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twelve years; county register agent eight years. Secretary
Central Irrigation Canal company. Carpenter; farmer;

GOODRIDGE, JAMBS WILLIS. Born May 1, 1843, Haverhill,
Mass. Came to Utah 1862.

Married Eliza Frances Deuel 1871, Kanarraville, Utah
(daughter of William Henry Deuel and Mary Avery Whit-
Ing, of Centerville, Utah), who was born June 23, 1854. Their
children: William Willis b. Jan. 16, 1872, m. Josephine John-
son; George Milton b. 1875, m. Ada Bateman; Mary Avery
b. May, 1877, m. Charles Wilkins; Eliza Mabel b. 1878, m.
George Smith; Amelia Emeline b. 1880, m. William Anderson;
Lewis Barnard b. Feb. 13, 1883; Byron Deuel b. April 14, 1885;
Minerva, m. Nick Docas; Hazel, m. Parley Glover; Geneva, m.
Theodore Johnson; Josephine; Jessie. Family home Midvale,

Member elders' quorum; assisted in bringing immigrants
to Utah; drove oxteam across plains with machinery for first
woolen mills in Utah. Smelterman.

GOODRIDGE. WILLIAM WILLIS (son of James Willis Good-
ridge and Eliza Frances Deuel). Born Jan. 16, 1872, Kanar-
raville, Utah.

Married Josephine Johnson Oct. 31, 1894, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Johnson and Inger Sward, of Provo, Utah,
pioners 1864, John Smith company). She was born May 22,
1874. Their children: Effle Josephine b. Aug. 4, 1895, died;
Zettella b. Sept. 27, 1896; Mourine b. Nov. 2, 1899; Barbara b.
July 13. 1901; Willma b. Feb. 29, 1904; Lynn Willis b. Nov. 13,
1906; Helen b. Aug. 16, 1911. Family home Lake View.

Member 70th quorum seventies; superintendent Lake View
Sunday school ten years. Justice of peace of Lake View
six years. Agricultural superintendent for Utah Sugar Beet

GOODWIN, ISAAC I*, (son of Isaac M. Goodwin and Rhoda
Richards). Born June 18, 1810, North Hartford, Conn. Came
to Utah 1868.

Married Laura Hotchkiss (daughter of Benjamin Hotchkiss
and Elizabeth Tyrell), who was born April 3, 1813, and died
In 1846. Their children: Isaac H.; Lewis; Emerette E.;
Edwin A.; Nancy Eleanor; Lucinda L.; Albert S.

Married Mary Cox, who was born Aug. 3, 1827, Sussex, Eng.

Settled at Lehi and served as mayor. High priest. Said
to be the first to introduce lucern Into southern Utah.
Farmer; carpenter; gardener. Also lived 12 years at San
Bernardino, Cal.

GOODWIN, ISAAC H. (son of Isaac R. Goodwin and Laura
Hotchkiss). Born Aug. 26, 1834, Hartford, Conn. Came to
Utah with father.

Married Betsey Smith Dec. 1, 1859, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Alexander Nichol Smith and May McEwan, the latter
and her daughter pioneers Nov. 9, 1866, James G. Willie
handcart company). She was born March 7, 1843, Dundee,
Scotland. Their children: Isaac Smith; Laura May Albert
S.; Mary Jane; Alexander S.; Lewis Henry; Edwin A
James E.; John McEwan. Family resided Lehi, Smithfleld'
Escalante, Thurber and Beaver, Utah.

Elder. Merchant and farmer.

GOODWIN. ISAAC SMITH (son of Isaac H. Goodwin and
Betsey Smith). Born Feb. 8, 1861, Lehi, Utah.

Married Mary Jane Adams March 20, 1885 St George
Utah (daughter of David Cook Adams and Mary Eleanor
Armstrong), who was born July 14, 1868, Adamsville, Utah
Their children: Isaac A.; Lewis Adams; Laura E.- Betsey
May; William J.; Lucinda: Martin Cook; Vernon McEwan-
Vera Leona. Family resided Teasdale, Frisco, and Beaver'

Farmer; carpenter. Elder.

GORDON, JOHN (son of Foster and Sarah Gordon of New-
castle-on-Tyne, Eng.). Born at Newcastle, Eng, Came to
Utah Sept. 10, 1861, oxteam company.

Married Hannah Hudson March 21, 1848, who was born
Aug. 1, 1828, and came to Utah Sept. 10, 1861, with husband
Their children: Fannie, m. William Mills; Foster, m. Mary
Parks; Robert, m. Agnes Davis; John, m. Mary Bolton;

Samuel, m. Jane ; George; Minnie, m. Plum Haslet.

Family resided St. John and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Stone mason. Last heard from at
Blackfoot, Idaho.

GORDON, ROBERT (son of John Gordon and Hannah Hud-
son). Born March 14, 1851, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Eng. Came
to Utah 1863.

Married Agnes Davis June 3, 1870, Panaca, Nevada (daugh-
ter of James and Catherine Davis of Panaca, Nevada). She
was born June 3, 1851. Their children: William b. May 3,
1871, d. infant; Robert James b. June 5, 1872, m. Gertrude
Estelle Sherman; Agnes Katherine b. Dec. 26, 1875, m. O. L.
Sherman; Joseph Henry b. Feb. 28, 1878, m. Augusta John-
son; Samuel Raymond b. July 3, 1880, m. Katy Johnson;
Hannah Frances, m. G. A. Johnson; George Edward m
Elizabeth Burgess: Rose Ellen b. 1886, d. aged 22; Katy
Hudson, m. A. V. Leonard; Emily Jane, m. Lawrence
Leonard; Ruty; Clarence. Family home Huntington, Utah.

Elder; Sunday school superintendent. School trustee.
Town marshal 1906-08. Farmer and stockraiser.

GORDON, ROBERT JAMES (son of Robert Gordon and Agnes
Davis). Born June 5, 1872, Rush Valley, Utah.

Married Gertrude Estelle Sherman Oct. 18, 1894, Hunting-
ton, Utah (daughter of Alby L. Sherman and Mary E. Swan
of Fountain Green, Utah). She was born Oct. 18, 1874.
Their children: Corine Cornelia b. June 1, 1896; Robert Don
b. Jan. 22, 1898; Von b. Oct. 14, 1900; Luella b. Nov. 23,
1904; Florence b. Dec. 10, 1905; Edna b. Sept. 13, 1908; Ellis
b. Oct. 17, 1910. Family home Huntington, Utah.


GORDON, JOHN HENRY (son of John Gordon and Hannah
Hudson). Born Sept. 25, 1855, Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Bolton Nov. 19. 1876, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Curtis E. Bolton and Mary Bunker of Long Island,
Queens county, N. Y., and Nauvoo, 111., the former trans-
lated the Book of Mormon into the French language). She
was born Nov. 15, 1857. Their children: Frances Maud b.
Dec. 12, 1877, m. Otto Olsen; Lewis Waterman b. Dec. 18,
1879, m. Jennie Carter; John b. Jan. 19, 1882, m. Nellie Scott,
m. Eliza Boberg; Minnie b. April 16, 1884, m. Oliver Knowles;
Hannah b. April 4. 1886, m. Wallace Baum; Guy b. Feb. 26,
1888; Robert b. Jan. 26, 1890, m. Lydia Whitely; Leon h.
July 7, 1892, m. Ethel Ashton; Curtis b. Dec. 29, 1894;
Vera b. Feb. 29, 1896; Alphretta b. May 23, 1899. Family
resided Pleasant View and Provo, Utah.

Elder. Moved from Salt Lake City to Provo Bench 1886,
and was among the first to plant orchards at that place;
raised the first lucerne seed in Utah county. He assisted
in making the canals and wagon roads and worked ten
years on the Blue Cliff canal: he also assisted in planting
the orchard on the farm known as the Carry farm. Took
part in protecting the settlers against the Indians.

GORDON, JOHN (son of John Henry Gordon and Mary Re-
becca Bolton). Born Jan. 19, 1880, Salt Lake City.

Married Eliza Boberg June 17. 1808, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Niels Boberg of Gotland, Sweden, and Maria
Anderson of Denmark, both of Provo, Utah, came to Utah
1874). She was born Nov. 24, 1882. Their children: Dorothy
b. April 23, 1909; Donna Mary b. Sept. 13, 1910; Howard
John b. March 12, 1912.

Elder; ward teacher. Farmer and fruitgrower.

GORDON, JOHN THOMAS (son of John A. Gordon and
Emaline Wells). Born Oct. 11, 1871, York county, S. C.
Came to Utah 1888.

Married Margret Miller Dec. 24, 1895, American Fork,
Utah (daughter of Martin Miller and Christena Peterson of
Lehi; pioneers Sept. 27, 1862, John R. Murdock company).
She was born June 1, 1873. Their children: Myrtle Levhona
b. Oct. 16, 1896; Erma Lee b. March 4, 1898; Rudger Mosiah b.
Nov. 9, 1899: Alta b. Nov. 12, 1901; Franklin John b. June 1,
1909. Family home Lehi, Utah.

Seventy and ward teacher.

GORLEY, LEVI, of Alabama. Came to Utah 1857, by cow-

Married Martha Isabel Scott in Illinois, who was born
in Alabama. Their children: Ann, m. Mr. Weeze; Esther,

m. Ole Eddingberg; David, m. Sarah ; Thomas, d. aged

22; Mary, m. Joseph Truax; Keturah C., m. Francis Smith;
Jonathan E., m. Sarah Higgins; George W., m. Lizzie
Montague; James Henry Creswell, m. Mary Jane Grames.
Family home Provo, Utah.

Farmer. Died at Provo.

and Martha Isabel Scott). Born Oct. 27, 1855, in Illinois.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Mary Jane Grames Aug. 14, 1875, Spanish Fork,
Utah (daughter of Charles William Grames and Maria
Lillywhite of Cote, Eng., pioneers with Captain Home
oxteam company). She was born July 13, 1857, Fakim,
Sussex, Eng., and came to Utah with parents. Their chil-
dren: Ella b. Feb. 4, 1878; Millie b. July 25. 1881, m. Levi
Tryon; James b. April 15; Charles Henry; Cora Isabel, m.
Victor Hendrickson; Peter LeRoy; Mary Keturah; Francis
Walter; Leonard. Family resided Garden Creek and Carbon-
ville, Utah.

Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Farmer. Died Aug. 14,
1909, Salem, Utah.

COUGH, JAMES (son of James Gough, born 1800, and Elenor
Jones, born 1810, both of Monmouthshire. Eng.). Born Jan.
14, 1840, Murbridge Hill, Herefordshire. Eng. Came to Utah
Oct. 6, 1862, Ansel P. Harmon company.



Married Charlotte Crockett Oct. 17, 1863 (daughter of
William Crockett and Ann Williams), who was born April
25 1840, and came to Utah 1863, Thomas E. Ricks company.
Their children: Mary Ann b. Oct. 28, 1864, m. Soren Sorenson
April 24, 1884; Lavina Jane b. Feb. 17, 1866, m. Moroni Thayne
Nov. 24, 1881; James Charles b. Sept. 14, 1868. m. Elizabeth
Trinnaman Feb. 14, 1894; Elenor b. June 19, 1870, m. James
Carter Dec. 24, 1889; Harriet b. March 26, 1873, m. Thomas A.
Taylor Nov. 2, 1891; William b. May 19, 1895, m. Lucy Shaw;
Samuel b. July 22, 1877, m. Luella Anderson Nov. 26,
1902- Thomas E. b. April 21, 1879, m. Linda Day June, 1901;
Richard b. May 20, 1881, m. Pearl Clift June 22,
1904; Charlotte b. Feb. 8, 1884, m. William Hadfleld June
28, 1900; Robert b.. March 5, 1886. Family home Lehi, Utah.

President teachers quorum.

GOULD, ROBERT (son of Robert Gould and Mary Boyd of
Stirling and Edinburgh, Scotland). Born Jan. 21, 1830,
Edinburgh. Came to Utah 1861, Homer Duncan company.

Married Annie Simpson 1855, Philadelphia, Pa. (daughter
of John Simpson and Elizabeth Carig of Edinburgh, Scot-
land). She was born Feb. 2, 1831. Their children: Elizabeth,
m. Heber McBride; Robert, d. aged 20; Mary J., m. H. J.
Fuller; John S., m. Mary Mortensen; William S., m. Maria
Peterson Lindsay. Family home Eden, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Eube 1870, Eden, Utah, who was born
1846. Their children: Henry; Robert; Richard; Joseph, m.
Miss Littlefleld. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Ward teacher. Joiner and mechanic.

GOULD, JOHN S. (son of Robert Gould and Annie Simpson).
Born July 10, 1865, Liberty, Utah.

Married Mary Mortensen Nov. 29, 1889, Huntsville, Utah
(daughter of Neil C. Mortensen and Mary Christensen of
Huntsville, Utah pioneers 1864, John Smith independent
company), who was born Aug. 14, 1871. Their children:
Florence M. b. Oct. 2, 1892; Glenard A. b. July 7, 1894; Merrill
J. b. Oct. 24, 1898; Arvena M. b. Oct. 20, 1903; Eileen G. b.
Aug. 29, 1908; Clarissa E. b. Dec. 21, 1912; Claire C. b. Dec.
21, 1912.

Member 75th quorum seventies; ward teacher. Farmer.

GOWANS, ANDREW (son of Alexander Gowans and Mary
Bowden of Canel, Scotland). Born December, 1800, at Canel.
Came to Utah October, 1855, Milo Andrus company.

Married Anne McLeish (daughter of James McLeish and
Betsy Gibb of Canel), who was born Feb. 26, 1788. Their
children: James b. July 25, 1824; Mary b. March 30, 1826, m.
George Cook; Barbara b. May 27, 1828, m. John Simpson;
Betsy b. Feb. 22, 1832, m. Hugh S. Gowans. Family home
Tooele, Utah.

Florist and landscape gardener. Died Nov. 20, 1891.

Married Jane Cresswell (daughter of Richard and Ann
Cresswell of Mt. Pleasant, near Stourbridge), who was born
July 17, 1817, and died at St. Louis, Mo. Their children:
Thomas b. March 17, 1839; Elizabeth b. June 7, 1841; Ann b.
Oct. 10, 1843, m. Henry Lunt; Richard Henry b. June 2, 1846.

Married Martha Ann Stockdale Nov. 4, 1850. Their chil-
dren: John Thomas, m. Harriet Jane Corry; Joseph, died;
Albert Francis, m. Mary Grace Condie; Betsy Ann b. May
26, 1857, d. June 2, 1857; Jane Elizabeth b. May 12, 1858, m.
James McHamilton May 2, 1881, divorced 1886; m. William
E. Yardley Nov. 12, 1889; Martha Ann b. April 30, 1860, d.
Aug. 29, 1861; Mary Isabelle b. Jan. 16, 1862, d. March 6, 1879;
Catherine Katura b. Nov. 27, 1863, m. Thomas Urie; Charlotte
b. Nov. 3, 1865, m. Joseph A. Rosenburg; Horace Tidswell b.
Dec. 13, 1867, d. Jan. 12, 1901; Louisa May b. May 31, 1870, m.
William James Condie April 25, 1899.

Married Annie Williams April 4, 1863. Their children:
David Stephen b. Dec. 17, 1863, d. Oct. 21, 1902; Jared, d. June
28, 1867; Benjamin b. Sept. 14, 1869, d. April 10, 1903. Family
home Cedar City, Utah.

Called by Brigham Young to go to Iron county to smelt
iron. Took part in early Indian troubles at Long Valley.
Assisted in building canals, roads and sawmills in early
days. Farmer. Died May 1, 1877.

GOWANS, HUGH S. (son of Robert Gowans, born May 12,
1811, Arbroath, Forfarshire, and Grace McKay, of Perth,
Perthshire, Scotland). He was born Feb. 23, 1831, in Perth.
Came to Utah Oct. 24, 1855, Milo Andrus company.

Married Betsy Gowans in March, 1854, Arbroath (daugh-
ter of Andrew Gowans and Anne McLeish, married in Ar-
broath, 1823, pioneers Oct. 24, 1885, Milo Andrus company).
She was born Feb. 22, 1832, and came to Utah with husband;
died Sept. 26, 1912. Their children: Barbara b. Feb. 13, 1855,
m. Benjamin L. Bowen July 24, 1876; Robert M. b. Oct. 9, 1856,
d. July 31, 1863; Hugh G. b. June 10, 1858, d. May 21, 1863;
James b. Nov. 21, 1860, m. Alice de la Mare Feb. 12, 1885; An-
drew b. Sept. 8, 1862, m. Willena Henson, Feb. 12, 1894; Betsy
b. Dec. 7, 1864, m. Francis M. Lyman, Jr., Oct. 16, 1889;
Ephraim G. b. Feb. 1, 1868, m. Mary C. Lyman June 1, 1893;
Alonzo G. b. Dec. 7, 1869, m. Deseret Leaver Nov. 16, 1899;
Charles A. b. Jan. 21, 1872, m. Harriet Martineau June 12,
1904. Family home Tooele, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Broomhead April, 1883, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Broomhead and Margaret Morton),
who was born Feb. 24, 1847, Sheffield, Eng. Their children:
Barbara E. b. Feb. 24, 1884, m. Edward Nelson; Thomas E. b.
Feb. 26, 1886; George H. b. Aug. 4, 1887; Albert H. b. Aug. 10,

Assessor and collector Tooele county; mayor Too.ele City;
probate judge Tooele county. President Tooele stake. Died
Sept. 10, 1912.

GOWANS, EPHRAIM G. (son of Hugh S. Gowans and Betsy
Gowans). Born Feb. 1, 1868, Tooele, Utah.

Married Mary Crismon Lyman June 1, 1893, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Francis M. Lyman and Rhoda Ann Taylor of
Fillmore, Tooele and Salt Lake City, Utah). She was born
July 29, 1871. Their children: Louis Lyman b. April 22, 1894;
Lois b. Dec. 20, 1895; Marjorie b. June 7, 1899; Emerspn
Lyman b. Jan. 19, 1906; Marion Lyman b. May 17, 1908. Fam-
ily home, Salt Lake City.

Member 47th quorum seventies; missionary to Great Brit-
ain 1888-90. Judge of juvenile court 3d judicial district 1907-
09; superintendent State Industrial school since 1909. Physi-
cian; teacher.

GOWER, THOMAS (son of Thomas Gower and Catherine
Cresswell of Stourbridge, Worcestshire, Eng.). Born May 23,
1816, at Stourbridge. Came to Utah Oct. 1864, Joseph
Field company.

GRACE, ISAAC (son of John Grace and Margaret Abbott, of
Liverpool, Eng.). Born April 17, 1820, at Liverpool. Came
to Utah 1851.

Married Elizabeth Williams, 1843, at Liverpool (daugh-
ter of John Williams and Ann Jones, of Liverpool). Their
children: Elizabeth, m. Henry F. McCune; Amelia, d. infant;
Margaret, m. James Jenkins Jr.; Annette, d. infant; Harriet
Ann, m. Alexander Pyper; Celestia Jane, m. Lyman L. Hud-
son; Isaac Henry, m. Helen H. Hudson; John William, m.
Tacy Whitmore; Emma Lorette, d. infant; Charles Howard,
m. Elizabeth A. Lunt. Family home Nephi, Utah.

Member 49th quorum seventies. Ship-builder and farmer.
Died May 21, 1871, at Nephi.

GRACE, ISAAC HENRY (son of Isaac Grace and Elizabeth
Williams). Born Aug. 9, 1857, at Nephi.

Married Helen H. Hudson Jan. 19, 1882, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Christopher Columbus Hudson and Annajenette
Sisson of Oberlin, Ohio; the latter came to Utah 1880), who
was born Dec. 18, 1850. Their only child: Helen Grace b.
April 22, 1884. Family home, Nephi.

High priest; missionary to Hawaiian Islands 1891-94; high
counselor; counselor to stake president; superintendent M.
I. A.; counselor to stake mutual superintendent 1888.
County school superintendent; county commissioner; city
councilman; mayor of Nephi; school trustee. Contractor;
carpenter; farmer.

GRAEHL, GEORGE LOUIS (son of Johan Ludvio Graehl and
Marie Magdalena Renner of Bohl, Germany. Came to Utah
Oct. 1854. Robert L. Campbell company.

Married Louise Charlotte Leuba Aug. 31, 1844, Geneva,
Switzerland (daughter of Henry Francois Leuba of Neuf-
chatel, Switzerland, and Audrienne Elizabeth Elger; pio-
neers October, 1854, Robert L. Campbell company). She
was born Sept. 16, 1822, and died October, 1904. Their chil-
dren: Eliza, Emile, Lena and Emma, died infants; Mary Ade-
line, m. Henry C. Jensen; Fanny; George Louis b. March 17,
1863, m. Ada Reese; Henry, d. child; Lorenzo, m. Elizabeth
Bott; Joseph Serge, m. Mima Robie; Hyrum Henry; Amelia.
Family home Geneva, Switzerland.

Married Katherine Isenman, at Salt Lake City. Their
children: Mary Louise, d. child; August; Clara; Eli, m. Miss
Goodliffe; Ellen, d. child; Edmund, m. Maud Hatch. Family
home Brigham City, Utah.

High priest. Confectioner; farmer. Died Feb. 19, 1896.

GRAEHL, GEORGE LOUIS, JR. (son of George Louis
Graehl and Charlotte Louise Leuba). Born March 17, 1863,
Geneva, Switzerland. Came to Utah Oct. 1854, with parents.

Married Ada Reese Jan. 6, 1885 (daughter of John D.
Reese and Zillah Mathias of Wales), who was born Dec. 8,
1866. Their children: Ada Louise b. Dec. 22, 1886; Hortense
Zillah b. Sept. 10, 1888; Geneve b. March 28, 1890; George
Leuba b. Feb. 24, 1892; Florence Laprille b. July 22, 1895;
Adele Fanny b. July 22, 1896; Helen b. April 6, 1900, d. in-
fant; Leland b. March 28, 1902; Harold b. Oct. 12, 1906.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to Switzerland twice; high priest. County
clerk Box Elder county; city treasurer, Brigham. Mer-
chant and mining man.

Glasgow, Scotland. Came to Utah in its early history.

Married Elizabeth Jane Nuttman at St. Louis, Mo. (daugh-
ter of George Nuttman of England), who was born Oct. 2,
1832 Their children: George, died; Jane, m. Joseph Check-
etts- Agnes McDonald, m. Charles Odd; Charles, died; Elenor
Elizabeth, m. Willard Bishop; Margaret I., died; Jeannette
Ennis m. Daniel Lockhart, Jr.; Alexander Stewart, d. child;
Henry James, m. Annie Weaver; John Thomas, m. Eliza
Family home Kaysville, Utah.

Married Maggie . She lived at Kaysville, Utah.

Married Ann Malan. Their only child was Sarah. Fam-
ily home, Kaysville, Utah.

Railroader. Died Sept. 1882 at Leamington, Utah.



GRAHAM, ROBERT (son of William Graham and Jane Ross
of Edinburgh, Scotland, latter born Feb. 12, 1820). Born
Oct. 2. 1850, in Edinburgh. Came to Utah with Captain
Scott company.

Married Gertrude Stallings Dec. 27, 1876 (daughter of
Joseph Stalilngs and Caroline Hartford of Council Bluffs,
Iowa, pioneers 1850, Stephen Wareham company), who was
born Oct. 28, 1854. Their children: Joseph William b. Sept.
2, 1876, m. Ellen Elizabeth Burt Nov. 2, 1905; Robert Orson
b. Aug. 31, 1878, m. Annie Hogge May 8, 1901; Caroline Ger-
trude, m. Ray B. Thompson Aug. 2, 1905; Jane Charlott b.
May 11, 1886; Perry James b. May 10, 1892. Family home
Eden, Utah.

Member bishopric of Eden ward. Road supervisor eight
years; school trustee. Farmer. Died Sept. 2, 1901.

GRAHAM, ROBERT ORSON (son of Robert Graham and Ger-
trude Stallings). Born Aug. 31, 1878. Eden.

Married Annie Hogge May 8, 1901, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of George William Hogge and Margaret Ann Rirrie of
West Weber, Utah), who was born Feb. 22, 1879. Their
children: Orvil Robert; Nina Margret. Family home Eden.

Missionary to Central states 1909-11; counselor in bishop-
ric of Eden ward. Farmer.

GRAHAM, THOMAS B. Born Aug. 12. 1807, in Pickens
county, Ala. Came to Utah 1849.

Married Sarah E. McCrary Jan. 27. 1828, In Pickens county.
She was born May 1, 1810, and died in Iowa, on way to
Utah. Their children: Jane; James M., m. Sarah J. Brandon;
John; Martha; Caroline; Francis; David; Amanda; George;
Jane and Francis did not come to Utah.

Killed by a bear in 1864, at Mendon, Cache county, Utah.

GRAHAM, JAMES M. (son of Thomas B. Graham and Sarah
E. McCrary). Born Sept. 17, 1829, in Alabama. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Sarah J. Brandon Feb. 12, 1854 (daughter of
Thomas J. Brandon and Martha E. Bunch married 1834, pio-
neers 1847, Jared Roundy company, latter died at Nauvoo,
111.), who was born Dec. 25, 1833. Came to Utah with father.
Their children: James F. b. Nov. 5. 1854, m. Alice Hardman;
John M. b. Oct. 29, 1856; Sarah b. Jan. 28, 1858, m. J. S. Brady
Nov. 17. 1870; George A. b. Aug. 14, 1861, m. L. Cole April
14, 1886; David b. April 4, 1864, d. 1864; Martha E. b. Oct. 17,
1863, m. F. Kemmer April 4, 1884; Joseph H. b. Feb. 12, 1865,
m. Villey Green 1887; Alice A. b. March 17. 1874, m. A.
MacMillan 1892; Merretta b. April 19, 1879, m. E. Bacchus
April 12, 1902; Thomas B. b. April 2, 1883, d. 1883. Family
home, Salt Lake City.

GRAHAM. JAMES F. (son of James M. Graham and Sarah
J. Brandon). Born Nov. 5, 1854, Sugarhouse ward. Salt
Lake City.

Married Alice Hardman Nov. 6, 1879, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Hardman and Nancy Booth, pioneers
Sept. 25, 1856, Richard Ballantyne company), who was born
Aug. 29, 1853, in England. Their children: Matilda F. b.
Aug. 9, 1880, m. S. Schwendlman March 6, 1901; Roy b. April
25, 1882, m. Pearl Harris May 6, 1902; Ida L. b. Oct. 18, 1884.
m. Mark Fullmer Nov. 27. 1905; Cady M. b. Aug. 26. 1887;
Claude V. b. Dec. 24, 1890. m. Hannah Gardner April 14,
1910; Harry V. b. April 25, 1892; Olive b. Jan. 6. 1894; Luella
b. Dec. 4, 1897.

He was an elder.

Married Chariot Lee 1862, Springville, Utah, who was born
Oct. 8, 1843. Only child: Chariot, died. Family home
Springville, Utah.

Married Esther Stevenson Feb. 11. 1864, Springville, Utah
(daughter of James Stevenson and Martha Charles of Eng-
land pioneers October, 1857, Capt. Hofflne company), who
was born Jan. 17, 1848. Their children: Samuel Stevenson
b. Dec. 25, 1864, m. Clara Belle Brasher; Joseph b. Oct. 14,
1866, died; James b. Aug. 27, 1867. died; Ulysses Wallace b.
Nov. 11, 1868, m. Margaret Elizabeth Jones; Ernest Jamea
b. Dec. 28. 1870, m. Rose Ramsey: Elizabeth Letitia b. Oct.
10, 1872, m. S. M. Whitmore; Beryl Ann b. July 6. 1876, died;
Violet b. July 3, 1877; Ethel Tamer b. May 27, 1879, m. J. H.
Stevenson; John Atkinson b. April 19, 1881, died; Arthur b.
Nov. 3, 1883, m. Hllma Pierson; Ray Clifford b. May 29. 1885,
m. Verda Jensen; Franklin Charles b. June 24, 1887. m. Mary
Weiby; Esther Maud b. March 31, 1889, m. Ferdinand
Anderson. Family home Huntington, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher. Settled at Springville. 1852.
moved to Huntington 1883, where he assisted In building up
the country. Member board of education; school trustee.
File cutter; shoemaker; mining man. Died Dec. 1, 1893,
Huntington, Utah.

GRANGE, SAMUEL STEVENSON (son of Samuel Grange and
Esther Stevenson). Born Dec. 25, 1864, Springville, Utah.

Married Clara Belle Brasher Oct. 1, 1886, Logan, Utah
(daughter of John Leisal Brasher and Eliza Cheshire of
Kentucky), who was born Jan. 4, 1867. Their children:
Leisal Samuel b. Sept. 14-, 1887, m. Coreila Taylor; Nlda b.
Dec. 14, 1888; m. Byronel Howard; Nora b. June 1, 1891. m.
Ezra Harrison; Nellie S. b. Sept. 30, 1893; Florence b. Feb.
12. 1896, died; Ida b. July 7, 1892; Ada b. July 7, 1892; Clif-
ford b. June 3. 1905. Family home Huntington, Utah.

Member 81st quorum seventies; ward teacher fifteen years
in Hunttngton ward. Member town council two terms;
district trustee three years. Fruitgrower and farmer.

GRANGE, ULYSSES WALLACE (son of Samuel Grange and
Esther Stevenson). Born Nov. 11, 1868, Springville, Utah.

Married Margaret Elizabeth Jones Oct. 12, 1893, Hunting-
ton, Utah, by Daniel Tyler (daughter of Elisha Warren Jones
and Georgana Jane Pierce of Nauvoo, 111., and Kanesville,
Iowa), who was born Oct. 4, 1874. Their children: Wallace
Guy b. Oct. 3, 1894; Elisha Myron b. July 14, 1896; Ella
Lucile b. March 28, 1898; Ruby b. Jan. 17, 1901; Elizabeth
Erma b. May 26, 1907; Hilma b. April 26, 1908; Samuel Lloyd
b. July 24, 1911. Family home Huntington, Utah.

Missionary to northwestern states 1903-04; president high

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