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drews, who came to Utah In 1866). She was born May 11,
1859. Their children: William Leroy b. Aug. 29. 1878, m.
Lillie Scott; Warren Edward b. Sept. 6, :880, died; Sarah
Maud b. Oct. 27, 1882, m. L. H. Bullen; Sylvanus b. Dec.
31. 1884, died; Hester Ann b. March 24, 1886, died; Lola



May b. June 18. 1888, m. George E. Pulsipher; Leona Min-
nie b. June 18. 1888; Walter Leslie b. Dec. 15, 1890; John
Wickham b. April 10, 1892, and Ethel b. Jan. 22. 1894, died;
Lester R. b. May 23, 1895.

Hig-h priest. Settled at Brigham City; moved to Avon.

JOHNSON, RACE ALPHALUS (son of Jarvis Johnson and
Sarah Jane Angel). Born Oct. 4, 1865, Brigham City, Utah.

Married Charlotte Whitworth March 28, 1888, Logan,
Utah (daughter of George Whitworth and Mary Wheat-
ley). She was born Oct. 22, 1868, at Calls Fort, Utah.
Their children; Pearl b. Dec. 16, 1888, died Jan. 9, 1889;
Mary Lavona b. March 23, 1890; Vedia b. March 30, 1892, d.
Oct. B, 1904; Alphalus b. May 2, 1894; Florence b. June 3,
1896; Martha Fern b. July 22, 1898, d. Jan. 18, 1905; Cath-
rine b. Aug. 11, 1900; George Elmer b. Sept. 2. 1902; Char-
lotte b. April 6, 1905; Alice Virginia b. Feb. 28, 1907; Ben-
jamin Francis b March 25, 1909. Family home Beaver Dam,
Box Elder Co., Utah.

Engaged in Sunday school work 17 years; missionary to
eastern states; high piest; bishop of Beaver Dam, Utah.

JOHNSON, ALONZO ALVARO (son of Jarvis Johnson and
Sarah Jane Angel). Born Dec. 17, 1866, Brigham City, Utah.
Married Eva Boothe Oct. 9, 1895, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Lewis Nathaniel Boothe and Mary Jane Reese, the
former pioneer 1851, Captain Smith company). She was
born April 2, 1875, Brigham City. Their children: Alvero
b. Aug. 19, 1896, Jarvis Glen b. Dec. 28, 1897; Alice Alvi-
retto b. Aug. 5, 1899; Mary Jane b. Jan. 16, 1902; Martha
E. b. Dec. 8, 1903; Louis Alonzo b. Oct. 15, 1905; Mauda June
b. June 19, 1907; Leah b. Sept. 21, 1909; Mertle Ladine b.
Oct. 11, 1911.

JOHNSON, JARVIS (son of Jarvis Johnson and Mary Jane
Ainsworth). Born Sept. 27, 1876. Brigham City, Utah.

Married Effle Busenbark March 22, 1899, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Ellas Monroe Busenbark and Sarah Ann
Smith, the former was born in Farmington, Utah, latter
came to Utah with Captain Murdock company). She was
born Sept. 22, 1879, Beaver Dam, Utah. Their children:
Jarvis Erwin b. July 10, 1900; Marcellis B. b. Feb. 3, 1906.
Lawrence M. b. Feb. 18, 1904; Farren B. b. Feb. 3, 1906,
d. Sept. 15, 1907; Wilford B. b. April 16, 1908; Elmer Carlisle
b. April 30, 1909; Ray Lavor b. May 5, 1911.

Moved from Brigham City to Beaver Dam In 1880. Ward
clerk, Fielding, Utah, 1909-10; high priest; member bish-
opric of Fielding, Utah.

JOHNSON, JOEL H. (son of Ezekiel Johnson and Julia Hill).
Born March 23, 1802, Grafton, Mass. Came to Utah Oct. 19.
1848, Willard Richards company.

Married Annie P. Johnson Nov. 2, 1826, at Pomfort, N. T.
(daughter of Timothy Johnson and Dimmis Welch, of
Pomfret, N. Y., pioneers 1848, Willard Richards company).
She was born Aug. 7, 1800. Their children: Sixtus E.;
Sariah; Nephi b. Dec. 12, 1833, m. Mandana R. Merrill; Susan
T.; Seth b. March 6, 1839, m. Lydla Ann Smith.

Missionary to Iowa and Nebraska 1857-60; bishop; high
councilor; patriarch. Member city council; chaplain of terri-
torial legislature at Fillmore. Farmer and stockraiser.
Was present at the dedication of the Kirtland temple.
Died Sept. 24, 1882, Johnson, Utah.

JOHNSON, NEPHI (son of Joel H. and Annie P. Johnson).
Born Dec. 12, 1833, Kirtland, Ohio. Came to Utah Oct. 19,
1848, Franklin D. Richards company.

Married Mandana R. Merrill Jan. 4, 1856, at Cedar City,
Utah (daughter of Justin Merrill and Lovinna Manchester
of Nauvoo, 111.; came to Utah in 1848). She was born Oct.
4, 1838, Shelby, Mich. Their children: Lovinna A., m. Frank
L. Farnesworth; Nephi, m. Julia Shumway; Joel H., m.
Harriett Broadbent; Justin M., m. Emma Fuller; Editha
M., m. John C. Stewart; Susan E., m. William Hamlin; Sixtus
E., m. Ann Hamlin; William W., d. infant; Lillian C., m.
William Jolley; Seth J. Family resided Virgin City and
Kanab, Utah.

Indian missionary 1853-65; bishop's counselor; patriarch.
County commissioner four terms; road commissioner 10
years; town president; justice of the peace. Mail contractor
and farmer.

JOHNSON. SETH (son of Joel H. and Annie P. Johnson).
Born March 6, 1839, Carthage, 111. Came to Utah 1848,
Willard Richards company.

Married Lydia Ann Smith Nov. 11, 1861, Parowan, Utah
(daughter of Thomas P. Smith and Mary Dugard, of Fort
Johnson, Utah). She was born Feb. 17, 1847. Their chil-
dren: Mary Julia b. Nov. 13, 1862; Seth Alvin b. Nov. 9,
1864; George W. b. June 27, 1866; Lydia Annie b. Sept. 13,
1868; Joel Hills b. July 6, 1870; Sixtus Ellis b. July 29,
1872; Nephi b. Dec. 15, 1874; Seth b. Dec. 17, 1876; Janet
Matilda b. Jan. 13, 1878; Susan Sariah b. Nov. 29, 1880.

In 1863 called to the Missouri river with a company of
teams to assist immigrants to Utah. Bishop of Hillsdale
ward and Cannonville ward; high councilor 24 years;
patriarch. County superintendent of district schools; mail
carrier. Farmer and stockraiser.

Married Edla Lundell Oct. 22, 189, Utah (daughter of
Andrew Gustave Lundell and Carolina G. Erickson, who
were married 1844 in Westmanland). She was born Dec. 5,
1865. Their children: J. Edward b. Oct. 2, 1890- Edna b
Jan. 31, 1892; George Q. b. March 21, 1894; Nora b. March
20, 1895; Elsie b. Dec. 28, 1896; Lorenzo Carl b. Jan. 17, 1899;
Vera b. April 1, 1902; Halver T. b. Jan. 13, 1904; Wilma b.
Nov. 9. 1906; Darwin W. b. Nov. 20, 1910.

Joined L. D. S. church Sept. 12, 1886; missionary in Sweden
1887-89, and to Sweden 1899-1902; bishop Benjamin ward,
Nebo stake 1904. Moved from the northern part of the state
to Benjamin in 1891. First president Benjamin Electric
Light & Telephone Company 1904.

JOHNSON, JOHN (son of Jorgen Esberson and Gertrude
Larsen of West Maria, Bornholm, Denmark). Born Sept.
20, 1812, at West Maria, Bornholm, Denmark. Came to
Utah Oct. 6, 1854, Hans Peter Olsen company.

Married Karen Kirstine Jensen Aug. 8, 1835, at Aaker
Sogn, Bornholm, Denmark (daughter of Christen Jensen),
who was born Sept. 1, 1809, in Klemersker Sogn, Bornholm,
Denmark. Their children: Sine Cathrine b. May 14, 1837,
m. Niels Mikelsen 1855; Mary Ann b. July 23, 1841, m. Alvin
Nichols April 8, 1857; Lewis Peter b. March 12, 1844, m.
Susan Elizabeth Watkins Jan. 25. 1869; Teah Jensina b.
Dec. 14, 1847, m. William Lampard Watkins July 13, 1867;
John Peter b. Nov. 16, 1850, m. Mary Klenn June 9, 1873.
Family home Brigham City, Utah.

Married Annie C. Petersen in 1860, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hans N. Petersen and Caroline Sophia An-
driasen, pioneers 1856, with Knud Peterson company). She
was born April 4. 1844, Sjselland, Denmark. Their chil-
dren: Sophia b. April 19, 1861, m. Frank W. Earl March
31, 1909; Eliza b. June 30, 1864, m. Nels Madson Feb. 12,
1885; Aurelius E. b. June 26, 1879, m. Hattie Forrest June 7,
1904; Harmon J. b. May 23. 1882, m. Sarah Nelson April 27,
1907; George L. b. Dec. 7, 1884, m. Loa Ttngey June 26. 1907.
Family home, Brigham City.

Married Annie Maria Nielsen Nov. 1865 (daughter of
Christian Nielsen and Karen Larsen Olsen, the latter pioneer
1862). She was born July 18, 1834; came to Utah 1863,
Captain Clapp company. Their children: Meda A. b. Aug.
11, 1866, m. Nels C. Jensen Dec. 21, 1892; Sarah b. March
13, 1868, m. David L. Reese Jan. 2. 1896; Oluf b. Oct. 24,
1859, m. Annie White June 25, 1902; Louisa b. Oct. 8, 1872,
m. Lorenzo Peterson April 11, 1894.

High priest; member 1st bishopric of Bear River City,
Utah. Helped found Brigham City in 1864. and Bear River
City in 1866. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah.
Died Feb. 21, 1896.

JOHNSON, LEWIS PETER (son of John Johnson and Karen
Kirstine Jensen). Born March 12, 1844, West Maria, Born-
holm, Denmark.

Married Susan E. Watkins Jan. 25, 1869, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of William Lampard Watkins and Mary
Almina Hammond, pioneers of Sept. 11, 1852). She was born
Aug. 30, 1848, Little Pigeon, Pottawattamle Co., Iowa.
Their children: Lewis Orlando b. April 29, 1870, m. Celine
Anderson Nov. 9, 1898; Susan Almina b. April 22, 1874, m.
Thomas W. Whitaker Jan. 1, 1896; John Watkins b. Aug. 20,
1876, m. Oralee Cheney June 18, 1908; Lucius Octavius b.
Dec. 13, 1884, m. Florence R. Wilde June 13, 1906; George
Wallace b. Nov. 1, 1889. Family home Brigham City, Utah.

High priest; member of presidency T. M. M. I. A. of the
first ward of Brigham City four years; usher in Box Elder
tabernacle from 1877 to 1905. Assisted In founding Brigham
City in 1854, and Bear River City in 1866. Assisted in bring-
ing immigrants to Utah in 1864. City treasurer two terms;
school trustee 1894-96; road supervisor 1888-93; city council-
man in Brigham City 1896-1902. Had charge of Brigham Co-
operative farm in Malad valley during seasons 1876-76-77.
Fruit grower.

JOHNSON, OLUF (son of John Johnson and Annie M.
Nielsen). Born Oct. 24, 1869, at Brigham City, Utah.

Married Annie White June 25, 1902, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Barnard White and Mary Williams), who was
born July 12, 1876, at Ogden, Utah. Their children: Ruth

Annie b. Jan. 18, 1906; Russel, died; Mildred b. Aug. 31, ,


Missionary to Denmark; 3rd president 163d quorum seven-
ties Bear River stake.

JOHNSON, JOHN (son of John Erickson, born Aug. 26. 1835,
Westmanland, Sweden, and Christina Person, born Feb. 3,
1835. Westmanland). He was born April 20, 1864, West-
manland. Came to Utah June 24, 1889.


Married Bergite Larson Loken at Elverum, Hedemarken,
Norway (daughter of Lars Loken of Elverum), who was
born Dec. 23, 1816, and came to Utah Oct. 1, 1864, John
Smith Independent company. Their children: Ingere b.
March 14, 1844, m. J. P. R. Johnson; Lena b. Dec. 9. 184S.
m. Peter Madsen; John, Jr., b. June 7, 1849, m. Ingere Sward.
Family home Provo, Utah.

Bergite Larson Loken later married Hans Knutson, (son
of Knud Kokenson and Eli Neilsen) pioneer 1864. Their
children: Chrlstena, m Christian Nelson; Andrew, m. Chasty
Sward; Herman, m. Amanda Evert; Bertha, m. Peter Mad-
Ben; Ellen died.

JOHNSON, JOHN (son of John Johnson and Bergite Larson
Loken). Born June 7, 1849, Ostreveen. Lorten, Hede-
marken, Norway. Came to Utah with father.

Married Ingere Sward June 13, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Aake Aakeson Sward and Eena Olson of



Ostravram, Skaane, Sweden came to Utah August, 1874).
She was born May 2, 1848. Their children: Ellen Bergite
b. April 3, 1871, m. Leslie L. Bunnell; Josephine b. May 22,
1873, m. William W. Goodridge; Ingere Julia b. Nov. 20,
1875, m. Ted Hatton; Emma b. Dec. 30, 1877, m. Conrad
Marg, Jr.; John b. July 20, 1880, d. Sept. 21, 1881; Tenle b.
June 26, 1882, m. Martin Clinger; Alfred Henry b. Sept.
3, 1884; m. Murel Holdaway; Nora b. Nov. 19, 1886, m.
William W. Taylor; August Jeremiah b. Feb. 4, 1888; Anna
Goldie Halverson (adopted) b. April 27, 1884, m. John

Member 45th quorum seventies; missionary to Norway
1889-91; hljjh priest; bishop Lake View ward since Feb. 14,
1892; presiding teacher since 1877; president Y. M. M. I. A.
and Sunday school superintendent. Peace officer. Farmer
and stockraiser.

JOHNSON, JOHN A. (son of James and Josephine Johnson
of Denmark). Born April 14, 1883.

Married Sarah Jane Thomas (Matthews) July 7, 1908, at
Salt Lake City (daughter of Samuel Thomas and Mary
Darknell, of Salt Lake City). She was born Oct. 15, 1874,
at Salt Lake City. Their children: John W. b. Jan. 3, 1909;
Stanley T. b. Sept. 23, 1910.

Motorman; stationary engineer.

JOHNSON, JOHN PETER RASMUS. Born April 10, 1824,
near Copenhagen, Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1854.

Married Caroline Maria Nelson Tuft in 1845, in Denmark
(daughter of Lars Nielson, who resided near Copenhagen).
She was born Feb. 2, 1822. Their children: John T., m.
Dortha Merk; Niels b. Sept. 1848, m. Josephine Johnson;
Hans Christian, Dortha and Rebecca, died; Andrew Christian,
m. Anna Rosser; Annie Maria, m. Samuel Stephen Jones;
Minnie; Johanna Patrina Rasmina, m. Samuel Jepperson;
Peter, died; Hyrum, m. Julia Shepherd.

Married Mary Poulsen at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Mads Poulsen of Copenhagen, Denmark, who came to Utah
about 1854). Their children: Ellas, m. Mary Greenough;
Brigham, m. Nora Peay; Maria, died; Pauline, m. Joseph
Kirkwood. Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Inger Johnson at Salt Lake City (daughter of
John Johnson and Bergeta Knutson; they came to Utah in
1864). Their children: John Joseph, m. Emma Brown;
Ellen; Marietta; Abraham Owen, m. Alice Henrickson;
Hans, m. Juliet Stewart; David, m. Grace Gay; Hannah, m.
John Smith; Inger. Family home Provo, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Denmark 1860-64; president
Christiania conference in Norway; bishop 1st Provo ward
1864-83. Took active part in the early Indian troubles.
Helped build tabernacle. Railroad contractor in Echo
Canyon; cabinet maker and carriage builder; farmer and

JOHNSON, NIELS (son of John Peter Rasmus Johnson and
Caroline Maria Nelson Tuft). Born Sept. 1848, near Copen-
hagen Denmark. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Josephine Johnson May 3, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John J. Johnson of Fredrickstad, Christiania,
Norway, and Inger Jonsen; she came to Utah Oct. 7, 1866,
Andrew Hunter Scott company). She was born Dec. 17,
1846. Their children: Christina, b. June 4, 1870, m. B. S.
Hinckley; Caroline b. March 30, 1872, m. Walter M. Wolfe;
Emma b. July 25, 1874, and George b. Sept. 9, 1875, died;
William b. Jan. 22, 1878, m. Eliza Safford; James Edwin
b. May 20, 1881, m. Marion Jones; Alfred b. Feb. 22, 1883, m.
Josephine Brown; Stephen b. March 26, 1886, m. Winefred
Overlaid; Josephine b. July 5, 1889, m. Curtis Cohn. Family
home Provo, Utah.

High priest; counselor to his father, Bishop Johnson, 1st
ward, Provo, Utah. Member Provo city council eight years;
1894-95, supervisor Provo city streets; superintendent of
construction Provo city water works four years; president
and director Upper Union Irrigation Company. Farmer
and railroad contractor.

JOHNSON, JAMES EDWIN (son of Niels Johnson and Jose-
phine Johnson). Born May 20, 1881, Provo, Utah.

Married Marion Jones Aug. 20, 1906, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Jones and Florence Taylor), who was
born Oct. 25, 1883. Their children: Norman Edwin b. Oct.
1, 1907; Alton Bryant b. Nov. 1, 1908; William Dazil b.
April 21, 1910; Niels Shelly and Thomas Scott, twins, b.
Aug. 25, 1912. Family home Provo, Utah.

Missionary to southern states 2 years; elder. Assisted in
freighting material for Strawberry tunnel. Contractor.

JOHNSON, JOSEPH (WEAVER) (son of William Weaver
and Catherine H. Beck Johnson). Born Feb. 28, 1866,
Ogden, Utah.

Married Addle L. Morrill Sept. 25, 1891, Ctrclevllle, Utah
(daughter of Horatio Morrill and Sarah Ann Ludweeks of
Cedar City, Utah, pioneers 1852). She was born March 28,
1873. Their children: Elva Josephine b. Nov. 4, 1892, m.
Erin Beal Nov. 8. 1911; Alta Merilla b. Dec. 11, 1894; Addle
Ora b. Sept. 7, 1895; Marguerite b. May 13, 1897; Joseph
Ottis, b. Nov. 15, 1899; Catherine Mertllla b. July 13, 1903;
Aileen b. Feb. 8, 1905; Eldon b. March 13, 1908. Family
resided Circleville and Richfield, Utah.

Missionary to southern states 1900-02. President Circle-
vine Irrigation Co.; manager Richfleld branch Consolidated
Wagon & Machine Co.

JOHNSON, WILLIS (WEAVER) (son of William Weaver
and Catherine H. Beck Johnson). Born Nov. 4, 1868, Ogden,

Married Emma Phedora Merrill April 1, 1891, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Laban D. Morrill, pioneer 1852, and Emma W.
Dalley of Circleville, Utah). She was born April 6, 1875.
Their children: Dora Pearl b. March 2, 1892, m. Marion
Seegmiller; Willis Franklin b. Sept. 21, 1895; Reginald Mor-
rill b. May 10, 1898; Merlin Roland b. Aug. 2, 1900; Laban
Owen b. Dec. 1, 1902, d. Jan. 2, 1906; Jacquita b. Dec. 13,
1907; Howard D. b. Sept. 4, 1910. Family home Richfleld,

High priest; missionary to North Carolina 1892-94; 1st
counselor to Sunday school superintendent; Sunday school
superintendent; president Y. M. M. I. A. of Circleville, Utah.
Member school board of Circleville. State senator from
tenth district 1901-08. Member St. Louis World's Fair
commission from Utah. Merchant; hotel proprietor; farmer.

JOHNSON, LARS FERDINAND (son of Hans Jorgensen
and Marie D. Brinck). He was born Nov. 21, 1858, North
Sjaelland, Denmark. Came to Utah in 1868.

Married Johanna Thomsen Sept. 4, 1893, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Nels Peter Thomsen and Johanna A. Andersen
of Hjorring, Denmark). She was born Aug. 10, 1874. Their
children: Edward L. b. Oct. 25, 1894; Norman M. b. June 27,
1896; Lerve H. b. March 19. 1898; Lorenza J. b. Sept. 27,
1899; Edna Viola b. July 21, 1901; Vernald F. b. Aug. 3,
1902; Alvin Oleen b. May 16. 1904; Erma Marie b. May 12,
1906; Raymond b. June 4, 1909, d. Oct ?9, 1909. Family home.
Bear River City.

Member 5th quorum seventies; missionary to Denmark
1891-93; alternate high councilor 1899; bishop Bear River
ward. County commissioner two terms, school trustee;
trustee town board. Farmer and stockraiser.

JOHNSON, LOUIS (son of D. C. Johnson and Matilda Madi-
son). Born Nov. 9, 1885, at Richmond, Utah.

Married Clarinda H. Allen June 19, 1907 (daughter of
Levi Allen and Livinia Henson). She was born Nov. 3,
1889, at Cove, Utah. Their children: Louis Allen b. June
2, 1908; Lyman Leon b. Aug. 30. 1909; Ora Wendell b. Nov.
24, 1911.

JOHNSON, JOHN LYCURGUS (son of Willis Johnson and
Nancy Greer of Brennen, Tex.). Born Aug. 25, 1844, Brennen.
Came to Utah in 1854.

Married Cora Isabella Davis March 1, 1867, at St. Charles,
Idaho (daughter of Nathan Cutler Davis and Isabella
Wells, Bolton, Warren county, N. Y., pioneers to Utah Oct.
1857 with John Smith company). She was born Oct. 25,
1847, Bolton, N. Y. Came to Utah Oct. 1857. Their chil-
dren: Willis Lycurgus b. March 18, 1869, d. child; James
Warren b. Oct. 25, 1870, m. Minerva Wilkins; Nathan b.
April 2, 1872, d. infant; Alfred N. b. April 2, 1872, m. Mary
De Freeze; Snellen b. Sept. 3, 1874, m. Genevieve Sprouse;
Eugene b. Feb. 28, 1876, d. child; Le Roy b. Sept. 18, 1877,
d. child; Clarence Irwin b. March 23, 1879. m. Ada May
Rich; Nancy Pearl b. April 16. 1881, m. Brigham Chris-
tensen; Cora Myrtle b. April 21, 1883, m. Edward Harvey
Belcher; Hazel b. Sept. 23, 1886.

High priest; high councilor; ward teacher. Settled at
St. Charles, Idaho, In 1864; moved to Vernal, Utah, 1879.
Delegate to state constitutional convention; member of
state legislature in 1898; United States marshal several
years; county sheriff; county commissioner; mayor of the
city; school trustee. Farmer.

JOHNSON, CLARENCE IRWIN (son of Lycurgus Johnson
and Cora Isabella Davis). Born March 23, 1879, Vernal,

Married Ada May Rich April 11, 1900, at Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Charles Coulson Rich, Jr., and Jane
Susannah Stocks of Vernal, Utah). She was born March
23, 1880. Their children: Clarence Etheridge b. Nov. 10,
1901; Narvol Rich b. Sept. 28, 1903; Therma May b. May
13, 1906; Nila Hazel b. May 19, 1909, d. May 19, 1911. Fam-
ily home Roosevelt, Utah.

High priest; alternate high councilor; first superintend-
ent Sunday school at Roosevelt; ward teacher, Vernal and
Roosevelt; first superintendent Y. M. M. I. A. at Roose-
velt; first president Duchense stake M. I. A. and president
Y. M. M. I. A. at Vernal four years; president of deacons'
and elders' quorum at Vernal; junior president of seven-
ties, Roosevelt Registration officer in Uintah county. Vice-
president Dry Gulch Irrigation Co., Roosevelt. Merchant.

JOHNSON, PTELS PETER (son of Jens Johansen and Johanne
Christine Simonsen).Born March 21, 1871, Skanderborg, Den-
mark. Came to Utah July 13, 1886.

Married Olga Caroline Winkler March 23, 1892, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Jens Winkler and Chatrina Felt, both
of Sweden, the latter came to Utah from Denmark Aug.
1890). She was born April 12, 1873. at Copenhagen, Den-
mark. Their children: Eldora Cathrlna b. Dec. 13, 1892;
James John b. Feb. 9, 1908; Oscar b. Feb. 10. 1912.

Missionary to Denmark 1899-1901; first bishop of eighth
ward. Logan, Utah. Street supervisor of Logan. Merchant;



JOHNSON, PETER (son of Jens Benson and Hannah Ander-
son of Skona, Sweden). Born Jan. 1, 1825, Skona, Sweden.
Came to Utah 1854, Captain Olsen company.

Married Dorthea Madsen 1854, Manti, Utah (daughter of
Mads Monk of Brestroup, Denmark), who was born 1823.
Their children: Peter, Jr., b. Dec. 30, 1855, m. Mina Zoe-
bell; Mads, m. Brighamina Jacobson; Annie, m. George
Klinger; Abraham, m. Merby Davis.

High priest; ward teacher. Farmer and stockraiser.

JOHNSON, MADS (son of Peter Johnson and Dorthea Mad-
Ben). Born March 6, 1860, Lake View, Utah.

Married Brighamina Jacobson March 21, 1888, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Lars Jacobson and Inger Thompson of
Denmark, pioneers 1857, Christian Christiansen handcart
company). She was born April 11, 1867. Their children:
Florence Minnie b. Feb. 23, 1889; Lafayette Mads b. March
4, 1891; Clarence Peter b. Sept. 30, 1894; Jennings Bryan
b. Oct. 20, 1897; Vera Dorthea and Vesta Inger (twins)
b. July 19, 1899; Verrile Independent b. July 4, 1902; Clifford
Oline b. May 4, 1906, died; Elden Lamar b. Aug. 7, 1909.
Family home Lake View, Utah.

Elder; home missionary; secretary of Sunday school;
secretary and treasurer Y. M. M. I. A. Constable and jus-
tice of peace at Lake View; sheriff at Provo. Built first
meeting house at Lake View, also first store at that place.
Farmer, fruitgrower and carpenter. Manager Lake View
Dramatic Organization.

JOHNSON, PETER (son of Jens Johanson and Margaret
Marquet of North Jutland, Viborg, Denmark). Born May
I, 1839, Drum, Denmark. Came to Utah October 1854, Cap-
tain Olsen company.

Married Annie Catherine Anderson May 29, 1861, Ephraim,
Utah (daughter of Lars and Maron Anderson of Sistrop,
Viborg, Denmark, pioneers 1856). She was born Feb. 16,
1843. Their children: Catherine Ann b. June 28, 1862, m.
Joseph E. Johnson; James Peter b. Nov. 11, 1863, m. Jane
Leonard; Margaret Ann b. Oct. IE, 1865, m. William J.
Green; Mary Ann b. Oct. 19, 1867, d. young womanhood;
Peter Ellis b. Oct. 31, 1869, m. Orelia Overson; Lewis Wil-
liam b. April 3, 1872; Hannah Matilda b. March 19, 1874,
m. Heber Leonard; Elizabeth May b. May 1, 1876; Charles
Robert b. May 7, 1878; Heber Andrew b. Feb. 8, 1880, d.
infant; Pethrier Estell b. July 21, 1881, m. Amos Petersen;
Fanny U. b. Jan. 12, 1885, d. child. Family resided Cleve-
land and Huntington, Utah.

Married Annie Margaret Hansen Nov. 19, 1865, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Abraham and Mary Hansen of Denmark,
pioneers Oct. 1854). She was born May 1, 1841. Their
children: Andrew F. b. Sept. 1865; John P. b. July 1867, m.
Oscena Olson; Daniel A. b. April 1871, m. Carrie Morten-
sen; Helen b. Nov. 1873, m. Bowther Erickson; Eliza b.
March 1876, m. George H. Oviatt; Ellen B. b. Oct. 1878.
Family home Huntington, Utah.

Superintendent of Sunday school in Fountain Green 1874
in Huntington 1882 and general superintendent of Sunday
schools Emery stake 1883; member of high council of
Emery stake 1883; bishop of Huntington 1891-1902; patri-
arch. Indian war veteran. Helped to bring in last oxteam
company of immigrants. Member Huntington town board;
registration officer 1910. Sheep herder; farmer; carpenter.

JOHNSON, REED TAYLOR (son of Bengt Johnson, Jr. and
Betsy Chrlstopherson). Born Nov. 4, 1885, Provo, Utah.

Married Bertha Alfrida Blcomquist Jan. 28, 1909, Salt
Lake temple (daughter of Johan Alfred Bloomquist and
Carlina Sophia Johanson of Malmo, Sweden, came to Utah
July 8, 1909). She was born Feb. 1, 1S81. Their children:
Alvin Eben b. Oct. 17, 1909; Wellis Regdon b. April 22, 1911.
Family home Provo, Utah.

Elder; missionary to Sweden May 1. 1906-Oct. 3, 1908;
block and Sunday school teacher; president religion class
second ward; first counselor in elders quorum; acting
chorister in priesthood meetings; member stake choir.

JOHNSON, ROBERT (son of William Johnson, born Sept.
14, 1785. Button, Cheshire, Eng., and Ann Edwards, born
1786 married Jan. 12, 1845, in England). He was born
Sept. 4, 1823, Guilden Button, Cheshire. Came to Utah
1853, Captain Brown company.

Married Elizabeth Johnston Jan. 12, 1845 (daughter of
Joseph Johnston and Elizabeth Clark). She was born Oct.

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