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Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 10, 1853, Jesse Crosby company.
Married Maria Gillard January, 1834. Pendleton, Eng.
(daughter of George and Maria Gillard of Pendleton. Eng.).
She was born Jan. 10, 1811. Their children: William b.
Sept. 18. 1834, m. Ruth Ware: Elizabeth b. Jan. 20, 1836,
m. Joseph Allen; Ann b. 1837, d. infant: John H. b.
Oct. 10, 1844, m. Rebecca Marriott; Thomas H. b. Nov.

10, 1846, m. Millie Flint; Alma b. 1848, d. aged 23; Jane
b. March 1850, m. James Bowler; Rebecca b. Feb. 12, 1854,
m. William Flint; Ann b. Sept. 1839, m. Thomas Finley.
Family home Kaysville.

Seventy; one of first Mormon converts in England.
Built first flour mill at Kaysville 1854; helped plan and
work out first irrigation system from Kays creek 1854.
Farmer. Died Oct. 7, 1881, Kaysville.

HODSON. WILLIAM (son of John Hodson and Maria Gil-
lard). Born Sept. 18, 1834. Came to Utah Sept. 10, 1853,
Jesse Crosby company.

Married Ruth Ware Feb. 9. 1859, Kaysville (daughter
of George Ware and Naomi Bigg of Kaysville, pioneers
Sept. 1855. Richard Ballantyne company). She was born
Feb. 16. 1840. Their children: William J. b. Dec. 7. 1859,
m. Adaline Terry; George A. b. Feb. 11, 1861, m. Susanna
Green; Sarah M. b. Sept. 1, 1862, d. aged 3; Naomi E. b.
July 9. 1864, d. aged 2; James R. b. April 14, 1866, d. aged
3; Joseph S. b. March 31. 1868, d. aged 5; Mary A. b.
March 21, 1870, m. Rodolph Parry; Thomas H. b. March
13, 1872, d. aged 6; Leonard B. b. June 3, 1874; Drusilla
R. b. Aug. 7, 1878, m. Joseph T. Covington: Delbert F.
b. Sept. 28, 1880, m. Elizabeth O. Butler. Family home,

Member 55th quorum seventies. Justice of peace. Farmer.

HODSON. WILLIAM JOHN (son of William Hodson and
Ruth Ware). Born Dec. 7. 1859. Marriott.

Married Henretta A. Terry Oct. 6. 1880. Marriott (daugh-
ter of Partial P. Terry and Esther Adlock of Marriott
pioneers 1847, Brigham Young company): She was born
Feb. 24. 1863. Their children: William A. b. April 4, 1881,
m. Sarah Richardson; Sarah L. b. March 4, 1883. m. Leonard
Wayment; Parley P. b. Dec. 19, 1887, m. Mary Anderson;
Murald b. March 8, 1889; Ruth b. Sept. 4. 1892, m. Fred-
erick Wheeler: Bertha b. Aug. 1. 1893; Esther M. b. Nov.

11, 1900. Family home, Plain City.
Teacher. Farmer.

HOFF, HENRY HERMAN (son of John Gottlieb Hoff and
Catherine Phitzenmaier, both born at Wetzheim, Germany).
Born March 16, 1849, at Philadelphia, Pa. Came to Utah
Oct. 19. 1872.

Married Harriet Bacon March 8, 1875. Pleasant Grove,
Utah (daughter of Chauncey Bacon and Celestia F. Sisson
pioneers 1861). She was born 1856. Salt Lake City. Their
children: Beatrice H. : Henry Herman: Edmund C. ; Ernest
P.; Celestia G. ; Myrtle D. ; Frank E. Family home George-
town. Idaho.

Settled in Georgetown, Idaho, 1876; appointed regent
of University of Idaho by Governor McConnell 1893; in
1895 appointed director Albion state normal school by
Governor Steunenberg; commissioner Bear Lake county
three terms. Counselor to Bishop Alma Hayes 1896: bishop
Montpelier 2d ward 1909. Mayor Montpelier, Idaho, 1911
and 1912.

HOGENSEN. CHRISTIAN (son of Hoken Ntelson, born April
17, 1789, and Ingborge Olsen, born 1791, natives Lear,
Norway). He was born Feb. 9, 1830, Lear, Norway. Came to
Utah Sept. 4. 1859. George Rowley company.

Married Peteria Larsen May 6. 1869 (daughter of Lars
Neilsen and Anna Petersen), who was born Dec. 20, 1830.
Came to Utah Sept. 4, 1859, George Rowley company. Their
children: Caroline b. July 26. 1861. d. Dec. 1867: Agnes b.
Nov. 9. 1863, m. Charles Rodwell Pearce Sept. 22. 1882: Mary
Jane b. Dec. 9. 1867, m. Ole Swensen Nov. 1886: Charles
Henry b. Aug. 12, 1871, m. Emily Andersen Dec. 1897: Lorenzo
b. Dec. 26, 1873, d. July 23, 1881. Family home Montpelier,

Married Mary Jensen Aug. 2. 1884, Logan, Utah. Their
children: James b. May 9. 1886: Clara b. Dec. 9, 1887, m.
Walter Hancock Oct. 2. 1912.

Seventy; missionary 1880-82. Home guard during: Indian
wars. Early settler to Cache valley, moved to Bear Lake
county, Idaho, 1863, and to Montpelier, 1864.

HOI. BROOK, JOSEPH (son of Moses Holbrook, born May 18,
1779, Massachusetts, and Hannah Morton, born March 16,
1788, Rhode Island married 1805). He was born Jan. 15,
1806, in New York City. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1848,
Brigham Young company.

Married Nancy Lampson Dec. 30, 1830, Western Massa-
chusetts (daughter of David and Sarah Lampson), who was
born Aug. 14. 1804, and died at Nauvoo, 111. Their children:
Sarah Lucretia b. Jan. 21, 1832, m. Judson A. Tolman 1846;
Charlotte b. Nov. 26, 1833, m. Vasco Call Jan. 28, 1863; Joseph
Lamoni b. Jan. 31, 1837. m. Catharina Waterson July 24,
1855; Mary Jane b. Jan. 27, 1839; David b. Feb. 11, 1840.

Married Hannah Flint Jan. 1, 1843, Nauvoo. 111. (daughter
of William Angel and Phebe Marton). Their children:
Caroline Tunis b. Oct. 21. 1851, m. John Corbridge Nov. 13,
1871; Joseph Hyrum b. Feb. 8. 1854, m. Catharine Cooper
Jan. 13. 1878; Brigham Angel b. Feb. 10, 1856, m. Hannah
Cook Dec. 17, 1876: Moses Angel b. Jan. 16, 1858. m. Jane Ann
Throughton Nov. 23, 1882; James Angel b. April 3, 1860: John
Angel b. Dec. 9, 1861: Ephraim Angel b. April 18, 1863; Enoch
Angel b. July 12, 1865. m. Mary Smedley Nov. 14, 1894:
Heber Angel b. Jan. B, 1867, m. Martha Sweeten Jan. 4, 1893.
Family home. Bountiful.

Married Lucy Jones Nov. 10, 1855. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William and Lucy Jones). Their children: Lucy Ann
b. Oct. 7, 1S56: Joseph b. Jan. 23. 1858, m. Alice Ceah Dec.
19, 1878; William b. Jan. 4, 1860, m. Polly Burminghara
Dec. 28. 1880.

Married Louisa Haitt Jan. 2, 1864, Salt Lake City, who was
born June 4, 1822.

Seventy. Worked on Kirtland, Ohio, and Nauvoo. 111.,
temples. Special policeman at Nauvoo; took part in Crooked
river battle. Member territorial legislature two terms; pro-
bate judge of Davis county three terms. Counselor in bish-
opric of Bountiful ward. Helped bring immigrants to Utah.

HOLDAWAY, DANIEL. W. (son of Timothy Holdaway, born
Dec. 3, 1801, Jefferson county, Tenn., and Mary Trent, born
Feb. 8, 1803, Hawkins county, Tenn.). He was born July 14.
1834, Putnam county, Ind. Came to Utah Nov. 17, 1850,
immigration company.

Married Martha Belinda Gardner April 16, 1857 (daugh-
ter of Benjamin Gardner and Electa Lamport, who were
married May 29. 1822 pioneers Sept. 28. 1852, Train No. 10).
She was born Oct. 12, 1839: came to Utah with parents in
1852. Their children: Mary Ann b. Feb. 23, 1858: Daniel
Timothy b. May 27, 1859, m. Minnie Petersen April 27, 1890;
Electa Emaline b. May 2, 1861, m. Andrew Patterson May
27. 1883; William Benjamin b. Sept. 27, 1864, m. Minnie Hoss-
feld March 6, 1898; James Nathaniel b. Jan. 2. 1868. m.
Louisa Bragger March 6, 1900: Martha Vilate b. Oct. 20,
1871, m. Charles A. Kroksh April 23, 1891: Hannah Leslie
b. June 28. 1876. m. Guy N. Rose April 10, 1901. Family home
Deweyville, Utah.

HOLDAWAY, JAMES N. (son of Daniel W. Holdaway and
Martha B. Gardner). Born Jan. 2. 1868. North Ogden. Utah.

Married Louisa Bragger March 6. 1900. Brigham City. Utah
(daughter of Abraham Bragger and Solema Grtinder, and
came to Utah in 1887). She was born Jan. 8. 1876. in Ger-
many. Their children: Etta b. May 2, 1901; Vesta b. Dec.
27, 1902: Solema b. April 11. 1905; Alice b. May 29. 1906;
James Daniel b. July 24, 1909. Family home Deweyville,

Box Elder county surveyor 12 years. Irrigation engineer.

HOL.DAWAY, DAVID (son of Timothy Holdaway and Mary
Trent, of Hawkins county, Tenn.). Born March 9, 1832, in
Hawkins county. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Elizabeth Haws June 1852, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Haws and Martha Sessions of Wayne county. 111 ;
the latter came to Utah 1850). She was born June 23, 1830.
Their children: David William b. Nov. 23, 1850, m. Bertha
Potter; Martha Angeline b. Jan. 2. 1852. m. Monte Edwards:
George Timothy b. Nov. 4, 1854, m. Deseret Durfy. Family
home Provo, Utah.

Married E. Prater Dec. 1866, Provo, Utah (daughter of
Thomas Prater and Sarah Kinsworthy of Brownstown,
Jackson county. Ind. widow of John Huntsman, whom she
married June 7. 1846. Bonaparte, Iowa. Their children:
Sarah Katherine b. Sept. 12, 1847, m. William A. Woolsey;
Julia, m. Hyrum Smith and Mr. Liberty. They lived at
Kanesville, Iowa). She was born Jan. 12, 1828. Their chil-
dren: Thomas Teancum b. Aug. 24. 1857. m. Julia Fossett
and Mary White: Mary Milvina b. June 24, 1869. m. Robert
Blackburn and David Lucas; Joseph Alma, m. Sarah Robin-
son: Elizabeth Rachel, m. Edward W. Robinson. Family
resided at Vernal and Provo. Utah.

High councilor; member 44th quorum seventies. Probate
judge. Machinist. Died March 13, 1907, Provo, Utah.

HOL.DAWAY, SHADRACH (son of Timothy Holdaway and
Mary E. Trent of Hawkins county, Tenn.). Born Oct. 16.
1822, in Tennessee. Came to Utah Oct. 24, 1848, with division
of Mormon Battalion company.

Married Lucinda Haws Dec. 24. 1848. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Gilbert Haws and Hannah Whitecomb of Salt
Lake City, pioneers Sept. 21, 1848, Lorenzo Snow com-
pany). She was born Oct. 20, 1828. Their children: George
Bradford and Timothy, died; William Shadrach, m. Pebe



Pratt; Amos David, m. Lydia Thrower; John Madison, m.
Jane Gillispie; Mary Elizabeth, m. Charles C. Conrad; Lev!
Stewart, m. Caroline Anderson and Rebecca Clark; Logan
Gilbert, m. Mary Blair; Syntha Mahala and Nancy Emeline,
died; Andrew Nathan, m. Lydia Ann Riddle; Louisa Diantha,
died; Warren Hacos, m. Lilly Riddle; Amanda Lucinda, m.
Almono Loeto Young and James King Pierpont; Marion,
m. Prudence Peay. Family home Provo, Utah.

Member 31st quorum seventies; high priest. Brought
first carding and wool spinning machine to Utah Dec. 31,
1860; made flrst threshing machines In Utah from wagons
left by Johnston's army; made flrst canal out of Provo river
to lake bottoms. Lumberman; engineer; miner; rancher
and farmer. Died Dec. 24, 1902, Provo, Utah.

HOLD AW AY, MARION (son of Shadrach Holdaway and
Lucinda Haws). Born Feb. 25, 1855, Provo, Utah.

Married Prudence Eliza Peay Nov. 25, 1876, Provo, Utah
(daughter of Francis Peay and Eliza Baker of Provo,
pioneers 1853). She was born March 7, 1854. Their chil-
dren: Clara Eva b. Nov. 3, 1877, m. Dudley Chase; Francis
Marion b. July 6, 1879, m. Nellie Handley; Albert Arthur b.
June 5, 1881, m. Annabel Clegg; Prudence Eliza b. April
21, 1883, m. William C. Chase; Florence Rosetta b. Jan.
30, 1887, m. Frank Carter; Zelda Maud b. Jan. 17, 1889, m.
Joel Bunnell; Jennie Arville b. Nov. 30, 1891. Family home
Vineyard, Utah.

Helped to construct roads In canyons. Farmer and stock-

HOLDAWAY, ANDREW NATHAN (son of Shadrach Holda-
yray and Lucinda Haws). Born Dec. 27, 1864, Provo, Utah.

Married Lydia Ann Riddle June 10, 1884, Coyoto, Utah
(daughter of Isaac Riddle and Mary Ann Eagles of Coyoto
and Provo). She was born Sept. 15, 1866, Beaver, Utah.
Their children: Wallace, died; Wilford; Murl M.; Rhoda A.;
Cyrus N.; Orrin C.; Ilia L., died; Cleo L. Family home Provo,

Missionary to West Virginia 1893-94. Miner and stock-

Holdaway and Lucinda Haws, Provo, Utah). Born Dec.
12, 1851, Provo.

Married Pebe Soper Pratt Sept. 11, 1872, Spanish Fork,
Utah (daughter of Parley P. Pratt and Pebe E. Soper of
Salt Lake City; came to Utah in Sept. 1847. Daniel Spen-
cer company). She was born May 19, 1852. Their children:
William Shadrach b. June 6, 1873, m. Vina C. Holt; Parley
P. b. Feb. 1, 1876; Lucinda May b. April 23, 1879, d. infant;
Gilbert Orson b. Aug. 27, 1881; Hall H. b. March 27, 1888,
m. Mrs. Owens; Hazel Pebe b. Nov. 7, 1890; Lorus Trent
b. June 27. 1894; Eva (adopted) b. June 19, 1903. Family
home Provo, Utah.

Member of 123d quorum seventies. Member Provo city
council 1894-98. Patentee of Holdaway button sewing
attachment and Holdaway sugar beet harvester. Mechan-
ical engineer.

rach Holdaway and Pebe Soper Pratt). Born June 5, 1873,
Provo, Utah.

Married Vina C. Holt Dec. 9, 1896, Springville, Utah
(daughter of Jessie Patten Holt and Sarah Naoma Carr
of Spanish Fork, Utah). She was born Dec. 31, 1875.
Their children: Vaughn La Mar b. Sept. 27, 1897; Reva
Lucile b. June 16, 1890. Family home Provo, Utah.

Doctor of dental surgery; professor of music.

HOLDAWAY, AMOS DAVID (son of Shadrach Holdaway
and Lucinda Haws). Born Jan. 23, 1853, Provo, Utah.

Married Lydia Thrower Oct. 10, 1872, Beaver, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Thrower, who died on the plains en
route to Utah, and Lydia Pilch, pioneer Sept. 24, 1862,
Homer Duncan company; they were married 1841, Norwich,
Eng., she was the daughter of James and Lydia Pilch
of Norwich). She was born Oct. 19, 1826, Norwich. Their
children: Amos Claud b. Aug. 2, 1873, and Don Alvin b.
Jan. 23, 1877. died; Elmer Thomas b. Oct. 13, 1879, m. Ellen
Eklns; Elsie Alberta b. Sept. 27, 1881, died; Milton Leroy
b. April 20, 1884; Leland Eugene b. Jan. 20. 1887; Walter
Roland b. Nov. 25, 1889, m. Edna Knudsen; Edna Lydia
b. Aug. 5, 1892. Family home Provo, Utah.

High priest. County commissioner Utah county 1882-
93; Provo city councilman 1880-89; member state fair board;
member state mental hospital at Provo 1886-90; director
of Deseret Agriculture Manufacturing Society 1890-96.
Railroad builder and financier. Died April 30, 1900, Provo,

HOLDAWAY, ELMER THOMAS (son of Amos David Hold-
away and Lydia Thrower). Born Oct. 13. 1879, Provo, Utah.

Married Ellen Ekins March 11, 1903, Provo, Utah
(daughter of George Ekins and Mary Mezener of Pleasant
View ward. Provo). She was born Jan. 6, 1880. Their chil-
dren: Lucile b. Feb. 14, 1904; Elmer Harold b. July 6,
1909. Family home Vineyard, Utah.

Elder. Farmer and dairyman.

HOLDAWAY. JOHN MADISON (son of Shadrach Holdaway
and Lucinda Haws). Born April 30, 1854, Provo, Utah.

Married Jane Peterson Gillispie Dec. 6, 1870, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Robert Gilllspie, born Feb. 8, 1829, and
Mary Sharp of Fifeshire, Scotland, pioneers Aug. 1869,
Independent company). She was born March 11, 1852,
Fifeshire. Their children: Mary Jane b. March 27, 1872,
d. child; John Shadrach b. March 23, 1874, m. Margerett

Adamson; Edith Lucinda b. Feb. 8, 1876, m. Edward H.
Holt; Ruby May b. Sept. 29, 1877, m. Webster Hoover.
Family home Provo, Utah.

Missionary to northern states 1904-06; president Y. M.
M. I. A. Provo city councilman; superintendent Provo
city water works four years. Contractor and constructor
of D. R. G. railway 12 years; carpenter; miner and civil

HOLDAWAY, LOGAN GILBERT (son of Shadrach Hold-
away and Lucinda Haws of Provo, Utah). Born Aug. 1,
1859. Provo, Utah.

Married Mary Blair March 18, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Seth Millington Blair and Sarah Texanna
East of Salt Lake City, pioneers 1850). She was born
Oct. 1, 1859. Their children: Dora b. Aug. 8, 1881, died-
Ethel b. March 21, 1883; Etna Neal b. March 6, 1884, m.
Ernest Foulger; LeRoy Logan b. Aug. 17, 1886; Emma
Sarah b. Jan. 26, 1889; Helen b. Nov. 1, 1890, m. Ernest
Pierce; Willmarth b. Dec. 25, 1893; Seth Millington, died;
Mary B. b. Sept. 6, 1897. Family home Provo, Utah.

Deputy county assessor of Utah county several terms.
Real estate, insurance and loans; carpenter and builder.

HOLDSWORTH, JONAS (son of Thomas Holdsworth. born
June 13, 1788, and Nancy Bibby, born June 26, 1794, In
England). Born May 22, 1821, Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.
Came to Utah 1862.

Married Dorothy Harriet Brook 1852 (daughter of Rich-
ard Brook and Ann Doe). She was born Dec. 9, 1825.
Their children: Thomas b. April 20, 1853; John b. March
20, 1855; Elizabeth b. April 8, 1859, m. James G. Gray
Dec. 29, 1877; Harriet b. Sept. 22, 1864; Jonas b. Sept. 22,
1864. m. Harriet Bahr Aug. 3, 1896; Martha Ann b. July
23. 1866, m. Joseph E. Dorton Dec. 3, 1884; Sarah Jane b.
Nov. 10, 1869. Family home Lehi, Utah.

High priest. Tanner.

HOLDSWORTH, JONAS (son of Jonas Holdsworth and
Dorothy Harriet Brook). Born Sept. 22, 1864, Lehi, Utah.

Married Harriet Bahr Aug. 3, 1896, Lehi (daughter of
William Bahr and Harriet Jackson). She was born Feb.
12, 1875, Salem, Utah, Their children: William J. b. July
3, 1897; Alice b. June 23, 1899; Hazel b. Jan. 3, 1903; Louis
B. b. Feb. 9, 1907. Family home Lehi, Utah.

HOLLAND, JOHN (son of William Holland, born 1802,
died 1844, Nauvoo, 111., and Sarah Tomlinson of Barton-
under-Needwood, Staffordshire, Eng.). Born March 23, 1836,
in England. Came to Utah October, 1850.

Married Mary Burton (daughter of James and Isabelle
Burton). She was born Feb. 26, 1844, pioneer 1855, died
Jan. 15, 1874. Their children: John William b. Oct 25
1861, m. Anna Stucker March 7, 1901; Sarah Isabella b
Sept. 8, 1863, died 1864; Hyrum Thomas b. July 15, 1865-
Joseph b. Oct. 29, 1867; James Heber b. Oct, 3, 1869; Chris-
topher b. Nov. 7, 1871. Family resided Weber Co., Utah,
fifty years, and Lorenzo, Idaho.

HOLLAND, JOHN WILLIAM (son of John Holland and
Mary Burton). Born Oct. 25, 1861. Ogden, Utah.

Married Anna Stucker March 7, 1901, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John and Elizabeth Stucker of Switzerland;
former came to Utah 1900). She was born June 10, 1882.
Their children: Dora b. Jan. 19, 1902; Pearl Irene b. June
19, 1908; Lila Isabelle b. March 30, 1913.

HOLLEY, HENRY. Born April 3, 1828, Hereford, Eng.
Came to Utah 1854, Thomas Thomas company.

Married Ann Hutchins 1859, Slaterville, Utah (daughter
of William Hutchins and Anne Putman, former died at St.
Louis, Mo., latter came to Utah 1853, locating at Slaterville,
Utah). She was born September, 1829. Their children:
Henry, m. Amanda Knight; John, m. Margret Ellen Kelly;
Edwin, m. Samantha Parry; William C., m. Annie Jensen;
Annie Edith, m. William A. Taylor; Lucy, m. Chris Lee.
Family home Slaterville, Utah.

Grocery and dry goods merchant. Farmer.

HOLLEY, JOHN (son of Henry Holley and Ann Hutchins).
Born May 29, 1862, Slaterville, Utah.

Married Margret Ellen Kelly Dec. 19, 1881, Ogden, Utah
(daughter of George Kelly and Mary Ann Slater of Slater-
ville, Utah, pioneers 1850, contingent of Mormon Battalion).
She was born Sept. 18, 1862. Their children: Edith Ann
b. Nov. 29, 1883, m. Joseph C. Westwood; Nellie b. Nov. 13,
1886, m. Joseph P. Bailey: John C. b. Oct. 5. 1890; Lincoln
James b. Jan. 5, 1894; Margerite b. March 19, 1897; Henry
George b. Feb. 25. 1901: Louis Edwin b. June 25, 1904.
Family home Salt Lake City.

Elder. City councilman 1907-12. Engaged in wholesale

HOLLIDAY, GEORGE T. (son of Thomas M. Holliday and
Ann H. Mathews of Santaquin, Utah). Born Jan. 10, 1867,
at San Bernardino, Cal.

Married Alveretta C. Jones Sept. 18, 1879. at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas E. Jones and Mary Ann Males).
She was born Jan. 4, 1857, at Kaysville. Davis Co., Utah.
Their children: Mary A. b. Sept. 17, 1880, m. Osbourn



Richins; George T. b. Aug. 10, 1882, m. Annie Thomson;
James E. b. Feb. 9, 1886. died; Effle A. b. Oct. 1, 1887, d.
child; Catherine M. b. Dec. 15, 18S9. Family home Salt
Lake City, 17th ward.

HOLLIDAY, JOHN (parents South Carolinians). Born In
South Carolina. Came to Utah July 29, 1847, William
Crosby company.

Married Catherine B. Higgins 1822 In South Carolina
(parents Carolinians). Their children: Susannah F., d.
infant; Luticia H., m. Alleia Smithson; Katherine B., m.
Braxtox Acres; John D., m. Mahala Matthews; Sarah Ann,
m. Porter Dowdle; Keren Happuich, m. Thomas Bingham;
David, m. Henriet Taylor; Keziah, m. Henry Boyle; Thomas,
m. Ann Matthews; Lenernorah, d. child. Family home
Santaquin, Utah.

Elder; missionary to San Bernardino, Cal., 1851-59.
Farmer. Resides Santaquin, Utah.

HOLLIST, HENRY (son of William Hollist and Elizabeth
Draby of Amberly, Sussex, Eng.). Born March 2, 1816,
Amberly. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph Home com-

Married Elizabeth Chandler Dec. 25, 1837, Dorking, Surrey,
Eng. (daughter of William Chandler and Hannah Taylor of
Buckland, Eng.). She was born March 31, 1806. Their chil-
dren: Elizabeth b. Feb. 14, 1842, m. John H. Stinger Oct. 1,
1859; William C., d. Nov. 11. 1846; Deborah b. July 25, 1846,
m. Eli Manning March 24, 1865. Family home, Farmington.

Married Frances Berry Nov. 1865, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Richard Berry and Sarah Randals), who was born
Nov. 17, 1835, Cookfleld, Sussex, Eng. Their children: Henry
William b. Aug. 18, 1867, m. Rachel D. Lovesy Jan. 1, 1896;
John T. b. Nov. 12, 1870, m. Nancy Oviatt March 8, 1890.
Family home, Farmington.

Sunday school teacher 1865-70; president branch of church
at Omaha, Neb., and also in England. Died 1870.

HOLMAN, JAMES S. (son of Jonathan Holman). Born Sept.

17, 1805, Templeton, Mass. Came to Utah 1847, Franklin
D. Richards company.

Married Naomi R. Le Baron, who was born Oct. 7, 1816.
Their children: James A.; Harriet N.; Sarah M.; Zilpha;
Susan A.; Sanford; Silas William; Emma Jane; David E.;
Charles S.; Lydia B.; Isaac Lester.

Bishop at Santaquin, Utah Co., Utah. Died June 21, 1873,
Holden, Millard Co.. Utah.

HOLMAN, ISAAC LESTER (son of James S. Holman and
Naomi R. Le Baron). Born Dec. 21, 1859, Fountain Green,

Married Phoebe Kenney Feb. 21, 1883, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Kenney and Elizabeth Bennett), who was
born Jan. 11, 1867. Their children: Lester E. b. Oct. 7,
1885; James W. b. Dec. 30, 1887; Benjamin Earl W. b. Dec.

18, 1889; Clarence b. Dec. 4, 1892; Elizabeth b. Sept. 28,
1894; Leona b. March 15. 1897; Rulon b. March 31, 1900;
Naomi Grace b. Nov. 21, 1902; Vivian b. Jan. 22, 1905; Raymon
K. b. June 27, 1907; Rea Mabel b. July 11, 1909; Emma Kath-
leen b. July 31, 1911.

Seventy; ward teacher. Farmer and stockraiser.

HOLMAN, JAMES A. (son of James S. Holman, pioneer 1847,
and Naomi Le Baron of Illinois). Born 1836 in Pennsyl-
vania. Came to Utah in 1848 with Lorenzo Snow.

Married Sarah Mathis Nov. 30, 1857, Payson, Utah (daugh-
ter of Isaac Mathis and Elizabeth Mathis of Payson). She
came to Utah in 1852 with Chas. C. Rich, who was born Dec.
7, 1837. Their children: James I., m. Lucy Johnson; Jane,
m. Appollos Benjamin Walker; John A., m. Fannie Coombs;
David W., m. Mary Hanson; Nancy, m. John Low; Parley, m.
Mary Lewellyn; Warren, m. Mary E. Jackson; Robert, m.
Mary Brown; Naomi, m. Joseph Huggins; Ray, m. Catherine

High priest. Railroad contractor. Was present at the
time of the driving- of the golden spike which connected
the Southern Pacific and the Union Pacific. Indian war
veteran. Farmer.

HOLMAN, JOHN GREENLEAF (son of Joshua Sawyer Hol-
man and Rebecca Greenleaf, of Klrtland, Ohio). He was
born Oct. 18, 1828, Genessee county, N. Y. Came to Utah
Sept. 19, 1847, Daniel Spencer company.

Married Nancy Clark Aug. 23, 1849, Kanesville, Iowa
(daughter of Richard Clark and Annie Lizzie Shafer of
Indiana, pioneers Sept. 13, 1850, Bailey Lake company).
She was born Feb. 26, 1829. Their children: John Dennis
b. Sept. 2, 1851; Artemus b. Sept. 25, 1852, m. Annie M.
Rawlings; Nancy Elizabeth b. Nov. 25, 1854, m. Joseph E.
Thome; John Clark b. Nov. 8, 1857, m. Mary Ann Open-
shaw; Rebecca b. Jan. 17, 1861, m. George T. Tomlinson;
Marie Josephine b. Jan. 14, 1862, m. Samuel Green; Clarinda
b. Oct. 10, 1867; Benjamin Franklin b. Dec. 26, 1869, m.
Margaret Harvey; Lewis Clark b. July 30, 1873, m. Myrtle
Groo. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Married Rachel Stevens Feb. 3, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Stevens), who was born Dec. 1, 1835.
Their children: Rachel Marinda b. March 6, 1858, m. George
Holladay. Jr.; Chastlna b. Nov. 30. 1859, m. John Walker;
Joshua Stevens b. Feb. 6, 1862, m. Kate Nielsen; Ordell b.

Sept. 27, 1866, m. Peter Johnson, Jr.; William Rielly b. Oct.
8, 1868. m. Lizzy Foster'Oct. 8, 1892, Fillmore. Millard county;
Sarah Ellen b. Sept. 27, 1871, m. Jesse M. Harmon; Elinora
b. Sept. 19, 1873, m. German Buchanan. Family home. Pleas-
ant Grove.

Married Sarah Harris (Loder). Their children: Zilpha
Ann; Jane; Albert; Ezeklel. Family home, Pleasant Grove.

Member city council. Bishop's counselor for a number of
years; missionary to England 1862-65. Called to Fort
Bridger in 1856 to build Fort Supply. Assisted In bringing
immigrants to Utah. Indian war veteran. Moved from
Pleasant Grove to Santaquin in 1878, and from there moved
to Rexburg, Idaho, in 1883. Member city council, Pleasant
Grove. Died Nov. 6, 1888, Rexburg. Idaho.

HOLMAN, ARTEMUS (son of John Greenleaf Holman and
Nancy Clark). Born Sept. 25, 1852, Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Married Annie Marie Rawlings Dec. 2, 1877, Provo, Utah

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