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Sussex, Eng., pioneers Sept. 28, 1855, Moses Thurston com-
pany). She was born June 11, 1847. Their children: Wil-
liam John b. April 19, 1867, m. Susie Wilcox; Harriet Ann b.
Feb. 16, 1870, m. George Sanders; Edward Agustus b. Oct.
8, 1872, m. Millie Lindquist; Robert James b. Oct. 14, 1876,
m. Alice E. Hess; Fanny Janet b. Aug. 7, 1880, m. Edward
Haskell; Alice Estella b. Oct. 13, 1883; Bertha Adelia b. Feb.
23, 1887, and Clyde Cyril b. Jan. 16, 1890, died in infancy;
Katie Ella b. Jan. 9, 1892, m. Arthur Sanders. Family resided
Farmington and Fielding, Utah.

Indian war veteran; one of first to drive mail stage from
Salt Lake to Montana, 1862. Died March 10, 1905.

HARDY, ROBERT JAMES (son of William Hardy and Har-
riet Ann Wood). Born Oct. 14, 1876, Farmington, Utah.

Married Alice E. Hess Dec. 19, 1906, Logan, Utah (daughter
of James H. Hess and Elizabeth White of Fielding, Utah).
She was born Aug. 14, 1885. Their only child: Harriet Bell
b. Dec. 11, 1907.

Farmer and stockraiser.

HARMON, ALPHES AMULECK (son of Alphes Amuleck
Harmon and Hulda Dimrus Vaughn, both of Kirtland. Ohio).
Born April 14, 1839. Came to Utah 1854, oxteam company.

Married Eliza Bramwich (daughter of John Bramwich and
Mary Brown, latter pioneer 1854, Milo Andrus company).
She was born March 29, 1834. Their children: John Henry
Moulton, d. aged 12; Henrietta Terrill, m. Edward Orr Cov-
ington; Harriet Elizabeth, m. Niels Larson Marsing; Al-
meda, m. Joseph A. Moore; Susan, d. infant; Eliza Riddle,
d. aged seven. Family home Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah.

HARMON, CHARLES (son of Charles Harmon of Carmar-
thenshire, South Wales). Born in Carmarthenshire, South
Wales. Came to Utah 1860.

Married Mary Mathias in Carmarthenshire. Their chil-
dren: Benjamin, m. Ann Powell; William, m. Ann Michiel;
David, m. Sarah Evans and Mary Williams; Charles, m. Mar-
tha Powell; Ann, m. William Crowther; Robert, m. Amanda
Mitchell; George, m. Eliza Reese; Edwin, m. Catherine Wil-
liams; Isaac, m. Margaret Morgan.

Member of seventy; president of missions, Wales. Shoe-
maker to Brigham Young. Died at Salt Lake City.

HARMON, DAVID (son of Charles Harmon and Mary Ma-
thias). Born June 8, 1838, Carmarthenshire. Came to Utah
1864, Thomas Jeremy company.

Married Sarah Evans 1858 in South Wales (daughter of
Joseph and Sarah Evans). Their children: Benjamin, m. Ra-
chel Williams and Sarah Jones; Mary Ann, m. Samuel H.

Married Mary Williams Oct. 1866. Salt Lake City
(daughter of David Williams and Sarah Ludwig of South
Wales, pioneers 1864, Thomas Jeremy company). She was
born May 17, 1842. Their children David b. May 23, 1867, m.
Mary Bullock; Sarah b. March 6, 1870, and Catherine b. Sept.
13, 1872, died; Margareth b. July 10, 1874, m. Heber C. Ander-
son; Martha b. July 8, 1876, m. Steven T. Durant; Charles b.
July 6, 1878; Elizabeth Ann b. Dec. 22, 1885, died. Families
resided Salt Lake City, Utah.

Member of seventies 34 years; high priest and teacher 29th
ward. Foreman on railroad built from El Paso, Texas, to
the colonies; built the railroad from Salt Lake to Ogden
and to the mines at Scofield, Utah, also from Kelcham to
Hailey, Idaho. Railroad and canal contractor.

HARMON, JESSE P. (son of Martin and Triphena Harmon of
Vermont). Born Aug. 11, 1795, Rupert, Bennington county,
Vt. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company.
Married Anna Barnes April 29, 1819, Springfield, Pa.
(daughter of Abljah and Abie Barnes of Springfield, Pa).
She died Jan. 1847, Winter Quarters, Iowa. Their chil-
dren: Appleton M. b. May 29, 1820, m. Elmeda Stringham;



Saphronia Malinda, d. 1847; Amos Washington, m. Mary Jane
Old; Ansel Perce, m. Rosaline Chandler. Family resided
Springfield, Pa., Salt Lake City and Holden, Utah.

One of seven presidents llth quorum seventies 1844. Al-
derman first municipal ward Salt Lake City at time of or-
ganization; colonel in Utah Nauvoo Legion. Moved to south-
ern Utah 1861 and settled at Holden 1868. Died Dec. 24,

HARMON APPLETON MILO (son of Jesse P. Harmon and
Anna Barnes). Born May 29, 1820, Conneaut, Pa). Came to
Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Elmeda Stringham Jan. 1, 1845. Nauvoo, 111. daugh-
ter of George Stringham and Polly Hendrickson of Nauvoo,
pioneers Sept. 24, 1848, Isaac Haight company, later resid-
ing at Salt Lake City and Holden, Utah). She was born Dec.
31, 1829. Their children: Milo and Mary, died: Willis M., m.
Martha E. Spillesberry ; Bryant, died; Appleton S., d. 1896;
Hosea F.. m. Julia Stringham: Anna, m. George W. Cherring-
ton; Hyrum. m. Luella Tuttle; Polly, m. Joseph R. Giles;
Julia, m. B. L. Kesler; Jesse M. b. July 19, 1868, m. Sarah E.
Holman. Family resided Salt Lake City, Toquerville and
Holden, Utah.

Member 11th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1850-53; bishop's counselor. Pioneer sawmill operator of
Salt Lake, Millard and Washington counties, Utah. Built
furniture factory at Toquerville and woolen mills at Wash-
ington, Utah. Indian war veteran. Blacksmith; contractor
and builder. Died Feb. 27, 1877, Holden, Utah.

HARMON, JESSE M. (son of Appleton M. Harmon and El-
meda Stringham). Born July 19, 1868, Toquerville. Utah.

Married Sarah E. Holman Dec. 27, 1892, Holden, Utah
(daughter of John G. Holman and Rachel Elevens, pioneers
1847, Brigham Young company). Their children: Clarence
H. b. Oct. 24, 1893; Appleton J. b. July 3, 1895; Ardell b. Feb.
25 1897- Warren T. b. Oct. 27, 1900, died; Dorothy b. April 24,
1904; Bryant b. Sept. 9, 1906; John b. Feb. 23, 1910; Robert
Holman b. April 5, 1912. Family home Provo, Utah.

Sheriff of Utah county 1903-09; school trustee. Stock-
raiser; merchant; lumber and coal dealer; president of Utah
Timber and Coal company.

HARMON, ANSEL PERCE (son of Jesse P. Harmon and
Anna Barnes). Born April 5, 1832, Conneaut, Pa. Came to
Utah Oct. 5, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Rosaline Chandler Nov. 29, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Abel Chandler and Mary Ann Jerome of New
York), who was born March 15, 1841, and came to Utah 1862.
Their children: Anna Rose b. Nov. 11, 1863, m. Jacob String-
ham; Milo Ensel b. March 1, 1866, m. Elizabeth Jane Hunter;
Mary Saphronia b. July 24, 1869, m. William Adam Seeg-
miller; Lucy Elmeda b. Sept. 23, 1871, m. James Jenson;
Emma Thressa b. Oct. 17, 1874, m. John Reeve; Jane
Marinda b. Jan. 10, 1877, m. Thomas Pratt; Zina Belle b.
July 15, 1879, d. infant; Lillie Orilla b. March 31, 1881, d.
Jan. 7, 1887. Family home Holden, Utah.

Assisted in bringing emigrants to Utah 1860-61. Teamed
to Los Angeles for supplies 1862; captain of a company of
immigrants 1862. Bishop's counselor; high priest; mission-
ary to Pennsylvania 1874. Farmer and stockraiser. Died
Sept. 12, 1908, Holden. Utah.

HARPER, RICHARD (son of Richard Harper of Swlneshead,
Eng., and Harriett Edwards of Sleaford, Eng.). Born April
5, 1827, Swineshead. Came to Utah Oct. 17, 1862, Henry W.
Miller company.

Married Susann Faulkner, Anwick, Eng. (daughter of Wil-
liam Faulkner and Ellen Fox), who was born June 17, 1827,
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: Betsy Ann
b June 9, 1850, m. Joseph Hill Dec. 6, 1871; William F. b.
July 3, 1852, m. Ellenor Morrell Nov. 28, 1878; Eliza L. b. Aug.
18, 1853, m. Joseph Richardson Nov. 1869; Richard N; Har-
riet b. July 1857, died; Ellen b. July 1857, m. James Hill;
Harriet Louvisa b. Oct. 25, 1859, m. Willis Kelsy Dec. 9, 1880;
Emma b. July 31, 1861, m. William Hillyard Oct. 15, 1861;

Alice b. Jan. 18, 1865, m. Lorenzo Toolson Oct. 22, ; Lucy

Jane; Ida b. Dec. 24, 1866, m. A. J. Merrill Nov. 14, 1890; Tacy,
m. Joseph Burton.

HARPER, WILLIAM F. (son of Richard Harper and Susann
Faulkner). Born July 3, 1852.

Married Ellenor Morrell Nov. 28, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Morrell and Matilda Kelsey), who was
born Aug. 22, 1859, Smithfield, Utah. Their children: Ellen
G. b. Dec. 31, 1879, m. William Homer Nov. 28, 1900: Richard
S. b. May 12, 1881, died; William F. b. March 31, 1883, died;
Archie John b. Feb. 15, 1885, m. Ellenor Homer Dec. 4, 1907;
Joseph H. b. Nov. 12, 1885, died; Ruby M. b. April 18, 1889;
Earl S. b. Dec. 12, 1891. Families resided at Smithfleld, Utah.

Chairman judiciary committee Utah legislature 28 years;
mayor of American Fork City. Promoter of first Utah free
school 1866; trustee of B. Y. Academy 1870-83. Died June

HARRINGTON, DANIEL (son of Leonard E. Harrington and
Mary Jones). Born March 15, 1860, American Fork, Utah.

Married Leonora Taylor March 17. 1886. Logan, Utah
(daughter of John Taylor and Margaret Young; former
came to Utah 1847. latter 1858). She was born March 25,
1864. Their children: Jennie; Daniel T.; Florence; John;
Russell; Mary: Everett.

Superintendent Sevier county schools 1881-85; assistant
Salt Lake county district attorney 1896-96. Attorney at

HARRINGTON, LEONARD B. Born Jan. 7, 1816, New York
state. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1847, Edward Hunter company.

Married Lois Russell prior to coming west. Their children:

Theodore S. ; Sarah E., m. Robinson; Jane, m.


Married Mary Jones in 1855. Their children: Daniel;
Mary, m. Duncan.

Married Harriet Noon in 1858. Their children: Heber A.;
Leonard S.; Chancey Delos.

HARRIS, EMER (son of Nathan Harris, born March 23, 1758,
Providence, R. I., and Rhoda Lapham, born April 27, 1759,
Providence). He was born May 29, 1781, Cambridge, N. Y.
Came to Utah 1850.

Married Roxana Peas July 22, 1802, who was born Dec. 5,
1781. Their children: Sclina b. Oct. 10, 1803; Elathan b. Oct.
7, 1805; Alvira b. Aug. 7, 1807, m. Mr. Howies; Sephrona b.
Aug. 17, 1809, m. Mr. Manchester; Nathan b. Sept. 26, 1811;
Ruth b. Sept. 7, 1813. Family home New York.

Married Deborah Lott Jan. 16, 1819, In Pennsylvania
(daughter of Zephaniah Lott and Rachel Brown), who
was born Nov. 1799, in New York. Their children: Emer
b. 1819; Martin H. b. Sept. 29, 1820, m. Georgeanna Aldous;
Harriet T. b. Dec. 26, 1822, m. Judson Daly; Dennison L.
b. Jan. 17, 1825, m. Sarah Wilson; Deborah.

Married Parna Chapel March 29, 1826, who was born No-
vember 1792. Their children: Fannie M. b. Jan. 1827; Joseph
M. b. July 19, 1830, m. Mary Pons; Alma b. June 6, 1832, m.
Sarah Earl; Charles b. July 2, 1834, m. Louisa Hal!; Rebecca
b. Dec. 25, 1845.

Patriarch; elder. Brother of Martin Harris, one of three
witnesses to Book of Mormon; obtained first bound copy of
the Book of Mormon. Worked as carpenter on Kirtland tem-
ple; missionary in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Set-
tled at Provo 1850. Died Nov. 28, 1869, Logan, Utah.

HARRIS, MARTIN H. (son of Emer Harris and Deborah
Lott). Born Sept. 29, 1820, Mahoney, Pa-
Married Georgeanna Aldous Jan. 18, 1855 (daughter of
Robert Aldous), who was born Aug. 6. 1838. Only child:
Emer M. b. Aug. 6, 1856, m. Hannah M. Poulter Jan. 5, 1883,
and Louisa Kearns 1895.

Married Louisa Sargent April 3, 1859, Ogden, Utah (daugh-
ter of John and Ann Sargent, former pioneer 1852). She was
born Dec. 18. 1841, Newbury, Berkshire, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Leander S. b. April 20, 1860, m. Alice Jenson Sept 19
1888, m. Eliza Barlow Oct. 10, 1900; Lovisa G. b. March 4
1862, m. David Davis Jan. 1883; Nathan J. b. March 29, 1864,
m. Emma E. Oakaron July 1887; Martin D. b. May 4, 1866,
m. Lillie R. Hayes Feb. 6, 1890; Louisa P. b. May 30. 1868 m
William H. Anderson March 4, 1897; Ida E. b. Nov. 27 1875 m
Alfred Dixon May 15, 1901.

First presiding elder of Harrisville, Utah; first Sunday
school superintendent of Harrisville 1865; missionary to Fort
Limhi, on Salmon River, 1857; secretary of 38th quorum sev-
enties; missionary to eastern states 1876-77. Member Nauvoo
Legion. Settled at Harrisville 1851, where he planted the
first crop. Road supervisor 1858-69. Fife major in martial
band. First school teacher of Harrisville; school trustee
Farmer. Died Feb. 14, 1888.

HARRIS, CHARLES (son of Emer Harris and Parna Chanel
of Harrisville, Utah). Born July 2, 1834, in Huron Co
Ohio. Came to Utah in October, 1852, Captain Cutler

Married Louisa Maria Hall April 20, 1855, Ogden, Utah,
later in Endowment house, Salt Lake City (daughter of
Benjamin K. Hall and Mehitable Sawyer of Maine, pioneers
October, 1850, Captain Bennett company). She was born
Dec. 30, 1839, Exeter, Scott county, 111. Their children:
Charles Elisha b. Jan. 23, 1857, m. Nellie Warner (Harris)-
Alva b. Feb. 28, 1859, m. Nellie Warner; Isabelle Maria b.
April 15, 1861, m. Clarence Merrill, m. U. L. Nelson; Jesse
Orson b. March 29, 1864, m. Louise Buckley; Mary Aderine
b. June 3, 1866, m. Milo A. Hendrix; Eugene b. Jan. 10
1869, m. Nellie Barton (Hopkins); Silas Albert b. June 14,
1871, m. Chasta Olsen; Ida May b. Oct. 1, 1873, died; Ole
Van b. Dec. 5, 1875, m. May Perry; Clarence Earl b. May
24, 1878, m. May Bell Booth; Mertie Adell b. July 27, 1883.
Family resided Washington and Junction, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Anderson. Their children: Juanita,
died; Susan; Milo. Family home Junction, Utah.

First located at Ogden, and afterward moved to Wlllard,
Toquerville, and Parowan, finally settling at Junction 1878;
called to settle "Dixie" 1862, locating in Washington. He
has been a pioneer to many places where it was necessary
to build wagon roads, canals, ditches, homes, subdue the
wilds and turn a desert into a habitable place. Participated
In the Indian wars of northern Utah and southern Idaho,
also the Black Hawk and Walker Indian wars and the
troubles in southern Utah with the Utes and other tribes.

HARRIS, CLARENCE EARL (son of Charles Harris and
Louisa Maria Hall). Born May 24, 1878, Parowan, Utah.

Married May Bell Booth June 25, 1902, Salt Lake temple
(daughter of John Roston Booth and Elizabeth Hourth of
Provo, Utah; former came to Utah 1875). She was born
Oct. 4, 1881. Their children: Clarence Elroy b. Aug. 10,
1903; Wanda May b. March 17, 1907; Lurllne b. Jan. 25,



Seventy; assistant superintendent Sunday school; presi-
dent Y. M. M. I. A.; stake aid Sunday school. Moved from
Junction to Provo, where he attended the Brigham Young
university; then to Pocatello and Salt Lake City; finally
settled at Schofield 1907, where he is engaged in the mer-
cantile business under the firm name of the Schofleld Mer-
cantile Co.

HARRIS, NATHAN J. (son of Martin H. Harris and Louisa
Sargent). Born March 29, 1864, Harrisville. Utah.

Married Emma E. Oakason June 15, 1887, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Hans Oakason and Mary Swenson; former came
to Utah Sept. 24, 1861, Heber Kimball company, latter Octo-
ber 1861, Captain Home company). She was born July 8,
1866. Their children: Lawrence E. b. April 30, 1888; Leo A.
b. Jan. 13, 1890; Everett C. b. Dec. 25, 1891; Mabel b. March
20, 1894; Irene Louise b. Sept. 19, 1896; Wilford D. b. April
29, 1899; Ruth Evelyn b. Oct. 28, 1901; Luella May b. Jan. 19,
1905; Nathan J. b. Jan. 10, 1908. Family home, Harrisville.

Missionary to southern states 1901-03; Sunday school su-
perintendent and member bishopric of Harrisville ward;
member high council of "Weber and Ogden stakes. District
judge of Ogden; school trustee; justice of peace; member of
two state legislatures; county and district attorney. Grad-
uate Ann Arbor Law School 1894.

HARRIS, MARTIN D. (son of Martin H. Harris and Louisa
Sargent). Born May 4, 1866, Harrisville, Utah.

Married Lillie R. Hayes Feb. 6, 1890 (daughter of Richard
Hayes and Anna M. Turner; came to Utah 1869). She was
born Jan. 28, 1869, In Wales. Their children: Louie Grace
b. Dec. 23, 1891; Emma E. b. Feb. 24, 1893; Fern R. b. March
8. 1895; Priscilla E. b. Jan. 25, 1897; Martin H. b. March 8,
1898; Alma R. b. Aug. 1, 1901; Lillie S. b. Dec. 20, 1904; Albert
D. b. March 19, 1911. Family home, Harrisville.

Senior president 60th quorum seventies; Sunday school su-
perintendent 1906-08; president Y. M. M. I. A. 1900-04 at
Harrisville. Justice of peace 1890-96; deputy assessor
1904-10; road supervisor 1894-96, 1913.

born April 26, 1793, Hayle, Copperhouse, Cornwall, and Eliza
Rawlings Harris, born Feb. 1, 1791, Marazion, Cornwall,

Eng married Oct. 22, 1822). Born Dec. 7, 1830, Ilfracombe,

Devonshire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1852, Henry Miller

Married Ann Burraston March 27, 1855 (daughter of Wil-
liam Burraston and Sarah Johnson married 1830, Ashton,
Eng. latter pioneer 1855). She was born March 20, 1833.
Came to Utah 1854. Their children: Eliza Jane Harris b.
Jan. 15, 1856, m. Hyrum Tremayne Dec. 8, 1873; George
Henry Burraston b. April 10, 1867, m. Victoria Sandgreen
April 3, 1884; Cyrus Richard James b. Dec. 9, 1858, m.
Mary Celestia Black Dec. 4, 1885; John William Shorland b.
May 5, 1860, m. Rhoda Mason Aug. 1882; Marianne Desdenory
b. July 25, 1861, d. Aug. 30, 1861; Annie B.. d. Sept. 13, 1861.
Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Married Sarah Loader May 30, 1862, Pleasant Grove, Utah
(daughter of James Loader and Amy Britnel; former died
on plains, latter pioneer 1857, handcart company). She was
born May 1, 1844, Oxfordshire, Eng. Their children: James
Loader b. Feb. 21, 1863, m. Mary Anne Morris June 10, 1887;
Sarah Ellen b. April 29, 1865, m. William Ricks 1886; Amy
C. b. April 29, 1865, d. Sept. 1879; Bernice Rawlings b. March
6, 1867, m. Annie Martha Fogg Dec. 19, 1894; Darwin R. b.
Nov. 23, 1868, m. Euphena Lutz April 3, 1894, m. Sarah Re-
becca Bell June 9, 1897.

Married Mariah (Loader) White. Her children by previous
marriage: Emma Mariah b. March 3, 1868, m. Samuel Rad-
mel May 15, 1876; James Henry b. 1859, d. April 28, 1865;
Alexander Roswell b. Dec. 23, 1861, m. Minerva Thomas April
18, 1891. Their children: Abner Britnel b. March 1, 1867;
Carlos Vivian b. Oct. 14, 1868, m. Emma Fox 1884; Frank L.
b. May 19, 3871, m. Annie E. Cutler Aug. 26, 1891, and Julia
Mitchell Sept. 8, 1902.

Member 37th quorum seventies 1851; constable 1856; high
priest. Moved to Salem 1888. Appointed commissioner of
education at Salem 1889.

HARRIS, BERNICE R. (son of George Henry Abbott Harris
and Sarah Loader). Born March 6, 1867, Pleasant Grove,

Married Martha Ann Fogg Dec. 19, 1894, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Mr. Fogg and Martha Ann Woodard; former d.
March 13, 1891, latter aged 32). Their children: Bernice
Leon b. Nov. 30, 1896; Martha L. b. Sept. 24, 1897; Luella b.
Nov. 19, 1899; Leah b. Aug. 9, 1902; Ruth b. May 29, 1904;
Agness b. Dec. 29, 1906; Vernon Fogg b. May 26, 1909. Family
home Salem, Idaho.

Moved to Rexburg, Idaho, 1884, where he quarried and
did a general freighting business. In 1898 engaged in gen-
eral merchandising business with his father at Salem. Ap-
pointed postmaster of Salem March 14, 1903. High priest
and high councilor; superintendent of Sunday schools; presi-
dent of mutual organizations; ex-executive member of the
stake board of education; assistant stake superintendent
Sunday schools; chosen bishop of Salem ward Jan. 29, 1906.
Instrumental in erection of $18,000 meeting house at Salem.

pioneers 1848). She was born Dec. 17, 1807. Their children:
Daniel b. March 13, 1831, m. Lydia Harr; Lucinda b. Nov.
13, 1832, m. Abner Blackburn; Angeline b. Nov. 21, 1834, m.
William Hyde; Jacob b. March 10, 1837, m. Eliza Carpenter;
Susannah b. Feb. 14, 1840, m. Clark Fabin; Rebecca b. Aug.
21, 1842, m. William S. Warren; Joseph b. Nov. 28, 1844,
d. child; Oliver b. June 13, 1847, m. Lodemia Sly; George
b. May 18, 1850, m. Martha Thornton. Family home Farm-
ington, Utah.

Died May 4, 1899.

HARRIS, JOHN (son of Charles Harris and Mary Sutton of
Worle, Somersetshire, Eng.). Born Nov. 5, 1837, at Worle.
Came to Utah Sept. 18, 1860, John Taylor company.

Married Annie Maddock Jan. 12, 1861, Salt Lake City,
Counselor Carter officiating (daughter of Thomas Maddock,
died in England, and Mary Taylor of Cheshire, Eng., pioneer
Sept. 18, 1860). She was born Oct. 8, 1842. Their children:
Emily; Harriet, m. Ephraim N. Morris; John O., died; Eliza-
beth, m. Willard Smith; Jessie, m. Robert Hunt; Edward
J., m. Lillian James; William H., m. Catherine Miller; Walter
T. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Member 2d quorum elders. Cooked for the men in Cot-
tonwood while quarrying rock for Salt Lake temple. Worked
for Brigham Young in Globe Bakery. One of first candy-
makers in Utah.

HARRIS, JOSHUA (son of Isaac Harris, born 1810, Cardiff.
South Wales, and Esther Bowerning, born 1807, Somerset-
shire, Eng. married 1832). He was born June 23, 1848,
Glamorganshire, South Wales. Came to Utah 1853, Vincent
Shurtliff company.

Married Ann D. Whitesides May 28, 1868 (daughter of
Louis and Susan Whitesides married May 6, 1860, Council
Bluffs, Iowa pioneers Oct. 1852, John Walker company).
She was born Dec. 20, 1853, Kaysville, Utah. Their children:
Susan b. June 22, 1869, m. Rosel Taylor Nov. 3, 1892; Ester
E. b. Aug. 30, 1871, m. Hans Monson March 1, 1888; Lavisa
b. Feb. 7, 1873, d. Feb. 6, 1880; Selena b. Dec. 16, 1876, m.
Alonzo Corbridge Jan. 10, 1894, d. Sept. 26, 1900; William
L. b. Dec. 1, 1877, m. Lottie Bronson Feb. 8, 1899; Joshua b.
Dec. 22, 1879, d. April 24, 1895; Alvin b. March 28, 1881, m.
Hayner Marler Nov. 21, 1901; Jabez M. b. June 29, 1884, m.
Etta Van Luvin Dec. 17, 1902; Mary b. July 20, 1886, m.
Winfred Jones Aug. 30, 1906; Ella b. April 17, 1888, m. Wil-
liam Settles March 26, 1910; Myrtle b. May 28, 1891, m.
Bryant Tilford Feb. 7, 1908; Laura Bell b. June 15, 1892, m.
Marl Beckstead Nov. 3, 1909; Edna b. Aug. 8, 1893. Family
resided Kaysville, Utah, and Fairview and Preston, Idaho.

HARRIS, MeGEE. Born in 1800. Came to Utah 1848.

Married Mary Givens of Kentucky, who was born in 1802.
Their children: Alexander, m. Mary Craner; William, m.
Emeline Whittle Aug. 20, 1861; Ely, m. Elizabeth Gamble;
Martha, m. Daniel H. Wells; Mary Ann, m. Casper Whittle;
Emily, m. Alexander Bullock. Family home, Salt Lake City.

HARRIS, JOHN (son of Jacob Harris and Susannah Hart-
man of Michigan). Born 1808, in Pennsylvania. Came to
Utah 1848.

Married Lovlna Eller Jan. 5, 1831, In Indiana (daughter
of Daniel Eiler and Barbara Stutsman of Pennsylvania,

HARRIS, ROBERT (son of Robert Harris, born 1778, Ogle-
cut, Gloucestershire, and Sarah Okey, born 1781, Saunter,
Gloucestershire, Eng.). He was born Dec. 26, 1808, In Glou-
cestershire. Came to Utah 1S50, Joseph Home company.

Married Hannah Maria Eagles in Gloucestershire, Eng.
(daughter of Thomas Eagles and Ann Sparkes), who was
born 1817 and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Joseph b. March 26, 1836, m. Charlotte Green March 18, 1856;
Elizabeth b. April 1, 1838, m. Everett Van Orden March 12.
1857; William E. b. March 23, 1839, m. Lucinda Landon
Sept. 23, 1866; Thcmas E. b. Nov. 29, 1841, m. Mary Ann
Payne Jan. 14, 1866; Enoch b. May 29, 1843, m. Jane Hoskins
Dec. 31, 1866; Sarah Ann b. June 11, 1845, m. Robert Green
Jan. 3, 1866; Robert b. Feb. 3, 1847, d. July 30. 1847; Daniel
Browett b. Oct. 30, 1848, m. Elizabeth Ann Thornley April
1876; Marria b. June 20, 1851, d. June 20, 1861; Lucy Emma
b. June 17, 1862, m. John Phillips Dec. 19, 1870; Jennett b.
Aug. 11, 1854, m. James Parkinson Nov. 26, 1873; Henriette
b. Aug. 11, 1854, m. John Milton Bernhisel Jan. 3, 1876; Rob-
ert Charles b. April 27, 1856, m. Sarah Green 1882; Julia Ann
b. April 1, 1858, m. Lcroy Hall Jan. 20, 1876; Mary Ellen b.
Sept. 26, 1860, m. Don McCrary Feb. 8, 1879. Family resided
Salt Lake City and Kaysville, Utah.

Settled in Salt Lake City 1860; moved to Kaysville 1854
and to southern Idaho 1869; returned to Kaysville 1874.
President of 66th quorum seventies. Farmer and stock-
raiser. Died in 1876.

HARRIS, ENOCH (son of Robert Harris and Hannah Maria
Eagles). Born May 29, 1843, Nauvoo, 111.

Married Jane A. Hoskins Dec. 31, 1866, Kaysville, Utah
(daughter of Oliver C. Hoskins and Lucinda Howell). who
was born Feb. 11, 1851, Decator Co., Iowa. Their children:
Laura Bell b. Sept. 30, 1867; Emma E. b. March 30. 1870,
m. John F. Conley; Ranson E. b. June 30, 1872, m. Emma
Elizabeth Morris Nov. 14, 1894; Robert C. b. Dec. 23, 1874.
m. Sylvia Green March 30, 1897; William D. b. April 16.
1877, m. Zlna E. Gibbs May 15, 1901; George F. b. Feb.
6, 1880; Wilford T. b. Feb. 24, 1882, m. Jennie McCrary;
Annie J. b. Nov. 23, 1883, m. Jonas Htaton: Eliza A. b. July
15, 1885, m. David R. Anthony Oct. 19. 1904; Parley B. b.
March 28. 1887; Mary L. b. May 15. 1888, died; Grace E. b.
June 23, 1889 (died), m. Deeroy Hanks June 6, 1905; Lovina


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