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priests quorum of Emery stake; member high council; home
missionary; president Y. M. M. I. A. 1909; Sunday school
superintendent 1906-08; counselor to Bishop Peter Johnson
of Huntington ward; counselor in Y. M. M. I. A. of Hunting-
ton ward; and .counselor in elders quorum. President Hunt-
ington town board 1906-07; member Huntington town board
1910-11; road supervisor. Settled at Huntington 1883, where
he has done much In the upbuilding of the country.

GRAMES, CHARLES WILLIAM (son of Charles and Mary
Grames of England). Born at Finden, Sussex, Eng. Came
to Utah 1861, Joseph Home company.

Married Mary Bird in England. Their children: Walter,

m. Julia ; Ellen, m. William Lake. Family home Finden,


Married Maria Llllywhlte, at Finden, Eng. (daughter of
Joseph Llllywhite and Maria Stafford of Finden, Eng.).
Their children: Alfred, m. Sarah Sparks; Emily, m. Peter
Bell, m. William Campbell; Esther, d. aged 2; Frederick,
m. Mary Seaberry, m. Martha Powell; Charles, m. Rhoda
Chestina Hill; Mary Jane, m. James Henry Creswell Gorley;
Albert, m. Casilia Donnard; m. Lilly Bass. Family home
Ephraim, Utah.

High priest. Veteran Black Hawk Indian war. Tinker,
watchmaker and tailor. Died March 17, 1901, Price, Utah.

GRAMTES, CHARLES (son of Charles Henry Grame and
Maria Lillywhlte). Born May 16, 1855, Finden, Eng. Came
to Utah 1861, Joseph Home company.

Married Rhoda Chestina Hill 1904, Price, Utah (daughter
of James and Melissa Hill of Logan, Utah, pioneers with
ozteam). Their children: Henry; George, m. Miss Davis;
Rhoda; Sina. m. Hy Chlttendon. Family home Welling-
ton. Utah.

Rancher and stockraiser.

GRANGE, SAMUEL (son of John Grange and Nancy Atkin-
son of Yorkshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 11. 1826, Yorkshire,
Eng. Came to Utah 1862.

Married Ann Bunting Jan. 2, 1860, on shipboard (daugh-
ter of Abraham Bunting of England). Their children: Ann
Elizabeth, died; Lydia Ellen, m. R. H. Barnard; Samuel,
died; Almyra Maria, m. Jedediah Goff; John William, died.
Family home Springville, Utah.

GRANGER, WALTER (son of Robert Granger and Catherine
McDonald). Born Aug. 4, 1821, Edinburgh, Scotland. Came
to Utah Sept. 26, 1866. D. D. McArthur company.

Married Catherine Guthrie 1841 (daughter of John Guthrie
and Agnes Emought), who was born January, 1819. Their
children: Robert b. Jan. 18, 1842; Catherine b. December.
1848, m. David Gibson 1868; Peter b. August, 1867; Nellie;
Emma; Walter, John, both died. Family home St. George,

Settled at Spanish Fork 1856; moved to St. George 1861,
where he served as bishop of third ward and later of second
ward 1869-92; moved to Cedar City 1892; high priest. Died
May 6, 1904.

GRANT, GEORGE DAVIS (son of Joshua Grant and Thalia
Howard of Neversink, N. Y.). Born Sept 10, 1812, Windsor,
N. Y. Came to Utah June, 1848.

Married Elizabeth Wilson Jan. 22, 1834, Naples, N. Y.
(daughter of Thomas Wilson of Tuley, Onondaga county,
N. Y.), who was born April 26. 1816, Tuley, N. Y. Their
children: Thalia Elizabeth, m. Joseph Angell Young; George
Wilson, m. Lucy Curtis Spencer; William Smith, m. Mary
Ann Mulr; Josephine, m. Benjamin Franklin Snyder; Don
Carlos, died; Julia Caroline, m. Edwin W. Gilman; Joseph
Smith, died. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Elizabeth Lamb. Their children: Pauline; Charles
Albert; David, died; Georgiana, m. Mr. Pace; Andrew, died.

Married Margaret Baxter. Their children: Ella, m. Mr.
Grant; Jedediah and Nettie, died. Family home Woods
Cross, Utah.

Married Susan Grant. Only child: Frank. Family home,
Woods Cross.

Married Jennie Baxter. Their children: Caroline, Clara
and Willard, died. Family home. Woods Cross.

He. with William H. Kimball, picked the "minute men;"
bodyguard of Joseph Smith; general in Indian wars; captain
of handcarts of Nauvoo Legion 1857; captain of "life guards."
Trader and farmer. Died Sept. 20, 1876, Woods Cross.

GRANT, JEDEDIAH MORGAN (son of Joshua Grant and
Thalia Howard). Born Feb. 21, 1816. at Windsor, Broome
county, N. Y. Came to Utah Sept. 1847, with own company.
Married Susan Noble Fairchild (came to Utah Sept.
1847, with George B. Wallace company), who was born July




, 1832. Their children: Joseph Hyrum b. Oct. 17, 1853. at
Salt Lake City, m. Eliza Evaeletta Eldredge Oct. 18, 1875,
at Salt Lake City; Susan Vilate b. Sept. 19. 1855, m. William
S. Muir. Jr., 1871. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Married Rossetta Robinson. Their children: Jedediah
Morgan b. Oct. 9, 1863, m. Lucy Fackrell; Henrietta b. 1855,
m. D. S Marshall.

Married Maryette Kesler 1854, Salt Lake Endowment
house (daughter of Frederick Kesler and Emeline Parker
of Salt Lake City, pioneers 1852). She was born Feb. 23.
1839. Only child: Brigham Frederick, b. Oct. 15, 1856, m.
Johanna Schluter.

Married Rachel Ridgeway Ivins November, 1855, Salt
Lake Endowment house (daughter of Caleb Ivins and Edith
Ridgeway of Toms River, N. J., and Philadelphia, Pa.).
She was born March 7, 1821, Hornerstown, N. J., died Jan. 27,
1909. Only child: Heber Jeddy b. Nov. 22, 1856, in. Lucy
Stringham, m. Huldah Augusta Winters, m. Emily Harris
Wells. Family home. Salt Lake City.

One of the presidents of the first council of seventies 1845;
chosen second counselor to Brigham Young April 7, 1854.
First mayor of Salt Lake City and continued in that office
until his death, Dec., 1856; was speaker of the house of
the territorial legislature from 1852 to 1855; superintendent
of public works of Salt Lake City. Plowed the first furrow
in Morgan county, which county was named after him.
Farmer and stockraiser.

GRANT. JOSEPH HYRUM (son of Jedediah Morgan Grant
and Susan Noble Fairchild). Born Oct. 17, 1853, at Salt
Lake City.

Married Eliza Evaeletta Eldredge at Salt Lake City, Oct.
18, 1875 (daughter of Horace S. Eldredge who came to Utah
with his own company, and Sarah W. Gibbs). Their chil-
dren: Joseph H. b. July 20, 1876, m. Algie Lydia Hatch, June
30, 1898; Sarah b. Dec. 20, 1877, m. Fred J. Pack, Nov.
26. 1896; Susan E. b. Aug. 7, 1879, m. E. David Mann Jan. 18,
1899; Jessie E. b. June 13, 1881, m. David E. Reed June, 1906;
Walter E. b. March 29, 1883, m. Ellen Smith Sept. 2, 1908;
Carter E. b. Dec. 31, 1885, m. Pamela E. Smith April 2,
1905; Eva E. b. Aug. 13, 1888, m. Daniel Roy Moss April
2, 1908; Howard E. b. Nov. II, 1890; m. Hazel Howard
June 14, 3912; Lyle b. Aug. 26, 1893; Horace James b. Oct. 7,
1895. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Bishop of West Bountiful ward from 1888 to 1889; second
counselor to Pres. Wm. R. Smith of the Davis stake 1890 to
1893; first counselor to Pres. John W. Hess of the Davis
stake; called to the presidency of Davis stake Sept. 25, 1904.
Farmer; stockraiser.

GRANT, JOSEPH HYRUM (son of Joseph Hyrum Grant and
Eliza Evaeletta Eldredge). Born July 20, 1876, at Bounti-
ful, Utah.

Married Algie Lydia Hatch June 30, 1898, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Orvin Hatch, one of the battalion, 1847,
and Elizabeth Perry, who came to Utah 1847), who was born
June 5, 3877, at Bountiful. Their children: Van Hatch b.
April 15, 1900; Adelaide b. March 16, 1902; Myra b March 26
1905; Dale Eldredge b. Feb. 29, 1908. Family home Kays-
ville, Utah.

Missionary to Colorado 1897-98; high councilor in the
Davis stake. Justice of the peace at Kaysville. Dentist.

GRANT, BRIGHAM FREDRICK (son of Jedediah M. Grant
and Maryetta Kesler). Born Oct. 17, 1856, Salt Lake City.

Married Johanna Schluter, Nov. 22, (daughter of Wil-
liam Schluter and Phoebe Ann Wickel of Salt Lake City,
pioneers 1867, independent company). She was born March
v4, 1862. Their children: Fredrick W. b. May 11, 1880, m.
Margret Smith; Jedediah b. March 16, 1882, m. Lavina
Sainsbury; Hazel Maude b. March 9, 18S4, m. J. V. Needham;
Eugene S. b. July 17, 1887, m. Ella V. Owen; Luella Belle
b. Nov. 9, 1889, died; Heber ~b. Nov. 16, 1899; Delora b.
May 5, 1902. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Member high council Salt Lake stake; member Y. M. M.
I. A. of Salt Lake City. Chief of police of Salt Lake. En-
gaged in mining, insurance, general merchandising, farming
and stockraising.

GRANT, HEBER JEDDY (son of Jedediah Morgan Grant
and Rachel Ridgeway Ivins). Born Nov. 22, 1856, Salt
Lake City.

Married Lucy Stringham Nov. 1, 1877, St. George Temple,
Utah (daughter of Bryant Stringham and Susan Ashby of
Salt Lake City, pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham Young com-
pany). She was born April 27, 1858, and died Jan. 3, 1893.
Their children: Susan Rachel b. Aug. 30, 1878, m. John
H. Taylor; Lucy Grant b. Oct. 22, 1880, m. George Jenkins
Cannon; Florence b. Feb. 7, 1883, m. Willard Richards
Smith; Edith b. April 2, 1885, m. Clifford Earl Young;
Anna b. Dec. 28, 1886, m. John George Midgeley, Jr.; Heber
b. Dec. 9, 1888, d. Feb. 27, 1896.

Married Huldah Augusta Winters May 26, 1884* Salt Lake
City (daughter of Oscar F. Winters and Mary Ann Stearns
of Pleasant Grove, Utah, pioneers). She was born July 7,
1856. Only child: Mary b. Feb. 6, 1889.

Married Emily Harris Wells May 27, 1884, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Daniel H. Wells and Martha Harris of
Salt Lake City, pioneers 1848). She was born April 22, 1857,
and died May 25, 1908. Their children: Martha Deseret
b. April 21, 1886, m. Ashby Douglas Boyle; Grace b. Dec. 21,
1888, m. Isaac Blair Evans; Daniel Wells b. Nov. 21, 1891,
d. March 10, 1895; Emily b. June 5, 1896; Frances Marion
b. Sept. 23, 189. Families resided, Salt Lake City.

Secretary Y. M. M. I. A. Salt Lake stake 1879-80; or-
dained high priest and set apart as president Tooele stake
Oct. 30, 1880; ordained member Twelve Apostles, Church of

Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Oct. 16, 1882; member 30th
quorum seventies; missionary to Japan 1901-03; president
European mission 1903-06; has been doing missionary work
throughout the stakes of Zion for the past 30 years; one of
the counselors of the first mutual organization (13th ward),
under the personal direction of President Young, Salt
Lake City. Member Salt Lake City council 1883-86; member
legislative council (senate) of the territory of Utah 1883-84.
President Home Fire Insurance Co., of Utah; president Heber
J. Grant and Co.; president Utah Implement & Vehicle Co.;
vice-president Utah State National bank, Salt Lake City;
director Utah-Idaho Sugar Co., and Zion Co5perative Mer-
cantile Institution; was president State Bank of Utah, which
he organized, and president Salt Lake Theatre Co.; presi-
dent Cooperative Wagon & Machine Co.; vice-president
Salt Lake Herald Co., (morning newspaper, since Herald-
Republican) and owned control of the stock.

GRANT, JOSHUA FREDERICK. Born July 24, 1818, in
Stueben county, N. Y.

Married Louise Marie Goulay Aug. 27, 1843 of Vevey,
Switzerland county, Ind. She was born May 28, 1826.
Their children: Adelaide b. Oct. 4, 1845, Kanesville, Iowa;
Florence Caroline b. May 11, 1851, Council Bluffs, Iowa;
Joshua Frederick b. April 19, 1856, Woods Cross, Utah.
Their early residence was at Vevey and later Salt Lake

He, with his brother, Jedediah Morgan Grant were the
youngest missionaries to labor in the southern states (when
boys in their teens). Migrated to Utah in 1847 with a
private freighting outfit hauling material for the United
States army part way.

Died Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 21, 1851. Buried in the
city cemetery, lot 7, block 8, plat C, near corner of Main
street and 8th avenue.

GRAVES, DANIEL (son of Daniel Graves born April 3, 1770,
Carbook, Norfolk, Eng., and Mary Blanchflower born at
Sahamtorry, Norfolk, Eng.). Born April 17, 1806, Yarmouth,
Eng. Came to Utah 1854, Capt. Harker company.

Married Elizabeth Sarah Baker, who was born April 16,
1810. Their children: Elizabeth b. July 24, 1824; William
Durant b. Nov. 8, 1829; Isabella b. Sept. 27, 1833; Joseph b.
June 11, 1834; Robert; Maria Ann b. Feb. 7, 1836; Jane b.
June 20, 1837; Isabella b. May 18, 1838. Family home Yar-
mouth, Eng.

Married Mary Newman June 7, 1840, St. Olives, Southwork,
London, Eng. (daughter of Henry G. Newman and Elizabeth
Bull), who was born March 27, 1817, Hayes, Middlesex, Eng.
Their children: Edward Henry b. Aug. 12, 1841; Elizabeth
Sarah b. June 24, 1843; Daniel Robert b. April 17, 1846;
Charlotte M. b. Nov. 1, 1847; Joseph Nephi b. Jan. 16,
1849; Lehi Moroni b. Nov. 4, 1850; Mary Ann b. Dec. 6, 1852;
Ebenezer b. Sept. 28, 1866; Alma b. Nov. 4, 1857; Joshua b.
Dec. 16, 1859. Family home Provo, Utah.

Elder. President agriculture association. Artist. Died
1892 at Provo.

GRAVES, JOSHUA (son of Daniel Graves and Mary New-
man). Born Dec. 16, 1859, Provo, Utah.

Married Mary E. Vanwagoner June 11, 1881, Provo (daugh-
ter of John Vanwagoner and Elizabeth Young). She was
born May 19, 1866, Provo. Their children: Daniel b. Nov.
26, 1881; Tessie May b. Nov. 12, 1882, m. Fred Herron May
20, 1907; Lizzie Maud b. Jan. 16, 1886, m. Joseph Chambers
Oct. 25, 1905; Jessie b. May 19, 3887; Jennie b. March 12, 1888.

Married Martha Hansen Graves Sept. 3, 1890, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Hans Frederick Hansen and Cathron Nielson,
the former a pioneer 1854, Hans Peter Olsen company, the
latter with Capt. Christenson company). She was born
March 3, 1872, Spanish Fork, Utah. Their chi'dren: Fred-
erick Joshua b. Sept. 1, 1891; James Henry b. April 18, 1894;
Mary Cathron b. June 21, 1896; Lavera Charlotte b. Aug. 7,
1898; Zina Jane b. Nov. 26, 1900; Bertha Loretta b. March 28
1903; Leona Martha b. Oct. 2, 1905; Walter Stoddard b. Dec.
31, 1908; Velma Lavern b. Dec. 17, 1910.

GRAY, JOSEPH REEVES (son of James Gray of Dorchester,
Eng.). Born May 29, 1824, Dorchester, Eng. Came to Utah
October, 1854, John Brown company.

Married Mary Franklin 1851, Dorchester, Eng., who was
born 1832, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Franklin Thomas b. Dec. 9, 1852, m. Mary Jane Titcomb;
Joseph, died; James b. Dec. 31, 1856, m. Elizabeth Holds-
worth; William b. 1858, m. Phoebe Yates; Charles b. 1860, m.
Eunice Brown; Mary Rachael, died. Family home Lehl,

Married Elizabeth Marshall 1867, Salt Lake Endowment
house (daughter of John and Elizabeth Marshall). Their
children: Rhoda Ann, died; Rosa, m. William Makln; Lilly
and George, died; John, m. Goldle Cummings; Edward, died;
Elizabeth, m. George Webb. Family home Lehi, Utah.

Secretary high priests quorum; Sunday school teacher.
Located at Lehi 1854. Indian war veteran; veteran Echo
Canyon war. Assisted in building the first canals, wagon
roads, and in the development of the country. Shoemaker
and farmer. Died Feb. 2, 1877, Lehl, Utah.

GRAY, FRANKLIN THOMAS (son of John Reeves Gray and
Mary Franklin). Born Dec. 9, 1852, Dorchester, Eng. Came
to Utah October, 1854, John Brown company.

Married Mary Jane Titcomb Nov. 18, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Luke Titcomb and Lydia Jane Tanner of Cot-



tonwood. Salt Lake county, pioneers September, 1850, Wil-
liam Wall company). She was born Dec. 31, 1855. Their
children: Winfleld Franklin b. Oct. 20, 1873. m. Eliza
Bolin; James H. b. April 7, 1876, m. Winifred Price; Mary
Susan b. May 30, 1877, m. Seth Littleford; Joseph William
b. Dec. 28, 1879, m. Jane Saby; Lydia Rebecca b. June 7,
1881; Charles Delos b. Dec. 7, 1883, m. Leverne Anderson;
Thomas M. b. March 12, 1886, m. Ethel Fox; Ina Gladis b.
Oct. 31, 1888; Ezra Tollman b. Sept. 30, 1890. Family home
Lehl, Utah.

Elder. Settled at Lehi when a boy and has spent his
entire life in developing the country, building canals, wagon
roads, irrigation ditches and bringing timber from the
mountains for building purposes. Farmer.

GRAY, WILLIAM SYLUS (son of Joseph Reeves Gray and
Mary Franklin). Born Nov. 28, 1858, Lehi, Utah.

Married Phoebe Yates Aug. 3, 1887, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of William Yates and Mary Ann Peck of Bath, Eng.).
She was born Feb. 26, 1872. Their children: Mary Edith
b. June 12, 1888, m. Murray O. Hayes; Phoebe Louisa b. Sept.
19, 1889, m. Claud Emmett Hayes; William Edward b. Aug.
9, 1891, m. Ethel Roberts; Archie Charles b. June 21, 1893;
Hyrum Richard b. Aug. 18, 1895; Elisha Franklin b. July
15, 1897; Jesse Sylus b. Oct. 28, 1898; Myrton James b. June
13, 1901; Eldon Leroy Gates b. Jan. 11, 1903; Ruland Joseph
b. Dec. 14, 1904; Alvin Stanford b. Nov. 13, 1906; Duaine
Yates b. Feb. 27, 1909; Elaine b. Feb. 27, 1909; Ernest Elip-
ton b. Jan. 8, 1912. Family home Lehi, Utah.

Elder. Has spent his life in developing the country in and
around Lehi, building irrigation ditches, canals, wagon
roads and bridges. Freighter and farmer.

GRAY, SAMUEL R. (son of Samuel W. Gray, born June 27.
1823, Kirkintilloch, Scotland, and Sarah Gray, born Oct. 31,
1830, who were married March B, 1852). Born Jan. 19, 1853,
Kirkintilloch. Came to Utah 1861, Joseph W. Young com-

Married Nancy Stewart Aug. 1880 (daughter of William
A. Stewart and Jane Browning; the former came to Utah
1847). She was born Nov. 10, 1861. Their children: Eugene
b. Nov. 10, 1881; John S. b. Feb. 21, 1885; Hazel b. Feb. 1,
1888; Wallace b. May 6. 1891; Archie b. Nov. 7, 1893; Lucille
b. May 30, 1897; Mildred b. March 4, 1900; Leland b. May
6, 1905. Family home Central, Utah.

GREAVES, PETER (son of Thomas Greaves, born 1800, and
Dorothy Gescal of Lancashire, Eng. married 1825 in Lanca-
shire). He was born Aug. 26, 1837, Paterson, N. J. Came to
Utah 1852, Capt. Howell company.

Married Elizabeth Motley June 20, 1858 (daughter of
William Motley and Elizabeth Hughes married 1833, Here-
ford, Eng.; former died at Nauvoo, 111., latter pioneer,
William Wall company). She was born June 10, 1837, and
came to Utah with mother. Their children: Peter b. Sept.
17, 1859, m. Catherine Mortenson; John b. Jan. 24, 1867, m.
Hannah Frost; Albert M. b. March 10, 1872, m. Lorinda

Member first city council of Ephraim eight years; member
last territorial legislative council (senate); commissioner
San Pete county, holding position as chairman two years.

GREEN, ALPHONZO. Born July 8, 1810, Brookfleld, N. Y.
Came to Utah 1847.

Married Betsy Murdock Dec. 29, 1838, Hamilton, N. Y.,
who was born May 6, 1810. Their children: Alva Alphonzo,
m. Ellen Gibson; Sarah Annadellah, m. James Chipman;
Joseph Daniels, and John Murdock, died. Family home
American Fork, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Chadwick, at Salt Lake City, who came
to Utah 1867. Their children: Rastus, m. Emily Adamson;
Alice, m. Joseph Oler. Family home, American Fork.

Died Aug. 6, 1875, at American Fork.

GREEN, ALVA ALPHONZO (son of Alphonzo Green and
Betsey Murdock). Born Nov. 14, 1859, at American Fork.

Married Elizabeth Buckwater (daughter of John and
Sarah Buckwater). Their children: Alva Alphonzo b. Nov.
14, 1859, m. Mary H. Hindley; John Buckwater b. Jan. 31,
1861, m. Annie Proctor; Rastus, died; Sarah Mariam, m.
David P. Pratt; Delia Betsey, m. John I. Chipman; Perry,
died; Jessie, m. Elizabeth Boley; William Quincy, m. Emma

; Margaret Vilate, m. Peter G. Clark; Fred Leroy, m.

Jessie Clark. Family home, American Fork.

Married Ellen Gibson May 2. 1884, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Gibson and Liza Kennedy of Scotland,
pioneers 1862, William Hicks company). She was born
Nov. 26, 1847. Their children: Junta Elizabeth b. June 15,
1885, died; Alphonzo b. April 18, 1887, m. Hilda Boley; Ross
Rodney b. Sept. 16, 1889. Family home, American Fork.

Seventy; ward teacher. City councilman. Farmer and
stockraiser. Died March 2, 1901, at American Fork.

GREEN, ALVA ALPHONZO, JR. (son of Alva Alphonzo
Green and Elizabeth Buckwater). Born Nov. 14, 1859,
at American Fork.

Married Mary Hindley Green Jan. 13. 1880. Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Hindley and Jane C. Robinson of
England). She was born Oct. 23, 1860. Their children:

Mary L., died; Mark Hindley b. Dec. 12, 1880; Jane Feme
b. Feb. 28, 1891; Bessie Irene b. July 6, 1892; Minnie b. Oct.
1, 1898; Anna Maybelle b. July 12, 1901. Family home,
American Fork.

Elder. Farmer and stockraiser.

GREEN, ALVIN (son of Robert Green and Fanny Greely).
Born May 27, 1829. Came to Utah Sept. 19, 1847, Ira Eld-
redge company.

Married Frances A. Gibson Dec. 27, 1850, Brigham Toung
officiating (daughter of George W. Gibson and Mary Sparks
of South Cottonwood, Utah, pioneers 1848, John Brown com-
pany). She was born May 15, 1823, in Mississippi and came
to Utah with parents. Their children: Mary J., m. Isaac Fer-
guson; Frances A., m. Robert Oakden; Alvin W., m. Alice
White; Robert A., m. Carrie Neilson; William A., m. Cena
Jensen; Moses K., m. Sarah Wood; George A., m. Lucy
Graham; Harriet A., m. Joseph Graham. Family home Brin-
ton ward, Murray, Utah.

High priest. Water master at Big Cottonwood 20 years.
Miner; farmer and stockraiser. Died Aug. 3, 1912.

GREEN, GRANDFATHER came to Utah in 1851.

Married Floretta . Their children: Riley, m. Addie

Lambert; Ephraim, m. Sidney Florence Thayne; Sandford,
m. Elnora Elckenson; Benjamin, m. Julia Lark.

GREEN, EPHRAIM. Came to Utah with oxteam.

Married Sidney Florence Thayne at Salt Lake City. Their
children: Chas. Ephraim; John Edward, m. Esther Allen;
Millie May; Amanda Elizabeth, m. Don Carlos Pope; Flor-
etta, m. David Toliver; Elmera, m. Warren L. Allen; Alma,
and Ada, d. infants; Matilda, m. Frank Searle; Sadie Flor-
ence. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Elder. Veteran Black Hawk war. Farmer.

GREEN, HERVEY (son of Ebenezer Green, born Sept. 22,
1777, and Ruth Weed). Born Dec. 4, 1806, in New York
state. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball com-

Married Sally Ann Pickard April 14, 1828 (daughter of
Henry Pickard and Jane Coleman). She was born April
14, 1811, and died in Jackson county, Mo. Their children:
Henry Sheldon b. April 22, 1833, d. at birth; Ammon (twin
of Henry Sheldon), m. Almira Mesick. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Married Jane Rich September, 1837 (daughter of Joseph
Rich and Nancy O'Neal, who were married June 23, 1808,
pioneers 1847, Charles C. Rich company). She was born
Nov. 6, 1813, in Indiana. Their children: Mary Ann b. Aug.
11, 1838, m. William Hyde April 7, 1858; Nancy Jane b. Feb.
7, 1840, m. James H. Raser 1858; Celestia Artemesia b. Jan.
14, 1847, m. George Davis; Joseph Hervey b. July 30, 1850.

GREEN, AMMON (son of Hervey Green and Sally Ann Pick-
ard). Born April 22, 1833, Kaw township, Jackson county,

Married Almira Mesick April 22, 1855, San Bernardino,
California (daughter of Peter I. Mesick and Maria Spencer,
former pioneer July 27, 1847, James Brown company; lat-
ter died in New York state). She was born Nov. 8, 1838,
Leyden, Lewis county, N. Y. Their children: Ammon b.
April 1, 1859, m. Annie Peterson Sept. 6, 1888; Cynthia Lois ;
b. Nov. 25, 1860, m. George Heslop Nov. 1, 1880; Almira b.
March 11, 1862, d. Feb. 22, 1863; Henry Peter b. June 3, 1863,
m. Robina Noyes Nov. 5, 1890; George b. April 22, 1865, m.
Charlotte I. Bartholomew Dec. 16, 1891; William Hervey b.
Sept. 28, 1867, m. Mary Ann Bartholomew Dec. 16, 1891; Al-
bert b. Aug. 5, 1869, m. Minerva Knight; Mary Ann b. March
13, 1871, m. Merlin J. Bartholomew; Edward S. b. Nov. 26,
1872, m. Martha E. Aldous June 13, 1900; Harriet Ann b.
June 13, 1874, m. Ellas Peterson; Charles Lawrence b. April
19, 1876, m. Margaret Peterson; Benjamin F. b. Dec. 28, 1878,
m. Ellen Bartlett Sept. 18, 1901; Emily Maria b. Oct. 5, 1880,
m. Jesse Fowers. Family home West Weber, Utah.

Presiding elder; president seventies; superintendent Sun-
day schools; missionary. Justice of peace; constable. Died
April 23, 1911.

GREEN, AMMON (son of Ammon Green and Almira Mesick).
Born April 1, 1859, Beaver, Utah.

Married Annie Peterson Sept. 6. 1888, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Christian and Maren Peterson, who came to Utah
1875). She was born Nov. 28, 1865, Ringsted. Sor8 amt,
Tyvilsa, Denmark; and died Nov. 21, 1910, West Weber, Utah.
Their children: Annie b. July 11, 188>9; Leonle b. Dec. 5, 1!
Bertha Marguerite b. July 5. 1894; Ammon b. Sept. 26, 1896;
Almira Flint b. Sept. 24, 1902.

GREEN, JOHN H. (son of William Green). Born in Wor-
cestershire, Eng. Came to Utah 1849, Captain Clark com-

Pa Married Susannah Phillips 1834, Acton, Eng. (daughter
of William Phillips), who was born October 1815. Their
children: Thomas; Ann; Charlotte; Robert, m. Sarah Ann
Harris; James; Elizabeth: Emma; Amelia; John H.; Alice
Maud. Family home Kaysville, Utah.

High priest; bishop's counselor. Farmer. Died April le,



GREEN ROBERT (son of John H. Green and Susannah
Phillips). Born April 4, 1842, Nauvoo. Came to Utah with

Married Sarah Ann Harris Jan. 2, 1865, Layton, Utah

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