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(daughter of Eber B. Rawlings and Ann Skinner of England,
pioneers 1860). She was born Feb. 27, 1860. Their children:
Artemus Ezekial b. June 19, 1879, m. Luella Patten; George
Eber b. July 16, 1882, m. Alice Thorton; Annie Edith b. June
7, 1884, m. Marten Monson; John Henry b. March 29, 1886,
d. Jan. 1, 1888; Willard Rawlings b. May 26, 1888, m. Nellie
Dorothy McQulvey; Leroy Benjamin b. Aug. 22. 1890, d. Nov.
20. 1891; Clarinda b. July 11, 1892; Tursey Nancy b. Aug. 5,
1894, died; Ora Velma b. March 3, 1896; Charles Milton b.
March 13, 1899; Ida Mame b. Aug. 9, 1901. Family home
Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Road supervisor at Pleasant Grove. Early freighter;
worked on railroad in Echo and Weber canyons; farmer
and stockraiser.

HOLMES, JONATHAN H. (son of Nathaniel Holmes and
Sarah Harriman of Georgetown. Essex county, Mass.). Born
March 11, 1806, Georgetown. Came to Utah 1848 with a divi-
sion of the Mormon Battalion.

Married Marrietta Carter. Their children: Sarah E., m.
Mr. Weaver; Mary Emma, d. infant.

Married Elvira Anna Cowles at Nauvoo, 111., who was born
June 13, 1813. Their children: Marrietta b. July 17, 1849.
m. Job Welling May 12, 1866; Phoebe Louisa b. Feb. 5, 1861,
m. Job Welling Dec. 21, 1868; Emma Lucinda b. Feb. 1, 1866,
m. Job Welling April 28, 1875.

Member Mormon Battalion. Died 1881, Farmington, Utah.

HOLMES, HENRY (son of John Holmes and Mary Ann
White). Born May 8, 1837, Hochliffe, Bedfordshire, Eng.
Came to Utah 1853.

Married Ellen Anderson March 21, 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William and Elizabeth Anderson). Their chil-
dren: Henry J.; William R.; Elizabeth A.; Heber C.; Mary
E.; Milton C.; Margaret; Lamonia.

HOLROYD, THOMAS EDWARD (son of Richard Holroyd
and Hannah Hebden of Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born
Jan. 7, 1820, at Halifax. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1861, Joseph
Home company.

Married Dinah Williams Jan. 2, 1846, Everton, Lancaster-
shire, Eng. (daughter of Robert Williams and Anne Pugh
of Mynarrah, Denbighshire, North Wales). She was born
Nov. 14, 1814. Their children: Richard, d. infant; Mary
Hebden, m. James Moroni Thomas; Robert Williams, m.
Mary Emeline Eggleston; Ellen Taylor, m. Joseph Argyle;
Thomas, d. infant; Dinah, d. child; Hannah Sutcllffe, m.
Jesse Franklin Brown; Anne Pugh, m. Alma Duffln Cham-
bers; Elizabeth Smith, d. infant. Family home Ogden,

High priest. Merchant and tailor. Died May 27, 1888,
Ogden, Utah.

HOLT, ROBERT (son of John Holt and Eleanor Newman).
Born Dec. 27, 1802, Broadwindsor, Dorsetshire, Eng. Came
to Utah Oct. 3, 1863. Daniel D. McArthur company.

Married Mary Ann Toms (daughter of Matthew and
Gathethood Toms), who was born July 16, 1799. Their
children: Ellen G., m. Jesse Vincent; Matthew, m. Ann Har-
rison; Edward David, m. Emma Billings; Francis, m.
Elizabeth Baker; William, m. Jane Mabey; Albert, m. Maria
Mabey. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Weaver and gardener. Died March 20, 1881, South Jor-
dan, Utah.

HOLT. MATTHEW (son of Robert Holt, born Dec. 27, 1802,
and Mary A. Tomes, born 1803, Britport, Eng.). Born Dec.
23, 1828. at Britport. Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1863, Daniel
D. McArthur company.

Married Ann Harrison May 9, 1851, Dorchester, Eng.
(daughter of Thomas Harrison and Harriet Hann). She
was born Aug. 3, 1827, and came to Utah with husband.
Their children: Ellen G. b. March 10, 1859, m. Gbrdon S.
Bills Sept. 27, 1876; William M. b. May 7, 1861, m. Anna
Hemmingsen Dec. 21, 1904; Rosa Ann b. Aug. 31, 1863,
m. Samuel H. Howard Dec. 2, 1891; Arthur J. b. Dec. 10,
1866. m. Catherine Beckstead July 15. 1886; Samuel E.
b. Aug. 30, 1868, m. Geneva Beckstead Aug. 16, 1893; Edward
H. b. June 1, 1872, m. Edith Hold^way June 26, 1896.
Family home South Jordan, Utah.

High priest. Settled on west side of Jordan River.
Assisted in building- the canals in Salt Lake county. Sun-
day school superintendent; ward teacher. Farmer.



HOLT, WILLIAM M. (son of Matthew Holt and Ann Har-
rison). Born May 7, 1861, Britport, Eng.

Married Emma Thatcher at Salt Lake City. She died
Sept. 1890.

Married Anna J. Hemmlngsen Dec. 21, 1904, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Peter and Christina Hemmingsen). She was
born Nov. 8, 1879. Their children: Ann b. Dec. 3, 1905;
Essie b. May 13. 1907; Arnold W. b. May 2, 1908; Hyrum
P. b. June 20, 1909; Ida b. Oct. 30. 1911.

Missionary to southern states 1893-96. High priest.
Farmer and stockraiser.

HOLT, SAMUEL E. (son of Matthew Holt and Ann Har-
rison). Born Aug. 30, 1868, South Jordan, Utah.

Married Margaret G. Beckstead Aug. 16, 1893. at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Henry B. Beckstead and Catherine
M. Egbert). She was born April 2, 1874, South Jordan,
Utah. Their children: Samuel Adelbert b. Feb. 22, 1895;
Ivy G. b. Nov. 23, 1896; Oral Ann b. Feb. 9, 1899; Verda C.
b. Dec. 21, 1901; Rosamond b. Dec. 15, 1903; Mabel b. Sept.
21, 1905; Byrum Matthew b. Dec. 11, 1907; Reola b. Oct. 6,
1909; Allen Leslie b. Oct. 12, 1912.

Missionary to Missouri 1899 and 1900; first counselor to
Bishop Blake eight years. Bishop of South Jordan ward
1911. Farmer and stockraiser.

HOLT, EDWARD DAVID (son of Robert Holt and Mary
Ann Toms). Born May 23, 1839, at Broadwindsor, Eng.
Came to Utah with his parents.

Married Emma Billings March 10, 1895, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Billings and Emily Chesson, of Nor-
folk, Eng.), who was born May 8, 1849. Their children:
Emma Mary Ann b. May 13, 1866, m. James A. Oliver; Mary
Ellen b. June 6, 1867, m. Erastus B. Farmer; Edward David,
Jr. b. Aug. 15, 1868, m. Sarah E. Jackson; Annie Jane b.
Aug. 26, 1870, m. Byron H. Beckstead; Robert Newman b.
Dec 8, 1871, m. Hannah Wardle; Elizabeth Abigail b.
Feb. 27, 1873. m. Milton H. Henderson; William Billings
b Feb. 20, 1874, m. Effle Sellus; Alma Matthew b. Nov. 11,
1875 d. March 6, 1878; Albert John b. Feb. 3, 1878, d. March,
1878- Jesse Henry b. July 10, 1879, m. Eva Porter; Olive
Blanche b. Jan. 16, 1884, d. July 16, 1889; Rosa Alberta b.
Aug. 14, 1885, d. March 26. 1886; Joseph Hyrum b. Jan. 29,
1887, m. Nancy Knoftell; Victor Chesson b. April 14, 1894.
Family home South Jordan, Utah.

Senior president 93d quorum seventies; ward clerk. Far-
mer. Died Oct. 24, 1900, Salt Lake City.

HOLT, ALBERT (son of Robert Holt and Mary Ann Toms
of Broadwindsor, Dorsetshire, Eng.). Born July 23, 1841,
at Broadwindsor. Came to Utah September, 1861, inde-
pendent company.

Married Maria Mabey October, 1862, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas Mabey and Esther Chalker of Loscombe,
Dorsetshire, Eng., pioneers Oct. 6, 1862, Ansel P. Harmon
company). She was born Dec. 23, 1838. Their children:
John, m. Mary Ann Soflte; Albert Francis; Mary Ann;
Thomas Mabey, m. Bertha Chipman; Robert Mabey, m.
Edna Palmer; Joseph Mabey, m. Emma M. Stocking Nov.
28, 1894; Celestine; Lawrence Ackerman; Samuel; Maria
Annie; Mathew Eugene, m. Louie Gardner; Royal Ernest,
m. Edith Beckstead; Florence Maria, m. Delos Gardner.
Family home South Jordan, Utah.

High priest; missionary to England 1885-86; Sunday school
superintendent. School trustee. Contractor; farmer. Died
Sept. 29, 1907, at South Jordan, Utah.

HOLT, JOSEPH MABEY (son of Albert Holt and Maria
Mabey). Born Jan. 20, 1872, at Salt Lake City.

Married Emma Margaret Stocking Nov. 28, 1894, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Ensign Israel Stocking and Eliza-
beth Ellen Arnold of South Jordan, Utah, pioneers Sept.
1849). She was born Feb. 6, 1876. Family home South
Jordan, Utah.

Member 95th quorum seventies; high priest; member
stake high council; missionary to southern states 1899-
1901; assistant stake Sunday school superintendent. Mem-
ber Utah legislature 1909 and 1910; justice of peace;
school trustee. Merchant; farmer.

HOLT, JOHN (son of Albert Holt and Marie Mabey).

Married Mary Soffe January, 1878, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of George L. and Mary N. Softe of Salt Lake City and
Provo, Utah, pioneers 1861). She was born Jan. 4, 1860.
Their children: Virginia, m. D. R. Coombs; Louise; Daisy,
m. C. L. King; Claudia; John A.; Mable; Glenn; Leland.
Family home, Salt Lake City.


HOLYOAK, GUY (son of Isaac Holyoak and Ann Bird
of Worcestershire, Eng.). Born Jan. 17, 1799, In Worcester-
shire. Came to Utah October, 1854. Dr. Rich company.

Married Sarah Green of Mosely Ware, Green Common,
near Birmingham, Eng. (daughter of Daniel Green and Edith
Hopkins of that place), who was born July, 1798, and
died in 1854, while crossing the plains of Nebraska. Their
children: William; Mary, m. John Knowles: George; Ann, d.
on plains; Daniel, died; Sarah, m. Joseph James; Henry
b. March 5, 1839, m. Sarah A. Robinson; Hannah, m. Wil-
liam LeFevre Dec. 25, 1856. Family home Parowan, Utah.

Died 1882, Parowan.

HOLYOAK. HENRY (son of George Holyoak and Sarah
Green). Born March 6, 1839, Worcestershire, Eng.

Married Sarah A. Robinson Jan. 29, 1869 (daughter of
John R. Robinson, born March 6, 1815, Yorkshire, Eng.,
and Alice Cupp, died at Council Bluffs; former a pioneer
1852), who was born Dec. 22, 1842, Nauvoo, 111. Their chil-
dren: Sarah Ann b. Oct. 27, 1865, died; Alice Jane b. Jan.
25, 1869, m. J. C. Thompson; Henry John b. Oct. 29, 1871,
m. Hattie Luetz; Mary Luellen b. Jan. 17, 1873, m. A. J.
Young; Eliza Ellen b. April 1, 1876, m. John McConkie;
Albert Daniel b. Sept. 1, 1879; Richard James b. March 16,
1882, died. Family resided Parowan and Moab, Utah.

HONE, GEORGE (son of George Hone of Warmington, Eng.).
Born March 10, 1810, at Warmington. Came to Utah May
30, 1866, Daniel Thomson company.

Married Mary Boss (daughter of William Hoseman and
Mary Boss), who was born Aug. 7, 1813 pioneer 1866, Daniel
Thomson company. Their children: Sarah A., m. William
Chitham; David b. July 3, 1837; Sarah Adams; George b.
Jan. 24, 1840, m. Jane Mills; Emma, m. George Evans;
Caleb, m. Alice Taylor; Mary Jane b. Sept. 18, 1847, m.
Thomas Herbert; Joshua b. May 30, 1861, m. Susan Losser;
Henry b. April 16, 1856, m. Rebecca Mills. Family resided
Provo and Benjamin, Utah.

HONE, HENRY (son of George Hone and Mary Boss).
Born April 30, 1856, Fonsil, near Coventry. Eng.

Married Rebecca Mills (daughter of Thomas Mills and
Ann Clegg; former came to Utah in 1874, Capt. Birch com-
pany, the latter died in England). She was born July 3,
1856, Bedford, Lancaster, Eng. Their children: Henrietta
b. Sept. 3, 1876, m. George William June 29, 1898: Charley
H. b. June 28, 1878, m. Alena Ludlow; Mabel Florence b.
Oct. 10, 1880, m. Jessie Ludlow; Edward b. Dec. 23, 1882:
Edith b. May 16, 1885; Lucy b. June 2, 1887; Arthur b.
June 9, 1889, m. Ida Tietjen Jan. 1, 1909; Pearl b. Jan. 15,
1892; Norman F. b. Dec. 11, 1894; Wilford W. b. March 1.
1897; Arlyin b. May 10, 1903. Family home Benjamin,

Judge of election in Benjamin.

HOOTOJT, JOSEPH RAYNER (son of Peter Hooton and
Catherine Beswick, born 1827. Bolton, Eng. Came to Utah
1858, Smith and Amies company). Born May 21, 1851, Phila-
delphia, Pa. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Mary Jane Parkingson Oct. 11, 1875 (daughter of
Thomas Parkinson and Mary A. M. Bryant; former came to
Utah with Captain Limans company). She was born Oct.
16, 1855, San Bernardino, Cal. Family home Beaver, Utah.

Married Lucy A. Jensen May 17, 1882, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Jens L. Jensen and Ingra Pearson, who were
married in Salt Lake City). She was born in 1865, at Mt.
Pleasant, Utah. Their children: Joseph R. b. April 4,
1883, m. Elmora Nielson Dec. 13, 1909; Ephraim Levan b.
May 24, 1888. m. Ednia Bates June 19, 1911; James Earl b.
Oct. 29, 1895; Walter Ambrose b. Aug. 16, 1898.

Sunday school superintendent 1893-1907. Postmaster 12
years; precinct justice of the peace 10 years; road supervisor
in Sevier county for 25 years. Lumberman.

HOOVER, JOHN WHITMER (son of Abraham Hoover and
Mary E. Adair of Bridgeport, Pa.). Born Nov. 13, 1834.
Came to Utah 1851. Captain Homer company.

Married Mary Elizabeth Coursa Dec. 23, 1865, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Coursa and Mary Moore; former died
near Nauvoo, 111.). She was born Sept. 30, 1839, came to
Utah Sept.. 1849, Howard Egan company. Their chil-
dren: John Whitmer, m. Margret Naomi Park; Mary, m.
James Snyder; Agnes, m. Louis Meacham; William, m. Sarah
Cook; Upton James, m. Barbara Loveless; Joseph, Diantha,
both died; Florence, m. George Swan; Webster, m. Ruby
Holdaway; Elsie; Frank, m. Eugene Noyse; Mertlce, m. John
Rus>sell. Family home Provo, Utah.

Miller. Died May 29, 1902, at Provo, Utah.

HOOVER. JOHN WHITMER (son of John Whitmer Hoover
and Mary Elizabeth Coursa). Born Dec. 2, 1857, at Spring-
vine. Utah.

Married Margret Naomi Park Jan. 8, 1880, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Park and Louisa Smith of Provo,
Utah, pioneers Oct. 1847, Edward Hunter company). She
was born May 13, 1868. Their children: John Whitmer III
b. Oct. 25, 1880, m. Emma Brown; Albert Andrew b. Nov. 22,
1883. n>. Hazel Emily Carter; Margaret Floss b. Nov. 17, 1886,
m. Don R. Davis; William Ralph b. July 6, 1890; Joseph Roy
b. July 5, 1890, died; Ferris Webster b. June 26, 1892; Glen
Park b. Aug. 29. 1896; Jean Arvill b. May 8, 1898; Reed
Park b. Dec. 22, 1900; Mary Louisa b. Aug. 12, 1905. Family
home Provo. Utah.

Elder. City councilman of Provo. Miller.

HORMAN, CHARLES (son of Charles Herman, born 1800,
and Mary Gallichan, born about 1102, on Isle of Jersey).
He was born March 3, 1825, Isle of Jersey. Came to Utah
Sept. 16, 1868, John Gillespie company.

Married Margaret De La Haye. widow of William Powell
(daughter of Francis De La Haye and Nancy Le Merchant,
the latter a pioneer of Sept. 15, 1868, John Gillespie com-
pany). She was born Feb. 16, 1828, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Charles D. b. June 18, 1864;



Francis D. b. Oct. 6, 1 855, m. Thecla Lindholm Nov. 17, 1886;
Mary D. b. July 18, 1859, m. Arnald Cooner; Edmund D. b.
Dec. 25, 1860, m. Martha Smith; George D. b. July 31. 1863,
m. Floranda Vowles; Ann D. b. Oct. 3, 1866, m. Ed. Green-
William D. b. May 26, 1870, died; Thomas D. b. Nov. 7, 1871
m. Sarah Ann Vowles May 11, 1891.
Dentist; shoemaker; farmer.

HORMAN, FRANCIS D. (son of Charles Horman and Marga-
ret De La Haye). Born Oct. 6, 1855, lona, Idaho.

Married Thecla Lindholm Nov. 17, 1886, Logan. Utah
(daughter of Carl Eric and Johanna Lindholm). who was
born Jan. 29. 1868, Tooele City. Utah. Their children: Fran-
cis L. b. Nov. 19, 1887; Clara L. b. March 31, 1889, m. Joseph
C. Moss Dec. 18, 1907; Albert L. b. Aug. 26, 1891; Lulu L. b.
Feb. 25, 1893; Maud L. b. Nov. 1, 1895; Ross L. b. April 18,
1898; Charles L. b. April 13, 1900; Johanna L. b. May 6. 1901;
Martha L. b. Nov. 19, 1903; Phyllis L. b. May 8, 1906; Merrill
L. b. June 10, 1908; Leroy L. b. March 12, 1912.

Manager of lona Coal & Lumber Yard, lona, Idaho. Jus-
tice of the peace of lona precinct.

HORJTE, JOSEPH (son of Joseph Home and Maria Maidens
of London, Eng. Settled near Toronto, Canada, 1818). He
was born Jan. 17, 1812, London. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1847,
captain of fifty in Edward Hunter company.

Married Mary Isabella Hales May 9, 1836 (daughter of
Stephen Hales of England), who was born Nov. 20, 1818,
Rainham, Eng., and came to Utah with husband. Their
children: Mary Ann b. Jan. 22, 1837, and Robert (twin of
Mary Ann) both died Infants; Henry James b. July 24, 1838,
m. Mary Ann Crismon July 24, 1860; William Joseph b
1840, d. infant; Joseph Smith b. May 14, 1842, m. Lydia
Ann Weiler Nov. 7, 1868: Richard Stephen b. July 9. 1844,
m. Lizzie Price 1868; Elizabeth Ann b. June 3, 1846, m.
Edward M. Webb; Leonora Taylor b. Jan. 16, 1849, m.
George B. Spencer; Julia Maria b. Aug. 12, 1851, m. William
S. Burton; Mary Isabella b. Nov. 9, 1853, died; John Parley
(twin of Mary Isabella), m. Sophronia Spencer; Permelia
Eliza b. Dec. 9, 1S55, m. David W. James; Cornelia Harriet
(twin of Permelia Eliza), m. James L. Clayton; Martha Jane
b. Oct. 15. 1857, m. Joseph S. Tingey: Clara Ella b. April 5,
1861, m. Henry C. James. Family resided Farr West, Mo.,
Nauvoo, 111. and Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Shepard Nov. 30, 1855, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Annie Elizabeth b. Jan. 1. 1857, d. infant;
William Joseph b. Jan. 1, 1859, m. Lorilla Little; Edward b.
July 25, 1862, d. infant; George Henry b. Nov. 5, 1864, m.
Alice Merrill; Emma Eliza b. Nov. 9, 1866, d. Infant:
Thomas Richard b. July 5, 1868, m. Etta Murphy; Fred
Andrew b. Dec. 29, 1870, d. Infant; Albert Shepard b. Nov.
25, 1872, m. Alice Saunders; Margaret Nettie b. June 12,
1875. m. Alexander Pyper; Lillian Mary b. May 12, 1880,
m. Mr. Woolley.

Was in the troubles In Missouri and Nauvoo, 111. Left
Nauvoo February, 1846, captain of 50 crossing the plains.
Aided in exploring San Pete, Sevier, Piute and Iron coun-
ties; built the first log cabin In Parowan. School trustee,
bishop's counselor; Sunday school superintendent; high
priest: high counselor patriarch. Justice of peace; city
councilman and city watermaster. Captain of immigrant
trains in 1862 and 1863. Superintended labor on temple
block 1854-58. Spring of 1858, went in charge of a com-
pany of men to make cotton farms on Rio Virgen River.
Died April 27, 1897.

HORNE, JOSEPH SMITH (son of Joseph Home and Mary
Isabella Hales). Born May 14, 1842, Nauvoo. 111.

Married Lydia Ann Weller Nov. 7. 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jacob Weiler and Annie Maria Malln), who
was born Sept. 20, 1844, Nauvoo, 111. Their children: Annie
Maria b. Oct. 13, 1869, m. Marquis L. Bean Nov. 12, 1890;
Joseph Leo b. Sept. 10, 1871. m. Flora D. Bean; Lydia Isa-
bella b. Aug. 22, 1875, m. Thomas Tates; Jacob Weiler b.
Aug. 15, 1878, d. Feb. 13, 1895. Family resided Gunnison
and Richfield, Utah.

Settled at Salt Lake City 1847; moved to Gunnison 1868, to
Richfield 1878. Ordained a teacher 1858; elder 1860; seventy
1864; high priest and bishop August, 1878: missionary to
Switzerland 1865-68 and again In 1876, where he presided
over the Swiss and German mission; was called to take
charge of Gunnison ward 1868, and presided there eight
years; bishop Richfield second ward 1878, 15 years; Sunday
school superintendent; stake tithing clerk; counselor to
William H. Seegmlller, president of Sevier stake, 1894, for
16 years; patriarch. County superintendent of schools; city
councilman; mayor. First to establish undertaking business
in Sevier county.

HOimoCKS, EDWARD (son of John Horrocks and Alice
Hulme of Bolton, Lancashire, Eng.). Born 1806 at Bolton.
Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1857, Jesse B. Martin company.

Married Alice Houghton (daughter of Samuel Houghton,
born Jan. 13, 1779. Ashton, Eng., and Betty Eaton, born
Aug. 2, 1780, died July 5. 1850, in England). She was born
1803 at Ashton, and died 1856 at Macclesfield, Eng. Their
children: Elizabeth b. Aug. 5, 1826, m. Aaron Jackson and
Mr. Kingsford; Martha b. Nov. 9, 1828, m. Joseph Harrop;
John b. Feb. 1831, and Sarah, died; Samuel b. July 7, 1834,
m. Catherine Sarah Buckingham; Mary b. Sept. 11, 1836,
m. Nnthnntel Leavitt April 4, 1857; Alice b. March 3, 1841,
m. Charles Wood: Edward b. May 4, 1843, died; Annie b.
May 4, 1845; Aaron b. Dec. 3. 1872, m. Theresa Carter

n oo Mabel b " May 25 ' 1876 - m - E - S. Rolapp
Oct. 19, 1894: Richard James b. Aug. 11. 1880. m. Gertrude
Tackett April 22, 1908. Family home Ogden. Utah.

Located at Ogden, where he engaged in the mercantile
business, establishing the firm now known as Horrocks

HORROCKS, EDWARD G. (son of John Horrocks and Mary
Gregory of Macclesfleld, Chestershire county, Eng.) Born
1842 in England. Came to Utah 1856.

Married Ida M. Johnson June 1873 at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Johnson and Mary Peterson of Sweden
Came to Utah 1870). She was born Aug. 15. 1856. Their
children: Ida, and Augusta, died; Mary, m. William A.
Lewis: Minnie, m. Harvey P. Randall; Effle, m. Charles R.
McGreger. Family home, Ogden, Utah.

Elder. Died May 14, 1886.

HORROCKS, SAMUEL (son of Edward Horrocks and Alice
Houghton). Born July 7, 1834. Macclesfield, Cheshire, Eng.
Came to Utah Oct. 24, 1854, William A. Empey company.

Married Catherine Sarah Buckingham Jan. 23, 1853, Pres-
bury, Eng. (daughter of William Henry Buckingham and
Jane Ann Abbott), who was born Nov. 19, 1834, London,
Eng., and came to Utah with husband. Their children-
Samuel b. Oct. 10. 1854, d. March 18, 1855; Elizabeth Ann b.
Jan. 9. 1856, m. Joseph Baxter Feb. 9, 1874; Jane b. March
28, 1858, m. James E. Davis Aug. 16, 1876: Catherine b
March 22, I860, d. April 10. 1860; William Henry b. Aug.
22, 1861, d. Oct. 4, 1861; Mary b. July 2, 1862, d. same day-
Martha b. June 13. 1863, m. H. H. Rolapp Dec. 9. 1885; Alice
b. Feb. 25, 1866, d. same day: Edward J. b. Feb. 14, 1867,
m. Adaline Dana Aug. 15, 1888; Maria b. April 24, 1870. d.
Sept. 7, 1870; Joseph Aaron b. Dec. 3. 1872, m. Theressa
Carter March 27, 1890: Mabel b. May 25, 1876, m. E. S. Rolapp
Oct. 19, 1894; Richard James b. Aug. 11, 1880, m. Gertrude
Tackett April 22, 1908.

Located at Odgen where he engaged in the mercantile
business, establishing the firm now known as Horrocks

HORSLEY. HARRY (son of John Horsley and Susan Clem-
ents of Soham, Cambridgeshire, Eng.). Born Oct. 24, 1857,
in London. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1861.

Married Lois Hook Sept. 2, 1865 (daughter of Richard
Hook and Alice Saunders. pioneers 1860, handcart company).
She was born Sept. 6, 1848, and came to Utah with parents.
Their children: Lois M. b. July 7. 1866; Henry D. b. Jan. 9.
1868; Harriet E. b. Aug. 29, 1869, m. Eugene Lambourne
1893: Louis W. b. Nov. 11, 1871; Alice R. b. April 27. 1873.
m. Edward Rushten 1900; Lilies P. b. Oct. 24, 1874, m. Ste-
phen Reed; Clements H. b. Aug. 10. 1876, m. Florence Ander-
son 1904; Joseph H. b. April 11. 1878; Susan M. b. Aug. 22,
1879. m. Joseph Van Steeter; Permelia M. b. June 6, 1881;
Annie M. b. May 24. 1883, m. Richard Fletcher 1903; Ger-
trude b. Sept. 10. 1885; Eugene Ray b. Jan. 6, 1890; Ralph b.
Dec. 28, 1892. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Margaret L. Foreman July 16. 1907, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joseph Foreman and Margaret Jane
Mousley, married 1845 at Centerville, Newcastle county. Del.,
pioneers of Sept. 1867, Captain Hofflnes oxteam company).
She was born July 14. 1857, at Prairie Creek, Neb., and came
to Utah with parents.

Went to St. George 1867 to help settle country. Mission-
ary to England 1900. Worked at Salt Lake theatre 16 years;
motorman and conductor for Utah Light Company since
Oct. 11, 1889.

HORSLEY, HERBERT (son of Thomas Horsley, born May
6, 1816, at Alcester. Eng., and Ann Maiden, born June 6, 1818,
at Birmingham, Eng.). He was born Sept. 6, 1845. Alcester.
Came to Utah Nov. 1862. Henry W. Miller company.

Married Sarah Edghill Jan. 1864 (daughter of Thomas
and Harriott Edghill. the latter a pioneer in 1863. John W.
Wooley company). She was'born July 23, 1846. Their chil-
dren: Thomas H. b. Feb. 22. 1865, m. Louisa Lau: James M.
b. Feb. 6, 1866, m. Matilda Jensen: Harriett b. Sept. 22. 1867,
m. John Montrose; Elizabeth b. Feb. 19, 1869, m. Hugh Dor-
rien; Sarah Ann b. June 12, 1870, m. D. H. Rowley: Sodine b.
March 13, 1872, m. Jessie Moore; Laura b. Sept. 17, 1873, m.
W. G. Carr; George b. Jan. 18. 1876: Willard b. Oct. 9. 1876;
Harry b. June 30, 1878, m. Ella Jensen: Sophia b. Jan. 24,
1880. m. J. J. Hayes: Alice b. July 9, 1882. m. Brig. Skinner.

Married Lucy Smith Skinner Jan. 1, 1899. at Soda Springs,
Idaho (daughter of William Smith and Mary Mole, the for-
mer a pioneer with Captain Seeley company). She was born
Aug. 18. 1867. at Bristol, Eng. Their child: Mabel Lucy b.
March 20, 1901.

Seventy: missionary to Great Britain 1896-97, and also In
1906. Justice of the peace and notary public.

HORSLEY, JOHN P. (son of Robert Horsley and Mary Ann
Pickett of Rochester, Eng.). Born Feb. 16, 1844, coming to
Utah with the first oxteam company.

Married Frances Jane Mills March 3, 1864, at St. George
and later Endowment House. Salt Lake City, Utah (daugh-
ter of Thomas Mills, who lived at Bogner. Sussex county,
Eng., until they came to Utah about 1860). She was born
July 1, 1845. Their children: Eliza Ann b. Feb. 24, 1865, m..



Henry G. Mills; Mary Ann b. July 1, 1867, m. John Joseph
Rhodes; Lottie, d. child; John P. b. July 26, m. Hannah Jen-
eon; Rosetta b. Oct. 21, m. Thomas H. Jones; Caroline, died;
Agnes L. b. Sept. 12, m. James Bearnsen; Robert Thomas
died; Frances Jane b. Feb. 5, 1883, m. Walker Shellenber-
ger; Samuel Ensign, died; Jemima, m. David Harris. Family
home Ferron, Utah.

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