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Inder and Margaret Ewen, pioneers Oct. 1, 1847), who was
born January 1777. Their children: William b. Jan. 31, 1803,
m. Ann Lackey Jan. 1829; m. Janet Livingston 1841; -Margaret
b. Jan. 5, 1807, m. George Sweeten March 29, 1836; m. Roger
Lackban Oct. 21, 1847; Archibald b. Sept. 2, 1814, m. Sarah
Jane Hamilton June 17, 1857; m. Mary Larsen Dec. 22, 1869;
Robert b. Oct. 12, 1819, m. Jane McEwen March 17, 1841.

GARDNER, ARCHIBALD (son of Robert Gardner and
Margaret Calinder). Born Sept. 2, 1814, Kilsyth, Scotland.

Married Sarah Jane Hamilton June 17, 1857, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Hamilton and Mary Ann Campbell
of Mill Creek, Utah, pioneers 1852), who was born June 11,
1842. Only child: James Hamilton b. July 27, 1859, m. Rhoda
Priscllla Huffaker. Family home West Jordan, Utah.

Married Mary Larson Dec. 22, 1869, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Hans Larson and Karen Stene Olsen, pioneers Sept. 15,
1859, Robert F. Nelsen company). She was born June 15,
1850, Moen, Presto amt, Denmark. Their children: Andrew
Bruce b. Feb. 5, 1874, m. Elizabeth Baxter May 23, 1894;
Clarence b. Nov. 6, 1875, m. Alice Ann Burton Oct. 8, 1897-
Ernest Adelbert b. Feb. 14, 1877, m. Kate Roberts Oct 22
1903; Royal b. Sept. 11, 1879, d. March 3, 1880; Edwin Leroy
b. May 16, 1881, m. Dagmar Christensen 1905; Lillian Elnora
b. March 2, 1883, m. James G. Widdison, Jr., Sept. 18 1907-
Wilford Woodruff b. May 17, 1885; Franklin Richards b
July 23, 1888. Family resided West Jordan, Utah, and Afton,

Bishop of West Jordan ward. Member territorial legisla-
ture two terms. Patriarch in Jordan stake. Constructed
first sawmills at West Jordan, Spanish Fork, St. George,
Utah, and Star Valley, Wyo.

Died 1902.

GARDNER, JAMES HAMILTON (son of Archibald Gardner
and Sarah Jane Hamilton). Born July 27, 1859, Mill Creek

Married Rhoda Priscilla Huffaker Oct. 15, 1886, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Simpson D. Huffaker and Rhoda P. Bar-
num of Cottonwood, Utah, pioneers Nov. 6, 1847). She was
born Dec. 30, 1864. Their children: James Hamilton b Jan
4, 1888; Archibald Delos b. March 26, 1890; Viola b April 24
1892; Vera b. Jan. 10, 1894; Reid Huffaker b. May 20, 1897;
LeRoi Barnum b. April 13, 1900; Marian b. Dec. 6, 1903; Feme
b. Dec. 28, 1905; Lois b. Feb. 20, 1908. Family resided Lehl
Utah, and Elba, Idaho.

Bishop of Lehl 2nd ward 1903. General consulting super-
intendent Utah-Idaho Sugar Company. City councilman
Leh,' 1902-04; commissioner Utah county 1910-12.

GARDNER, ANDREW BRUCE (son of Archibald Gardner
and Mary Larson). Born Feb. 6, 1874, West Jordan, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Baxter May 23, 1894, Afton, Wyo.
(daughter of John Baxter and Eliza Ross, former pioneer
1865, Capt. Taylor company). She was born Feb. 2, 1877,
Coalville, Utah. Their children: John Royal b. March 15,
1895; Bruce LeVere b. Sept. 10, 1896; Muriel Elnora b. March
13, 1899; Milford Irvin b. Jan. 5, 1902; Mary Thelma b. April
8, 1904; Olive Adele b. May 22. 1910.

Seventy. Constable eight years in Uinta county. Miller;

GARDNER, CLARENCE (son of Archibald Gardner and
Mary Larson). Born Nov. 6, 1875, West Jordan, Utah.

Married Alice Ann Burton Oct. 8, 1897, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Walton Burton and Sarah Ann Field-
ing), who was born Sept. 2, 1875, Ogden, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Albert b. June 27, 1898, d. same day; Marian b. Nov.
17, 1901; Lawrence Alton b. Aug. 19, 1904; Rollin Elworth
b. Oct. 9, 1906.

Second counselor to Bishop George Waite of Afton, Wyo.,
1894-99; missionary to Eastern states 1898-1900; Star Valley
stake Y. M. M. I. A. aid and stake high councilor 1900; Sun-
day school superintendent Afton ward 1900-01; first assistant
Star Valley stake Sunday school superintendent 1901-02
1909-12; stake superintendent T. M. M. I. A. 1902-06; presi-
dent Y. M. M. I. A. Afton ward 1907-10; alternate high coun-
cilor; secretary Sunday school. City councilman 1902-05-
mayor 1905-08; member Wyoming state legislature 1909-10;
school trustee; vice-president Afton commercial club.

GARFP, PETER jr. (son of Nels Garff, born Jan. 20, 1811,
and Marie Jackobson, born Dec. 9, 1820, both of Eskebjerg,
Sjelland, Denmark; former died on plains, latter came to
Utah). He was born Feb. 17, 1843, Serslov, Holbek amt,
Sjelland, Denmark. Came to Utah 1857, Christiansen's
handcart company.

Married Antomina Sorensen July 26, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lars Sorensen and Maren Kerstine Petersen of
Bjergby, Hjorring, Denmark, pioneers 1861, Samuel A.
Wooley company). She was born May 5, 1852. Their chil-
dren: George P. b. June 17, 1870, m. Phena Brimhall; Mary
Ann b. Dec. 28, 1871, m. B. F. Fitzgerald; Huldah b. Jan. 23,
1873, m. F. C. Mickelson; Matilda b. April 1, 1874, m. B. M.
Crossgrove; Heber N. b. Feb. 10, 1876, m. Louise Murphy;
Royal B. b. Oct. 23, 1877, m. Rachel Day; Moses S. b. Nov.
10, 1879, m. Mary Rasmussen; Aaron Z. b. March 29, 1881;
Mina C. b. May 7, 1883, m. S. J. Mickelson; Orson A. b.
March 2, 1885, m. Bodel Lyngby; Connie M. b. Sept. 8, 1888,
m. Enno Drown; Regnald W. b. May 6, 1890. Family home
Draper, Utah.

Senior president 73d quorum seventies; high councilor;
acting teacher since he was 18 years old; assisted in bring-
ing immigrants to Utah in 1866; was one of a company of
500 who brought in about 4,000 people. As trustee he suc-
cessfully established the first free public school at Draper
(the Park school), and at Crescent taxing the railroads
$1,800, which was used in supplying Draper with its first
school house. School trustee. Teacher and superintendent
of Sunday school at Draper 25 years; missionary to Linton,
Brown county, Minn., where he organized a branch of the
church; missionary to Norway, where he baptized 27 per-
sons, 15 of them young ladies, who were organized Into first
Y. L.. M. I. A. in Bergen, Norway; there he served as presi-
dent of the conference in 1899, and until near the end of his
mission, returning in 1902; home missionary; high coun-
cilor. Farmer and horticulturist.

GARN, PHILIP J. (son of John Garn, born 1771, and Susan-
nah Pringle, born 1773, both at Bedford, Pa married 1794).

He was born May 1, 1819, at Bedford. Came to Utah Sept.
28, 1855, Moses Thurston company.

Married Mary M. Vogt (daughter of Michael Vogt and
Elizabeth Kline married March 8, 1803, in Perry Co., Ohio).
She was born Sept. 12, 1820, and came to Utah with husband.
Their children: Mahala b. Feb. 4, 1840, m. Daniel Garn
April 1856; Micah b. Oct. 14, 1841, m. Fanny Wood March
11, 1865; Philip J. b. Feb. 14, 1845, m. Sarah English Feb.
18, 1878; Samuel b. March 24, 1847, m. Lizzie Walker;
Nathaniel b. May 1, 1849, m. Nettie Evans; Elizabeth b.
April 19, 1851, m. John Ford Feb. 4, 1867," Daniel b. May 18,
1853, d. Jan. 1856; Mary M. b. March 31, 1855, m. W. H. J.
Smith 1872; Emma b. Feb. 27, 1857, m. Joseph Ford Feb. 7,

Settled at Centerville 1855. High priest. Died Jan. 1,

GARN, MICAH (son of Philip J. Garn and Mary M. Vogt).
Born Oct. 14, 1841, at Fremont, Ohio.

Married Fanny Wood March 11, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Wood and Fanny Coble, pioneers 1855,
Moses Thurston company). She was born Oct. 11, 1841,
Brighton, Eng. Their children: Fanny C. b. Oct. 22, 1866,
m. Samuel Capener May 11, 1887; Micah A. b. Sept. 13, 1869,
m. Mary M. Leonard Feb. 23, 1899; John H. b. Nov. 1, 1871,
m. Nancy Udy Nov. 17, 1897; Mary Larelda b. July 12. 1874,
m. Arthur Capener July 12, 1893; Daniel b. Aug. 15, 1877,
m. Aramlnta Monahan Jan. 3, 1903; Nathaniel b. Aug. 15.
1877, m. Clara Monahan Aug. 20, 1908; Emma R. b. Jan. 29.
1879, m. William L. Apgood June 14, 1908; Mahala J. b. Sept
7, 1882, m. Cooper Haffleld April 14, 1909. Family home
Fielding. Utah.



Seventy; missionary to the Muddy 1868-69; treasurer of
Centerville Sunday school six years. Moved to Bear River
valley 1887. Superintendent of first Sunday school in Field-
ing, and served for seven years. Postmaster eight years,
and road supervisor seven years. Malad stake high coun-
cilor 17 years.

GAH1V, THOMAS (son of Martin Garn, born Feb. 17, 1814.
and Catharine Croyl, born May 4, 1818, both in Bedford
county, Pa.). He was born Aug. 11, 1839, In Fremont, San-
dusky Co., Ohio. Came to Utah Sept. 17, 1861, Milo Andrus

Married Esther Ann Eldredge March 14, 1868 (daughter of
Ira Eldredge and Nancy Black, pioneers Sept. 22, 1847,
Daniel Spencer company). She was born March 24, 1839,
and came to Utah with parents. Their children: Flavilla
Catharine b. April 29, 1869, m. Henry Wright Aug. 27, 1890;
Nancy E. b. April 24. 1871, m. David Birch March 9, 1892;
Amanda Matilda b. March 30, 1873, m. Franklin R. Meadows
Oct. 16, 1901; Thomas Martin b. Aug. 12, 1875; William
Joshua b. Aug. 28, 1877, m. Ella Spriggs Dec. 12, 1900;
Edmond b. March 22, 1880, m. Pearl Spriggs June 26, 1903.
Family resided Salt Lake City and Coalville, Utah.

Settled In Sugar House ward; moved to Coalville 1869,
where he was ward teacher; high priest.

GARNER, DAVID (son of David Garner and Jane Stephens).
Born Jan. 30, 1818, at Lexicon, N. C. Came to Utah July 28,
1847, with a section of Mormon Battalion.

Married Dolly Durfee Oct. 18, 1842 (daughter of Edmond
Durfee, killed in raid by mob). She was born March 8, 1816.
Their children: Louisa Ann b. July 12, 1844. m. Bailey
Lake; Fannie Merilla b. July 2, 1845. m. William Tracey;
David Edmond b. Jan. 10, 1847. m. Sarah Davis; William
Franklin b. Dec. 12, 1848, m. Mary A. Barker; Mary Marinda
b. Feb. 20, 1850, m. Abram Chadwick; Nancy Jane b. Sept.
7, 1851, d. child; Amelia Jane b. May 10, 1853, m. Henry
Dixon; Charles Henry b. April 16, 1856; Lydia b. March 2,
1859, m. Ellas Bybee. Family home North Ogden.

Married Bethzina Burns April 16, 1857. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Enoch Burns and Elizabeth Moffet), who was
born March 5, 1842, at Nauvoo, 111. Their only child: Beth-
zina Elizabeth b. Oct. 3, 1858, and d. Nov. 5, 1859. Family
home North Ogden, Utah.

Member Mormon Battalion; assisted bringing immigrants
to Utah; one of the seven presidents of 78th quorum seven-
ties. Farmer. Died April 27, 1889, North Ogden.

GARNER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN (son of David Garner and
Dolly Durfee). Born Dec. 12, 1848, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Came to Utah 1851.

Married Mary Ann Barker Feb. 9, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Barker and Polly Emeline Blodgett of
North Ogden, pioneers 1850, Benjamin Brown company).
She was born Dec. 24, 1853. Their children: Olive Alberta
b. Oct. 9, 1871, m. Oscar J. Maddox; William Henry b. Nov.
30, 1873, m. Mary E. Tolman; James Albert b. Oct. 2, 1875,
m. Sarah K. Hill; Mary Emeline b. Feb. 20, 1878, m. Joseph
E. Ward; Ida Louisa b. April 9, 1884, m. George H. Jones;
Florence I. b. Dec. 7, 1886, m. James R. Rawlings; Hazel A.
b. Oct. 1, 1889. Family home North Ogden, Utah, and Clifton,

Seventy; bishop of Clifton ward 1886-97; president high
priests' quorum; high councilman. Farmer.

GARNER, JAMES ALBERT (son of William Franklin Gar-
ner and Mary Ann Barker). Born Oct. 2, 1875, North Ogden,

Married Sarah K. Hill Dec. 19, 1900, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of John R. Hill and Margory Kerr, both of Wellsville.
Utah, former coming to Utah 1852, latter 1861, Job Pingree
company). She was born Oct. 1, 1882.

GARNER, PHILIP (son of David Garner and Jane Stephens
of Council Bluffs, Iowa). Born Oct. 11, 1808, in Rowan
county, N. C. Came to Utah Oct. 27, 1849, George A. Smith

Married Mary Hedrlck, April 4, 1830, Rowan county, N. C.
(daughter of Francis Hedrick and Elizabeth Howard of
Rowan county, pioneers Oct. 25, 1849, with Captain Rock-
wood in George A. Smith company). She was born Sept.
25, 1811. Their children: Sarah b. Jan. 18, 1832, m. Lester
J. Herrick; Henry b. Feb. 13, 1833, m. Mary M. Browning;
David b. Aug. 13, 1834, m. Eliza Coffin; Jane b. Aug. 3, 1836,
m. David H. Browning; Frederick b. Oct. 13, 1837, m. Ann
Horrocks; Martha b. Jan. 18, 1840, m. Benjamin C. Critchlow;
Asael b. June 6, 1843, m. Georgia Everett; Roemma b. April
7, 1845, m. Joel Terry; Joseph b. Nov. 22, 1847, m. Mary Phil-
lips; Philip b. May 6, 1850, m. Mary Gaisford; William F.
b. June 3, 1852, m. Sarah A. Furniss; John A. b. Sept. 11,
1856, m. Charlotte Pincock. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Member of the Mormon Battalion in Company B, under
Capt. Jesse D. Hunter. He enlisted July 16, 1846. Was
hurt on picket duty while en route to Santa Fe, N. M., by
falling Into a deep ravine and breaking three ribs. Was
returned to Pueblo and was afterward honorably released
and returned home to Council Bluffs, Iowa. In the spring
of 1849 himself and family journeyed in a wagon drawn by
oxteam over the plains to Utah. Farmer. Died- Sept. 16,

GARNER, HENRY (son of Philip Garner and Mary Hedrick).
Born Feb. 13, 1833, near Vincennes, Ind. Came to Utah Oct.
27, 1849, George A. Smith company.

Married Mary Melvina Browning June 22, 1854, Ogrden,
Utah (daughter of Jonathan Browning and Elizabeth' Stol-
cup, who were married Nov. 9. 1826, Nashville, Tenn., pio-
neers Sept. 16, 1852, Henry Miller company). She was born
Jan. 15, 1840. Came to Utah with her parents. Their chil-
dren: Henry James b. June 9, 1855, m. Eliza A. Ballantyne
Jan. 31, 1884; Jonathan Browning b. Aug. 31, 1857; Mary
Ann b. March 4, 1860, m. Hyrum S. Wood Nov. 12, 1879;
Emma Elizabeth b. May 4, 1862; Frederick Swen b. Feb. 6,
1864, m. Margaret Ann Gibbons Jan. 10, 1884; Enoch Charles
b. Feb. 9, 1866; Barbara Alice b. Nov. 30, 1867; Rufus Alma
b. Oct. 18, 1869, m. Rosa Belle Porter Dec. 2, 1891; Sarah Ida
b. Oct. 8, 1871; Rosa Rebecca b. Dec. 8, 1872, m. Francis
Horspool; Frank Philip b. Aug. 25, 1874. m. Katie Pratt
Nov. 25, 1899; Hyrum Elihu b. Nov. 6, 1876, m. Mary V.
Bigler Nov. 18, 1904; Reuben Page b. Jan. 9. 1878; Alta
Charlotte b. May 22, 1880. m. Junius Cook Oct. 25. 1905.

High priest. Indian fighter; member of the Echo Canyon

GARNER, HENRY JAMES (son of Henry Garner and Mary
M. Browning). Born June 9, 1855, in Ogden, Utah.

Married Eliza A. Ballantyne Jan. 31, 1884 (daughter of
Richard Ballantyne and Mary Pearce), who was born June

8, 1866, Eden, Utah. Their children: Richard H. b. Nov. 22,
1884; Ethel b. June 29, 1886, m. Ephraim W. Manning June
20, 1906; Mary Edna b. Aug. 8, 1888; lona b. Aug. 2, 1893, m.
James Bingham Dec. 20, 1911; Rulon B. b. March 31, 1900;
Lyda b. July 24, 1902; Harold b. March 4, 1906; Milton Eu-
gene b. Oct. 21, 1907. Family resided Ogden and Plain City,

Superintendent Plain City Sunday schools 1901-03; first
counselor to Bishop George W. Bromwell 1903-06; bishop of
Plain City ward 1906-10; high councilor in North Weber
stake 1910. Merchant.

GARNER, RUFUS ALMA (son of Henry Garner and Mary
M. Browning). Born Oct. 18, 1869. in Ogden, Utah.

Married Rosa Belle Porter Dec. 2, 1891, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Charles A. Porter and Rachel L. Hall of
Ogden). She was born Sept. 23, 1875. Their children: Vird
Carlisle b. Sept. 22, 1897; Alma Edwin b. Aug. 29, 1901.
Family home Ogden.

Member high council Weber stake. Assistant postmaster
at Ogden. Bookkeeper and salesman.

GARNER, FREDERICK (son of Philip Garner and Mary
Hedrick). Born Oct. 13, 1837, in Hancock county, 111.

Married Ann Horrocks Jan. 1, 1862, Ogden, Utah (daugh-
ter of Edward Horrocks and Alice Houghton of England,
the former coming to Utah in October 1857, Albert Carring-
ton company, the latter dying in England). She was born
May 4, 1844. Their children: Annie Elizabeth b. April 2,
1863, m. James Henry Pincock; William Frederick b. Feb.
16, 1865, m. Minnie Black; Aaron George b. Feb. 17, 1867, d.
Oct. 17, 1879; Samuel Edward b. May 1, 1869, d. Sept. 8, 1879;
James Nathan b. Aug. 7, 1871, m. Sylvia Layne; Alice Mozell
b. Oct. 7, 1873, m. James William Banford; Horace Eugene
b. June 29, 1876, m. Isabell Scott Ure; Burk LeRpy b. Sept.
3, 1878, m. Annie Elizabeth Clark; Benjamin Franklin b.
March 28, 1881, m. Mary Salena Carr; Alpha b. June 4, 1887.
Family home Ogden.

Second counselor to bishop of Ogden first ward 1878-89;
home missionary 1889-95. School trustee; road supervisor;
justice of peace. Brought first alfalfa seed into Utah in

GARNER, JOHN A. (son of Philip Garner and Mary Hed-
rick). Born Sept. 11, 1856, in Ogden, Utah.

Married Charlotte Pincock Nov. 24, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Pincock and Isabella Douglass of Ogden,
pioneers 1852, John Parker company). She was born Oct.
7, 1861. Their children: John Earl b. Aug. 4, 1882, m. Edith
Morgan; Violate Pincock b. May 22, 1884; George Albert b.
Oct. 29, 1886; Walter Mack b. Sept. 21, 1890; Ray Douglass
b. Nov. 27, 1892; Florence May b. Aug. 3, 1897; Lucile b.
Oct. 6, 1901; Mary Ethel b. Nov. 14, 1902; Heber Ross b. Feb.

9, 1905. Family home Rexburg, Idaho

Missionary to California 1898-01; high priest; member
high council 1902; counselor to Bishop Oliver C. Dally of
Rexburg 1st ward 1907-12.

GARNER, WILLIAM. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1862, Harmon
Cutler company.

Married Mary S. Holmes (Stowell) in 1852 (daughter of
James Holmes and Millie Rossen of eastern New York, pio-
neers 1862). She was born Sept. 15, 1797, and came to Utah
in 1852 with her family. There were no children.

Mary S. Holmes was the widow of Augustus Oliver Arte-
mus Stowell. Their children: Sophia, m. William Parshall;
William Rufus Rogers, m. Hannah Topham, m. Cynthia J.
Park m Saphrona Kelly, m. Harriet Stowell; Minerva, m.
Christopher Merkley; Laura, m. Nelson Baker; Matilda, m.
Orin Packard; Augustus, m. Emma Hill; Alice and Juliette,
m. William Howard Perry; Mary Alvira, d. child. Family
home New York.

High priest. Settled at Provo, and later moved to Cedar
Valley, and farmed at Lynn. Died March 1872, Hooper,



GARRETT, JAMES (son of John Garrett of Quincy, 111.).

B Married' Mary E. Wallace May 2, 1880. at Salt Lake City
(daughter of George B. Wallace and Martha Davis), who
was born June 10, 1858, at Salt Lake City. Their children:
James H. b. Sept. 9. 1881. m. Sucy D. Wardrupt; George E.
b Dec. 8. 1883, m. Martha J. Crookston; William A. b. Dec.
6. 1886, d. infant. Family home Salt Lake City.

and Esther Wheatford of Gallowayshlre, Scotland). Bor "
Nov. 29, 1834, in Gallowayshire. Came to Utah Sept. l<i,
1857, Jesse Martin company.

Married Elizabeth Tilley Dec. 8, 1857 (daughter of Rich-
ard Tilley and Phoebe Dukes), who was born at Newton,
Lea Willis, Eng.; came to Utah in 1857 alone. Their chil-
dren: Elizabeth Phoebe b. Feb. 1, 1860. m. Walter S. Carr
1881: Mary Jane b. Sept. 17, 1866, m. Herbert Tyzack 1886,
John R. b. Nov. 19, 1870, m. Jane Mickleson 1897; Ellen b.
June 27. 1873, m. Noah G. Kearns 1894; Esther b. April 16.
1876 m. J. H. Roylance 1893; Lillie May b. Oct. 16. 1879, m.
William G. Barton 1900; Mabel b. Oct. 20, 1877, m. Edgar
Fillmore 1901. Family home Gunnison. Utah.

President 48th quorum seventies; choir leader at Gunni-
son 20 years. Postmaster; treasurer of board of sch<
trustees three years. Missionary to Ireland 1856. iilacK
Hawk war veteran. Stockraiser.

GEARY, EDWARD (son of George Geary and Mary Heath,
born 1788, both in Leicester, Leicestershire, Eng.). Born
Nov. 25, 1830, in parents' birthplace. Came to Utah 1862,
Joseph Home company.

Married Elizabeth Ann Slater (daughter of Franklin Slater
and Elizabeth Hewitt), who was born Oct. 6, 1833, In
England. Their children: Elizabeth Ann b. Jan. 29. 1853,
Claycross, Eng., m. Joseph Durrant July 12, 1874; Edward
Long b. Aug. 18, 1854, at Claycross. m. Alice Criddle March 19.
1877; Mary Ellen b. Aug. 24. 1856, at Clay Cross, m. Larry
Larson in Pennsylvania; George Samuel b. Aug. 26, 1858;
Hyrum Phlneas b. Oct. 19, 1860, in Pennsylvania, m. Isabell
Gibby Oct. 12, 1887; William Joseph b. March 24, 1863. died;
Thomas Hewitt b. May 10, 1866, Morgan, Utah. m. Laura
Simmons; Eliza Catherine b. May 11, 1869, Morgan, Utah. m.
James Jennings; Sarah Louisa b. April 11, 1870, Morgan,
Utah, m. George London; Franklin Slater b. Sept. 8, 1872,
Morgan, Utah; Agnes Hannah b. Oct. 14, 1874, Morgan, Utah,
died; Daniel James b. June 20. 1876, Morgan, Utah, m. Jose-
phine Littlefleld. Family lived at Round Valley and Morgan,

Contractor and builder.

GEARY, EDWARD LONG (son of Edward Geary and
Elizabeth Ann Slater). Born Aug. 18. 3854. Clay Cross, Eng.
Came to Utah 1862. Joseph Home company.

Married Alice Criddle March 19, 1877, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George and Mary Ann Criddle of Morgan, Utah;
pioneers October, 1862). She was bom March 6. 1859. Their
children: Edward George b. May 14, 1878, m. Grace Wake-
field Feb. 3, 1905: William Frederick b. April 16, 1880. died;
Mary Alice b. Feb. 25. 1882. m. H. D. Morgan; Ernest Leroy
b. March 3, 1884. died: Maud Mary Ann b. May 27. 1886, m.
James Mulllner. Family home Huntlngton. Utah.

Married Annie Guyman. Manti. Utah, March 13, 1889
(daughter of Noah T. Guyman and Louise Rowley of Foun-
tain Green, Utah). She was born Oct. 12, 1870.

Married Isabella W. Walker, Mantl. Utah, May 23, 1894
(daughter of John Walker and Ellen McSkelly of Manti,

Member 81st quorum seventies; ward teacher. Member
Huntlngton canal and reservoir association board, three
terms; member town board, three terms. Settled at Bounti-
ful 1862; moved to Morgan county 1864; called to St. Johns,
Ariz., spring of 1884. by Church of Jesus Christ of L. D. S.,
returning, settled at Huntington November, 1884; he has
pioneered four new settlements and assisted in building
communities. Farmer; stockman; freighter; capitalist.

GEART, HTRUM P. (son of Edward Geary and Elizabeth
Ann Slater). Born Oct. 19, 1861. Trevorton. Pa.

Married Isabell M. Gibby, Logan, Utah (daughter of John
Gibby and Ellen Olphen), who was born Dec. 13. 1868, Round
Valley, Utah. Their children: Hyrum George b. Sept. 22.
1888; Charles Calvin b. Sept. 7, 1891; Parley b. June 25, 1894;
Austin Leo b. Sept. 20. 1896; Lillian May b. Feb. 17, 1900.
Family home Morgan. Utah.

Seventy; superintendent Round Valley Sunday school.

born May 10, 1838, Glasgow. Scotland. Their children:
Agness b. Aug. 17, 1857, m. Augustus Peterson; Hugh S. b.
July 25, 1859, m. Martena Peterson July 12, 1883; Mary b.
Sept. 18, 1861, m. James M. Thomas; Annie b. Sept. 20, 1865,
m. Thomas Sutherland; John b. Feb. 18, 1867; Susan b. Feb.
9, 1868; Margret b. Jan. 9, 1871, m. Alfred N. Stevens; Jamea
S. b. May 18. 1873. m. Olive Nielsen; George b. Aug. 14, 1876.

Married Emma Hope (Stewart) (daughter of Archibald
Stewart and Ester Lyle of Scotland). Their children:
Robert: Eliza; Sarah; Susie; David; Hyrum S.; Joan C.;

Missionary for seven years In Europe; worked on Salt
Lake temple from 1856 to 1860. Moved to Plain City 1869.

GEDDES. JOSEPH STEWART (son of William Geddes and
Elizabeth Stewart). Born Dec. 18, 1857, Salt Lake City.

Married Isabell Dora Neeley Dec. 29. 1881. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Amlnus M. Neeley and Susan Morgan, the lat-
ter came to Utah with handcart company). She was born
June 28, 1862, Brigham City. Utah. Their children: Pearl
Lorena b. Feb. 22, 1883. m. David G. Eames Jan. 25. 1905;
Joseph A. b. Nov. 27. 1884; Dora Blanch b. Sept. 30, 1887:
Ruby L. b. April 22, 1889; Ivy M. b. Mny 8. 1891; Ira b. March
28, 1893; Hazel K. b. Dec. 30, 1894: Elizabeth Vera b. Feb.
7. 1898: Josie N. b. March 10. 1900; Paul Stewart b. Aug. 3,
1902: Ellas Lyle b. Oct. 25. 1905.

Set apart to preside over Onelda stake Sept. 25, 1910.

GEDDES, HUGH S. (son of William Geddes and Martha
Stewart). Bom July 25. 1859, Plain City. Utah.

Married Martena Peterson July 12. 1883. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hans Peterson and Annie M. Hansen, pioneers
1853. first Danish Immigration). She was horn Oct. 14. 18B4,
Plain City, Utah. Their children: Estella b. March 18,
1885, m. Jacob A. Paten: Hugh Lester b. July 28, 1887. m.
Lydia Lowe: Maud h. Feb. 28. 1892: Moses b. Sept. 18. 1895;
Grant b. July 23, 1898: Elva b. March 31. 1900; Archibald.b.
Feb. 12, 1902. d. Jan. 6. 1907; Donald b. May 9, 1906, d. Jan.
12, 1907; William, d. infant: Ralph Thomas b. April 17,1909.
Family resided Plain City. Utah, and Preston. Idaho.

Moved to Preston, Idaho, 1884, where he worked two
years on the canal. Missionary to New Zealand 1888-91;
superintendent Preston Sunday school 10 years; second
counselor to Bishop John Lnrsen, Preston ward; bishop of
Preston 2d ward 1902-10; Oneida stake high council. Vil-
lage trustee two terms; county commissioner two years.
Secretary and director of Preston, Riverdale and Mink

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