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who died shortly after leaving Nauvoo. They had one
child: George Edwin b. Aug. 6, 1844, who came to Utah with
his mother.

Married Jane Maria Capener March 27, 1856. Salt Lake
City (daughter of William Capener and Sarah Verander of
London, Eng., pioneers Oct. 2, 1852, Isaac Bullock com-
pany). She was born Oct. 16, 1840, Dry Brook, Ulster
county, N. Y. Their children: William Albert C. b. Feb. 17,
1859, m. Eunice L. Murdock; Alice Maria b. Jan. 15, 1861,
m. Moroni S. McAffee; Sarah Elizabeth b. March 10, 1863, m.
Ethan Leonard Brown; Ephraim Knowlton b. May 18. 1865.
m. Lottie Bagley; George Augustus b. Jan. 3, 1868, m.
Malissa Merrell, m. Bessie Johns; David C. b. March 6, 1870,
m. Mary Baum; Louisa Rebecca b. June 27, 1872, m. George
W. Lowe.

Jane Maria Capener (Hanks) married Joseph E. Taylor.
Their children: Jane, m. George Alexander; Margret Wicks,
m. Fred Cluff.

Married Thisbe Quilly Read April 6, 1862 (daughter of
Samuel and Georgiana Read), who was born April 26, 1847,
London, Eng., and came to Utah with Daniel Tyler handcart
company. Their children: Ella M. b. Nov. 3, 1863, died; Wal-
ter Ernest b. June 19, 1865, m. Mary E. Stewart April 15,
1887; Martha Georgiana b. Aug. 20, 1867, m. Daniel Allen
March 20, 1886; Amy Alicia b. Jan. 29, 1870, m. John Giles
Dec. 21, 1887; Thisbe b. March 28, 1872, m. Samuel Allen
Oct. 27, 1892; Knowlton b. Jan. 26, 1874, died; Sidney Alvarus
b. April 4. 1875, m. Martha Rubber; Ray Elijah b. Aug. 24,
1877, d. Sept. 3, 1910; Lillie Maria b. Aug. 2, 1879, m. James
Wodscow; Arthur Eugene b. May 14, 1882, m. Mattie Little;
Nettie May b. Nov. 8, 1884, m. Henry Giles; Clara Ellen b.
Aug. 9, 1888, m. Robert Kittley.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. First counselor
to Bishop Henry Giles of Blue Valley ward; patriarch. Mail
carrier in early days. Died In Grass Valley, Utah.

Knowlton Hanks and Jane Maria Capener). Born Feb. 17,
1859, Salt Lake City.

Married Eunice Louisa Murdock in May, 1880, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Nymphus Murdock and Esther Davis of
Charleston, Utah). She was born May 27, 1862. Their chil-
dren: William Murdock b. Dec. 1, 1882, m. Ida Folland;
Nymphus Coridan b. Nov. 3, 1883; Hattie Josephine b. Nov.
29, 1885, m. Stanley Marchant; Fredrick E. b. Sept. 7, 1887;
Esther M. b. Oct. 16, 1889, m. Ernest Foulks; Alvan M. b. Jan.
25, 1891; Joseph E..b. Dec. 13, 1894; Reed H. b. Jan. 23, 1896;
Clyde C. b. Sept. 6, 1900; Eunice L. b. Feb. 10, 1904. Family
home Charleston, Utah.

Missionary to Tennessee 1881; high priest. Justice of
peace. Farmer and stockraiser. Died Aug. 19, 1912.

HANKS, WALTER ERNEST (son of Ephraim Knowlton
Hanks and Thisbe Quilly Read). Born June 19, 1865, Provo,

Married Mary E. Stewart April 16, 1887, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Urban Van Stewart and Ellen Adams, former
a pioneer September 1847). She was born July 20, 1867,
Beaver, Utah. Their children: Ellen Josephine b. Jan. 23,
1890, m. Sidney C. Rymer Aug. 17, 1910; Walter Benjamin b.
April 4, 1892; Thisbe Alicia b. Aug. 23, 1894; Ephraim Knowl-
ton b. Sept. 4, 1896; Edna Mary b. Oct. 9, 1898, d. Jan. 6,
1904; Urban Van b. Nov. 29, 1900; Verd Arthur b. June 12.
1904; Retta Arthella b. April 22, 1907. Family home Caine-
ville, Utah.

Missionary to northwestern states 1887-89; bishop of
Catneville ward 1893-1910; superintendent Y. M. M. I. A. of
Wayne stake; president high priests' quorum Wayne stake;
high councilor. Conductor on first electric car in Salt Lake
City. Forest ranger on Powell reserve 1904.

HANKS, SIDNEY AL.VARCS (son of Benjamin Hanks and
Martha Knowlton of Madison, Lake Co., Ohio). Born Aug.
16, 1820, Madison. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham
Young company.

Married Mary Ann Cook June 7, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Benjamin Cook and Mary Jones of St. Johns,
Worcestershire, Eng.). She was born June 22, 1830. Their
children: Knowlton; Mary Ann, m. Thomas B. Brighton;
Lydla H., m. Joseph H. Parry. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to Society Islands. Farmer. Died March 9,

HANKS, EPHRAIM KNOWLTON (son of Benjamin Hanks
and Martha Knowlton). Born March 21, 1826, Madison, Lake
Co., Ohio. Came to Utah July 29, 1847, James Brown contin-
gent Mormon Battalion, Company B.

Married Harriet Amelia Decker (Little) Sept. 22, 1848, who
was born March 13, 1826, and came to Utah Oct. 6, 1847.

HANKS, STANLEY ALONZO (son of Alfred Frederick Hanks
of Gloucestershire, Eng., and Ellen Taylor Lyman, latter a
daughter of Francis M. Lyman and Ann Taylor). Born Dec.
3, 1878, Tooele, Utah.

Married Maude Frame Feb. 15, 1905, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Archibald Frame, pioneer 1865, Capt. Sidney
Miller company, and Hellen Duff Dick, pioneer 1868, John
Gillespie company, settled at Taylorsville, Utah). She was
born April 1, 1883. Their children: Lincoln Frame b.
Nov. 10, 1905; Maurlne Helen b. Aug. 26, 1907; Janetta b.
March 1, 1910. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Counselor Y. M. M. I. A.; one of presidency 17th ward. Salt
City; home missionary. Justice of the peace. Salt Lake City
precinct, 1909-10. Lawyer.



HANKS, ALFRED L.YMAN (son of Alfred Frederick Hanks
and Ellen Taylor Lyman). Born Aug. 28, 1880, Tooele, Utah.

Married Mary Alice Tate June 14, 1905, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John William Tate and Elizabeth de la Mare
of Tooele, Utah). She was born Nov. 8. 1882. Their child:
Ellen Romona b. March 16, 1906. Family home Tooele,

Member 43d quorum seventies; secretary Y. M. M. I. A.
Tooele ward. Postmaster of Tooele.

HAIVSEN, ANDERS K. (son of Peter Hansen and Metta
Hansen of Sjelland, Denmark). Born Jan. 27, 1818, Sjelland,
Denmark. Came to Utah 1861, John R. Murdock company.

Married Aurella Quistgaard Feb. 2, 1863, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Julius Quistgaard and Louisa Puilike of
Sjelland). She was born Sept. 22, 1842. Their children:
Matha Louisa, died; Caroline, m. C. W. Walker; Henrietta,
died; Anders K., Jr., m. Amelia L. Heppler; Julia (died),
m. J. E. Heppler; Isaac, m. Sophia Sorenson; Abraham, m.
Effle Sorenson; Jacob. Family resided Draper and Glenwood,

High priest; missionary In Denmark before coming to
Utah. Farmer and stockraiser. Died Aug. 1, 1903, Glen-
wood, Utah.

HANSEN, ANDERS K., JR. (son of Anders K. Hansen and
Aurelia Quistgaard). Born Dec. 12, 1870, Draper, Utah.

Married Amelia L. Heppler Oct. 13, 1897, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Andrew Heppler and Louisiana Seegmiller of
Canada came to Utah 1872 by railroad). She was born Oct.
27, 1871. Their children: Arndale Kelch b. Feb. 12, 1899;
Velva b. Oct. 27, 1900, d. infant; Leland Anders b. Oct. 12,
1901; Lina b. Jan. 23, 1903; Alta b. Dec. 17, 1905; Phil b. Oct.
26, 1907. Family resided Glenwood and Richfield, Utah.

Member 36th quorum seventies; missionary to northern
states 1S97-99; counselor Sevier stake Y. M. M. I. A.; coun-
selor in bishopric of Richfield second ward; Sevier county
assessor 1900-04; town president Glenwood; city council-
man Richfield. Farmer and stockraiser.

HANSEN, ANDREW (son of Hans Andersen, born June 23,
1766, of Jerskow, Skilo, Odense Amt, Fyen, Denmark, and
Maren Andersen, born May 5, 1792, Norup, Odense Amt). He
was born July 10, 1809, at Egense, Norup, Odense Amt.
Came to Utah 1853.

Married Karen Jacobsdaughter 18B7, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jacob Nielsen and Maren Petersdaughter),
who was born May 3, 1826. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1857,
Christian Christensen company. Their children: James b.
Nov. 20, 1860, m. Elizabeth Frandsen March 8, 1883; Andrew
b. Nov. 4, 1863, m. Carlina Anderson. Family home Ephraim,

HANSEN, JAMES (son of Andrew Hansen and Karen Jacobs-
daughter). Born Nov. 20, 1860, Ephraim, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Frandsen March 8, 1880, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Niels Frandsen), who was born Feb. 12,
1861, in Denmark. Their children: Erma b. Dec. 14, 1884, m.
Horace Hales; James Orvill b. May 25, 1886; Niels Andrew
b. March 11, 1888, m. Olive Sorensen; Delbert b. March 25,
1890; Ruth Maria b. Aug. 8, 1895. Family home Redmond,

Member 1st city council Redmond, Utah. Vice-president
Rocky Ford Irrigation company 1895-1905; vice-president
Vermillion Extension Irrigation company. Deputy road
supervisor, District 9, Redmond, Utah.

HANSEN, ANDREW N. (son of Hans Larsen, born Sept. 24,
1776, and Anna Nielsen, born Aug. 30, 1790, Ide, near Fred-
rikshald, Norway married 1815). He was born March 6,
1836, at Ide. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1863, with Peter Nebe-
ker company.

Married Jenslne A. Petersen April, 1865 (daughter of
Christian Petersen and Anna Elizabeth Jensen, pioneers Sept.
23, 1862, Christian A. Madsen company). She was born May
3, 1844. Their children: Andrew b. Feb. 16, 1866, m. Zina
Taylor April 22, 1887; Parley b. Nov. 25, 1868, m. Emma
Johnson; Adolph b. Jan. 30, 1871, m. Julia Richie; Zina b. Feb.
26, 1873, d. March 6, 1874; Joseph b. July 30, 1874, m. Sarah
Olsen; Thorwald b. April 3, 1877, m. Laura Jensen Jan. 20,
1903; Hans Christian b. Aug. 2, 1879. m. Hulda Andersen;
Anna Elizabeth b. Aug. 26, 1884, m. Fred Hunt Jan. 7, 1903;
Ida Augusta b. Aug. 1. 1884, d. Feb. 1885. Family home
Ephraim, Utah.

HANSEN, CHRISTEN. Born Jan. 11, 1819, at Senglose, Kjo-
benhavn amt, Denmark. Came to Utah 1857.

Married Ingar Mortenson. Their children: Martin, m.
Mary Elizabeth Steele; Caroline, m. Joseph Adams; Hannah,
m. John Conder; Hans. m. La Vina Herbert; Joseph, died;
Ingar, m. Richard Mitchell. Family home American Fork,

High priest. Farmer; shoemaker. Died July 8, 1906.

HANSEN, MARTIN (son of Christen Hansen and Ingar Mor-

Married Mary Elizabeth Steele Aug. 14, 1871, at Salt Lake
-.Ity (daughter of Richard Steele and Mary Ann Reese of
Staffordshire, Eng., pioneers October 1861). She was born

Aug. 10, 1851. and came to Utah October 1851. Their chil-
dren: Richard Henry b. Aug. 19, 1872, m. Margrarette Thorn-
ton; Charles Edward b. Sept. 15, 1874, and Martin Ephraim
b. Dec. 20, 1876, died; William Reese b. Nov. 25, 1877, m.
Rosabelle Wilcox; Moses Albert b. Dec. 31, 1879, m. Mary
Elizabeth Radmall; Isaac Walter b. Aug. 14, 1882, m. Hattie
Wagstaff; George Heber b. Oct. 1, 1884, m. Maude Lowe; Mary
Elizabeth b. Sept. 22, 1886, m. Gilbert Lesley Wootton;
Thomas Grafton b. Feb. 22, 1892. Family home American
Fork, Utah.

High priest; member American Fork 4th ward bishopric 10
years. Farmer and fruit grower.

HAJVSEN, HANS. (For his genealogy see Hans Jorgensen,
his father.)

HANSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN (son of Andrew Hansen and
Regena Andersen of Denmark). Born May 6, 1824, in Den-
mark. Came to Utah 1853 John Forsgren company.

Married Annie H. Jensen 1849 (daughter of John Jensen).
She was born 1826. Their children: Praben A. b. July 12,
1860, m. Emma Petersen 1876; Josephine b. 1852, m. C. J.
Thomson 1870; Nephi b. 1856, m. Mae Monk 1896; Annie M.
b. 1859. m. J. S. Bingham 1880; Hans C. b. 1863, m. Jane R.
Bingham 1882; Chauncy E. b. 1865, m. Laura 1888; Dor-
cose R. b. 1866, m. John Eames.

Married Annie Catherine Neilsen March 21, 1863, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of A. C. Neilsen), who was born June
6, 1842, at Fly, Denmark. Their children: Joseph E. b. Dec.
4, 1865, m. Sarah Wayment 1897; Hyrum R. b. Feb. 2, 1868,
and Moroni b. June 14, 1870, died; Joanna b. July 13, 1873,
m. Sanford S. Bingham 1894; Louis A. b. Feb. 29, 1876, m.
Martha Wayment 1898; Lorenzo E. b. June 13, 1879, died;
Martin G. b. June 14, 1883, m. Alice King 1906; George P. b.
July 19, 1886, m. Zebonia Anderson 1911. Families resided
Plain City, Utah.

Member 7th quorum seventies; missionary to Denmark

HANSEN, PRABEN A. (son of Hans Christian Hansen and
Annie H. Jensen). Born July 12, 1850, Copenhagen, Den-

Married Emma Peterson 1876 (daughter of Hans Peterson
and Martena Hansen, pioneers 1863 with John Forsgren
company). She was born October 1857, Lehi, Utah. Their
children: Annie M. b. March 16, 1877, m. Oscar Jensen 1896;
Lorenzo E. b. July 9, 1879, m. Ethelmaid Bosworth 1900;
Leonard E. b. Nov. 29, 1882, m. Laura Lebo 1901; Clarence b.
March 13, 1885, m. Clarebell Berzon 1903; Delilah b. June 6,
1887, m. J. A. Taylor 1906; Samuel N. b. Sept. 29, 1889, m.
Annie Jenkins 1908; Sylvia H. b. Aug. 15, 1892. Family home
Preston, Idaho.

Elder in Mormon church.

HANSEN, HANS F. (son of Hans Nielsen born May 12, 1791,
at Bukrod, Denmark, and Anna Olsen). Born April 23, 1831,
at Kaierod, Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 26, 1852.

Married Anna Maria Sorensen (daughter of Rasmus Soren-
sen), who was born June 16, 1832, and came to Utah Oct. 6,
1856, Hancock company. Their children: Anna Sophia b. Jan.
22, 1858, m. Michael Johnson Jan. 1, 1877; Peter O. b. March 3,
I860, m. Sarah Ann Jensen March 11, 1885; Gertrude b. Feb. 6,
1862, m. W. Leishman Oct. 22, 1884; Maria b. June 27, 1864, m.
John Wilckins Dec. 19, 1884; Emma b. Aug. 14, 1868; Sarah b.
March 13, 1870, m. J. A. Leishman.

Missionary to Denmark 1866-66. Stone cutter on temples
at Salt Lake City and Logan, Utah. Indian war veteran.

HANSEN, PETER ORSON (son of Hans F. Hansen and Anna
Marie Sorensen). Born March 3, 1860, Salt Lake City.

Married Sarah Ann Jensen March 11, 1885, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Andrew C. Jensen and Anna Maria Carlson),
who was born Feb. 25, 1867, and died April 12, 1890. Their
children: Eulalia b. May 25, 1886, d. Aug. 30, 1906; Sylvia b.
Dec. 15, 1887, d. April 19, 1889; Orrin P.

Married Udeta Rose Hansen. She died July 18, 1905. Their
children: Valare R. b. Sept. 10, 1891; Elva R. b. Dec. 17, 1893;
Monta M. b. May 6, 1896. Family home Logan, Utah.

Monument dealer and cut stone contractor.

HANSEN, JACOB (son of Hans Petersen, born May 17, 1808,
Hvedstrup, Denmark, and Johanna Jacobsen, born 1803,
Svogerslov, Denmark). He was born Nov. 21, 1842, at Klov-
tofte, Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1867.

Married Karen Andersen Oct. 2, 1871 (daughter of Anders
Andersen and Inger Nielsen), who was born April 27, 1860.
Their children: Hannah Roseline b. Dec. 28, 1872, m. Alma
Nelsen; Hyrum J. b. Jan. 2, 1875, m. Hettie Howell; Joseph
Waldemar b. April 30, 1877, died;. Nancy Ingebor b. July
17, 1879, m. Albert Holmgren; Richard T. b. Nov. 9, 1882;
Agnes b. April 16, 1885; Lorin E. b. April 19. 1890; Flora
b. April 30, 1896. Family home Bear River City, Utah.

Married Isadore Leutz Nov. 24. 1881, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ole Leutz and Maren Olsen), who was born
May 10, 1840, at Roskilde, Denmark.

Married Mary Hansen Feb. 14. 1884, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hans Jorgensen), who was born Nov. 22, 1854,
at Thorby, Denmark. Their children: Bernard b. Sept. 10,
1885, m. Luclnda Hanson.

Bishop's counselor 1884-1900, and 1904 to the present time.



HANSEN, JENS. Born In Denmark. Came to Utah 1862,
oxteam company.

Married Bertha Chrlstena Petersen, in Denmark (daugh-
ter of Chris Petersen of Denmark). Their children: Martha,
d. infant; Emma, d. infant; Caroline, m. Mr. Anderson;
Mary, m. Matt Peters; Joseph; Minnie, m. Chris Halverson;
Josephine, m. Levl Anderton; Sophia, m. B. T. Jones; Bertha,
m. Charley Salt; Margaret, m. Harry Daniels; James, m.
Sarah Wiseman; Hyrum, m. Laura Cook. Family resided
Monroe and Helper, Utah.

Seventy; home missionary. Echo Canyon war veteran.
Farmer and railroad contractor. Died at Monroe, Utah.

HANSEN, HTRUM (son of Jens Hansen and Bertha Christena
Petersen). Born Feb. 18, 1875, Monroe, Utah.

Married Laura Cook April 6, 1908, Spring Glen, Utah
(daughter of Chauncy Cook and Clarissa Curdith of Salt
Lake City, pioneers with oxteam). She was born Dec.
11, 1889. Their children: Hyrum, Jr., b. March 9, 1909;
James Peter b. Oct. 22, 1911. Family home Spring Glen,


HANSEN, JENS (son of Hans Sorensen and Karen Lucy Niel-
sen of Denmark). Born Feb. 15, 1822, Hulgart, Denmark.
Came to Utah Sept. 29, 1853, John Forsgren company.

Married Charlotte Sophia Dorthea Petersen (Mickelsen)
June 19, 1847 (daughter of Peter Michelson and Maria Ras-
mussen of Denmark). She was born Jan. 17, 1828, and came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Karen Maria b.
July 20, 1848, m. Peter H. Madsen; Hans Christian b. Sept.
14 1850 m. Mary Leonora Morley; Geraldine b. Feb. 14,
1853, m. Louis Hougard; Dorthea b. March 20. 1856, m.
Niels Jorgensen; Ellen b. July 18, 1858, m. -William B.
Lowry; Sophia b. Dec. 19, 1860, m. Jacob Winch; Jens J. D.
June 19. 1863, m. Jeanette Ritchey; Emeline b. Nov. 13, 1865,
m. Joseph H. Jenson; Joseph b. March 9. 1868, m. Elmira
Funk. Family home Manti, Utah.

Married Mary Anderson Sept. 2, 1864, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hans Anderson of Denmark). Their children:
Jens Peter b. Aug. 5, 1866, m. Karen Ranburgr; Albina b.
Jan. 2, 1868, m. Joseph Bemus; Mary Ann b. July 5, 1875,
m James Breathwaite. Family home Manti, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher; superintendent teachers
quorum of North Manti ward. One of the first settlers of
Manti- city councilman; school trustee. Black Hawk Indian
war veteran. Farmer and stockraiser. Died Nov. 29, 1884,
Manti, Utah.

HANSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN (son of Jens Hansen and
Charlotte Sophia Dorthea Petersen (Mickelsen). Born Sept.
14, 1850, Roskeld, Denmark. Came to Utah September, 1853,

Married Mary Leonora Morley Jan. 3, 1870, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Isaac Morley and Hannah Blalsley Finch
of Montague, Mass., pioneers 1847). She was born March
26 1852. Their children: Hannah Charlotte b. March 4, 1871.
m.' John William McDonald; Effle Leonora b. June 20, 1872,
m Christian Christiansen; Jens Isaac b. Nov. 11, 1874, d.
infant- Lafayette b. Dec. 31, 1875, m. Effle Pulsipher; Ellen
b Feb. 18, 1877, m. John Frederick Larsen; Edwinetta b.
Feb 6 1879, d. child; Hans Willis b. Sept. 13, 1881, d. child;
Mary Rosalind b. Feb. 7. 1885, m. Leroy Livingston; Joseph
Morley b May 21, 1887, d. child; Lucy Cordelia b. June 1,
1889; Francis Leon b. Sept. 1, 1892. Family home Molen
(Ferron), Utah.

High priest; counselor to Bishops Lyman S. Beach and
Hans Peter Rasmussen; presiding elder of Molen ward;
Sunday school superintendent; ward chorister; president
Y M. M. I. A. Has assisted in making canals, wagon roads,
and In developing the country In and around Manti and
Ferron. Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Farmer and

HANSEN, JENS J. (son of Jens Hansen and Charlotte S.
B. Petersen). Born June 19, 1863, Manti, Utah.

Married Margaret Ann Ritchey March 4, 1886, Manti, Utah
(daughter of William B. Ritchey and Johanna Marlah Hou-
gaard of Manti, pioneers 1848, oxteam company). She was
born Nov. 3. 1868. Family home, Manti.

Married Jeanette J. Ritchey May 30, 1888, Manti. Utah
(daughter of William B .Ritchey and Johanna Marian Hou-
gaard) who was born July 25, 1871, Manti, Utah. Their
children: Margaret Ann b. Sept. 7, 1889, m. Elmer Sorensen;
William J. b. Oct. 9, 1891; Jay B. b. Nov. 19, 1893; Lola
b. Feb. 6, 1896; Joseph Wayne b. July 30, 1897: Howard
F b May 7, 1900; Lamar R. b. Aug. 4, 1902; Audria E. b.
June 30, 1904; Alton L. b. Sept. 1, 1908. d. Dec. 31, 1908;
Mary Wlllina b. Dec. 17, 1911. Families resided Manti and
Ferron, Utah.

Member 48th and 138th quorum seventies; Sunday school
teacher. Horticultural Inspector for Emery county; observa-
tion Inspector and crop reporter. Farmer and builder.

HANSEN, NIELS PETER (son of Hans Nielsen and Karen
Rasmussen of Alindamogle, Sjelland, Denmark). Born April
1, 1841, at Alindamogle. Came to Utah Oct. B, 1864, John
Sharp company.

Married Anna Marie Lofgren Nov. 15, 1866, Brlgham City,
Utah (daughter of John August Lofgren and Kama Niels of
Rostanga, Sweden). She was born June 1, 1838. Their chil-
dren: Mary A.; Eliza; Rachel; Neeley L., m. Dorothea Mad-
sen June 14, 1899; Joseph F.; John A., d. aged 8 months.
Family resided Brigham City and Smithfleld. Utah.

Missionary to Scandinavia 1862-63; home missionary; elder.
Shoemaker; watchmaker.

HANSEN, NEELEY LOFGREN (son of Niels Peter Hansen
and Anna Marie Lofgren). Born July 25, 1873, Smithfleld,

Married Dorothea Madsen June 14, 1899, Lake View, Utah
(daughter of Peter Madsen and Caroline Knudson of that
place). She was born March 9, 1875. Their children: Lola
M. b. May 5, 1900; Ted b. June 3, 1904; Rama M. b. May 27,
1909. Family home Brigham City, Utah.

Missionary to Denmark 1911-13; Sunday school superin-
tendent; bishop's counselor. Merchant.

HANSEN, OLE. Born Sept. 26, 1825, Lunde, Denmark. Came
to Utah 1870.

Died Sept. 16, 1908.

HANSEN, PETER (son of Hans Christen and Johannah
Marie Hansen). He was born March 27, 1837, Hyssten Torg
Sovet amt, Syeland, Denmark. Came to Utah September,
1862, Capt. John Van Cott company.

Married Beata Gustava Burresen November, 1863, Manti,
Utah (daughter of Mr. Burresen of Halmstam, Sweden).
She was born November, 1837; came to Utah 1863. Their
children: Eda b. Nov. 1864, m. John Ralphs; Peter b. Feb.
1866, m. Martha Stevens; Frederick b. Aug. 1867; Hannah
m. Parley Ralphs; Mary, m. Richard Keele; Beata, m. Lewis
Olsen; Alfred William b. Jan. 23, 1875, m. Lydia Ann Jolly-
Niels b. Feb. 15, 1877, m. Carrie Williams; William b. Sept.
7, 1879, died; Andrew b. March 28. 1881, m. Nora Abaline.
Family home Emery, Utah.

Called by Brigham Young to help settle "The Muddy."
Moved to Castle Dale 1880. Moved to Manti 1862, where
he worked as a mason in constructing stone buildings and
also on the Manti temple for two years; moved to Ferron;
moved to Emery in 1893, where he assisted in making canals
and wagon roads. Indian war veteran.

HANSEN, ALFRED WILLIAM (son of Peter Hansen and
Beata Gustava Burresen). Born Jan. 23, 1877, Manti, Utah.

Married Lydia Ann Jolly Sept. 4, 1901, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Williamson Wesley Jolly and Lydia A. Brim-
hall, both of Emery, Utah). She was born May 11, 1882.
Their children: Screlda b. June 25, 1902; Wesley b. July 28,
1904; Farrel b. Oct. 21, 1906; Vera b. Feb. 22, 1909; Everett
b. Feb. 25, 1912. Family home Emery, Utah.

Member 197th quorum seventies; counselor to superintend-
ent of Sunday schools; aid in Y. M. M. I. A.; ward teacher
at Emery. Farmer.

HANSEN, PETER (son of Hans Jorgensen and Anna Daniel-
son of Haulykke (Marlbo), Denmark). Born Sept. 29, 1827,
Haulykke, Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 22, 1866, Captain
Lowry company.

Married Anne Danlelson 1851, Haulykke, Denmark (daugh-
ter of Daniel Neilson and Anne Marie Jensen of Haulykke).
She was born Feb. 5, 1827. Their children: Jorgen, m.
Mary Nielson; Neils Antone, Hans Daniel and Marlus
(Anders), died. Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Mary Kathryne Hansen (Ludvigsen) December,
1875, Salt Lake City (daughter of Matts Hansen and Karren
Steffensen of Vlndepy, Denmark). She was born Aug. 24,
1840. Their children: Charles Peter, m. Nora Nebeker;
Annie, m. Karl Gren; Sarah Rebecca, m. Lee Nauce; Karo-
llne, m. Edward Vincent; Enoch Elbert, "m. Fern Gatherum;
Ephriam E., m. Maude Hawkins.

Member 34th quorum seventies; high priest. Farmer.
Died June 21, 1903, Provo, Utah.

HANSEN, JORGEN (son of Peter Hansen and Anne Daniel-
son). Born Aug. 1, 1852, Haulykke, Denmark. Came to
Utah with father.

Married Mary Nielsen May 13, 1877, Provo, Utah (daughter
of Seren Nielsen and Amelia Berg of Provo, Utah, pioneers
Sept. 25, 1868, John G. Holman company). She was born
Nov. 14, 1857. Their children: Amelia A. b. Feb. 15, 1878.
m. Andrew Anderberg; Francis J. b. Feb. 24, 1881, died;
Birdie B. b. May 26, 1883, m. Ernest Moore; Calvin C. b.
May 2, 1886; Edna E. b. Sept. 28. 1888, m. Ivan Bean; George
G. b. Aug. 28, 1890; Henrietta b. Aug. 15, 1892, died; lona
I. b. Sept. 17, 1894; Jullna J. b. March 21, 1897; Cora K. b.
May 10, 1899; Louis L. b. Feb. 7, 1904, died.

Married Alma Nielson Oct. 9, 1885, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Hacon and Sophia Nielson of Salt Lake City). She
was born May 4, 1864. Only child: Donizett D. b. Sept.
27, 1886, m. Gary Draper.

Member 34th quorum seventies; high priest; missionary
to Denmark 1883-85; bishop's counselor; Sunday school super-
intendent. County road supervisor. Farmer and fruit-

HANSON, CHRISTIAN (son of Hans Andersen and Maren
Christensen of Fyen, Denmark). Born April 2. 1822, at Has-
mark, Fyen, Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1862, Captain
Murdock company.

Married Gertrude Kirstine Rasmussen (daughter of Ras-
mus Neilsen and Abelone Marie Knudsen, both died in Den-
mark). She was born Nov. 8. 1826. Their children: Hana
C. b. Sept. 16, 1849, m. Annie Brunson June 5, 1876; Abolone
Marie and Maren, d. Denmark; Erasmus Martin b. March 26,
1859. m. Caroline Christiansen April 6, 1881; Joseph Henry,

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