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Thomas Hackford. Family resided Union and Fairview

High priest. Associated with all the principal movements
for growth of Fairview. Farmer; miller; stockman. Died
about 1909 at Fairview.

HOWELL, JAMES (son of James Howell and Jane Copeland).
Born Oct. 15, 1828, Vermilion county, 111. Came to Utah Aug.

29, 1863, William Patterson company.

Married Rosannah Monk Jan. 29, 1857 (daughter of John
Monk and Sarah Hatfleld), who was born Feb. 1, 1842, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Sarah Jane b.
March 16, 1858, m. Levi Thornton Nov. 14, 1875; Thomas
Jefferson b. March 7, 1860, m. Mary Jane Heaton April 7,
1881; Nancy Melvina b. Feb. 26, 1862, m. William H. Thorn-
ton Jan. 28, 1878; James William b. July 29, 1865, m. Martha
Heaton Feb. 15, 1884; Mohonri Moriancumer b. Aug. 19, 1870,
d. Sept. 30, 1898; John Cromwell b. March 7, 1874, m. Mar-
garet Rebecca John Nov. 1899; Leroy b. Oct. 6. 1875, m. Han-
nah Sariah John Dec. 29, 1898, d. May 31. 1913, Blackfoot,
Idaho; Rosie Annie b. April 23, 1879, m. Adam Bigler Nov.
18, 1900. Family resided Kaysville and Portage, Utah, and
Woodruff, Idaho.

Ward teacher at both places 1875-1902. Pioneer to Port-
age and was active in making canals and roads in early
days. Died June 1, 1906.

HOWELL, THOMAS JEFFERSON (son of James Howell and
Rosannah Monk). Born March 7, 1860, Franklin, Decatur
Co., Iowa. Came to Utah Aug. 29, 1863, William Patterson

Married Mary Jane Heaton April 7, 1881 (daughter of
John Heaton and Janet Sinclair, married 1859, St. Louis, Mo.,
pioneers 1863). She was born March 18, 1864, Wellsville,
Utah. Their children: Rosa Janet b. Aug. 2, 1882, m. James
Heber Yearsley Nov. 10, 1899; Thomas Leslie b. April 30,
1884, m. Margaret Rozella Gibbs April 8, 1909; Mary Melvina
b. Oct. 4, 1885, m. George Samuel Young April 27, 1904; Ruby
b. Sept. 4, 1887, m. Benjamin Lundberg Sept. 4, 1907; Laura
Leona b. April 26, 1889, m. Ernest Hyrum Sorenson Dec. 6,
1911; Oliver Cromwell b. March 7, 1891; Sarah Elizabeth b.
May 27, 1893; James Herald b. Sept. 3, 1896; Mildred b. Dec.

30, 1900; Lillian Heaton b. Jan. 21, 1903; Ida Luvena b. Nov.
16, 1905; Grace Avelda b. Dec. 23, 1907. Family home Wood-
ruff, Idaho.

First assistant Sunday school superintendent of Portage
ward 1877-84; secretary 52d quorum seventies 1884-91; coun-
selor in Y. M. M. I. A. of Muddy Creek branch; ward teacher
Cherry Creek ward 1885-90; first counselor to Bishop Thomas
A. Davis of Cherry Creek ward 1891-1902; missionary to
northern states 1897-99; president of branch in Omaha; clerk
of Nebraska conference; president of Nebraska conference;
president high priests quorum of Malad stake 1902-08; m^m-
ber high council since 1907. School teacher. Religious class

HOWELL, THOMAS C. D. (son of Caleb Howell and Cella
Boyett of Waynesborough, Wayne county, N. C.). Born Feb.
22, 1814, North Carolina. Came to Utah 1852, his own com-

Married Sarah Stuart July 5, 1835 (daughter of Samuel
Stuart and Ann Wallace, latter died in Iowa). She was
born Jan. 15, 1815, and came to Utah with husband. Their
children: Jason E. b. Sept. 2, 1837, m. Jane M. Thomas;
Henry Nelson b. May 23, 1840, m. Elizabeth W. Bird Dec. 16,
1861; William J. b. April 8, 1842, m. Lydia A. Beebe; Charles
D.; Thomas A. b. Sept. 17, 1855, m. Harriet A. Henderson
Feb. 19, 1875. Family resided Payson, Utah, and Franklin
and Clifton, Idaho.

Member Mormon Battalion. Enlisted in war with Mexico
1847. Appointed captain of third company of 1852 to come
to Utah. Settled at Payson 1853; moved to Franklin, Idaho,
1860, where he served as justice of peace five years. Took
active part in early Indian wars. Moved to Clifton, Idaho,
1865, where he resided until his death.

HOWELL, HENRY N. (son of Thomas C. D. Howell and
Sarah Stuart). Born May 23, 1840, Yorkville, Gibson county,

Married Elizabeth W. Bird Dec. 16, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Edmund F. Bird and Mary Montgomery, former
pioneer 1850, latter died Jan. 3, 1846, Boston, Mass.). She
was born Jan. 1, 1846, Cambridge, Mass. Their children:
Henry J. b. Sept. 2, 1862, m. Lucy L. Bingham Oct. 13, 1883;
Sarah A. b. Feb. 22, 1864, d. infant; Mary M. b. April 7, 1866;
Lydia L. b. July 10, 1868, m. William A. Lewis; Amelia E. b.
Sept. 3. 1870; Edmund F. b. Nov. 11, 1872, m. Annie Hender-
son; Ida A. b. Dec. 4, 1874, m. George E. Porter; Clara E. b.
Nov. 8, 1877, m. C. M. Alston; John E. b. Dec. 18, 1879, m.
Maud Henderson; Wallace B. m. March 1, 1882, m. Elizabeth
Sant Nov. 28, 1907; Angus b. Oct. 2, 1886. Family home
Clifton, Idaho.

School teacher Oxford and Clifton, Idaho, three years
each. Sunday school superintendent, Clifton; ward clerk 20
years. Built first house in Clifton, 1869; postmaster there
17 years.

HOWELL, WILLIAM (son of Stephen Howell and Margarette
Williams, latter of Lambstoneparlsh, South Wales). Born
Aug. 15, 1819, Lambstoneparish, Pembrokeshire. Came to
Utah Sept. 12, 1861, Homer Duncan company.

Married Louisa Thomas 1842 (daughter of James Thomas
and Ann Harris), who was born June 12, 1823, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: Martha Leah b. Nov.
21, 1843, m. William Wheeler Nov. 15, 1861; Richard b. March
30, 1847, m. Mary Moore 1870; Maria; William; Ann b. Nov.
19 r ig , m. Parley Smout; Arthur; Margarette, m. John
Slater June 1875; Stephen; James Parley b. Nov. 25, 1861. m.
Lois Perry May 1890; Frances Jane; Louisa b. July 25, 1863,
m. McGraw Vandyke. Family home Slatervllle, Utah.




HOWELL, JAMES P. (son of William Howell and Louisa
Thomas). Born Nov. 25, 1860, Fristrap, Wales. Came to
Utah 1861.

Married Lois L. Perry May 1890 (daughter of Stephen W.
Perry and Mary Bishop), who was born 1871.

IIOYT, SAMUEL PIERCE (son of James Hoyt and Pamelia
Brown). Brn Nov. 21, 1807, Devonshire, N. H. Pioneer
1850, independent company.

Married Emily Smith April 17, 1832 (daughter of Asael
Smith), who was born Sept. 1, 1806. Family resided Fillmore
and Hoytsville, Utah.

Married Catherine Emma Burbidge June 3, 1856, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Rhoades Burbidge and Mary
Brown, the latter a pioneer 1854, Captain Richardson com-
pany). She was born Nov. 17, 1839, in England. Their chil-
dren: James William b. Sept. 28, 1858, d. Nov. 17, 1859; Mary
b. Aug. 9, 1863, m. J. W. Lee; Pamelia b. May 22. 1865, m.
Alonzo A. Mills Aug. 10, 1891; Elizabeth b. May 31, 1867, m.
J. P. Stonebraker Feb. 22, 1898; John B. b. Jan. 16, 1869, m.
Inez Park Dec. 4, 1907; Eiias B. b. March 6, 1871, d. April 6,
1871; Martha b. May 18, 1872, m. William Myrick; Joseph B.
b. Dec. 6, 1873, m. Sarah J. Johnson; Aphia b. May 13. 1875,
d. April 17, 1879; Emma b. Aug. 27, 1878, m. H. H. Stevens
June 3. 1902; Samuel b. Aug. 2, 1880, d. March 17, 1892.

Pioneer to Fillmore. Located at Hoytsville. Seventy.
Brought the first iron turning lathe to Utah and owned the
first flour mill in Summit county. Member of the first con-
stitutional convention and helped to make the first territo-
rial laws. County commissioner. Farmer; tanner; rancher;
merchant. Died Aug. 12, 1889, Rhoade's Valley.

HUBBARD, CHARLES WESLEY (son of Noah Hubbard,
born Oct. 20, 1778, Sheffield, Mass., and Cynthia Clark of
Michigar.). He was born Feb. 7, 1810, Sheffield. Came to
Utah 1848, Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Mary Ann Bosworth 1832, Monroe county, Mich,
(daughter of Jared Bosworth and Lucy Hubbard), who was
born Aug. 12, 1816. Their children: Noah Ell b. Feb. 9,
1834; Emma b. Feb. 13, 1836; Rhbda Ann b. June 22, 1839,
m. Moroni Cole; Lucy b. Aug. 16, 1841; John b. Oct. 22, 1843,
m. Rosabell Shaw; Heber William b. Jan. 31, 1845, m. Susan
Dudley; Julia C. b. April 3, 1848, m. Byron Barker; Albert b.
Feb. 27, 1850; Mary Malinda b. Dec. 31, 1851, m. Charles
William Merrill; Charles N. b. Dec. 5, 1853, m. Rebecca J.
Davis; Permelia S. b. June 25, 1856; David Clark b. Feb. 7,
1860, m. Charlotte Morgan. Family home Willard, Utah.

Married Mary Edwards in February 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Edwards and Ann Jones, married in
Cardiganshire, South Wales, former pioneer 1855). She was
born May 30, 1835, Cardiganshire. Their children: Mary
Elizabeth b. Nov. 5, 1856, m. Thomas Taylor Jan. 18, 1875;
Joseph b. Oct. 20, 1859, m. Salley Marsh March 4, 1880; David
b. Nov. 30, 1861, m. Ida Cordon Nov. 10, 1881; Ann Rebecca
b. March 14, 1864; John Hyrum b. April 18, 1867; Lucynthia
b. May 22, 1869, m. Lorenzo Robbins; Jane b. Feb. 8, 1872, m.
Ezra Lloyd Dec. 23, 1897; Alma E. b. April 13, 1874; Sarah
Gevennie b. Oct. 4, 1877, m. T. L. Redford Dec. 22, 1904.
Family home Willard, Utah.

Married Sophia Pollard June 4, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Pollard and Sarah Robertshaw), who
was born Feb. 26, 1831, and came to Utah in 1853, Cyrus
Wheelock company. Their children: James Willard b. Feb.
12, 1861. m. Emma M. Pettingill; Sarah Ann b. Feb. 7, 1863.

First bishop of Willard ward 1851-56; missionary to
England and Scotland 1856-58. Moved to the Muddy, where
he lived six years, 1864-70. Mail carrier to the Muddy four
years. Returned to Willard 1871. Died Dec. 19. 1903.

HUBBARD, CHARLES N. (son of Charles W. Hubbard and
Mary Ann Bosworth). Born Dec. 5, 1853, Willard, Utah.

Married Rebecca J. Davis 1877, Brigham, Utah (daughter
of Richard and Rebecca Davis of Willard). who was born
July 31, 1856, died 1891. Their children: Mary Ann b. Nov.
19, 1878, m. John M. White; William b. Nov. 21, 1880. m.
Mary E. Powlsen; Lucy Jane b. May 8, 1882, m. Lawrence
Abegglen; Morgan P. b. Oct. 31, 1884, m. Merrit J. Wood.
Family home, Willard.

Missionary to southern states 1888-90.

HUBBARD, JAMES WILLARD (son of Charles Wesley Hub-
bard and Sophia Pollard). Born Feb. 12, 1861. Willard, Utah.

Married Emma M. Pettingill Jan. 8, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Elihu Pettingill and Jane C. Marsh), who was
born April 20, 1862, Willard. Their children: Sarah Paulina
b. July 31, 1880; Clotilda b. Dec. 6, 1881, m. Henry Mickel-
sen July 31, 1903; Edith Marlah b. Dec. 26, 1883, m. John
Whitehead Oct. 13, 1904; Rhoda Ann b. Nov. 6. 1885; Charles
W. b. May 25, 1888; Ida b. May 31. 1890, m. Nephi Petersen
Oct. 5, 1909; Jane b. Feb. 5, 1893: Vara b. May 5, 1898; Cora
b. July 22, 1900. Family home Raft River and Trout Creek,

Missionary to southern states 1895-96; bishop of Bench
ward three years; high councilor of Bannock stake.

HI'BER, JOHN (son of Johannes Huber, born 1810, Wein-
felden, and Anna Elizabeth Huber, born 1815, Dodtnacht.
Switzerland married In 1840). Born in 1840, at Dodtnacht.
Came to Utah 1863, Peter Nebeker company.

Married Mary Magdalena Munz Oct. 18, 1863 (daughter
of Henry and Margaret Munz), who was born Jan. 21,
1843, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:

John Martin b. Oct. 22, 1865, m. Elizabeth Gertsch; Henry
Albert b. Oct. 7, 1867, m. Margaret Abegglen; Mary Mag-
dalena b. Oct. 15, 1869, m. Jacob Brobst 1891; Emma Eliza-
beth b. Dec. 19, 1871, m. James Gibson; Otillia Eliza b.
March 29, 1875, m. Alexander Gibson; Matilda b. May 8
1877, died; Nephi b. Oct. 10, 1879, m. Anna Bronson; Joseph
Emanuel b. Aug. 18, 1881; Ida b. May 7, 1883, m. William
W. Abplanalp. Family home, Midway, Utah.

Missionary to Switzerland 1860-63. 1871-74; ward clerk
at Midway 1878-1908; ward chorister 1880-1910. Black
Hawk war veteran. Agent for Wasatch & Jordan valley
railroad, shipping granite for Salt Lake temple 1875-78;
took U. S. census 1880 and 1900; member school board 24
years; secretary of Midway Irrigation Company 10 years-
compiled history of Midway ward from 1859 to 1905; justice
of peace two years; agent of crop reporting for agricultural
department of U. S. A. Composer of numerous songs and
poetical compositions in German and English.

HUBER. HENRY ALBERT (son of John Huber and Mary
Magdalena Munz). Born Oct. 7, 1867, Midway, Utah.

Married Margaret Abegglen Dec. 9, 1891, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Gottlieb Abegglen and Anna Gertsch of Gund-
lischwand, Bern, Switzerland, came to Utah September,
1873). She was born March 16, 1871. Their children:
Elmer b. Sept. 19, 1892; Henry Lyman b. March 1, 1894. d.
March 17, 1894; Frank Ervin b. June 1. 1895; Leroy b. April
1, 1897; Albert Dean b. Jan. 11, 1899. Family home Midway,

High priest. Road supervisor. Member town board.

HUCKVALE, JONATHAN (brother of Mrs. George Osmond,
the mother of Alfred Osmond).

Married Sarah Huckvale. Their children: Frederick, m.

Ella ; Ethel, m. Charles Stone; Perkins, died. Family

home, Bloomington, Idaho.

Farmer and painter. Deceased.

HUDMAN, JOHN (son of Thomas Hudman and Ann Dan-
cose of Ripple, Worcestershire, Eng.). Born Oct. 23, 1821,
at Ripple. Came to Utah 1856 with Knud Peterson company.

Married Sophia Langley Nov. 12, 1848 (daughter of
Mathias Langley and Diana Cornell), who was born Jan.
7, 1822. and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Emma b. June 25, 1851, m. William H. Manning June 9. 1873;
Alvin J. b. April 4, 1854, m. Jane A. Webb; Henry Heber b.
Aug. 14, 1859, m. Annie Cowan; Ellen Maria b. Dec. 6, 1861,
m. James Cowan Jr. Family home Slaterville, Utah.

Ordained high priest, April 14. 1855.

HUPP, JOSEPH (son of John Edwards Huff and Hilda
Hicks of Canada). Born April 24, 1818, Upper Canada.
Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1861, Joseph Young company.

Married Mary Jane Losee Nov. 10, 1836, Lower Canada
(daughter of David Losee and Lydia Huff), who was born
Oct. 4. 1820. Canada; came to Utah with husband. Their
children: James b. July 24, 1837. m. Sena Nibley, m. Sophia
Atkins; Jemima b. Dec. 24, 1839, d. child; John Edwards
b. Dec. 3, 1843, m. Sarah Ann Robinson; David Losee b.
April 10, 1845, m. Amelia Robinson Jan. 21, 1866; Joseph
b. July 10, 1847, m. Jane Hodgetts; Mariah b. Aug. 26,
1849, m. Nephi Williams; Mary b. March 5. 1852, m. Robert
Pope; George W. b. May 7, 1854; Elvira b. June 2, 1856, m.
Samuel Robinson; Isaac b. Nov. 22, 1859, m. Alice Green;
Abraham b. Oct. 6, 1862, m. Annie Clark. Family home Coal-
ville, Utah.

Bishop of Upton ward 1864-76. Forced from Upton by
Indians and moved to Coalviile. Built several sawmills
in Summit county. Farmer. Died in February, 1895, Span-
ish Fork, Utah.

HUFF, DAVID LOSEE (son of Joseph Huff and Mary Jane
Losee). Born April 10, 1845, Nauvoo, 111. Came to Utah
Sept. 20, 1861, Joseph Young company.

Married Amelia Robinson Jan. 21, 1866 (daughter of
William Robinson and Mary Dexter married 1846, in
England; pioneers 1868, Captain Murdock company). She
was born Nov. 29, 1847. Came to Utah in September. 1864,
Captain Rawlins company. Their children: William Edward
b. Jan. 24, 1867, m. Sarah Tippetts; David B. b. June 22,
1869, m. Lettacle Hayes; Joseph Hyrum b. Dec. 10, 1871, m.
Lulu Myers April 10, 1895; Mary Amelia b. Feb. 24, 1874,
m. John Ballard; Rosalia b. Nov. 22, 1876, m Thomas Hone;
John Rufus b. March 27, 1879, m. Martha Larson; George
Elmer b. Aug. 5, 1881, m. Annie Westernlg; Earnest James
b. Oct. 31, 1883, m. May Hall; Jane b. Aug. 15, 1886, m.
David Evans; Ralph b. Nov. 15, 1888.. Family home Lake
Shore, Utah.

Moved from Upton, Summit county, to Randolph In 1870;
assisted in erection of first sawmill in Randolph; In 1877
moved to Lake Shore. Freighter.

HUFF, THOMAS. Born June 22. 1788, Roanoke. Va. Came
to Utah in September 1853, Captain Dailey company.

Married Betsy Adams March 7, 1815, Hancock county, Ga.
(daughter of Jonathan Adams and Charlotte Lawrence of
Pontotoc, Miss., pioneers 1853, Captain Dailey company).
She was born Sept. 19, 1798. Their children: Alivia, m.
Asa A. Felts; Wlllaim T. ; Pheriba; Sarah Jane, m. William



Hall; Maragaret, m. John C. Bowman; Rebecca, m. Tillery
Mitchell; Bethena, m. John Ellegre; Jonathan G.; Joel, m.
Annie Winters; Thaddeus, m. Frances Russell; Betsy V.,
m. David N. Shanahan; Lucy Ann; Mary F., m. John C.
Lemmon; Jefferson Adams, m. Mary Kim-line Moore. Family
home Pontotoc, Miss.

Farmer. Died Oct. 16, 1855.

HUFF, JEFFERSON ADAMS (son of Thomas Huff and
Betsy Adams). Born May 12, 1842, Chambers county. Ala.
Came to Utah September 1853, with parents.

Married Emeline Moore Oct. 15, 1884, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Joseph Webber Moore and Hannah Seely Young of
Moab, Grand county, Utah, pioneers 1847, John Taylor com-
pany). She was born July 24, 1864. Their children: Jef-
ferson A. b. Dec. 7, 1885; Joseph Thomas b. Dec. 22, 1886;
Jonathan Rile b. June 22, 1888; Enos Marion b. Sept. 1,
1889; William Lee b. Feb. 22, 1891; Sarah Blanche b. June
6, 1892, m. Francis Jean Rogerson; Archie Ross b. March
14 1894; Cyrus b. May 6, 1895; Ivy Emeline b. April 22,
1897; Francis Seth b. Dec. 14, 1898; Joel Roaf b. Dec. 14,
1900; Ruth Elizabeth b. June 6, 1903; Clarence b. March
29, 1905; Acil Wayne b. April 23, 1907. Family home,

Member 84th quorum seventies; high priest; bishops
counselor. Probate judge; county commissioner Grand
county, Utah. Farmer and stockraiser.

HUFFAKER, SIMPSON D. (son of Jacob Huffaker and Mar-
garet Bodkins of Kentucky). Born July 23, 1812, in Wayne
county, Ky. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant

Married Susan Green Robinson Feb. 25, 1836, Morgan
county, 111. (daughter of Joel Robinson), who was born
Oct. 16, 1817. Their children: Rozella, m. John Pulsipher;
Sarah M., died; Lewis Albert, m. Martha Sarah Murray;
Sidney, Sarah and Augusta, d. young.

Married Elizabeth Richardson in January 1846, Nauvoo,
111. (daughter of Stephen Richardson and Erepta Wilder
of New Hampshire, pioneers 1847, Jedediah Grant company).
She was born May 28, 1829, died April 26, 1911, Salt Lake
City. Their children: David S., m. Eva Neff; Elizabeth
M., m. W. H. Perry; Susan E., m. D. B. Brinton; Delia, m.
H. G. Williams; Welby R., m. Martha Wlnn; Wilford D., m.
Jane McMillian; Ray E., m. Etta Davis; Earl P., m. Matilda
Scott; Etta B., m. Livingston Gardner.

Married Elizabeth Brady in September, 1852, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Lundson and Elizabeth Brady of Union,
Utah), who was born 1839. Their children: Frances M., m.
W. K. Wallon; George M., m. Abigail Bradford; Arardna T..
m. Joseph Gardner; Simpson L. ; Beatrice; Mary; Franklin.

Married Priscilla Barnum March 24, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James and Loretta Barnum), who was born
Oct. 3, 1834. Their children: Shelby V., m. Sophia Neville;
Eugenia, m. George D. Gardner; Herman, died; Rhoda P.,
m. James H. Gardner. Families lived at South Cottonwood,
Salt Lake county.

One of presidents 7th quorum seventies. Selectman.
Farmer. Died Oct 25, 1891.

HUFFAKER, LEWIS ALBERT (son of Simpson D. Huffa-
ker and Susan Green Robinson). Born March 19, 1841,
Bureau county. 111. Came to Utah In 1847, Jedediah M.
Grant company.

Married Martha Sarah Murray July, 1863, South Cotton-
wood, Utah (daughter of Asahel Plumb Murray and Laur-
etta Barnum, of Knox county, 111., pioneers with Perrigrine
Sessions company). She was born March 28, 1848. Their
children: Susan A., m. John Cutler, m. Charles O. Harmon;
Simpson D., d. infant; Sarah Maria, m. Parley Cutler; Lewis
Albert, d. aged 7 years; Francis D., d. young; Mary Lois,
m. Albert Larson; Asahel C.; Lauretta L., m. William C.
Melogue; Esther R., m. Geoorge Mast; Dermont and Martha
Melvina, d. infants.

Married Sarah Ann Use Oct. 8, 1897, Salt Lake temple
(daughter of Jeremiah Use and Mary Ann Taylor, who came
to Utah in July, 1891). She was born Aug. 19, 1866. Their
children: Sarah Maud and Lewis John, d. infant. Families
lived at Salt Lake City.

Member 105th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1900-1902; high priest; home missionary 21 years; acting
president high priests of Bingham stake, Idaho, three
years; president block teachers. Constable of Summit
county four years. Took part in Echo Canyon war; Indian
war veteran. Farmer and stockraiser.

HUFFMAN, JACOB (son of George Huffman and Hannah
Johnson, born July 31, 1806, Albany, later of Buffalo, N. Y.).
He was born Aug. 28, 1823, West Waterloo, Canada. Came
to Utah September 1861, Milo Andrus company.

Married Margaret Staley in 1843 (daughter of Conrad
Staley and Hannah Tripp), who was born June 4, 1826, and
came to Utah with husband, died 1862, at Coalville. Their
children: Hannah b. Dec. 6, 1845, m. Edmond Eldredge Jan.
4, 1863; George b. Feb. 1, 1848, m. Ellen Marlah Wild; Har-
riet b. Oct. 6, 1851, m. Joshua Wiseman; Susan Alvira b.
Sept. 13, 1854, m. Edward Henry Rhead Jan. 27, 1873.

Married Elizabeth Frisby Dec. 13, 1864, Coalville, Utah
(daughter of William and Elizabeth Rebecca Frisby), who
was born July 17, Ii38. Their children: Margaret b. Oct.
19, 1865, m. Samuel Haslam; Sarah Ann b. Nov. 20. 1867;
May b. Dec. 12, 1868, m. Alfred Blonzuist; Jacob William b.
April 6, 1871, m. Elizabeth Swalnston; Joseph Henry b.
May 27, 1873, m. Annie Underwood; Eliza J. b. July 12, 1875,

m. Aaron Densley; Emma P. b. Jan. 4, 1878, m. Moses
Densley; Gertrude b. Jan. 2, 1880, m. William Bagnell;
Frank b. Sept. 24, 1882, m. Mary Wilson. Family home Coal-
ville, Utah.

Settled at Coalville 1861. Member high council Summit
stake. Brought first threshing machine to Summit county;
built first meeting house in Coalville. Justice of peace.
Died Aug. 22. 1899.

HUFFMAN, JACOB WILLIAM (son of Jacob Huffman and
Elizabeth Frisby). Born April 6, 1871, Coalville, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Swainston June 15, 1897, Coalville
(daughter of Elijah Swainston and Mary Ann Williamson;
former came to Utah 1868, latter 1873). She was born July
19, 1877, Coalville. Their children: Vera E. b. May 11,
1898; Mildred M. A. b. July 12, 1900; Wyona H. b. Jan. 8,
1908; Orville b. Aug. 21, 1912. Family home, Coalville.

HUGGINS, WILLIAM (son of John Huggins). Born June 2,
1811, in New Jersey. Came to Utah Oct. 10, 1853, Anthony
Ivans company.

Married Emeline Aker (daughter of Stephen Aker and
Elizabeth Lemon), who was born March 14, 1816, and came
to Utah Aug. 10, 1853. Their children: Elizabeth; George
Aker b. April 5, 1839, m. Eliza Adams April 3, 1866; Permelia
b. May 23, 1841, m. William Cordingley Dec. 25. 1865; Hannah
P. b. June 8, 1844, m. Alonzo Nay June 8, 1861; Mary Ann b.
Aug. 24, 1847, m. Hyrum Johnson April 9, 1867; Sarah b. July
2, 1850, m. Joshua Combs.

High priest. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah.

HUGHES, JOHN (son of John Hughes and Ann Jones, both
of Llanedan, Denbighshire, North Wales). Born December
1814, in Wales. Came to Utah Sept. 1, 1860, John Smith

Married Sarah Jones in August 1840, in Wales (daughter
of William Jones and Grace Owens, both of Wales, pioneers
August 1860, John Smith company). She was born in 1811,
and died June 26, 1887. Only child: Ann Hughes, m. Wil-
liam Treharne. Family home, Salt Lake City.

He died April 16, 1901.

HUGHES, MORGAN. Born Oct. 30, 1824, in Wales. Came to
Utah In 1852.

Married Hannah David Dec. 3, 1853 (daughter of Morgan
David of Spanish Fork, came to Utah 1852). She was born
March 3, 1837. Their children: Morgan J.; Hannah E., m.
Ephraim G. Davis; William B., m. Louise S. McKell, m.
Margaret Black, m. Alice E. Payzant; David F., m. Ellen
McKell; Thomas D., died; John B., m. Katherine Banks;
Henry, m. Mary E. Myler, m. LaRene King; Benjamin, m.
Belva Warner; Alfred, m. Carrie Nielson; George, m. Alice
Moore; Joseph, m. Delila Gardner; Ephraim G., m. Katherine
Jones; Mary, died. Family home Spanish Fork, Utah.

Elder. Farmer and stockraiser. Died Jan. 11, 1890.

HUGHES, WILLIAM B. (son of Morgan Hughes and Hannah
David). Born Feb. 27, 1859, Spanish Fork. Utah.

Married Louisa S. McKell Dec. 18, 1879, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert McKell and Elizabeth Boyack of Span-
ish Fork, pioneers 1852, Captain Tidwell company). She
was born Jan. 1, 1860. Their children: William M. b. Dec.
6, 1880, m. Retta Kahn; Hannah E. b. Feb. 25, 1883, d. Feb.
28, 1883; Delbert B. b. May 27, 1884, m. E. Lois Wright;
Jennie M. b. Dec. 12, 1886, m. Albert G. Brockbank; Robert
Edward b. Aug. 21, 1889, d. July 3, 1892; Louise S., d. Aug.
30, 1889.

Married Margaret Moore (Black) July 20, 1892, at Mantl,
San Pete county, Utah (daughter of John Moore and Jen-
nette Henderson of Scotland), who was born May 12, 1862,
and died May 3, 1896. Their children: Janet L. b. July 6,
1894; Morgan J. b. Aug. 8, 1895, d. Sept. 28, 1911.

Married Alice E. Payzant 1897, Salt Lake City (daughter
of John Payzant and May Emma Bucher of Spanish Fork,
Utah). She was born April 16, 1877. Their children: George
D. b. April 22, 1898; Mary E. b. Nov. 18, 1899; David b. Sept.
20. 1902, died; Gladys b. April 2, 1904; Myrtle b. Nov. 27,

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