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and Alice Young of Bolton, Lancashire, Eng., who were
married 1823). Born Sept. 16, 1825, Bolton. Came to Utah
Sept. 17, 1851, Philip Morgan company.

Married Mary Bough April, 1846 (daughter of John Bough
and Rachel Bailey, the former died at St. Louis in 1849, the
latter did not come to Utah). She was born March 20, 1826,
and came to Utah 1851 with husband. Their children: Mary
Alice b. June 4, 1848; Martha Ann b. Aug. 19, 1849; Sarah
Jane b. Dec. 17, 1850; Rachel B. b. Nov. 19, 1862, m. Heber
Bankhead; Lucy Elizabeth b. March 23, 1855, m. George
Bankhead; Ellen Liza b. Oct. 20, 1857; Rosalie b. June 23.
1861; James Holt b. March 15, 1863, m. Amelia Riggs; Hannah
b. Sept. 23, 1865; John b. June 15, 1868, m. Katherine

Married Ann Redford May 21, 1869, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Robert Redford and Letta Eckersley). She was born
May 27, 1846, Pilkington, Halfacre, Lancashire, Eng. Their
children: John Ephraim b. Jan. 11, 1870, m. Clara Tellefson;
Mary b. Oct. 7, 1871; Robert b. Nov. 22, 1873; Letta Ann b. Dec.
21, 1877, m. Lev! Broadbent; Samuel b. Dec. 27, 1876, m. Eliza
Broadbent; Richard b. Feb. 2, 1880; Emily b. Nov. 27, 1881;
Florence b. Nov. 26, 1884, m. Thomas W. Archibald Nov. 22,
1905; Maud b. June 26, 1886; Brian b. Aug. 3, 1888.

Settled in Salt Lake City 1851; moved to Iron county 1855.
to Cache county 1860. Carried the dispatch of the Mountain
Meadow massacre to Brigham Young.

HASLAM. RICHARD R. (son of James Holt Haslam and
Ann Redford). Born Feb. 2, 1880, Wellsvllle, Utah.
Missionary to Great Britain, Oct. 17, 1910.

HASLAM, JOHN R. (son of Robert Haslam and Mary Nut-
tall of Manchester, Eng.). Born Jan. 10, 1828, Berry, Lan-
cashire, Eng. Came to Utah October, 1853, Cyrus Wheelock

Married Marguerite Howarth May, 1861, Berry, Eng.
(daughter of Robert Howarth and Mary Kay of Berry,
Eng.), who was born Feb. 2, 1828. Their children: Robert
H., m. Esther C. Williams; Margerite A., m. Thomas Francis;
John W., m. Mary E. Kidd; James N., m. Mary E. Eardley;
Joseph H., m. Sarah Bohling; Brigham, m. Jane and Eliza-
beth Breeze; Mary Jane, m. Roert Bult.

Married Annie Catherine Brabandt May, 1866, Salt Lake
City, by Brigham Young (daughter of Peter Brabandt and
Sophia Willberg of Copenhagen, Denmark), who was born
Jan. 30, 1836. Their children: Florence M., m. Joseph Brady;
Ernest, m. Nellie Ash; Thomas, d. child; Heber C., m. Anena
Anderson; Annie C., m. Harry McDonald; William, m. Minnie
Schafer. Family home 28th ward, Salt Lake City.

Seventy; high priest; block teacher. Store-keeper and
commissary 20 years. Gardener and painter. Died Dec. 14,
1899, 28th ward, Salt Lake City.

HASLAM, ROBERT HOWARTH. Son of John R. Haslam and
Marguerite Howarth. Born Aug. 16, 1864, at Salt Lake City.
President 24th quorum seventies; Sunday school superin-

HASLAM, JOHN W. (son of John R. Haslam and Marguerite
Howarth). Born April 7, 1860, at Salt Lake City.

Married Mary E. Kidd January, 1880, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William B. Kidd and Emma Lake of Devon-
shire, Eng. they came to Utah 1871), who was born Sept. 25,
1862. Their children: Emma L. b. Oct. 2, 1880, d. infant;
Mary Ann b. Oct. 23, 1881, m. Robert E. Jones; John W. b.
Aug., 1884, d. child; Nellie M. b. Sept. 5, 1886, m. Arthur B.
Winter and John J. Bird; Bessie F. b. March 17, 1889. m.
Richard M. Haddock; Cora M. b. May 5, 1892, m. E. D.
Shelley; Harvard Y. b. May 13, 1894, m. Antonia Millicarn;
Matthew R. b. Oci. 8, 1899; Josephine b. Feb. 5, 1902. Family
home. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to England 1900-03; secretary of
elders quorum 34 years; Sunday school and block teacher.
Carpenter and contractor.

HASLAM, ERNEST (son of John R. Haslam and Annie Cath-
erine Brabandt). Born Sept. 6, 1870, 28th ward, Salt Lake

Married Nellie Ash Oct. 28. 1892, Salt Lake City, by Alex-
ander Garrick (daughter of Thomas Ash and Sarah Ann
Hick of Birmingham, Eng., came to Utah 1890), who was
born March 6, 1870. Their children- Nellie A. b. July 17,
1893; Ernest W. b. July 29, 1895; Richard B. b. June 23, 1899;
Annie M. b. Oct. 2, 1902. Family home Salt Lake City.


HASLAM. HEBER C. (son of John R. Haslam and Annie
Catherine Brabandt). Born Jan. 18, 1874, Salt Lake City.

Married Anena Anderson April 4, 1898, Salt Lake City, by
Bishop Kesler (daughter of Peter Anderson and Annie Ole-
son of Aarhus, Denmark, came to Utah 1888), who was born
Oct. 12, 1875. Their children: Heber R. b. Oct. 8, 1898; Senter
A. b. March 9, 1902; Annie E. b. July 4, 1907; Ruth H. b.
March 19, 1900. Family home 28th ward, Salt Lake City.


HATCH, IRA STEARNS (son of Ira Hatch, born 1772, and
Lucinda Rice of Rochester. N. Y.). Born Feb. 9, 1800, Win-
chester, Cheshire county, N. H. Came to Utah September.
1849, Enoch Reese company.

Married Welthea Bradford Jan. 26, 1824, at Farmerville,
N. Y., who was born 1803, d. Nov. 3, 1841, Hancock county.



111. Their children: Meltiar b. July IB, 1825, m. Permelia Sny-
der Jan. 1, 1846; Ransom b. Nov. 13, 1826, m. Frances C.
Atkinson Dec. 18, 1854; Orin b. May 9, 1830, m. Eliza-
beth M. Perry Oct. 10, 1855; Rhoana b. May 19, 1832, m.
James Henry Dec. 28, 1860; Ira b. Aug. 6, 1835, m. Mandy
Pace Sept. 17, 1869; Ephraim b. Nov. 30, 1837, m. Roseellen
King June 13, 1864; Ancil b. June 18, 1840, m. Phebe Brown.

Married Abigal Whitley March 1842 (daughter of John and
Margaret Whitley), who was born Dec. 19, 1797.

Married Jane Bee McKechine Nov. 27, 1852 (daughter of
George Bee and Jennett Atchison), who was born Feb. 25,
1827. Their children: Stearns b. Dec. 6, 1853, m. Elizabeth
Jane Ellis Oct. 9. 1876; Philander b. June 2. 1855, m. Priscilla
Muir Sept. 25, 1883; Abram b. June 22, 1857, m. Ida J. Levitt
Dec. 9, 1880; Reuben b. July 23, 1859, m. Nora Ure April 24,
1884; Lucinda Jannett b. April 6. 1861; Lenord b. April 9,
1863; Alvin Willard b. April 17, 1865, m. Elizabeth Jackson;
Ira Ette Elzina b. May 8, 1869, m. Stephen Ure Jan. 5, 1898.
Family home Bountiful Utah.

Married Jane Ann Stuart March 20, 1857, Salt Lake City,
who was born Dec. 27, 1824, Aberdeen, Scotland. Their chil-
dren: Welthea Ann b. Jan. 23, 1858, m. Hyrum Hartley Dec.
6, 1876; Gilbert Stuart b. Jan. 16, 1860, m. Ellen Moss Oct. 4,
1884; Stephen Cornelius b. Aug. 20, 1861, m. Sarah Jane
Atkinson Oct. 10, 1881.

Joined the church* In 1832; ordained elder 1852; member
Nauvoo Legion; member Mormon battalion. Settled at
Bountiful, 1849. Ordained seventy 1869. Died Sept. 30, 1869.

HATCH, MELTIAR (son of Ira Stearns Hatch and Welthea
Bradford). Born July 15, 1825, Cattaraugus county, N. Y.
Came to Utah October, 1849, Enoch Reese company.

Married Permelia Snyder Jan. 1, 1846, Jobes Creek, Han-
cock county, 111. (daughter of Samuel Snyder and Henrietta
Maria Stock well of Hatch, Utah, pioneers Oct., 1849, Enoch
Reese company), who was born Oct. 7, 1827. Their chil-
dren: Meltiar; Orson; Samuel; Ira Wilder; George S.; Wel-
thea Maria; Permelia Elzina; Octavia; Jesse; Laura Ann.

Married Mary A. Ellis May 6, 1856, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Ellis and Harriet Hales of Hatch.Utah, pioneers
1850), who was born Dec. 30, 1840. Their children: John
Henry; Ellas; Julia; David; Harriet; Myra; Margret;
Rhoana; Mary A.; Permelia.

Called in 1"856 to go to Carson Valley to preside over a
colony, and In 1871 to go South, and later went to Eagle
Valley where he was set apart as bishop, from there went
to Panguitch, where he served as high councilor.

HATCH, JOHN H. (son of Meltiar Hatch and Mary A. Ellis).
Born July 22, 1857. Carson Valley, Nevada.

Married Elizabeth Frances Davis Nov. 26, 1879, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Joseph C. Davis and Maria Williams of
Tropic, Utah), who was born Feb. 26, 1862. Their children:
Elizabeth Frances b. July 28, 1880; John Henry b. April 1,
18"82; Rose Ettie b. March 17, 1883; Maria Vaughn b. Oct. 29,
1884; Mary Permelia b. Oct. 17, 1887; William Arthur b. Feb.
1, 1890; Ira Stearns b. Sept. 24, 1892; Joseph Aaron b. March
27, 1895; Orville C. b. April 22, 1897; Rachel b. May 13, 1899;
Francis Ellis b. Feb. 8, 1902. Family home, Tropic.

Married Almira M. Cox Dec. 18, 1902, Manti, Utah (daugh-
ter of Orville S. Cox and Eliza J. Losse, Tropic, pioneers
1850), who was born Oct. 20, 1867. Their children: Ancell
Alva b. Nov. 14, 1903; Orlan Earl b. Dec. 31, 1906; Merlin
Vance b. June 6. 1908; Reid M. b. June 23, 1911.

Farmer and stockraiser.

HATCH, ORIN (son of Ira Stearns Hatch and Welthea Brad-
ford). Born May 9, 1830, Farmersville, N. Y. Came to Utan
1848 with a section of Mormon battalion.

Married Elizabeth M. Perry Oct. 10, 1856 (daughter of
John and Grace Ann Perry), who was born Sept. 13, 1836.
Their children: Orin Perry b. July 28, 1856, m. Marinda
Woodard; John Edward b. Jan. 26, 1859, m. Laura Ellis Oct.
16, 1879; Grace Ann b. Oct. 18, 1860, m. William Moss;
Elizabeth Amelia b. Sept. 30, 1862, m. David Jackson; Joseph
E. b. Oct. 30, 1864, m. Margaret Benson; James Ernest b.
Nov. 11, 1866, m. Elizabeth Mann; Alice b. April 8, 1868. m.
James Jackson; Chloe b. Jan. 11, 1870, m. Andrew Grant May
10, 1894; Ezra T. b. Dec. 29, 1871, m. Edith Folsom July 19,
1904; Wilder T. b. Nov. 14, 1873, m. Patty Sessions: Myra b.
Oct. 12, 1875, m. Charles B. Mann; Algie Lydia b. June B,
1877, m. Hyrum Grant, Jr., June 30, 1898; Jabez B. b. Aug.
6, 1879, m. Annie Putman. Family home. Bountiful, Utah.

Married Maria Thompson May 2, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William G. Thompson and Elizabeth McCauley),
who was born Aug. 16. 1838, Davis county, Mo. Their chil-
dren: William Ira b. March 10, 1857, m. Maggie Muir Jan. 12.
1881; Orvil b. Jan. 1, 1860, m. Mary Albrand Nov. 17, 1886;
Daniel b. March 4, 1863, m. Ida May Pace Nov. 16, 1885;
David b. Jan. 22, 1867. died; Walter b. April 17, 1868, m.
Charlotte Atkinson Nov. 9, 1892; Elizabeth b. Nov. 3, 1871;
George b. April 28, 1874, m. Llllie L. Vance Dec. 18, 1901; Ella
Maria b. July 10, 1876, died. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Assisted in colonizing Green River country 1852, moved to
Carson valley; ward teacher; president 74th quorum seven-
ties: high priest; ordained patriarch 1898. Farmer and

HATCH, WILLIAM IRA (son of Orin Hatch and Maria
Thompson). Born March 10, 1857, Eagle Valley, Carson
county, Nev.

Married Maggie Muir Jan. 12, 1882, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William S. Muir and Jane Robb, former came to
Utah with the Mormon battalion). She was born June 17,

1863. Their children: Frank S. b. Oct. 30. 1882, m. Charlotte
Cottam June 16, 1909; Carrage b. July 18, 1884; Marvin M.
b. May 27, 1886, m. Freda Olsen June 16, 1909; Mary Ann b.
Nov. 25, 1887; Jean Maria b. July 6, 1892; Edyth b. May 7,
1895; Ella b. Jan. 4, 1897; Maggie b. Sept. 12, 1898; Ruth b.
July 25, 1902; Elizabeth b. March 10, 1904. Family home
Scipio, Utah.

Millard county commissioner, two terms; president Scipio
town board two terms; school trustee of Scipio school dis-
trict. Member bishopric 26 years. Farmer.

HATCH, ORVIL (son of Orin Hatch and Maria Thompson of
Bountiful, Utah, pioneers). Born Jan. 1, 1860.

Married Mary A. Albrand Nov. 17, 1886, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of William John F. Albrand and Jane Ann
Richardson of Salt Lake City, pioneers 1864), who was born
Nov. 18, 1862. at Salt Lake City. Their children: Orvil R.
b. Oct. 15, 1887: Charles F. b. Sept. 16, 1889. d. infant: Alfred
B. b. Nov. 30, 1892; Dorothy B. b. Dec. 16. 1897: Seymour A. b.
May 27, 1903. Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

HATCH, WAL'TER (son of Orin Hatch and Maria Thompson).
Born April 17, 1868, South Bountiful.

Married Charlotte A. Atkinson Nov. 9. 1892, Logan, Utah
(daughter of William Atkinson and Sarah Ann Tingey), who
was born Feb. 27, 1873, Woods Cross. Utah. Their children:
Walter A. b. July 21, 1893; Eva b. Feb. 24, 1897, d. Jan. 16,
1898; Clara Alzina b. March 28, 1898; Roscoe A. b. July
16, 1902, d. July 1, 1906; Henry A. b. Feb. 15, 1904; Charlotte
b. July 23. 1906, d. July 23, 1905; Thompson b. Dec. 4, 1906;
Hazen A. b. July 20, 1909; Isaac b. Feb. 6, 1911, d. Feb. 6. 1911.

Missionary to northern states 1899-1901; bishop of Oxford
ward 1904-12.

HATCH. STEARNS (son of Ira Stearns Hatch and Jane B.
McKechine). Born Dec. 6, 1863, Bountiful, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Jane Ellis Oct. 9, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Ellis and Harriet Hales, pioneers Sept.
25, 1851), who was born Jan. 3, 1858, Bountiful. Their chil-
dren: Ira Stearns b. June 27, 1878. m. Sarah Robey Oct. 17.
1901; Harriet Elizabeth b. Dec. 10, 1880, m. David Melvin
Nelson Oct. 11, 1900; John Lawrence b. May 8, 1883, m. Emma
W. Miller Oct. 18. 1907; Leona Jane b. Dec. 8, 1885, m.
Joseph Edward Wilcox Dec. 6, 1905; Laura Lucinda b. April
2, 1888, m. Oscar Edwin Eckelson Sept. 4, 1907; Wilford W.;
Irene, m. George H. Reed; Mary Isabelle; Lillian G.; Sarah;
Lenard Ellis. Family home Woods Cross, Utah.

Section foreman of Utah Central railroad eight years.
Instrumental in organizing Deseret Live Stock Co., Hatch
Bros. Co., Woods Cross Sheep Co., and Woods Cross Canning
Co.; served as president of the latter for 18 years. One of
seven presidents of 74th quorum of seventies; member high
council; Sunday school superintendent; ordained bishop of
South Bountiful ward, April 29, 1906. Stockraiser.

HATCH, ABRAM (son of Ira Stearns Hatch and Jane B.
McKechine). Born June 22, 1867, South Bountiful.

Married Ida J. Leavitt Dec. 9, 1880, Salt Lake City, Utah
(daughter of John Q. Leavitt, born Oct. 1, 1860, Canada, and
Mellnda Minion, born April 23, 1838, the former a pioner of
1856), who was born Feb. 3, 1863, Farmington, Utah. Their
children: Melinda P. b. April 23, 1883, m. J. W. Evans; Ethel
J. b. Dec. 15, 1884, d. 1889; Abram b. March 17, 1887, d. 1890;
Valjean b. March 4, 1889, d. 1908; Ida Luclll b. Jan. 31, 1891,
m. L. D. Foreman; Afton Lucinda b. Feb. 25, 1895; Gladys b.
June 18, 1899; Florence b. Jan. 3, 1909. Engineer, Oregon
Short Line R. R.

HATCH, JEREMIAH (son of Hezekiah Hatch and Aldurah
Summers of Atchinson county, Vt.). Born July 7, 1823,
Vermont. Came to Utah 1850, Lorenzo Snow company.

Married Louisa Pool Alexander at Nauvoo, 111. (daughter
of Alvah Alexander and Phoebe Houston of Vermont, pio-
neers 1860, Lorenzo Snow company), who was born 1826,
died April. 1869. Their children: Hezekiah, died; Phoebe, m.
Samuel Cozzens; Aldura, died; Alvah Alexander, m. Mary
Elizabeth Nelson; Jeremiah, m. Elizabeth Winn; Lorenzo, m.
Adaline Winn: Abraham, m. Emaline Miles; Louisa,
m. Timothy Malin; Aisabell, m. David P. Woodrull;
Theodosia, m. John Clark; Josephus, m. Luella Thomas.

High priest. Settled at Salt Lake City, moved to Lehi. to
Cedar Fort, to Salt Creek and to Manti, where he served as
Indian agent under Brigham Young for five years; from
there went to Moroni, and in 1862 to Cache Valley, to
Heber, and in 1878 to Ashley Ferk, where he spent the
remainder of his life. Bishop. Farmer and blacksmith.
Died May 1903, Vernal.

HATCH. ALVAH ALEXANDER (son of Jeremiah Hatch and
Louisa Pool Alexander). Born March 6, 1851. Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Elizabeth Nelson Nov. 7, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert Nelson of Scotland, and Elizabeth
Joseph of Ireland, pioneers 1853), who was born May 4,
1852. Their children: Elizabeth b. Sept. 18, 1869. m. Charles
C. Rich; Robert b. Nov. 18, 1871, d. child; Louisa P. b. Sept.
11. 1873. m. Joseph Rich; Jane b. March 9, 1874, m. Thomas
Sabey; Alvah A. b. Nov. 26, 1876, m. Anna Peck; Minnie May
b. March 6, 1878, m. Robert Varnon; Jeremiah b. March 30,
1880, m. Florence Alexander; David b. Jan. 26, 1882, m.
Margaret Milburn; Samuel b. Nov. 25, 1883, m. Ira Teeples;
John b. Dec. 4, 1885, m. Catherine McCarrell; Charles b.
Dec. 9. 1887. m. Mary Lewis: Loren b. July 22. 1888. m. Roda
Price: Abram b. Sept. 13. 1891: Clyde b. April 14. 1893.

Missionary to New Mexico 1866: high priest: ward teacher
eight years; called to Ashley Fork Valley 1878. Assisted in



building canals, irrigation systems and wagon roads In and
around Ashley Fork; county commissioner two terms;
school trustee. Director in Central Canal company. Farmer;
miller; stockraiser.

HATCH, LORENZO HILL (son of Hezekiah Hatch, born Dec.
2, 1798, Charlotte, Vt., and Aldurah Sumner, born May 4,
1803. Bristol, Vt., married 1819). Born Jan. 4, 1826, Lincoln,
Vt. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1850, David Evans company.

Married Hannah Elizabeth Fuller Feb. 3, 1846, who was
born Feb. 24, 1827.

Married Sylvia Savonia Eastman Feb. 27, 1851, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Eastman and Clarissa Goss, mar-
ried Jan. 1, 1812; former died on way to Utah, latter came
Sept. 23, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company), who was born
Nov. 4, 1826, New Fane, Vt. Their children: Lorenzo Lafay-
ette b. Dec. 25, 1851. m. Annie Scarborough Dec. 1, 1873;
Clarissa Aldurah b. Nov. 28, 1853, m. Sheldon Bela Cutler
May 20, 1885; Hezekiah Eastman b. Dec. 16, 1855, m. Georgia
Thatcher Oct. 6, 1884; Ruth Amorette b. Dec. 31, 1869;
Elizabeth Ann b. Dec. 23, 1861, m. William M. Daines Jan.
18, 1883.

Married Catherine Karren Nov. 11, 1854, Lehl, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Karren and Ann Ratcliff), who was
born Aug. 12, 1836, Liverpool, Eng. Their, children: Celia
Ann b. March 19. 1856, m. John A. Woolf April 10. 1876;
Catherine Alvenia b. Feb. 13, 1859, m. Thomas Smart Jan.
11, 1875; Lydia Lenora b. Sept. 1860, m. Lev! M. Savage Bee.
24, 1879; Thomas b. Oct. 22, 1862, m. Viola Pearce Sept.
24, 1883; Hyrum b. Jan. 8, 1865. m. Esther L. Gregory
Sept. 20, 1888; Hannah Adeline b. March 24, 1867, m. Levi M.
Savage Sept. 28, 1883; Sarah Ella b. Sept. 6, 1870, m. Clarence
E. Owens July 17, 1889; Chloe b. March 4, 1872, m. William
M. Daines; Ephraim b. July 30, 1874; Achsah May b. Aug.
29, 1875, m. Louisa A. Decker; Lorenzo Wilford b. Dec. 31,
1878, m. Adelia Owen Oct. 9, 1901.

Married Alice Hanson Jan. 2, 1860, who was born Dec. 10,
1837, Bradford, Eng. Their children: John b. Oct. 26. 1860,
m. Jane Stanford Oct. 21, 1885; Willard b. June 10, 1862, m.
Prlscilla Stanford Sept. 11, 1895; Ezra Taft b. Feb. 16, 1864,
m. Maria Stanford Feb. 3, 1891; George Jeremiah b. Nov. 11,
1866, m. Elnora Brimhall March 16, 1887; Heber Albert b.
Aug. 26, 1868, m. Abigail A. Webb Nov. 7, 1890; Maria Annett
b. Oct. 30, 1870, m. James J. Shumway Dec. 9, 1887; Joseph
Lorin b. Dec. 24, 1873, m. Louisa Lyrela June 6, 1901; Lulu
Jane b. May 22, 1876, m. Samuel F. Smith April 6, 1900.

Member Utah legislature 1856. Bishop of Franklin, Idaho,
1863-76. Representative of Idaho legislature 1872-73. First
counselor to Lot Smith in presidency of Little Colorado
stake, and to Jesse N. Smith of Eastern Arizona stake.

HATCH, LORENZO LAFAYETTE (son of Lorenzo Hill Hatch
and Sylvia Savonia Eastman). Born Dec. 25, 1861, Lehi,

Married Annie Scarborough Dec. 1, 1873, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Scarborough and Elizabeth Brook; the
latter came to Utah Sept. 1861, Milo Andrus company),
who was born June 1, 1853, Leeds, Eng. Their children:
Lorenzo Fayette b. Jan. 16, 1875, m. Georgiana Smith Oct. 31,
1900; Delia Savonia b. June 30, 1877, m. Ernest E. Cayman
Oct. 30, 1901; Ina Elizabeth b. Dec. 23, 1879, m. Samuel W.
Parkinson Aug. 14, 1901; Arta Brook b. June 22, 1882; Ruth
Blanche b. Aug. 3. 1883, m. Daniel P. Woodland June 24,
1909; Hezekiah James b. Oct. 6, 1887; Unita b. April 6, 1890;
Leah Annie b. Nov. 14, 1892; Aura Charles b. Aug. 16, 1895;
Catherine Clarissa b. Sept. 27, 1896. Family home Franklin,

Married Sarah Doney Nov. 22, 1883, Payson, Utah (daugh-
ter of John Doney and Ann George, pioneers with Edmund
Ellsworth handcart company), who was born Oct. 17, 1868,
Payson. Their children: Elmer Doney (adopted) b. Sept. 4,
1890, m. Phoebe Preece Feb. 28, 1911; Cora Doney (adopted)
b. Jan. 16, 1903. Family home Franklin, Idaho.

Bishop of Franklin, Idaho, 32 years. Chairman of board
of county commissioners.

HA WES, 'WILLIAM. Came to Utah In early pioneer days.

Married Emily Meekham at Provo, Utah (daughter of
Moses Meekham and Elvira Meekham of Provo). Their chil-
dren: William; Emily, m. John Timothy; Martha, m. David
Timothy. Family home, Provo.

Married Celestia Mecham (daughter of Ephrlam Mecham
and Polly Durphy of Wallsburg, Utah). Their children:
Ephriam, m. Effle Arminta Smith; Sarah, died.

Elder. Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Drove pony
express between Salt Lake City and Provo. Died at Teton
Basin, Idaho.

HAWKES, NATHAN (son of Peter Hawkes, born June 20,
1802, Stow Marus. Essex, Eng. and Ann Brookiman). Born
Nov. 15, 1840, Hockley, Essex, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 19,
1866, Benjamin Holliday company.

Married Elizabeth Bowman Dec. 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Bowman and Margaret Piggott), who
was born March 25. 1838. Their children: Margaret A. b.
Sept. 1870, d. Jan. 16, 1897; Sarah E. b. Aug. 7, 1872. m. D. W.
Adamson Nov. 9, 1904; Julia E. b. Oct. 6, 1874, m. James B.
Ririe Oct. 14, 1908; Nathan A. b. Dec. 15, 1876, m. Ethel Jack-
son Jan. 13. 1904; Heber B. b. Aug. 26, 1879, m. Emma Ander-
son May 13, 1305. Family home West Weber, Utah.

Settled at West Weber 1866.

HAWKINS, JAMES RICHARD. Born in England. Came to
Utah. 1853.

Married Ann Suel in England. She came to Utah in 1853.
Their children: William Edward b. Jan. 31. 1844; Charles
b. June 26, 1845, m. Susan Sophia Jenkins Dec. 1, 1865; Ell
B.; Joseph; Susanna, died.

kins and Ann Suel, pioneers 1853). Born Jan. 31, 1844,
London. Eng. Came to Utah, with parents.

Married Margaret Thomas May 3, 1870 (daughter of
Thomas S. and Mary Thomas of Ogden, Utah). Their chil-
dren: Mary, Margaret, William, Ida, James R., Alice, Thomas,
Jededlah, Sarah, Oswald, Seth and Irvine. Family home
Logan, Utah.

Pioneer of Tooele Co., Cache Co., Utah, and Malad Valley,
Idaho. Died April 27, 1911.

HAWKINS, CHARLES (son of James R. Hawkins and Ann
Suel). Born June 26, 1846 at Netting Hill, London, Eng.
Came to Utah 1853.

Married Susan Sophia Jenkins Dec. 1, 1865, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of William Ed. Jenkins and Mary Roeberry
of Wellsvllle, Utah), who was born Oct. 13, 1847. Their chil-
dren: Mary Eliza b. Dec. 1. 1866, d. 1880; James b. Sept. 9.
1868, d. 1880; William b. Sept. 9, 1868. d. 1880; Ann b. Dec. 25.
1871; Charles E. b. Aug. 27, 1874; Elijah D. b. Oct. 21, 1880,
m. Lillie Hone Sept. 26, 1901. Family home Benjamin, Utah.

President elders quorum; superintendent Sunday school;
high priest. Member high council of Payson. Farmer. Dl"d
Aug. 21, 1912, Payson, Utah.

HAWKINS, CHARLES E. (son of Charles Hawkins and
Susan Sophia Jenkins). Born Aug. 27, 1874.

HAWLEY, WILLIAM JOHN (son of Henry Hawley and Mary
Wooden, former of Old Redding, Conn., later of Boyham,
Middlesex Co.. Canada). Born Nov. 25. 1803, Fishkill, N. Y.
Came to Utah 1852, James Snow company.

Married Elsie Ellis Smith 1821, Boyham, Canada (daugh-
ter of Asa Smith and Hannah Kellum of Boyham, pioneers
1852). She was born June 4, 1804. Their children: William
Henry, m. Mary Webb; Elizabeth, m. Henry Pinnell; George
Washington, m. Lodenia Rogers; Anna, m. William Fletcher
Reynolds; Cyrus Benjamin Edwin, m. Rachel Mary Ann
Allred; Asa Smith, m. Mary Beers; Hannah, d. Infant; James
Ephraim, m. Susan McArthur. Family home, Pleasant Grove.

Married Sarah Jane Staker (daughter of Nathan Staker
and Jane Richmond of Pleasant Grove, pioneers November
1852, Henry Miller company). She was born 1836, Pickering,
Canada. Their children: Francis Marion b. Oct. 6, 1865, d.
child; Sarah Ellis b. Sept. 10, 1860, m. Benjamin Pearson
June 30, 1879; Anna Elnora b. Oct. 25, 1862, d. child. Family
home Pleasant Grove.

Built first road in American Fork canyon. Alderman 1856.
Appointed to open up the mining district. Judge of Piute
county. Furnished nails, glass and putty for first school
house in Pleasant Grove 1863. Trail blazer, miner, pioneer
surgeon; farmer and miller. Died March, 1881, at Pleasant

HAWS, EPHRAIM (son of William Haws and Emily
Mecham). Born March 15, 1869, Wallsburg, Utah.

Married Effle Arminta Smith June 9, 1890, Midway, Utah
(daughter of Phillip Smith and Eliza Ann Frampton of Mt.
Plsgah, Iowa, pioneers 1852, oxteam). She was born June
8, 1869. Their children: William Elmer b. May 14. 1891;
Laura Pearl b. July 26. 1893, m. William J. Llndeberg;
Ineza b. Aug. 27, 1897. Family resided Midway and Heber,

Teacher. Farmer and cattleraiser.

HAWS, GILBKRTH (son of Jacob Haws and Hannah Neil of
North Carolina). Born March 10, 1801, in Kentucky. Came

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