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Brown). Born Nov. 6, 1851, at Werborghs, Derby, Eng.

Married Elizabeth Jane Bitton Nov. 6, 1876, at Ogden,
Utah (daughter of John E. Bitton and Sarah Wintle, pioneers
handcart company, 1857). She was born May 26, 1861, at
West Weber, Utah. Their children: Hannah b. Sept. 3,
1877, m. Henry Williams; Sarah Jane b. April 27, 1879, m.
Wheatley H. Gibson; Louisa b. Feb. 25, 1881, m. Orson Folk-
man; Mary Ann b. Jan. 2, 1883, m. George Goodell; Ida b.
Oct. 23, 1885, m. Joseph Butler; Lorenzo B. b. March 30,
1887; Joseph E. b. Sept. 11, 1889, m. Florence Greenwell
Feb. 12, 1908; Oscar E. b. April 4, 1892, m. Verna Greenwell
July 2, 1910; Ada b. Sept. 25, 1895.

HADLET, SAMUEL (son of George Hadley and Hannah
Brown). Born Nov. 15, 1854, at Derby, Eng.

Married Elizabeth Ann Etherington April 16, 1877, at
Ogden, Utah (daughter of Thomas Etherington and Sarah
Wheeler), who was born Dec. 29, 1858, at Slaterville, Utah.
Their children: Sarah Jane b. Feb. 21, 1878, deceased:
Clara b. March 26, 1880, m. James J. Gibson June 17, 1901;
John Etherington b. Aug. 24, 1882, m. Amy Alvord Dec.
1903; Edith Hannah b. Nov. 20, 1884, m. Thomas McLean
Feb. 17, 1904; Elizabeth Ann b. Aug. 25. 1887, m. James B.
Hunter, Jr. Dec. 1907; Samuel b. Nov. 22, 1889; Emily Alice
b. Feb. 16, 1892; Thomas Albert b. Aug. 7, 1894; George
Leland b. Sept. 30, 1896. Family home West Weber, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to England 1898-1900. Farmer and

HAFEJT, JOHST GEORGE. Born In 1803 at Scherzligen,
Canton Thurgau, Switzerland. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1861,
Sextus E. Johnson company.

Married Magdalena Hafen. Their children: Barbara b.
1835 (d. 1873), m. Ignaz Willl Oct. 18, 1861 (who died July
24, 1863); John George b. Oct. 17, 1838, m. Sussette Bosshard.

Settled at Santa Clara, Utah, In 1861. Died in 1863.

HAFEN, JOHN GEORGE (son of John George and
Magdalena Hafen). Born Oct. 17, 1838, at Scherzligen,
fnnton Thurgau, Switzerland. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1861,
Sextus E. Johnson company.

Married Susette Bosshard Oct. 18. 1861, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Bosshard and Katherine Eglie).
Their children: John; Emma; Edward, died; Herman; George,
died; Adolph; Hermina, died; Sussette; Mina, died; Ernest.

Married Mary Ann Stucke in 1873 (daughter of Samuel
Stucke and Magdalena Stadler). Their children: Albert:
Mary; Bertha; Selina; Wilford, died; Lovina; Leroy.

Married Anna Elizabeth Huber in Nov. 1884 (daughter
of Andreas Huber and Anna Elizabeth Gigar). Their chil-
dren; August, died; Joseph: William and Heber, died; Frank-
lin; Eliesi; Janette, died; Walter

HAGUE, JAMES (son of James Hague of Sheffield, Eng.).
Born in 1823. Came to Utah In 1852.

Married Sarah Ann Beaver in Sheffield in 1842. She was
born Dec. 25, 1823. Their children: James, Jr., m. Sarah
Carson; John Henry, m. Jane R. Peacock; Frank; Joseph,
died; Sarah, m. D. G. Calder; George, died. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

Gunsmith. Died in 1871; shipwrecked between U. S. A.
and England on steamship Gambia.

HAGUE, JAMES, JR. (son of James Hague and Sarah Ann
Beaver). Born Jan. 28, 1844, at Sheffield. Came to Utah
in 1852.

Married Sarah Carson Jan. 1871 at Fairfleld, Utah
(daughter of John Carson and Elvira Egbert of Fairfleld,
pioneers 1861). She was born March 28. 1850. Their chil-
dren: Margaret b. June 16, 1872; Charles b. Sept. 19, 1874,
m. Ida Harmon; Dilla b. Nov. 10 1876; Effle b. Sept. 28.
1879, m. McCandless Moffet; Hazel b. March 2, 1885. died.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Business man. Died Aug. 13, 1911.

HAIGHT, CALEB (son of Samuel Haight of Dutchess county,
N. Y.). Born Aug. 22, 1778. Came to Utah Sept. 22, 1847,
Daniel Spencer company.

Married Keturah Horton Feb. 11, 1799. She was born
May 28, 1777, and died Nov. 18, 1843, at Nauvoo, 111. Thoir
children: Oscar b. Nov. 14, 1800; Harriet Helen b. April
9. 1802. m. John Southard; Julia Ann b. Oct. 6, 1805, m.
William Van Orden; David Bateman b. Oct. 18, 1808. m.
Clarice Buckmyre; Hector Caleb b. Jan. 17, 1810, m. Julia
Van Orden 1829; Isaac Chauncy b. May 27, 1813, m. Eliza
Ann Snider; Eliza Caroline b. Feb. 2, 1816, m. Wesley
Snider; Maria Antoinette b. July 25. 1818, m. Gob Canp
Dibble; Catherine Adelia b. Nov. 28, 1820, m. Dorr P. Curtis.
Family home Sempronius and Windham, N. Y.

HAIGHT, HECTOR CALEB (son of Caleb Haight and
Keturah Horton). Born Jan. 17, 1810, in New York. Came
to Utah in 1847 with second company.

Married Julia Van Orden (daughter of Peter Van Orden
and Mary Crocker), who was born Jan. 19, 1811. Their
children: Mary Adelia b. Jan. 1830, m. John L. Smith;
Hector b. June 20, 1831, d. young; Horton David b. June
20, 1832, m. Louisa Leavitt 1854; Caleb b. July 22, 1834, d.
young; William Van Orden b. Sept. 18, 1841, m. Louise
Turner July 4, 1861. Family home Farmington, Utah.

Married Miss Weiler. Only child: Hector W., m. Nellie
Clawson. Family home, Farmington.

Married Margaret Stewart 1870, Salt Lake City (daughter
of David Stewart and Millie Wilson of Iowa), who was
born March 27, 1850. Their children: Duane Miller (adopted);
Isaac, died; Millie, m. John Dugan, m. Harry Thoburn; Meta,
died; Cora, m. William H. Smith. Family home, Salt Lake

Missionary to Denmark 1855-58. Captain of infantry in
Utah militia. Served as assessor and collector, sheriff and
probate judge 1865-74, all in Davis Co., Utah. Hotel pro-
prietor; farmer and stockraiser. Died June 29, 1882, at

HAIGHT, WILLIAM VAN ORDEN (son of Hector Caleb
Haight and Julia Van Orden). Born Sept. 18, 1841, in Steven-
son county, 111.

Married Louise Turner July 4, 1861, at Farmington, Utah
(daughter of Henry Turner and Ann Steed, pioneers 1857,
Captain Martin company). She was born Sept. 12. 1845.
at Malvern, Worcestershire, Eng. Their children: William
A, b. June 15, 1862, m. Mary E. France Dec. 7, 1882; Julia A.
b. Dec. 8, 1864, m. William France Dec. 20, 1888; Henry
C. b. July 24, 1868, m. Josephine Oviatt June 4, 1889; Alice
L. b. March 9, 1873, m. Albert D. Ford Dec. 11, 1900; Lllliam

E. b. Jan. 20, 1879, m. James C. Brown .Feb. 21. 1901; Grace

F. b. Oct. 21, 1887, m. Alma Norman Jan. 26, 1910. Family
home, Farmington.

Member of relief party sent to meet Martin handcart
company in winter of 1856. Assisted in settlement of south-
ern Utah in 1865. Served in Black Hawk War in 1866.
Missionary to eastern states April 21, 1897-May 11, 1899.
Farmer and stockraiser.

HAIR, JOHN (son of Jeremiah Hair and Bridget Murphy
of Ireland). Born Aug. 15. 1821, at Newcastle, Northum-
berland, Eng. Came to Utah in Sept. 1864, Captain Chan-
dler's train bringing freight.

Married Elizabeth Copeland in Oct. 1868 at Ryap, Durham,
Eng. (daughter of Nicholas Copeland and Johanna Craggs
of Sunderland, Eng.), who was born Feb. 3, 1838. Their
children: Nicholas C., m. Mary E. Haddon; James, m. Martha
Christiansen; Elizabeth, d. infant; Joseph C.. d. infant;
Charles W., d. aged 4 years; George C., d. aged 2 years; John
D., d. aged 2 years. Family home. Salt Lake City.

High priest; block teacher. Manager of lumber company.
Died June 26, 1893, Salt Lake City.

HAIR, NICHOLAS C. (son of John Hair and Elizabeth
Copeland). Born Oct. 21, 1869, at Southwick, Durham, Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 6, 1866, Captain White company.



Married Mary E. Haddon April 27, 1882, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas C. Haddon and Elizabeth Cherry
of Salt Lake City, pioneers 1852, A. O. Smoot company).
She was born Feb. 15, 1860. Their children: John C. b.
March 17, 1883, m. Lillie Waters; Thomas C. b. Nov. 19, 1885;
William N. b. April 29, 1888, d. aged 23 years; Clifford b.
July 7, 1890; Clarence b. Oct. 23. 1892, d. aged 4 years;
Joseph b. Jan. 3, 1899. Family homo. Salt Lake City.

High priest; missionary to England 1904-06; Sunday school
superintendent nine years; first counselor to Bishop William
P. Waters of Bingham ward. Member school board of 43d
district. Miner and engineer.

II AM:. ALMA HELAMATf (son of Jonathan Harriman Hale
and Olive Boyington, both of whom died at Council Bluffs,
Iowa). Came to Utah 1848.

Married Elizabeth Walker. Their eldest child. Alma Hela-
man, m. Elizabeth Percinda Hendricks.

Married Sarah Ann Clark. Their eldest child, Ernest
Frederick, m. Drucilla Harris.

Married Ellen V. Clark Aug. 19, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Daniel Clark and Elizabeth Gower the latter
came to Utah Oct. 26, 1864, with William Hyde company,
the former died crossing the plains to Utah). She was
born Jan. 6, 1848, Colchester, Essex, Eng. Their children:
Edgar Daniel b. Jan. 3, 1868, m. Emma Louisa Seamons
Oct. 1. 1890; Aroet Clinton b. Aug. 17, 1869, m. Elizabeth A.
Seamons Nov. 15. 1893; Arthur Willard b. July 3, 1871, m.
Alice Jacobson Dec. 24, 1903; Franklin George b. July 10,
1874, m. Cora Hammond Nov. 17, 1897; Rosa Ellen b. Dec.
28, 1876, d. Aug. 13, 1897; Alvin Wilford b. Feb. 19, 1879, m.
Julia Dean Oct. 9, 1907; Eugene Clark b. March 26, 1886, m.
Sylvia L. Jensen June 2, 1909; Zina Emeline b. June 11, 1888,
m. Melvin Barrus Dec. 22, 1909.

President of 31st quorum seventies, and later of 17th
quorum; high priest; high councilor in Benson stake; mis-
sionary to eastern states; assisted in organizing first Sunday
school in Grantsville, of which he served as teacher; stake
superintendent of Sunday schools. Settled 'at Grantsville
1854. Participated in Echo Canyon war 1857, and also did
considerable service as guard during the "Move" in 1858.
In 1862 went to the Missouri river in Capt. Home's company
to assist the poor immigrants; on the return trip acted as
wagonmaster and commissary. Moved to Cache Valley
where he served as superintendent of Tooele County Co-op.
Grist Mill. Constable and city marshal. Commissioned by
Governor Durkee as captain's adjutant in territorial militia.
Moved to Smithfleld In 1888. Died March 30, 1908, Logan,

HALE. ALMA HELAMAN, JR. (son of Alma Helaman Hale
and Elizabeth Walker).

Married Elizabeth Percinda Hendricks (daughter of Joseph
S. Hendricks and Sariah Pew), who was born Dec. 16, 1867,
Richmond, Utah. Their children: Elizabeth Percinda b.
Sept. B, 1885, m. Jasper M. Hammon Dec. 18, 1907; Mabel
Fidelia b. March 20, 1889, m. Justin A. Knapp Aug. 17, 1909;
Joseph A. b. May 16, 1893; Alta b. Aug. 25, 1895; Theolia b.
Jan. 16, 1899; LeGrand Sheldon b. Oct. 1, 1901; Leila b. Aug.
10, 1905; Harold Hendricks b. Jan. 21, 1911. Family home
Marysville, Idaho.

Oneida stake clerk; first counselor in presidency T. M. M.
I. A. Oneida stake; clerk Marysville ward; high councilor
of Yellowstone stake.

HALE, ERNEST FREDERICK (son of Alma Helaman Hale
and Sarah A. Clark). Born Sept. 4, 1863. Grantsville, Utah.

Married Drusilla Harris Feb. 23, 1887, Logan Temple, Utah
(daughter of Eli McGee Harris and Elizabeth Gammel). who
was born Sept. 25, 1868, Richmond, Utah. Their children:
Drusilla b. Dec. 25, 1887, m. John Sorensen March 30, 1909;
Grace b. June 8, 1890, m. Jesse Ford March 30, 1909; Pearl
b. May 18, 1892; Ernest Grant b. April 3, 1894; Golden Harris
b. April 12, 1897, d. May 20, 1907; Alminnie b. Jan. 31. 1901,
d. May 28, 1907; Almannia b. Jan. 31, 1901; Douglas Ross b.
July 22, 1903.

Married Mary Amanda Peterson June 19, 1907, Logan,
Utah (daughter of John August Peterson and Maria Hansen,
married 1854, Salt Lake Endowment House). She was born
April 10, 1882, Logan. Their children: Leah b. June 12,
1908; Gladys b. March 26, 1910.

Ward teacher four years and Sunday school teacher sev-
eral years; seventy. Settled in Gentile valley 1887, and
served as superintendent of Sunday schools and home mis-
sionary. On Aug. 24, 1888. was called to preside over Mormon
ward, Gentile valley; ordained high priest and bishop by
Apostle Moses Thatcher; bishop of Cleveland ward; home
missionary of Groveland ward, Blackfoot stake; missionary
to Lost River country; member high council and superin-
tendent religion classes Blackfoot stake. In his early years
he was very skillful in handling wild horses, having broken
to work about 200 head before he was 21 years old. Chief
promoter of Gentile valley creamery, and served as its
first manager; was overseer of the building of the plant
and installing of the machinery. Founded the Cleveland Co-
op, and became Its first president. Assisted in the manage-
ment and building of the bridges over Bear river in that
section of the country. Member building committee and
did a great deal of work on the Central building; worked as
carpenter on Thatcher meeting house, and donated ex-
tensively toward the erection of the Preston academy.
Moved to Grbveland ward, Blackfoot, Idaho, 1905. Overseer
of all the canals along the Sanke river through the southern
part of Bingham county four years.

HALE, JONATHAN H. (son of Alma H. Hale and Sarah Ann
Clark). Born Aug. 10, 1875, Grantsville, Utah.

Married Mary R. Moss April 28, 1897, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Moss and Sarah P. Sessions, both born
at Woods Cross, Utah). Their children: Blanch b. June 25,
1898; Horace b. March 26, 1900; Owen Moss b. Aug. 19, 1901;
Mary b. Feb. 8, 1903; Joseph b. July 18, 1905; Sarah b. March
1, 1907; Nathan b. May 16, 1909; Ezra Foss b. May 29, 1911;
Olive b. April 5, 1913. Family resided Smithfleld, Utah, and
Groveland, Idaho.

One of presidency 147th quorum seventies; missionary to
Tennessee 1894-96; Sunday school superintendent; stake
superintendent Mutual Improvement Association; president
elders' quorum. School trustee. Farmer and dairyman.

HALE, EDGAR DANIEL (son of Alma Helaman Hale and
Ellen V. Clark). Born Jan. 3, 1868, at Grantsville, Utah.

Married Emma Louisa Seamons Oct. 1, 1890, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Samuel Seamons and Louisa Emily Grif-
fith, the former a pioneer with William B. Preston company).
She was born April 18, 1871, at Hyde Park, Utah. Their
children: Varian Edgar b. June 25, 1891; Raymond Seamons
b. June 4, 1893, m. Faunt Killian Dec. 14, 1911; Arden Delos
b. Oct. 3, 1895; Rhoda Louisa b. Sept. 24, 1898; Lyman Maesar
b. March 17, 1901; Merlin Alma b. Nov. 16, 1903; Clayton
Samuel b. Nov. 24, 1906; Calvin Leroy b. Aug. 1, 1909; Karl
Griffith b. Dec. 2, 1911. Family resided Grantsville, Utah,
Gentile Valley and Blackfoot, Idaho.

Engaged in Sunday school work as teacher and in super-
intendency almost continuously 1887-1909. Secretary elders'
quorums 1891-1903 and 1905 to present. Justice of peace in
Bingham county, Idaho, 1910. Farmer.

HALE, AROET CLINTON (son of Alma Helaman Hale and
Ellen V. Clark). Born Aug. 17, 1869, at Grantsville, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Alferetta Seamons Nov. 15, 1893, at
Logan, Utah (daughter of Samuel Seamons, pioneer, William
B. Preston company, and Louisa E. Seamons). She was born
July 26, 1873, at Hyde Park, Utah. Their children: Elmer
Clinton b. Nov. 1, 1894; Katie Louisa b. Oct. 12, 1897; Orvin
Melrose b. April 27, 1900; Delos Griffith b. Sept. 19, 1902;
Ferrin Alma b. May 1, 1905. Family resided Grantsville,
Utah, Gentile Valley and Groveland, Idaho.

Member Mound Valley ward bishopric four years; member
Blackfoot stake Sunday school board since June 1905, and
of the religion class board since Aug. 1911. Farmer.

HALE, ARTHUR WILLARD (son of Alma Helaman Hale and
Ellen Victoria Clark). Born July 3, 1871, at Grantsville,

Married Alice Evangeline Jacobson Dec. 24, 1902, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Julius W. B. Jacobson and Hannah
Evangeline Hall, who came to Utah In July 1877). She was
born Nov. 3, 1879, at Salt Lake City. Their children: Rosa-
lind b. May 13, 1906; Whitney Bryan b. May 3, 1911. d. May
16, 1911; Bernice, b. April 20, 1912. Family resided Logan,
Utah, and Blackfoot, Idaho.

Missionary to Logan Temple 18 months 1897-98; missionary
to California 1898-1902. At time of marriage settled In
Logan, Utah; moved to Blackfoot, Idaho 1905. Class leader
and president Y. M. M. I. A.; ward and Sunday school

HALB, AROET LtJCICS (son of Jonathan Harriman Hale,
born Feb. 1, 1800, and Olive Boyington, born July 30, 1805,
at Bradford, Mass. married Sept. 1, 1825). Born May 18,
1828, at Dover, N. H. Came to Utah Sept. 1848 with Heber
C. Kimball company.

Married Olive Whittle Sept. 6. 1849 (daughter of Thomas
Whittle and Amelia Fullmer, pioneers of Sept. 1848 with
Heber C. Kimball company), who was born Dec. 9, 1833,
in Canada; died Sept. 14, 1860, at Grantsville, Utah. Their
children: Aroet Lucius b. June 6, 1850, m. Eliza Ann Lee
Sept. 11, 1869; Olive Amelia b. July 11. 1852. m. Henry
Sagers Oct. 11, 1869, died, and Robert E. Reed April 17,
1906; Jonathan Harriman b. Jan. 19, 1S54, m. Eliza Clegg
Jan. 3, 1876; Thomas Whittle b. Nov. 29, 1855, d. Nov. 13.
1880; Rachel Susan b. Dec. 1, 1857, m. Thomas Clark Jan.
4, 1875; Solomon Eliphet b. March 22, 1859, m. Louisa
Hunter May 7, 1889. Family home, Grantsville, Utah.

Married Louisa Phippen; divorced three months after
marriage. Their child: Esther b. Nov. 28, 1859, m. Joseph
Acuff Aug. 17, 1878.

Married Louisa Cook Dec. 24, 1861, at Grantsville, Utah
(daughter of Henry Cook and Martha Morris, pioneers of
Sept. 1864), who was born Jan. 25, 1837 at Chichester, Essex,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1861, with Ira Eldrtdge com-
pany. Died May 20. 1910, at Grantsville, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Aroetta b. Nov. 24, 1862, m. Thomas A. Judd Jan. 6,
1886, d. April 4, 1889, and John H. Holgate Sept. 12, 1894;
Clarissa Louisa b. Sept. 30, 1864, m. William S. Matthews
May 7, 1889; Henry Little b. Oct. 28, 1866, d. Nov. 21, 1866;
Leonard Wilford b. March 2, 1869. m. Rosa Judd April 11,
1887; Phoebe Elizabeth b. Aug. 7, 1872, m. Joseph P. Mecham
May 29, 1890; Sarah A. b. Sept. 4, 1874, d. Dec. 6. 1888;
Frank Boyington b. March 27, 1877, m. Grace Robinson
April 23, 1900; Janet b. March 6, 1880, m. John W. Anderson
Oct. 21. 1903. Family home Grantsville, Utah.

Married Charlotte Cook March 18, 1866, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Henry Cook and Martha Morris, pioneers with
John Murdock company). She was born March 7, 1844. in
Sussex, Eng. Their children: George Edward b. April 4,
1867, d. Sept. 18, 1881; Alma Fredrick b. March 11, 1870,
m. Eliza S. McCombs May 16, 1889; Lottie b. Dec. 5, 1872, m.



Davis Hunter May 19, 1890; Benjamin Walter b. Nov. 20.
1874 m. Susan Idella Cazier Feb. 5. 1903; Martha Harriet
b Feb. 25. 1876, d. July 21, 1892; Morris James b. May 19.
1878. m. Lois Call May 9, 1900; Mary Lulu b. Oct. 20. 1882,
m Ira A. Call April 3, 1903; Amy Lucile b. April 6, 1884,
m William A. Osmond March 13, 1907; Louie Ann b. Oct.
10. 1887, m. Willard Call Sept 23, 1909. Family home
Afton, Wyo.

Drummer boy in Nauvoo Legion at time of martyrdom
of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Scout and hunter on journey
to Utah. First settled at Salt Lake City, but later moved
to Tooele. Served in Walker Indian war; commissioned
by Brigham Young-, June 10. 1854, second lieutenant Com-
pany A battalion of life guards, cavalry, G. S. L. military
district; commissioned by Governor Durkee, May 16, 1868,
adjutant second battalion Infantry, Nauvoo Legion at Tooele;
paymaster of G. S. L. military district. In company with
Dimick B. Huntington secured the body, papers, etc., of
Lieutenant Gunnison after he was killed by the Indians
In southern Utah. Assisted in settlement of "Muddy" and
Las Vegas. Nev. ; served as member of bishopric at former.
Member first bishopric Grantsville, Utah; member Tooele
stake high council 24 years; patriarch. Died Dec. 13, 1911.

HALE, AROET LUCIUS II. (son of Aroet Lucius Hale and
Olive Whittle). Born June 6, 1850. at Salt Lake City.

Married Eliza Ann Lee Sept. 11, 1869, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaac Lee and Julia Ann Chapman, pioneers
1862). Their children: Aroet Lucius b. Dec. 20, 1870, m.
Eliza E. Teaman May 7, 1890; Isaac Lee b. Aug. 8. 1873,
m. Mary Hyde Oct. 11, 1900; Jonathan Harriman b. Oct. 9,
1875, m. Alice Moffett April 3, 1900; William W. b. May 14,
1878, m. Ella Brown Oct. 5, 1905; Casper A. b. Dec. 11, 1880,
m. Matilda Thurman July 1. 1903; George A. b. Feb. 22,
1890; Thomas E. b. Jan. 9, 1893. Family home Afton, Wyo.

Teamster In Captain Mumford's company, one of last to
cross the plains with Immigrants in 1868. Settled in Bear
Lake Valley 1869. and in Star Valley, Wyo., 1885. Member
of first high council Star Valley stake. City councilman.
Business manager of the building of the Star Valley Stake

HALE. AROET LUCIUS III. (son of Aroet Lucius Hale and
Eliza Ann Lee). Born Dec. 20, 1870 at Liberty, Idaho.

Married Eliza E. Teaman May 7, 1890 (daughter of Thomas
Teaman and Martha Moore), who was born Sept. 27, 1872,
at Huntsville, Utah. Their children: Eliza Pearl b. Sept.
1, 1891, m. Joseph Michaelson Oct. 6, 1910; Aroet Leo b.
June 18, 1893; Myrtle A. b. Nov. 8, 1896; Louis Holbert b.
Dec. 17, 1897; Hazel Bell b. Oct. 17, 1900; Eugene b. Oct.
29, 1902; William Le Roy b. Nov. 13, 1904; Edward Everett
b. Oct. 28, 1906; Walter Barber b. March 20, 1908. Family
home Afton, Wyo.

HALE, BENJAMIN WALTER (son of Aroet Lucius Hale and
Charlotte Cook). Born Nov. 20, 1874, at Grantsville, Utah.

Married Susan Idella Cazier Feb. 5, 1903, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of Charles Gates Cazier and Susan Blngham), who
was born June 20, 1884, at Bennington, Idho. Their children;
Izora b. May 10. 1904; Charles Benjamin b. Oct.. 6, 1907;
Edward Cazier b. Dec. 3, 1911.

Seventy; missionary to southwestern states.

HALE, MORRIS J. (son of Aroet Lucius Hale and Char-
lotte Cook). Born May 19, 1879, at Grantsville.

Married Lois Call May 9, 1900, at Logan, Utah (daughter
of Joseph H. Call and Sarah Isabel Barlow of Bountiful,
Utah), who was born May 28, 1880, at Bountiful. Their
children: Lamar M. b. March 21, 1901; Hattie L. b. Dec.
28, 1902; Vasco Lester b. Feb. 10, 1905; Charlotte Isabel
b. March 19, 1907, d. July 4, 1908; Clarence b. June 14,
1909; Wilford b. May 30, 1911. Family home Afton, Wyo.

Member 103d quorum seventies; president elders quorum
1899-1905; stake superintendent Y. M. M. I. A. since 1909.
At Afton served as city marshal 1902-04; member city council
1906-11; mayor of Afton 1911-13. Farmer and stockraiser.

1856, and into Bear lake valley 1857. Settled at Liberty,
Idaho, 1865, and at Soda Springs 1872. and in Gentile
valley 1875. Engaged heavily in stock raising. Member
Bear lake stake high council 1865-75; first counselor in
Oneida stake presidency 1884-1907. Moved to Preston, Idaho,
1890, where he superintended erection of Oneida stake acad-
emy. Indian interpreter. Commissioner Oneida county,
Idaho; elected mayor of Preston, 1907.

HALE, SOLOMON HENRY (son of Jonathan Harriman Hale
and Olive Boylngton of Quincy, 111., both of whom died at
Council Bluffs, Iowa, Sept. 1846, leaving four children, Aroet
Lucius, Rachel, Alma Helaman and Solomon Henry, all of
whom came to Utah in 1848). Born April 20, 1839, at Quincy,
111. Came to Utah 1848 with Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Anna Clark April 17, 1863 (daughter of Samuel
Clark and Rebecca Garner), who was born April 19, 1841.
Their children: Solomon Henry b. May 30 1864, m. Ginerva
Nowlin Dec. 8, 1886; Jonathan Joseph b. July 26, 1867,
d. March 12, 1876; Samuel Clark b. April 24. 1870, d. Feb. 7,
1876; Hattie Vllate b. Sept. 10, 1872, m. Milton H. Thatcher
June 11, 1890, d. Aug. 1908; Arta D'Christa b. April 19,
1877, d. June 29, 1878; Heber Quincy b. March 6, 1880, m.
Bessie Gudmundson Jan. 17, 1906; Aroet Alma b. Oct. 29,
1881, m. Florence Belnap Nov. 5, 1906; Anna LaVinna b. Aug.
14, 1884, m. James H. Cannon April 5. 1911.

After coming to Utah resided at Salt Lake and Farm-
ington until 1854. Went with herd of cattle with first
settlers to Cache Valley 1856, but returned to Salt Lake
at time of Johnston's army Invasion in 1857. Expert horse-
man, broke wild horses for pony express company in 1862;
commissioned by President Abraham Lincoln as wagon-
master for Utah volunteers company, which set In order
stage stations and telegraph line between Salt Lake and
Missouri river, which had been destroyed or damaged by
Indians. Headed exploring party into Bear river valley

HALES, CHARLES H. (son of Stephen and Mary Ann Hales,
of Rainham, Kent, Eng.). Born June 17, 1817, in Kent.
Came to Canada in 1832, and to Utah in September, 1852.

Married Julia Ann Lockwood Oct. 31, 1839, at Quincy,
111. (daughter of George Lockwood and Anas Gillet, of
Buffalo, N. T., pioneers Sept. 1852). She was born Aug. 10,
1824. Their children: Julia A.; Stephen F.; Eliza Ann;
George G.; Mary I.; Charles H.; Joseph L.; John T.; William
H.; Mariah J.; Jonathan H.; Harriet E. Family home Spanish

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