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Oct. 21, 1840, at Gravely, Cambridgeshire, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Elizabeth Ann b. Dec. 29, 1858, m. Samuel Hadley April
16, 1877; Sarah Jane b. Jan. 30, 1860, m. Hyrum Goodale,
June 30, 1881; Mary E. b. July 19. 1862, m. James R. McFar-
land April 13, 1882; Susan A. b. April 2, 1864, m. Charles B.
McFarland, April 2, 1882; Frances A. b. March 9, 1886, m.
Edward C. Charlton Nov. 26, 1884; Ellen Maria b. Jan. 4, 1868,
d. Nov. 24, 1868; Thomas W. b. Sept. 29, 1869, d. Oct. 6, 1869;
Emily E. b. Oct. 22, 1870, d. Aug. 24, 1873; Laura M. b. June
2, 1873. m Joseph Blanch Jan. 20, 1897: Esther C. b. Feb. 13,
1876, m. Peter F. McFarland Feb. 3, 1897; George W. b. Oct.
31, 1879, m. Hannah Clark March 7, 1900; James A. b. Oct.
31, 1882, m. Hannah M. Bingham Nov. 26, 1902; m. Rachel
Hoskins Feb. 26. 1908.

Married Margaret Newby 1867 at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Newby and Elizabeth Smurthwaite), who was
born Sept. 4, 1835, at Sunderland, Durhamshire. Eng. Their
children: John b. Feb. 24, 1869, m. Ann Skeen Jan. 7, 1890;
Margaret b. July 31, 1872. m. Henry B. Dance March 7, 1889;
Isabella A. b. Nov. 13, 1875, m. Nathaniel Montgomery Jan.
1904. Family home West Weber, Utah.

Missionary to England 1886-1888; assistant superintendent
of Sunday school in West Weber 1881 to 1883 and superin-
tendent 1884 to 1889. Constable of West Weber from 1872
to 1878: trustee of West Weber public schools. President of
Slatervllle Consolidated Creameries from 1897 to 1905. Died
Jan. 20, 1907.

ETHERINGTON, GEORGE W. (son of Thomas Etherington
and Sarah Wheeler). Born Oct. 31, 1879, at West Weber,

Married Hannah Clark March 7, 1900, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Clark and Ellen Wootton), who was born
July 16, 1880, at Ogden, Utah. Their children: Sarah H. b.
Aug. 3, 1901; Thomas W. b. Sept. 1, 1903; John A. b. June 3,
1905; Walter R. b. Feb. 18, 1908; George L. b. Oct. 26, 1909,
d. June 14, 1911; Myrtle L. b. Aug. 9, 1911. Family home
West Weber, Utah.

Missionary to southern states 1905 to 1907; 2d counselor to
bishop in West Weber ward 1909-1910, and bishop since
March 27, 1910.

EVANS, BENJAMix (son of Evan Evans and Margaret
Richards of New Court, Wales). Born Sept. 16, 1826, New
Court, Cardiganshire, South Wales. Came to Utah May, 1879.
Married Mary Eynon 1847 in Carmarthenshire, South
Wales (daughter of Daniel Eynon and Mary Jones of Car-
marthenshire. South Wales), who was born May 29, 1826.
Came to Utah 1880. Their children: John, m. Ann Lewis;
Evan. m. Hannah Prosser; Margaret, m. John Davis; Polly
Brinton; Daniel: David, deceased; William, m. Margaret
Gardner; Morgan, m. Agnes Elenor Davis; James, m. Sophia

Davis; Thomas, m. Elizabeth Chambers; Benjamin, m. Rose
Jones; Daniel (adopted). Family home Spanish Fork. Utah.
High priest. Farmer. Died June 13, 1912, Spanish Fork,

EVANS, MORGAN (son of Benjamin Evans and Mary
Eynon). Born Jan. 2, 1863, at Yestalyfera, South Wales.
Came to Utah June, 1880.

Married Agnes Elenor Davis August, 1888, at Provo, Utah
(daughter of Caleb Hersey Davis and Hannah Strong of
I'rovo, Utah pioneers 1852, Milo Andrus company). She
was born Sept. 4, 1865. Their children: Mary Eldera b. May
14, 1889, m. George Hayes; James Irvin b. Nov. 25, 1891:
Hannah Sophia b. Aug. 30, 1893; Ruth b. July 25, 1897; Lois
Emma b. June 3, 1899; Margaret Agnes b. Jan. 7, 1902; Zela
Fern b. March 24, 1904; Leland b. June 8, 1905; Wlnona b.
June 17, 1908, died Oct. 6, 1908. Family home Castle Gate,

Presiding elder of Castle Gate ward 1909-11; set apart
bishop of Castle Gate ward Oct. 1, 1911: ward clerk; presi-
dent and secretary of Y. M. M. I. A.; Sunday school superin-
tendent. Justice of peace of Castle Gate. Miner.

EVANS, CHARLES M. (son of David J. Evans and Sarah
Minshul of Liverpool, Eng.). Born Jan. 27, 1831, Liverpool.
Came to Utah 1852.

Married Annie Reeves June 6, 1863, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of George Reeves and Charlotte Phillips of Sussex, Eng.),
who was born Feb. 15, 1841. Came to Utah, Ansel Harmon
company. Their children: John R., m. Mary Bowman;
Charlotte A., m. Thomas Homer; Charles R.; George E.
Sydney; Jessie E., m. August A. Hedberg; Edward G.; Ernest
W., m. Chloe Bitner. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Stoner June 1. 1867, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Stoner and Harriet Davis of Brighton, Sussex,
Eng., pioneers Sept. 29, 1866, Captain Halladay company).
She was born Feb. 9, 1841. Their children: William S.; Mary
J.; David: Sarah Jeannette; Arthur E.; Ethel A. Family
home, Salt Lake City.

Seventy. Theater musician. Bugler in Lot Smith com-
pany. Bookkeeper and clerk. Died Sept. 20, 1902, Salt Lake

EVANS, DAVID (son of Thomas Evans of Cathrays, Cardiff,
Monmouthshire. South Wales). Born Aug. 25, 1810, in Car-
diff. Came to Utah Sept. 1, 1860, John Smith company.

Married Amy Hughes 1833 at Cardiff (daughter of William
Hughes and Ann Wattes of Cardiff), who was born 1808.
Their children: Job b. Jan. 9, 1833, m. Letta Thomas; Moses.
b. Dec. 20, 1835, m. Louisa Pollard; Emma b. March 2, 1839,
m. Robert G. Taylor; David b. Sept. 10, 1841, d. boy; Sarah b.
June 11, 1844, m. John L. Rutherford; John b. April 12, 1847,
m. Zina Bascom. Family resided Salt Lake City and Mona,

Elder; home missionary; ward teacher. Lived In Salt
Lake, Ogden and Mona, Utah, where he assisted in develop-
ing the country. Farmer. Died in 1872 at Mona, Utah.

EVANS, JOHN (son of David Evans and Amy Hughes).
Born April 12, 1847, in Cardiff. Came to Utah with father.

Married Zina Bascom June 25, 1877, at Mona. Utah (daugh-
ter of Joel Almon Bascom and Alice Jane Bell of Mona and
Vernal, Utah, pioneers 1856 and 1857. She was born
Dec. 1, 1858, Provo, Utah. Their children: John Almon b.
May 9, 1878, m. Laura Gardner; David Watson b. Feb. 24.
1880; William Franklin b. Feb. 12, 1882, m. Rose Hodgkinson;
Sarah Alice b. March 2. 1884, m. Stephen Adams; Zina Silitoa
b. July 22, 1888. m. Albert Smith; Annie Louise b. Aug. 2.
1890, m. Clayborn Brimhall; Mary Amy b. Nov. 1, 1892: Flossie
Rose b. Feb. 10, 1895; Joel Andrew b. Jan. 13, 1901; Pearl
Bell b. May 24, 1903. Family home Naples ward, Utah.

Member Nephi quorum seventies; missionary to South
Wales; high priest; president 1st Y. M. M. I. A., Mona. Utah;
superintendent Sunday school, Naples ward; ward teacher
30 years. Road supervisor; school trustee at Mona. Utah.
Moved to Naples ward in 1891. Located home, helped build
canals and roads. Farmer.

EVANS, DAVID (son of Israel and Abigail Evans of Mary-
land). Born Oct. 27, 1804, Cecil county, Md. Came to Utah
Sept. 15, I860.

Married Mary Beck July 25, 1826 (daughter of Henry and
Margaret Beck), who was born Oct. 18, 1804; died June 20,

1841, Adams county. 111. Their children: Eliza Jane b. April
16, 1827, m. Ira Hinkley; Israel b. Oct. 2, 1828, m. Matilda
Thomas; Henry b. Oct. 25, 1830, m. Anna Bruun; Mary Ann
b. Sept. 2, 1832, m. John Gllnes; Margaret b. Jan. 3, 1835, d.
Aug. 27, 1836; Araminta b. Aug. 21, 1838, d. Oct. 1, 1838;
Emma b. Jan. 12, 1840, m. Prime Coleman.

Married Barbara Ann Ewell Nov. 23, 1841 (daughter of
Pleasant and Barbara Ewell), who was born May 16, 1821,
Albemarle county, Va. Their children: Martha b. Oct. 20,

1842, m. William Winn; Amanda b. April 21, 1844, m. Edward
Edwards; Abigail b. Jan. 27, 1846, m. Oley Ellingson; Joseph
b. April 7, 1847, m. Jane Scofleld; Sarah b. April 27, 1849, m.
Jacob Hodge; Susannah b. May 6, 1850, m. Isaac Aldridge;
David b. Jan. 28, 1852, m. Leah Naegle; Hyrum b. July 8,
1853, d. July 29, 1862; Barbara Ann b. March 15, 1855, m.
John P. Bush; Rozilla b. May 4, 1866, m. William E. Racker;
Ephraim b. July 11. 1858, d. May 15, 1863: Eleazar b. Feb.
24, 1861, d. March 24, 1884; Mosiah b. Sept. 22, 1862, m.



Esther Carter Dec. 14, 1882; Mary b. May 17, 1864, m. William
P. Wanless; Jacob b. April 26, 1867, m. Ann Nelson.

Married Sarah Thornton at Salt Lake City (daughter of
William and Elizabeth Thornton), who was born June 11,
1807. Little Paxton, Eng.

Married Edna Hinchliff (daughter of Elijah and Hannah
Hinchliff), who was born March 24, 1846, Calico Bridge,
Eng-. Their children: Samuel b. Nov. 3. 1855, d. Nov. 3, 1855;
Hannah b. Jan. 4, 1857, d. Feb. 15, 1857.

Married Clymenia Shaw March 16, 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Benjamin Shaw and Phoeba Whipple), who was
born Feb. 2, 1834, Medina Co., Ohio. Their children: Phebe
Jane b. Dec. 1, 1855, d. Dec. 18, 1855; James b. Aug. 17, 1857,
m. Mary Wanless; Edwin b. Feb. 2, 1860, m. Catharine Lewis.

Married Rebecca Coleman Nov. 18, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Prime and Sarah Coleman), who was born Oct.
4, 1838, Bedfordshire, Eng. Their children: George Coleman
b. May 18, 1858, m. Agnes Taylor; Prime b. May 10, 1860, m.
Sarah Taylor; Harriet b. June 11, 1862, m. John Wilson;
Sarah b. Sept. 22, 1864, m. Samuel Taylor; Rebecca Susannah
b. July 10, 1868, d. Jan. 4, 1869; Emma Jane b. Dec. 11, 1869,
m. John Roberts; Martha Ann b. July 24, 1872; Ellen b. Dec.
23, 1875, m. Mr. Manning.

Married Margaret Christina Holm May 4, 1861, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Jens Holm and Margaret Christina), who
was born Sept. 6, 1843, Bornholm, Denmark. Their children:
John Holm b. Nov. 29, 1863, d. Oct. 3. 1864; Margaret
Christina b. Aug. 27, 1865, m. James Turner; Jane b. Dec.
18, 1867, m. Richard Bradshaw; Hannah b. Feb. 4, 1870, m.
Andrew B. Anderson; Rachel b. April 25, 1874, m. William
Wing; Clara b. Dec. 21, 1876, m. Joseph Goates.

Seventy; assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah; or-
dained bishop of llth ward at Nauvoo 1842 by the prophet
Joseph Smith; bishop at Lehi 30 years. Laid off the city of
Lehi with a pocket compass and a square. Member first
legislature of Utah and acted as a member of that body
several terms; colonel in state militia; mayor of Lehi several
terms. Died June 23, 1883.

EVANS, MOSIAH (son of David Evans and Barbara Ann
Ewell). Born Sept. 22, 1862, Lehi, Utah.

Married Catherine Esther Carter Dec. 14, 1882, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James P. Carter and Harriet Wood, pio-
neers 1861), who was born May 12, 1859, Tredegar, Wales.
Their children: Mosiah David James b. Sept. 23, 1883, m.
Bessie Preston Aug. 28, 1906; Esther Maud b. March 28, 1885,
m. David B. Foulger May 1, 1907; Howard b. Feb. 20, 1887, m.
Grace Harding Feb. 10, 1908; Hazel May b. Jan. 8, 1889,
m. David C. Chapman Sept. 1, 1909; Eleazar Carter b. Jan.
16, 1892; John Roscoe b. July 14, 1893; Glenn Merrill b. Aug.
15. 1895; Earl William b. March 9, 1898; Jessie Virginia b.
March 30, 1902; Lyra Alice b. Oct. 7, 1904, d. Oct. 7, 1904.

Lehi City recorder 1893-1904; mayor of Lehi four years;
member house in fourth legislature from Utah county 1901;
first president Garland town board 1905, and Garland Com-
mercial Club 1907 and 1912; president Bank of Garland and
the athletic association; resident manager Utah-Idaho Sugar

EVANS, DAVID MINSHALLi (son of David Jones Evans and
Sarah Minshall of Liverpool, Lancashire, Eng.). Born July
20, 1821, Liverpool. Came to Utah September, 1852.

Married Mary Holding 1842, at Liverpool (daughter of John
Holding and Mary Fitten of Liverpool), who was born July
16, 1821. Their children: William H. b. Dec. 22, 1843, d. May
29, 1838; David H. b. April 24, 1845, d. Dec. 22, 1847; John H.
b. May 17, 1847, d. Dec. 26, 1847; Edward Holding b. April
25, 1849, m. Catherine Van Dam; Charles H. b. March 27, 1852,
m. Elizabeth M. Smith; Josephine H. b. Jan. 31, 1856, m.
Albert Kelly; Mary E. H. b. March 15, 1857, m. Herbert Van
Dam; Sarah J. b. Oct. 29, 1859, m. George Brigham Kelly.
Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Jane Owen Court July 20, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Court and Amelia Owen of Salt Lake
City, who came to Utah Oct. 23, 1869, James Needham com-
pany). She was born Sept. 12, 1837. Came to Utah Sept. 24.

One of presidents of 23d quorum seventies; high priest;
member of band that played at breaking of ground for Salt
Lake temple and laying of cornerstone of same, 1853; choir
leader 7th ward. Contractor and builder. Died Aug. 20,
1911, Salt Lake City.

EVANS, EDWARD HOLDING (son of David Minshall Evana
and Mary Holding). Born April 25, 1849, New Orleans, La.

Married Catherine Van Dam Nov. 8, 1875, Salt Lake City,
who was born June 28, 1856, In Holland and came to Utah
1864. Their children: David Edward V. D. b. July 20, 1876,
m. Lucile Margaret Hanson; Leonard V. D. b. Aug. 16,
1878, m. Ida Bates; Maud V. D. b. Nov. 3, 1881. m. Joseph
Neve; Cornelius V. D. b. Aug. 8, 1883, m. Maude Tall;
Margaret V. D. b. July 22, 1885, d. July 22, 1886; Harold
V. D. b. Feb. 19, 1888, m. Pearl Harvey; Clarence V. D. b.
Nov. 19, 1890; Clifford V. D. b. March 14, 1893; Moses T. V. D.
b. Jan. 8, 1896; Vera V. D. b. Feb. 22, 1899. Family home
Salt Lake City.

Elder. Carpenter.

ville, Utah, pioneers 1852). She was born May 23, 1862.
Their children: Celia Alice b. Aug. 7, 1871, m. Franklin A.
Dimick; Frederick Charles b. Sept. 21, 1872, m. Caroline
Eschler; Joseph Alvin b. Jan. 14, 1877, m. Nancy Pope; Asa
Clarence b. Sept. 21, 1881; Andy Lawrence b. Sept. 21, 1881;
Albert Max b. Dec. 18, 1887; Grandison b. Sept. 21, 1884, died
in infancy. Family home Raymond, Idaho.

Made three trips to Missouri river after immigrants 1859-
67. Settled at Thomas Fork Valley, Idaho, 1877. Died Feb.
11, 1910.

EVANS, FREDERICK CHARLES (son of Frederick Henry
Evans and Emma Raymond). Born Sept. 21, 1872, Kaysville,

Married Caroline Eschler June 10, 1903, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Gottfried Eschler and Rose Kunz, both of
Raymond, Idaho. Came to Utah 1879). She was born Jan.
25, 1883. Their children: Roscoe Eschler b. April 18, 1904;
Alice b. Sept. 24, 1905; LaGrande Eschler b. April 13, 1908.
Family home Raymond, Idaho.

Missionary to England 1900-02; superintendent religion
class, Raymond, Idaho; bishop's counselor 1902-12.

EVANS, JACOB (son of David Evans and Barbara Ann Ewell
of Lehi, Utah). Born April 26, 1867, at Lehi, Utah.

Married Anna R. Nelson Nov. 17, 1886, at American Fork,
Utah (daughter of Niels Nelson and Karren Pedersen of
American Fork), who was born Feb. 22, 1867. Their chil-
dren: Barbara Irene; Effle June; Jacob Sterling; Virginia
Lucile. Family home Provo, Utah.

Utah county attorney 1899-1900 and 1908-12; city attorney
Provo City 1904-5; Provo City councilman 1907; president
Commercial Club at Provo 1908. Admitted to bar Feb. 23,
1895, to supreme court of United States Oct. 7, 1897; repub-
lican candidate for district judge 1912. Lawyer.

EVANS, JOHN (son of John Evans, born March 12, 1796,
Kilcoom, South Wales, and Hannah Williams, born 1800,
Llandovary, Wales). He was born Jan. 9, 1829, Llandovary,
Carmarthenshire. Came to Utah Sept. 8, 1861, Harvey Hul-
langer company.

Married Elizabeth Davis Nov. 15, 1852 (daughter of
Thomas Davis and Ann Price, who were married at Llando-
vary, Wales). She was born Feb. 22, 1825. Came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Moroni b. Oct. 24, 1853 (St.
Louis), died in childhood; Thomas M. b. Feb. 4, 1856 (St.
Louis), m. Rachel Wright Dec. 21, 1882; Ann Jane b. Dec. 6,
1859 (Genoa), m. John H. Forsgren Aug. 12, 1880; John G.
b. March 1, 1862 (Brigham City), m. Sarah Ann Jones March
13, 1888; Joshua Davis b. March 4, 1864 (Brigham City),
died in childhood; Mary Elizabeth b. April 7, 1867 (Brig-
ham City), m. John W. Irens Nov. 7, 1884; Martha Madora
b. Nov. 20, 1871 (Brigham City), m. Lauritz Berg Feb. 27,
1889. Family home Brigham City, Utah.

Seventy and high priest; missionary to Llandovary 1851
and to Nebraska 1857. Assisted in building first telegraph
line across the plains. Settled at Brigham City 1861; labored
at Bear River City 1866 to 1868. Served as watermaster;
labored at Honeyville 1868. Assisted in building the taber-
nacle, and ward meeting houses. Worked on C. P. railroad.
Member martial band 30 years; worked on Utah Northern
railroad 1870. Missionary to Europe 1880-82. Member tab-
ernacle choir 30 years.

EVANS, FREDERICK HENRY (son of William Evans and
Elizabeth Bowring of Whitechurch, Wales). Born Aug. 2,
1842, Cardiff, Wales. Came to Utah 1852, Claudius V. Spencer

Married Emma Raymond November. 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Grandison Raymond and Celia Hall of Kays-

EVANS, JOHN (son of John and Elizabeth Evans of Liver-
pool, Eng.). Born April 2, 1807 at Liverpool. Came to
Utah 1855.

Married Ann Dlnwoodey at Liverpool, Eng. She was born
1806. Came to Utah 1855. Their children: Elizabeth b. May.
1832, m. Jacob Hayball; John b. Oct. 7, 1834, m. Mary Ellison.
Family home Salt Lake City.

Tailor. Deceased.

EVANS, JOHN (son of John Evans and Ann Dinwoodey).
Born Oct. 7, 1834, Liverpool, Eng.

Married Mary Ellison Dec. 25, 1854, at St. Louis, Mo.
(daughter of John Ellison and Mary Goulden, both of Bow-
don, Cheshire, Eng.). She was born July 11, 1830. Their
children: Mary Elizabeth b. Sept. 26, 1856, m. Ephraim
Briggs; John Edward b. Oct. 11, 1868, m. Mary A. Andrew;
Ann b. Sept. 7, 1860, m. Ephraim Briggs; William Ellison b.
June 10, 1863, m. Lucy Oakey; James Dinwoodey b. Sept. 2,
1865; Elizabeth Mills b. May 24, 1867, m. D. H. Wood; Chancy
Lev! b. Sept. 13, 1869, m. Christene Jensen; Joseph b. Dec.
16, 1873; Jesse G. b. Sept. 23, 1877, m. Inez W. Wood. Fam-
ily home Bountiful, Utah.

Married Emma Vine March ?0, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Henry Vine and Rebecca Mary Lang-
don), who was born June 2, 1842, Portsmouth, Hampshire,
Eng. Their children: George Henry b. May 1, 1863; Robert
Alma b. March 25, 1864; Emma b. Nov. 23. 1866; Walter James
b Feb. 26, 1869; Wilford Thomas b. June 12, 1871; Rebecca
Jane b. Nov. 27, 1873; David Charles b. Dec. 17, 1876;
Willard Vine b. June 1, 1879.

Was 1st president of 29th quorum of seventy; ordained
by H. S. Eldredge; ward clerk. Bookkeeper at Dinwoodey'*
Furniture company.

EVANS, JESSE G. (son of John Evans and Mary Ellison).
Born Sept. 23, 1877, at Bountiful, Utah.

Married Inez W. Wood Nov. 27, 1901. at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph C. Wood and Josephine Chase, both of
Woods Cross, Utah). She was born Nov. 16, 1879. Their



children: J. Goulden b. Sept. 20. 1902; Wells L. b. Aug. 31,
1904; John b. July 28, 1906; Mary Josephine b. Jan. 10. 1909;
James b. Aug. 27, 1912. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Missionary to England 1899-01; president 100th quorum

EVANS, THOMAS (son of Thomas and Hanna Evans of
Kaysville. Utah). Born 1817, Cardiff, South Wales. Came
to Utah 1856, Edward Martin company.

Married Ann Johns 1845, Cardiff, Wales (daughter of
Williams Johns), who was born 1817. Their children:
Thomas b. Feb. 17, 1846, m. Sarah Campkin; Emma b. 1848,
m. William N. Naulder; Hyrum b. 1851, m. Annie King.

High priest. Died November, 1857.

EVANS, THOMAS (son of Thomas Evans and Ann Johns).
Born Feb. 17, 1846, Cardiff, Wales. Came to Utah with

Married Sarah Campkin Jan. 23, 1878 (daughter of George
Campkin and Elizabeth Bell, pioneers 1850, Thomas Halmon
company). She was born March 6, 1853. Their children:
Elizabeth Bell b. Nov. 6, 1879, m. Isaac Adams; Ann E. b.
June 29, 1882, m. John Wallen; Martha b. Dec. 5. 1885, m.
David Green; Emma C. b. Dec. 5, 1887, m. Joseph Archie
Allen; Ruth Campkin b. April 8, 1889, d. Aug. 1, 1890; Sarah
L. b. March 15, 1890; George T. b. Jan. 31, 1892, died; Walter
Elmer b. Aug. 18, 1895; John Campkin b. Jan. 17, 1897.
Family home Layton, Utah.

Farmer and stockraiser. Black Hawk war veteran.

EVANS, WILLIAM M. (son of David J. Evans and Sarah
Minshall). Born March 12, 1826, Liverpool, Eng. Came to
Utah Oct. 2, 1851, Orson Pratt company.

Married Charlotte J. Hyder July 15, 1852, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Richard Hyder and Sarah Jarrold of Cam-
bridge, Eng., pioneers Oct. 2, 1851, Orson Pratt company).
She was born Sept. 24, 1834. Their children: Charlotte H.,
m. Henry Adams; John William, died; Alice H., m. Charles H.
Bird; Lucy J. H., m. William McLachlan; Charles H., died;
David M., died; Richard Hugh H., m. Retty Webb; Sarah Jane
H., m. Charles W. Love; Martha E. H., m. George Paxman;
Edward W. H., m. Louisa Burton; m. Nora Lewis; Grace H.,
m. Albert Sowby; Ernest I. H., m. Belle Tennent. Family
home Nephi, Utah.

High priest; missionary to England 1875-76; high coun-
cilor; presided over Bristol conference, England. Indian
war veteran. Farmer and carpenter; mechanical engineer.
Died Jan. 5, 1877, at Nephi, Utah.

EVERETT, ADDISON (son of Ephraim Everett and Hetty
Corwin). Born Oct. 10, 1815, Orange county, N. T. Came to
Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Only child: Mary D., m. Revilo Fuller.

Bishop at Nauvoo, also at Winter Quarters; bishop of 8th
ward. Salt Lake City, 1848-60. Assisted in building Fort
Supply. Called to help settle St. George 1860, and lived
there until his demise, which occurred Feb. 12, 1885.

EVERILL, JOSEPH (son of John Everill of New Jersey).
Born 1824, Herefordshire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1861,
James Brown company.

Married Jane Bannister 1843 in Herefordshire, who was
born 1814. Their children: Thomas, d. infant; John, m. Ruth
Powell; m. Lois Chapman Williams; William R., m. Ellen
Hilton; Mary Ann, m. William Hammond; m. John Spencer;
Thomas J., m. Hannah Griffith; Joseph, d. infant. Family
home Kaysville ward. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Seventy; high priest. Farmer and stockraiser. Died 1906,
Salt Lake City.

EVERILL, JOHN (son of Joseph Everill and Jane Ban-
nister). Born Oct. 6, 1845. Herefordshire, Eng. Came to
Utah Oct. 4, 1861, James Brown company.

Married Ruth Powell May 2, 1870, Salt Lake Endowment
house, by Daniel H. Wells (daughter of Jane Parks of
Tunbridge Wells, Sussex, Eng., who came to Utah 1869). She
was born Jan. 20, 1851. Their children: Jennie H. b. Feb.
25, 1872, m. Frank H. Stevens; Maud b. Jan. 29, 1873, d.
Infant; John Joseph b. Jan. 15, 1875, d. aged 21 years; Minnie
b. April 6, 1877, m. Charles Donalson; Emily, d. aged three
years; William, d. infant; Mamie b. Feb. 8, 1882, m. Richard
A. Williams; Mattie b. Jan. 11, 1886, m. Garfield McDonald;
Frank L. b. March 29, 1890, m. May Newman; Ruth E. b.
May 14, 1891, m. James Sagres. Family home 15th ward,
Salt Lake City.

Married Lois Chapman Williams (daughter of Ann Chap-
man) Nov. 2, 1908, Salt Lake City.

Elder. General contractor.

Tilliam Biglow; Tanra Ann b. Aug. 20, 1872, m. Daniel
Dennis; Ether b. May 27. 1877, deceased; Permit Samuel b.
Aug. 20, 1879, m. Ethel Savage. Resided Cassel Valley,
Payson and Provo, Utah.

Senior president 101st quorum of seventy; presiding elder
over Spring Glenn branch of Price ward 1883-89; teacher
and superintendent of Sunday schools. Veteran of Blackhawk
war. Manufacturer of shingles and farmer. Died Jan. 1,
1905, near Helper, Utah.

EWI2LL, FRANCIS MARION (son of William F. Ewell and
Mary Bland, both of Ray county, Mo.). Born Nov. 3, 1836.
Came to Utah 1849.

Married Francis Mary Weech July 27, 1858, in Provo, Utah
(daughter of Samuel Weech and Elizabeth Gold of Somer-
setshire, Eng.). Came to Utah October. 1856, with John
Banks company; born Oct. 9, 1838. Their children: Sarah
Eliza b. June 8, 1860, m. Teancum Pratt; Franklin Marion b.
Feb. 6, 1862, m. Kate Thompson; Torenzo Hyriam b. Feb.
26, 1865, m. Mary Jane Dennis; Mary Elizabeth b. Feb. 25.
1868, m. John Biglow; William Walter b. Jan. 12, 1870, m.

EWING, SAMUEL. Born 1803 in Pennsylvania. Came to
Utah Oct. 2. 1847, Jedediah M. Grant company.

Married Esther Shaffer April 17, 1828 (daughter of Ander-
son Shaffer, pioneer Oct. 2, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant com-
pany). She was born 1805 in Little Britain, Lancaster
county. Pa., died 1847, near Laramie. Wyo. Their children:
Rachel b. May 4, 1829, m. Miles Miller 1848; William H. b.
July 10, 1830, m. Sarah Zabriskie; Adeline M. b. May 31, 1833,
m. Edward Duzette; John Jackson b. May 12, 1835, m.
Rebecca F. Smith Nov. 30, 1861; Samuel Porter b. July 25,
1838, m. Emma Baldwin 1860; Anderson Shaffer b. Oct. 11,
1840, m. Liberty Parker 1865; Eliza Matilda b. Nov. 1, 1842,
m. Robert Hills; James Clark b. March 2, 1845, d. 1847,
crossing plains. Family home Provo, Utah.

Settled at Provo 1849. Farmer and blacksmith. Died
1882, Provo.

EWING, JOHN JACKSON (son of Samuel Ewing and Esther
Shaffer). Born May 12, 1835, at Little Britain, Lancaster
county, Pa.

Married Rebecca Florence Smith Nov. 30, 1861, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of John Smith and Maria Foscue; the
former died crossing plains, the latter came to Utah October,
1850, Byron Pace company). She was born February, 1842,

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