Eames and Elizabeth
C Greaves). Born Sept. 29, 1879. Logan, Utah.

Married Pearl L. Geddes Jan. 25, 1905, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Joseph S. Geddes and Dora Neeley of Plain City, Utah,
and Preston, Idaho). She was born Feb. 22, 1882. Their
children: David Ivo b. April 25, 1906; Melba Geddes b. May
14, 1909; Waldo Geddes b. April 11, 1911. Family home
Preston, Idaho.

High priest; missionary to Northwestern states 1902-04;
president of Mutuals at Preston; superintendent 3d ward
Sunday school at Preston four years; first counselor to
Bishop Carver of 3d ward, Preston, 18 months; stake Mutual
superintendent. Vice-president and director of Riverdale
Fruit and Farming Co. Farmer and stockraiser.

EARDLEY, JAMES (son of Edward Eardley and Elizabeth
Grocket of Swadlincote, Derbyshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 25,
1830, at Swadlincote. Came to Utah Sept. 29, 1854, James
Brown company.

Married Zurviah G. Fuller March 15, 1852, St. Louis, Mo.
(daughter of Walter Fuller, of Ludlow, Mass., and Eunice
Gleason of Rowe, Mass., the former came to Utah 1856, the
latter 1854, James Brown company). She was born Sept.
13 1834. Their children: Edward A. d. infant; James W.,
m' Catherine A. Woolley; Eunice E., m. Barton Snarr; Ade-
line Z., d. Infant; Bedson M., d. infant; Mary E., m. Thomas
J. Curtis; Reuben H., m. Charlotte Solomon; Annie Z., m.
William A. Sperry; Delia A., m. Mark W. Calder; Louisa E.,
m. Edward P. Midgley. Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Martha A. Preece 1871 (daughter of John Preece
and Mary Ann Steel). Their children: John A., m. Eliza-
beth E. Brown; Albert W., d. Infant; Martha M., m. Heber
Donaldson; Ernest L. ; George A.

Missionary to England 1884-86; superintendent Sunday
school 3d ward, 33 years; high priest; patriarch. Captain of
company In Echo Canyon war. Potter and merchant.

EARL, BISHOP COLLIER (son of Charles Earl and Nancy
Vinna Allen of Monroeville, Ohio). Born March 15, 1843,
at Monroeville. Came to Utah July 4,1861. by overland stage.

Married Sarah Ann Goates Dec. 28, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Goates and Susan Larkln of Lehl,
Utah). She was born Oct. 20, 1846, and came to Utah late
In 1852. Their children: Charles William b. Oct. 23. 1869, m.
Jennie Fowler; Susan b. Jan. 8, 1872, died; Ellda Vierna b.
Nov. 15, 1874, died; Rebecca b. July 4, 1877, died; Olive b. May
15, 1879, m. Clarence Lott; John Hinckley b. May 12. 1881,
died; Clara b. Nov. 6, 1883; Alma b. July 26, 1885, m. Eliza-
beth Candor; Jesse Allen b. Oct. 3, 1887. m. Lyle Boyle; Sarah
A. b. Oct. 4, 1891, m. Junius McEwan. Family home Lehi,

Helped bring last immigrants that came overland from
Ft. Benton, Wyo.

EARL, CHARLES WILLIAM (son of Bishop Collier Earl and
Sarah Goates). Born Oct. 23, 1869. Lehi, Utah.

Married Jennie Fowler Dec. 7, 1898, Lehl, Utah (daughter
of Henry Charles Fowler and Sarah Lee). She was born
Sept. 29, 1877. Their children: Mildred Jennie b. Oct. 2J,
1900; Lowell Allan b. Feb. 19, 1902; Harold Lee b. Dec. 8,
1903; Charles Franklin b. March 8, 1906.

Miner, contractor and electrician.

EARL, JONATHAN (son of George Earl and Sarah Earl of
London, Eng.). Born July 29, 1816, Framllngham, Eng.
Came to Utah Aug. 7, 1852.

Married Jane Wright March 22, 1847, in England (daugh-
ter of William Wright and Maria Downing of England).
She was born Jan. 6, 1822. Their children: John, died; Jo-
seph, m. Nettie Paul; George, m. Mary Harrison; Josephine,
m. Benjamin Bright; Edwin, m. Lily Edmons; Alford, m.
Agnus Harvy, Jesse died; Harry, m. Rachel Badley; Har-
riet, m. John W. Lunn; Frank, m. Sarah Olson. Family
home Salt Lake City.

Farmer. Died Sept. 11, 1873.

EARL, MICHAEL (son of Launcelot Earl and Sarah Jack-
son). Born Jan. 3, 1835, Kendal, Westmoreland, Eng. Came
to Utah Oct. 3, 1863, Daniel D. McArthur "Dixie" oxteam

Married Elizabeth Woolnough June 20, 1859, Islington,
Middlesex, Eng. (daughter of Mark Woolnough and Rachel
Skinner of London). She was born Sept. 7, 1832, in London,
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: Elizabeth,
m. John F. Lee; L. M.; M. W. Family home Salt Lake City.

Member 13th quorum seventies; performed many ordi-
nances in the temple, and was ardent religious worker.
Followed business of merchant tailor at 130 Main street
(near what was called Teasdale alley) for many years.
When he built his permanent residence, 436 G street, now
a choice residence district, he was ridiculed, as It was far
out of town, and inaccessible to water. Was an omnlverous
reader and accumulated a large library of choice literature.
Was grandfather to nineteen and great-grandfather to five
children, when he died Jan. 27, 1896, Salt Lake City.

EARDLEY, JOHN (son of Edward Eardley and Elizabeth
Grocket of Derbyshire, Eng.). Came to Utah in pioneer

Married Ann Croffs of Derbyshire. Their children: Eliza-
beth, died; Clara Elizabeth, m. James H. Mason; Agnes Ann,
m. Joseph S. Smith; Hyrura Edward; Louisa Eliza, m. George

EARL, SYLVESTER HENRY. Born Aug. 16, 1815, Scioto
county, Ohio. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young

Was twice married, and the father of thirteen children,
among whom was Joseph Ira born Sept. 6, 1852, who mar-
ried Elethra Calista Bunker on March 15, 1880, and after-
ward Agnes Viola Bunker.

Performed several missions In the United States before
coming to Utah; first counselor to Bishop A. H. Raleigh of
19th ward, Salt Lake City; missionary to England 1852-66.
Died July 23, 1873, St. George, Utah.

EARL, JOSEPH IRA (son of Sylvester Henry Earl). Born
Sept. 6, 1852, Salt Lake City.

Married Elethra Calista Bunker March 15, 1880 (daughter
of Edward and Emily Bunker), who died in 1901.

Married Agnes Viola Bunker Dec. 11, 1885 (daughter of
Edward and Mary Bunker).

Set apart as bishop of Bunkervllle ward, St. George stake
January 1908.

EARL, IRA JOSEPH (son of Joseph Ira Earl). Was born
Dec. 16, 1884, and was an elder.

EASTMOND, ELBERT (son of John Eastmond and Margaret
Lawrence). Came to Utah In 1858.

Married Elizabeth Brown (daughter of Joseph Brown and
Ann Curtis, of Manasquam, New Jersey). Their children:
Jefferson, m. Esther Hindley; Mary; Annie, m. John L.
Snow; Joseph. Family resided Salt Lake City and American

"was sometimes kindly termed the father of free public
schools In Utah. Carpenter and builder.



EASTMOND, JEFFERSON (son of Elbert Eastmond and
Elizabeth Brown). Born at Great Kills, Staten Island, N.
Y. Came to Utah in 1858.

Married Esther Jane Hindley Sept. 6, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jno. Hindley and Jane Charters Robinson, of
American Fork, Utah). Their children: Elbert H. b. June
1, 1876; Jno. H. b. June 22, 1877, died; Jane May, m. Jas.
Johnson; Elizabeth Ruby; Frank; Jefferson b. Sept. 16, 1880,
died. Family home American Fork, Utah.

Elder. Carpenter, builder and architect. Died July 1,

EASTMOND, ELBERT HINDLEY (son of Jefferson East-
mond and Esther Jane Hindley). Born June 1, 1876.

Elder; member seventies; special missionary to New York
city, 1900-1902. Instructor of manual training and art and
design in Brigham Young University.

EATON, JOHN SEGERS (son of Joseph Eaton and Merniva
Segers). Born April 2, 1842, Montrose, Lee Co., Iowa. Came
to Utah 1849.

Married Emily Ann Robbins March 30, 1861 (daughter of
Thomas F. Robbins and Ann Johnson), who was born Aug.
20, 1845. Their children: Lillian b. Dec. 25, 1862, d. Feb. 1,
1863; Leonora L. b. May 31, 1864, m. A. T. Doxey June 23,
1880; John Riley b. Sept. 5, 1866, m. Minnie Nicol; Annette M.
b. Oct. 3, 1868, m. Lewis Ivie; Emily Ann b. Feb. 21. 1871.
(d. Dec. 25, 1896), m. Frank Cherry; Bernice b. Feb. 18, 1873,
m. Thomas Harris; Nora C. b. April 19, 1875, m. W. Slade;
Daniel W. b. Dec. 6, 1877; Pheba A. b. Jan. 27, 1880, d. July
22, 1880; Chlorlla Usler b. June 19, 1881; Wallas R. b. April
8, 1884, m. Evaline Biggs; Thomas L. b. June 22, 1887, m. Ida
B. Maxwell. Family resided at Scipio, Utah, St. Johns, Ariz.,
and Breen, Colo.

Died March 25, 1912.

by oxteam.

Married Victorine Elizabeth Walker at Pleasant Grove.
Utah (daughter of Hanson Walker, Pleasant Grove, Utah).
Born at Pleasant Grove. Their children: Joseph, died;
Manson, m. Percilla Rlchens; Elmer B., m. Rose Merrill;
Elizabeth, m. William Winn; John B., m. Perlettie Ross;
Ernest, m. Susana McKowen; Benjamin; Irvin, m. Mary
Fuller; Lewis, m. Sina Cook; Byron, m. Lucilla Hadlock;
Zera, m. Alice Starkie; Vernee, m. Myrtle Wardle; Ethel, m.
Reuben Hunting; Eva. Family resided Pleasant Grove and
Vernal, Utah, where he died.

EATON, JOHN BURTON (son of Joseph Orlando Beckwith
Eaton and Victorine Elizabeth Walker). Born Dec. 7, 1872.

Married Perlettie Ross Sept. 26, 1902, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Stephen Ross and Ginevra Molen of Lehi, Utah).
She was born July 20, 1881, and came to Utah with Captain
Tidwell company. Their children: Baby b. Sept. 1906, died;
Baby b. July 12. 1908, died. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Missionary to Illinois and Indiana; Sunday school and
ward teacher; bishop's counselor. Farmer. Died at Vernal,

EATON, ERNEST (son of Joseph Orlando Beckwith Eaton
and Victorine Elizabeth Walker). Born Jan. 12, 1875, Pleas-
ant Grove, Utah.

Married Susana McKowen March 10, 1897, Vernal, Utah
(daughter of Phillip McKowen and Mary Hughes of Man-
chester, Eng., pioneers 1853 by wagon from Colorado). She
was born March 6, 1877. Their children: Ernest Vernal b.
Jan. 19, 1898; Mary E. b. Feb. 15, 1900; Joseph Lovell b.
May 16, 1903; Clement b. May 3, 1905; Stanley b. April 18,
1910; Reba b. April 12, 1910.

Missionary to Manitoba, Canada, 1906-08; counselor to
President Don B. Colton of Uinta stake; counselor to Bishop
Glens Ward, Uinta stake; president Y. M. M. I. A., and su-
perintendent of Sunday schools of Glens Ward. Teacher;
trustee school district 14, Uinta county. Home-builder,
farmer, stockman and merchant.

EATON, IRVIN (son of Joseph Orlando Beckwith Eaton and
Victorine Elizabeth Walker). Born Nov. 21, 1879, Pleasant
Grove, Utah.

Married Mary Adaline Fuller Feb. 25, 1903, Vernal, Utah
(daughter of Ruben Calton Fuller and Anna Adaline Preece
of that place, pioneers 1848). She was born Nov. 3, 1882.
Their children: Mary Elva, b. June 18, 1904; Eunice Marsale
b. Sept. 23, 1906; Baby, b. Aug. 26. 1912.

President Y. M. M. I. A. 1908-12; ward teacher. City coun-
cilman 1911-12. Butcher.

BBY, JOHN. Born Oct. 6, 1814, Lancaster, Pa. Came to
Utah in 1848.

Married Elizabeth Pierce at Lancaster, Pa. (daughter of
Edward Pierce and Posey Pierce), who was born April 1,
1820. Their children: Margaret, d. infant; Jacob; Eliza, m.
John W. Phillips.

Married Mary Wlnchel of Salt Lake City. Their child:

Farmer and lived at Salt Lake City. Died May 18, 1900.

Married Sarah Hutchinson (daughter of William Hutchin-
son and Mary Speers), who was born March 17, 1820,
County Donegal, Ireland, and died June 11, 1907, Ogden,
Utah. Their children: John H. b. May 12, 1846, m. Mary
Richmond; David b. May 12, 1849, m. Bertha Marie Jensen;
m. Ellen Stoddard; Stewart b. Jan. 15, 1852, m. Marintha E.
Bingham March 4, 1878; Sarah b. Dec. 31, 1854, m. Robert
Baird Oct. 17, 1870; Margaret b. July 1857, m. John Hiatt,
m. Charles Swinger; William Hutchinson b. March 15, 1860,
m. Marian Scow; Samuel b. Feb. 17, 1862, m. Jeanette Hiatt
June 22, 1883. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Settled at Eden, Weber county, 1865. Patriarch. Wood
turner. Died Dec. 4, 1903, Ogden, Utah.

ECCLES, JOHN HUTCHINSON (son of William Eccles and
Sarah Hutchinson). Born May 12, 1846, Paisley, Renfrew-
shire, Scotland.

Married Mary Richmond Dec. 10, 1865 (daughter of John
Richmond, and Jeanette Barr), who was born Dec. 6, 1845.
Their children: Mary, William, Sarah, Maggie and David, all
of whom died; John b. Sept. 29, 1878, m. Hannah Davis;
Jeanette b. Dec. 29, 1880, m. Charles Conrad; Virginia b.
June 20, 1882, m. Joseph Edwin Caldwell; David Richmond
b. March 20, 1887. m. Myrtle House.

Cabinetmaker and turner. Contractor and builder. Presi-
dent Eccles Mercantile Co., Baker City, Idaho; merchant.

ECCLES, DAVID (son of William Eccles and Sarah Hutch-
inson). Born May 12, 1849, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland.
Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, with father.

Married Bertha Marie Jensen Dec. 27, 1875, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Christen Jensen, born Sept. 25, 1818, Aabey,
Denmark, died May 7, 1875, Huntsville, Utah, and Mary
Anderson, born April 8, 1825, Panerup, Aarhus, Denmark,
died 1858, at Aarhus. The father with his family came to
Utah Oct. 5, 1867, Leonard G. Rice company). She was born
Jan. 30, 1856, Panerup, Aarhus, Denmark. Came to Utah
with her father in 1867. Their children: David Christen b.
Nov. 29, 1877, m. Julia Wright Feb. 8, 1905; LeRoy b. Nov.
20, 1879, m. Myrtle Banks Feb. 9. 1905; Vida b. July 9, 1882,
m. George H. Davis; Royal b. Dec. 9, 1885; Bertha Olivia b.
Jan. 22, 1887, m. William Arthur Wright; Joseph Merrill b.
Aug. 22, 1889; Lila b. Nov. 26, 1891; Laura b. May 9, 1894;
Flora b. May 9, 1894; William Jack b. Aug. 8, 1895: Annie
Vivian b. April 18, 1897; Homer Gordon b. April 18, 1901.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

Married Ellen Stod,dard Jan. 2, 1885, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of John K. Stoddard and Emma Eckersley, pioneers 1856).
She was born Jan. 28, 1867. Their children: Marriner S. b.
Sept. 9, 1890; Marie b. Nov. 2, 1892; Spencer b. July 20, 1894;
Jesse b. May 12, 1896; Emma b. March 6, 1898; George b.
April 9, 1900; Norah b. July 18, 1902; Ellen b. June 23, 1905;
Willard b. Feb. 22, 1909. Family home Logan, Utah.

Member 160th quorum seventies. Member Ogden city
council 1885-87; mayor of Ogden 1887-89. When the L. D. S.
church authorized its $1,000,000 bond issue, David Eccles, with
L. S. Hill was the trustee and negotiated this loan; he car-
ried $100,000 of it. At the time of his death he was identi-
fied with some fifty-six industrial corporations and twenty
banking institutions, extending and operating in Utah, Ore-
gon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, California,
Colorado and Canada. He was president and director of
sixteen industrial corporations and a director of twenty
others; president and director of seven banking corporations,
and director In four others. He conceived and organized
the Utah & Pacific Railway company, which later became
a part of the Oregon Short Line R. R. Co., and finally that
part of the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake railroad
between Milford and Uvada; this construction was the
nucleus of the great railroad system last above named.
Among the major enterprises with which he was connected
as the president and a member of the board of directors are:
Amalgamated Sugar company; Lewiston Sugar company;
Sumpter Valley Railway company (Oregon); Utah Construc-
tion company; Oregon Lumber company (Oregon); Vinyard
Land and Livestock company (Nevada); Promontory-Cur-
lew Land company; First National Bank of Ogden; Ogden
Savings Bank; Lion Coal company (Wyoming); Wyoming
Coal company (Wyoming); Ogden Rapid Transit company;
Logan Rapid Transit company; and Eccles Lumber company.
Some of the more important corporations with which he
was identified as a director are: Utah-Idaho Sugar com-
pany; Deseret National Bank of Salt Lake City; Deseret
Savings Bank of Salt Lake City; and Mount Hood Railroad
Company of Oregon. Died Dec. 6, 1912, Salt Lake City, Utah,
burled at Ogden.

ECCLES, STEWART (son of William Eccles and Sarah
Hutchinson, of Glasgow, Scotland). Born Jan. 15, 1852,
Glasgow, Scotland. Came to Utah with father.

Married Marintha E. Bingham Mar. 14, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Erastus Bingham and Susan Green, of Hunts-
ville, Utah, pioneers July. 1847. with Mormon Battalion. She
was born May 26, 1862. Their children: Christabella b.
May 9, 1879, m. Jacob Johnson; Stewart b. March 12. 1881,
m. Anna Rasmussen; Marintha A. b. Sept. 20, 1883.

Missionary to Great Britain 1894-96 and 1903-05; member
high council Ogden stake.

ECCLES, WILLIAM (son of William Eccles and Margaret
Miller of Carlisle, Eng.; former died in England; latter came
to America in 1843, and died at Nauvoo, 111.). He was born
April 6, 1825, Old Kllpatrlck, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.
Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, Thomas E. Ricks company).

ECKERSLEY, JOSEPH (son of Abraham Eckersley, born
1836, West Houghton, Lancashire, Eng., and Ellen Cleworth.
born June 18. 1836, Davyhulme, Lancashire. Eng.. married
1854). He was born July 19, 1866, Eccles, Lancashire, Eng.
Came to Utah May 24, 1890.

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