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1834, and came to Utah Oct. 24, 1854, William A. Empey
company. Their children: Obed Edwin b. Feb. 13, 1856, m.
Margret Aycock July 19, 1883; Isaiah b. Nov. 8, 1857; Hannah
Mariah b. Dec. 12, 1859, m. Thomas Logan May 27, 1883;
Catherine Monsell b. Nov. 1, 1861; Sarah Ann b. Aug. 11,
1863, m. David R. Sinclair Sept. 19, 1889; Josephine b. Nov.
9, 1864, m. Joseph Rice July 1, 1891; Joseph Peter b. Nov.
28, 1866, m. Charlotte Adair 1895; Emma Elizabeth b. Dec.
18, 1869, m. Andrew Edwards 1892; William Haynes b. July
18, 1872, m. Morey James; Mary Ellen b. Aug. 6, 1873, m.
Alonzo Johnson. Family home Clover Valley, Lincoln
county, Nev.

Missionary among the Indians of Southern Utah 1858-61;
high priest. First lieutenant in militia Tooele county;
minuteman. Justice of peace at Clover Valley, Nev.

1882, m. Theopholis Chambers; Hyrum T. b. Aug. 19, 1884;
David b. Nov. 11, 1887, m. Delia VanWagronen; Emma A. b.
Dec. 8, 1888, d. aged 4. Family home Midway, Utah.

Member 66th quorum seventies; ward teacher. Assisted
in bringing immigrants to Utah 1862. Veteran Black Hawk
Indian war. Farmer.

HAMER, SAMUEL (son of Samuel and Jane Thornley of
Bolton, Lancashire, Eng.). Born Aug. 31, 1831, Bolton,
Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 1851, Orson Pratt company.

Married Ann Albion Nov. 5, 1857, Salt Lake City, Bishop
Kesler officiating (daughter of James Albion and Ann
Byers of Eng., formerly a pioneer 1851, handcart company).
She was born May 2, 1835. Their children: Ann M., d.
youth; Jane; Samuel, d. youth; John, m. Nellie Jones; Dan-
iel, m. Ellen W. Halverson; Jessie, d. young; Clara, m. Rob-
ert A. Moyes; Joseph, d. aged 3; David H., d. aged 1; Willard,
m. Maria Stevenson.

Married Sarah Openshaw July 8, 1870, Salt Lake City,
Brigham Young officiating (daughter of Job Openshaw and
Nancy Beswick of Manchester, Eng., came to Utah June
1869). She was born Dec. 21, 1848. Their children: Nancy
Ellen b. Aug. 20, 1871, m. Albert S. Reiser; Samuel Ernest
b. May 1, 1873, m. Sarah Jane Burton; Martha Matt b.
Jan. 19, 1875, m. Oscar W. Nyberg; Mary b. June 19, 1877,
m. Hyrum B. Smith; Walter b. Sept. 10, 1879, m. Mary
Stevenson; Emma b. March 9, 1882, m. Newton C. Schellen-
ger; William Franklin b. Sept. 22, 1884, d. infant; Elsie
b May 22, 1890, m. Frank Taysum. Families resided Salt
Lake City.

Seventy; home missionary; counselor to James Henry,
bishop of Panaca ward, Nev.; high priest. Patrolman at Salt
Lake City. Machinist and blacksmith. Died Feb. 8, 1895.

HAMILTON, ANDREW M. (son of James Baker Hamilton of
Ohio). Born in Ohio. Came to Utah 1852, Bryant Jolly

Married Ella Wilson, in Tennessee. Their children: Ely,
m. Sarah Orton; Zacharlah; David, m. Ellen Bennett; Lovisa,
m. John Butler, m. Moroni Olney; Joseph, d. aged 9;
James B., m. Martha Shelton; Brigham, d. aged 46; Cath-
erine, m. Ephraim Van Wagonen; Malissa, m. Moses Reeves;
William, d. infant. Family resided Springville and Richfleld.

Seventy; bishop's counselor at Midway, Utah; presiding
bishop of Juniper, Arizona; missionary. Veteran Walker,
Black Hawk and Tintic Indian wars. He was sealed to Jo-
seph Smith's family. Miller and carpenter. Died at Spring-
ville, Utah.

HAMILTON, DAVID F. (son of Andrew M. Hamilton and Ella
Wilson). Born May 27, 1833. Came to Utah 1847, oxteam

Married Martha Ellen Bennett Nov. 18, 1858, at Spring-
vine, Utah (daughter of David Bennett and Jenna Lowell,
both of Illinois). Came to Utah 1847, Rodolphus Bennett
oxteam company). She was born March 1, 1840. Their
children: David William b. April 22, 1860, m. Eliza Bird;
James Alma b. Jan. 18, 1862, m. Susan Waggner; Robert
b. Jan. 20, 1864, d. aged 13; Rodolphus b. Dec. 11, 1866,
d. Infant; Henry b. May 11, 1868, d. infant; Brigham b.
March 31, 1869, m. Ella Gentry; Calvin b. July 20. 1871, m.
Melia Hunt; Ellen b. Sept. 4, 1873, m. Frank D. Warren;
Emma b. March 14, 1875, m. Frank Wiseman. Family home
Richfield, Utah.

Member of the church. Indian War veteran. Farmer;
stockraiser. Died Nov. 18, 1893, at Price, Utah.

HAMILTON, JAMES B. (son of Andrew M. Hamilton and
Ella Wilson). Born Nov. 2, 1842, Hancock county, 111.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Martha Shelton Dec. 17, 1865, Mound City, Utah
(daughter of Stephen Shelton and Abigail Harris, pioneers
1850, Melvln Ross company). She was born June 22, 1844.
Their children: Ella A. b. Nov. 4, 1866, m. Lev! Snyder;
Nancy J. b. Nov. 13, 1868, m. Joseph Nielson; James A. b.
March 6, 1870, m. Lizzie Kummer; Lovisa b. March 25, 1873,
m. Kimball Snyder; Margaret b. May 7, 1876, m. William
Campbell; William B. b. June 19, 1878; Mary b. Feb. 16,

HAMILTON 1 , JAMES McDONALD (son of John Hamilton,
Jr., and Mary McDonald of Hamilton's Fort, Iron county,
Utah). Born Oct. 15, 1859.

Married Jane Elizabeth Gower May 2, 1881, at Cedar City,
Utah (daughter of Thomas Gower and Martha Ann Stock-
dale). Their children: James Donald; Martha Isabelle.
Family home Hamilton's Fort, Utah.

HAMMER, HANS ANDERSON (son of Hans Hammer of
Burgholm, Denmark). Born Oct. 11, 1829, at Burgholm,
Denmark. Came to Utah 1864.

Married Anna C. Reese 1853. Their children: George b.
1858; Maggie b. 1860, m. Edward Cox 1886; Aldora b. 1862,
m. Henry Ashton 1887; Julius; John; William. Family
home Lehi, Utah.

Married Anna Christina Orego 1868 (daughter of Chris-
tian Larsen Orego, pioneer of 1866, and Maria Peterson),
who was born 1839. Their children: Myria b. 1868; Eliza-
beth b. 1869; Joseph b. 1871, m. Zerelda Egbert 1897; Chris-
tian b. 1873; Alma b. 1875; Moses b. 1877; Samuel b. 1879, m.
Linda Stewart 1899.

Settled at Salt Lake City 1854, moved to Lehi, Utah, 1858.
Worked on temple. Trader; hotel and livery keeper. Died

HAMMOND, FRANCIS ASBITRY (son of Samuel Smith Ham-
mond and Charity Edwards of Patchogue, Long Island,
N. T.). Born Nov. 1, 1822, Patchogue, N. T. Came to Utah
Nov. 1848.

Married Mary Jane Dilworth Nov. 17, 1848, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Caleb Dilworth and Eliza Wollerton of
Lionville, Chester county, Pa., former came to Utah July
24, 1847, Edward Hunter company, latter 1848, Jedediah M.
Grant company). She was born July 29. 1831. Their chil-
dren: Francis Asbury, d. while on a mission; Samuel Smith,
m. Eleonora Marie Sorensen; Fletcher B. m. Chalista Bron-
son; Mary Moiselle, m. George Halls; Eliza Dilworth, m.
Mons Peterson; Luella Adelaid, m. Thomas Halls; Joseph
Heber, m. Isa Wright; George Albert, died; William Edmond,
died; Maybell Ophelia, m. Hyrum W. Fielding; Lizzie Fon-
tella, d. child; Amelia May (died) m. J. U. Allred. Family
home Huntsville, Utah.

Member 59th quorum seventies; missionary to Sandwich
Islands 1850-55; 2d counselor to Bishop C. W. West of
Ogden; president of a branch; bishop; president San Juan
stake. County commissioner; justice of peace; member
legislature. Farmer; stockraiser; dealer in boots, shoes
and saddlery. Died Nov. 27, 1900, Largo, N. M.

HAMMOND, SAMUEL SMITH (son of Francis Asbury Ham-
mond and Mary Jane Dilworth). Born April 15, 1853, La-
haina Maui, Sandwich Islands.

Married Eleonora Marie Sorensen July 14, 1881, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Christian Sorensen and Nelsine Anderson
of Huntsville, Utah, who came to Utah July 2, 1872, Anthon
H. Lund company). She was born May 4, 1863, in Den-
mark. Their children: Samuel Smith, m. Vera Wilde; Zina
Eleonora, m. Alfred Agren; Clara May, died; John Henry;
Eda May, died; Genevieve. Family resided Huntsville, Utah,
Mancos, Colo., and Moreland, Idaho.

One of presidents of 76th quorum seventies; missionary to
Sandwich Islands 1889-92; to Navajo Indians 1887; president
high priests' quorum; bishop's counselor. Farmer and

HAMMOND, JOHN. Born 1799 in England; came to Utah
1848, Brigham Young company.

Married Mary Luvica Parker 1821 in New York, who was
born September 1797. Their children: Joseph; Mary; Sarah;
Sufrona. Family home South Cottonwood, Utah.

Died 1859 at South Cottonwood, Utah.

"HAMMOND, JOSEPH (son of John Hammond and Luvica
Parker). Born June 14, 1822, In New York. Came to Utah
1848 with his father.

Married Elizabeth Egbert March 1843, Hancock Co., 111.
(daughter of John Egbert and Susanna Hann both of Little
Cottonwood, Utah, pioneers 1848, Brigham Young company).
She was born March 22, 1824. Their children: John E. b.
Jan. 1, 1844, m. Baling Walker; Robert A. b. Oct. 1845, m.
Sarah Wilson; Joseph, d. child; Susannah b. Jan. 10, 1850,
m. James Deans; Elizabeth, m. Hosea Stout; Luvica Ann, d.
infant; Helen Josephine, m. Peter Hanson. Family home
St. George, Utah.

Married Delta Kelsy at St. George, Utah. Their children:
Orson: Abigal. Family home St. George, Utah.

HAMMOND, JOHN EGBERT (son of Joseph Hammond and
Elizabeth Egbert). He was born Jan. 1, 1844, Hancock
county. 111.

Married Sellna W. Walker Nov. 21. 1862, at South Cotton-
wood, Utah (daughter of Henry Walker and Anne Preece
of Herefordshire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1853, with
Claudius V. Spencer company). She was born April 19,



1841, at Little Elm, Herefordshire. Their children: John H.
b. Dec. 29, 1863; Joseph E. b. April 8, 1866, d. Sept. 17, 1867;
Elizabeth J. b. June 6, 1868; Gorilla S. b. Oct. 24, 1870; Wil-
ford E. b. Oct. 24, 1872; Annie V. b. June 13, 1875; Nellie S.
b. Dec. 20, 1877; Lillie b. April 18. 1880; Rose E. b. Sept. 14,
1882, d. Aug. 6, 1884; Alice H. b. Dec. 17, 1886, d. July 20, 1893.
Family home Eagle Valley, Nev.

Moved to St. George, Utah, 1862; and from there to Eagle
Valley, Lincoln county, Nev., 1865. Presiding elder Eagle
Valley branch of Panaca ward in Nevada five years. Farmer
and gardener.

HAMMOND, MILTON D. (son of Nathaniel R. Hammond and
Alzina Spencer of Michigan). Born Oct. 7, 1831, in New
York. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Lovisa Miller Dec. 11, 1853. Farmington, Utah
(daughter of Daniel A. Miller and Clarlsa Palm of Farming-
ton, pioneers 1848). She was born Oct. 1, 1834. Their chil-
dren: Melvin M., m. Sarah Thornton; James T., m. Leonora
Blair; Clarisa Alzina, m. J. H. Brown, Jr.; Estus "W., m. Ida
Pitkin; Lionel, m. Ester Gamble; Datus R., m. Sarah Gamble;
Lovisa, m. Andrew A. Allen, Jr.; Viola; Daniel A.; Minnie,
m. Robert Allen. Family home Providence, Utah.

High priest; bishop Providence ward; counselor to presi-
dent of Cache stake. Probate judge of Cache county many
years. Farmer; machine and implement dealer.

HAMMOND, JAMES T. (son of Milton D. Hammond and
Lovisa Miller). Born Dec. 11, 1856, Farmington, Utah.

Married Leonora Blair Dec. 18, 1884, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Seth M. Blair and Sarah Jane Foster of Logan,
Utah, pioneers 1849). She was born Dec. 22, 1860. Their
children: James T. b. Dec. 11, 1886; "Wendell B. b. Oct. 31,
1888; Roscoe E. b. Feb. 19, 1891. Family home, Salt Lake

Member 124th quorum seventies; missionary to southern
states 1881-83. Clerk, recorder and attorney Cache county;
president board of education, Salt Lake City; member state
legislature two terms, and state senate one term; secretary
of state 1895-1904. Attorney-at-law.

HAMPTON, BENJAMIN (son of Benjamin Hampton and
Patience Schull). Born Feb. 11, 1827, Philadelphia, Pa.
Came to Utah October 1853, Moses Clawson company.

Married Adelaide Eugenia Grant Jan. 30, 1864, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joshua Grant and Loufse Marie Goulay
of Salt Lake City, pioneers Sept. 2, 1851. private company).
She was born Oct. 4. 1845. Their children: Adelaide; Grant,
m. Catherine Aurelia Lowe; William Goulet, m. Hattie
Lyman; Horace Benjamin, m. Jean Pearson; Robert Roy, m.
Margaret Howat; Joseph Eugene, d. Dec. 1, 1877. Family
home. Salt Lake City.

Miner and smelting man.

HAMPTON, GRANT (son of Benjamin Hampton and Ade-
laide E. Grant). Born Sept. 8, 1867, Salt Lake City.

Married Catherine Aurelia Lowe Sept. 15, 1904, Salt Lake
City (daughter of George A. Lowe and Anna M. Dewing).
Their children: Anna b. July 21, 1905; Aurelia b. Aug. 28,

HANCEY, JAMES (son of George Hancey, born 1806, and
Hannah Reynolds, born June 16, 1811, both 6f Suffolk,
Eng.). He was born Sept. 1, 1835, Chedeston, Suffolk. Came
to Utah Sept. 4, 1860, Franklin Brown company.

Married Rachel Seamons Oct. 12, 1855 (daughter of Henry
Seamons, who died Feb. 14, 1860, Omaha, Neb., and Mary
King, pioneer Sept. 4, 1860, Franklin Brown company
married 1832). She was born May 31, 1834. Their children:
James Sands b. March 24, 1856, m. Ellen Balls Oct. 9, 1879;
George Henry b. June 21, 1858, d. Sept. 25, 1859, Omaha;
Horace William b. Feb. 25, 1860, m. Jensine Christensen
March 5, 1890; Mary Eliza b. Feb. 1, 1862, m. William Metcalf
July 8, 1880; Henry Edwin b. Feb. 19, 1864, m. Nellie M.
Hyde July 7, 1892; Amelia Rachel b. Jan. 19, 1866, m. John
A. Woolf May 8, 1884; Alvin David b. Feb. 15, 1868, d. Feb.

26, 1868; Jesse Samuel b. June 8, 1869, m. Christine Erhartsen
March 5, 1890; Alma John b. June 5, 1871, m. Ellen E. Thurs-
ton Dec. 16, 1897; Hannah Elizabeth b. Aug. 2, 1873, m.
William Henry Price Nov. 16, 1891; Arthur Claudius b. April
14, 1876, m. Minnie Bybee Dec. 6, 1901. Family home Hyde
Park, Utah.

Married Louise Purser April 9, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Francis Purser, pioneer Thomas Ricks com-
pany, and Frances Eynon, died while crossing ocean to
America married in Pembrokeshire, Wales). She was
born July 17. 1843, in Wales. Their children: Frederic P.
b. Sept. 24, 1866, m. May Emily Hebdon April 24, 1897; Laura
Louise b. Dec. 15, 1867, d. Feb. 21, 1868; Lottie Lorenne b.
Dec. 19, 1869, m. Joseph Broadbent Dec. 8, 1886; Lillian b.
Oct. 13, 1870, d. Jan. 7, 1877; Lettie Bell b. Aug. 27, 1872,
m. George Q. Rich Dec. 9, 1891; Leonora b. May 15, 1874, d.
June 22, 1874; Lula b. May 9, 1875, m. Otto B. Erlandson
June 12, 1895; Moses Moroni b. Oct. 28, 1877: Justus Edmund
b. April 4, 1889, m. Elizabeth Monk July 27, 1910. Family
home, Hyde Park.

Married Annie Marie Christopherson Oct. 10, 1879, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Christian Christophersen and Chris-
tine Nielsen; married 1860, Aalborg, Denmark, and came to
Utah 1875). She was born March 9, 1863, at Aalborg. Their
children: Rachel May b. May 3, 1881, m. George Kirby Feb.
5 1902; James Alfred b. July 2, 1883, m. Susan Arnold June

27, 1900; Mary Menetie b. Oct. 7, 1885, m. Martin C. Reeder
May 19, 1905; George Ernest b. Jan. 17, 1888; Leander b.

May 12, 1890; Leslie Peter b. Oct. 1, 1892; Evan Homer b.
Dec. 25, 1894; Clarence b. March 8. 1897; Georgiana b May
23, 1899; Lillian b. June 26, 1902; Aleda b. May 2, 1904.

Elder. Assistant surgeon in Utah militia in 60's. Car-
penter and builder; cabinet maker; wheelwright; machinist-
dentist. Inventor of automatic spill-gate used in Logan
Canyon. Registration and health officer of Hyde Park Utah
Died April 6, 1913.

HANCET, JAMES SANDS (son of James Hancey and Rachel
Seamons). Born March 24, 1856, on the ship Caravan on
Atlantic ocean.

Married Ellen Balls Oct. 9, 1879, Salt Lake City (daughter
of John Balls and Sarah Baxter, pioneers Sept. 2, 1868. Simp-
son M. Molen company). She was born Nov. 3, 1859, Chedes-
ton, Eng. Their children: Sarah Ellen b. Sept. 7, 1881 m
Willon Wildmun June 4, 1903; James Sands, Jr., b. Nov.' 10,
1883. m. Florence I. Merrill June 28, 1905 (died 1908), m.
Mabel Benson Jan. 15, 1912; John Willard b. Nov. 7 1885
m. Vira C. Hansen Nov. 3, 1909; George Leonard b. May 15
1888; Susie b. June 27, 1890; Norval Heber b. Dec 8 1892-
Vilate b. April 6, 1896; Manila b. Feb. 12, 1899. Family home
Hyde Park, Utah.

Elder. Snare drummer Utah militia in '60's. Organist for
church choir and Sunday school 1875-1903; organist for all
priesthood meetings; teacher and leader of first brass band
10 years, of second brass band eight years; member of pres-
ent brass band, arid of Home Dramatic Company nine years.
Carpenter and builder; painter and paperhanger; keeps fur-
niture and repair shop.

HANCOCK, C. B. (son of Solomon Hancock, born Aug. 14,
1793, Springfield, Mass., and Sarah Herrick Adams, born May
17, 1795. Pawlet. Vt. married March 12, 1815). He was
born in 1823 at Columbus, Ohio. Came to Utah 1847 with an
independent company.

Married Samantha Rawson in 1850 at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Horace Rawson and Elizabeth Coffin, pioneers
1849). She was born in 1830. Their children: C. B. b. Jan.
1, 1851. m. Louisa Shurtliff 1874; Cornelia Samantha b Aug
16, 1852, m. Noah Shurtliff; Alta Percillia b. Dec. 27. 1863 m,
Francis Shurtliff. Family resided Harrisville, Weber Co,

High priest; second bishop of Payson, Utah. Farmer;

HANCOCK, C. B., JR (son of C. B. Hancock and Samantha
Rawson). Born Jan. 1, 1851.

Married Louisa Shurtliff Sept. 28, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Luman Shurtliff and Mary Adams), who was
born in 1856 at Ogden, Utah. Their children: Charles Wil-
liam b. March 1, 1876, m. Martha Richardson; Mary Samantha
b. Aug. 22, 1877, died; George b. Dec. 25. 1879, m. Florence
Bennett 1904; John Riley b. March 5, 1881; Ida Luella b.
Dec. 6, 1883, m. Hyrum Bowman; Cyrus Alvin b. Dec. 8 1885
m. Nettie Griddle; Chloe Larinda b. May 13, 1887. m. Hyrum
Curtiss; Alma b. Aug. 16, 1889. m. Lucella Baker; Louisa
Adeline b. June 27, 1893, m. John Hatfield Jan. 19, 1911; Louis
Delbert b. July 2, 1895.

HANCOCK, JAMES (son of William Hancock and Susan
Hooper of London, Eng.). Born Aug. 27, 1827, London.
Came to Utah 1852, Abraham O. Smoot company.

Married Ann Melsom Hughes (daughter of John Hughes
and Sarah Stephenson), who was born June, 1825, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Joseph Hiram
b. April 27, 1849, m. Mary Anna Glover; Susan b. Nov. 13,
1852, m. Jacob Sorensen; James Brigham b. July 10, 1856,
m. Emma Sorensen; Anna Mary b. April 7, 1857, died. Family
resided Salt Lake City and Mendon, Utah.

Veteran Echo Canyon war. Guard of Brigham Young's
residence. Helped to build the walls of temple and taber-
nacle. Ward teacher; high priest. Was in first settlement
at Mendon. Assisted in irrigation and making ditches.

HANCOCK, JOSEPH HIRAM (son of James Hancock and
Ann Melsom Hughes). Born April 27, 1849, Bradford, York-
shire, Eng.

Married Mary Anna Glover 1872, Salt Lake City, her birth-
place. Their children: Joseph William b. April 19, 1876, m.
Agnes Richards; Jane Melsom, m. Walter J. Sloan; Mary
Luella b. July 10, 1878, m. Julius Hauerbach; James Autie
b. Aug. 23, 1880; Orson; Oscar; Chloe May b. Nov. 8, 1889.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Drove team to Weeping Water, Mo., for immigrants.
Member cavalry under Colonel Ricks. High priest. Farmer.
Hotel keeper.

HANCOCK, 1.EVI W. Came to Utah in 1847, with contin-
gent Mormon Battalion, Company E.

Married Clarissa Reed of Vermont. Among their children
was John, born April 19, 1845, married Julia C. Huntington
July 24, 1865.

Fourth of the seven presidents of first quorum seventies
organized in the L. D. S. church. Musician in Company E
of Mormon Battalion. Delegate from Utah county to first
legislative assembly 1851.

HANCOCK, JOHN (son of Lev! W. Hancock and Clarissa
Reed of Vermont, pioneers 1847. Mormon Battalion). Born
April 19, 1846. Came to Utah with parents in 1847.

Married Julia C. Huntington July 24, 1866, Salt Lake City,
by Dimmick B. Huntington (daughter of Dimmick B. Hunt-



ingrton and Fannie M. Allen of Salt Lake City, pioneers July
28, 1847, Mormon Battalion). She was born June 21, 1848,
Salt Lake City. Their children: Caroline b. April 19, 1866,
d. infant; John E. b. June 3, 1867, m. Elizabeth Moss; Dim-
mick B. b. Feb. 10, 1870, m. Annie White; Julia b. April 3,
1872, d. ag-ed 8; Fannie b. Oct. 9, 1874, d. aged 5; Lot b. Aug.
18. 1876, m. Susan Coon; Martha b. Dec. 19, 1879, m. Jacob

HANCOCK, THOMAS (son of William Hancock and Hannah
Harvey of Derbyshire, Eng.). Born July 3, 1844, Derbyshire.
Came to Utah Oct. 7, 1866, Captain Scott company.

Married Sarah A. Macduff May 29, 1864, Chesterfield, Eng.
(daughter of John Robertson Macduff and Ellen Hancock of
Chesterfield, pioneers Oct. 1864, Captain Warren company).
She was born Oct. 16, 1844. Family home. Salt Lake City.

High priest; missionary to England 1896-98; block teacher.
Lime burner.

HANDLEY, GEORGE (son of George Handley and Jane
Smith of Boston, Lincolnshire, Eng.). Born June 2. 1826.
Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1853, Cyrus H. Wheelock company.

Married Elizabeth Clark June 26, 1846, Chesterton, Cam-
bridgeshire, Eng. (daughter of Benjamin Clark and Ann
Shuker, pioneers 1853, Captain Wheelock company, settled
in Salt City). She was born June 5, 1824, Cambridge, Eng.,
and came to Utah in 1853 with husband. Their children:
Elizabeth Ann, d. aged 18 months; George B., d. aged 11
months; Ann Elizabeth, d. aged 10 years; Lewis, d. infant;
John George, m. Ruth B. Stratton; William F., m. Sarah A.
Stratton; Clara Jane, d. infant; Joseph H., d. infant; Charles
Caleb, d. aged 2 years; David Thomas, d. infant; Charles Ira,
m. Wilhelmina Gam; Emma N., m. Lorenzo Price, Jr.

HANDY, SAMUEL, (son of Joseph Handy, born at Clifford-
upon-Stour, Gloucestershire, and Rebecca Harris, born at
Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, Eng.). He was born March 23,
1819, at Alveston, Derbyshire, Eng. Came to Utah in Sep-
tember 1859, James Brown company.

Married Hannah Watts Oct. 25, 1841, Atherston, Glouces-
tershire (daughter of William Watts and Mary Hayden),
who was born March 14, 1820. Their children: William b.
July 30, 1842, m. Mary Ann Day (Flueitt) Nov. 11, 1866;
Joseph b. April 10, 1844, d. Sept. 18, 1855; Mary b. Dec. 6,
1847, m. Isaac H. Vail 1863; Eliza b. Dec. 20, 1849, m. David
Bolce Nov. 17, 1866; Samuel b. Nov. 5, 1853, d. May 27, 1854;
James Henry b. April 18, 1855, m. Lucy Day Dec. 2, 1872.
Family resided Clifford, Eng., Provo, Utah, and Franklin,
Oneida Co., Idaho.

First watermaster of Franklin, holding position until 1880;
minuteman during early Indian troubles. High priest.
Farmer. Died Jan. 15, 1882, being thrown from horse and
Instantly killed.

HANDY, WILLIAM (son of Samuel Handy and Hannah
Watts). Born July 30, 1842, Halestone, Warwickshire, Eng.

Married Mary Ann Day (Flueitt) Nov. 11, 1866, at Franklin,
Idaho (daughter of Joseph Day and Ann Harvey, pioneers to
Utah 1853, Jacob Gates ten-pound company). She was born
Jan. 14, 1840, Essex, Eng. Their children: Hannah Rebecca b.
Nov. 3, 1867, m. Edgar West Dec. 7, 1885; Lucy Elenora b.
Oct. 22, 1869, m. Fredrick Harding Dec. 25, 1888; Elsie Cath-
erine b. Oct. 29. 1871, m. George Sprunt Oct. 3, 1892; Phoebe
Ellen b. Nov. 27, 1873, m. Al Dorsey May 11. 1895; William
James Flueitt b. Dec. 6, 1875, d. May 20, 1877; Hulda Almeda
b. Jan. 25, 1877, m. George John Newbold July 16, 1897;
Alonzo Hazelton b. Nov. 6, 1879, m. Nettie Pearl Mendenhall
Nov. 19, 1902; Samuel Preston b. Dec. 13, 1881, m. Lydia
Adela Bybee Dec. 8, 1899, d. Aug. 11. 1909; David E. b. Sept.
19. 1887. Family resided Whitney, Idaho.

Married Jane Day Nov. 24, 1869, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Joseph Day and Ann Harvey), who was born Feb. 21,
1853, Lancashire, Eng. Their children: Emeline b. Aug. 24,
1870, m. William Lundergreen; William Thomas b. Dec. 17,
1872, m. Annie Stone Naef Dec. 23, 1909; Joseph Henry b.
Oct. 15, 1875, d. June 10, 1877; Cloie Ann b. May 12, 1878. m.
Joseph Titnesor Dec. 15, 1897. Family home Franklin, Idaho.

Minuteman during early Idaho history; settled at Whitney
In 1873. High priest.

HANDY, JAMES HENRY (son of Samuel Handy and Hannah
Watts). Born April 18, 1855, Stratford-on-Avon, Eng.

Married Lucy Day Dec. 2. 1872, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Joseph Day and Ann Harvey), who was born Nov. 14,
1855, Bountiful, Utah. Their children: James Harvey b.
Sept. 19, 1873, d. Feb. 26, 1874; Lucy Ann b. April 2, 1875,
m. Uriah Wilkinson; George Henry b. April 16, 1877, m. Ruby
Mendenhall; Samuel Joseph b. May 3, 1879, m. Mabel Hobbs
June 30, 1901; Leonard Thomas b. May 22, 1881, m. Jennie
Tomason June 22, 1904; Emma b. Aug. 27, 1883, m. Lester
Garr&tt June 18, 1903; Elmer Day b. March 28, 1886; m. Mae
Biggs; Newell Day b. Jan. 18, 1888; Nora Day b. Dec. 18,
1889, m. W. M. Daines, Jr., Nov. 17, 1910; Elgin Day b. March
11, 1892; Ida Day b. Aug. 15, 1894, d. June 16, 1895; Martha
May b. May 1, 1896. d. same day; Edna Day b. May 2, 1898.
Family home Franklin, Idaho.

Their children: Ephraim Marcelles b. June 21, 1849; Marcia
Amelia b. July 3, 1851; O. Alvarus b. Sept. 15, 1863; Harriet
Page b. Feb. 25, 1856; Clara Vilate b. July 10, 1858; Charles
Decker b. Dec. 22, 1860; Perry Isaac b. Jan. 20, 1863. Family
home, Salt Lake City.

Harriet Amelia Decker was the widow of Edwin S. Little,

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