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Twin Groves, Idaho.

President deacons' quorum; first counselor to President
R. G. Wall of 4th quorum elders, and later president of that
quorum in Davis stake; second counselor T. M. M. I. A. 8
years; second counselor to Bishop J. J. Willard of Twin
Groves, Fremont stake Jan. 27, 1901; set apart as bishop
Twin Groves ward Jan. 11, 1909; teacher in parents' class.

May, 1877, died; John Eddie b. Sept 4


Payson Utah


28 ' 1893 ' Famil >'

"' 19 8 ' Eureka '

FRISBY, WILLIAM (son of David and Jane Frisby of

Married Elizabeth Ruff 1832 Birmingham, Eng. (daughter
of James and Betty Ruff), who was born Oct 7 1813
Their children: William; Jane; Elizabeth; David- Emma :
Ephraim; Joseph H. ; Lorenzo; Esther; Rachel; Ann.

FREESTONE, THOMAS (son of George Freestone, born Dec.
10, 1760, and Anna Youngman, born Nov. 27, 1763, of Flixton,
Suffolk, Eng.). He was born May 16, 1795, at Flixton. Came
to Utah Sept. 9, 1853, Daniel Miller company.

Married Ann Fall on Prince Edward Island (daughter
of James Fall and Elizabeth Rouston of Prince Edward
Island). She was born Aug. 6, 1812. Their children:
George b. Aug. 13, 1838, m. Alice Carlisle and Jennie Lind;
James, m. Poline Poulson; Elizabeth, m. Langston and Lars
Jenson; Rhoda, m. John Vance; Phoebe, d. infant; Johanna,
m. George Bennett; Emma, m. Thomas Whitby; Jane, m.
Dan Johnson. Family home Hardin Co., Ohio.

Gardener and dyke builder. Killed July 1858 by Indians
while crossing trail near Parowan, Utah.

FREESTONE, GEORGE (son of Thomas Freestone and Ann
Fall). Born Aug. 13, 1838, on Prince Edward Island, N. S.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Alice Carlisle at Alpine, Utah (daughter of
Richard Carlisle of Alpine, Utah, came to Utah with ox-
team company). Their children: Alice, m. John Bowden;
Mary, m. Harrison Maughn; Rhoda, m. Robert Reynolds;
Drucilla, d. child. Family home Alpine, Utah.

Married Jennie Lind Aug. 12, 1872, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Anton Lind and Mary Ann Nelsen, both of
Aalborg, Denmark, came to Utah October, 1868, Jessie Smith
company). She was born March 26, 1855. Their children:
George Oscar b. June 15, 1873, m. Ella Holliday; Georgine
Marie b. May 10, 1875, d. May 11, 1879; Roselle Caroline
b. Sept. 10, 1877, m. Stephen Beck; James Anton b. April 3,
1880, m. Vilate Batty; Emma Sine b. Jan. 22, 1883, m. Warren
Beers; Louis Alonzo b. Oct. 17, 1886, m. Elmaide Labeau;
Reuben Thomas b. April 11, 1888, m. Dora Batty; Emery
Lind b. Aug. 30, 1890; Charles Royal b. April 19, 1893; May
Afton b. May 26, 1895; Clarence Fall b. Feb. 26, 1898.
Family home Vernal, Utah.

Missionary to England 1894-96; high priest; bishop of
Vernal. Captain of company in Black Hawk Indian war.
Sunday school superintendent. Farmer and beekeeper.

H " (son of Wlllia m Frisby and Elizabeth
o-^ May 15> 1850 ' at Birmingham. Came to Utah

1864, Warren Snow company.

Married Dicy A. Staley (daughter of Merrit Staley and
Rebecca Farley), who was born Feb. 22, 1860, Ogden.
Their children: Priscilla b. Aug. 3, 1877, m. O. O. Shill 1908-
Joseph Merrit b. Feb. 2, 1879; Dicy Ann b. April 13 1880
fo-, W \ G - RUchie 1908: William b. May 6, 1883, m. Cora Ward
911: ,^ nie E ' b ' Dec - 13 ' 1884 ' Cora L - b. Jan. 4, 1888, m
Arnold Burgerner 1908; H. LeRoy b. April 27, 1892; Karl b.

oGpt. 0, 1 o 1)5.

Missionary to England 1899-1901. Settled in Arizona 1877
Justice of peace 1880; Navajo, Ariz., county recorder 1896-
moved to Provo 1903, where he served as mayor 1905. Gen-
eral manager Frisby Mercantile Co. of Provo 1905-11

in Wiirttemberg, Germany). Born May 21, 1825, in Germany
Came to Utah 1849.

Married Elizabeth Sabin (daughter of David and Elizabeth
Sabin of Lancaster, Pa., pioneers 1848). She was born Nov
10, 1832. Their children: Helen, m. David Wilson- Mary
Elizabeth, m. Thomas Bingham; Margaret Louisa m Thomas
Bingham; Frederick, m. Elizabeth Moffatt; David d youth-

Anna Maria, d. child; Lester Herrick, m. Maria

Richard Henry; Hyrum, d. child; George, m. Lena '

Family home Ogden.

Elder; missionary to Germany 1874. Carpenter. Died
April 23, 1900, at Ogden.

FREW, JOHN (son of James Frew and Jeanette Frew of
Ayrshire, Scotland). Born June 17, 1826, Ayrshire. Came to
Utah October. 1856, Daniel McArthur company.

Married Jane Clotworthy May 1, 1846 (daughter of
Whugh Clotworthy), who was born June 10, 1821, and came
to Utah with husband. Their children: James b. May 30,
1847, m. Ellen Woodward June 4, 1877; Jeanette b. Jan.
31, 1849, m. George O. Pitkin; Mary b. Sept. 1854, m. Ephraim
Elsworth; William M. b. June 10, 1856, m. Elizabeth Smith
Dec. 23, 1878; Emily Jane b. Sept. 3, 1868. m. John W. Riley;
Joseph b. June 10, 1860, m. Mary Ann Smith Feb. 11, 1885;
Hyrum b. June 10, 1860, m. Hannah Everett Sept. 2, 1883.

Married Eliza Duce in Hooper, Utah (daughter of Thomas
Duce, pioneer 1856). She was born in England. Their
children: Robert B. b. June 13, 1880; Ronald M. b. Feb. 9,
1882; Walter Scott b. Sept 11. 1884.

FROST, BURR. Born March 4, 1815, Westfleld, Conn. Came
to Utah July 22, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Mary E. Potter at Westfleld (daughter of James
Potter of Westfleld). She was born 1814. Their children:
Elizabeth, d. infant; Emeline, m. Charles Hammer; m. Mr.
Woods; m. Louis Marks; m. George Russell; Edwin, m.
Eliza E. Palmer; Catherine, d. infant; Burr, Jr., d. aged 25;
Mary, m. Aphonzo M. Palmer; Sarah, m. Aufus Ensign;
William, d. aged two; Henry, m. Saline Simpson; George,
twin of Henry. Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Eliza Nash. Resided at Salt Lake City.

Married Caroline Triplett 1863, who was born 1843. Their
children: Albert, m. Catherine J. Forsyth; Isaac, m. Emma
C. Nielson; Samuel, m. Alice Naylor; Rosa, d. infant; Martha,
m. Edward S. Murphy; Laura, m. Eugene Dickenson. Family
home Salt Lake City.

Member 16th quorum seventies; missionary to Australia
1852-54; one of presidents 70th quorum seventies. Black-
smith. Died March 16, 1878.

FROST, JOHN FRANKLIN (son of Edward and Eliza Frost
of England). Born Aug. 16, 1851.

Married Elizabeth Grace Mackintosh Nov. 24, 1873. at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Daniel Mackintosh and Elizabeth
Ingles Hogg, pioneers 1852). She was born Jan. 29, 1853
at Salt Lake City. Their children: Grace Ingals b Sept
24, 1874; Frank Edward b. April 23, 1876, d. child



FROST, SAMUEL, BUCHANNAN (son of McCaslin Frost and
Penlma Smith of Carolinas, Tennessee and Illinois and
Fremont Co., Iowa). Born Jan. 2, 1810, in Knox county,
Tenn. Came to Utah 1861, William K. McKessack company.

Married Rebecca Forman in Illinois (daughter of John
Forman and Hetta Horre of Carolinas). She came to Utah
1861 with husband. Their children: Mary, m. Jerome
Adams; Sarah, m. Valentine Acord; Nancy, m. Abram Acord;
William Anderson, died; Hetta, m. Stephen Allred; Samuel
Buchannan, Jr., m. Mary Patty; James McCasslin, died;
George Washington, died; John Wesley, died; Clay, died.
Family resided Fremont Co., Iowa, and Spring City, Utah,
after 1861.

Married Ester Davis 1863 at Salt Lake City (daughter of
William and Kezlah Davis of Gloucestershire, Eng., pioneers
1861, Joseph Home company). She was born April 24, 1839.
Their children: Stephen, m. Sena Jensen; Chauncey, m.
Lorevia Warner; Adolph; Rebecca, m. Peter Nielsen; Mar-
garet, m. Organe Warner; Iven; Marion.

Missionary to southern states; ward teacher. Judge.
Farmer and blacksmith. Died June 27, 1888, Cyote, Utah.

FRY, RICHARD (son of William Fry, born April 14, 1793,
at East Down, Devonshire, Eng., and Mary Ridges, born
1800, at Devonshire). Born April 16, 1831. at East Down.
Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1860, J. D. Ross company.

Married Ann Rawle (daughter of John Rawle and Ann
Blackmore). She was born Sept. 3, 1830; came to Utah with
husband in 1860. Their children: Mary Ann b. Feb. 2. 1861^
m. William J. Eddlngton Oct. 13, 1882; Susan b. April 12,
1862, m. Henry Tonks May 1, 1884; Richard Rawle b. Jan.
20. 1864, m. Emeline Eliza Toomer March 31, 1887; Agnes
b. Nov. 7, 1866; Emily b. June 28, 1867, m. Robert H. Welch
Nov. 29, 1888; William John b. March 18, 1869; John Rawle
b. Aug. 22, 1870; David James b. Feb. 22, 1873, m. Mare Cam-
bell; Henry B. b. Dec. 13, 1876, m. Mable L. Nelson Aug. 29,
1904. Family home Morgan, Utah.

Married Susan Lerwill April 12, 1876, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Lerwill and Mary Rawle). She was
born May 14, 1850, at East Down, Devonshire, Eng. Their
children: Thomas William b. Nov. 12, 1877, m. Lillian N.
Gorder Dec. 20, 1899; Alfred George b. Aug. 27, 1879; Flora
Mary b. Oct. 13, 1882, m. George F. Roblson Dec. 18, 1902;
Charles Lerwill b. Nov. 25, 1884, m. Laura Geary Oct. 17,
1904; Winnie May b. Dec. 18, 1886, m. Ebenezer T. Crouch.

Early settler in Morgan county. Presiding elder of Mor-
gan stake and later 1st counselor to President W. G. Smith
of same stake; president of Morgan stake. Morgan county
treasurer four years; city treasurer four years; mayor of
Morgan City; city councilman two terms.

FRY, RICHARD RAWLE (son of Richard Fry and Ann
Rawle). Born Jan. 20, 1864, at Morgan, Utah.

Married Emeline Eliza Toomer March 31, 1887, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of James Toomer and Mary Jane Cook), who
was born Sept. 10, 1866. Their children Richard Toomer b.
Feb. 25, 1888; Ada Emily b. March 27, 1889; Maud Eveline b.
Feb. 6, 1891; Lee Ralph b. May 25, 1893; Dora Blancy b.
Sept. 5, 1895; Paul Joseph b. Dec. 29, 1896; William Lester b.
March 20, 1899; Lucille Jane b. March 2, 1901; Emeline Violet
b. April 25, 1903; Alberta Ann b. Nov. 17, 1906. Family
home Morgan, Utah.

Missionary to Canada and England 1884-86; member South
Morgan bishopric 1887-1910. Sheriff of Morgan county two
terms; mayor of Morgan two terms; city councilman twice.
Member third state legislature 1900 and 1901.

FRYER, ROBERT C. (son of William Fryer, who died In
1849 at St. Louis, Mo., en route to Utah, and Ann Colton,
who died Aug. 13, 1867, at Salt Lake City). He was born
Sept. 28, 1845. Lincolnshire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 21,
1854, with James Buckland, afterward of Bountiful, Davis
Co., Utah, in Capt. James Brown company.

Married Bashua Dorcas Kingsbury Oct. 4, 1867, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Joseph Cordon Kingsbury and Dor-
cas Adella Kingsbury, pioneers Sept. 29, 1847, George B.
Wallace company). She was born Ncv. 19, 1847, Salt Lake
City. Their children: Bashua Ann b. July 13, 1868, m. Jerome
Chapman; Robert William b. Oct. 10, 1870, d. Sept. 9, 1904;
Joseph Thomas b. Dec. 20, 1872, d. May 13, 1887; Franklin
George b. April 15, 1875, m. Rosa Steffensen; Rodney Hyrum
b. July 16, 1877, m. Lucy Halladay; Nellie Dorcas b. Jan. 12,
1880, m. Peter C. Steffensen, Jr.

Went to Prove with Thomas Kerry late In 1855; assisted
In building home at Provo; returned to Salt Lake City 1869;
from 1865 to 1866 followed teaming in Big Cottonwood can-
yon for Joseph C. Kingsbury and James Jack of 12th ward.
Salt Lake City; 1872 employed by Bishop Edward Hunter as
night watchman on the property where now stands the
Hotel Utah; 1872 built first home in 12th ward; same year
built second home in Sugar House ward, Salt Lake county;
1877 to 1886 followed farming and fruit raising; 1S86 moved
to Deweyville, Box Elder county, followed farming and
stockralslng; 1902 built hotel and livery barn at Deweyvi.'le,
and is following same business at this date.

sen; Mary, m. Peter Scow. Family home Pleasant Grove,

Missionary in Denmark. Shoemaker. Died at Mayfield,

FUGAL, CHRISTIAN (son of Christian Fugal). Born April
1, 1843, in Denmark. Came to Utah with father.

Married Margarett Jensen 1869 at Salt Lake City. She
was born June 2, 1842. Their children: Stena Maria b. Oct.
10, 1870, m. Thomas W. Gillert; Annie Margarett b. Feb. 20,
1872, m. John Boren; Martha b. Jan. 10, 1874, d. Nov. 30,
1891; James P. b. Nov. 16, 1875, m. Annie R. Thome; Louis b.
Dec. 12, 1878; Lizzie b. June 28, 1886, m. James D. Thorne.
Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Missionary in Denmark. Tailor. Died Nov. 22, 1895, at
Pleasant Grove, Utah.

FUGAL, JAMES P. (son of Christian Fugal and Margarett
Jensen). Born Nov. 16, 1875, at Pleasaiit Grove, Utah.

Married Annie R. Thorne Feb. 27, 1906, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Frederick Thorne and Margarett A. Armitstead,
both of Pleasant Grove, Utah). She was born Aug. 29, 1880.
Their children: Levetta b. Jan. 31, 1907; Erma b. March 1.
1909; James Maynard b. Sept. 1, 1910. Family home Wood-
ville, Idaho.

Bishop's counselor; missionary to Scandinavia 1900-02;
ordained bishop of Woodville ward Nov. 13, 1910. Justice
of peace. Sheepman and farmer.

FCGATE, HARRISON PERRY (son of Thomas Fugate, Clin-
ton Co., Ohio). Born June 10, 1821, Clinton Co., Ohio. Came
to Utah 1860, Lorenzo Snow company.

Married Sarah Shoemaker 1849, Salt Lake City (daughter of
Jezreel Shoemaker of Bennington county, Ky., and Nancy
Golden of Quincy, 111., pioneers 1847). She was born July
16, 1830, Bennington county, Ky. Their children: Harrison
Moroni m. Jerusha Boswell; Theaphilus d. child; Jezreel b.
Nov. 1, 1864, m. Mary Ellen Wrigley; Thomas, m. Margarete
Elizabeth Crookston; Mary, d. child. Families resided
Mantl and Ferron, Utah.

Member seventies at Manti, Utah. Settled at Mantl 1849,
and at Richfield 1867; from the latter place he was driven
away by Indians. Settled at Ferron, Utah, 1880. Died Jan.
4, 1902, Ferron.

FUGATE, JEZREEL (son of Harrison Perry Fugate and
Sarah Shoemaker). Born Nov. 1, 1864, Manti, Utah.

Married Mary Ellen Wrigley, Dec. 16, 1888, Ferron, Utah
(daughter of Joseph Wrigley and Ann Singleton, both of
Ferron). She was born Jan. 16, 1870. Their children: Ellen
b. July 25, 1890, died; Alona b. March 2, 1892, d. child;
Llewlles b. July 3, 1894, m. Jesse M. Killpack; Reul b Aug.
13, 1896, d. child; Yukon b. June 13, 1898; Promice Wendal
b. June 9, 1900, d. child; Oren b. May 4, 1904; Naomi b. Aug
6, 1909. Family home Ferron, Utah.

Settled at Ferron 1880. Assisted in making the canals
and wagon roads and building up the country. Farmer and

FUGATE, THOMAS (son of Harrison Perry Fugate and
Sarah Shoemaker). Born Oct. 4, 1866, Richfield, Utah.

Married Margarete Elizabeth Crookston Dec. 25, 1889,
Ferron, Utah (daughter of John Crookston and Dinah Stod-
dard, the former of Scotland and latter of Carlisle, England).
She was born Dec. 26, 1869. Their children: Mary Lois b
Sept. 29, 1890; Delilah M. b. April 21, 1892. d. April 6, 1900-
Ina, b. Aug. 30, 1894; Vera b. Nov. 26, 1898, d. Jan. 6, 1899-
Leah b. May 24, 1901; Aldwin Lyle b. May 17, 1903; Fern b
Feb. 3, 1906; Jetta b. March 18, 1908; Margarete b. April 29,
1911. Family home Ferron, Utah.

Settled at Ferron 1880. Assisted in making canals, wagon
roads and building up the country. Farmer.

FUGAL,, CHRISTIAN. Born in Denmark. Came to Utah
Sept. 25, 1868.

His wife came to Utah with him. Their children: Nlela;
Andreas, m. Hannah Carlson; Christian, m. Margarett Jen-

FITHRIMAI!', JACOB (son of Jacob Fuhrlman, born Aug. 10,
1800. Oeschenback, Canton Bern. Switzerland, and Anna
Maria Kampfer, bom Dec. 12, 1802, Wadenswyl, Switzer-
land). He was born Jan. 16, 1831, at Oeschenback. Came
to Utah Sept. 3, 1860. James T. Ross company.

Married Anna Barbara Loosll March, 1866 (daughter of
Andreas Loosli and Barbara Kaser). She was born Sept.

14, 1833, at Durrenroth, Switzerland; died 1895. Their chil-
dren: Gottfried b. June 15, 1859, m. Bertha May Frederick
July 7, 1881; Jacob R. b. Dec. 23, 1861, m. Olga Alkie Jan. 7,
1898; Barbetta b. May 3, 1864, m. Emil Ellason March 9, 1887;
Emellno b. Sept. 21, 1866, m. Ferdinand Zollinger Sept. 7.
1S92; Joseph Henry b. May 28, 1869, m. Mary Ann Johnson
Jan. 25. 1893; Elizabeth b. June 9, 1871, m. Isaac Smith;
Hyrum b. Feb. 9, 1873, m. Emelie Aikle Jan. 30, 1901; John
David b. S?pt. 1, 1876, m. Margareth E. Rice Dec. 5, 1898.

Married Mory Loosll 1869 at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Andreas Loosll and Barbara Kaser), who was born Sept. 7,
1846, at Durrenroth, Switzerland; died 1892. Their children:
Andrew Ephralm b. Dec. 4, 1872, m. Effle Jones Dec. 15. 1897;
Frank William b. June, 1?74, m. Maud Brown Dec. 18, 1901;
George Washington b. Jan. 14, 1879, m. Mary Scheonhals
Dec. 12, 1906; Ezra b. July 4, 1887, m. Mallnda Jones Dec.

15, 1909.

Married Carolina Bollschweiler May 12. 1897 (daughter of
Jacob Frederick Bollschweller and Emelie Otelle Maurer of
Bavaria). She was born Nov. 24, 18o4. Their children: Al-
bert b. Jan. 27, 1902; Emelie b. April 20. 1903: Mary b. Sept
6, 1904: Otto b. Dec. 26, 1906; Carl b. Jan. 27, 1912.

Presided over the Germans of Providence ward 33 years;
acting teacher 40 years.



FUHRIMAN, GOTTFRIED (son of Jacob Fuhriman and
Barbara Loosli). Born June 15, 1859, at Durrenroth, Canton
Bern, Switzerland. Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1860, James T.
Ross company.

Married Bertha Mary Frederick July 7, 1881 (daughter of
Arnold Jacob Frederick and Elizabeth Enz. Came to Utah
1870). She was born Jan. 7, 1860; came to Utah with parents;
died Feb. 11. 1898. Their children: Godfrey Jared b. Aug. 22,
1883, m. Irene Campbell Feb. 24, 1909; Arnold Jacob b. July 2,
1885, m. Rachel Partington June 3, 1908; Bertha Minerva b.
Sept. 11, 1887, m. Leroy Jones Sept. 16, 1908; Rachel Elizabeth
b. Feb. 26, 1890, m. William Kleopfer Dec. 20, 1911; Festus
Marion b. Oct. 8, 1892; Oliver Wendell b. Feb. 9, 1895. Family
home Providence, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Fluckiger July 10, 1895, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of Ulrich Fluckiger and Anna Kaser). She was
born May 25, 1860, at Durrenroth, Switzerland. Their chil-
dren: Walter Ulrich b. July 8, 1896; Rulon Leroy b. Oct. 27,
1898; David Hyrum b. Nov. 30, 1900; Dora b. July 24, 1903.

Missionary to Switzerland and Germany 1884; 2d counselor
to Bishop Fredrick Theuer of Providence ward 20 years,
bishop of Providence 1st ward May 1, 1909. Connected with
many business affairs as president and director of Provi-
dence Co-operative Mercantile Institution; South Cache Mill-
ing Company; Providence Water Works Company; Provi-
dence Irrigation companies; Providence Canyon Land Com-
pany; director Cache Valley Banking Company.

FULLER, LUBURJT LIVONIA (son of Asaheb Fuller and
Esther Smith). Born Dec. 9, 1841, at Nashville, Iowa. Came
to Utah in 1856.

Married Minerva Brown April 10, 1862, at Des Moines,
Iowa (daughter of Aaron Brown and Margaret Corey of
Elk Rapids, Iowa). She was born Feb. 10, 1843. Their
children: Harvey; William; Minerva Esther; Maggie May;
Jesse S.; Minnie B.; Perry B.; Amey Grace. Family home
Provo, Utah.

FULLER, PERRY B. (son of Luburn Livonia Fuller and
Minerva Brown). Born Nov. 23, 1876, Elk Rapids, Iowa.
Came to Utah in 1879.

Married Zina Wilkins June 12, 1901, at Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Oscar Wilkins and Mary J. McEwen, of
Provo, Utah). She was born Sept. 1, 1880. Their children:
Livonia W.; Zina Naomi; Jenna Bert; L. Roy. Family home
Knightsville, Utah.

Bishop of Knightsville ward since March 11, 1909. Super-
intendent of Beck Tunnel, Colorado & Iron Blossom Min-
ing company.

FULLER, REVILO (son of Elijah K. Fuller and Harriet
Loomis). Born Oct. 8, 1843, Windham, Greene county, N. Y
Came to Utah 1847.

Married Mary D. Everett (daughter of Addison Everett,
pioneer July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company).

Missionary at St. George, Utah, 1860, and to Tonto Basin
In 1877.

FULLMER, ALMOW. Came to Utah with the first pioneers.

Married Rachel Wyman, born May 26, . Their children:

Thaddeus Edgar b. Jan. 13, 1853, m. Juliette Dallin; Frank-
lin Pierce b. April 27, 1855, m. Roselle Dalton; John Hyrum
b. Aug. 30, 1857, m. Ellen Lundblad.

FULLMER, JOHN H. (son of Almon and Rachel Wyman
Fullmer). Born Aug. 30, 1847, Cottonwood, Salt Lake Co.,

Married Ellen Lundblad, Beaver, Utah (daughter of James
and Karote Lundblad, pioneers with first oxteam). She was
born Nov. 11, 1860. Their children: John Lorin b. Dec. 12,
1879, m. Lizzie Smith; Frank Wyman b. April 26, 1881, died;
Edith Idel b. Nov. 12, 1887; Ida Dott b. April 22, 1885, m.
Clement Tebbs; Dwight L. b. Aug. 29, 1887; Ellen Ina b.
May 23, 1890, m. Ellis Chamberlain; Effle Maine b. Feb. 18,
1892; Arvil Elton b. Dec. 5, 1893; Nora Loreta b. May 17.
1897, died; Rolla Jay b. March 18, 1901, died; Ardis Nevoe
b. Aug. 8, 1903.

Was deputy U. S. marshal from 1893 until statehood ob-
tained and was representative to the state legislature in

FULLMER, JOHN LORIN (son of John H. Fullmer and Ellen
Lundblad). Born Dec. 12, 1879.

Married Lizzie Smith, Circleville, Utah. Only child: Harry
Smith b. Dec. 7, 1911.

FULLMER, DAVID (son of Peter Fullmer and Susannah
Zerfoss, of Winter Quarters, Neb.). Born July 7, 1803,
Chilisquaque, Northumberland county, Pa. Came to Utah
Oct. 13, 1850, Edward Hunter company.

Married Rhoda Ann Marvin Sept. 18, 1831, Union township,
Luzerne county, Pa. (daughter of Zera Marvin and Rhoda
Williams of Union township). She was born Feb. 12, 1813,
Union township, and died Aug. 18, 1892, Salt Lake City.
She came to Utah Oct. 14, 1860, Edward Hunter company.
Their children: Eugene Bertran, m. Sarah Jane Mitchell;
Junius Sextus, m. Lucy Ellier; Hannibal Octavius, m. Rachel
Brown; Elvira Martha, m. John Hlckenlooper; Hortentia
Jane d. aged 11 years; Susannah, m. Ephraim Stockwell

Snyder; Rhoda Ann, m. Hyrum Chapman; David (twin of
Rhoda Ann), m. Caroline Linnell; Don Peter Marvin, m.
Ida Martin; Mary Vilate, m. Samuel Andrew; Esther, m. John
S. Bowers. Family home 6th ward Salt Lake City.

High priest; high councilor of Hancock stake; missionary;
president Garden Grove branch; home missionary. Salt Laka
stake; first counselor to Daniel Spencer; president Salt Lake
stake 1849; patriarch. Member of company appointed to
explore southern Utah; captain of company sent to Inde-
pendence Rock, to relieve a belated immigrant company.
Member of territorial legislature from Salt Lake county;
city councilman at Nauvoo, 111. Treasurer of university of
Deseret; treasurer, pro tem, Salt Lake county, and later of
Salt Lake City. Delegate to territorial convention from 6th
ward, at which convention he was appointed director of
agricultural society. Farmer. Died Oct. 21, 1879, Salt Lake

FULLMER, EUGENE BERTRAND (son of David Fullmer
and Rhoda Ann Marvin). Born May 3, 1833, Plymouth,
Luzerne county, Pa.

Married Sarah Jane Mitchell (daughter of Benjamin Mit-
chell and Miss Treesbaugh of Jefferson Co., Ohio). She was
born June 9, 1838. Their children: Rhoda Ann b. Jan. 20,
1866, m. George D. Deaton; David Eugene b. Jan. 21, 1858,
m. Sarah A. Green; Sarah Lavina b. Jan. 7, 1860, m. Peter
Frederick Goss; Emily b. Nov. 30, 1861, m. George S. Tall;
Mary Adelaid b. April 19, 1864, m. Alma H. West; Annie
E. b. Oct. 7, 1866, died; Junius Bertran b. March 17, 1868, m.
Adalaid Hart; George b. April 4, 1870, m. Catherine McLause;
Benjamin b. May 4, 1872, m. Nellie Needham; Florence b.
May 30, 1874, m. Robert McLause; Minnie b. Oct. 7. 1876, m.
Harry Howe; Oscar b. 1878, m. Phoebe . ; LeRoy, died.

One of presidents of 2nd quorum of seventies; high priest;
ward teacher. Worked on Salt Lake temple 40 years.
Died Oct. 21, 1879, Salt Lake City.

FULLMER, BENJAMIN (son of Eugene Bertrand Fullmer
and Sarah Jane Mitchell). Born May 4, 1872, Salt Lake

Married Nellie Needham June 12, 1895, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Needham and Elizabeth Snalem of Salt
Lake City). She was born April 23. 1873. Their children:
Myrtle b. June 23, 1896; Earl b. June 20, 1900; Mildred b.
Sept. 1, 1903; Arvilla b. May 25, 1905; Elizabeth b. Oct. 14,
1907; Sarah b. Dec. 13, 1909.

Bishop of Alpine ward 1907; missionary to eastern states
1897-99; president Y. M. M. I. A. Mayor of Alpine 1910-11.
Superintendent water works of Alpine.

FULLMER JOHN SOLOMON (son of Peter Fullmer). Born
July 21, 1807, Luzerne county, Pa. Came to Utah Oct. 10,
1848, Willard Richards company.

Married Mary Ann Price May 24, 1837 (daughter of John
Price), who was born Sept. 16, 1815, and came to Utah with
husband. Their children: Lavina Elizabeth b. March 5, 1838,
m. Eli Ashcroft; Joanna Price b. Dec. 13. 1830, m. Erastus
Curtis; Ann Adalaide b. Oct. 25, 1841, m. William T. Dennis;
Mary Ann Frances b. May 19, 1844; John Solomon, Jr. b.
April 12, 1846, m. Juliet Fullmer Jan. 1, 1868, m. Miss Agatha
Darow; William Price b. May 27, 1849, m. Maria Jane Curtis
Jan. 2, 1871; Don Carlos b. Nov. 7, 1851, m. Eliza Ann Mason;
Samuel David b. Nov. 4, 1866, m. Roxy Jane Kendall. Family

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