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Elder; home missionary. Called by Brig-ham Young three
times to haul supplies for the people. Mason; farmer and
stockraiser. Now living at Preston, White Pine county

HORTON, EDMUND. Came to Utah 1860, oxteam company.

Married Maria . Their children: John; Harriet; Ann,

m. Charles Machaw; Esther, m. John Morehouse; Jane m.
George Edward Bench, Sr.; Eliza, m. William Henry Ste-
vens; Elijah, m. Christie Frazier. Family home Wanship,

Farmer and stockraiser. Died at Wanship, Utah.

HOUGAARD, RASMUS H. Came to Utah, 1848. Oxteam

Married Mary Magdaline, in Denmark. Their children:
Peter, m. Mary Stefflsen; Kirstine; Johanna Maria, m. Wil-
liam B. Richey; John H., m. Petrea Petersen; Mary, m. Jens
Madsen; Louis H., m. Jeredlne Hougaard; Annie, m. Robert
Johnson. Family home Manti, Utah.

Member 48th quorum seventies. Farmer. Died at Manti.

HOUSLEY, GEORGE P. (son of Charles Housley and Harriet
Cook of Sutton Ashfleld, Nottinghamshire, Eng.). Born 1836
at Sutton Ashfleld. Came to Utah 1856, Martin and Tyler
handcart company.

Married Myra Jacobinson at Salt Lake City, who was born
1844, and came to Utah with independent company. Their
children: Harriet b. Nov. 28, 1860, m. Robert Wilson; Char-
lotte b. April 1, 1863, m. John C. Jackson; Geo.rge J. b.
March 29, 1865, m. Ida Obrey; Lewis b. Nov. 28, 1866, m.
Mona Singleton; Benjamin b. March 28, 1871, m. Paulina
Allen; Julia b. March 1, 1873, m. James Farley; Elizabeth b.
Sept. 16, 1875, m. George Crapo; Nellie b. Feb. 16, 1876, m.
Andrew Hanson; Emma b. Aug. 15, 1878, m. Dennis Mc-
Nulty; Carrie b. Sept. 24, 1883, m. James Squires.

Married Mary Ann Buckley 1896, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Edmund Buckley and Alice Grun, married 1859, Man-
chester, Eng.; former a pioneer, Joseph W. Young com-
pany). She was born 1860 in Manchester, Engr. Their chil-
dren: George Jezu; Florence; Vilate.

Brought to Utah the paper that the first Deseret News was
printed on. Made two return trips to bring immigrants to
Utah. Indian scout and war veteran. Miller.

HOUSTON, ISAAC (son of Samuel Houston and Phoebe
Mayo). Born Oct. 15, 1799, in New Hampshire. Came to
Utah 1850.

Married Theodocia Keys July 19, 1827, who was born Sept.
27, 1804. Their children: Jane Mariah, m. Mr. Alexander;
Louisa and Silson C., died; Emiline, m. James W. Preston;
Minderell, m. Washburn Chipman; Alma, died; Isaac. Family
home Alpine, Utah.

Died Aug. 23, 1856, at Alpine.

HOUSTON, JAMES (son of John Houston and Mary Demster
of Paisley, Scotland). Born June 1, 1817. Came to Utah

Married Margaret Crawford August 1845 (daughter of
James Crawford and Elizabeth Brown, former a pioneer
Lorenzo Snow company). She was born March 1, 1825,
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: Elizabeth
b. June 1, 1846, m. Albert Delongr; John b. April 13, 1848;
James b. Feb. 6, 1850, m. Rebecca Lucy Cooper Nov. 18,
1875; m. Sarah Ann LeFevre April 22, 1881; Joseph b. Dec.
21, 1851, m. Elizabeth Clark Dec. 28, 1874; Thomas b. Sept.
6, 1853, m. Christena R. Schow May 2, 1880; Margaret b.
Dec. 1, 1885, m. R. G. Clark Dec. 28, 1874; Mary Demster
b. June, 1858; m. Ira W. Thatch; Hyrum b. Sept. 9, 1860;
Brigham b. Aug. 7, 1863. Family home, Salt Lake City
until Oct. 1861; then St. George until April 1873, and Pan-
guitch since.

Counselor to bishop first ward Salt Lake City. Died Jan. 3,
1863, St. George, Utah.

HOUSTON, JAMES (son of James Houston and Margaret
Crawford). Born Feb. 6, 1850, Salt Lake City.

Married Rebecca Lucy Cooper Nov. 18, 1875, Washington,
Utah (daughter of Wm. D. Cooper and Lydia Rochester),
who was born Jan. 10, 1855, in Georgia. Their children:
John Cooper b. Aug. 24, 1876, m. Addle Asay; James Wil-
liam b. July 22, 1878.

Married Sarah Ann LeFevre April 22, 1881 (daughter of
William LeFevre and Hannah Holyoak; former pioneer Sept.
17, 1852, Captain Wood's 6th company; latter Oct. 2, 1854; Dr.
Rich company). She was born Sept. 20, 1860. Their chil-
dren: Alonzo b. May 25, 1882; Lorin b. Nov. 14, 1887; Wil-
liam Wallace b. Nov. 17, 1889; Lucy Edna b. March 18,
1892; James Marion b. Dec. 18, 1893; Ozro b. July 4, 1896;
Hannay Aza b. Aug. 27, 1898; David Crawford b. April 13,
1901. Family home Panguitch, Utah.

High councilor In Panguitch stake 1878; missionary to
Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado 1880; missionary to
Central States 1884-1885; counselor to Bishop Allen Miller
and to president David Cameron of Panguitch stake 1900-08;
became president Panguitch stake Aug. 1, 1908. County
selectman Iron and Garfield counties; commissioner Gar-
fleld county.

R ' CHR o S ^ A J V , (son of Christian Houtz). Born July
16, 1805, near Philadelphia, Pa. Came to Utah Sept. 22 1848
Lorenzo Snow company.

Married Susan Pawling at Philadelphia, Pa., who was
born June 19. 1811. Their children: John S.. m. ElTea^ol
Palmer; Elleanor, m. Lorenzo Snow; Henry, m. _ Ensign-
Philip, m. Sarah J. Hall; Watson, m. Sophia Bonny; Levina'
S It L k ' killed by Indians : Lorenzo, died. Family home
High priest. Farmer. Died 1852, Salt Lake City.

HOUTZ, J. S. (son of Christian Houtz and Susan Pawling).
Born 1833, in Pennsylvania. Came to Utah with father.

HOUTZ, PHILIP (son of Christian Houtz and Susan Paw-
ling). Born Sept. 13, 1838, Harrison county, Pa. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Sarah Jane Hall May 1, 1856, Springville. Utah
(daughter of Edward Hall and Nancy Elleanor Bailinger
of Jamestown, Ky., pioneers Sept. 2, 1850, David Evans
company). She was born Oct. 12, 1846. Their children:
Philip E. b. Sept. 23, 1865, m. Elva J. Clyde; Christian W.
b. April 1, 1867, m. Esther Waters; 3arah Rozina b. June 11
1869, m. Alfred Whitehead; John T. b. March 16, 1871 died-
Nancy E. b. March 16, 1871, died; Lettie May b. Dec 23
1872, m. John T. Beardall; Susan Inzie b. March 18, 1875,
m. George Russon; Mary Catherine b. July 18, 1877 m
Zuince King-; Heber Hall b. Oct. 28, 1879; Esther b. March
12, 1881, died; Pearl b. April 16, 1884, m. James Coombs;
James Elvan b. Oct. 13, 1887, m. May Metcalf. Family home
Springville, Utah.

Member 61st quorum seventies; high priest. Farmer.

HOUTZ, PHILIP EDWARD (son of Philip Houtz and Sarah
Jane Hall). Born Sept. 23, 1865, Springville. Utah.

Married Elva Jane Clyde Aug. 28, 1889, at Manti, Utah
(daughter of William M. Clyde and Eliza McDonald of
Springville). She was born April 11, 1868. Their children-
Vida b. July 10, 1891, m. G. Dell Wood; Clyde Ervine b
Feb. 16, 1893, died; Verian b. Jan. 11, 1896, died; Glenden
E. b. Sept. 6, 1897; Karl G. b. Feb. 25, 1902; Ray C. b. Jan
21, 1907. Family home, Springville.

Member 61st quorum seventies. County recorder; city
recorder. Accountant.

HOUTZ, DANIEL D. (son of Jacob Houtz and Bridget Daly).
Born March 11, 1859, at Salt Lake City.

Married Edna Lyman June 23, 1886, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Francis M. Lyman and Rhoda Ann Taylor of San
Bernardino, Cal.). She was born Sept. 8, 1866. Their chil-
dren: Martell b. March 25, 1887; Zula b. June 28. 1888, m
Joseph W. Bishop; Rhoda b. July 29, 1890; Elwood b May
24, 1892; Edith b. April 12, 1894; Virginia b. July 23, 1901;
Maxime b. March 6, 1903. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Seventy. Prosecuting attorney Tooele county; district at-
torney of 3d district two terms. Lawyer.

HOVEY, JOSEPH GRAFTON (son of Thomas Hovey, born
Aug. 8, 1766, at Roxbury, Mass., and E'izabeth Sever born
Jan. 31, 1770, at Brighton, Mass). Born Nov. 17, 1812, at
Middlesex county. Mass. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1848,
Brigham Toung and Heber C. Klmball companies.

Married Martha Ann Webster (daughter of Joslah and
Hannah Webster), who was born in 1816. Their children:
Elizabeth W. b. May 11, 1835; Martha J. b. May 11, 1835;
Grafton W. b. Jan. 11, 1838; Joseph G. b. June 8, 1839, m.
Mary Ann Hulse, 1865; Thomas J. b. Dec. 17, 1842; George
W. b. June 14, 1844; Hannah A. b. July 17, 1845.

Married Sarah Baley Dec. 23, 1847, at Winter Quarters,
Iowa, who was born at Lowell, Mass. Their child: Sarah
E. b. Oct. 18, 1850, m. Luis pviatt.

Married Sarah L. Goodridge Nov. 28, 1860 (daughter of
Benjamin Goodridge and Penelope Gardner, pioneers of 1860,
Wilford Woodruff company). She was born in 1832. Came
to Utah with her parents in 1850. Their child: John G. b.
Sept. 26. 1851.

Married Lusannah E. Goodridge Jan. 14, 1852, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Benjamin Goodridge and Penelope Gard-
ner, pioneers 1850, Willford Woodruff company). She was
born March 24, 1834, at Luxenberg, Mass. Their children:
Penelope L. b. April 29, 1853, m. Samuel Clark; James A.
b. June 13, 1855, m. Esther M. Pitkin 1879; Olive A. b. Aug.
24, 1857; William Neve; Mary L. b. July 18, 1869, m. Charles
J. Lambert; Martha C. b. Sept. 10, 1861, m. Richard Lam-
bert; Esther A. b. Feb. 22, 1863; George B. b. May 16. 1866;
Grafton F. b. Sept. 7, 1869.

Missionary to southern Utah in the early fifties; coun-
selor to Bishop Raleigh of the 19th ward, Salt Lake City,
several years; arrived in Cache valley April 26, 1860, where
he served as bishop of Millville, Cache county, Utah. Stone
cutter on Salt Lake temple.

HOVEY, JAMES A. (son of Joseph Grafton Hovey and Lu-
sannah E. Goodridge). Born June 13, 1856. Salt Lake City.
Married Esther M. Pitkin April 10, 1879, at Salt Lak'o
City (daughter of George O. Pitkin and Martah L. Wood,



pioneers 1848, Heber C. Kimball company). She was born
Aug. 28, 1861. Millville, Utah. Their children: Maria L.
b. Sept 24, 1880, m. Guy H. Hill Jr. Nov. 16, 1904; James
Archie b. July 25, 1882, m. Josephine Cox June, 1907; George
Orin b. Oct. 26, 1883; Rex b. Oct. 22, 1888; Angus Ray b.
April 6, 1885, m. Hazel Garr Dec. 20, 1907; Merlin R. b. Sept.
21, 1886, m. Lauretta Johnson, 1907; Sidney G. b. March 29,
1S9I; Izene b. Oct. 10, 1892; Leslie Wilford b. Nov. 6, 1889.

Served as ward clerk from 1902 to 1912. School trustee
15 years; on town board two years; justice of the peace
from 1906 to present time.

HJORTH, PETER H. (son of Niels Peter Hjorth and Dor-
thea Larson). Born Jan. 23, 1843, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Came to Utah Sept. 22, 1861.

Married Anna Jensen Dec. 7, 1868 (daughter of Jens Jen-
sen and Elsa Neilson, pioneers Sept. 29, 1866, Peter Nebe-
ker company). She was born Aug. 15, 1853. Their chil-
dren: Joan Vilate b. Dec. 12, 1869, m. "Israel Barlow Sept.
21, 1892; Hannah Augusta b. April 2, 1872, d. Feb. 9, 1879.
Family home Millville, Cache Co., Utah.

Ward teacher; assisted bringing: immigrants from Mis-
souri. Died March 17, 1872.

HOWARD, JOHN RICHARDS (son'of Richard Howard, born
at Gosport, Hampshire, Eng., and Martha Richards, born at
Landport, Portsea, Hampshire; former drowned Feb. 26,
1862, in wreck of H. M. S. S. "Birkenhead," which sank off
Cape of Good Hope). He was born Sept. 18, 1841, Fareham,
Hampshire. Came to Utah Sept. 1864, Arthur Brown com-

Married Harriet Spinks Brooks 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert Brooks and Maria Stanly of Morley,
Norfolk, Eng.). She was born Dec. 4, 1843, Morley; died
Sept. 10, 1883. Their children: Richard Fitz Alan, d. July
6, 1884; John Fitz Alan, m. Drucilla Sears; Mary Fitz Alan
and Martha Fitz Alan, d. infants; Alice Fitz Alan, m. Dan
Mclntosh; Josephine Mowbray, m. Albert C. Matheson; Mar-
guerite Mowbray, m. Hyrum Jensen. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Married Sarah Herwin (Manning) 1873, Salt Lake City,
who was born Feb. 1829, died Dec. 25, 1912, Salt Lake City.
Only child: Franklin Fitz Alan, d. infant.

Married Mary Browne Aug. 24, 1884, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Wesley Browne and Eliza Wolley of
Derby, Eng.). She was born June 26, 1863, Derby, died June
26, 1813. Their children: Vere d'Albini b. Dec. 25, 1885, m.
Ray Wagstaff; William d'Albini b. Nov. 26, 1887, m. Eliza-
beth Jones; Ernest Maltravers b. Feb. 12, 1890; Llewellyn
D'Braese b. Nov. 30, 1893, died; Elizabeth Marie Stuart b.
Oct. 13, 1897; Amy Vengham b. Jan. 8, 1901; Ann Olding b.
July 2, 1903. Family home Sandy, Utah.

Member 93d quorum seventies; missionary from Cape of
Good Hope to England 1863-64; and from Utah to England
1880-82; block teacher; tithing clerk. Was the first to start
public bathing; this was at Lake Side, on Judge Height's
property at Farmington, in 1870. Brought the first mowing
machines to Utah 1864. Shipping clerk for Z. C. M. I. 10
years. Survivor of H. M. S. S. "Birkenhead," which sank off
Cape of Good Hope Feb. 26, 1852, 462 lives lost. Manu-

HOWARD, JOSEPH (son of William Howard of Kings No> -
ton, Eng., born 1789, in Worcestershire, Eng., and Tamar
Mills of Dickensheath, born 1789, in Worcestershire). He
was born Nov. 12, 1819, Warwickshire, Eng. Came to Utah
Oct. 28, 1864, William Hyde company.

Married Ann Shelton 1842, Birmingham, Eng. (daughter
of Joseph Shelton of Birmingham), who was born 1816,
and died on way to Utah. Their children: Thomas b. Sept.
14, 1843, m. Mary Lowe Dec. 25, 1864; William b. Nov. 2,
1844, m. Betsey J. Fackrell; James b. Jan. 29, 1846, m. Juliet
Fackrell April 19, 1869; Joseph b. May 11, 1849. m. Jane
Kenney, m. Mary Ann Perkins; Mary Ann b. March 21, 1851,
m. Adam Tolman; Emma b. July 31, 1852, m. William Cor-
bridge; John b. March 12, 1854, m. Josephine Johnson, m.
Sarah Downs; Samuel S. b. June 3, 1856, m. Sarah Ann Tay-
lor; Elizabeth b. July 20, 1869, m. John Dean; Matilda b. July
20, 1859, d. aged 6; Tamar b. June 13, 1861, d. child. Family
home Bountiful, Utah.

President Hokley branch at Birmingham, Eng., six years,
and of Ashted branch five years; high priest; Sunday school
superintendent at West Bountiful; ward teacher. Farmer
and gardener. Died Oct. 17, 1896, Bountiful, Utah.

HOWARD, THOMAS (son of Joseph Howard and Ann Shel-
ton). Born Sept. 14, 1843, Birmingham, Eng. Came to Utah
Oct. 7. 1861.

Married Mary Lowe Dec. 25, 1864, Bountiful, Utah, Wilford
Woodruff officiating (daughter of Richard Lowe and Sarah
Dudley of Staffordshire, Eng.; they came to Utah 1874). She
was born Nov. 30, 1837. Their children: Thomas J. b. Dec.
16, 1866, m. Hattie Pack; William J. b. March 23. 1867, m.
Rose Oliver; Charles J. b. March B, 1869, m. Eva C. Larson;
Sarah b. Feb. 3; 1871. m. Wilford Tuttle Jan. 23, 1889; Mary
L. b. April 6, 1876, m. John Ellis; Richard E. b. Aug. 26, 1877,
m. Catherine Lukar. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Member 70th quorum seventies; high priest, and president
of same at Bountiful; Sunday school superintendent; ward
teacher; presiding teacher. Farmer and gardener.

HOWARD JAMES (son of Joseph Howard and Ann Shelton).
Born Jan. 29, 1846, Birmingham, Eng.

Married Juliet Fackrell April 19, 1869, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Joseph Fackrell and Clarrisa Dempsey), who
was born Jan. 19, 1849. Their children: Juliet b. Feb. 18,

1870, m. George C. Wood Jan. 6, 1886; William b. Dec. IB,

1871, d. Feb. 19, 1874; Joseph b. Oct. 28, 1873, d. Sept. 9,
1893; Matilda Ann b. Nov. 29, 1874, m. John Johnson March
9, 1893; Lucy Jane b. Sept. 23, 1876, m. Richard Purcell June
29, 1898; James Henry b. Feb. 25, 1880, m. Effle Rose Sept.
22, 1898; Clara Shelton b. March 18, 1882, m. G. Q. Hatch
Dec. 18, 1901; Maud Tamar b. Jan. 12, 1884, m. Eugene Lud-
wig June 17, 1903; Rachel Mary b. Aug. 9, 1885, m. Joseph
E. Davis April 17, 1907; Owen Isom b. June 8, 1888, d. Sept.
3, 1889; Luella b. March 25, 1891, m. D. F. Davis, Jr., June 22,
1911; Leona b. Jan. 21, 1894, m. Emer S. Arbuckle Jan. 29,
1913. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

HOWARD, SAMtTEI, L,. (son of Samuel Lane Howard and
Betsey Park of St. Louis, Mo.). Born Oct 16, 1840, Bedford-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1856, Helm family hand-
cart company.

Married Sarah Jane Hamilton April 1, 1864, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Lang Hamilton and Mary Ann
Campbell of Goodridge, Canada, pioneers Oct. 6, 1862, John
Wimmer company). She was born June 11, 1842. Their chil-
dren: Mary Ann, m. S. H. Beckstar; Samuel H., m. Rosa A.
Holt; Sarah L., m. J. S. H. Bodell; Elizabeth V. and John W.,
died; Robert L., m. Sytha Terry; Lenora E., m. Elamse Olsen;
Joseph R., m. Millia Robessen. Family home Riverton, Utah.

High priest; Sunday school superintendent 20 years. Died
Sept. 10, 1906, Riverton, Utah.

HOWARD. SAMUEL HAMILTON (son of Samuel L. Howard
and Sarah Jane Hamilton). Born Oct. 21, 1867, Mill Creek,
Salt Lake county.

Married Rosa A. Holt Dec. 2, 1891, at Manti, Utah (daugh-
ter of Mathew Holt and Ann Harrison of England, pioneers
Oct. 6, 1863, Daniel D. McArthur company). She was born
Aug. 31, 1863. Their children: Samuel E. b. Sept. 27, 1893;
Eva P. b. March 18, 1894; Lorenzo M. b. Dec. 20, 1896; Vir-
ginia A. b. Jan. 9, 1898; Sarah b. Nov. 29, 1900; Leroy H. b.
July 9, 1902; Orin P. b. July 25, 1904; James W. b. April 1906,
d. Aug. 11, 1910. Family home Riverton, Utah.

Elder; teacher. Road commissioner. Farmer.

HOWARD, WILLIAM (son of Stott Howard and Catherine
Babbington of Belfast, Ireland). Born Jan. 17, 1815, Bel-
fast. Came to Utah September, 1853.

Married Elizabeth Anderson June 9, 1841, at Belfast
(daughter of Robert Anderson and Lucretia Ward of North-
ern Ireland, pioneers September, 1853). She was born July
12. 1823. Their children: Catherine Alice b. April 25, 1843,
m. Isaac Brockbank; Lucretia b. May 27, 1845, m. John
Arrowsmith; William Howard b. Jan. 13, 1847, m. Mary
Pead, m. Lenora J. Perkins, m. Eliza Hill; Robert Ander-
son b. June 21, 1848, d. April 13, 1849; Elizabeth Bennett b.
Feb. 20, 1850, d. March 20, 1870; Lucas Babbington b. May
7, 1851, m. Sena Anderson; Mary Webster b. Jan. 9, 1853,
m. Joseph H. Brinton; Thomas Anderson b. Oct. 30, 1854;
Lockhard Anderson b. March 25, 1856, m. Mary Crystal'
Erin Anderson b. Feb. 23, 1858, m. Clara E. Luce, m. Cathe-
rine- Klrby, m. Eliza J. Thompson. Family resided Salt
Lake City and Holliday, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to England and Ireland 1868-69;
Real estate and iron foundry. Died Dec. 19, 1890, Holliday

HOWARD, WILLIAM, Jr. (son of William Howard and
Elizabeth Anderson). Born Jan. 13, 1847, Belfast, Ireland.
Came to Utah with father.

Married Mary Pead Dec. 21, 1868, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of James Pead and Elizabeth Wilkerson of Bedfordshire,
Eng.; latter came to Utah 1868, Captain Rawlins company).
She was born Jan. 30, 1848. Their children: Elizabeth
Wilkerson b. Sept. 9, 1869, m. Joseph E. Johnson; William
James b. Sept. 10, 1870, d. July 2, 1878; Catherine Alice b.
March 24, 1872, d. 1883; Robert Anderson b. April 28. 1874.
m. Vilate Meeks; Lev! Howard b. May 10, 1876, m. Elizabeth
Johnson; Mary May b May 12, 1878, m. Lewis P. Oveson;
Maud b. April 4, 1880, m. Thomas P. McElprang; Erin T. b.
April 19, 1882, m. Marion Mangram. Family resided at
Randolph and Huntington, Utah.

Married Lenora J. Perkins June, 1873, Salt Lake En-
dowment house (daughter of John and Elizabeth Perkins
of Bountiful, Utah), who was born November, 1856. Their
children: Charles Leroy b. June 17, 1874, d. April 6, 1893;
Lenora Webster b. Jan. 28, 1876, m. William Howard'
Lockhard b. May 16, 1877, d. June 1893; John b. Nov. 6.
1879, m. Gertrude Musser; Wilson Allen b. Sept. 1881.
Family home Salt Lake City.

Married Eliza Hill Oct. 11, 1878, Salt Lake Endowment
house (daughter of Isaac Hill and Mary Jane Miller, latter
came to Utah 1849), She was born Jan. 3, 1860. Their
children: Sarah Ella b. July 9, 1879, m. Charles Stewart;
Jane b. Jan. 31, 1881, m. George W. Rowley; Joseph E. b.
Oct. 29, 1883, m. Sarah E. Gardner; Lucas b. April 12, 1884 d.
aged 5; Eliza Amy b. Feb. 11, 1886, m. Lawrence R.
Staker; Frank Arthur b. Dec. 16, 1888; William Roy b. Dec.
6, 1-890, d. aged 1; Louisa b. March 1, 1894; Lucretia Zina
b. Oct. 19, 1899. Family home Hunting-ton.

Member 72d quorum seventies; member high council of
Emery stake; bishop's counselor; counselor to C. G. Laraen,



president of Emery stake; ward teacher. Director and
secretary Huntington Co-op; director, secretary and treas-
urer Huntington Canal Agricultural Association; member
Huntington school district two terms. Superintended the
building of the Huntington school house. President Hunt-
ington town board. Lieutenant in Nauvoo Legion. Took
an active part in Black Hawk Indian war. Chairman of
Peoples party eight years. Mailing clerk of the Utah
Senate. Justice of peace three terms. Delegate to National
Irrigation Convention held at Salt Lake City; member Na-
tional Irrigation Congress at Ogden 1903. Member Consti-
tutional convention of Salt Lake City 1895. Notary public.
Member first legislature of Utah. Emery county attorney
1896. Postmaster of Randolph 10 years. U. S. Commis-
sioner for Utah 1872. County and probate clerk; county
recorder; county assessor and collector; county attorney
1875. Called to assist in settling the Bear Lake country
1870. Superintended the building of the first meeting house
In Emery county 1880. Chairman of board of federation
of Emery county. Appointed and received commission as
member world's congress, auxiliary of the World's Colum-
bian Exposition held in Chicago Oct. 16, 1893. Blacksmith.

HOWD, SIMEOIV FULLER (son of Samuel Howd and Eunice
Fuller of Camden, N. Y.). Born May 13, 1813, Camden.
Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Lucinda Morgan March 16, 1847, Winter Quarters,
Iowa, who was born Nov. 1, 1820, and came to Utah Sept.
1847. Their children: Elmira b. Sept. 23. 1848, m. James
Blingsley; Lucinda b. June 30, 1850, m. Gideon A. Murdock;
Eunice b. Aug. 8, 1852, m. B. H. Greenwood; Flora b. Feb.
7 1855, m. Allen Russell; Sarah b. June 30, 1857, m. James
Veater; Simeon Fuller b. March 5, 1859, m. Julia Lev! June
3 1881- Abigail b. March 13, 1861, m. Thomas Parkinson;
Frances b. May 11, 1863, m. Asa Hawley. Family home
Beaver, Utah.

Died May 20, 1878, at Beaver City, Utah.

HOWD, SIMEON FULLER (son of Simeon Fuller Howd and
Lucinda Morgan). Born March 6, 1859, Beaver City, Utah.

Married Julia Lev! June 3, 1881, St. George, Utah (daugh-
ter of David Levi and Ann Gillispie; the latter came to Utah
1852, Captain Smoot company). She was born June 29, 1859.
Their children: Jennie b. March 5, 1882; Levi b. Dec. 9, 1884,
m. Clara Henderson; James b. Jan. 31, 1890, m. Eva Oakden;
Zora b. Aug. 17, 1895. Family home Beaver, Utah.

City marshal and member city council of Beaver City,

HOWE, AMOS (son of Eli Howe, New York city). Born
Feb. 19, 1830, New York. Came to Utah Oct. 25, 1864.

Married Julia Cruse June 9, 1850, St. Louis, Mo. (daughter
of James Cruse and Mary Jane Joyce, Boxford, Berkshire,
Eng.), who was born June 17, 1823. Their children: Edgar,
m. Annie Talmage; George E., m. Sarah A. Barney; Charles
R., m. Nettie Taylor; Amos, Horace and Eli James, died.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Member 3d quorum seventies; member church board of
education. Farmer; mechanical engineer. Died June 16,
1908, Salt Lake City.

HOWE, CHARLES R. (son of Amos Howe and Julia Cruse).
Born Aug. 28, 1860, St. Louis, Mo. Came to Utah Oct. 25,

Married Nettie Taylor Sept. 11, 1884, Logan, Utah (foster
daughter of John Taylor and Sophia Whittaker of Salt Lake
City), who was born June 12, 1864. Their children: Charles
Ralph b. June 30, 1885; Sophia T. b. Aug. 9, 1887, died; Harold
T. b. Jan. 18, 1889; Cruse T. b. Feb. 6, 1891; Lucile b. Dec.
10, 1893; Jennetta b. Aug. 5. 1896; Bessie b. Nov. 2, 1900;
Amos Ross b. Oct. 18, 1903. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Member 3d quorum seventies; missionary to Virginia
1885-87; Sunday school and block teacher. City councilman
1900-91. Partner in Davis Howe Company.

HOWE, GEORGE E. (son of Amos Howe and Julia Cruse).
Born July 14, 1858, St. Louis, Mo. Came to Utah with

Married Sarah A. Barney Sept. 27, 1883, Salt Lake Endow-
ment House, Joseph F. Smith officiating (daughter of Royal

A. and Esther Barney), who was born Aug. 8, 1858. Their
children: Erne B. b. Sept. 3, 1884, m. John O. Mellor; Amos

B. b. June 12, 1886, m. Zinna Hoover; Esther Hazel b. March
4, 1889, m. Fred A. Caine; Charles F. b. Feb. 10. 1891; Edna
b. Jan. 11, 1893; Royal G. b. Jan. 28, 1896; Julia b. June 6,
1901. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Member 4th quorum seventies; missionary to southern
states 1881-82.

HOWFLL, EUAS WILLIS (son of Esmond W. Howell and
Sarah Vail, Long Island, N. Y.). Born April 29, 1836, Long
Island. Came to Utah in 1852 with Captain Wood.

Married Martha Jane Rigby February 1858 at Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Rlgby). Their children: Sarah
Lovenia, m. Otis Lysander Perry; Martha A., m. Christian
Peter Jensen; Rosalie F., m. Peter Hansen; Brusilla, m.

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