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b. July 26, 1886. Family resided Wellsville and Portage,

Married Mary James May 16, 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Thomas James and Sarah Vaughn, who were
married Aug. 1, 1843, Castle Braith, Wales, the former
came to Utah July 1876). She was born Aug. 22, 1844, Castle
Braith. Their children: Emma b. March 20, 1867, m. Hyrum

Ashton Aug. 18, 1884; Annie b. June 20, 1870, m. John Heaton;
Thomas b. March 14. 1878, m. Rose E. Ward Feb. 27 1903;
Hannah S. b. May 9. 1880, m. Leroy Howell; Minnie I. b.
May 3, 1883; m. Lorenzo Hoskins April 19, 1899- Mirinda
[. b. Jan. 20, 1884, m. Richard Ward April 26, 1904; Henry
Edgar b. Nov. 21, 1886.
High priest. Farmer.

JOHN, HENRY (son of Thomas John and Margaret Thomas)
Born Feb. 15, 1851, Mathry Parish, Pembrokeshire. Wales '

Married Margaret Rees Dec. 8, 1876. Portage, Utah (daush-
T?. r u f , ^ omas Rees and Rebe <=ca Williams, they came to
Utah 1872). She was born Nov. 16, 1858, Broadway Pem-
brokeshire, Wales. Their children: Thomas Parley b May
17, 1878, m. Annie M. Wells Feb. 16. 1899; Margaret Rebecca
b. May 25, 1880, m. John C. Howell Nov. 16, 1899; Elizabeth
b. July 15, 1881, d. July 15, 1881; Brigham Henry b. Feb. 20.
1883, m. Letha J. Landon Jan. 19. 1910; Ethel Mary b. Sept
13, 1884, m. John Roderick Nov. 12, 1902; Ruth b. Sept. 6, 1886
d. Sept. 8, 1906; Samuel Franklin b. Feb. 23, 1888, d. Aug 28
1888; Bertha Naomi, b. Sept. 21, 1889; William Arthur b. May
24. 1891; Noah James b. Dec. 2, 1894; Edwin b. Dec. 23, 1898 d
Dec. 25, 1898. Family home Portage, Utah.

President 52nd quorum seventies; Sunday school superin-
tendent; missionary to Great Britain and to California
Justice of the peace and school trustee.

JOHNS, JOHN (son of Morgan Johns of Glamorganshire,
South Wales). Born May 26, 1805, Wells, St. Donats, South
Wales. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1861, Sextus E. Johnson

Married Margaret Thomas in 1835, Prlsk parish, South
Wales (daughter of Morgan and Blanch Thomas), who was
born Feb. 19, 1810. Their children: Morgan b. April 2,
1840, m. Mary Jenkins; Jonathan b. April 27, 1843 m
Elizabeth A. Bishop; William b. Nov. 27, 1845. and Meriam
b. Aug. 13, 1848, d. infants; David b. March 19, 1853, m. Sarah
A. Thomas. Family resided North Ogden, Pleasant View,

President Pendylon branch in Wales; high priest. Died
March 20, 1884.

JOHNS, DAVID (son of John Johns and Margaret Thomas).
Born March 19, 1863, Wells, St. Donats, South Wales.

Married Sarah A. Thomas March 1, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jacob Thomas and Elizabeth Philips of Brig-
ham City, Utah, pioneers Sept. 12, 1861, Milo Andrus and
John R. Murdock company). She was born July 15, 1858.
Their children: David J. b. July 13, 1880, m. Susan V. May-
cock; Diana B. b. May 4, 1882; William M. b. Oct. 26, 1883,
m. Anna E. Chamberlain Nov. 20, 1912; Robert J. b. April
5, 1886, d. child; Margaret b. Aug. 2, 1887; Elizabeth b. May
4, 1890, m. William H. Shaw; Sarah b. Nov. 11, 1891. Family
home Pleasant View, Weber Co., Utah.

Missionary among the Indians 1876; missionary to Great
Britain 1892-93; presiding teacher, Pleasant View ward.

JOHNSON, AARON (son of Didymus Johnson and Rheuama
Stephens of Haddam, Conn.). Born June 22, 1806. Haddam.
Came to Utah Sept. 18, 1850, captain of his own company.

Married Polly Zerviah Kelsey Sept. 13 1827, New Haven,
Conn, (daughter of Willis Kelsey and Polly Parmalee,
Killingworth, Conn.). She was born Sept. 13, 1808, and
died June 27, 1860. Their children: Willis Kelsey b. Sept.
13, 1828, m. Laura Crandall; Marilla b. Oct. 12, 1830, m.
William Miller, m. James E. Daniels; Mary Ann, died;
Emma Maria b. Sept. 13, 1836, m. William N. Spafford.
Family home Killingworth, Conn.

Married Jane Scott July 12, 1845, Nauvoo, 111. (daughter
of George and Abigail Scott of Nauvoo, pioneers 1850,
Aaron Johnson company). She was born May 10, 1822.
Their children: Don Carlos b. July 1, 1847, m. Lydia M.
Boyer; Aaron b. May 22, 1850, m. Louisa M. Whiting;
Sophia b. Nov. 20, 1853, d. Sept. 24, 1854; Stephen D. b.
Oct. 6, 1856, m. Luella Curtis; Mose b. April 14, 1860, m.
Annie Kearns; Heber C. b. June 4, 1864, d. Feb. 1, 1866.
Family home Springville, Utah.

First bishop of Springville 1850-72; president high coun-
cil Utah stake; high councilor Nauvoo, 111., for four years;
missionary to eastern states 1843-44. Chief justice Utah
county for eight years; major general Utah militia; speaker
of first legislature at Fillmore; member Utah legislature
20 years; postmaster of Springville fon 26 years. Founder
of Springville. Died May 10, 1877, Springville.

JOHNSON, AARON (son of Aaron Johnson and Jane Scott).
Born May 22, 1850, Garden Grove, Utah.

Married Louisa M. Whiting Oct. 8. 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Edwin Whiting and Elizabeth Tilotson, Sprlng-
ville, Utah, pioneers 1849, Capt. Morley company). She
was born May 17, 1850, at MantI, San Pete Co. Their chil-
dren: Aaron Wayne b. July 14, 1873, m. Anna Whitney;
Winifred b. Nov. 17, 1874, d. child; Claudia b. June 12,
1877. m. Harvey A. Whitney; Willis K. b. Sept. 16, 1879,
m. Annie E. Clark and Hattie Lee; Frank b. Oct. 25, 1881,
m. Rosa Francis; Elmer b. Nov. 14, 1874, m. Luella Snow;
Hugh Dougal b. July 27. 1887, m. Maggie Van Orman; Louis
A. b. Dec. 8, 1889, m. Alice Jackson; Leland b. Aug. 15,
1893; Bryan b. June 20, 1897. Family home Springville

Elder; Sunday school teacher; president Y. M. M. I. A.;
colonizer in Arizona in 1878; at Kanab was chosen cap-
tain of the company. Member educational board; Justice



of the peace; assessor and collector; sergeant-at-arms of
Utah legislature in 1895; postmaster at Taber, Alta., Can-
ada, for four years. At age of 16 crossed plains in Capt.
Scott's train of 78 wagons in 1866, acting as night guard;
was in Alberta, Canada, 1901-07. Dramatist and elocu-

JOHNSON, ANDREAS (son of Jonas Larson, born Feb. 21,
1798, and Katrina Olson, born May 4, 1794, at Alingsas,
Sweden). Born Nov. 29, 1827. Came to Utah 1863, Capt.
Edwards company.

Married Annie Kaza Anderson. Their children: Matilda
Christina b. Feb. 10, 1851, m. Andrew Gustave Eliason;
Anna Sophia b. 1854, m. Fred Pederson; Edith Charlotte
b. 1859, died; John Andrew b. 1866, m. Mattie Parkinson;
Nettie Tillula b. 1871, died.

High priest. Settled at Moroni. Utah, 1863; moved to
Sevier county 1865; to Ephraim 1865; to Spring City 1866;
to Grantsville 1868, and to Hyrum, Cache county, 1886.
Indian war veteran. Farmer and carpenter. Died 1889,
Hyrum, Utah.

JOHNSON, .v .M> it low. Came to Utah in 1866.

Married Hannah Johnson. Their children: Lena, m. Jacob
Kofford; Elizabeth, m. Edson Huntsman; Andrea, m. Alfred
Smith. Family home. Spring City, Utah.

He was killed Aug. 13, 1867, in a Black Hawk Indian
ambush while hauling hay into Spring City.

JOHNSON, ANDREW J. (son of Johanas Hokanson, born
July 30. 1788, and Elra Pehrson, born May 1782, of Asige,
Halland, Sweden). Born June 14, 1827, Asige. Came to
Utah in 1859, Capt. Rawlins company.

Married Elna Petronela Pehrson in 1854 (daughter of
Nels Pehrson and Engeborg Mouson). She was born April
28, 1823. Their children: Nels J. b. June 12, 1856, m.
Agness Murray; John E. b. April 4, 1858, m. Josephine
Sedelius; Hannah b. Sept. 6, 1861, m. John Bowen; Emma
b. March 12. 1863, m. George Atkin; Andrew b. April 14
1866; Samuel b. March 30, 1869, m. Clara S. Johnson. Fam-
ily home Tooele Utah.


JOHNSON, SAMUEL, (son of Andrew J. Johnson and Elna
Petronela Pehrson). Born March 30, 1869, Tooele, Utah.

Married Clara S. Johnson March 19, 1890, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Andrew G. Johnson and Anna Sophia
Bjork). She was born Nov. 23, 1871, Grantsville, Utah
Their children: Samuel H. b. Oct. 15, 1892; Clara Feametta
b. June 18, 1894; Lucile M. b. June 29, 1896; Delbert b
Feb. 8, 1899; Vera b. Oct. 27, 1901; Bernice b. July 1, 1909.
Family home Tooele, Utah.

Deputy county assessor; county treasurer Tooele county.

JOHNSON, BENGT (son of John and Hanna Bengston of
Sodervidinge, Sweden). Born Jan. 31, 1822, Sodervidinge
Came to Utah October 1862, Joseph Home company.

Married Guinala Benson in May 1850 at Sodervidinge
Sweden (daughter of Mr. Benson, pioneer 1862, Joseph
Home company). She was born Oct. 28, 1821. Their
children: Bengt, m. Betsie Christoferson; Nels B. m Laura
Larsen; Peter B., m. Hester Robbins; Abraham B., m. Eliza
Ross; Guinala, m. Frank Tucker. Family home Provo

Farmer. Died March 13, 1912.

JOHNSON, BENGT (son of Bengt Johnson and Guinala
Benson). Born June 13, 1850, Sodervidinge, Sweden Came
to Utah with father.

Married Betsie Christoferson March 7, 1871 at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Nels Christoferson and Hanna Poison
Gislof of Sweden, the latter came to Utah by rail) She
was born Dec. 23, 1848. Their children: Emma ~B b
April 29, 1872; Hanna S. b. Jan. 7, 1875, m. John B Cardall :
Benjamin A. b. Aug. 18, 1877, m. Ellen Johnson; Aleda N
b. June 29. 1880; Alvln C. b. March 9. 1883, died- Reed
T. b. Nov. 4, 1885, m. Alfrida Blomquist; Vernie C b Mav
25, 1888; Bessie R. b. June 20, 1891. Family home Provo

High councilor; missionary to Sweden 1888-89 and in
1910. Farmer.

JOHNSON, BENJAMIN (son of William and Fanny John-
son of Northampton, Northamptonshire Eng ) Born 1811
Buckinghamshire. Came to Utah Aug. 20, 1868 Joseoh S
Rawlins company.

Married Charlotte Budd in 1838, Aston, Clinton Newmill
Chapel, Herefordshire, Eng. (daughter of George Budd
and Rebecca Ford of Whipsnade. Bedfordshire, Eng ) She
was born Aug. 20, 1812. Their child en: Sarah F m
Joseph Sharp; William, m. Annie Hammond; Fanny' m'
William Bishop; Rebecca F., m. William Harnmond; Be

Born July 28, 1818. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham
Young company.

Married Melissa LeBaron. Their children: 2 Benjamin F.,
m. Mary Eliza Williams and Caroline Butterfleld; David
Albion, m. Christine Jensen; Julia Diadma, m. David Wilson;
Esther, m. Samuel Openshaw; Melissa, m. Don Carlos Babbit;
Delcina, m. Almon W. Babbit. Family home Spring Lake
Villa, Juab Co., Utah.

Missionary to Sandwich Islands; seventy; patriarch; pri-
vate secretary to Joseph Smith. Farmer, orchardist and
freighter. Died in 1904, Mesa, Ariz.

Johnson and Melissa LeBaron). Born Dec. 29, 1842, Palmyra,
N. T. Came to Utah July 24; 1847, Brigham Young company.

Married Mary Eliza Williams Sept. 18. 1877, at Santaquin,
Utah (daughter of Elias Willard Williams and Lucy Hen-
dricks of Whitinsville, Mass., pioneers 1852). She was born
June 8, 1856. Their children: Mary* Eliza b. Jan. 10, 1878,
m. Herman A. Miller; Benjamin Willard b. Sept. 19, 1880,
m. Dora E. Slaugh; Charles A. b. July 22, 1882; Lucy Dadma
b. May 24, 1884, m. Thomas Kendall. Family home Mona,

Married Caroline Butterfleld. Their children: Evaline (d.
Aug. 1912), m. John Dodge; " Benjamin F., m. Maim Cloward;
Elmer, died; Melissa (died), m. John Dussard; Marcus, died:
Julian H. ; Inez (died), m. Ernest Ellworth; Carrie, m. Heber
K. Maxham.

Elder. Orchardist and farmer. Died Jan. 21, 1884, Tempe,

JOHNSON, BENJAMIN WILLIAM (son of - Benjamin Frank-
lin Johnson and Mary Eliza Williams. Born Sept. 19, 1880,
Spring Lake, Utah.

Married Dora Elizabeth Slaugh Oct. 21, 1899, at Naples,
Utah (daughter of John Jacob Slaugh. Sr.. and Matilda
Smuin), who was born Aug. 22, 1879. Their children: Mary
Matilda b. July 11, 1900; Charles Willard b. Feb. 26, 1902;
George Elias b. June 23, 1903; Florence "Melissa b. Jan. 4,
1905; Dora Nell b. March B, 1906: Carl Hentherly b. Sept. 21,
1907; Lucy Ellen b. Oct. 28, 1909; Benjamin Franklin b.
Jan. 30, 1911; Ruth b. Aug. 9, 1912. Family home Naples,

Elder; ward and Sunday school teacher; Sunday school
superintendent Naples ward. Farmer.

JOHNSON, CHAS. A. (son of 2 Benj. F. Johnson and Mary
Eliza Williams). Born July 22, 1882, Mona, Juab Co., Utah.
Family home Vernal, Utah.

Elder; second assistant superintendent Davis Sunday
school and Sunday school teacher. Farmer. Ward teacher.

JOHNSON, C. P. W. (son of Lars Johnson, born March 1,

1785, and Maria Holm, born May 3, 1793, both of Copenhagen,
Denmark). Bom Dec. 29, 1823, Copenhagen. Came to Utah
In 1862.

Married Alblena Henrietta Weiss July 24. 1852. at Copen-
hagen (daughter of Christian Frederick Weiss, born Dec. 11,

1786, and Johanna Christina Mork, born Jan. 15, 1794). She
was born April 22, 1833. Their children: William b. 1853:
Sophus W. W. b. Dec. 24. 1854, m. Maria Sorenson March 31,
1877; Edmund H. C. b. Nov. 7, 1856, m. Josephine V. Nielsen
Jan. 20, 1882; Arnold E. C. b. Oct. 5, 1858; James J. A. b. Oct.
12, 1860.

JOHNSON, EDMUND H. C. (son of C. P. W. Johnson and
Albiena Henrietta Weiss). Born Nov. 7, 1856, Copenhagen,

Married Josephine Nielsen Jan. 20, 1882. at Mt. Pleasant,
Utah (daughter of Fredrick P. and Christina Nielsen), who
was born Feb. 14, 1862, Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Their children:
Edmund A. b. Dec. 6, 1882, m. Clida Dodge Feb. 12, 1907;
Pearly L. b. Aug. 3, 1884; Ferrington W. b. Aug. 10, 1886;
Eugene W. b. June 23, 1889; Virtue L. b. Dec. 12, 1892; Mary
A. b. Sept. 7, 1896; Josie b. Sept. 11, 1902; Viola J. b. April
14, 1905.

Died Dec. 23, 1869.

JOHNSON, DANIEl, (son of Jonas Danielson and Marie
Jensen, both of Elvingstorp, Calmarlan, Sweden). Born
July 24, 1820, Elvingstorp. Came to Utah Oct. 1854, Hans
P. Olson company.

Married Catherine Jensen at Bornholm, Denmark (daugh-
ter of Rasmus Jensen and Johanna Christena Nielsen, both
of Bornholm, Denmark, pioneers 1864, Hans P. Jensen com-
pany). She was bom March 16, 1827. Their children:
Wilhelmine b. July 10, 1850. m. Erastus Petersen; Joseph b.
May 11, 1855, m. Mary Annette Sorensen; Jacob b. April
22, 1857, m. Marian Perry; Daniel b. Aug. 22, 1859; Erastus
b. July 31. 1862, m. Ruth Pulsipher; Catherine b. April 22,
1864; Emma b. Nov. 25, 1865; George A. b. Aug. 3, 1870, m.
Alice Lucy Kilgore; Clara Rosetta b. Dec. 4, 1871, m. Charles
Spierman, m. James Ainsworth; Alice Florence b. May 31,
1874. m. -Nephi Smith. Family resided Logan, Utah, and
LaGrande, Ore.

Married Sena Hansen at Salt Lake City. Their children:
Fredrick b. Nov. 28, 1870. m. Clara Larence Jensen; Anna
Maria b. 1872, m. Nephi Andrews: Hyrum m. Berta Gulmanal;
Aaron; Moses, m. Eliza Pulsipher.

Mason by trade and assisted in building three Mormon
temples. Died Dec. 4. 1890.



JOHNSON, GEORGE WASHINGTON (son of Ezekiel Johnson
and Julia Hills of Uxbridge, Mass. Born Feb. 19, 1823.
Pomfort. Chautauqua Co., N. Y. Came to Utah Sept. 21,
1851, Alfred Cardon company.

Married Maria Jane Johnston April 14, 1844, Macedonia,
111. (daughter of Oliver Campbell Johnston and Hanna Hall
Buckley, of Wilson county, Tenn.). She was born Oct.
28. 1824, at Wartrace Creek, Tenn. Their children: George
Washington b. March 20, 1845, d. child; Amos Partridge b.
Sept. 25, 1846, m. Elizabeth F. Stone; Ezekiel Albert b. July
7, 1848, d. child; William Oliver b. Dec. 9. 1849, d. child; Milas
Edgar b. July 31, 1851, m. Alice Malena Wilkins; Maria Jane
b. Dec. 11, 1852, m. Thomas O. Wakefleld; Julia Ann b. Feb.
28. 1855, m. John F. Wakefleld; Joseph Ellis b. Jan. 31, 1858,
m. Catherine Annie Johnson; m. Elizabeth Howard; Nancy
Loretta b. Sept. 23, 1860, m. Andrew Jackson Woodward.
Family home Mona, Juab Co., Utah.

Married Eveline Burdick Oct. 1, 1861, in Salt Lake City
(daughter of Alden Burdick and Jerusha Parks of Nauvoo,
III., the latter pioneer 1852). She was born Sept. 18, 1832.
Their children: Joseph Horace, m. Julia Hills Eagar; Mar-
garet Ellen, d. child; Mary Eveline, m. Orris C. NewelU
Charlotte, d. child; George Washington, m. Sarah Partridge;
Laura Marinda. m. Stanley Keat; m. John E. Jones; David
Almon, m. Emeline Hill; Jerusha Annetta, m. Stephen
Jones; Herbert Ernest, d. child; Esther Minnie, m. David B.
Farnsworth; Charles Edwin, m. Maud Carter; m. Florence
Crapo. Family home Mona, Utah.

Helped to build the Nauvoo temple, and in 1848, in con-
nection with David T. LeBaron had charge of it, and was
present and saw it while it was burning. Physician; Indian
interpreter; compiled the first dictionary of the languages
of the Utah Indians. High priest; bishop of Fountain Green
ward 1860-65. Postmaster for 35 years. Poet. Seedsman
and florist. Died Jan. 22, 1900, Moab, Grand Co., Utah.

JOHNSON, MILAS EDGAR (son of George Washington
Johnson and Maria Jane Johnston). Born July 31, 1851, 15
miles north of Platte river. Came to Utah Sept. 21, 1851,
Alfred Cardon company.

Married Alice Malena Wilkins March 16. 1874, at Mona,
Utah (daughter of Alexander Wilkins and Alice Malena
Barney of Provo. Utah; they came to Utah in 1851). She
was born Feb. 28, 1857. Their children: Milas Partridge b.
March 28, 1876. m. Eliza Viola Loveless; George Alexander
b. March 9, 1877, m. Hannah Frances Gordon; Joseph Buriah
b. Aug. 13, 1879, m. Alice Allen; Edgar Vernon b. May 27.
1881, m. Ethlind Bradley; Inez Geraldine b. April 7, 1884, m.
John Edward Johnson; Hattie Minerva b. Nov. 18, 1885, d.
infant. Family home Huntington, Utah.

Married Hannah Eliza Rowley Aug. 25, 1887, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Samuel Rowley and Ann Taylor of Paro-
wan, Utah). She was born Jan. 20, 1872. Their children:
Alice Malena b. Oct. 18, 1888, d. infant; Rolla Virgil b. Dec.
17. 1889; Irene Ann b. Oct. 6, 1891, m. George Gardner; Mar-
garet Ellen b. April 25, 1893; Jerold Rowley b. April 1, 1895.
d. child; Senate Jane b. Feb. 17, 1897; Norma Delsa b Feb.
24, 1899; Byron Francis b. Sept. 23, 1901, d. infant; Mildred
Erma b. Jan. 3, 1904; Milton Erman b. Jan. 3, 1904; Sarah
b. Dec. 12, 1906, d. infant; Lowell b. Sept. 29, 1909. Family
home Huntington, Utah.

High priest; stake secretary Y. M. M. I. A. Emory stake
1890-96. Water commissioner; jury commissioner; registra-
tion officer: town clerk; trustee; notary public; state sena-
tor for twelfth senatorial district; postmaster 20 years.
Merchant: traveling salesman. Commander Indian war
veterans for department of Emory and Carbon counties and
secretary Huntington commercial club.

JOHNSON, GUSTAVE (son of John and Ann Maria Snygg
of Sweden). Born July 23, 1821. Gathered, Sweden. Came
to Utah Oct. 1, 1862, Joseph Home company.

Married Louise Erickson March 25, 1845, in Sweden
(daughter of Jacob and Johana Erickson of Sweden). She
was born March 25, 1816. Their children: Hannah Sophia
b. April 9, 1849, m. J. J. Cummings; Eda b. Sept. 7, 1861,
m. Andrew Johnson.

JOHNSON, HANS PETER (son of Johanas Paurigg and
Magretha Paurigg). Born Oct. 7, 1816, In Sjselland, Den-
mark. Came to Utah in 1866.

Married Annie Dorthea Jensen In 1842. She was born in
1814. Their children: Dorthea Christina b. March 4, 1843,
m. James Hansen April 1869; Grete Bergitha b. Feb. 2,
1849, m. August Swenson Nov. 14, 1868.

Married Helen Anton in the spring of 1881.

Settled at Provo 1866; moved to Spanish Fork 1868-
to Fountain Green 1870; to Spring City 1873; to Spanish
Fork 1886. Musician; farmer.

JOHNSON, JAMES (son of John Johnson and Ellen Jensen
of Brigham City, Utah). Born March 14, 1820, in Denmark.
Came to Utah July, 1857, Captain Nesbitt company.

Married Mary Nielsen, in Denmark (daughter of Lara
Nielsen and Maron Hanson of Denmark), who was born
June 11, 1830. The_ir children: Ellen; Lars; Christina;
Mary, m. John Hailing; James, m. Harriet E. Lamb Dec.
23, 1880; Laura, m. Peter Hansen Dec. 28, 1877; Joseph, m.
Olive R. Lamb Oct. 28, 1884; Sarah; Lorenzo, m. Mary E.
Hansen Nov. 25, 1891: Jane. Family resided Brigham City
and Hyde Park, Utah.

High priest. Died May 16, 1891, Hyde Park, Utah.

JOHNSON, JAMES Jr. (son of James Johnson and Mary
Nielsen). Born Nov. 20, 1859, Brigham City. Utah.

Married Harriet E. Lamb Dec. 23, 1880, Salt Lake En-
dowment house (daughter of Suel Lamb and Elizabeth
Zimmerman of Hyde Park, Utah), who was born Feb. 23,
1862. Their children: James E. b. Sept. 25. 1881, m. Annie
A. Lewis Nov. 16, 1894; Laurence b. Nov. 5, 1883, m. Mary
A. Stephens October, 1907; Edna b. May 19, 1886, m. Har-
rison R. Merrill Jan. 27, 1909; Louis b. Sept. 2, 1888; Floyd
b. Sept. 8. 1892; Howard b. Feb. 21, 1895; Harriet b. Aug. 14,
1897; Hazel b. Nov. 5, 1899; Orene L. b. Oct. 12, 1904.
Family home Preston, Idaho.

Missionary to Denmark 1900-03, and presided over the
Aalborg conference at that place; counselor to Bishop Lar-
son of Preston ward; and also to G. H. Carver of 3d ward,
Preston; counselor to Joseph S. Geddes, president Oneida

JOHNSON, JOSEPH (son of James Johnson, Sr., and Mary
Nielsen). Born July 19, 1865, Brigham City, Utah.

Married Olive Lamb October, 1884, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Suel Lamb and Elizabeth Zimmerman), who was born
May 30, 1864, Lehi, Utah. Their children: George b. July
25, 1885, m. Linna Heldsted Dec. 12, 1909; Willard b. Oct. 1,
1887, m. Margie Oliverson 1909; Leonard b. April 21. 1890;
Wallace b. Oct. 28. 1892; Leslie b. Feb. 20, 1895; Jessie b.
June 9, 1899; Ina b. July 5, 1901; Frank b. April 19, 1904;
Bertha b. March 16, 1906. Family resided Brigham City,
Utah and Preston, Idaho.

Married Nellie Elizabeth Thomas June 30, 1909, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Harrison Ayers Thomas and Ann More-
head, former a pioneer with John Brown company, latter
with Aaron Johnson company married Feb. 12, 1858, Salt
Lake Endowment house). She was born Sept. 25, 1870,
Smithfleld, Utah. Only child: Harrison Thomas b. June 10,

Missionary to southern states 1906. Railroad contractor
in Montana and Idaho. Member board of education of Pres-
ton. Engaged In farming and stockraising. Sawmill

JOHNSON, JAMES MCIIOI.AI (son of Niels Sorensen and
Christena Mickelsen of Denmark). Born Nov. 11, 1838,
Risegaard, Denmark. Came to Utah November 1856, Knud
Peterson company.

Married Nellie Truelson 1869 at Salt Lake City, who
died June 1888. Their children: Niels; Soren, d. infant.
Family home Brigham City, Utah.

Married Elna Bodelson May 1866, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Bodel Olson and Christena Parson, former came
to Utah with Captain Baker, latter came Sept. 1864). She
was born May 20, 1835, Broby, Sweden. Their children:
James Lorenzo b. Jan. 23, 1869, d. Dec. 1888; Niels Oscar
b. Dec. 4. 1871, d. Dec. 1888.

Called to assist in settling the Muddy at St. Thomas,
Nev., where he resided three years and moved to Pan-
guitch; moved as a pioneer to Richfield. Sevier Co., Utah,
1871. Pioneer farmer and canal builder. Died Oct. 26,
1900, near Galiana, Mexico.

JOHNSON, JARVIS (son of Peter Johnson and Lurina
Roberts of Vermont). Born July 6, 1829, at Lincoln, Addi-
son county, Vt. Came to Utah 1847 with division of Mor-
mon Battalion.

Married Hester Ann Jackson Aug. 6, 1849 Their chil-
dren: Mary Charlotte b. Dec. 14, 1850, m. Rais B. Cahoon;
Malissa Caroline b. Feb. 19, 1853, m. Alexander Hunsaker;
Lusina b. April 6, 1855, m. Denmark Jensen; William Lea-
man b. Jan. 27, 1867, m. Katie Wickham; John H. b. Jan.
29, 1859, m. Sophena Hansen. Family home Brigham City,

Married Sarah Jane Angel 1861 at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of T. O. Angel and Polly Johnson). She was born May
28, 1834, in New York state. Their children: Martha Ann
b. Aug. 19, 1862, m. Orsen Burrell; Jarvis Truman b. Dec.
1, 1863, d. child; Race Alphalus b. Oct. 4. 1865, m. Charlotte
Whitworth March 28, 1888; Alice A. b. Dec. 17, 1866, m.
George Simmons; Alonzo A. b. Dec. 17, 1866, m. Eva Boothe;
Sarah Jane b. March 21, 1869, d. child; Peter b. March
21, 1869.

Married Mary Jane Ainsworth Jan. 17, 1870, at Salt Lake
City, Utah (daughter of Joseph Ainsworth and Mary Hupp).
She was born in Staffordshire, Eng. Their children: Mary
Emereta b. Feb. 6, 1871, m. L. W. Standing; Sarah Adelaide
b. Jan. 18, 1873, m. Wilford Stevenson; Jarvis b. Sept. 27,
1876, m. Effle Busenback; Joseph Seiman b. Nov. 28. 1880,
m. Katie Yates; Cyntha Delilah b. Feb. 20, 1884, m. Harry
Goodsell; Hazel Emmer b. Jan. 30, 1886, m. Alma Knapp;
Myrtle Inez b. Aug. 6, 1888, m. Chester Webb: Owen Ains-
worth b. Feb. 2, 1891, m. Sarah Elizabeth Coombs: Wallace
b. Oct. 11, 1892; Ruby b. March 8, 1896. Family home
Beaver Dam, Box Elder Co., Utah.


JOHNSON, WILLIAM LEAMAN (son of Jarvis Johnson and
Hester Ann Jackson). Born Jan. 27, 1857, Otoe county. Neb.
Married Katie Wickham Nov. 11, 1877, Brigham City,
Utah (daughter of John Wickham. who came to Utab
Aug. 20, 1868, Chester Loveland company, and Sarah An-

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