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Creek Canal Company and of Cub River and Warm Creek
Canal Company for several years.

GEDDES, WILI.IAM (son of Hugh Geddes of Scotland). Born
Dec. 8, 1832, Bilston, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Came to Utah
Oct. 2. 1854.

Married Elizabeth Stewart June 3, 1865 (daughter of
Archibald Stewart and Ester Lyle of Glasgow, Scotland).
Their children: William S. b. April 6, 1856, m. Moran Car-
ver; Joseph S. b. Dec. 18. 1857, m. Dora Neeley; Archibald b.
Jan. 31, 1860. m. Nelley Reed; Grant b. July 10, 1865, m.
Martha Stodard; Elizabeth b. Aug. 8. 1863, m. George H.
Carver. Family home Plain City. Utah.

Married Martha Stewart In Salt Lake City (daughter of
Archibald Stewart and Ester Lyle of Scotland). She was

GEE, GEORGE W. (son of George W. Gee and Mary Jane
Smith). Born Oct. 9. 1841, Lee Co.. Iowa. Came to Utah
Sept. 28, 1851, Capt. John Brown company.

Married Sophina A. Fuller May 4. 1862, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Amos B. Fuller and Esther Smith), who was
born May 5, 1843. Their children: George W. b. May 9.
1864, died; Elias A. b. June 29, 1868. m. Francis M. Bean;
Georgiana b. Dec. 15. 1869, m. Joseph S. Smith; Mary Jane
b. Oct. 8, 1871, m. Caleb A. Haws; Esther b. Oct. 29. 1873,
m. George Haws. m. Joseph S. Smith: Sophina A. b. Aug. 6.
1876, m. Joshua R. Hodson; Don Carlos b. April 20, 1878. m.
Ida M. Loveless; Bertha V. b. May 31, 1880, m. Thomns
Summer: Martha E. b. April 28, 1883, m. Hyrum G. Smith;
Adella M. b. May 14. 1885, m. Elvon L. Jackson.

Married Ursula Bandley March 2. 1877. St. George, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Bandley and Ferena Lanieca of Provo,
Utah; they came to Utah in 1872). She was born April 4,
1858. Their children: Asahel T. b. June 3, 1878, m. Eliza
Jones; Dora b. Sept. 21. 1880. Theodora b. April 26, 1883,
Amanda b. July 21. 1885, latter three died: Emma b. Nov.
1, 1887, m. Hugh E. Love; Pearl b. June 6, 1896. Family
home Provo, Utah.

President 46th quorum seventies: missionary to England
1864-67. Deputy sheriff one year; school trustee; city water-
master. Farmer.

GEE, L.YSANDER (son of Solmon Gee and Sarah Watson
Crane of Ashtabula Co., Ohio). Born Sept. 1, 1818, at Austin-
burg. Ohio. Came to Utah 1849, George A. Smith company.

Married Amanda M. Sagers Sept. 5, 1838, at Far-West,
Mo., who was born 1821 in New York state, and died Oct.
22. 1848. in St. Louis. Their only child was Orlando, m.
Mary Bates.

Married Theresa Bowley Feb. 12, 1846, at Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of John Bowley and Polly Reed of Maine). She
was born Oct. 7. 1829, Carthage. Me. Their children: Roze-
lla, m. Robert McGavin; Eudora, died: Andeca, m. Arlah H.
Brower; Electa, m. Erin Bates; Austin, m. Phoebe Bates:
Newton, Elias, George, Louisa, latter four died: Sarah, m.
Robert Skelton, Jr.; Almon, died. Family home Tooele,

Married Maryetta Rowe Feb. 10, 1850, in Salt Lake City,
who was born Oct. 3, 1831, in Tompkins county, N. Y.
Their children: Erasmus; Erastus, m. Geneva Telford; Au-
gustus, m. Annie Dahlquist: Mary, m. Thorpe Luker; Ste-
phen, m. Thalia Watson; Caroline, m. Robert McGavin;
Emma, m. Brigham H. Telford; Robert, m. Alice Clark;

One of presidents of 31st quorum seventies; high priest
Tooele stake; superintendent Sunday school. Prosecuting
attorney; justice of the peace. Lawyer; carpenter. Died
June 27, 1894, at Tooele.



GEORGE, JOHN (son of Thomas George and Ann Roberts
of Glamorganshire, South Wales). Born April 19, 1818,
Myrthyr Duggen, South Wales. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Elizabeth Morgan Jones 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Philip Jones and Elizabeth Morgan, both of
Brecknockshire, South Wales). She was born Oct. 12, 1825.
Their children: Harriet b. July 10, 1854, m. Peter Rossen;
Thomas b. May 5, 1856, m. Margaret McMillan; Mary b.
March 7, 1858; Joseph M. b. March 20, 1860, m. Medelliner
Casto; Rachel b. May 8, 1862, m. F. W. Burrough; John b.
Aug. 6, 1865, m. May Hawley. Family home 19th ward. Salt
Lake City.

Elder. Died at Murray, Utah.

GEORGE, JOSEPH M. (son of John George and Elizabeth
Morgan Jones). Born March 20, 1860, North Ogden, Utah.

Married Medelliner Casto Nov. 24, 1886, Independence,
Utah (daughter of John Casto and Betsy Corbett, both of
Salt Lake City). She was born April 7, 1861. Their children:
Mary b. Oct. 10, 1887, m. C. E. Robertson; John L. b. July 25,
1889; Elizabeth b. April 2, 1891; m. R. J. Forsyth; Zenos F.
b. Nov. 4, 1894; Paul b. April 2. 1898; Juanita b. April 16, 1900.
Family resided Independence and Burton, Utah.

Member 84th quorum seventies; ward teacher. Laborer.

GEORGESON, NIELS (for his genealogy see Niels Jorgen-

GEORGESEN, HANS HYRUM (son of Niels Georgesen and
Johanna M. Kofoed). Born Dec. 25, 1871, Treasureton, Idaho.

Married Minnie Berlips Oct. 23, 1907, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Louis Berlips, born Oct. 27, 1841, died April
25, 1880 and Caroline Eugelhardt, born July 31, 1843).
She was born Oct. 8, 1876, St. Peter, Minn. Their children:
Wilbur Norval b. July 15, 1908; Donald LeMar b. Nov. 16,

GERBER, JOHN (son of Jacob Gerber of Bern, Switzerland).
He was born Sept. 8, 1796, at Bern. Came to Utah October,
1854, Capt. Van Buren company.

Married Magdalena Hugh, who was born 1797. Their
child: Susanna, d. child. Family home Sierra Leone, Africa.

Married Elizabeth Wagner, who was born 1799. Their
child: Maria Susanna Wilhelmina. Family home, Sierra

Married Johanna Elenora Lessing, who was born Feb. 21,
1835. Their children: Frederick, d. child; John Theophilus,

m. Mary ; Louis Emanuel, m. Emily Jacob. Family

home, Ohio.

Married Anna Maria Ackeret 1843, In Indiana, who was
born May 11, 1824. Their children: Julia Carolina, d. child;
Julia Jemima, m. Ira Jacob; Helena Ellenora, m. Joseph
Jacob; Anna Poulina, Benjamin Ulrich, d. child; Moroni, m.
Emily Jane Jacob; Mary Matilda, m. Isaac Jacob; Sarah
Elizabeth, d. child; Emily Adelia, m. Arthur Watkins. Fam-
ily home, Utah.

High priest. Early settler to St. George; assisted In
founding Washington, Utah, and later moved to Midway,
Utah. Physician and surgeon. Farmer.

Died Nov. 22, 1870, at Midway, Utah.

GERBER, MORONI (son of John Gerber and Anna Maria
Ackeret). Born Oct. 4, 1856, at Cedar City, Utah.

Married Emily Jane Jacob Nov. 11, 1880, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Lucian Jacob and Janet Clotworthy of
Midway). She was born May 20, 1862. Their children: Janet
Anderson b. Sept. 18, 1881, m. George S. Bingham; Mabel b.
May 8, 1883, m. William Ralph Hacking; Jean Eleanor b.
April 17, 1885, m. Ellis S. Merkley; Florence Rhoda b. March
27, 1887, m. Gilbert W. Richardson; Irvin Moroni b. May 6,
1891; Zetella Ackeret b. March 6, 1893; Ether Lyman b. April
17. 1896; Fern Elizabeth b. Sept. 17, 1898; Hugh Jacob b.
March 18, 1901; John Wendell b. Aug. 6, 1904; Helen b. May
26, 1908. Family home Vernal, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Southern states 1887-91; ward
teacher; president Y. M. M. I. A. at Midway and also of
Maeser ward. Justice of peace at Midway 1895-97. Farmer.

thyr, South Wales; pioneers 1858, Fredric Bussard com-
pany). She was born May 8, 1839. Their children: Thomas
b. Dec. 13, 1861, d. Dec. 13, 1861; Thomas Francis b. Dec.
17, 1862, m. Mary Bashlre Jan, 1899; Fanny Elizabeth b.
Dec. 25, 1864, m. David B. Russell July, 1883; Margaret Ann
b. Oct. 8, 1866, m. Frederick S. Garner Jan 11. 1884; John
Aaron Roby b. Aug. 10, 1868. m. Manerva E. Berry Oct. 7,
1886; Jennette Caroline b. Feb. 26, 1870, m. Matthew O. Cal-
lahan Oct. 25. 1885; Edward Evans b. Dec. 13, 1871. m. Anna
Downs June 22, 1900; Evan Evans b. Nov. 1, 1872, d. June 23,
1886; Mary May b. Sept. 11, 1874, m. Oliver M. Davidson
March 24, 1904; William Morgan b. June 10, 1876, d. Jan 21,
1902; Elizabeth Latricia b. June 8, 1879, m. Francis L. Woods
June 27, 1901, d. Aug. 7, 1905; David Howell b. Aug. 4, 1880,
d. May 25, 1881; Wealtha Helena b. July 5, 1883, m. Parley
E. Woods May 3, 1902.

Settled at Tooele 1854; moved to Ogden 1855 where he
worked on Ogden tabernacle, on canyon road and on bench
canal. Assisted in bringing Immigrants to Utah 1863; moved
to Huntsvllle 1865. Worked on U. P., Utah Central and Utah
Northern railroads. Moved back to Ogdpn 1881. Road
supervisor at Huntsvllle two years. Clerk 76th quorum
seventies; high priest for 10 years at Ogden, Utah.


GIBBONS, JOHN A. R. (son of William Gibbons and Dorothy
Head of Berkshire, Eng.). He was born Feb. 10, 1794, Hill-
green, Berkshire. Came to Utah October, 1854.

Married Fanny Roby Aug. 18, 1818, Mapel Durham, Eng.
(daughter of Aaron Roby and Mary Lowe of Berkshire,
pioneers Oct. 1854). She was born Dec. 26, 1800. Their chil-
dren: John b. May 2, 1823, m. Mary Schwving; James b. Jan.
27, 1825, m. Ann Shettelworth; William Belcher, b. Aug. 24,
1828, m. Mary Wilkes; Francis Lorenzo b. Nov. 5, 1831, m.
Elizabeth Pearde; Thomas b. March 24, 1834, m. Ann Caro-
line Evans; Frederick b. Sept. 9. 1835, d. child; Henry b.
Feb. 4, 1838, d. child; Dorothy Mary Caroline b. April 9,
1840, d. Infant; John Aaron; Mary, d. infant. Family re-
sided Berkshire, Eng., and South Wales.

High priest. Died March 1872.

GIBBONS, THOMAS (son of John A. R. Gibbons and Fanny
Roby). Born March 24, 1834, Hillgreen, Berkshire, Eng.
Came to Utah Oct. 1854, Thomas E. Ricks company.

Married Ann Caroline Evans May 6, 1860, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Evans and Margaret Powell of Mer-

GIBBONS, THOMAS (son of George Gibbons of Carson, Eng.,
and Lucy Reed of Collorne, Somersetshire, Eng.). Born
Dec. 25, 1820, at Collorne. Came to Utah Sept. 11, 1857,
Israel Evans handcart company.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Lack (daughter of Frederick
Lack and Mary Ann Blithe, married in 1839 at Norwich,
Norfolk, Eng.; latter came to Utah with Milo Andrus com-
pany). She was born Jan. 16, 1845. Came to Utah Oct. 23,
1855, Mllo Andrus company. Their children: Thomas b.
Dec. 11, 1860, m. Elizabeth Agnes Stenbridge Dec. 28, 1882;
Allbrey b. Dec. 20, 1861, m. Fannie Moore Sept. 19, 1887;
Precinda Celestia b. July 23, 1863, m. William Cossey Dec.
28, 1881; Edward George b. Oct. 11, 1864, m. Annie Roundy
April 14. 1886; Zina Diantha b. March 14, 1866, m. Hyrum
Homer Sept. 22, 1892; Sarah Elizabeth b. Sept. 19, 1867, m.
William D. Brown April 24, 1895; Joseph Alfred b. March 30.
1869, m. Ellen Beard; William Oliver b. Nov. 6, 1870, m. Mary
Eliza Beecroft Nov. 27, 1895; Charles Frederick b. April 28,
1872; Emma b. April 19, 1874; Worthy b. Feb. 25, 1876, m.
Elizabeth Ann Siddoway; Alma b. April 7, 1878, m. Cora M.
Judd; Mary Eliza b. Aug. 21, 1880, m. Ezra Workman June
19, 1902; Luctia Adaline b. March 7, 1883, m. Claud Williams
Dec. 16, 1904; Ward E. b. July 7, 1885; Orson b. July 24, 1887;
Willard John b. Aug. 10, 1889, m. Mary Ellen Salsbury Feb.
16, 1810.

Settled at Salt Lake City 1857. Took active part in Echo
Canyon war; one of guards left to care for the city at the
time of the move south. Indian war veteran. Member 4th
quorum seventies. Moved to Rockport 1862. Zealous In
church work; high priest. Member city council. Sunday
school superintendent 11 years. County commissioner 1869-
70. Farmer. Died while visiting at Skaneateles, N. Y., June
12, 1893.

GIBBONS, THOMAS (son of Thomas Gibbons and Sarah
Elizabeth Lack). Born Dec. 11, 1860, Sugar House, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Agnes Stenbridge Dec. 28, 1882, Salt
Lake City (daughter of William Stenbridge and Caroline
Barter). Their children: Sadie b. Oct. 16, 1883, m. Frank
Ford Dec. 1, 1909; Velate b. April 14, 1885, m. Lawrence
Thompson Nov. 2, 1903; Belle b. Jan. 20, 1889, m. Joseph
Wilson; Vera b. March 8, 1896.


GIBBS, JOHN DUGGAN (son of Francis Glbbs and Martha
Duggan, both of Haverford, West Pembrokeshire, South
Wales). Born Dec. 18, 1815, Haverford, West Pembroke-
shire. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, Thomas E. Ricks company.

Married Julia Ann Tompkins 1841, Bristol, Eng. (daugh-
ter of George Tompkins and Ann Stephens, both of Bristol,
Eng.). She was born Feb. 20, 1820. Their children: George
Francis, d. Sept. 2, 1842; Martha Ann, d. Aug. 14, 1844;
Thomas Henry, d. Aug. 30, 1845; John Duggan, d. Oct. 14,
1846; Charles Tompkins, m. Sarah R. Thornton; William
Henry, m. Letitia John; Samuel Willard, m. Saphrone Mc-
Cray; Louisa Elizabeth, d. May 18, 1856; Joseph Edward, m.
Elizabeth K. Parkinson; James Hyrum, m. Sarah M. Green;
Matilda Jane, m. Joseph Salisbury. Family home Portage.

Married Mary Phillips (Rees) 1869. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Richard Phillips and Elizabeth Pugh of Merthyr,
Tydfll, Wales). She was born August 1815.

High councilor; started first Sunday school library In
Box Elder county 1870; patriarch in Mormon church. Jus-
tice of peace; school trustee. Superintendent of first Sunday
school in Willard county. Shoemaker; tanner. Died Feb.
28, 1892, Portage, Utah.

GIBBS WILLIAM H. (son of John Duggan Glbbs and Julia
Ann Tompkins). Born Feb. 7, 1851, Haverford. West Pem-
brokeshire, South Wales. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, Thomas

Feb. 5, 1872, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas John and Margaret Thomas of Merthyr,
Tydfll Wales, pioneers Oct. 17. 1862, H. W. Miller company).
She was born April 6, 1853. Their children: Thomas John b.
Jan 23. 1873, died April 16, 1873; William Henry b. Jan. 9.
1875 m Elizabeth S. Zundel; Samuel Willard b. Dec. 26. 1876,
d Jan. 9, 1876; Joseph Edward b. March 1, 1877. m. Mary L.



Harkins; Julia Ann b. Dec. 22, 1878, m. Nathan D. Geaisley;
Francis Dugan b. March 22, 1881, died April 2, 1881; Frances
Letitia b. March 22, 1881, m. Isaac W. Allen; Charles War-
ren b. Jan. 26, 1884, d. Oct. 2, 1900; Amelia Naomia b. Dec.
6, 1887; Margaret Rosalie b. Feb. 6, 1889, m. Thomas L.
Howell; Martha Louisa b. Sept. 17, 1890; James Hyrum b.
Sept. 6, 1892; Matilda Priscilla b. Nov. 17, 1894; Lewis Hoot-
dhew b. Sept. 9, 1895 (adopted). Family home Portage,

High priest in Mormon church; missionary to southern
states 1884-87; first counselor in presidency of Malad stake.
Settled at Willard; moved to Portage. Second counselor to
Bishop Oliver C. Hoskins of Portage ward; second coun-
selor to President Oliver C. Hosktns of Malad stake; first
counselor to President Milton H. Welling of Malad stake;
first counselor to President William H. Richards of Malad
stake. Member constitutional convention 1906; member first
legislature; justice of peace, and school trustee; member
Intermountain Good Road Convention at Pocatello 1911.
Farmer and stockraiser.

GIBSON, GEORGE W. (son of Robert Gibson and Polly
Evans of Monroe county. Miss.). Born June 17, 1800, Union
county, S. C. Came to Utah, September 1847, John Brown

Married Mary Sparks March 15, 1822, South Carolina
(daughter of Josiah Sparks and Lydia Tollison of South Car-
olina, who was born June 10, 1802. Their children: Robert
M., m. Lucinda Henskaw; Mary D., m. William New; Lydia
E., m. Gilbert Hunt; William, m. Centha Lockhart; Moses, m.
Electa Badger; m. Lydia Badger; m. Lizzie Bube; Frances
A., m. Alvin Green; Laura A., m. James Andrews; Neoma L.,
m. James Andrews; Joseph, m. Ruth Therebold. Family
home South Cottonwood, Utah.

Seventy; bishop of South Cottonwood; high priest.
Farmer and stockraiser. Died summer 1871, Duncan, Kane
Co.. Utah.

GIBSON, JACOB. Born Jan. 1, , Philadelphia, Pa. Came
to Utah, 1867.

Married Margaret Robinson (Lilya) January, 1868, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of James Robinson and Ellen McWaters
of Scotland latter came to Utah 1868). She was born
March 23, 1852. Their children: Stewart, died; John. m. Rose
Warwood; Ellen, m. Andy Andersen; Margaret, m. Alford
Aston; Andrew, m. Grace Newman; Roselen, m. Olf Lar-
son. Family home Salt Lake City.

Seventy; missionary to Scotland; counselor to Bishops
Smoot and Edward Wooley of Sugar House ward. Farmer;
carpenter. Died May 1, 1882, at Salt Lake City.

GIBSON, JAMES B. (son of Robert Gibson and Eliza Camp-
bell Brown; brother of William Gibson, pioneer). Came to
Utah 1860, Capt. Warren Walling company.

Helped build the fort at Kamas for protection against In-
dians. Conducted a harness store at Beaver, Utah, and gen-
eral trading stores at Ashley and on the Uintah agency, the
latter by permission of the government. Died unmarried.

GIBSON, JOHN S. Came to Utah 1856, the wagon train.

Married Jeanette S. Barnard at Salt Lake City (daughter
of James S. Barnard and Jeanette Snedden, married at'Mt.
Airdrie, Lanark, Scotland). She was born April 22, 1840.
Their children: William B. (died aged 51 years), m. Augus-
tin Nebit and Johan Barnard; James B., m. Sarah Jane
Grant; Jeanette Barnard, m. James Elijah Malin; Eliza Jane
m. David B. Smith; John S. (died), m. Annie Cunnington;
Alexander, m. Elizabeth Brown; Thomas Nathaniel, m. Annie

GIBSON, JAMES B. (son of John S. Gibson and Jeanette
S. Barnard). Born April 30, 1861, Salt Lake City.

Married Sarah Jane Grant Feb. 16, 1885, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of David Grant and Elizabeth Williams of Mill
Creek, Utah). She was born Feb. 17, 1862. Their children:
James Grant b. Nov. 11, 1885, m. Sarah Ann Davis; Sarah
Evelyn b. March 18, 1888, m. Edward Neilsen; Jeanette b.
Jan. 30, 1891; Elizabeth E. b. March 11. 1894, m. William
H. Dunn; Rena b. Feb. 3, 1897; George B. b. Feb. 24, 1902.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

GIBSON, WILLIAM (son of Robert Gibson and Eliza Camp-
bell Brown, of Ireland, latter a pioneer 1860). He was born
April 25, 1845, Killmarnock, Scotland. Came to Utah Aug.
9 1860, Captain Warren Walling company.

Married Mary Adelia Lambert May 6, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Lambert and Adelia Groesbeck, the for-
mer born in Lancashire, Eng.. the latter in Trumbull Co.,
Ohio pioneers 1860). She was born Sept. 11, 1851 Salt
Lake City. Their children: James Lambert, m. Sarah Jane
Pope: Mary Eliza, m. Nelson G. Sowards; Sarah Adelia, m.
David C. Eccles. Family resided Salt Lake City, Kamas,
Ashley and Vernal, Utah.

Settled in Salt Lake 1860; hauled rock for the Salt Lake
temple of the L. D. S. church. Moved to Kamas 1864 and
to Vernal 1877, but during years 1860 to 1868 made seven
trips across plains with many of the famous characters of
that time, bringing back immigrants and supplies to Utah.
Captain in Utah militia 1865-70, served in Black Hawk war,

and in many campaigns and skirmishes with Indians when
necessary. One of the builders of the forts at Peoa and
Kamas; constable and school trustee at latter place and
at Ashley, six years each; first sheriff of Uintah county,
being a constable when county was organized, was made
acting sheriff. Member first and second sessions of Utah
legislature from 12th district. Stockman and rancher.

GIBSON, \\il.i.l \M B. Born Sept. 26, 1838. Came to Utah
Fall 1856. wagon train.

Married Johan S. Barnard July 12, 1863, Endowment House,
Salt Lake City (daughter of James Barnard and Jeanette
Snedden, pioneers October, 1853, David Wilkins company).
She was born Nov. 12, 1845, Clackmannan, Scotland. Their
children: William H. b. June 16, 1863, d. infant; Mary Ann
b. Dec. 23, 1864, m. Loyene Ensign; Jeanette b. March 28,
1867, m. James Wright; James b. Dec. 15, 1869, m. Emma
Huber; Alexander b. Nov. 30, 1871, m. Eliza Huber; John
b. Dec. 1873, d. when nearly 16; Jane b. Dec. 13, 1875, m.
Thomas Jones; William b. April 17, 1878; Arthur b. May 11,
1880, m. Annie Buck; Blanche b. Jan. 22, 1883, m. James
Galligher; Ivle Bell b. Aug. 8, 1885, d. Infant. Family home
20th ward, Salt Lake City.

GIPFORD, HENRY I)IM, (son of Alpheus Gifford, born Aug.
28, 1793, Barnstable, Mass., and Anna Nash, born Feb. 17,
1800, Butternuts, N. Y.). Born April 28, 1825, Recating.
Wayne county. Pa. Came to Utah 1853, Captain Snow com-

Married Almira Ann Braffett, 1849 (daughter of George
W. Braffett). Their children: Annie Amanda, m. Samuel
Mackey; Henry Alpheus, m. Mary Ellen Hale; Almira Jane,
m. Joseph Powell; George Washington, m. Louisa Hale;
Alma, m. Alice Shelton; Levi, m. Sarah James. Family
home Manti, Utah.

Seventy. Died May 6, 1901, Woodville, Idaho.

ford and Almira Ann Braffett). Born Jan. 10, 1867, Manti.

Married Louisa Hale Jan. 9, 1879, Hooper, Utah (daugh-
ter of James Hale and Lucy Clements), who was born Dec.
9, 1857. Their children: Lucy Ann b. Dec. 21, 1879; George
Alvin b. Nov. 24, 1881, m. Florence Ellen Chafflr.; Henry
Elmer b. Jan. 6, 1884, m. Lilly M. Chaffln; Effle Louisa b.
July 23, 1885; Helena b. Aug. 7, 1887, m. Arthur O. Moore:
James Alma b. Sept. 10, 1889, m. Sarah Annie Mason; Lester
b. Aug. 28, 1891, m. Elzada Hope; Martha Elnora b. Nov. 5,
1893, m. Wesley Huntsman; Moses b. Sept. 27, 1895; Milo b.
Oct. 20, 1899. Family home Woodville, Idaho.

Settled at Woodville, Idaho, where he served as school
trustee 1892-10; justice of peace 1898-04, and chairman of
town board 1906-12. Farmer.

GIPFORD, LEVI. Came to Utah In 1850.

Married Deborah Wing. Their children: Ichabod; Dan-
iel; William; Moroni; Priscilla; Levl. Family resided
Farmington and Richmond, Utah.

GIFFORD, LEVI, JR. (son of Levl Gifford and Deborah
Wing). Born March 14, 1837, Kirtland, Ohio. Came to
Utah In 1859.

Married Caroline Jaques 1859 at Farmington (daughter
of John Jaques). She was born Dec. 25, 1839. Their chil-
dren: Melissa A. b. Jan. 5, 1860, m. Leander Clifford; War-
ren b. Feb. 18, 1861, m. Sophia Thompson; Theresa Ann b.
April 21, 1863; Emma Caroline b. May 24, 1865; Homer b.
July 9, 1868, m. Sarah Hoopes; Arthur b. Oct. 1, 1870, m. Jen-
nie Bainbridge; William L. b. Oct. 18, 1876, m. Maggie Ann
Hoopes. Family resided Farmington, Manti, Richmond and
Bear Lake, Utah.

GIFFORD, ARTHUR (son of Levl Gifford and Caroline
Jaques). Born Oct. 1, 1870, Weston, Idaho.

Married Jennie Bainbridge May 30, 1898, St. Anthony,
Idaho (daughter of James Wesley Bainbridge and Sarah J.
Lewis). She was born Sept. 23, 1877. Their children: Ar-
thur Lamont b. April 4, 1899; Levi Wesley b. July 17, 1900;
Rodney Joseph b. Jan. 15, 1905.

GIPFORD, SAMUEL, KENDALL, (son of Alpheus Gifford,
born Aug. 28, 1793, Barnstable, Mass., and Anna Nash, born
Feb. 17, 1800, Butternuts, N. Y.). Born Nov. 11, 1821, Milo,
Yates county, N. Y. Came to Utah Sept. 11, 1850, Thomas
Johnson company.

Married Lara Ann Demlll Oct. 1, 1848 (daughter of Free-
born Demlll and Anna Knight), who was born June 2, 1828,
and came to Utah with husband 1850. Their children:
Alpheus b. July 26, 1849, m. Sarah E. Hansen Sept. 11, 1873;
Cornelia b. May 3, 1851, m. William R. Crawford; Cyrus b.
March 18, 1853, died; Oliver Demill b. Dec. 10, 1854, m. Alice
V. Allred Sept. 11, 1873; Samuel Kendall b. April 4, 1857;
Freeborn Demill b. Jan. 4, 1860, m. Amelia J. Hepworth
June 28, 1892; Lara Ann b. March 27, 1862, m. Christian
Larson May 16. 1877; Adelia Mariah b. July 17, 1867, m.
John T. Hall Feb. 15, 1888; Moses Ellas b. June 18, 1869, m.
Arannah Millet Feb. 13, 1889. Family home Springdale,

Married Ursula Curtis Jan. 2. 1871. Salt Lake City. Fam-
ily resided Sanpete and Springdale, Utah.



Settled in Sanpete county 1850; moved to Spring-dale 1874.
Sunday school superintendent at Springdale; president 9th
quorum seventies; patriarch in Mormon church. School
trustee and justice of peace at Springdale. Died there
June 26. 1907.

GIPFORD, OLIVER DEMILL (son of Samuel Kendall Gtf-
ford and Lara Ann Demill). Born Dec. 10, 1854, Manti,

Married Alice V. Allred Sept. 11, 1873, Shonesburg. Utah
(daughter of John Jones Allred and Mary Y. Bridgeman),
who was born April 27, 1854. Their children: Olivia; Wil-
liam Henry b. Oct. 8, 1875, m. Eleanor Hepworth Dec. 10,
1894; Sarah Jane b. Oct. 27, 1876: John Jones b. Oct. 16,
1877, m. Fanny Crawford; Mary Emily b. May 6, 1879, m.
Harold Russell Dec. 17, 1902; Lara Ann b. March 13, 1881,
m. Samuel K. Larson Dec. 3, 1901; Emerett b. Nov. 30, 1882,
m. Charles D. Johnson; Rosett b. Feb. 15, 1884, m. David W.
Lemmon Nov. 8, 1906; Adelia b. Oct. 24, 1885, m. Daniel Q.
Dennett May 5, 1902; Silva b. Feb. 9, 1888, m. Alexander
Dalley. Family home Springdale, Utah.

Moved to southern Utah with parents 1863, where he
helped to build up that country. High priest; second
counselor to Bishop William R. Crawford, Springdale ward,
1887, and became bishop of that ward 1894.

GILES, JOSEPH SINKER. Born April 5, 1830. Came to
Utah In 185S with Johnson's army.

Married Sarah Huntsman (daughter of James Huntsman
and Mary Huntsman, of Filmore, Utah). Their children:

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