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Came to Utah 1863.

Married Mary Frances Brown July 25, 1878, in Salt Lake
City Endowment house. (She was the daughter of Jona-
than Brown and Sarah Couzins of England, and came to
Utah in 1853 with Jacob Gates company.) She was born
April 9, 1857. Their children: James Calvin b. April 12,
1879, d. 1901; Sarah Priscilla b. May 6, 1881, m. Joseph A.
McKea; Alnert Monroe b. Sept. 3, 1883, m. Abigal Good-
rich; Emma May b. Oct. 11, 1885, m. James Hofeltz; Frances
Mary b. Nov. 4, 1887; Lauretta b. Sept. 23, 1890. m. Murray
Merkley; Merrell b. April 8, 1894; Bartlett b. Dec. 9, 1895, d.
infant; Bertha b. April 16, 1899.

High priest; high councelor Unita stake 19 years; ward
teacher. Constable. Went to Heber City with early settlers
in 1860; went to Snyderville, Summit county, 1874, thence to
Vernal Nov. 7, 1878, and built the first cabin on the site of
Vernal. In the spring of 1881 he, with David P. Woodruff
and Peter Peterson, went to Green River City for provisions
for the settlement. On the morning before their return
the settlement had but little food and asked Jeremiah Hatch
what to do. He told them to eat all they had, because the
boys would be there next day, and sure enough they came.

HENSON, AI/FRED (son of James Henson). Born June 24,
1830, in England. Came to Utah 1868.

Married Mary Anna Robinson in England. Their children:
Lucy R., m. Knute Hill; Luey, m. Joseph Marrison; Oliver R.

Married a second time, Dec. 11, 1857. The children were:
Alma S., d. infant; Orson S., d. on ocean; Lovinta S., m.
Chris Monson; Albert T., m. Elizabeth Vale; Livinla S., m.
Levi Allen; Ameziah T., m. Minnie Bailey; Luztle T., m. Joel
Lewis; Laura S., m. Mibre Scott; Alonzo S., m. Ella Preece.

Missionary to England two years. One of guards while
crossing plains. Died Nov. 1902, Franklin, Idaho.

KENWOOD, JOHN (son of John Henwood, born June 23,
1782, and Elizabeth Eath, born 1786, both of Cornwall,
Eng.). He was born June 29. 1809, in Cornwall. Came to Utah
1856, Edmund Ellsworth handcart company.

Married Jane Treganna (daughter of Richard Treganna
and Elizabeth Hancock), who was born May 16. 1813. Their
children: Richard b. Dec. 5, 1837, m. Ann Kirk; Elizabeth
T.; John Edwin; Charles E.; Mary Jane.

Married Elizabeth Stockdale at Plymouth, Eng. She was
born in Cornwall, Eng.

HENWOOD, RICHARD (son of John Henwood and Jane
Treganna). Born Dec. 6. 1837, Cornwall, Eng. Came to
Utah 1866, Edmund Ellsworth handcart company.

Married Ann Kirk Jan. 3, 1866. South Cottonwood, Utah
(daughter of Philip Kirk and Mary Ann Taylor, pioneers
Joseph S. Rawlins company). She was born July 14, 1846.
Their children: John R. b. Nov. 8, 1866, m. Emma Hiss;
Joseph H. b. Jan. 3. 1871; Ann E. b. Nov. 4, 1873, m. Joseph
H. Dayton; Charlotte M. b. Sept. IB, 1876, m Caleb Orton;
Sarah S. b. July 14, 1880, m. Orin Skelton; Willard S. b. Aug.
23, 1884, m. Susie Bates; Mabel B. b. March 29, 1887.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah under Pete
Nebeker in 1863, and again as teamster of Captain Rollins
company in 1866.



HEPWOnTH, EDMUND (son of Joseph Hepworth, born
Sept. 11, 1816, Yorkshire, and Mary Hurst born Nov. 8, 1820,
Bristol, Eng.) He was born March 7, 1841, Yorkshire. Came
to Utah Oct. 16, 1863. Samuel D. White company.

Married Hannah Cowling, Sept. 17, 1862, Bristol, York-
shire, Ens', (daughter of David Cowling and Eliza Scho-
fleld), who was born April 2. 1834, and came to Utah with
husband in 1863. Their children: Sarah Cathrine b. June
23, 1863; Joseph Edmund b. June 26, 1866, m. Mary B. Thur-
man 1889; William Henry b. Aug. 30, 1867, m. Artemicia
Noble Oct. 10, 1888; Hannah Eliza b. July 26, 1869, m.
James Jensen, Jr. Nov. 1, 1889; Mary Jane b. March 12,
1871; Emily Anice b. Sept. 23, 1872; Lauretta b. Sept. 26,
1874, m. John F. Astle Sept. 9, 1891; David Edgar b. Nov. 28,
1879, m. Mary E. Simons May 16, 1902. Family resided at
Smithfleld, Springdale, American Fork and Bountiful, Utah;
Oxford, Idaho, and Grover, Wyo.

Married Eliza Sant March 9, 1869, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Sant and Mary Shaw), who was born Jan. 15,
1856. Runcorn, Cheshire, Eng. Their children: John Ed-
mund b. Oct. 10, 1870, m. Mary Bee Sept. 3, 1896, m. Caro-
line Thompson Oct. 10, 1900; George William b. Sept. 20,
1872, m. Camera B. Thurman Nov. 1, 1896. m. Annie Matthew-
son Jan. 4, 1911. Family home Oxford, Idaho.

Married Lydia Wells Feb. 9, 1882, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Joshua Wells and Margaret Farrer), who was born Oct.

11, 1867, Nethertown. Yorkshire, Eng. Their children:
Clarence Joshua b. Feb. 24. 1883, m. Rose Ellen Dutson
Sept. 16, 1904; Margaret Ann b. June 11, 1885, m. Anson
V. Call; Emma b. Oct. 10, 1887, m. Joseph N. Anderson Oct.

12, 1910; Lovisa Matilda b. Aug. 29, 1889, m. Gustave Larsen
June 16, 1911; Estella b. Oct. 20. 1892; Lydia Grace b. Oct.
19, 1894; Florence Rachel b. Feb. 6, 1899. Family home
Grover, Wyo.

High priest; presiding elder of Oxford branch, Idaho,
1871. Moved to Smithfleld 1864. to Oxford, Idaho. 1865, to
"Dixie" 1877, to American Fork 1880, to Bountiful 1883,
and to Star Valley, Wyo., 1887. Presiding elder in "Dixie"
1877-80. First counselor to Bishop James Jensen of Grover
ward, Star Valley, for 16 years.

HEPWORTH, JOSEPH B. (son of Edmund Hepworth and
Hannah Cowling). Born June 26, 1865, Smithfleld, Utah.

Married Mary E. Thurman Oct. 20, 1889, Grover, Wyo.
(daughter of Edward M. Thurman and Lavina S. Griffith,
the former came to Utah 1862, Henry W. Miller company).
She was born March 24, 1871, Hyde Park, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Joseph Eugene b. Sept. 12, 1890, m. Myrtle Nielson
June 19, 1912; George William b. Oct. 23, 1892; John Leonard
b. Oct. 3, 1893; Edward Mondell b. Jan. 2, 1896; Mary Ethel
b. April 10. 1898; Edith Lovina b. Oct. 14, 1901; Gerald
Delynn b. Jan. 23, 1906; Hannah Leone b. June 26, 1909.
Family home American Fork. Utah; Grover, Fort Briger
and Star Valley, Wyo., and Kimball. Idaho.

Moved to Wyoming when 17 years of age where he spent
five years, working on cattle ranches and carrying U. S.
mail. Settled at Grover 1889; moved to Kimball, Idaho. 1909.
First counselor to Bishop William B. Taylor of Kimball
ward, Kimball, Idaho.

HERBERT, ROBERT (son of Thomas Herbert and Mary
Jane Hone). Born Jan. 1, 1874, Benjamin, Utah.

Married Helen Lindstrom Dec. 6, 1900. Benjamin, Utah
(daughter of John E. Lindstrom and Zellma Cederstrom
of Benjamin, who came to Utah June 23, 1893). . She was
born Dec. 8, 1882. Their children: Violet b. Nov. 10, 1901;
Elwood R. b. Jan. 10, 1904; Elsie C. b. March 13, 1908; John
Lenden b. May 22, 1911. Family home Benjamin, Utah.


Mrs. Pongren of Randoth, Denmark). Born 1798, Denmark.
Came to Utah 1861. Martin Lund oxteam company.

Married Anna Christiansen in Denmark. Their children:
Anketren; Christian Peterson, m. Mary Christiansen.

High priest; missionary to Denmark. Farmer. Died 1872,
Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Peterson Herbertson and Anna Christiansen). Born Dec.
14, 1830, Denmark. Came to Utah September 1866, Joseph
S. Rawlins company.

Married Mary Christiansen 1864, Denmark (daughter of
Christian and Mitkastine Sating). ' Their children: Annie
m. Niels Hiesel and Dorlas Kundel; Heber; Rasmus Christian,
m. Lottie Peck.

Married Lena Doll 1866, Denmark (daughter of Jens Doll
of Kisten. Denmark). Their children: Lewis; Charles, m.
Cora Phillips. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

High priest; Sunday school teacher at Pleasant Grove,
Utah. Veteran Black Hawk war. Farmer.

Amanda, m. William O. Blanton; Lester James, m. Sarah
Ann Garner; Lucy Jane, m. Barnabus Lake; Nelson, m.
Harriet Hellen Sprague; Diana, m. Isaac Clark. Family re-
sided Jackson county. Mo. and Ogden, Utah.
Tailor. Died Sept. 1, 1861, Ogden.

HERRICK. LESTER JAMES (son of Lemuel Herrick and
Sally Judd). Born Dec. 14, 1827, Nelson, Portage Co., Ohio.
Came to Utah Sept. 12. 1850. Thomas Johnson company.

Married Sarah Ann Garner July 13, 1861, Ogden (daughter
of Phillip Garner and Mary Hedrick of Rowan, N. C., pioneers
Oct. 27, 1849. Capt. George A. Smith company). She was
born Jan. 18, 1832. Their children: Lester Alonzo b. April
23, 1862. m. Lydia Esther Ensign.

Married Mary Eliza Brooks Aug. 25, 1857, born Oct. 14.
1839, Flintshire. North Wales. Their children: James
Albert b. Sept. 7, 1859, m. Susan Child; Sarah Eliza b. Sept.
18, 1861, m. O. G. Randall; Nelson Amos b. May 28, 1864, m.
Lucinda Browning; Francis Brooks b. Sept. 14, 1867, m.
Florence May Ryan; Samuel b. Nov. 21, 1869.

Married Agnes McQuarrie June 22, 1867, born Dec. 9,
1841, Kilmalcolm, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Their children:
John Lester b. June 2, 1868, m. Jane Richards West: Lemuel
b. Oct. 4, 1869; Aggie b. Nov. 18, 1870, m. Frank J. Stevens;
Clyde b. April 16. 1872; Lucy Jane b. Oct. 19. 1873; Nettie
May b. May 1, 1875: Diana Letltia b. July 8, 1877, m. William
E. Purdy; Robert Peery b. Feb. 21, 1879; Walter b. Jan. 20,
1881. Family home, Ogden.

Settled in Ogden 1850. Appointed second counselor to
Bishop Bunker of -second ward of Ogden 1856. Sheriff of
Weber county 1858. His commission from Governor Cum-
mings being first official document issued by Mr. Cummings
as governor of Utah territory; elected county selectman
three terms; policeman; city councilor 1861. Bishop of 2nd
ward 1861. Alderman 1864-67. Presiding bishop of Weber
county 1872-76. Mayor of Ogden 1871-75 and 1879-83. Mis-
sionary to England 1873-74; appointed to take charge of
European mission 1873. Formed partnership with D. H.
Peery and W. W. Burton in milling and merchandise 1875.
First counselor to David H. Peery in presidency of Weber
stake 1877. Member implement company of Burton, Her-
rick & White. Member 38th quorum seventies; alternate
high councilor. Farmer; miller and general merchant.
Died April 18, 1892, at Ogden.

HERRICK, JOHN LESTER (son of Lester J. Herrick and
Agnes McQuarrie). Born June 2, 1868, Ogden.

Married Jane Richards West June 1, 1894, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joseph A. West and Josephine Richards
of Ogden), who was born Dec. 29, 1873. Their children:
Josephine b. May 26, 1895: John West b. Aug. 3, 1897; Lester
James b. June 12. 1902. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Member stake board Y. M. M. I. A. of Weber and secretary
from 1887 to 1899; stake superintendent Y. M. M. I. A. 1899-
1908; high priest; member high council 1906; president Wes-
tern States mission 1909. Clerk and bookkeeper Z. C. M. I.
five years; bookkeeper First National bank five years. As-
sistant postmaster of Ogden six years; secretary and
treasurer Boyle Furniture company two years. Partner
with George J. Kelly 1903-08, real estate loans and in-

I no \. ALEXANDER (son of Daniel Herron and Mary
Anderson of Scotland). Born April 5, 1832, in Scotland.
Came to Utah September, 1851, Captain Browning company.
Married Mary White Dec. 8, 1856 (daughter of Jonathan
White and Elizabeth Dodd, latter came to Utah Oct. 28,
1849, Ezra T. Benson company). She was born Feb. 9,
1839, and came to Utah with mother. Their children:
Alexander, Jr. b. Nov. 2, 1857, died; Mary b. Dec. 29, 1859,

m. William Me April 28. 1880; Elizabeth, b. Jan. 25,

1862. m. Harvey Walters Dec. 29, 18S7; Ella b. May 8, 1864,
m. George McLaws Dec. 28, 1886; Maggie b. July 6, 1867;
Annie b. March 25, 1870, m. R. H. Rowberry 1890; Joseph
April and Ross May, died; Howard b. May 24, 1876, died;
Ruby b. Sept. 2, 1878, m. G. M. Nuttall Aug. 10, 1901; Elmer
W. b. April 24, 1883: Mabel b. Oct. 3, 1886. m. Ernest H.
Minns Dec. 8, 1908. Family home Tooele, Utah.

HERRICK, LEltiuisLi (son of Amos Herrick and Eunice Scerl
of Charleston, N. Y.). Born March 13, 1792. at Charleston.
Came to Utah Sept. 12, i860. Thomas Johnson company.
Married Sally Judd April 29, 1813. Hamilton, Madison
county. N. Y.. born March 17, 1792. Their children: Clinton
Jeremiah; Eliza Ann. m. Harrison Keyes; Alonzo Tarquln,
m. Mary Elizabeth (Reed) Ayers; Lucinda, m. Perry Keyes;
Clinton, m. Lucinda Green; Mary Elizabeth, m. E. P. Coffin;

HERRON, ORLANDO FISHER (son of James Herron and
Catherine Boulk of New York). Born Dec. 26, 1835, Wash-
tenaw county, Mich. Came to Utah Oct. 2, 1847, Charles C.
Rich company.

Married Hannah Jane Drlggs May 5, 1856, Pleasant
Grove, Utah (daughter of Shadrick H. Driggs and Elizabeth
White of Pleasant Grove, pioneers 1852, independent com-
pany). She was born June 5. 1839. Their children: Emma
Jane b. 1857, m. William Stewart: Clarice Melissa b. 1859,
m. Alexander Bullock: James Orlando b. 1861, m. Lilly
Nesbltt; Mary Louisa b. 1865, m. James Adamson; Fay
Clifton; Myrtle, m. Frank Blair; Ruth, m. Thomas Cromp-
ton; Catherine, m. Mr. Ryan.

Married Lucinda Jane Harvey May 25, 1874, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Louis Harvey and Lucinda Clark of Pleas-
ant Grove, pioneers October, 1850, Captain Lake company).
She was born June 19, 1857. Their children: Lucinda, m.
Charles Furron; John L., m. Louisa Hendrlckson; Gideon
Ernest; Rosella, m. Benjamin Miller; Grace; Mlrl; George
Leroy. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Member 44th quorum seventies; high priest; first Mormon
convert from Michigan who went to Utah. Served three
terms in the state penitentiary for unlawful cohabitation.



HESI.OP, GEORGE (son of Thomas Heslop and Ann Ether-
ington, born Jan. 24, 1830, in England). Born Feb. 19, 1855,
Liverpool, Ens- Came to Utah September 1855, independent

Married Cynthia L. Green Nov. 1880 (daughter of Mr.
Green and Almira Mesick married April 2, 1855, San
Bernardino, Cal.). She was born Nov. 25, 1860. Their
children: George A. b. Aug. 19, 1881, m. Sarah E. Gibson
Dec. 12, 1906; Almira b. July 7, 1883; Cynthia Lois b.
Dec. 26, 1884, m. Hyrum Peterson March 16, 1910; John A.
b. March 20, 1886; William b. May 3, 1888; Charles L. b.
Jan. 12, 1890; Jesse b. Dec. 22, 1892; Edward T. b. Nov. 11,
1894; Franklin b. March 14, 1897; Austin b. Nov. 8, 1898;
Herbert S. b. May 20, 1900; Elsie Ann b. May 28, 1902.
Family home West Weber, Utah.

President of 6th quorum elders. Director In Hooper
Irrigation company.

BESS, ALMA (son of Jacob Hess and Elizabeth Foutz of
Farmington, Utah). Born June 3, 1839, Bay county. Mo.
Came to Utah July 28, 1849.

Married Mary Elmira Miller at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Henry William Miller and Elmira Pond of Farmington,
and St. George, Utah). Their children: Alma Clarence b.
Oct 23, 1862, m. Eliza Flamm; Lucia b. April 2, 1864, m.
William Cook. Family home Farmington, Utah.

Died Aug. 9, 1863.

HESS, ALMA CLARENCE (son of Alma Hess and Mary
Elmira Miller). Born Oct. 23, 1862, Farmington, Utah.

Married Eliza Flamm Feb. 17, 1888, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Henry Flamm and Helena Bock of Cottonwood and
Logan, Utah, pioneers 1862). She was born Dec. 15, 1865.
Their children: Alma Clarence b. March 13, 1889; Henry
Leron b. Oct. 12, 1890; Charles Ellis b. July 15, 1892; George
Irvin b. July 29, 1894; Iva b. Oct. 12, 1896; Ferrel Emerson
b. Oct. 31, 1899; Leland b. May 13, 1902; Thelma Irena b.
Nov. 9, 1904; Eliza Mae b. Dec. 1, 1907. Family reside Rex-
burg, Idaho and Union, Ore.

Member fifth session of Idaho legislature; chairman of
board of trustees of Rexburg, 1899-1900.

HESS, JOHN W. (son of Jacob Hess, born May 21, 1792,
and Elizabeth Foutz, born June 4, 1797, both of Franklin
county, Pa. married in 1816). Born Aug. 24, 1824, in
Franklin county. Came to Utah July 28, 1847, with Capt.
James Brown's contingent of Mormon battalion.

Married Emeline Bigler Nov. 2, 1845, Nauvoo, 111. (daugh-
ter of Jacob Bigler and Elizabeth Harvey, pioneers 1851).
She was born Aug. 20, 1824, and came to Utah with hus-
band. Their children: Jacob b. Jan. 6, 1848; John Henry
b. May 14, 1850, m. Susan Smith; Sarah Jane b. Jan. 11,
1852; Hyrum b. April 20, 1853, m. Adeline Earl; Elzada b.
Aug. 11, 1864, m. David Sanders; Moroni b. Dec. 30, 1856,
m. Emma Smith; Jedediah M. b. July 8, 1857, m. Mary
Earl; Joseph Wells b. Oct. 11, 1859, m. Minnie Palmer
1881; Albert C. b. March 17, 1861, m. Lucetta Smith.

Married Emily Card March 30, 1852, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Simeon Card, pioneer 1850, and Ruhanna Lan-
caster). She was born Sept. 27, 1831, in Maine. Their
children: Ruhanna b. May 2, 1853, m. Joseph Ovard 1871;
Emma Rebecca b. June 26, 1864, m. M. C. Udy 1875;
Harriet Sophrona b. March 18, 1857, m. Milton Earl; Eliza-
beth Jane b. Jan. 26, 1859; Mary Lovina b. April 10, 1861,
m. Hyrum Moon; Maud b. Aug. 4, 1862; Joseph Lancaster
b. Aug. 16, 1864, m. Alice Udy; Joel Preble b. Feb. 4, 1866;
Alma Riley b. Aug. 16, 1868; Dexter Waterman b. Feb. 9.

Married Julia Helena Person Nov. 6, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Per Person and Ingeborg Halvorson), who
was born Sept. 30, 1837, and came to Utah 1854, Jacob
Secrist company. Their children: Heber Chase b. Nov. 12,
1869; Arthur b. May 22, 1861, m. Nellie Moon; John Fred-
erick b. Jan. 14, 1864, m. Elenor Udy; Emeline R. b. July
22, 1868, m. John A. Bourne 1902.

Married Mary Ann Steed March 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Steed and Caroline Holland; pioneers
1850, Milo Andrus company). She was born Nov. 27, 1837,
In England. Their childen: James Henry b. March 6,
1858, m. Elizabeth White 1881; Alma William b. Sept. 3,
1869, m. Jane Ann Hadneld 1881; George A. b. July 20,
1861, m. Lucy Sanders 1889; Madeline Eudora b. Aug. 20,
1863, m. William Miller 1881; Eliza b. June 29, 1865, m.
Jonathan D. Wood 1882; Wilford b. March 5, 1868, m.
Sarah Capener; Mary Elizabeth b. Jan. 18, 1870, m. George
Smith; Caroline Rebecca b. March 25, 1872, m. Henry
Moon; Orson Pratt b. Feb. 26, 1874, m. Francis Tubbs;
Lorenzo Snow b. June 29, 1878.

Married Caroline Workman April 12, 1862, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Abraham S. Workman, pioneer 1861,
and Martha Witcher, who died on the way to Utah). She
was born March 28, 1844, and came to Utah 1851. Their
children: Josephine b. Aug. 12, 1864; David C. b. Aug. 16,
1866, m. Lois Kimball; John W. b. Sept. 20, 1867, m. Ann
King; Adaline b. Dec. 11, 1869, m. Charles Udy; Franklin
b. March 10. 1872, m. Sarah A. Compton; Charles C. b.
March 7, 1874, m. Jane Owen; Lot b. Jan. 27, 1876; Caro-
line b. March 29, 1878; Minerd Lyman b. Aug. 5, 1880, m.
Nellie Holt; Mark b. June 19, 1884, m. Elsie Hughes.

Married Sarah Lovina Miller May 30, 1868, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Daniel A. Miller and Hannah Bigler;
pioneers 1848. Daniel A. Miller company). She was born
June 24, 1850, Farmington, Utah. Their children: Sarah
Jane b. March 30. 1869, m. Lewis E. Abbott 1888; James
T. b. Jan. 26, 1871; Alice Malinda b. March 16, 1873, m.

Asa Pierson 1890; Josephine A. b. June 3, 1876, m. J. R
Mellus 1894; Hellen Lovina b. Aug. 23, 1879, m. Lewis
Mellus 1896; Horace Arnold b. Sept. 17, 1880, m. Mildred
Smith 1907; Milton Miller b. Dec. 23, 1882, m. Margaret
Steed 1908; Hannah Lenore b. July 26, 1885, m. S. R.
Butterfield 1910; Jesse Eugene b. Aug. 9, 1890.

Married Frances Marion Bigler July 28, 1875, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Adam Bigler and Sarah Ann Compton;
pioneers 1859, J. W. Cooley company). She was born
Oct. 22, 1859. Their children: Claudius b. June 21, 1879;
Clarissa b. Aug. 1880, m. Jessy J. Chipman 1896; Harriet
b. May 21. 1882, m. Charles A. Secrist 1902; Edward b
May 8, 1884; Amy b. Jan. 22, 1885; Joseph J. b. May 6,
1886; Andrew b. May 19, 1889; Florence Ireta b. April
14, 1892; Lucy b. Jan. 19, 1895; Reuben b. Feb. 27, 1897; Carl
Bigler b. March 27, 1899. Families resided at Farmington,

Settled at Mill Creek 1847; moved to Farmington 1849.
Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Bishop of Farm-
ington ward 27 years; first counselor to President William
R. Smith, Davis stake; president of Davis stake 1894;
called by President Young in 1875 to take charge of a
band of Indians and assist them in the arts of civiliza-
tion. Representative to state legislature from Davis county
three terms; delegate, to Trans-Mississippi Congress at
Omaha, Neb. Died Dec. 16, 1903.

HESS, JOSEPH WELLS (son of John W. Hess and Emeline
Bigler). Born Oct. 11, 1859, Farmington, Utah.

Married Minnie Palmer Nov. 24, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Palmer and Eliza Howes, who came
to Utah 1874). She was born July 4, 1864, Broome, Eng.
Their only child was Minnie Laurite (adopted) b. Jan. 23,
1906. Family resided Elba, Idaho, and Farmington, Utah.

President fifty-sixth quorum seventies 1904; counselor
In stake presidency two years and stake president two
years of Y. M. I. A. at South Davis stake; missionary to
Oklahoma and Texas 1896-98; president North Texas con-
ference eleven months; Sunday school and ward teacher;
home missionary three years.

HESS, JAMES H. (son of John W. Hess and Mary Ann
Steed). Born March 6, 1868, at Farmington, Utah.

Married Elizabeth White Nov. 24, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John S. White and Adliad Everette of Farm-
ington; pioneers). She was born April 24, 1865. Their
children: Mary Jane b. Aug. 31, 1882, m. Vinson Knight;
Annie Eliza b. Nov. 6, 1884, m. Wilford B. Farnsworth;
Alice E. b. Aug. 14, 1885, m. Robert Hardy; James H., Jr.
b. Nov. 1887, m. Alice Tovey; Russell b. July 14, 1891, m.
Louise Hansen; Willda E. b. Oct. 12, 1889; Alvln b. March
13, 1893; Hazel b. Jan. 4, 1895; Elwood b. Feb. 20, 1897;
Emery b. Oct. 31, 1898; Carter b. Nov. 26, 1900; Clara b.
Dec. 20, 1903; Ella b. Aug. 19, 1906; Evelyn b. April ,
1908. Family home, Fielding.

Settled at Bear River Valley 1877. Bishop's counselor
and Sunday school superintendent of Plymouth ward
1884-94; bishop of Fielding ward 1904-1906. '

HIBBERT, BENJAMIN (son of James Hibbert and Hannah
Brown, Newton Heath, Eng.). Born March 16, 1841, at
Newton Heath; came to Utah 1859 with one of the hand-
cart companies.

Married Mary Mills Jan. 1, 1862, Peterson, Utah (daugh-
ter of Charles Edmund Mills, pioneer 1863, Rosel Hyde
company, and Frances Farr, both of Southampton, Eng.).
She was 1 born April 6, 1836. Their children: George W.,
m. Elizabeth Walton; Mary E., m. Andrew B. Kennedy;
Annie J., m. William H. Bennett; Sarah E., m. Henry D.
Auger; Melinda, m. Samuel J. Bennett; Eugene, m. Dolores
Bartlett; Lillian M., m. John Bright; Maud, m. Claude O.
Fulton; Angeline, died; Benjamin C., m. Evelyn Thomp-
son. Family home Enterprise, Morgan Co., Utah.

Elder; Sunday school superintendent; home missionary.
Constable. Farmer. Died Nov. 1894.

HIBBARD, GEORGE (son of John Hibbard and Mary
Brown of Honslow, Middlesex, Eng.). Born Aug. 22, 1836,
Honslow, Eng. Came to Utah 1854.

Married Hannah Williams 1855, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Abraham Williams and Hannah Maddy of Bedford, South
Wales; former started for Utah, but died on the way). She
was born Aug. 25, 1830. Their children: George A., m.
Julia C. Lemmon; Mary Ann, m. Thomas E. Ricks; James
Edwin, m. Mary Jen Luttz; Charles Albert, m. Mary Will-
ham; Flora, d. Jan. 1885; Rose, m. James E. Togg; Emaline,
m. John Evans. Family home Logan, Utah.

Elder. Shoemaker and tanner. Died Oct. 30, 1890, Hib-
bard, Idaho.

HIBBARD, GEORGE A. (son of George Hibbard and Han-
nah Williams). Born July 18, 1857, Farmington, Utah.

Married Julia C. Lemmon Oct. 29, 1884, Logan temple
(daughter of Willis Lemmon and Anna E. Homer of Smith-
field, Utah, pioneers 1852, former with Russell K. Homer
company). She was born May 31, 1865. Their children:
Mabel I. b. Sept. 3, 1885. m. Henry Arnold; Georgia b. Aug.
30. 1887, d. Jan. 26, 1888; Nellie May b. May 8, 1889, m.
William Sheppard; Stella b. Aug. 27, 1890, d. Aug. 31. 1901;
Willis L. b. March 24, 1892; Alice b. Jan. 12, 1894, d. March
26. 1910; Rhoda L. b. June 12, 1896; Julia L. b. Nov. 18,
1898; Silas L. b. March 4, 1903; Don T. b. June 20, 1906.
Family home Hibbard, Idaho.

High priest; bishop Hibbard ward June 9, 1895; bishop
Warm River ward Nov. 10, 1907. Farmer and stockralser.



HICKEX, THOMAS (son of Thomas Hicken and Ann 'Ward
of Leicestershire, Eng.). Born June 15, 1826. Came to
Utati 1862, Eli B. Kelsey company.

Married Catharine Fewkes June 1845, Whitwick, Eng.
(daughter of Benjamin and Culloden Fewkes of England),
She was born 1825. Their children: Elizabeth, m. William
Everet; Orson, m. Emily Rasband; Addison, m. Elizabeth
Molton; Thomas, m. Sarah McMullan; John, m. Isabel Todd;
Benjamin, d. aged 2; David William, m. Kate Murdock.
Family home Heber, Utah.

Married Margaret Powell Aug. 15, 1865, Salt Lake City

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