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Infant. Family resided Minersville and Springville, Utah.

HtTNTINGTON, DIMMICK B. (son of William Huntington
and Zina Baker of Watertown, N. Y.). Born May 26, 1808,
at Watertown. Came to Utah July 28, 1847 with Captain
James Brown, Contingent, Mormon battalion.

Married Fannie Maria Allen April 28, 1830, Watertown,
N. Y. (daughter of Clark Allen and Martha Thompson of
Watertown), who was born Oct. 26, 1810. Their children:
Clark A., m. Rosanna Galloway; Lot E., m. Naomi Gibson;
Margett, d. infant; Fannie M., d. infant; Martha Zina, m.
Edmon Paul; Betsy P., d. infant; Julia C., m. John Han-
cock, m. John R. Mellen; Sarah A., d. infant.

High priest; Indian missionary, forty years; Indian inter-
preter; patriarch. Farmer. Drum major in martial band.
Early settler at Provo. Died Feb. 1, 1879.

HtTNTINGTON, OLIVER B. (son of William Huntington).
Born 1826 in New York state. Came to Utah July 24, 1847,
Brigham Young company.

Married Mary Melissa Neal 1843, Cambria, Niagara county,
N. Y. (daughter of George A. Neal and Aseneth Cooley of
Cambria, pioneers 1862, Captain Brown company). Their
children: Mary A., m. Andrew Cooley; Baby, d. infant;
George W., m. Elizabeth Sprouse and Rosetta A. Squires.
Family home Salt Lake City.

High priest; missionary to England two years; patriarch;
-^superintendent Sunday school at Springville, Utah. Bee in-
,A t 'spector. School trustee. Farmer and stockraiser. Died
J*nur-rS09, at Springville, Utah.

Zina b. Aug. 14, 1871, d. young; George Augustus b. Nov 1,
1872, m. Elizabeth Ross; Mabel Elizabeth b. June 1, 1874, m.
Louis O. Knight; John William b. Jan. 17, 1876, d. infant.
Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Married Rosetta Agnes Squires, Feb. 14, 1878, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Henry Augustus Squires and Sarah M.
Cottlin of Salt Lake City, pioneers Nov. 30, 1856, Edward
Martin handcart company). She was born March 14, 1855.
Their children: Zina Ida b. Jan. 4, 1879, d. infant; Minnie
Precinda b. Oct. 15, 1880, d. young; Rosetta Agnes b. June
16, 1883, m. William J. Bronson; William C. b. Dec. 10, 1885,
d. infant; David Oliver b. May 10, 1887, d. 1890; Henrietta b.
April 18. 1890, d. infant; Bessie Clestia b. Nov. 3, 1892, d. in-
fant, Chauncy Boardman b. Sept. 26, 1897. Family home.
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Elder; block teacher. Farmer and stockraiser.

Huntington and Sarah Elizabeth Sprouse). Born Nov. 1.
1872, at Salt Lake City.

Married Elizabeth Ross March 30, 1904, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert B. Ross and Ella Gertrude Alexander,
of Midway, Utah). She was born Feb. 12, 1882. Their chil-
dren: George Ross and William Rex b. March 12, 1905; Don
Clifford b. Oct. 26, 1906; Ella Mourine b. June 17, 1909. Fam-
ily home Midway, Utah.

Member 109th quorum seventies; home missionary 1905-
07; high priest; Sunday school superintendent. Justice of
peace. Farmer and stockraiser.

HUNTSMAN, JAMES. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham
Young company.

Married Mary Johnson, who came to Utah Aug. 17, 1851,
with her children. Their children: Lavina; Katy Ann, m.
Gilbert Bickmore; Isaiah, m. Rebecca Ames, m. Emma M.
King, m. Sophia Egbert; Isaac, died; William, m. Mary
Bickmore; Jacob, m. Jane Bickmore; Gabriel, m. Eunice
Holbrook; Jesse Peter, m. Emma Crompton; Sarah, m.
Joseph Gills; Kesiah, m. Levl Huntsman. Family home
Fillmore, Utah.

Farmer. Died at Fillmore.

HUNTSMAN, ISAIAH (son of James Huntsman and Mary
Johnson). Born Sept. 14, 1826, in Rlchland county, Ohio.
Came to Utah in 1849.

Married Rebecca Ames Jan. 16, 1849, at Kanesville, Pot-
tawattamie county, Iowa (daughter of Ira Ames and Charity
Carter of Vermont, pioneers 1851). She was born 1830,
Mooers at Fork, Clinton county, N. Y.. Their children: Ezra
b. Nov. 12, 1849, m. Mary Ann Walton and Mary (Williams)
Chandler; Harriet b. Sept. 25, 1852, m. John H. Bankhead, m.
Daniel Dalton; Ira b. Oct. 6, 1854, m. Anna (Palmer)
Hutchinson; Clarissa b. Dec. 11, 1858, m. Benjamin Stewart,
m. Orson Dalton; Isaiah b. Sept. 24, 1856, m. Mary Ann
Meller Palmer, m. Susan Dalton, m. Thursa Lewis; Isabella
b. Nov. 21, 1862, m. John William Dalton; Estella b. Jan.
24, 1863, m. Lewis Monroe Nebeker, m. William Nelson Spaf-
ford, Jr.; James b. April 13, 1865, m. Eunice Pritchett; Wil-
liam b. Dec. 17, 1867, m. Eveline Thurston, m. Minnie John-
ston; Emer A., died; Elmer A. b. April 9, 1870, m. Augusta
Norton; Ida Rebecca b. Nov. 13, 1873, m. Thomas Mitchel
Pritchett. Family home Annabella. Utah.

Married Emma Melissa King 1856, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Morris King and Sarah Ann Jewell, of Amer-
ican Fork, pioneers Sept. 17, 1852, John Tidwell company).
She was born Sept. 18, 1840; died Jan. 10, 1905 in Basin,
Cassia county, Idaho. Their children: Sarah, d. infant; Mary,
m. Philander H. Bell; Edson, m. Elizabeth Johnson; Jane,
m. John Tolman; John, m. Lucy Hardy; Amanda, m. Ebenezer
Dalton; Ada, m. Isaac Dalton. Family home Annabella,

Married Sophia Egbert 1868, Salt Lake City. Widow of
Robert Egbert with six children. Their only child: Louisa,
died. Family home Wellsville, Utah.

Member company B Mormon battalion.

Settled at Fillmore and took an active part in the Indian
warfare of that period. Moved to Wellsville 1864, then back
to Fillmore 1870; in fall of 1874 moved to Annabella and
died there June 3, 1878. Justice of peace; blacksmith and
general mechanic.

HUNTSMAN, EDSON (son of Isaiah Huntsman and Emma
King). Born March 16, 1863, Fillmore, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Johnson Sept. 7, 1884, Spring City, Utah
(daughter of Andrew and Hannah Johnson), who was born
Feb. 14, 1866. Their children: Grace b. June 10, 1885, m.
John Cook; Ada b. Oct. 3, 1886; Ethel b. July 13, 1888, m.
Clifford Jensen; Mamie b. March 24, 1890; Ray b. Dec. 22,
1892, d. 1898; Vaurice b. Dec. 25. 1894: Furl b. Nov. 24, 1896;
Thelma b. Dec. 2, 1898; Owen and Ona b. June 28, 1900; Austin
b. April 12, 1902; Blenda and Blanche b. Jan. 26, 1904, both
d. infants. Family resided Spring City and Ferron, Utah.

Elder. Farmer.

HUNTINGTON. GEORGE W. (son of Oliver B. Huntington
and Mary Mellsa Neal). Born Sept. 18, 1848, Cambria, N.
Y. Came to Utah with father.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Sprouse Sept. 1870, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Sprouse and Catherine Woldridge of
Texas); she was born Oct. 27, 1844. Their children: Mary

IIUHD, WILLIAM BAKER (son of John Hurd and Fanny
Baker of Devonshire, Eng.). Born Sept. 20, 1835, Devonshire.
Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1861, Milo Andrus company.

Married Frances Taylor Jan. 1. 1868, at St. Louis, Mo.
(daughter of Edward Ebenezer Taylor and Mary Ann Tar-
rant of London, Eng., pioneers October 1868). She was born
June 2, 1833. Their children: John William b. Feb. 20, 1860,
m. Eliza Williams; Francis b. Oct. 6, 1862, died; Joseph
Hyrum b. Dec. 20, 1864, m. Blanche Duke; William Henry b.



Dec. 20, 1864, m. Margaret Leukel; Ruben Arthur b. March
17, 1867, m. Anna Gillott; David Elmer b. Aug. 29, 1869, m.
Edith Frome; Albert Edwin b. Jan. 20, 1872, m. Emily J.
Clark; Sarah A. b. Jan. 10, 1876, m. Thomas W. Bell; Walter
Clarence b. Feb. 3, 1880, m. Kate M. Erskine. Family home
Salt Lake City.

Elder. Bailiff of third district circuit six years. Con-
tractor, plasterer and painter.

HURRE1V, JAMES (son of William Hurren, born Feb. 24,
1795, Chediston, and Mary Fisher Martin, born Nov. 27,
1786, Suffolk, Eng.; married in 1813). Born Feb. 24, 1827,
Suffolk. Came to Utah Nov. 9, 1856, James G. Willie hand
cart company.

Married Eliza Reeder, 1847 (daughter of David Reeder
and Lydia Balls, former died at Omaha, Neb.; latter in 1839,
In England). She was born Jan. 31, 1830, came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Mary b. July 29, 1848, m.
Joseph M. Wight Oct. 1864; George b. March 30. 1851, d.
infant; Emma b. Feb. 21, 1852, m. James Woolf Dec. 1869;
Sarah b. March 23, 1854, m. Samuel K. Seamons April, 1875;
Selena b. July 14, 1856, d. infant; Rosannah b. Nov. 6, 1857,
m. William Hyde Jan. 1879; James William David b. Dec.
8, 1859, m. Margaret A. Ashcroft June 10. 1886; Martin
Francis b. Sept. 8, 1862, d. Nov. 2, 1863; Eliza Marietta b.
Jan. 7, 1865, m. Stephen Thurston April 7, 1884; Phebe Jane
b. April 15, 1867. m. Rosel Homer Hyde Oct. 15, 1886; Frank
Edmund b. Sept. 1, 1873, d. infant. Family resided at
Brigham City and Hyde Park, Utah.

Presided over Chediston branch in England; counselor to
Bishop Robert Daines of Hyde Park ward; teacher and
priest. Served in Echo Canyon trouble.

and Eliza Reeder). Born Dec. 8, 1859, Brigham City, Utah.

Married Margaret A. Ashcroft June 10, 1886, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Henry Ashcroft and Mary Glover, pio-
neers with Isaac Allred company). She was born Feb. 10,
1865, Hyde Park, Utah. Their children: James William b.
Dec. 2, 1889; Mary lone b. Feb. 19, 1892; Clarence Ashcroft
b. May 14, 1894; Carrie b. Jan. 26, 1897; Henry Reeder b.
Aug. 27, 1899; David Glover b. Feb. 27, 1902; Eulalia b. April
4, 1906. Family home Hyde Park, Utah.

Officer in Y. M. M. I. A. 13 years. Member school board.
Worked on Logan temple 1887-89. Missionary to Holland
1901-04; bishop's counselor 1903. School teacher eleven

HUSBANDS, CHARLES THOMAS (son of Thomas Husbands
and Maria Weight of London, Eng.). Born March 15, 1844,
London. Came to Utah Sept. 1, 1860, John Smith company.

Married Elizabeth Slater Oct. 3. 1868, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Slater and Jane Booth of Lancashire,
Eng., and Beaver, Utah; pioneers Sept. 15, 1868, John Gillcs-
pie company). She was born Aug. 17, 1851, Lancashire, Eng.
Came to Utah 1868 with her parents. Their children:
Charles Henry, d. infant; Rosetta, m. Alma Chalker; Charles
Millard, m. May Wilson; John Eugene, m. Martha M. Axton;
Herbert Henry, m. Ada Thomas; Albion C., m. Emily
McMillian; Hazel, d. young. Family home Salt Lake City,

Elder. Made two trips to Omaha, Neb., for immigrants
1862, and to Rawlings, Wyo., 1868. Locomotive engineer.

HUSBANDS, WILLIAM (son of Thomas Husbands and Maria
Margarett Weight of London, Eng.). Born Feb. 27, 1838, in
London. Came to Utah September, 1861, Capt. Harmon

Married Sarah Curtis March 19, 1869, at London, Eng.
(daughter of Joseph Curtis and Sarah Morrell that place;
pioneers Sept. 23, 1861, Ansell P. Harmon company). She
was born April 12, 1836. Their children: William C. b. May
13. 1861, m. Lucy Goodfellow; Charles T. u. Nov. 17, 1863, m.
Julia Mikesell; Sarah M. b. March 29, 1865, m. John F.
Heath; Hewson H. b. Sept. 29, 1866, m. ^arnie Amy; Edwin
M. b. Jan. 9, 1869, m. Esther Sandberg; Francis J. b. March
21, 1871; Lillian L. b. Dec. 17, 1872, m. Arthur Kent; Arthur
D. b. Sept. 6, 1875, d. infant; Thomas Carlos b. Nov. 16, 1876,
m. Alvira Edler; Amy A. b. Nov. 6, 1879, m. George L.
McKeaver. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Employed on construction of Salt Lake theatre about two
months; worked on Salt Lake temple about three years. On
Feb. 6, 1885, received an appointment to a position in U. S.
treasury department, during administration of President
Chester Arthur and has continued an officer in that depart-
ment to date; U. S. storekeeper in the service of U. S. Inter-
nal Revenue, collection district of Montana.

HUSSEY, DANIEL AGUSTTTS (son of Elijah Hussey and
Caroline Hartford of Dover, N. H.). liorn Nov. 29, 1833,
Dover. Came to Utah November, 1850, Stephen Markham

Married Sarah Louisa Bridges 1861, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Henry Mallion Bridges and Sarah Louisa Lowe of
Birmingham, Eng., the former came to Utah in September.
1864, the latter died on the plains). She was born March
29, 1841. Their children: William Agustus, d. infant; Flor-
ence Marian, m. James M. Brown; Charles Henry, m. Mary
Alice Lambert: Caroline Rosella, m. Joseph T. Grover; Sarah
Louisa, m. William Delbert Grover; Charlotte Agusta, m.
Heber Burch; Daniel Warren, m. Rose Riley; Elijah, d.

Infant; Julia Isabel!, d. aged seven; Joseph Seymour, d. in-
fant. Family home East Mill Creek, Salt Lake county.

Went to the Missouri river in 1864 for immigrants with
Joseph Rawlins' company. Lumberman.

HUSSEY. CHARLES HENRY (son of Daniel Agustus Hussey
and Sarah Louisa Bridges). Born July 10, 1866, East Mill
Creek, Salt Lake county, Utah.

Married Mary Alice Lambert 1896, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Charles John Lambert and Lilly Harriet Druce, the
former of Nauvoo, 111., the latter of Haverstraw, N. Y.;
pioneers September, 1849, Allen Taylor company and Sept. 16
1861, Ira Reid company). She was born Jan. 26, 1871. Their
children: Warren Lambert b. 1896; ..lice Lambert b. 1899;
Norma Lambert b. 1901; Elton Charles 1903; John Daniel
1906; Marian lown 1910. Family home Ogden, Utah.

President fourth quorum elders of Veber stake; first
counselor of Y. M. M. I. A. of first ward, igden; first assist-
ant Sunday school superintendent of first ward, Ogden:
member Weber stake board of religion class; superintendent
Weber stake religion classes seventies. Real estate broker-
age and Tungsten industry. President Idaho Tungsten Co.
Lumberman, working in both mills and forests.

HCTCHINGS, WILLIAM YVILLARD (son of Elias Hutchings,
born April 20, 1784, in New York, and Sally Smith, born Feb.
26, 1794; married in 1816). Born April 3, 1823, in Ohio.
Came to Utah Dec. 29, 1849, in a company of which he was

Married Ruth C. Chase March 12, 1845. Their children:
Sarah Ann; Emeline J.; Ruth C.; Mariam. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Married Sarah Ann Baldwin March 4, 1851, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Junius and Sarah Baldwin; pioneers 1849),
who was born Nov. 25. 1837, Ledsvery, Hartfordshire, Eng.
Their child: William Willard b. Nov. 23, 1851, m. Sarah Agnes
LeBoron April 7, 1874.

Major in Black Hawk war and Utah militia.

HUTCHINGS, WILLIAM WILLARD (son of William Willard
Hutchings and Sarah Ann Baldwin). Born Nov. 23, 1851,
Salt Lake City.

Married Sarah Agnes LeBoron April 7, 1874, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Alonzo H. LeBoron and Sarah Jeffs). She
was born Nov. 18, 1851, at New Orleans. Their children:
Sarah Eliza b. Jan. 9, 1875, m. A. B. Cline; Ellace Matilda b.
Dec. 4, 1876; Lydia Monah b. Feb. 10, 1878, m. Edward Bohn;
Mary Emeline b. March 2, 1881, m. James Rollins; Julia T.
b. Aug. 25, 1883, m. W. T. Boyle; Emma Jane b. July 28
1885, m. Ray Guttler; Edna b. July 21, 1887; Effie Luciel b.
Feb. 12, 1891; Suson Baldwin b. Nov. 3, 1894; William
LeBoron b. April 24, 1896. Family home Beaver, Utah.

President of elders quorum; ward teacher; president Y. M.
M. I. A. Sheriff of Beaver county, two terms, and city
marshal of Beaver City two years. City councilman two
years. Deputy U. S. marshal two years.

HUTCHINS, JAMES. Born in England. Came to Utah

Married Ellen Corbridge in April, 1859, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Corbridge and Ellen Parker of Frank-
lin, Utah; pioneers 1852, John Parker company). She was
born Nov. 11, 1840. Their children: John James, m. Mary M
Knight; Ellen E., m. John W. Stanger.

Elder. School trustee; justice of peace. Farmer, stock-
raiser and merchant. Died April 16, 1491, Slaterville, Utah.

HUTCHINS, JOHN JAMES (son of James Hutchins and
Ellen Corbridge). Born March 27, 1860, Slaterville, Utah.

Married Mary M. Knight Dec. 23, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Knight and Sarah Taylor of Slaterville,
Utah; pioneers 1854, independent company). Their children-
Mary M. b. Oct. 4, 1882, m. Eli Lund; Ellen b. Sept. 9, 1884;
James b. July, 1885; Rosina b. Sept. 15, 1886, m. Charles W.
Cottel; Edeth b. April 24, 1889; Luella b. Sept. 23. 1891, m.
Frank A. Blngham; Delwin b. Jan. 25, 1894, m. Elizabeth
Farr; Iva b. March 29, 1896; Clara b. May 1, 1898; Marie b
Aug. 15, 1899.

Married Mattie L. Bragg May 24, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James M. Bragg and Martha E. Tucker of
Mississippi. She was born Oct. 5. 1873, Lexington. Miss.
Their children: James Spencer b. July 8, 1906; Anna Ellen b.
May 8, 1908; Louis B. b. May 6, 1910.

Elder; ward teacher. Constable six years; justice of peace
two years. Judge of election. Member state convention.

HUTCHINSON, JACOB FLYNN (son of Solomon Hutchinson
and Catherine P. Flynn of Nashua, N. H.). Born Aug. 14,
1816, East Wilton, N. H. Came to Utah Oct. 13, 1850, Edward
Hunter company.

Married Constantia E. C. Langdon 1837 (daughter of
Nathaniel Langdon and Pernelopy Sampson of Bowdoinham,
Maine). She was born Nov. 11, 1818. Their children:
Pernelope and Henrietta, d. infants; Nathaniel b. Nov. 5,
1841; Catherine b. Feb. 14, 1843, m. Newton Zyrick 1862;
Margret b. 1844, died; Jacob Flynn b. June 15, 1846. m. Rhoda
Jane Smith Aug. 8, 1870; George Henry b. May 3, 1849. m.
Edwina Walker: Sarah Ellen b. Aug. 9. 1850. m. Henry
Ketcham 1868; David Langdon b. April 30, 1852, m. Sarah
Budge Nov. 8. 1885; Mary. d. infant; Ruth b. Jan. 24, 1858,
m. Peter Liddell Feb. 3. 1875.



Married Alice Peniston Wasden June 9, 1861. at Gunnison,
Utah (daughter of Thomas Wasden and Mary Upson of
Gunnison, Utah, pioneers Sept. 16, 1859, Edward Stevenson
company). She was born Aug. 29, 1842. Their children:
Joseph b. May 28, 1862, m. Rosanna Stratton; Orson b. Dec,
9, 1863, m. Martha M. Sorenson; Alice A. b. Jan. 17, 1866, m.
Harmon Esklund.

First bishop of Gunnison ward. Tithing bookkeeper. No-
tary at Springville; assessor and collector of Salt Lake
county I860. Member legislative assembly from Salt Lake
City at Fillmore in the early fifties. Painter; barber; book-
keeper and salesman.

Died May 7, 1867, Springville.

HUTCHINSON, JACOB FLYNN (son of Jacob Flynn Hutch-
inson and Constantia E. C. Langdon). Born June 15, 1846,
Council Bluffs, Iowa. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Rhoda Jane Smith Aug. 8, 1870, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lott Smith and Jane Walker of Farmington,
Utah), who was born Sept. 26, 1853. Their children: Jacob
Lot b. Oct. 29. 1871; Rhoda Jane b. June 16, 1873; Joseph
Flynn b. Aug. 10, 1874, m. Margaret E. Butchart Dec. 25,
1910; Clementina b. July 30, 1876, m. John Drew Dec. 30, 1894;
William b. Feb. 7. 1878. m. Nellie McCurdy Dec. 1, 1902; Har-
riet S. b. Dec. 30, 1880; Jean b. Feb. 4, 1883, m. Rebecca
Edwards Oct. 4, 1904; Ida Effle b. Feb. 2, 1885; Quincy David
b. Dec. 13, 1886, d. April 16, 1889; Estella b. March 4, 1889;
Leila b. Jan. 20, 1892; Earl b. July 3. 1894, d. infant;. Dewey
b. Oct. 12, 1897. Family home Kimball,.Idaho.

Settled at Salt Lake City. Elder. Moved to Farmington
In 1870, to Randolph, Utah, 1874, from there to Rockland,
Idaho, 1883, and in 1887 went to Kimballward, Idaho.
Worked on Salt Lake tabernacle. Assisted in the erection
of the meeting house at Randolph. Assisted in the organi-
zation of the first, school district at Rockland, Idaho, and
served as trustee for" three years; built the circular water
power sawmill at Rockland, also* mills at Randolph and
Kimball. Carpenter and lumberman.

HCTCHINSON, JAMBS (son of William Hutchinson, born
Jan. 28, 1814, Woodhouse,. and Mary Wilson, born Oct. 25.
1818, Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born July 25, 1838, Wood-
house, Eng. Came to Utah October, 1862, Kimball and Law-
rence Merchandise company.

Married Ellen Redman March 29, 1862, at St. Louis, Mo.,
(daughter of Thomas Redman and. Alice Rothwell; pioneers
1862). She was born. May 17, 1833. Came to Utah 1862.
Their children: John W. b. July 11,. 1864, m. Catherine
Erickson Nov. 23, 1886; Alice b. April 26, 1866, m. Samuel
Western, Sr.; James b. Aug. 3, 1868, d. infant; Sarah Ellen b.
Oct. 12, 1869, d. Sept. 3, 1885; George H. b. Jan. 3, 1872, d.
Infant; Annie E. b. July 3, 1873, m. James Garrett; Luvenia
b. Aug. 15, 1875, m. Edward Davis.

Ward teacher; Sunday school superintendent; choir lead-
er; high priest. Black Hawk war veteran. Died in 1905.

HUTCHINSON, JOHN W. (son of James Hutchinson and
Ellen Redman). Born July 11, 1864, Salt Lake City.

Married Catherine Erickson Nov. 23, 1886, Deseret, Utah
(daughter of Neils Erickson and Christina Peterson, who
came to Utah 1870). She was born June 1, 1869, in Denmark.
Their child: Claris (adopted). Family home Hinckley, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to southern states.

HYDE, HEMAX (son of James Hyde and Betty Pennock of
Stratford, Orange county, Vt.). Born June 30, 1788, Strat-
ford. Came to Utah September, 1849.

Married Polly W. Tilton, Stratford, Vt. (daughter of li'p.
Tilton and Tabitha Bullock), who was born Jan. 20, 1786.
Their children: Heman Tilton b. June 18, 1812, m. Eunice
Sawyer; Charles W. b. July 16, 1814; Rosel b. May 20, 1816,
m Mary Ann Cowles and Hannah Maria Simmons; William
b. Sept. 11, 1818; Mary Ann b. Sept. 18, 1820, m. Mr. Grant.
Family home Stratford, Vt.; Livingston, New York; Nauvoo,
111.; Salt Lake City.

Veteran war 1812. Died June 11, 1869.

HYDE, ROSEL (son of Heman Hyde and Polly W. Tilton).
Born May 20, 1816, York, Livingston county, N. Y. Came to
Utah with father.

Married Mary Ann Cowles Dec. 12, 1839 (daughter of
Austin Cowles and Phebe Wilbur), who was born Dec. 81,
1820. Their children: Martha Ann b. Nov. 20, 1841, m.
Edward Hunter March 30, 1856; Sarah Maria b. April 30,
1843, m. James C. Taylor Jan. 8, 1860; Rosel James b. May
25. 1845, m. Jane Driggs; Mary Louisa b. March 9, 1851. m.
James Bodily; Helen Elvira b. Dec. 6, 1852, m. Arthur Staynor
Sept. 17, 1879; Heman b. Feb. 3, 1865. m. Urmlna T. Grlffeth
May 9, 1878; Austin Cowles b. April 12, 1858, m. Mary M.
Griffeth Feb. 12, 1880; Charles Croydon b. May 9, I860, m.
Mary Galbreth; William Alonzo b. June 6, 1863, m. Maria
Reddich June 16, 1886. Family home, Kaysville.

Married Hannah Maria Simmons Feb. 22, 1862, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Samuel Simmons and Hannah Maria
Shekles), who was born Sept. 2, 1843, Bristol, Eng. Their
children: Samuel b. Aug. 22, 1863, d. Oct. 1, 1863; Henry b.
Aug. 4, 1864, d. Sept. 20, 1866; George Tilton b. Nov. 26, 1866,
m. Emma Nlbley Nov. 18, 1897; Clara Maria b. Dec. 25, 1868,
m. Christopher E. Layton Nov. 27, 1895; John Simmons b.
Dec. 18, 1870, m. Josephine Kennett 1900; Mary Ann b. Oct.
16, 1872, m. Francis Mortensen Oct. 11, 1900: Mabel b. Oct. 30,
1875. m. Frank B. Flint March 9, 1904; Rosel T. b. Aug.
24. 1877, m. Lula Wray Sept. 7, 1903; Frank b. Jan. 25, 1881,
m. Winnlfred Barnes May 26, 1904; Ida b. Jan. 10, 1883, m.
Mark L. Johnson Sept. 9, 1908. Family home, Kaysvtlle.

HYDE, HEMAN (son of Rosel Hyde and Mary Ann Cowles).
Born Feb. 3, 1855, Kaysville, Utah.

Married Urmina F. Griffeth May 9, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Patison Deloss Griffeth and Elizabeth Carson,
pioneers 1861), who was born Jan. 12, 1860, Lehi, Utah.
Their children: Heman b. April 14, 1879, m. Elizabeth Alh-
down; William A. b. May 4, 1881. m. Lucy Wheelock; Dora E.
b. Aug. 8. 1885. Family lived in Kaysville; home, Lewiston.

Bishop Fairview ward, Oneida stake, 1884. Moved to Star
Valley, Wyo., 3888. Served there as counselor to Bishop
William E. Crobridge, Auburn ward; bishop Auburn ward,

HYDE, WILLIAM ALONZO (son of Rosel Hyde and Mary
Ann Cowles). Born June 6, 1863. Kaysville.

Married Maria Reddish June 16, 1886, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Henry Reddish and Eliza Hurst), who was born Sept.
3, 1864, Brimmington, Eng. Their children: Myrtle Presindia
b. Oct. 21, 1888; Elaine Mania b. Aug. 5, 1892; Charles Wilkis
b. Sept. 18, 1894. Family lived Layton, Utah; Downey, Idaho;
home Pocatello, Idaho.

Bishop Cambridge ward 1895; counselor to Pres. William
C. Parkinson 1898; president Pocatello stake 1901. Member
Idaho legislature 1898-99.

HYDEf GEORGE TILTON (son of Rosel Hyde and Hannah
Maria Simmons). Born Nov. 25, 1866, Kaysville.

Married Emma Nibley Nov. 18, 1897, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Nibley and Fannie Gibbs), who was born
Nov. 6, 1873, Paradise, Utah. Their children: George Osmond
b. Dec. 17. 1898; Rosel Hirschel b. April i2, 1900; Emma and
Enna (twins) b. May 15, 1902; Charles Corydon b. Aug. 7,
1904; Donald b. Aug. 20, 1909; Reed Tilton b. Nov. 9, 1911.
Family lived Kaysville, Utah; home Downey, Idaho.

Missionary to Kentucky 1893-95; bishop Cambridge ward.
Pocatello stake 1899-1907, Downey ward 1907. Settled at
Downey, Idaho, 1895. Chairman board county commission-
ers Bannock county 1903-08. President and manager W. A.
Hyde company, Downey, Idaho; director Gate City Furniture
company, Pocatello, Idaho; president Downey state bank;
president Downey townsite and dsve'opment company;
treasurer Portneuf-Marsh Valley Irrigation company.

HYDE, WILLIAM (son of Heman Hyde and Polly W. Ttlton).

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