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Married Susan Larkln at Cambridgeshire, Eng. (daughter
of Thomas Larkln and Ann Raynor of Chesterton, Cam-
bridgeshire, Eng., pioneers Sept. 3, 1852, A. O. Smoot com-
pany), who was born Aug. 1, 1821. Their children: Mary
Ann, d. child; Sarah, m. Bishop C. Earl; Martha, m. John
William Wing; Joseph W. m. Malissa Losee; James Thomas,
m. Mary Losee; John, d. child; William, m. Elizabeth Annie
Munns; George Hyrum, m. Louisa Munns. Family home
Lehi, Utah.

Married Rebecca Pilgrim 1868, Lehl, Utah (daughter of
Samuel Pilgrim and Elizabeth Cootes of Cambridgeshire,
Eng.). She was born Jan. 1, 1826, Cambridge, Eng. Came
to Utah, 1856, Capt. Willie handcart company; d. April 18,
1909. Family resided at Lehl.

President elders quorum of Utah county; first counselor to
Bishop David Evans of Lehi ward; president high priests
quorum Utah stake. Gardener and farmer. Died Oct. 23,
1896, Lehi, Utah.

GOATES, WILLIAM (son of William Goates and Susan
Larkln). Born Jan. 1, 1861, Lehi, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Annie Munns May 1, 1884, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Munns and Elizabeth Collis of
Orwell, Cambridgeshire, Eng.), who came to Utah Nov. 7,
1877). She was born July 7, 1865. Their children: Agnes
Viola b. March 22, 1886. m. Horace Denton Wofflnden; Adela
b. April 17, 1887, m. Robert S. Fox; Leo Walman b. Aug. 20,
1889; William Rayner b. Nov. 1, 1891; Elsie b. June 3, 1894,
d. infant; Essie Lerene b. Sept. 6, 1896. Family home Lehi,

Elder. Member Lehl Silver band 1887-96. Carpenter and
farmer. Died April 16, 1896, Lehl, Utah.

GOATES, LEO WALMAN (son of William Goates and
Elizabeth Annie Munns). Born Aug. 20, 1889, Lehi, Utah.

Elder; missionary to Germany 1908-10; president Austrian
conference in 1910; member Sunday school superlntendency
of Lehi, 1910. Member Lehl Silver band. Sugar boiler at
Lehl and Austin, Utah.

GOOBTC, WILLIAM SAMUEL (son of John Godbe and Sarah
LaRevere of London, Eng.). Born June 26, 1833, London,
Eng. Came to Utah 1851, independent company.

Married Mary Hampton (daughter of Benjamin Hampton
and Patience Skull of Philadelphia, Pa., pioneers 1856). She
was born Aug. 12, 1838, at Philadelphia, Pa. Their children:
Millicent, m. Charles Peter Brooks; Anthony Hampton, m.
Ruby Clawson; Miriam, m. Charles Peter Brooks; Ernest
Lacy, m. Sally Wertheimer; Murray Charles, m. Alta Young;
Elva Bertoch, m. Patrick Sheahan. Family home Salt Lake
City, Utah.

GODBE, ANTHONY HAMPTON (son of William Samuel
Godbe and Mary Hampton). Born Nov. 22, 1862, Salt Lake

Married Ruby Clawson Sept. 16, 1898, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hyrum B. Clawson and Ellen Curtis Spencer of
Salt Lake City). She was born March 15, 1876. Their chil-
dren: Virginia b. Dec. 13, 1899; Margaret b. June 18, 1901;
Hampton b. May 21, 1906.

One of organizers and developers of Ohio-Kentucky Mine
and the Prince Consolidated M. & S. Co. Assayer; chemist;
superintendent of mines; mine mill builder. Family home
Salt Lake City.

GODBE, ERNEST LACY (son of William Samuel Godbe and
Mary Hampton). Born Sept. 13, 1867, Salt Lake City.

Married Sallie Wertheimer Jan. 21, 1888, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Leopold and Henrietta Wertheimer of San
Francisco; latter came to California 1849). She was born
Oct. 23, 1866. Their children: Viola, m. E. E. Work; Millie;
Bertha; Marian; Benjamin, died; liillie; Lillian; Jack;

One of the promoters of the Prince Consolidated Mining
Co. and the Ohio-Kentucky Mining Co. Mining man; metal-
lurgist. Family resides Salt Lake City.



GODBE. MURRAY CHARLES (son of William Samuel Godbe
and Mary Hampton). Born Sept. 20, 1870, Salt Lake City,

Married Alta Young March 17, 1892 (daughter of Heber
Young and Vllate Clayton of Salt Lake City). She was born
Sept. 7, 1871. Their children: Ruth b. Jan. 14, 1893; Mary b.
Sept. 28, 1895; Helen b. July 12. 1898; Murray b. June 23.
1901. Family home Salt Lake City.

Electrical engineer; mine operator.

GODDARD, GEORGE (son of Cornelius Goddard b. Dec. 28,
1783, at Leicester, Eng., and Mary Grace b. Jan. 27, 1780, at
Leicester). Born Dec. 6, 1815, at Leicester. Came to Utah
Sept. IB, 1852, Captain Tidwell company.

Married Elizabeth Harrison Sept. 10, 1839 (daughter of
John Harrison and Elizabeth Pipes. Came to Utah with son-
in-law), who was born March 17, 1817. Their children:
George b. Sept. 28, 1840; Eliza b. Oct. 20, 1841; Joseph
b. April 6, 1843; Mary b. Nov. 22, 1844; Annie b. April 2, 1846;
Betsey b. March 14, 1847; Henry b. Jan. 10, 1849; Cornelius b.
June 7, 1850; Edward b. Nov. 1851; John b. July 23, 1853;
Almah b. April 22. 1855; Hyrum H. b. Jan. 3, 1857; Brigham
H. b. Sept. 28. 1859.

Missionary to Canada; superintendent 13th ward S. S. 1867-
1876; stake superintendent of Salt Lake stake Sunday school
1877-1882; assistant general superintendent of Sunday
schools 1872-1898; clerk to presiding bishop 1856-1883; of
general conference 1874-1884 and of school of prophets;
ward teacher; member of Tabernacle choir, and Old Folks

GODDARD, HYRUM HARRISON (son of George Goddard
and Elizabeth Harrison). Born Jan. 3, 1857, Salt Lake City.

Married Martha Williams April 11, 1898, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of David Williams and Sarah Lockwood), who
was born in March, 1857, in Wales. Their children: Geo W.
b. Sept. 22, 1879, m. Bertha Lessinger; Hyrum W. b. Feb. IB,
1882, d. Jan. 10, 1891; Frederick W. b. Oct. 14, 1884, d. Jan.
6, 1891; Albert W. b. Sept. 28, 1896, m. Melvina Omet Oct. 24,
1910; Clara W. b. Oct. 26, 1889, m. Alonzo A. Browning, Oct.
26. 1910; Irma W. b. Nov. 10, 1893; David W. b. April 11, 1896.
Family resided Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah.

Married Elizabeth M. Stanford March 11, 1886, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Jos Stanford and Elizabeth Young), who
was born Oct. 31, 1863, at Logan. Their children: Ivy S. b.
Jan. 29, 1888, m. Samuel F. Whittaker Sept. 25, 1907; Eliza-
beth S. b. July 1, 1893; Raymond S. b. May 26, 1895; Laura S.
b. Feb. 24. 1897: Myrtle S. b. May 14, 1899; Joseph S. b. Feb.
14, 1901; Hyrum S. b. Jan. 27, 1903; Ruth S. b. Dec. 18, 190B.

Secretary first Y. M. M. I. A.; member seventies. Sewing
machine business 1880-1889; railroad contractor.

GODDARD, GEORGE W. (son of Hyrum H. Goddard and
Martha Williams). Born Sept. 22, 1879. Married Bertha
Lessinger' (daughter of Mark Lessinger). Only child: George

GODDARD, BRIGHAM HARRISON (son of George Goddard
and Elizabeth Harrison).

Married Helena Lucretia Kelly Sept. 28, 1880, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of John B. Kelly and Helena Quirk, both of
Salt Lake City, pioneers 1853). She was born May 7, 1861.
Their children: Brigham Kelly b. July 4, 1881, d. April 15,
1891; Leo Kelly b. March 29, 1883, d. April 6. 1891; Edna
Kelly b. Sept. 28, 1885; Francis Kelly b. June 12, 1888; Azalia
Kelly b. May 2, 1890; Ella Kelly b. Aug. 24, 1893; Helen b.
Jan. 24, 1896; John b. Oct. 30, 1897, d. Nov. 13, 1897; George b.
Oct. 30, 1897; Lucretia b. April 5. 1901. Family home, Ogden
and Salt Lake City.

Member Weber stake Sunday school board; superintendent
3d ward Sunday school, Ogden; high priest; 2d counselor to
Bishop D. H. Ensign of Ogden 1st ward 1907-09; superin-
tendent Weber stake Sunday schools. Deputy assessor of
Cache county 1879; member board of education which started
the first free school system at Ogden 1888. In 1882 formed
copartnership with Heber J. Grant in the insurance business;
one of the original incorporators of Heber J. Grant & Co.

GODDARD, HENRY (son of Enoch Goddard and Charlotte
Mayfleld of Nottingham, Eng.). Born Feb. 16, 1821, Notting-
ham. Came to Utah October, 1855, Captain Harper company.

Married Hannah Astill Dec. 11, 1847, Nottingham, Eng.
(daughter of Joseph Astill and Harriet Wild of Nottingham).
She was born June 20, 1823. Their children: Joseph b.
Jan. 28, 1853. died; Hannah Charlotte b. Dec. 11, 1856, m.
Thomas Leonard; Henry J. W. b. Nov. 20, 1858, m. Betsy
A. Kay; Enoch Samuel b. June 27, 1861, m. Annie Cox.
Family home Provo, Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Died April 9, 1901, Provo.

GODDARD, HENRY J. W. (son of Henry Goddard and Han-
nah Astill). Born Nov. 20, 1858, Provo, Utah.

Married Betsy Ann Kay Dec. 17, 1886, Payson, Utah
(daughter of John Kay and Esther Howorth of Darwin,
Lancashire, Eng.. came to Utah July 16. 1890). She was
born Feb. 14. 1863. Their children: Ernest Henry b. Sept.
18. 1887; Ester Janette b. July 15. 1889; John William b.
Nov. 12, 1891: Elvin Kay b. March 9, 1898; Hugh Kay b.
March 12, 1901; Estella Jane b. Oct. 14, 1904. Family home
Provo, Utah.

High priest. Commissioner Provo City. Farmer.

GODFREY, JOSEPH (son of William Godfrey and Margaret
Bauer). Born March 1, 1800, Bristol, Somersetshire, Eng.
Came to Utah October, 1852, David Wood company.

Married Eliza Rheeves 1840, New Jersey. There were five
children. Two, a son and a daughter, died at Winter quar-
ters, and were the first to be laid away in the graveyard at
that place. She died Jan. 7, 1857.

Married Mary Rheeves Coleman, who was the widow of
George Coleman, who died while in California with the Mor-
mon battalion, and mother of Moroni Coleman.

Married Sarah Ann Price.

Followed the sea for 19 years, and served English army in
Canada. Worked for Joseph Smith, at Nauvoo. Settled at
North Ogden, Utah, 1852. Member 38th quorum seventies;
counselor to Bishop Thomas Dunn. Died Dec. 16, 1880.

GODFREY, RICHARD (son of Thomas Godfrey, born Jan.
30, 1798, and Elizabeth Ainge, born March 18, 1798, both of
Worcestershire, Hanbury, Eng.). He was born March 11,
1835, Worcestershire, Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 9, 1856,
James G. Willie company.

Married Jane Jelley 1868 (daughter of William Jelley and
Comfort Allibone, married at Irchester, Eng.; the former died
May 16, 1854, in Kansas, the latter came to Utah Sept. 30,
1854, Darwin Richardson company). She was born Oct. 8,
1841. Their children: William R. b. Sept. 21, 1864, m. Sophia
Peterson 1883; Thomas H. b. May 23, 1866, m. Roselinda
Loosle; John Edward b. June 21, 1868, m. Rosa Grover;
Joseph A. b. April B, 1873, m. Julia M. Myler Nov. 2, 1891;
George A. b. Jan. 14, 1882, d. Feb. 22, 1882; Franklin M. b.
March 16, 1883, d. March 11, 1884; Comfort E. b. Jan. 13.
1861, m. William S. Flinders; Maria J. b. Sept. 17, 1862, m.
M. W. Nish; Mary E. b. March 30, 1871, d. March 16. 1876;
Sarah E. b. Aug. 24, 1876; Agnes M. b. Dec. 22, 1878. m.
Joseph M. Larson June 28, 1899. Family resided Salt Lake
City, Riverdale and Clarkston, Utah.

Married Mary Ann George February, 1865, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Spencer George and Ann Allibone), who
was born Sept. 17, 1837, Irchester, Eng. Their children:
Spencer G. b. June 13, 1868, m. Christena Hansen 1901; Annie
E. b. March 30, 1869, d. Oct. 23, 1873.

Worked on construction of Salt Lake temple and taber-
nacle. Served in Lett Smith company during Echo Canyon
campaign. Pioneer of Clarkston, Cache county, and clerk of
Clarkston ward.

GODFREY, WILLIAM R. (son of Richard Godfrey and Jane
Jelley). Born Sept. 21, 1864, Salt Lake City.

Married Sophia Peterson January, 1883, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hans and Margaret Peterson, who died in
Denmark). She was born Jan. 2, 1865. Their only child:
Martha L. b. Oct. 26, 1883, d. Feb. 24, 1884. Family home
Clarkston, Utah.

Married Sarah Amelia Avery (daughter of John Avery and
Josephine Roberts, who were married May 26, 1866, Kanosh,
Utah, the former pioneer 1849, Capt. Allred company). She
was born April 13, 1871. Kanosh. Their children: Eva
Amelia b. Jan. 1, 1890, d. Jan. 1, 1890; Elva Adelia b. Feb. 11,
1891, m. Harford Baxter March 4, 1907; Clara Josephine b.
March 27, 1893. m. Bert Potter Aug. 17, 1910; Clarence
William b. June 10, 1895; John Virl b. July 3, 1897; Cora Jane
b. Nov. 13, 1899; Enid Dorthella b. April 10, 1902; Elma
Ethlyn b. Oct. 29. 1906. Family home Dempsey, Idaho.

Married Drusilla Bell March 8. 1910. Dempsey, Idaho
(daughter of William Bell and Esther Jane Booth, who were
married Dec. 17, 1857, at Salt Lake City, the former pioneer
1850, Capt. Sharp company, the latter 1851, Capt. Davis com-
pany). She was born Nov. 7, 1873, Franklin, Idaho.

GOFP, ISAAC (son of Abraham Goff, born 1768. and Alice
Lester, both of Longwhatton, Leicestershire, Eng.). Born
July 1, 1812, in Longwhatton. Came to Utah 1863, Rosel
Hyde company.

Married Mary Naylor 1833 (daughter of Samuel Naylor
and Ann Smith both died in England). She was born Dec.
9, 1815, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
William b. Oct. 16, 1833, m. Emma North; Thomas b. Aug.
12. 1836, m. Harriet Smith; Tamer b. July 25, 1838; Emma b.
Sept. 6, 1840, m. Levl Naylor Oct. 6, 1862; Sarah b. April 17,
1842, m. John C. Stevenson October, 1862; Isaac Jr. b. May 21,
1844, m. Ann Sisam March 9. 1867; Henry; Alice; Hyrum b.
July 29, 1849, m. Maria T. Arnold Jan. 2, 1871; Jedediah b.
July B. 1857, m. Semira M. Grange March 2, 1880.

GOFF, ISAAC, JR., (son of Isaac Goff and Mary Naylor).
Born May 21, 1844, Longwhatton, Leicestershire, Eng. Came
to Utah 1862, William S. Godbey company.

Married Ann Sisam March 9, 1867. at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Sisam and Catherine Payne, pioneers
August, 1868, James Halght company). She was born Oct.
11, 1847. Worcestershire, Eng. Their children: Rebecca b.
Dec. 4, 1867, m. Alberto Bateman 1888; I. Frank b. Dec. 30,
1869, m. Almina Bateman Feb. 22, 1893; Joseph H. W. b. Nov.
25. 1872, m. Naomi Lawrence April 9, 1897; Mary Ann b. Feb.
6, 1878, d. March 13, 1891. Family home East Jordan. Utah.

Assisted in bringing Immigrants to Utah 1866. Died July
24, 1908.

GOFF, I. FRANK (son of Isaac Goff. Jr., and Ann Sisam).
Born Dec. 30, 1869, at West Jordan, Utah.

Married Almina Bateman Feb. 22. 1893, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William L. Bateman and Sophronia Watkins,
who were married Dec. 26, 1870, Salt Lake City; former



came to Utah I860, Farrymore and Little freight train, latter
September, 1862, William Craighead company). She was
born April 1, 1873, West Jordan, Utah. Their children:
Frank Deverne b. Sept. 11, 1897; Merle b. Sept. 25, 1899; Glen
Doral b. Feb. 27, 1902; Wesley Darwin b. Sept. 16, 1904; Zelda
b. Aug. 26, 1906; Stanley Delmont b. April 23, 1909; Verlie b.
Feb. 7, 1911. Family home Sandy, Utah.

President first quorum deacons at West Jordan; secretary
of T. M. M. I. A. 1887-90; missionary to Society Islands 1893-
96. Justice of peace of seventh precinct, Salt Lake county,
1910. Farmer and stockraiser.

GOFF, HTRUM (son of Isaac Goff and Mary Naylor). Born
July 29, 1849, Longwhatton, Leicestershire, Eng. Came to
Utah Sept. 24, 1862, Homer Duncan company.

Married Maria T. Arnold Jan. 2, 1871 (daughter of Josiah
Arnold and Clarissa L. Jones married July, 1854, Salt Lake
City, pioneers 1848, Brigrham Young company). She was
born May 1, 1855. Their children: Cora M. b. Nov. 27, 1871;
Hyrum H. b. July 29. 1873; Hyrum L. b. July 23, 1875; Clifford
I. b. July 27, 1877, m. Sablna J. Larson Sept. 2, 1903; George
A. b. Nov. 28, 1879, m. Josephine Morris May 24, 1905;
Ellen A. b. March 2, 1882, m. Nels H. Hallstrom Aug. 12,
1903; Harold b. June 13, 1884, m. Lulu Ormsby Aug. 16, 1911;
Alma A. b. Aug. 4, 1886; Irene L. b. Dec. 25, 1888; Melissa L.
b. Oct. 26, 1890; Clarissa L. b. Feb. 23, 1893; Alicia M. b.
June 12, 1895. Family home West Jordan, Utah.

Married Marinda P. Bateman Oct. 24, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Samuel Bateman and Marinda Allen married
Nov. 27, 1854; former came to Utah 1850, with merchandise
train, latter 1853, Daniel Miller company). She was born
Sept. 29, 1861, West Jordan, Utah. Their children: Clara M.
b. April 12, 1880, m. Walter R. Wilson Aug. 28, 1891; Samuel
H. b. Oct. 12, 1882, m. Irene Maginness June 17, 1903; Edna
Ray b. Jan. 14, 1884, m. Schuyler Call Oct. 12, 1904; Edith May
b. Jan. 14, 1884, m. David Bennion June 19, 1907; Dora A. b.
Dec. 8, 1885. m. Joseph S. Bennion March 26, 1908; Edgar A.
b. Feb. 5, 1888; Mary b. March 13, 1892, m. James Nielsen
March 13, 1913; Wilford J. b. Feb. 8, 1896; Harvey L b. Dec.
18, 1901. Family home West Jordan, Utah.

Member of presidency of 33d quorum seventies 1887-91;
first counselor to bishop of West Jordan ward 1891-96;
bishop of East Jordan ward 1895-1900; first counselor to
Pres. O. P. Miller of Jordan stake 1900-01; president Jordan
stake 1901. First mayor of Midvale, 1909. Merchant.

GOFF, THOMAS (son of Abraham Goff and Alice Lester
of Long Whatton, Leicestershire, Eng.). Came to Utah 1863,
Itosel Hyde company.

Married Harriett . Their children: Heber, m. Ellen

Ellwood; Mary, m. Hyrum Lancaster; Ruth, m. John Lloyd;
Naomi, m. William Hardcastle; Joseph, m. Phoebe Ann Hard-
castle; Tamer, m. Barnard Anderson; Harriett, m. Benjamin
Ainsworth; Jane, m. Walter Dumas; Isaac; two others who
died infants.

GOFF, HEBER (son of Thomas and Harriett Goff). Born
1854. Came to Utah with father.

Married Ellen Ellwood 1874, Endowment House, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Ellwood), who was
born November 22, . Their children: Heber Robert b.
Dec. 12, 1875, m. Mary Josephine Neilsen; Elizabeth Ellen
b. 1877, m. George Downing; Joseph Hyrum, m. Selma
Erlckson; Dora Ann, m. George Hansen; William Henry;
George Ellwood; Edith Ann, m. William Olesen; Alma, d.

Seventy; assistant superintendent Sunday school, Sandy
ward. Sandy, Utah. Located In Sandy, where he engaged In

GOFF. HEBER ROBERT (son of Heber Goff and Ellen Ell-
wood). Born Dec. 12, 1875, Sandy, Utah.

Married Mary Josephine Neilsen Jan. 14, 1903, Salt Lake
temple (daughter of Jens Christian Neilsen and Ann Maria
Christensen of Duchesne (Theodore), Wasatch Co., Utah,
cam* to Utah about 1883). She was born Aug. 30, 1885.
Their children: Heber Lawrence b. June 12, 1904; Arvil
Robert b. June 24, 1908; Laverne Marie b. Jan. 23. 1911.

Elder. Moved to Theodore, Wasatch Co., Utah, from Sandy,
August, 1907, as a pioneer, and located a homestead there.
Has assisted In building about 200 miles of water ditches
and has built wagon roads, bridges, homes and many public
Improvements. Farmer.

COLDER, r.HF.Il. Came to Utah 1867, Captain Babbit com-

Married Viola Shippee. Their children: Richard James, m.
Mary Lee; Zaben Henry, m. Cora Grube; Lorena Arminda, m.
Charles Pickle; Albert Ishmael, m. Rachel Hill; Lois May, m.
George Bertsch.

COLDER, ALBERT ISHMAEL (son of Eber Colder and Viola
Shippee). Born June 15, 1870, in Iowa.

Married Rachel Hill Sept. 26, 1892, at Salem, Idaho (daugh-
ter of William Hill and Mary A. Williamson of England).
She was born Sept. 22, 1872. Their children: Lauretta b.
July 2, 1893, m. Parley Evans; Elva b. Feb. 17, 1897; Albert
b. March 6, 1899; William b. Nov. 6, 1901; Ralph b. Sept. 3,
1903; Dora b. Dec. 14. 1905; Gladys b. March 7, 1910. Family
home Rexburg, Idaho.

GOLIGHTLY, RICHARD. Born In Northumberland, Eng.

Married Elizabeth Jessop (daughter of Edward Jessop and
Frances Milward of Salt Lake City, Eighth ward). Their
child: J. J., m. Millicent Williams. Family home, Salt Lake


GOLIGHTLY, J. J. (son of Richard Golightly and Elizabeth

Married Millicent Williams. Their children: Joseph W.
b. 1879, m. Mabel Chatterton; Florence; Osburn.

GOLIGHTLY, JOSEPH W. (son of J. J. Golightly and Mini-
cent Williams). Born 1879, Preston, Idaho.

Married Mabel Chatterton Feb. 18, 1902, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Wilford Chatterton and Nellie E. Card, of
Preston). She was born 1882. Their children: Joseph E.
b. 1903; Virginia b. 1906; Card b. 1908; LaRue b. 1911.
Family home Preston, Idaho.

Elder; missionary to southern states 1905-06; president
Florida Conference one year; councilor in Sunday school
stake board two years. Manager Studebaker Bros. Co.

GOODAL.E, I. N. Born Feb. 6, 1815, Berkshire, Tioga county,
N. Y. Came to Utah September, 1847.

Married Maria L. Bingham January, 1849, Salt Lake City.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

Was the oldest member of the high council of Weber
stake; bishop's counselor. Settled in Iron county. Mission-
ary to Canada 1841. Superintended construction of road
through Ogden canyon to Bear Lake; also Ogden Bench
canal. City councilman of Ogden 15 years; school trustee
20 years.

GOODHITE, JUSTIN A. Born 1841 in Ohio. Came to .Utah
1885. Resided in Salt Lake City, where he died July 23, 1908.

GOODRICH, BENJAMIN (son of Joseph Oliver Goodrich and
Elizabeth Hastings of Lunenburg Mass.). Born Oct. 3, 1794,
at Lunenburg. Came to Utah Oct. 14, 1850, Wilford Wood-
ruff company.

Married Penelope Randall Gardner April 1, 1823, in Massa-
chusetts (daughter of Abel Gardner, born Feb. 12, 17G3, at
Hingham, and Lousanna Bryant born August, 1767, Plym-
outh, Mass.). She was born Dec. 27, 1793, at Hopkinton,
Mass. Their children: Mary Jane, m. William Flint; Sophia
Lois, m. Leonard Hardy; Harriett Ann, m. Leonard Hardy;
Lenard Burridge, died; Sarah Louisa, m. Joseph Hovey; Lou-
sanna Emeline, m. Joseph Hovey; Estes Smylmda, m. Leon-
ard Hardy; George Albert, m. Eliza Taggart, m. Harriett
Taggart, m. Rhoda Slade. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Farmer. Died Dec. 1, 1859.

GOODRICH, GEORGE ALBERT (son of Benjamin Franklin
Goodrich and Penelope Randall Gardner). Born March 3,
1839, Lunenburg, Mass. Came to Utah 1860.

Married Eliza Ann Taggart in 1863, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of George W. Taggart and Harriet Atkins Bruce of Nau-
voo, 111.), who was born Jan. 28, 1844. Their children:
George Leonard, m. Marion Remington; Eliza C., m. John E.
Carlyle; Mary Augusta, m. William H. Goegan; Louis
Henry, m. Josephine Merrill; Harriett Penelope, m. Adelbert
Collett; Charles and Esther, died; Rhoda. m. Marion Rob-
erts; Abbie Viola, m. Burt Henry; Leslie Bruce, m. Elvina
Hancock; Byron, m. Violet Starkey.

Married Harriet Taggart May 6, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Washington Taggart and Fannie Parks
of Morgan county, Utah,- pioneers October 1852). She was
born Sept. 2, 1848. Their children: Benjamin Franklin, and
Fannie Sophia, died; Albert Gardner, m. Lydia Merrill;
Rachael Maria, m. George A. Slaugh; William Burrage, Julia
Louisa, Hyrum Parks, and Wallace, all died; Parley Herbert,
m. Viva Hunting; Vilate, m. Julius Jensen; Leona, m. Elmer
Man waring; Lucy.

Married Rhoda Slade at Salt Lake City. Their children:
Marion, died; Leroy, m. Sarah Bingham; Amelia Eliza, m.
John Cook; Gardner L.; Alfred; John; Arthur; Edith; Ruth.
Families resided Vernal, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to Tennessee 1894-96. Sheriff of Mor-
gan county. Farmer and miller. Died Feb. 19, 1911.

GOODRICH, GEORGE LEONARD (son of George Albert
Goodrich and Eliza Ann Taggart). Born Oct. 30, 1863, Salt
Lake City.

Married Marlon Vilate Remington Oct. 28, 1886. Logan,
Utah (daughter of Jerome N. Remington and Lydia Ripley
Badger of Salt Lake City and Paradise, Utah). She was born
April 8, 1863. Their children: Laura Violet b. Aug. 28. 1887;
George Remington b. Aug. 1, 1889; Charlie Remington b. Dec.
31, 1891; Jerome b. June 5, 1893; Birchell b. Oct. 21, 1894;
Helen b. Feb. 6, 1897; Joseph Afton b. Aug. 23, 1901; Esther
b. May 6, 1903. Family home Naples ward, Uintah, Utah.

High priest; counselor to superintendent of Sunday schools
at Richville ward, and to Wm. H. Gagon, superintendent Y.
M. M. I. A.; counselor In deacons' quorum, and to Bishop
Thomas J. Caldwell of Naples ward; ward teacher. Road
supervisor eight years; constable ten years. President Ash-
ley Central Irrigation company; proprietor George L. Good-
rich Mercantile business. As a settler in Ashley Valley since
1885, he has assisted in building up the country.

"GOODRICH, ALBERT GARDNER (son of George Albert
Goodrich and Harriet Maria Taggart). Born May 1, 1871,
Mt. Carmel, Kane Co., Utah.



Married Lydia Merrell Oct. 14, 1892, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Porter William Merrill and Harriet Amelia Badger
Remington of Naples ward, Uintah, Utah, pioneers 1860),
who was born Feb. 20, 1876. Their children: Fannie b. Sept.
7, 1893, died; Elma b. March 12, 1896, m. Jacob Norman Lyb-
bert; Albert b. Oct. 1, 1897; Karl Iver b. May 11, 1901; Pearl
b. Feb. 7, 1903, died; Ruth b. Aug. 6, 1905; Frank b. April
14, 1909; Merrell b. Aug. 24. 1911. Family home Uintah, Utah.

Bishop of Naples ward 1910; high counselor 1904; assistant
Sunday school superintendent; ward teacher; ward chorister
1900-09; counselor to Bishop James M. Shaffer of Naples ward
1906-10; secretary Y. M. M. I. A.; member 97th quorum sev-
enties; missionary to Michigan 1898-1900. School trustee

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