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1902- Guy b. Nov. 12, 1904; Elsie b. Oct. 22, 1906; Lloyd b.
May' 12, 1909; Ralph b. April 22, 1911.

Member high council Carbon stake; bishop Wellington
ward Sept. 6, 1910; Sunday school teacher and stake
chorister; teacher and class leader Y. M. M. I. A. Principal
Wellington schools Feb. 3, 1905-12. General merchant.

HILTO1V, HUGH (son of John Hilton). Born 1819, Bolton,
Eng. Came to Utah 1862.

Married Jane Hewet 1846. Only child: Charles b. 1847,
m. Annie Johnson 1868. Family home Salt Lake City, Lehi,
and Virgin, Utah.

Married Isabella Pilkington 1852, St. Louis, Mo. She was
born 1826, Bolton, Eng. Their children: Hugh b. 1853;
Sarah A. b. 1855, m. George Hunt 1874; John Hugh b. Nov.
17. 1867, m. Maria Parker June 1, 1881; Joseph b. 1860, m.
Ellen M. Richards; Hyrum b. 1864, m. Sarah J. LaFevre.
Family home Virgin, Utah.

High priest.

HILTON, JOHN HUGH (son of Hugh Hilton and Isabella
Pilkington). Born Nov. 17, 1867, Salt Lake City.

Married Maria Parker June 1, 1881, St. George, Utah
(daughter of John Parker and Maria Jackson, former a
pioneer 1852 latter with first handcart company, Ednr.'nd
Ellsworth, 1856). She was born May 19, 1852, Taylorsville,
Utah. Their children: Isabel b. March 13, 1882, m. Bernard
Hinton April 24, 1906; Annie M. b. Dec. 10. 1884, m. Ray
Bishop Feb. 8, 1911; Hugh b. June 10, 1887, m. Chloe S.
Black Aug. 17, 1910; Eugene b. Nov. 12, 1890; Wilford b.
March 21, 1892; Ray P. b. Oct. 22, 1895: Ivin b. Jan. 21, 1897;
Virgil b. Sept. 14, 1899; Clement b. April 19, 1902; Hazel b.
May 13, 1906; Lyda b. Nov. 5, 1907. Family home Virgin,
Abraham, and Hinckley, Utah.

Assistant Sunday school superintendent; presiding elder
Abraham branch, Hinckley ward.

HINCHCLIPF, CHARLES W. Born Jan. 2, 1850, in Lan-
cashire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 10, 1861, Milo Andrus

Married Mary Allen Aug. 21, 1871, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Albern and Marcia Allen of Ogden, pioneers 1847).
She was born Jan. 14, 1850. Their children: Ella; Marcia,
m. Gomer A. Nicholas: Charles A., m. Carrie Wansgaard;
Francis W., m. Lizzie Evans; Edmond A., m. Amelia James;
John R., m. Effie Bullock; Estella, d. aged 26; Lorin A., m.
Mamie Hipp; Lester G.; Lulu V. Family home Ogden, Utah.

High priest; choir leader. Shipping clerk.

HINCKLEY, ARZA ERASTUS (son of Nathaniel Hinckley.
who lived at Leeds. Can. born Dec. 5. 1794, in the United
States and Lois Judd of Upper Canada, born Sept. 15, 1805,
at Leeds married 1821). He was born Aug. 15. 1826, in
Leeds. Came to Utah July 27, 1847, with company B, Mormon

Married Amelia Woodhouse March 1853 (daughter of
Charles Woodhouse, who died In Illinois, and Ann Long, who
came to Utah with Capt. Jepson company 1852 married Oct.
6, 1829, in the United States). She was born April 17, 1834;
came to Utah with her parents. Their children: Amelia
Ellen b. Dec. 22, 1853; Arza Erastus b. June 15, 1855;- Ira
Nathaniel b. March 15, 1857, m. Elizabeth Rock 1878; Lois
Ann b. Feb. 28, 1859. m. Wm. Vance 1881; Daniel Hanmer
b. Jan. 3, 1861. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Temperance Ricks Dec. 18, 1857, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joel Ricks and Elinor Martin, who came
to Utah with H. C. Klmball company, Sept. 24, 1848; mar-



tied May 1, 1827, In Kentucky). She was born Jan. 4, 1837.
at Edwardsville. Madison county. 111. Their children: Lois
Elinor b. Sept. 17. 1858: Joel b. Nov. 5, 1860, m. Lucy Woodard
1880; Ann Elizabeth b. Jan. 1863; Edwin Lewis b. March 28,
1866; Ella Clarinda b. Sept. 17, 1867, m. T. B. Cardon June
11, 1884; Rhoda Adelaide b. Nov. 6, 1869, m. J. T. B. Mason
Dec. 28. 1887; Silas Kicks b. Jan. 28, 1872, m. Lilly Bell Nov.
1894; Arthur Seymour b. April 30, 1874, m. Clara Mason Dec.
20, 1900; Minnie Mary b. March 8, 1877, m. F. C. Bowen
Sept. 2, 1903; Nathan Roy b. Dec. 20, 1880. Family resided
Salt Lake City, Coalville, Richville, Cove Creek, Utah, and
Rexburg, Idaho.

Married Mary Christina Heiner April 1861, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Martin Heiner and Adlegunda Dietzel, mar-
ried Jan. 6, 1837, in Germany, and came to Utah with Edward
Stevenson company 1857). She was born July 20, 1839,
in Germany. Their children: Heber b. July 10, 1862; Mary
Lolza b. Aug. 28, 1864, m. C. A. Welch April 6, 1883; Martha
Adlegunda b. May 13. 1866, m. F. S. Branwell June 11, 1890;
Luna Ardell b. March 18, 1868, m. J. R. Paul May 20, 1886;
John Heiner b. March 15, 1870, m. Jessie Taggart June 13,
1906; Frances Amelia b. Feb. 18, 1873. m. Joseph Roskelly
June 13, 1900; Franklin Arza b. Feb. 18, 1873, m. Ellen Row-
berry Aug. 6, 1902; Harvey b. July 10, 1875. Family resided
at Salt Lake City. Morgan. Coalville, Richville and Cove
Creek, Utah, and Rexburg, Idaho.

As a boy of nine years of age was teamster in Zion's
camp. Helped bring immigrants to Utah. Policeman, Salt
Lake City. Black Hawk war veteran. Probate judge. Sum-
mit county high priest; high councilor; missionary to
Arizona Indians; bishop Papago ward; patriarch.

HINCKLEY, IRA NATHANIEL, (son of Nathaniel Hinck-
ley, born Dec. 6, 1794, and Lois Judd. born Sept. 16, 1806.
Leeds, Canada, both of Rochester, N. Y., later. He waa
born Oct. 30, 1828. Johnstown Dist., Canada. Came to
Utah 1850, David Evans company.

Married Eliza Evans (daughter of David Evans), who
died 1850 crossing plains. Their child: Eliza, m. Edward
L. Robertson.

Married Adelaide C. Noble Dec. 11, 1853 (daughter of
Lucian Noble and Emily Wilcox of Livona, Mich., pioneers
1860, William Snow company). She was born Aug. 15,
1834. Their children: Minerva, m. William A. Ray; Lois,
m. James Frampton; Delia, m. James H. Mace; Lucian
N., m. Ada Robison; Frank, m. Helen Moody; Edwin Smith,
m. Addie Henry; Nellie, m. Joseph H. Robison; Samuel
Ernest, m. Ida Cheever; Sarah, m. Mosher F. Pack. Family
home Salt Lake City, Coalville, Cave Fort and Fillmore,

Married Angellne Wilcox Noble (daughter of Lucian
Noble and Emily Wilcox of Livona, Mich., pioneers 1850).
She was born 1832. Their children: Angeline, m. Lafayette
Holbrook; Laverne, m. James M. George; Ira N., m. Lillian
King; Bryant S.; m. Tenie Johnson and Ada Bitner; Alonzo
A., m. Rosa M. Robison; Elmer E., m. Angle Callister; two
children died in infancy.

Married Maggie Harley. Their child: Mary, m. Mr.

President of Millard stake 26 years. Captain of a com-
pany to guard U. S. mail from depredations of Indians.
Pioneer to Arizona and New Mexico. Called by President
Young to build Cove Fort 1867. Policeman at Salt Lake
City; mayor of Fillmore. Blacksmith; farmer and stock-
man. Died April 10, 1904, Provo, Utah.

HINCKLEY. EDWIN SMITH (son of Ira Nathaniel Hlnckley
and Adelaide Cameron Noble). Born July 21, 1868, Cove
Fort, Utah.

Married Addie Henry Sept. 3, 1890. Manti, Utah (daugh-
ter of Robert Henry of Ireland and Elizabeth Bacon of
England, pioneers 1850. settled at Fillmore, Utah). She
was born Jan. 12, 1868. Their children: Robert Henry
b. June 8, 1891; Leonore Adelaide b. April 17, 1894: Edwin
Carlyle b. July 25, 1896; Norma Elizabeth b. Oct. 12, 1897;
Claudius Warren b. May 30, 1899; Paul Bryant b. Oct.
8. 1900; Frederick Russell b. May 28, 1902; John Noble
b. Aug. 6. 1903; Evaline Marguerite b. March 9. 1905;
Gordon Holbrook b. June 12, 1906; Muriel Aileen b. Sept.
4, 1907; Marion b. March 1, 1909; Angela Ruth b. May
30, 1910. Family home Provo, Utah.

Missionary to Colorado 1897; high priest; first counselor
to Bishop Moroni Snow of 6th ward, Provo. Utah. Mem-
ber Provo city council. Second counselor to George H.
Brtmhall, president of Brigham Young University of Provo;
professor of geology and physiography at Brigham Young
University of Provo, Utah.

HINDLEY, JOHN (son of Thomas Hindley and Mary Seden
Lumls of Lancashire, Eng.).

Married Jane Charters Robinson Feb. 1856 /it Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Robinson of England). Their
children: Esther Jane. m. Jefferson Eastmond; Elenor
Edith, m. Richard Preston: Mary Helena, m. Alva Greene;
John Robinson, m. Ann Chipman; James Ernest, m. Emily
Huggard; Anna Elizabeth, m. Oscar F. Hunter; William
Hyrum. m. Maud Karen. Family home. American Fork.

Bishop's counselor. Mayor of American Fork; Justice
of the peace, American Fork. Painter; farmer; merchant.

Married Elizabeth Barton March 1, 1863 (daughter of
William Barton and Nancy Kay of West Weber, Utah,
pioneers Oct. 1862, Thomas Rich company). She was born
Feb. 16, 1842. Their children: Harriet Handley; Ephraim;
Nancy Farr; John; Mary Ann; Martha Knight; Elizabeth
Hadley; Margeth Ann Walker; Sarah May Stone; Lizzie
McLane. Family home West Weber, Utah.


HIPWELL. EPHRAIM (son of William Hipwell and Eliza-
beth Barton). Born April 22, 1866. West Weber, Utah.

Married Mary Jane Walker Dec. 2, 1885, Logan (daugh-
ter of Samuel F. Walder and Sarah Dixon of West Weber,
pioneers 1861, Captain Hooper and Captain Thomas Rex
companies). She was born May 1. 1866. Their children:
Sarah Elizabeth b. May 6, 1887; Mary Jane b. Sept. 20,
1888; William Barton b. Dec. 23. 1890; Margaret Eliza b.
Jan. 7, 1893: John Ephraim b. Nov. 7, 1895; Samuel Fred-
rick b. March 26, 1902; Willis Thomas b. Jan. 11, 1907.
Family home West Weber, Utah.


HIRSCHI, ARNOLD DANIEL (son of Jacob Hlrschi born
June 21, 1830, Reutigen. Bern, Switzerland, died June 18
1909, Montpelier, Idaho, and Susanna Katerinna, born Oct
28, 1834, Zwischenfluh, Bern, Switzerland, died July 2 1902
Montpelier, Idaho). Born Dec. 20, 1868, in Zwischenfluh. Came
to Utah Sept. 23. 1883, Captain Goss company.

Married Sophie Haehlen Sept. 12, 1894 (daughter of
Jacob Haehlen and Rosena Katerine Dubach, who were
married Sept., 1859, Borchlen, Diemtigen, Bern, Switzerland)
She was born Nov. 14, 1870; came to Utah July 17. 1894.
Their children: Arther b. June 20, 1895: Arnold Fredrick b.
April 6. 1897: Sophie Katerina b. April 12. 1898: Clara
Virginia b. Jan. 7, 1901; Rose Eliza b. Dec. 12. 1904; Gladis
Lena b. June 11. 1910. Family home Geneva, Idaho.

Bishop of Geneva ward 18 years; missionary to Switzer-
land 1892-94; teacher in Montpelier ward. Business man.

HIRSCHI, GOTTLIEB (son of Ulrich Hirschi. born Aug.
7, 1802, Schaugnaw, Switzerland, and Anna Amacher, born
1800, Wilderswiel, Switzerland. He was born Jan. 16,

1837, Danbreson, Switzerland. Came to Utah Aug. 1860.
Married Mary Ann Rupp Sept. 14, 1861, Salt Lake City

(daughter of Christian Rupp, who died at Shotfo, and
Susanna Winkler, who came to Utah from Shotfo Ct..
Neufchatel, Bern, Switzerland). She was born Jan. 12,

1838. Their children: Albert b. July 18. 1862, d. Feb. 23,
1881: Mary Anna b. June 10, 1864. d. Oct. 11, 1866: Joseph
b. Dec. 16, 1865; Henry b. June 28, 1867. m. Mary C. Stout;
John b. July 26. 1869, d. June 16, 1871; David b. Dec. 13,
1870, m. Mary M. Petty Oct. 3, 1890; bamuel b. Aug. 29.
1872, d. Oct. 10, 1872; Daniel b. May 17. 1874, m. Amelia
V. Petty June 27. ; Susanna b. April 26, 1876. m. James
N. Stanworth; Eliza b. Dec. 28, 1882, m. Oliver DeMill III.
Family home Rockville, Utah.

Bishop of Rockville ward 1891-1900; missionary to Switz-
erland 1883-85. Settled in Santa Clara 1861, moved to
Rockville 1863. Died Jan. 24, 1900, at St. George, Utah.

HIRSCHI, DAVID (son of Gottlieb Htrschl and Mary Ann
Rupp). Born Dec. 13, 1870, Rockville, Utah.

Married Mary Matilda Petty Oct. 3. 1890, Rockville
(daughter of Joseph H. Petty and Alfaretta M. Duzett,
former a pioneer 1848, Captain Chase company, latter was
native born). She was. born Aug. 20, 1872, at Rockville.
Their children: Claudius b. Sept. 13, 1892; Margery b.
March 8, 1894, d. Aug. 24, 1905: Heber b. Nov. 19, 1895;
Kenneth b. June 22, 1897; Susie b. May 6, 1899; David Mllo
b. Feb. 26. 1902: Wraph b. June 16, 1903, d. June 16, 1903;
Hugh b. June 16. 1905; Annona b. May 6, 1907; Junius b.
July 14. 1908: Jennie b. July 24, 1910; Karl Albert b. Aug.
26. 1912. Family home, Rockville.

Missionary to Switzerland 1902-04; bishop Rockville
ward: school teacher 1892-1902. Director of Bank of St.
George; member stake board of education.

HIRSCHI, DANIEL (son of Gottlieb Hirschi and Mary
Ann Rupp). Born May 17. 1874, Rockville.

Married Amelia V. Petty Jan. 27, 1895 (daughter of
Joseph H. Petty and Alfaretta M. Duzett, pioneers 1848.
Captain Chase company). She was born Feb. 4, 1879.
Their children: Mary A. b. Oct. 9, 1895; Gottlieb A b.
May 18, 1897. d. April 1. 1897; Daniel A. b. Dec. 3. 1898;
Walden b. Dec. 9, 1900. d. Dec. 16. 1900; Dewey b. Jan. 29,
1902; David L. b. Jan. 3, 1904.

HIRST, JOHN (son of Abraham Hirst and Nancy Dykes
of Yorkshire. Eng.). Born March 7, 1816, Yorkshire, Eng.
Came to Utah September 1868.

Married Charlotte Brook about 1839, Yorkshire, Eng.
(daughter of William and Hannah Brook). She was born
1818. Their children: Abraham, d. infant; James, d. infant:
Harriet, m. Thomas Marshall; Hannah, d. aged 17; Nancy,
m. Joseph Dearden; Eliza, m. Jonathan Gledhill: Mary,
m. George Wood: Martha, m. James Taylor: Fannie, m.
William Jenkins: John. m. Elvira Spencer: Sarah, m. Jacob
Coon; Charlotte, m. John A. Coon; Ellen, m. Daniel Whipple.

HIPWELL, WILLIAM (son of John- Hipwell and Harriet
Grucoek of Hansby. Eng.). Born Jan. 11, 1836, Dunton,
Bassette. Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1861, Sextus John-
son company.

HISKEY, BENJAMIN. Born 1822 at Schuylkill Haven. Pa.
Came to Utah Oct. 17, 1862. Henry W. Miller company.

Married Mary Ann Dankel. Lehi county. Pa. (daughter
of Mr. Dankel of Schuylkill Haven, pioneers Oct. 1862, Capt.



Miller company). She was born 1818 and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: W. F. and Emma Linda,
both died; Peter M.; Clara; Augusta S.; John S.; Thomas A.;
Cassa; Alfred B. : Allen. Latter three died.
Teacher. Car repairer. Died 1884, Erda. Utah.

HISKET, JOHN S. (son of Benjamin Hiskey and Mary Ann
Dankel). Born May 22, 1864, Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Lyman May 12, 1902, Boulder, Utah (daugh-
ter of Amasa Mason Lyman, Jr., and Rosanna Reynolds).
She was born July 20, 1885. Only child: Max Lyman b. Aug.
2, 1909. Family home Teasdale, Utah.

HITCHCOCK, JOHN CHESTER (son of Seth Hitchcock and
Sally Ann Rhodes, both died in Missouri). He was born
March 3, 1832, Warsaw, Genesee county, N. T. Came to
Utah 1848, Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Petrea Jensen March B, 1857, Ephralm, Utah
(daughter of Soren Jensen and Kistina Maria Jensen, Torse,
Hjorring ami, Denmark, pioneer 1854, Capt. Olson com-
pany). She was born March 1840. Their children: John
Seth b. Dec. 28, 1857, d. infant; Franklin b. March 8, 1859,
m. Anna Rosetta Cook; Louisa Jane b. May 11, 1861; Mary
Ann b. Nov. 20, 1863, d. infant; Petrea Melissa b. Jan. 30,
1865, m. Moses Burdick; Maria Lavina b. Jan. 26, 1868, d.
infant; Violet b. Feb. 18, 1869, d. Infant; William Henry b.
May 26, 1870, m. Julia Emily Duncan; Willard b. Feb. 16,
1873, m. Mary Thomas; James Edward b. Oct. 16, 1875,
d. aged 11; Leonora b. Aug. 4, 1878, d. Oct. 23, 1878; Sarah
Elizabeth b. June 23, 1880, d. Sept. 6, 1880. Family home
Ferron, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher 40 years. Finally settled at
Ferron 1883. Lieutenant in Blackhawk war 1865-68. As-
sisted bringing immigrants to Utah.

Hitchcock and Petrea Jensen). Born May 26, 1870, Spring
City, Utah.

Married Julia Emily Duncan Nov. 2, 1892, Manti (daughter
of John Chapman and Teressa Duncan, of Scotland and
Ferron). She was born April 13, 1875. Their children: Dora
Evelyn b. March 31. 1894, m. LaMar Kilpack; Blanche b. Oct.
25, 1896; Louis William b. May 18, 1899; Rulon John b.
March 15, 1905; Helen b. March 22, 1913. Family home,

Bishop Clawson ward, Oct. 25, 1904. Settled at Ferron
1884. County road commissioner 1912. Farmer and stock-

HITCHCOCK, FRANKLIN (son of John C. Hitchcock and
Petrea Jensen). Born March 8, 1859.

Married Anna Rosetta Cook. Their children: Delos, m.
Rachel Thomas; Seth, m. Sarah Felstead, died; Olive, m. Livy
Olsen; Monte; Ruth, m. Peter Alfred Knudson; Val; Reeva;

Elder. Farmer.

HJORTH, PETER H See page 944.

1IOHHS, WILLIAM DOWN (son of Henry Hobbs and Ann
Down of Framfleld, Sussex, Eng.) Born Jan. 6, 1814, Fram-
fleld, Sussex, Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 2, 1864, Warren Snow

Married Mary Ann Pope Nov. 9, 1835, Brighton, Eng.
(daughter of Thomas Pope and Ann Grenier), who was born
April 11, 1815. Their children: Annie b. April 30, 1837;
William Down, Jr. b. Nov. 1839, m. Elizabeth Cook 1864;
Mary Ann b. June 16, 1841, m. Alfred Gadd Jan. 1864; Emma
Lucy b. Feb. 21, 1843, m. Alexander Meads Oct. 1864; Tryphena
Jane b. April 29, L847, m. William West 1867; Sarah Eliza-
beth b. Feb. 3, 1852, m. Henry H. Harriman; Ellen Agnes b.
June 1853, m.| Hyrum Fielding; George Brigham b. Feb.
22, 1856, m. Julia Broadhead Oct. 1883; Alice Lavina b. 1858,
m. William Banks. Family home, Parowan.

Helped settle Iron county, 1885. Carpenter; builder and

HOBBS, WILLIAM DOWN (son of William Down Hobbs).
Born in November 1839. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1861, Sextus
E. Johnson company.

Married Elizabeth Cooke (daughter of Henry Cooke), who
was born Sept. 27, 1843, and came to Utah 1865, John R.
Murdock company. Their children: Annie Constance b.
Nov. 27, 1866, m. Benjamin H. Cooke March 10, 1886; William
Henry b. Sept. 5, 1871, m. Mary E. Hathaway; Benjamin
George, m. Mary G. Southworth; Amy, d. aged 3; Jesse T.,
m. Ethel Molyneux 1904; Franklin M., m. Mary Bault 1901;
Edith Pearl, m. Rasmus Mickleson; Alvin M. b. Feb. 17, 1891.
Family reside Parowan, Utah, and Wilford, Idaho.

HOCHSTRASSER, RUDOLPH (son of Rudolph Hochstrasser,
born 1803, Fahrwangen, Canton Aargau, Switzerland, and
Margaret Miller, born July 15. 1814, Reitnau, Canton Aargau,
Switzerland). He was born Sept. 1, 1839, Wikermos, Canton
Luzerne. Switzerland. Came to Utah Aug. 30, 1860, Jesse
E. Murphy company.

Married Maria Sutter March 10, 1859, mid-Atlantic, on ship
Emerald Isle (daughter of Daniel Sutter and Margaret
Witmer of Bozberg, Aargau, Switzerland). She was born
Aug. 13, 1824. Their children: Jacob b. Nov. 25, 1860, d.
infant; Mary b. Jan. 15, 1863, m. Frederick Theurer Aug. 6,
1880; Joseph b. Jan. 9, 1866, m. Alice Fullmer. Family home
Providence, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Lanz Nov. 1, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ulrich and Maria Lanz), who was born Sept.
5, 1841, Lotzuil, Bern, Switzerland. Their children: Rudolph
Hyrum b. Aug. 20, 1865, m. Alice Fullmer; Nephi W. b. Feb.
26, 1867, m. Jane Fullmer; Eva Liottea b. May 8, 1869, m.
Neils Hansen 1887; Sarah Ann b. July 11, 1871, m. Frank
Hinman; Rachel Eliza b. Aug. 24, 1873, m. Thomas Low;
Mary Ann b. Oct. 6, 1875, m. Julius Jacobsen; Alma b. Oct.
16, 1878.

Married Ursula Kerner May, 1865, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas Kerner and Ursula Trichler), who was born
Sept. 9, 1837, Hamereisenbach, Baden, Germany. Only child:
Thomas O. b. March 1866, d. infant.

Married Anna Maria Torbjornson Oct. 20, 1881, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Neils Torbjornson and Mary Mason), who
was born May 5, 1864. Their children: Martha b. Nov. 7,
1882, m. Charles Bradley: Elizabeth b. Jan. 26, 1886. m.
Samuel Ahlman Dec. 24, 1910; Samuel b. Feb. 1888, d. April
1890; Daniel b. Jan. 15, 1890, d. same year.

Married Rhoda Jane Kietten Feb. 10, 1892, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Eugene and Sarah Jane Fullmer of Salt Lake
City). She was born 1856, Salt Lake City. Their children:
Leah Lavon H. b. Aug. 1893, m. Mr. Webb 1911; Ruby
Drucilla H. b. July 1895; Chloe Margaret H. b. Aug. 18,

Married Matilda A. Jahnke Dec. 10. 1907, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Louis Jahnke and Ernstena Nixdorf of Ger-
many). She was born Sept. 9, 1876, Milwaukee, Wis.

Member 32d quorum seventies; missionary to Switzerland
1883-85; bishop's counselor 1885-89; high priest. Shoe-
maker and farmer.

HODGES, NATHANIEL MORRIS (son of William Hodges
and Ann Sweet of Bristol, Eng.). Born Jan. 4, 1847, Sparks-
ford, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 2, 1868, Captain S. M.
Molen company.

Married Louisa Weston Oct. 11, "1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Nehemiah Weston and Rosanna Gilford of
East Harptree, Somersetshire, Eng., came to Utah Aug.
11, 1870). She was born Feb. 11, 1847. Their children:
William Nehemiah b. July 15. 1870, m. Edith Pearl; Na-
thaniel John b. Aug. 15, 1872. m. Rose Early; Hyrum b.
Sept. 20, 1874, d. Feb. 11, 1888; Edward b. Oct. 20, 1876,
m. Eva Olene Kimball; Mary Louisa b. July 15, 1879, m.
Reuben Hyden; Samuel b. May 31, 1881; Orson Henry b.
July 10, 1887; Leonora b. May 28, 1889, m. Frank Linford;
Hortense b. June 26, 1892, d. Oct. 14. 1894. Family home,

Missionary to England 1883-84. Built first roller flour-
mill and steam sawmill in Laketown 1876. Stock raiser.

HODSOJf, WILLIAM (son of William Embleton Hodson
and Anna Pigford of Durham county, Eng.). Born Aug.

30, 1841, Quarrington Hill, Durham county. Came to Utah
Sept. 9, 1863, John R. Young independent company.

Married Isabella 'Williamson Dec. 25, 1861, Pomeron,
Meigs Co., Ohio (daughter of Thomas Williamson and Ann
Robinson of Durham county, Eng.). She was born July
6. 1845. Their children: Ann Williamson b. Feb. 7, 1864,
m. William G. Rhead; Isabella b. Oct. 11, 1866, died May

31, 1867; William Williamson b. June 18, 1868, m. Agnes
Walker; John Thomas b. July 28, 1S70, m. Coralie Elvira
Smith; Benjamin Franklin b. May 3, 1872, m. Evar Martell;
Margaret Elizabeth b. March 27, 1876, m. John Ambrose Pack;
Sarah Juliet b. Nov. 22, 1878, m. Joseph Theron Carruth
Sept. 29, 1909; Mary Isabell b. Dec. 25, 1880, m. Leo L.
Robertson, later Vincent Shepherd; Edward Elmore b.
Aug. 15, 1883; Ethel Irene b. Sept. 11, 1885, m. Joseph E.
White; Alvin Claude b. Nov. 9, 1888, d. aged 7. Family
home, Coalville.

Settled at Coalville Sept. 9, 1863. Counselor to Bishop
Robert Salmon of Coalville ward from its organization to
1877. When divided into three wards he was made bishop
of North ward 1889-95; stake tithing clerk; superintendent
of Sunday school; ward teacher; ward clerk; high coun-
cilor of Summit stake since 1901. School trustee; city
surveyor 1877-78; city councilman 1877-93; member school
board of examiners 1879 and 1880. Assisted in organizing
Coalville co-operative work; salesman; bookkeeper; half
owner of Robinson and Fletcher-Hodson coal mines; also
of Hodson-Olson coal mine of Coalville; had big interest
in Summit County Railroad; helped a cattle com-
pany and grist mill company in Coalville. Secretary and
treasurer of Summit stake tabernacle 1878-98.

Hodgson and Grace Sutliff of Yorkshire, Eng.). Born July
26, 1824, in Yorkshire. Came to Utah Sept. 28, 1866, Daniel
Thompson company.

Married Mary Shaw 1846, Yorkshire. Eng. (daughter of
John Shaw and Ann Greenwood of Yorkshire), who was
born May 4, 1826. Their children: Hannah, m. Jeffrey
Hodgson; Miriam, m. Jeffrey Hodgson; Oliver, m. Ann
Plckard Hollingworth; m. Mary E. Simmons, Nephi; Grace
Ann m. Richard Sidoway; Moroni, m. Clara Skidmore;
Mercey m. Henry Williams. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Elder. Weaver and machinist. Died 1892, Salt Lake City.

HODGSON. OLIVER (son of Henry William Sutliff Hodg-
son and Mary Shaw). Born March 8, 1851. Yorkshire,
Eng.). Came to Utah Sept. 28, 1866.

Married Ann Pickard Hollingworth Nov. 27. 1871, Salt
Lake Endowment House, Daniel H. Wells officiating



(daughter of Thomas and Mary Hollingworth). Came to
Utah July, 1871, K. Read company). She was born July
24, 1851.

Married Mary Ettie Simmons April 12, 1876, Salt Lake
Endowment House, Wilford Woodruff officiating: (daughter
of Joseph M. Simmons and Rachel E. Woolley of Salt Lake
City, former came to Utah 1850, latter 1848). She was
born Nov. 15, 1866. Their children: Oliver Leroy b. March
11, 1876. d. aged five; Leslie Simmons b. Dec. 18, 1879, m.
Louie Taylor; Rachel b. Jan. 3, 1882, m. Isaac B. Ball:
Mary b. Dec. 18, 1883, d. infant: Frederick William b.
March 12, 1886, m. Elinor Bingham; Philip b. June 15,
1888, d. infant; Maud b. May 13, 1889, m. Frank Fullmer;
Clifford Shaw b. Jan. 16, 1893; Edgar Dilworth b. April
B. 1896; Russel Beales b. Dec. 6, 1897; Jasper Henry b.
March 13, 1898, d. infant; Paul Sutliff b. July 21, 1900.
Family home Salt Lake City.

Seventy; high priest; bishop 3d ward five years. City
councilman four years. Building contractor.

HODSON, JOHN (son of William Hodson and Ann Wig-
nough of Pendleton. Eng.). Born Jan. 10, 1808, Pendleton,

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