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City and Springville, Utah). She was born Jan. 2, 1863.
Their children: Thalia b. Aug. 10, 1885, m. Arthur Lay-
cock; Eda Laryotha b. April 14, 1887, m. Louis Ditmore;
Eltha May b. Oct. 10, 1889, m. Niels L. Monson; Alma Nicho-
las b. Dec. 5, 1891; Nellie b. Jan. 31, 1894; Olive b. Aug. 8,
1896; Reva Caroline b. March 18, 1899; Jessie Catherine b.
Oct. 21, 1901; Laid Dewayne b. Nov. 25, 1904; John G. b.
May 18, 1907. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Worked for 43 years in canyons building roads, trails,
hauling logs, running a sawmill and cutting lumber for
houses, beginning when he was 13 years of age, and tak-
ing a man's place; built the trail over which the first sacks
of ore were brought from American Fork canyon. Also
conducted a farm.

IZATT, ALEXANDER (son of William Izatt and Grace
Adamson of Fife, Scotland; latter came to Utah Oct. 4,
1864, William S. Warren company). Born May 14, 1843, Fife-
shire. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1864, William S. Warren com-

Married Elizabeth Boyle 1865. Salt Lake City (daughter
of George Boyle and Mary McDugall). Their children:
Mary and Grace, died; William B., m. Rhoda Ann Turner;
Elizabeth, m. John S. Andrews; Janett, m. Albert Hugo;
Margaret, m. Alfred Osborn Shelton; Jane, m. Robert Briggs;
Anne, m. Joseph E. Wilson, Jr.; Alexander G.. m. Rebecca
Turner; Georgena, m. Edward J. Clark. Family home Lo-
gan, Utah.

High priest; temple wokrer. Stone mason. Died Jan.

JACK, JAMES (son of John Jack and Margret Cooper of
Scotland). Born 1829, in Scotland. Came to Utah 1853, in-
dependent company.

Married Jemima Innis Feb. 11, 1853, in Scotland (daughter
of James Innis), who was born 1829. Their children: James C.
died; Jemima M.. m. M. H. Weight; John M., died; William
H., m. Ann Meek; Jane A., m. T. L. Halliday; Jessie E.,
died; Rolla I., m. Mable Longfellow; Joseph C., m. Louise
Young. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Member eighth quorum seventies; chief clerk and treas-
urer to first presidency. Director Saltair Beach Co. Di-
rector Inland Crystal Salt Co.; director Grass Creek Coal
Co.; vice president Salt Lake & Los Angeles R. R. Co.; Utah
territorial treasurer many years. Died March 2, 1911, Salt
Lake City.

JACK, WILLIAM H. (son of James Jack and Jemima Innis).
Born Jan. 2, 1859, Salt Lake City.

Married Ann Meek July 9, 1883, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Benjamin Meek and Louisa Rogers of Salt Lake county;
pioneers 1866, independent company). She was born June 12,
1861. Their children: Myrtle; James E.; William I., died;
Joseph E.; Jemima E.; Ruth A., died; Rolla I.; Jessie; Anita
J.; John M. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Member eighth quorum seventies. Superintendent Inland
Crystal Salt Co.; president Holliday Drug Co.

Married Ann Oades Feb. 22, 1843 (daughter of William
Oades and Elizabeth Sowersby), who was born May 7, 1823.
Their children: Henry William b. July 24, 1851, m. Mary
Adeline Montierth; Elizabeth Sarah b. May 21, 1854, m.
Jerome E. Remington; Alma Oades b. March 25, 1856, m.
Emma Jane Obray; Hannah Ann b. Dec. 13, 1857, d. Sept. 23,
1861; John Clark b. Aug. 31, 1859, m. Charlotte Housley;
Frederick Walter b. Dec. 4, 1863, m. Hannah Evans.

Married Mary Gilmore White May 4. 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William White and Martha Griffith), who was
born Dec. 27, 1837, at Fishguard, Pembroke, Wales. Their
children: Mary Jane White b. May 3, 1862, d. Aug. 24, 1863;
Bessie White b. Feb. 18, 1865, m. Joseph Cowley; Amanda
White b. Jan. 25, 1867, d. July 8, 1869; Robert William White
b. Jan. 8, 1870, m. Eliza Welch Sept. 17, 1891; Thomas Frank-
lin White b. Jan. 11, 1873, m. Hannah Welch.

President 36th quorum seventies; first counselor in bish-
opric of Paradise ward 1877-84; bishop of Paradise ward
1873-76; president high priests quorum 1894; ordained patri-
arch May 8, 1898. Participated in Echo Canyon campaign
1857-58. Built sawmill at Paradise in 1860, and in 1865 built
gristmill at same place. Moved to Hyrum in 1869. Died
Jan. 9,' 1905, Paradise.

JACKSON, HENRY WILLIAM (son of Henry Clark Jackson
and Ann Oades). Born July 24, 1851, Kanesville (Council
Bluffs), Iowa.

Married Mary Adeline Montierth Feb. 6, 1871, Paradise,
Utah (daughter of Alvin M. Montierth and Harriet Crapo),
who was born Nov. 27, 1853, Salt Lake City. Their children:
Henry Somes b. Nov. 4, 1871, m. Mary Jane Flint; Charles
William b. Aug. 28, 1873, m. Luella Clegg; Alvin Somes b.
Aug. 8, 1875, m. Effle M. Mangum; Laura May b. June 27,
1877, m. Edward D. Jones; Eugene Somes b June 6, 1879, m.
Edith Dayley; Ann Somes b. Sept. 17, 1881, m. Orin M. Hess;
Frederick Clark b. Aug. 11, 1883, m. Ann Karlson; Harriet
Somes b. Sept. 9, 1885, m. Edward Teeples; Mary Elizabeth
b. Sept. 15, 1887, m. Sidney Nlelson; Esther Somes b. Aug.
22, 1890, m. George F. Rudd; Hazel b. Jan. 29, 1894. Family
home St. Anthony, Idaho.

Settled at Salt Lake City 1852, moved to Paradise with
his parents in 1865. Presiding elder at Old Paradise branch
of Paradise ward: bishop of Avon 1891-94; counselor to
Bishop E. Z. Carline 1896-97: high councilor of Fremont
stake; ordained patriarch March 15, 1908. Moved to Parker,
Idaho. 1894.

JACKMAN, LEVI (son of Moses French Jackman, born June
16, 1767, and Elizabeth Carr, born Sept. 19, 1763, both of
Salisbury, Essex county, Mass.). Born July 28, 1797,
Corinth, Vt.; pioneer July 24, 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Angeline Myers (daughter of Henry Myers and
Ruth Rodgrers), who died at Kirtland, Ohio. Their chil-
dren: Albert Brady, m. Lucinda Stone; William Ruel b. Oct.
6, 1818; Aurilla Peckham b. Sept. 20, 1820, m. Moses Curtis;
Parmenia Adams b. Aug. 6, 1822, m. Phebe Lodema Merrill;
Ammi Rumsey b. Feb. 6, 1825, m. Aurilla Eldredge; Lev! b.
May 2, 1828. Family resided at Kirtland, Ohio, and Salt
Lake City, Utah.

Married Lucinda Harmon Nov. 18, 1849, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Oliver and Sarah Harmon), who was born
March 16, 1822, Conneaut, Pa. Their children: Sarah Lucinda
b. March 20, 1851, d. young; Levi Harmon b. Sept. 6, 1853, m.
Sarah E. Hatch; Almira Sophronia b. June 30, 1856, m. Joseph
Hanks Oct. 29, 1876; Daniel Wells b. April 18, 1860, m. Sarah
M. Marble Nov. 1, 1878. Family home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Member of high council. Worked on Kirtland and Nauvoo
temples. First counselor to Bishop Roundy of the sixteenth
ward and acted as bishop during the bishop's mission to
England; patriarch. Died July 23, 1876, Salem, Utah.

JACKMAN, LEVI HARMON (son of Levl Jackman and
Lucinda Harmon). Born Sept. 6, 1853, Palmyra, Utah.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Hatch April 12, 1875, Salt Lake
City, Utah (daughter of Lewis Hatch, pioneer Sept. 17, 1850,
Jonathan Foote company, and Sarah Ann Jolley of Salem,
Utah). 'She was born July 25, 1856, Payson, Utah. Their
children: Levi Lewis b. Jan. 12, 1876, m. Annie M. Petersen
July 28, 1897; Reuben Oliver b. Nov. 6, 1877, m. Mary Peter-
sen July 10, 1897; Clarence Manning b. May 21, 1880, d.
young; Francis Albert b. April 11, 1882, m. Nancy Pearl
Baldwin Dec. 23, 1903; Sarah Lucinda b. June 15, 1885, d.
young; Wallace Arthur b. Oct. 20, 1888, m. Velma A. Fore-
man, May 21, 1913; Wilford Hamner b. May 26. 1891, m. Etta
Pearl Hanks, Dec. 18, 1912; Ezbon Laton b. March 26, 1895;
Necha Estella b. April 9, 1898. Family home Joseph, Utah.

Seventy; clerk of quorum of elders; clerk of Salem ward
1870. Settled at Salem, 1864, moved to Joseph February,
1885. Assistant Sunday school superintendent, Joseph ward
for 20 years; high priest; ward clerk of Joseph ward Dec. 6,
1909. Acted as member of town board 1904-6; town clerk.

JACKSON. HENRY CLARK (son of Robert Jackson, born
Jan. 12. 1788. and Hannah Clark, born June 13. 1790, Crowle,
Lincolnshire. Eng.). He was born June 3, 1819, Gainsbor-
ough, Lincolnshire. Came to Utah Oct. 7, 1852, James C.
Snow company.

JACKSON, AARON (son of Samuel Jackson of England).
Born Sept. 30, 1823, Eyrne, Derbyshire. Came to Utah Nov.
30, 1856, Edward Martin handcart company.

Married Elizabeth Horrocks May 28, 1848, Macclesfield.
Eng. (daughter of Edward Horrocks and Alice Houghton of
England, pioneers 1857). She was born 1823. Their chil-
dren: Martha b. Feb. 6, 1849, m. T. R. Thomas; Mary E. b.
July 22, 1851, m. George Boulter; Aaron b. Jan. 18, 1854, m.
Eliza J. Rawson Family home Ogden, Utah

Died while crossing plains Oct. 25, 1856.



JACKSON, AARON (son of Aarpn Jackson and Elizabeth
Horrocks stepson of William Richard Kingsford, pioneers
Nov. 28, 1864, Robert L. Campbell company). Born Jan. 18.
1854, Macclesfield, Ens.

Married Eliza J. Rawson Jan. 26, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William C. Rawson and Eliza J. Cheney of
Indiana and Ohio, pioneers 1850). She was born Aug. 31,
1857. Their children: Grace Eliza b. Dec. 24, 1878, m. Martin
R. Barrows Dec. 6. 1899; Ethel Elizabeth b. March 6. 1880.
m. Nathan A. Hawkes Jan. 13, 1904; Mary Vanetta b. Oct. 28,
1882, m. Leland K. Nelson Aug. 31. 1904: Aaron William b.
Nov. 29. 1884. d. Aug. 3. 1906: Samuel Francis b. Sept. 22,
1886: Zina Geneva b. Feb. 8, 1889, m. Gerard G. Klomp June
23, 1909: Emma Isabell b. Sept. 12, 1893. d. Sept. 30. 1909:
Myrtle Florence b. Oct. 19, 1896: Joseph Rawson b. Oct. 29,
1898. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Member 77th quorum seventies; high priest; missionary to
Great Britain 1891-1902. Merchant. Worked on state roads
and temples.

JACKSON. JOHN (son of John Jackson of Oscroft, Cheshire,
Eng.). Born March 7, 1819, at Barrow, Cheshire. Came to
Utah Aug. 19, 1868, John R. Murdock company.

Married Mary Joynson 1837 (daughter of Thomas Joynson
and Mary Clay), who was born Aug. 30, 1819. Came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Henry; John, m. Ann Jones;
Thomas, d.: Enos b. Feb. 27. 1845. m. Ellen Ferington Feb.
24, 1863; Hyrum; Joseph; Daniel; Ephraim, m. Christena
Jorgensen; Moses, m. Mary Dalimore. Family home Lehl,

Elder. Painter.

JACKSON, ENOS (son of John Jackson and Mary Joynson).
Born Feb. 27, 1845.

Married Ellen Ferington Feb. 24. 1863. Their children:
Eugene b. Feb. 8, 1882, m. Lucy Hitesman March 8. 1904;
Charles b. June 8. 1884, m. May Wheeler; John b. Sept. 14,
1886. m. Victoria Coledge Jan. 7, 1906; James b. March
24. 1888; Ernest b. Sept. 4, 1891; Alvin b. May 16, 1896. Fam-
ily home Lehl, Utah.


JACKSON, THOMAS (son of John Jackson, born Feb. 7,
1802, and Susannah Grundy born Feb. 5, 1795. Blockley, Eng.;
married 1822). Born Sept. 13, 1823, at Blockley, Eng. Came
to Utah September, 1866, Nicholas Groesbeck company.

Married Alice Crompton Aug. 14, 1842 (daughter of Wil-
liam Crompton and Alice Hall), who was born Aug. 14. 1820.
Came to Utah September, 1856, Nicholas Groesbeck company.
Their children: Maria b. June 2, 1845, m. Henry Jackman
June 2, 1879; John William b. June 4, 1849, m. Sarah E.
Bingham Aug. 7, 1878; Elizabeth b. Jan. 18. 1851, m. John K.
Reid; Joseph Brigham b. Oct. 18. 1852. m. Mary Beckstead;
David Franklin b. July, 1854, died; Thomas Edward b. Oct.
7. 1856. m. Eliza Shaw; Alice Ann b. May 15, 1858, m.
Franklin Jones; Amilesent b. Feb. 23, 1861, m. A. T. Old-
royd; James b. 1862, died. Family resided at Nephl, Pay-
son and Glenwood, Utah.

Married Dinah Burres. Their children: Fanny; Lydia;
George; Frederic; Horace; Alice; Bertha; Hermion.

Missionary to eastern states 1869-70 and to England 1880-
81. Indian war veteran. Cabinet-maker.

JACKSON, JOHN WILLIAM (son of Thomas Jackson and
Alice Crompton). Born June 4, 1849, at Manchester, Eng.

Married Sarah E. Bingham Aug. 7, 1870. at Payson, Utah
(daughter of Jeremiah Bingham and Sarah Keel), who was
born April 16, 1860, in Pottawattamie Co., Iowa. Their chil-
dren: John Henry b. June 13, 1873, m. Mariah Vandyke July
24, 1891: Jeremiah b. Aug. 9, 1874, m. Cloe Merrell Jan. 18,
1895: William Thomas b. Sept. 5, 1876, m. Mary J. Allen Jan.
4. 1911; James Perry b. Aug. 10, 1878, died; Sarah Ellener b.
Oct. B, 1880; Alpheus b. Sept. 9, 1882, m. Hattle Vandyke
March 8. 1905; Joseph Bert b. Aug. 30, 1884: Ernest b. Aug.
16, 1886, m. Ida May Larsen April 18, 1910: Susa b. June 17,
1888: Minnie b. Oct. 3, 1891. Family resided Payson. Glen-
wood and Lyman, Utah, and in Arizona.

Married Margaret Josephine Nordford Nov. 4. 1883. at St.
George, Utah (daughter of Andrew M. Nordford and Cath-
rine Olsen: married at Krongeade, Sweden). She was born
Oct. 13. 1864. at Kongeade, Sweden. Their children: Alice
Cathrlne b. Oct. 21. 1887, m. Junius F. Ogden June 4, 1909;
William Andrew b. April 8, 1889, died: Junius Wilford b.
Sept. 27, 1891. m. May Baker Jan. 4. 1912; Margaret Emily
b. Sept. 21. 1893; Victor Leroy b. July 26. 1896; Orvill Q. b.
Augr. 2. 1899: Cora Luella b. Feb. 18, 1902; Thelma Matilda
b. Nov. 16. 1904.

High priest: missionary to Arizona 1876; missionary to
Michigan and Wisconsin 1880-81. Veteran Indian wars

JACOB, I.ITCIAN (son of Norton Jacob and Emily Heaton).
Born Feb. 28, 1836.

Married Janet Anderson Clottworthy, Midway, Utah
(daughter of Hugh Clottworthy and Jean Maltland of Scot-
land pioneers 1854), who was born Sept. 8, 1846. Their
children: Emily Jane b. May 20. 1862, m. Moroni Gerber:
Hugh Alexander b. Sept. 4, 1864, m. Isabel West; Lucian
Heaton. d. child: Mary Elizabeth, m. John Gibson. Family
home Midway, Utah.

Elder. Farmer. Died 1875, Midway. Utah.

JACOB, NORTON (son of Udney H. Jacob, born April 24,
1781, Sheffield, Mass.. and Elizabeth Hubbard born Aug. 24,
1881. Middletown, Conn.). He was born Aug. 11, 1804, at
Sheffield. Berkshire county. Mass. Came to Utah July 24,

1847, Brigham Young company, himself captain of ten.
Married Emily Heaton Nov. 20, 1830, who came to Utah

1848. Heber C. Kimball company. Their children: Lucian
Heaton b. Feb. 22, 1836. m. Janet Clottworthy; Ira Norton b.
Oct. 16, 1840, m. Julia A. Gerber and Ellen Clift; Joseph
b. May tO. 1846, m. Ellen H. Gerber. Family resided Salt
Lake City, Payson and Midway, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Harris. Salt Lake City. Their children:
Norton Kellog; Frank; Sidney; Lonzo.

Presiding- elder Snake Creek branch 1863-64. Mechanic.

JACOB. JOSEPH (son of Norton Jacob and Emily Heaton).
Born May 20. 1845. Nauvoo. 111.

Married Ellen H. Gerber May 8. 1864. Midway. Utah
(daughter of John Gerber and Anna Maria Ackeret, pio-
neers 1864, Captain Van Buren company). She was born
Sept. 26. 1847. Huntsville, Ala. Their children: Mary Jane
b. April 24. 1865: Joseph b. Aug. 1, 1867, m. Lucy Baker April,
1898; Emma b. Sept. 14, 1869, m. John M. Parry May 7. 1895;
Ann Eliza b. Dec. 1. 1871. m. John A. Phillips March
1899: Milton b. May 20. 1874. m. Mary Carlson Nov. 1904;
Isaac b. May 11, 1876, m. Thea Anderson June, 1906; Nellie
b. July 10, 1878, m. George A. Anderson Sept. 1906; Tillie
b. May 17. 1881; Elmer Acred b. Nov. 25, 1883. m. Maude
M. Beeley Aug. 30, 1910; Clarence Cecil b. June 9. 1886, m.
Florence Johnson June 13. 1910; Irvin Heaton b. Auer. 24,
188. Family resided Midway, Vermilllon, Daniels, Pleas-
ant Grove and Provo, Utah.

Captain in Utah militia 1863-66 at Snake Creek. Indian
war veteran.

JACOBSON, OLE JOHN. Born March 17, 1824, Christlania,

Married Osaa , in Norway. Their children: Matilda.

m. Frank Hanson: Rachel, m. William Dennison; Benjamin;
Jacob, m. Clara Larson; Calaman, d. aged 14-17. Family
home Ephraim.

Married Caroline Frederickson (Christensen), Ephraim,
Utah (daughter of Carl and Annie Frederickson of Sjelland,
Denmark), who was born Dec. 5, 1835, and came to Utah
with handcart company. Their children: Daniel John b.
March 13, 1874, m. Sophia Schwalbe; David Olius b. Nov. 27,
1876, m. Juliette Stevens, m. Agnes Ellen O'Neil. Family
home Ephraim, Utah.

Priest. Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Farmer and

Caroline Frederickson first married Antone Christensen In
midoo.ean. Their children: Neils, m. Annetta Larson;
Charles, drowned, aged 21; Sarah, m. H. P. Larsen; Mary,
m. Oliver M. Larsen; Antone, m. Stena Peterson; Rosetta,
m. Charles Christensen: Frank, m. Augusta Dorius. Fam-
ily home Ephraim, Utah.

JACOBSON. DAVID OLIUS (son of Ole John Jacobson and
Caroline Frederickson). Born Nov. 27, 1876, Ephraim, Utah,

Married Juliette Stevens June 15, 1898, Ephraim, Utah
(daughter of Henry Stevens and Augusta Dorius of Can-
ada and Denmark, respectively), who was born Jan. 1,
1875 Their children: David Wells b. March 12, 1901;
Vernon b. April 3, 1903; Marcella May b. May 14, 1905.
Family resided Ephraim. Salt Lake City and Vernal. Utah.

Married Agnes Ellen O'Neil Aug. 14, 1907, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James O'Neil and Mary Elizabeth Alexander
of Midway and Vernal, Utah; former a pioneer 1864, oxteam
company). She was born Jan. 24, 1887. Their children:
Florence Louise b. Juna 8, 1908; Anthony Olius b. Nov. 6,
1909; Daniel John b. Jan. 2, 1911; Audrey lone b. July 27,
1912. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Member 97th quorum seventies; ward teacher; 1st coun-
selor in T. M. M. I. A. Farmer and stockraiser.

JACOBSON, OLE WILLIAM (son of Ole H. Jacobson and
Rebecca D. Dutson). Born Oct. 5, 1880, Oak City, Utah.

Married Silvia Alice Anderson Oct. 4, 1905, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Peter Anderson and Martha Ann Lovell,
former pioneer 1854. latter 1852). She was born Feb. 25,
1881 Oak City. Their children: Milan William b. July 24,
1906; Wtlmer Thurlow b. Sept. 17, 1908. Family home Oak

Ci Mi'ssionary to central states Nov. 2, 1908, to April 4, 1911.
Chorister, organist, religion class teacher and ward clerk
Oak City ward.

JACOBS, JOHN (son of Sven jacobsen and Johanna John-
sen of Norway). Born Dec. 7. 1825. at Byglandsf jord,
Berjnisley, Norway, pioneer 1849, Ezra T. Benson com-

Pa Ma'rried Elizabeth Coleman (daughter of Prine Coleman
and Sarah Thornton former died in Norway: latter pioneer
1850 David Evans company). She was born 1835. Came
to Utah with mother. Their children: John S. b. AUR-. 7,
1856, m. Sarah Jane Savage 1875; George P. b. Feb. 9, II 50,
m. Cynthia Duell Sept. IB. 1896: Hyrum b. March 9. 1858,
died; Prine b. May 11, 1860, m. Ellen Ashton Aug. 25, II
Aaron b. July 9, 1862, died: Sarah Elizabeth b. Jan. 9, 1862,
m. Heber Allred Aug. 1886; Swen A. b. Jan. 16, 1865, died;
Hanna Myrea b. 1867. m. William Ralph March 27, 1888;
Isaac N. b. Nov. 11, 1869, died; Andrew b. Nov. 5. 1872, m.
Jane dough Dec. 30, 1903. Family home Lehl. Utah.

Married Harriet Austin March 23, 1867, Salt Lake <
(daughter of John Austin and Emma Grace, married Marcn



20. 1847, Studham, Eng., pioneers 1866, Captain Chipman
company). She was born Aug. 6, 1847, at Kenwith Hot,
Eng. Their children: Joseph Rawllns b. Aug. 20, 1868;
Emma Ann b. Dec. 23, 1869; Franklin b. Dec. 3, 1871, m.
Sarah E. Wing June 19, 1895; Harriet Elizabeth b. March
13, 1874, m. George H. Wing June 19, 1895; Julia b. Aug. 22,
1877" Lud b. Feb. 29, 1880, m. Florence Gilchrest Feb.
25, 1903; Dell Ray b. Oct. 17, 1883; Delia b. Oct. 17, 1883,
m. B. D. Lott Nov. 18, 1903; Josephine b. May 13, 1886;
Clara M. b. Sept. 21, 1887; Isre Thomas b. Feb. 7, 1889.

Settled Lehi 1851, moved to Cedar City 1853 and back to
Lehi in 1858. Indian war veteran. Counselor in deacons
quorum 32 years.

E. b. July 12, 1889, m. Daniel C. Kesler; Marius J. b. Feb.
8, 1892; Joseph M. b. June 24, 1896; Lillian M. b. Jan. 10,
1900; Wilford M. b. Jan. 29, 1909. Family home Salt Lake
City, Utah.

JACOBSEN, L.ARS (son of Jacob Larsen and Marie Larsen
of Jutland, Denmark). Born Oct. 26, 1833, Denmark. Came
to Utah Sept. 13. 1857, Chr. Christiansen handcart company.

Married Inger Andrea Thompsen Feb. 7, 1858, Salt Lake
City Utah (daughter of Thomas Andreasen and Sarah
Louisa Johansen of Denmark), who was born 1829. Their
children: Lars b. March 1859, m. Sarah May Scott; Sarah
b. Sept. 3, 1861, m. Harry Williams; Marie b. March 17,
1863. m. Jasper Davis; Josephine b. April 11, 1867, m. Geo.
C. Scott Jr.; Brighamina b. April 11, 1866. m. Mads Johnsen;
Caroline b. Jan. 3, 1869, died; Johnanna b. June 24, 1871,
died. Family home Lake View, Utah.

Married Marie Christensen May 3, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Mads Christensen and Annie Christina Hale-
sen of Mt. Pleasant, Utah, pioneers 1862, ox team company).
She was born Feb. 6, 1855. Their children: Christian b. Feb.
9, 1871, died: Annie Christina Marie b. June 9, 1873, m.
William Christian Williamson; Emily b. Dec. 14, 1876, m.
Hyrum Clark Scott; Hyrum b. Jan. 30, 1878, died; Wilford
b. July 22, 1880, died; Albert b. Jan. 14, 1882. m. Stella Col-
lins; Parley Lewis b. Sept. 12, 1884, m. Myrtle Grua; John
b. Feb. 14, 1890, died; Dora Elmina b. Oct. 31, 1894. Fam-
ily home Lake View, Utah.

Member 70th quorum seventies; missionary to Minnesota
1883; high priest; ward teacher. Participated in Echo
Canyon trouble. Farmer; stockraiser;i fisherman. Died
March 12, 1912. Lake View, Utah.

JACOBSEN, LARS (son of Lars Jacobsen and Inger Thomp-
son). Born March, 1859, Lake View, Utah.

Married Sarah May Scott Sept. 7, 1892, Manti. Utah
(daughter George Comb Scott and Cornelia Kennedy of Lake
View), who was born May 6, 1873. Their children: Inger
May b. May 10, 1S94; Cornelia b. Oct. 24, 1896; Frances
Grace b. Aug. 11, 1899; Heneretta b. Nov. 19, 1902; Reva b.
March 30. 1907; Lola b. Oct. 23, 1909. Family home Lake
View, Utah.

High priest; counselor in elders quorum; ward teacher.
Farmer and stockraiser.

JACOBSEN, I.AT7RITZ (son of Severine Jacobsen and Anna
Marie Abrahamsen of Albeck, Denmark). Born Feb. 2,
1844, in Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1862, C. A. Mad-
son company.

Married Matilda Nielsen April 4, 1867, Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Andrew Nielsen and Anna Mary of
Slagalshe, Denmark). She was born May 18, 1850. Their
children: Anna Matilda, m. John Watkin; Minna Marie;
Lauritz, m. Elizabeth Wright; Rosetta Elinore. m. C. W.
Glasier; Joseph William Hyrum, m. Elizabeth Sim; George
Albert, m. Anna Lorena Jensen; Oscar Peter; Nephi Mo-
roni, m. America Wall; Wilford Alexander Benjamin; Re-
becca Berdina Josephine, m. Orson W. Badger; Rhoda Eliza-
beth, m. Herbert Foutz; Olive Goldie b. Sept. 9, 1890; Hazel
May b. Aug. 5, 1895. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.

High priest. Helped bring immigrants to Utah 1863 and
1868. Veteran Black Hawk war. Farmer.

JACOBSEN, OLE H. (son of Hans Jacobsen of Kloutofte,
Denmark, and Maren Hansdatter). Born Jan. 1, 1853, at
Kloutofte. Came to Utah, 1867.

Married Rebecca D. Dutsen (daughter of John Wm. Dut-
sen and Elizabeth Jane Cowley; former pioneer Sept. 20,
1867 married Aug. 10, 1850, St. Louis, Mo.). She was born
Jan. 28, 1856. Their children: Mary Ellen b. May 8, 1879,
m. Christian C. Christensen; Ole William b. Oct. 5, 1880, m.
Silvia Alice Anderson Oct. 4, 1905; Ida Jane b. Feb. 14,
1882, m. Joshua Finlinson Oct. 3, 1907; Maggie Ann b. Aug.
14, 1883; Eddie Matthias b. Nov. 28. 1884, m. Sarah Delilah
Anderson Aug. 19, 1907; Elizabeth b. Oct. 9, 1886, m. Lem
Roper Dec. 4. 1907; Nellie b. Feb. 14, 1888; Irvln Elmer b.
Aug. 12, 1889; Joseph Alfred b. Oct. 13, 1891; Alma Evan
b. Aug. 20, 1893; Ruby Rebecca b. April 5, 1895. Family
home Oak City, Millard Co., Utah.

JACOBSEN, THOMAS E. (son of Thomas Jacobsen and
Anna M. Larson of Ebeltoft, Denmark, who came to Utah
1883). Born May 30, 1863.

Married Elizabeth A. Mumford Nov. 18, 1886. at Logan.
Utah (daughter of Thomas Mumford and Elizabeth Moore
of Salt Lake City, pioneers Sept. 24. 1862. Homer Duncan
company). She was born Dec. 7, 1866, at Mill Creek, Utah.
Their children: Elman T. b. Jan. 27, 1888, d. Infant; Anna

JACQUES, THOMAS (son of Alexander Jacques and Mary
Durling of Aylesford, Nova Scotia). Born Aug. 8, 1805,
Nova Scotia. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1864, Orson Pratt and
Horace S. Eldredge company.

Married Sarah Farnsworth 1828, Aylesford, Nova Scotia
(daughter of Daniel Farnsworth), who was born May 21,
1804. Their children: Mary Jane, died; Jerusha Ann, m.
John Patterson; Susan, m. George Mathew Dow Phillips;
Daniel, died; George W., m. Louisa Phillips; Caroline, m.
Zamira Palmer. Family home Provo, Utah.

Shoemaker. Died at Provo, Utah.

JAKEMAN, JAMES THOMAS (son of James Jakeman and
Ann Field of Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born Aug. 28, 1863,
at Leeds. Came to Utah September 1863, Daniel D. McArthur

Married Ellen Lee 1888, Beaver, Utah (daughter of John
P. Lee and Eliza Foscue of Beaver, pioneers 1858), who was
born 1869. Their children: Howard Lee, died; Cora Ellen,
m. Percy Block; James Franklin; Gladys Annetta, m. Mr.
Saunders; Spencer Wells. Family home Beaver, Utah.

Married Hulda Pauline Swanson 1900, Salt Lake City

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