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1840. and came to Utah In Oct. 1865. Their children: William
Henry b. Jan. 11, 1872, m. Lydia Ballard, 1897; Franklin
T. b. March 1, 1874. m. Jennie Ballard, 1899; Bessie b. March
17, 1877, m. W. R. Ballard June 10, 1896.

Married Elizabeth Clarke (daughter of Amos Clarke and
Ann Thomas), who was born Nov. 29, 1858, in North
Wales Their children: George Heber b. April 20, 1886:
Nettie Ann b. Dec. 14, 1886, m. Pearl Jenkins 1909; Amos
R. b. May 7, 1891; David H. b. July 20. 1894; Samuel H.
b. Sept. 18, 1896; Lula Viola b. June 24, 1898; Spencer G.
b. Sept. 7, 1901. Families reside Newton, Utah.

Bishop of Newton ward 1893-1904.

GRIMMETT, JOHN (son of George and Elizabeth Grlmmett).
Born Jan. 5, 1827, in England. Came to Utah 1855.

Married Sarah Passey (daughter of Thomas and Mar-
gret Passey), who was born June 24, 1818. Their children:
George b. Jan. 11, 1848; Orson b. March 5, 1850, m. Ella
Bernely 1876; Rosina b. Feb. 20, 1852, m. James W. O'Nell;
Hyrum b. Jan. 6, 1854, m. Emma A. Pomeroy Oct. 14, 1875.
m. Hannah A. Sleight June 17, 1894; Sarah Jane b. May
23, 1856, m. Alfred W. Sparks; John Henry b. May 23. 1856.
m. Louisa Nate. Family resided Cedar Fort, West Jordan,
Utah, and Bear Lake Co., Idaho.

GRIMMETT, HYRUM (son of John Grlmmett and Sarah
Passey). Born Jan. 6, 1854, Birmingham. Eng.

Married Emma Adella Pomeroy Oct. 9. 1S75. Salt Lake
City (daughter of Francis Martin Pomeroy and Irene Ursula
Haskell, former came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brlgham
Young company). She was born June 16, 1858. Provo, Utah.
Their children: Hyrum Alberto b. Jan. 24, 1877. m. Annie
McBride Feb. 24, 1897; Rosa Ella b. Dec. 23, 1878. m. Olen
Ockerman; John Francis b. June 15. 1880, m. Bertha C.
Benson; Chester Pomeroy b. May 1, 1883; Sarah Emma Fran-
celle b. Aug. 29, 1888, m. W. W. Young. Family resided
Paris, Dingle, Blackfoot, Idaho, and Lander, Wyo.

Married Hannah Ann Sleight June 17, 1894. Dingle, Idaho
(daughter of Thomas Sleight and Mary M. Wixom of Salt
Lake City). Their children: Fruel Arvina b. Nov. 14. 1895:
Archibald Thomas b. May 2, 1898; Wayne Waldo b. Dec.
21, 1899; Medora Alice b. Nov. 30, 1901; Gordon Edmund
b. April 14, 1901; June Estella b. Aug. 1, 1906; Juno Arvella
b. Aug. 1, 1906; Norma Jane b. July 31, 1910; Carma Mary
b. July 31, 1910.

Deputy sheriff of Bear Lake county 1891-92; deputy
treasurer and assistant postmaster; postmaster at Bryan,
Idaho 1896-1904. Justice of peace 1911-12.

GRIMMETT, HYRUM ALBERTO (son of Hyrum Grimmett
and Emma Adelia Pomeroy). Born Jan. 24, 1877, Dingle,

Married Annie C. McBride Feb. 24. 1*197 (daughter of
James Oliver McBride and Elizabeth Christansen). who was
born June 13. 1892, Hyrum, Utah. Their children: -Chester
Alberto b. Nov. 1, 1898; Pearl Adella b. Dec. 17, 1900: Annie
Ulllla b. Jan. 3, 1903; Violet Ella b. March 23. 1906; Rosa
May b. June 23, 1907; Emma Mildred b. July 30, 1910.
Family home Moreland, Idaho.

GRIFFIN, WIL.L.IAM HYRUM (son of William H. Griffin
and Mary Pitts of Worcestershire, Eng.). Born Nov. 8, 1847,
In Worcestershire. Came to Utah Aug. 20, 1863, James R.
Miller company.

Married Elizabeth Trehern Oct. 3. 1870 (daughter of
James Trehern and Ann Holder), who was born Nov. 9,

GRIMSHAW, JOHN (son of Lawrence Grimshaw and Mary
Duckworth of Accrington, Lancashire, Eng-.). Born June

12, 1811, at Accrington. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1863,
Peter Nebeker company.

Married Alice Whittaker in 1836 at Accrington (daughter
of Lawrence and Mary Whittaker of Accrington). She was
born Dec. 28, 1809. Their children: James, d. Infant: Mary,
died; Elizabeth; Duckworth b. March 3, 1842, m. Mary Jane
Moyes; Susannah, d. infant; Sarah Ann; Alice. Family home
Tottington. Lancashire, Eng.

High priest. Laborer. Died May 25, 1894, Beaver, Utah.

GRIMSHAW, DUCKWORTH (son of John Grimshaw and
Alice Whittaker). Born March 3, 1842. Tottington, Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1862, James Wareham company.

Married Mary Jane Moyes April 4, 1867 (daughter of Wil-
liam Moyes and Mary Eastcott, married Oct. 3. 1840, Ottra-
ham, Cornwall, Eng., pioneers February 1858, San Ber-
nardino company). She was born June 6, 1850. Their chll-
'dren: John G. b. March 15, 1868, m. Mary Elizabeth Bradfield
Jan. 1, 1894; Elizabeth Alice b. May 7, 1870. m. Archie
Fotheringham July 4, 1889: Mary Ann b. Aug. 19. 1872. m.
Josiah Rogerson May 4, 1894; Martha Jane b. Jan. 6. 1875,
m. William T. Rogerson Feb. 6, 1895: Franklin b. March

13, 1877; William Henry b. May 12, 1879, m. Mary May
Hunter Sept. 16, 1902; Ray b. June 12, 1881; Ida b. Jan.
16 1884; Lawrence b. Jan. 19, 1886, m. Delia Parkinson
March 18, 1908; May b. May 1, 1888; Arnold b. Sept. 2, 1890,
m. Myrtle Hodges Jan. 1, 1910: Randolph b. Dec. 28. 1893:
George Whittaker b. Feb. 22, 1896.

Married Ellen Muir April 12, 1887, St. George, Utah
(daughter of John Walter and Grace Muir, married 1860,
pioneers 1852, Capt. Miller independent company). She was '
born Feb. 12, 1855, Cedar City, Utah. Their child: Thomas
Duckworth b. July 7, 1891. Families reside at Beaver.

Assisted in organizing Sunday school at Beaver in June,
1865. and acted in the superintendency for same for twenty-
five years. Has been member of Beaver ward choir for
forty-seven years and still acting: member Beaver stake
high council twenty-six years; clerk of high priest's quorum



a number of years. Worked on St. George temple 1874, and
on Manti temple 1878. Ward teacher; home missionary.
Black Hawk war veteran. City councilman 1881-82, and
1887-88; Beaver city treasurer 1908-09; school trustee; pre-
cinct justice 1905-06 and 1909-12.

GROBSBECK, JOHN A. (son of Nicholas Groesbeck and
Elizabeth Thompson of Springfield, 111.). Born July 14, 1849,
at Springfield. Came to Utah 1856.

Married Ann D. Brlnghurst 1871, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Brlnghurst and Ann Dillworth of German-
town, Pa., pioneers 1847). She was born Aug. 14, 1854.
Their children: John A., m. Tessie Clawson; Frank, m.
Nell Young; Clara, died; Louise, m. E. V. McCune; Florence,
m. J. J. Cannon; Scott; Emma, m. J. O. Nlbley; Mark; Milton,
died; Allen.

Seventy; missionary. Sheriff. Mining. Died 1905, Peru,
South America.

GROESBECK, JOHN A.. JR. (son of John A. Groesbeck and
Ann D. Bringhurst). Born March 22, 1872, Salt Lake City.

Married Tessie Clawson Nov. 29, 1892. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hiram B. Clawson and Margaret Judd of Salt
Lake City, pioneers 1849). She was born Jan. 26, 1872.
Their children: Gay b. Sept. 26, 1895; J. D. b. May 30, 1903;
Katherine b. April 3, 1906. Family home, Salt Lake City.

County treasurer four years. Merchant.

GROESBECK, NICHOLAS (son of Harmon Groesbeck and
Mary Bovee of Springfield, 111., and New York). Born Sept.
6, 1819, Buskirk Bridge, Rensselaer county, N. Y. Came to
Utah Oct. 2, 1856, John Banks company.

Married Elizabeth Thompson March 25, 1841, Springfield,
111. (daughter of John A. Thompson and Ruth Peterson),
who was born Aug. 16, 1820. Their children: Nicholas H.
b. April 27, 1842, m. Rhoda Sanderson Dec. 16, 1862; Stephen
W. b. Sept. 18, 1844, d. Sept. 24, 1846; William b. Jan. 17,
1847, m. Elenor Pack Nov. 2, 1867; John A. b. July 14, 1849,
m. Ann D. Bringhurst Feb. 27. 1871; Helen M. b. Feb. 7,
1852, m. John Morgan Oct. 24, 1868; Hyrum b. July 19, 1854,
m. Ann E. Maycock Feb. 28, 1878; Josephine b. Oct. 13, 1857,
m. John H. Smith April 4, 1877; Samuel S. b. July 14, 1860,
m. Josephine Pettit Dec. 14, 1882; Joseph S. b. Dec. 18, 1864,
m. Sarah A. Blood March 24, 1887; James T., died.

Married Elizabeth McGregor In 1857 at Salt Lake City.
Families resided at Salt Lake City.

High priest; missionary to England 1875. Had charge of
eastern division of Young Express company March to
December, 1857. Salt Lake City councilman one term. Capi-
talist. Died June 29, 1884.

GROESBECK, NICHOLAS H. (son of Nicholas Groesbeck
and Elizabeth Thompson). Born April 27, 1842, Spring-
field, 111. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1856.

Married Rhoda Sanderson Dec. 16, 1862, Springville, Utah
(daughter of John and Rebecca Sanderson, pioneers 1861,
David H. Cannon company). She was born -Dec. 15, 1846,
at Farsley, near Leeds, Eng. Their children: Nicholas H.
b. Jan. 12, 1864, d. Dec. 24, 1865; John Sanderson b. March'

11, 1866, m. Nettle Kerr Feb. 2, 1893; Rhoda R. b. Nov. 16,
1868, m. H. M. Dougall; Elizabeth M. b. July 10, 1871, d.
March 8, 1872; Mary b. Aug. 7, 1873, m. M. W. Bird; Sarah b.
March 10, 1876, m. A. O. Packard; George W. b. April 29.
1878, m. Emma Worsencroft; Louisa b. Aug. 31, 1880; d. June
6, 1881; Phillip E. b. June 5, 1883, m. Dora A. Novacovlch
Sept. 6, 1908; Ralph Amos b. March 6. 1886.

Married Cornelia Melissa Sanford June 28, 1869, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Ira Sanford, pioneer of 1862, and Susan
Clark). She was born Aug. 11. 1849, Augusta, 111. Their
children: Wm. Jesse b. Sept. 3, 1870, m. Hila McKenzie April

12, 1893; Cornelia E. b. July 18, 1873, m. Clarence Snow
Sept. 5, 1900; Abby b. Oct. 21, 1875; Susan b. July 23. 1879.
m. P. M. Kelly June 8, 1905; Marion b. July 22, 1881; Edgar
b. Sept. 14, 1883, d. same date; Josephine b. Sept. 30, 1884:
Helen Mar b. Dec. 18. 1886, m. Ben;). Carlisle Dec. 12. 1906.

Married Katherine Houtz July 21, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jacob Houtz, pioneer 1847, John Taylor com-
pany, and Bridget Daley). She was born Oct. 6, 1862,
Springville, Utah. Their children: Jacob M. b. Dec. 11,
1884, m. Berdena Rothwell Aug. 16, 1907; Katherine b. Nov.
8. 1886; Karl M. b. Aug. 1, 1888, m. Helen E. Ruff Feb. 1,
1910; Eunice b. March 2, 1892, d. March 17, 1892. Families
reside Springville. Utah.

Engaged In mercantile business at Springville 1863-69:
assisted in opening up Flagstaff mine In Little Cottonwood
mining district 1870. Missionary to eastern states 1872,
and to New Zealand 1880-82.

GROESBECK. HYRUM (son of Nicholas Groesbeck and
Elizabeth Thompson). Born July 19, 1854, Springfield, 111.
Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1856.

Married Ann Elizabeth Maycock Feb. 28, 1878. Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Maycock and Helen Leslie of Spring-
vine, Utah, pioneers 1852). She was born Aug. 23, 1856.
Their children: Hyrum b. Dec. 21, 1879, m. Lena Badger,
m. Lue Emma Stephenson; Leslie b. Dec. 24, 1881, m. Hazel
A. Calder; Ethel E. b. Feb. 10, 1884; George M. b. Aug. 11,
1886. m. Luclle C. Clinton; Roy b. May 10, 1889; Nicholas
Mack b. Feb. 7, 1893, d. Oct. 6, 1907. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

High priest. Custodian of Salt Lake City street depart-
ment property. Executor of hia father's estate.

GROVER, THOMAS (son of Thomas Grover and Polly
Spaulding of Whitehall, Washington county, N. Y.). Born
July 22, 1807, Whitehall, N. Y. Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1847,
Charles C. Rich company.

Married Caroline Whiting 1828 (daughter of Nathaniel
Whiting and Caroline Young), who was born in 1809. and
died at Nauvoo, 111., 1841. Their children: Jane b. March
30, 1830, m. James Stewart 1848; Emeline b. July 30, 1831,
m. Charles C. Rich 1846; Mary E. b. 1832, m. Wm. Simmons
1848, m. David Robinson; Adeline b. Feb. 1834, m. Phineas
Daley 1854; Caroline b. 1836, m. John Heath 1855; Eliza
Ann b. March 3, 1839, m. Wm. Simmons, m. Wyman M.
Parker; Emma b. Jan. 1841, d. infant. Family home Nau-
voo, 111.

Married Caroline Eliza Nickerson (Hubbard) Feb. 20, 1841,
Nauvoo, 111. (daughter of Freeman Nickerson and Huldah
Chapman, of Nauvoo, 111., pioneers Sept. 24. 1850, Jackson
Stewart company). She was born June 26, 1808. Their chil-
dren: Percia Cornelia b. 1842, m. Stephen I. Bunnell; Mar-
shall Hubbard, m. Belle Orr; Leonard, d. Infant; Data, d.

Married Hannah Tupper Dec. 17, 1844, Nauvoo, 111. (daugh-
ter of Silas Tupper and Hannah Ladd of Nauvoo, 111.) She
was born March 23, 1823, at Parishville. N. Y. Their chil-
dren: Thomas b. 1846, m. Elizabeth Heiner, m. Louise Picton,
m. Annie B. Saunders; Hannah; Joel, m. Mary Asenath
Richards; Pauline, m. Charles A. Brown; Jededlah Morgan
Grant, m. Eliza Bigler, m. Emma Blackburn, m. Nettie
Lazenby. Died in infancy or early childhood: James, Evelyn,
Hyrum Smith, Silas, Josephine, Jerome, Maria Louisa, Ezra,
John Ladd, Charles Coulson Rich. Family home Farmineton,

Married Lodolska Tupper 1846, Nauvoo temple (daughter
of Silas Tupper and Hannah Ladd, latter pioneer 1853). She
was born May 22, 1829; came to Utah Oct. 12, 1847, Charles
C. Rich company, driving an oxteam across plains. Their
children: Lucy, m. David A. Sanders; Moroni, d. Infant;
Jacob, m. Anna Smith; Napoleon, m. Armelia Bigler; Ed-
ward Partridge, m. Fannie Clawson; Inez, d. aged eight
years; Don Carlos, d. infant. Family home Farmington,

Married Elizabeth Walker 1856, Salt Lake City (daughter
of John William Walker and Elizabeth Coleman of England,
latter a pioneer Oct. 1855, Edmund Ellsworth handcart com-
pany). She was born Oct. 17, 1839. Their children: Clara,
d. child; Walter L., m. Celia Millard; Nettie, d. child; Zeruah,
m. Thomas Poulton; Enoch, m. Amber Call; Pollie, m.
Lorenzo Smith; Alma Fredrick and Samuel, d. in childhood;
Lafayette, m. Ella Parkinson. Family home Farmington,

Married Emma Walker in 1867 at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Henry Walker), who was born March 16, 1837, Bristol,
Eng. Came to Utah with Edmund Ellsworth handcart com-
pany, Sept. 26, 1856. Their children: Keturah b. May 8.
1868, m. W. L. Flint June 1877; Rosella b. March 1860. m.
Henry Simpson 1876; Henry A. b. April 12, 1862, m. Esther B.
Smith Oct. 18, 1886; Amy Blanche b. 1864, d. infant; Vernisha
b. Nov. 1866, m. Ira Poulton 1886; William Frank b. March
1868, m. Lettle Pierce; Abner and David, d. In childhood;
Albert Isaiah b. June 7, 1874, m. Hortense Hess. Family
home Farmington, Utah.

Member of first high council held at Nauvoo; lifeguard
of Joseph Smith; assisted in burial obsequies of martyrs
Joseph and Hyrum; missionary to eastern states, 1844, and
1870; member of Davis stake high council. Probate judge
Davis county two terms; member Utah state legislature at
Fillmore. Farmer. Died Feb. 19, 1886, Farmington.

GROVER, THOMAS (son of Thomas Grover and Hannah
Tupper). Born Nov. 17, 1845, Nauvoo, 111. Came to Utah
Oct. 3, 1847, Charles C. Rich Company.

Married Elizabeth Heiner Feb. 10, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Martin Heiner and Adelgunda Deitzel of Mor-
gan, Utah). She was born April 4, 1847. Their children:
Thomas Martin b. Nov. 27, 1866, m. Isabel Hogg; Evelyn
Maria b. Sept. 3, 1868, m. William Worlton; Hannah b.
Nov. 26, 1870; Adelgunda b. June 7, 1873, m. Alfred J. Hem-
ming; Daniel Wells b. April 8, 1876. m. Martha May Rich;
Pauline Elizabeth b. Nov. 25, 1878; Freeman Tupper b. Aug.
6, 1882. Family resided Morgan and Nephl. Utah.

Married Louisa A. Picton December 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of James Picton and Jane Phillips of England,
pioneers 1852). She was born Aug. 20, 1854. Their children:
Ethel b. Feb. 6, 1879, m. George Wheaton; Louisa Winnette
b. March 26, 1880, m. Daniel A. Robinson; Rosetta b. Aug.
24, 1882; James Picton b. June 14. 1884, m. Lottie Robison;
Fanny Joyce b. May 5, 1887, m. Howard Thackray; Ellen
Genevieve b. June 21. 1889; Lilian b. Feb. 11. 1891; Pearl b.
Nov. 11, 1894; Lula b. Dec. 3, 1896. Family home Morgan.

Married Annie B. Saunders 1885, Logan, Utah. Their
children: Annie May b. 1886; Charles b. 1889; Jerald b.
1902. Family home Morgan, Utah.

President 35th quorum seventies; missionary to The Muddy
1868-71; ordinance worker in Logan temple 1885; ward
teacher; Sunday school teacher; high priest. Assisted in
bringing Immigrants to Utah. Constable Nephl. Utah. Mem-
ber Captain Burton company during Morrlslte war. Stone
mason; farmer; blacksmith.

GROVER. WALTER L. (son of Thomas Grover and Elizabeth
Walker). Born Dec. 25, 1860, Farmington, Utah.

Married Cella Millard Jan. 18, 1883, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Radford Millard and Kathryne Richard*
of Farmington, pioneers Oct. 1863, Joseph W. Young com-
pany). She was born June 16, 1862. Their children: George



Fredrick b. Jan. 8, 1884, m. Mary Vilate Clayton; Walter
Leslie b. June 21, 1886, m. Thorburn Murie; Mary b. April
22, 1888, m. Thomas W. Innes Aug. 21, 1912; Alice b. Sept.
24, 1889, m. J. C. Jensen Sept. 26, 1912; James Mlllard b. Feb.
27, 1891; Thomas Odell b. June 30, 1896; Leland Raleigh b.
May 10, 1899; Preston Legrand b. Nov. 21, 1900; Edna
Kathryne b. Sept. 10, 1907. Family home Garland, Utah.
Pioneer of Bear river valley. Presiding elder and bishop,
Garland ward 1894-1909; member Bear River stake high
council. Elected mayor of Garland Nov. 8, 1911. Merchant.

GROVER, HENRY A. (son of Thomas Grover and Emma
Walker). Born April 12, 1862, Farmlngton, Utah.

Married Esther Beart Smith Oct. 18, 1885, Farmington,
Utah (daughter of Alkanah J. Smith, and Mary Bade Fulcher
of England). She was born April 9, 1869, Farmington,
Utah. Their children: Henry Abner b. June 6, 1886, d.
infant; Royal Andrew b. Aug. 6, 1888, m. Minnie I. Larson
1907; Mary Emma b. March 31, 1890, d. Aug. 13, 1891; David
Smith b. Nov. 19, 1891; Thomas b. Feb. 16, 1894; Ester B. b.
June 10, 1898, d. same day; Ella Spaulding b. Oct. 8, 1900;
Birdie Marie b. Nov. 19, 1904; George Albert b. March 31,
1908; Roscoe b. Sept. 24, 1909, d. in infancy. Family home
Parker, Idaho.

Missionary to southern states and to England; president
113th quorum seventies; high councilor Yellowstone stake.

CROW, HENRY (son of Henry Grow and Mary Riter of
Philadelphia, Pa. Born Oct. 1. 1817, at Norristown, near
Philadelphia, and came to Utah Oct. 1, 1851, with James
Cummings company.

Married Mary Moyer 1834 (daughter of Charles and Eliza-
beth Moyer). She was born in 1818. Their children: Maria
L. b. Sept. 10, 1837, m. Samuel Worthen April 27. 1856;
Charles M. b. Jan. 6, 1840, m. Elizabeth Langlois Jan. 26,
1863; William M. b. May 30, 1842, m. Esther Coffin July 2,
1866; George W. b. Sept. 10. 1845; John W. b. Dec. 21. 1848;
m. Cathrine McKay Nov. 8, 1869; Ann Grow b. Dec. 16,
1851, m. Henry Smith June 21, 1869; Elizabeth b. Jan. 30,
1854, m. Iowa Hall Feb. 8, 1870. Family home Salt Lake

Married Julia M. Veach April 17, 1858, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Veach and Nancy Ann Elliott of
Pittsburgh, Pa., pioneers Oct. 1, 1851). She was born March
10, 1842. Their children: Theodore M., m. Sadie Stuart;
Sylvester Veach b. Aug. 29, 1861, m. Matilda Ann Smith and
Hanna Michelson; Mary Ann, m. Walter Worthen; Julia
Ellen,- m. Andrew Leonard; George Elliot, m. Rose Griffiths;
Amelia, m. John Dobbs; Walter V., m. Belle Bryson; Maud
Rose, m. Will Lowrie; William Henry, m. Elizabeth Adams;
Sarah Elizabeth, m. Ora Maddi; Otto Sylvanus, m. Phebe
Argil; Eugene Parnell, m. Lillie Habish; Frank V., died;
Marco Bartlett, m. Selma Fernstrom. Family home Salt
Lake City, Utah.

Served as bishop of 19th ward, Salt Lake City. Promi-
nent architect and builder. Among the buildings he erected
in Salt Lake City were Social Hall, Mormon Tabernacle
1865-1867, Salt Lake Theater, Z. C. M. I. 1868, Assembly
Hall 1877; also built first suspension bridge in Utah, 1863,
across Ogden river; the first sugar factory in Utah, 1854, at
Sugar House; built several saw mills for President Young
in 1855; the first woolen mills, 1859; the first suspension
bridges over the Jordan and Weber rivers, 1861; and com-
pleted the New Deseret Paper Mills, the first in Utah, in
1883. Missionary to Pennsylvania 1876. City councilman
Salt Lake City 1870-76. Played in the first martial band
in Salt Lake City. Died Nov. 4, 1891.

GROW, WILLIAM M. (son of Henry Grow and Mary Moyer).
Born May 30, 1842, at Philadelphia, Pa.

Married Esther Coffin July 2, 1865. at Huntsville, Utah
(daughter of William B. Coffin and Abigail Starbuck, latter
a pioneer Oct. 3, 1862, Harmon Cutler company. She was
born Aug. 15, 1844, Richmond, Ind. Their children: Mary
Abigail b. March 27, 1866, m. Joseph H. Owen Aug. 15, 1883;
William N. b. Sept. 8, 1867; James A. b. March 16, 1872, m.
Maud Hays Dec. 1892; David H. b. Nov. 19, 1873, m. Mary
Luette Rawson Oct. 1893; Jesse M. b. Oct. 22, 1876, m. Christa
Edith Empey Oct. 1900; Horace I. b. Aug. 8, 1877, m.
Rosella Rounds March 7, 1900; Cyrus L. b. March 10, 1879,
m. Cecilia Yittings June 1899; Charles E. b. Nov. 30, 1882;
Esther E. b. April 16, 1885, m. L. C. Poulter Sept. 6, 1911.

Assisted in locating Huntsville, Utah. In 1867 moved
to western Oregon and on the way assisted in making the
first brick manufactured at Boise City, Idaho; later engaged
in freighting from Umatilla, Ore., to mines of northern
Idaho. Returned to Huntsville, Utah, 1871 and moved to
Ammon, near Idaho Falls, Idaho, in 1880. Farmer.

GROW, JOHN W. (son of Henry Grow and Mary Moyer).
Born Dec. 21, 1848, in Platte county, Mo.

Married Cathrine McKay Nov. 8, 1869, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William McKay and Ellen Oman, pioneers
1856, Captain James Brown company). She was born May
1, 1851, at Thurso, Scotland. Their children: Lena Faverett
b. Sept. 2. 1871; John M. b. June 26, 1874, m. Amelia Wangs-
gaard Oct. 18, 1895; Mary Janett b. Sept. 1, 1876, m. John
Halls Feb. 14, 1895; David Henry b. Nov. 8, 1878, m. Mary
Lofgreen Feb. 22, 1906: Charles Isaac b. Nov 3, 1880 m.
Adelia Abbot Sept. 6. 1910; William Angus b. June 17, 1883;
Cathrine Rosel b. April 3. 1886; Arthur W. b. Sept. 16, 1887,
m. Ella Thurston Nov. 26, 1909; Lorin M. b. Sept. 16, 1889;
Clarence Oman b. Oct. 1, 1891; Isabell b. June IS 1894.
Family home Huntsville, Utah.

Member of bishopi-ic of Huntsville ward.

GROW, SYLVESTER VEACH (son of Henry Grow and Julia
M. Veach). Born Aug. 29, 1861, at Salt Lake City.

Married Matilda Ann Smith Dec. 21, 1880, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of John and Mary Smith of Huntsville,
Utah, formerly of England). She was born May 2, 1861.
Their children: Julia Ellen b. Aug. 21, 1881, m. Christian
Peterson; Mary Ann b. Sept. 2, 1882, m. George Gwilliams;
Sadie M. b. May 25, 1884, m. Sam Slater; Henry b. Nov. 29,
1885, m. Ruth Halls; Sylvester b. Feb. 4, 1889; Ethel b
Aug. 16. 1887, died; Amelia b. Aug. 24, 1891, m. Lev! Walker;
Theodore b. Feb. 21, 1892, died. Family home Huntsville.

Married Hanna Michelson Jan. 29, 1896, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Michelson and Alberta Agnes Lasson
of Huntsville, Utah, who came to Utah from Denmark,
arriving in June 1880). She was born Oct. 7, 1869. Their
children: Veach C. b. Oct. 11, 1896; Theo Matilda b
April 30, 1898; Parnell b. Feb. 24, 1900; Wayne J. b April
30, 1902; Nevil Leo b. April 24, 1904; Samuel Elmo b. Nov
20, 1906; Sylva Johanna b. Oct. 10, 1908. Family home Hunts-
ville, Utah.

Ward teacher. County game warden six years; deputy
game commissioner two years; representative to state legis-
lature. Farmer and sheepman.

GRiriVDVIG, FRANTZ CHRISTIAN (son of Frederik H.
Grundvig and Katherine Maria Frandsen of Jutland, Den-
mark). Born March 27. 1836. Came to Utah in 1865, Miner
G. Atwood company.

Married Jensenia Hostmark in 1857, Copenhagen, Den-
mark. She was born March 26, 1837, and was captured by
Indians while crossing the plains and has never since been
heard from. Their only child, Severin Holger, was born
March 27, 1858, and married Catherine Alflna Palmer.

High priest; missionary to Norway 1863-64. First set-
tled in Salt Lake and afterward in Cottonwood, Richfield
and Fayette, Utah; later he moved to Wellington, Utah.

GRUNDVIG, SEVERIN HOLGER (son of Frantz Christian
Grundvig and Jensenia Hostmark). Born March 27, 1868
at Copenhagen, Denmark. Came to Utah 1866.

Married Catherine Alflna Palmer in 1883 (daughter of
Abram Whitney Palmer and Huldah Catherine Hill of Ogden
and Fayette, Utah). She was born Sept. 8, 1863. Their
children: Severin Francis b. March 7, 1884, m. Beatrice
Adella Pinegar; Orville Abram b. Feb. 14, 1886; Abram b
Feb. 14, 1886; Reuben b. Nov. 20, 1887, died; William Earl
b. Jan. 2, 1889; Don Carlos b. Nov. 29, 1890; Joseph Taylor
b. March 29, 1893; Lenard Allen b. May 31, 1895; Lester Oron
b. July 26, 1897; Daniel Richard b. Nov. 25, 1899- Alflna
Charlottie b. Dec. 10, 1901; Inez Catherine b. Sept. 1, 1904;
Laura Jensenia b. June 26, 1907; Ruby Delilah b March
6, 1911.

Moved from Fayette to Wellington, Utah, 1888. Ward
teacher; counselor in presidency of Y. M. M. I. A.; choir
leader; Sunday school teacher. Constable. Farmer.

GUDMITNDSON, SAMUEL, (son of Gudmund Sommundson,
born Dec. 27, 1804, and Mary Olsen, born July 29, 1805, both
at Kurtsoe, Tellimarken, Norway). Born May 13, 1831, at
Kurtsoe. Came to Utah in early days.

Married Ellen Marie Mork July 1861. Their children:

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