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20, 1825. Their children: William b. Sept. 4, 1845. died;
John b. Feb. 19, 1848: Robert b. March 3. 1849, m. Anna
Hougaard Jan. 26, 1873; Mary Ellen b. Aug. 16, 1851, m.
Ephraim Denison Jan. 12, 1873; Elizabeth Ann b. Jan. 19,
1855, m. Francis M. Cox Jan. 12, 1S73; Joseph b. Oct. 17,
1863, died; Samuel b. Sept. 6, 1857, died; Alma b. Dec. 2,
1858, m. Margret E. Henry Nov. 25, 1886; Martha b. May
1. 1861, m. Robert Counliffe March 7, 1880; Nephi b. Oct.
12, 1868, m. Marien Hogen Dec. 6, 1894: Cicley b. Sept. 6,
1866, died; Sarah Jane b. June 14, 1864. Family home
Manti, Utah.

Settled at Manti 1854. Guard in Black Hawk war. Mis-
sionary to England 1883-85. Farmer.

JOHNSON, ROBERT (son of Robert Johnson and Elizabeth
Johnston). Born March 3, 1849. Stockport. Eng.

Married Anna Hougaard Jan. 26, 1873, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Rasmus and Magdalena Hougaard, former

came to Utah 1862). She was born April 13, 1865, Falster,
Denmark. Their children: Robert W. b. Feb. 21, 1874, m.
Tresie Willson Oct. 14, 1898; Rasmus R. b. Jan. 24. 1876,
died; Annethy E. b. Jan. 16, 1877, m. Oliver Wakefteld
Sept. 2, 1897; Alma Eugene b. Nov. 12, 1879, m. Stella Col-
lard July 10, 1902; John Edward b. Dec. 26, 1881, m. Ing
Johnson Feb. 26, 1904; Louis Nephi b. Jan. 7, 1883, m.
Nettie Nielson Dec. 29, 1903; Mary Magdelien b. April 2,
1885, m. Hyrum Peterson Oct. 21, 1903; Hannah Evlin b.
Dec. 27, 1887, m. Leo Mofflt March 14. 1905; Samuel Richard
b. March 10, 1889; Verona Gertrude b. Jan. 22, 1891, died;
Clarane P. b. Feb. 10, 1893. Family home Orangeville,

Settled at Manti 1854; moved to Orangeville 1881. Black
Hawk war veteran. Farmer; musician.

JOHNSON, THOMAS SMITH (son of Isaac Johnson and
Grace Smith of New York). Born Jan. 1, 1818, Schenectady,
N. Y. Came to Utah with his own company.

Married Mary Harrison. Their children: Parhant b. May
4. 1852, m. John Hill; Thomas Smith b. Dec. 18. 1854. m.
Eliza Anne Higley; Louisa b. 1857; Deece b. 1860, m. Charles
Hlgley; Adeline b. 1864, m. George E. Higley; Eliza b.
1866, m. George Haynes; Charles b. 1869, m. Martha Priest;
Annice b. July 31, 1876, m. Charles Cunningham.

JOHNSON. THOMAS SMITH, Jr. (son of Thomas Smith
Johnson and Mary Harrison). Born Dec. 18, 1854, Salt
Lake City.

Married Eliza Anne Higley July 6, 1880, Hooper, Utah
(daughter of George Higley and Nancy Wadsworth), who
was born May 4, 1862, Riverdale, Utah. Their children:
Thomas Smith b. July 31, 1881, m. Leveta Olive Lewis 1908;
Charles Warren b. Aug. 22, 1883, m. Nellie Childs 1908;
George Edwin b. Aug. 23, 1885; Maud Eden b. Feb. 8, 1888.
m. Clarence Bates 1906; Ola b. Oct. 16, 1891, d. Aug. 3, 1908;
Leroy b. Jan. 29, 1893; Delia May b. Feb. 23, 1895: Mary
Lillian b. Sept. 20, 1898; William Lloyd b. Dec. 30. 1900.

JOHNSON, WILLIS KELSEY (son of Aaron Johnson and
Polly Zeviah Kelsey). Born Sept. 13, 1828, Haddam, Middle-
sex county. Conn.

Married Laura Crandall Jan. 1, 1850. Kanesville. Iowa
(daughter of David Crandall and Margaret McBride.) Their
child: Willis Kelsey b. Oct. 2. 1860, m. Sarah Mendenhall.

JOHNSON, WILLIS KELSEY (son of Willis Kelsey John-
son and Laura Crandall). Born Oct. 2, 1860, Salt Lake City.

Married Sarah Mendenhall (daughter of William Men-
denhall and Sarah Lovell, the formor came to Utah Sept.
18, 1852). She was born May 12, 1853, Springville, Utah.
Their children: Willis Kelsey b. June 30, 1875, m. Eva
Clark; James Bayard b. Oct. 20, 1877, m. Alice Whitney;
Franklin M. b. Sept. 9, 1879, died; Minerva b. Dec. 6 1881,
m. John S. Hill; Harrison b. Dec. 17, 1883. died; Chester
b. Jan. 12, 1886; Richard M. b. Feb. 20, 1888; Thursa b
Sept. 17, 1890; Mary Edna b. Oct. 10, 1892; George Leo b.
Sept. 10, 1895. Family home Springville, Utah.

Member of quorum of seventies for 25 years; president
of quorum of seventies for 10 years. Early settler in
southern Utah. District school trustee of Springville, Utah,
for two terms; member of city council for two terms.

JOHNSTUN, JESSIE WALKER (son of James Johnstun and
Amity Welsh of New Jersey). Born Jan. 21, 1820, in Ohio.
Came to Utah July 28, 1847, with section of Mormon Bat-

Married Betsy Ann Snyder March 2, 1848, Jamestown,
Mo. (daughter of Samuel Cainstock Snyder and Henrietta
Mona Stockwell of Canada, came to Utah in 1847). She was
born July 17, 1836. Their children: Alma James, m. Loretta
Henry; Maria Amity, m. Jacob Reader Workman; Laura
Menetta, m. William Jennie; Elizabeth Rebecca, m. John
Blankenship; Anny Lovesa, m. John Toone.

Presiding elder at Snydervllle, Utah. Lumberman. Died
May 8, 1860, Parley Park, Summit county.

JOHNSTUN, ALMA JAMES (son of Jesse Walker Johnstun
and Elizabeth Ann Snyder). Born July 23, 1853, Big Cotton-
wood, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

Married Loretta Mariah Henry May 30, 1875. Endowment
House, Salt Lake City (daughter of Calvin William Henry
and Priscilla Barnham, pioneers 1854). She was born April
25, 1855. Their children: Minnetta b. March 20, 1876 m
Charles B. Atwood, Jr.; Emily b. Sept. 2, 1878 d child-
James b. Oct. 27. 1880, m. Mary Timothy; William b. March
10, 1883, m. Fedelia Labrum; Eugenie b. Aug. 23 1885 m
Harvey Marshall; Elizabeth b. Jan. 2, 1888, m. Elvin Hod-
son; Jeremiah b. Jan. 13, 1890, d. infant; Joseph b March
15, 1892; Derrell and Delpha b. May 30, 1894; George b Oct
27. 1896; Owen b. July 16, 1899. Family home Vernal. Utah.

High priest; second counselor to Bishop Joseph Black of
Snyderville ward 1877. Called a* home missionary to settle
Ashley Valley (now Vernal) April 6, 1878, by President
John Taylor, and his homestead was where the tabernacle,
academy, stake office and town of Vernal now stands.
With him were Joseph H. Black and David Johnston. Dur-
ing the same fall, there were families by the names of
Clark, Bird, Hatch, Morrison and Bodly located at Vernal.
He built the first house, made the first canal for water,
opened the first coal mine, brought the first threshing ma-



chine, the first steam sawmill, the second grist mill and
many of the other public improvements in Vernal. Went
to Snyderville as a child with parents, where his father
conducted a sawmill, and he remained there until he
moved to Vernal. County commissioner 1891-92. Operates
saw, lumber, Hour and planing mills; is engaged in farm-
ing; is interested in the Uinta State Bank, Acorn Mercan-
tile Company and the Vernal Drug Company.

.ml I i:\, HENRY BRYANT MANNING (son of Henry Jol-
ley and Frances Manning of North Carolina). Born Sept.
18, 1813, Bedford county, N. C. Came to Utah Sept. 16,
1862, captain his company.

Married Brittania Mayo in Weakley county, Tenn. (daugh-
ter of John Mayo and Gatsey Franklin of Bedford county,
N. C.). She was born 1814. Came to Utah Sept. 1852 with
husband. Their children: Mary b. Doc. 25, 1834, m. Thomas
Keele; Elizabeth, m. George Hicks; Wesley, m. Annie
Chambers, m. Lydia Ann Brimhall; Henry, died; Frances,
m. Robert Moncur; Nephi, m. Mary Ann Harris, m. Mary
Daily; Bryant Heber, m. Orissa Taylor; Ruben, m. Emily
Pace; Joseph, m. Martha Ann Brown.

Married Cintha Ann Shurtcliff Sept. 16, 1852, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Haskel of Massachusetts). Came to
Utah Sept. 15, 1852, Henry Bryant Jolley company. Their
children: Haskel Shurtcliff, m. Effie Leathhead, m. Nellie
Harrison; Lorenzo, m. Maletta Spencer, m. Mary Mayo at
St. George, Utah.

Seventy; missionary to North Carolina 1890-92. Indian
war veteran. Settled at Palmyra; moved to Sprlngville;
later to Long Valley. Farmer; stockman; storekeeper.
Died March 4, 1895, at Mt. Carmel, Utah.

JOLLET, BRYANT HEBER (son of Henry Bryant Man-
ning Jolley and Brittania Mayo). Born Feb. 26, 1851, Coun-
cil Bluffs, Iowa. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1862, with his
father's company.

Married Orissa Taylor Dec. 25, 1869, New Harmony, Utah
(daughter of Allen Taylor and Reddicka Allred of New
Harmony, came to Utah 1848, Brigham Young company).
She was born Oct. 13, 1851. Their children: Bryant Heber
b. Oct. 4, 1870, m. Annie Pernella Nisson and Annie Sproul;
Joseph Allen b. Oct. 14, 1872, m. Ingre Emerett Nisson;
Alma Franklin b. May 9, 1876, m. Annie Schlappey and
Dora Hutchings; Riley Taylor b. March 28, 1879, m. Sadie
Neilsen, m. Nora Winn; Gatsey Lorisa b. Nov. 6, 1881, m.
Silas E. Hutchings. Family resided at Elsenora, Theodore
and Duchtsne, Utah.

Elder. Settled at Spanish Fork 1865; later moved to
Duchesne, Idaho. Veteran Indian war. Farmer and stock-

JOLLY, WILLIAMSON \VESLEY (son of George Jolly).
Born July 16, 1635, In Tennessee. Came to Utah by team.

Married Lydia Ann Brimhall (daughter of John Brimhall
and Ann Reddy, pioneers 1847). Their children: John Man-
ning, m. Drewey Hartley; Malinda, m. Steven Wilson;
Donald, m. Emma Allred; Heber, m. Letta Whetstone;
Aurilla, m. Erastus Bastian; Lydia Ann b. May 11, 1882, m.
Alfred William Hansen; Louise, m. Ola Olsen; Magneus;
Wesley. Family resided Mt. Carmel, and Emery, Utah, and
Heyburn, Idaho.

High priest. Settled at Mt. Carmel In early '60s, and
one of the leaders in the Order of Enoch at that place.
Farmer and freighter. Died Jan. 10, 1911, Heyburn, Idaho.

JONES, BENJAMIN. Born Feb. 24, 1796, In Cattaraugus
county, N. Y. Came to Utah 1848.

Married Rosannah Cox in January (daughter of

Jehu Cox and Sarah Pyle of Knox county, Ky., pioneers
Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company). She was born
Jan. 26, 1825. Their children: Heber C., m. Rosannah
Brady; Benjamin, m. Sarah Jane Cheney; Sarah, m. Almir
B. Cox; Rosannah, m. Orville Cox. Family home Union
Fort, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Shoemaker and farmer. Died April
4, 1876, Fairview, Utah.

JONES, BENJAMIN (son of Benjamin Jones and Rosan-
nah Cox). Born July 10, 1850, Union Fort, Utah.

Married Sarah Jane Cheney June 28, 1875, Fairview, Utah
(daughter of Elam Cheney and Martha Taylor, pioneers),
who was born Sept. 7, 1857. Their children: Martha Ellen
b. April 4, 1876, m. Lyman Sherman; Elam L. b. May 1,
1877, m. Ada C. Sherman; Celestia Castel b. Dec. 15, 1878,
m. Marion J. Brady; Benjamin b. Sept. 7, 1880, m. Mary
Frances Foote; Sarah Jane b. Sept. 10, 1882, m. Andrew
Johansen; David H. b. Aug. 29, 1884; Rosannah b. May 1,
1886, d. child; Orin Samuel b. April 12, 1888; Jehu b. Jan.
2, 1890; Hettie b. Dec. 7, 1891, d. infant; Zelma b. Jan. 7,
1896, d. infant. Family home Hunttngton, Utah.

Married Mary Maria Burrison Oct. 1, 1907, Castledale,
Utah (adopted daughter of Philip and Rachel Burrison of

Member 31st quorum seventies; elder; ward teacher 1890-
1900. Farmer and stockraiser.

B. Foster of Grafton, pioneers, Wilford Woodruff com-
pany). She was born Oct. 27, 1848. Their children: Charles
Alvin, m. Harriet Spendlove; Annie Viola; George A., m.
Clara Wilson; William Alfred; Edwald D., m. Rhoda A.
Ballard; Philetus, m. Annie Laura Stout; Lavenia; John
Frank, m. Hilda Coleman. Family home, Grafton.
Elder. Printer. Died April 30, 1903.

JONES, PHILETUS (son of Charles H. Jones and Viola
Maria Russell). Born Jan. 13, 1875, Grafton, Utah.

Married Annie Laura Stout Dec. 23, 1898, St. George.
Utah (daughter of Alfred Fisk Stout and Mary Emma
Langston, Rockville, Utah). She was born April 14, 1881.
Their children: Alvin Vernon b. Oct. 10, 1899; Madge b. Aug.
22, 1901; Vernessa Fern b. Feb. 2. 1904; Mary Viola b.
March 6, 1906; Rcna b. Feb. 9, 1908: Ada b. Feb. 26, 1909;
Winnie b. March 5, 1911. Family home Rockville, Utah.

Member 21st quorum seventies. Farmer.

JONES, DAN (son of Thomas Jones and Ruth Jones of
Swansea, South Wales). Born Aug. 4, 1811, in Flintshire,
Wales. Came to Utah September 1849, Captain Jones com-

Married Elizabeth Jones Dec. 1849, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas Jones and Elizabeth Jones of Cleddy, South
Wales). She was born April 5, 1813. Their children:
Thomas, died; John, m. Augusta Smith; Eliza, m. Isaac
Vorhees; Cannan, m. Sarah Reese; Louis; Ruth, m. George
B. Squires; Brigham, m. Ella Freo. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Missionary to Wales; president of Wales mission 1862-65.
Seaman; built first boat on Great Salt Lake. Died Jan. 3,
1862, Provo, Utah.

JONES, DAVID PROSSEK (son of David Jones and Eliza-
beth Prosser of Rosa, near Beaufort and Abwvale, Mon-
mouthshire, Wales). Born 1836, near Brecknocktown, Breck-
nockshire, Wales. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1866, John D.
Holladay company.

Married Elinor Smart (Corns) about 1858, Rhymney,
Wales (daughter of Joseph Corns of Pontypool, Monmouth-
shire). She was born in 1814. Family resided Willard
City and Cherry Creek, Utah, and Malad, Idaho.

Bishop; chorister. Poet. Mason, freighter and farmer.

JONES, EDWARD (son of Edward Jones and Margrett
Roberts of Ruthin, Denbigh, Wales). Born March 10, 1832,
at Ruthin. Came to Utah 1856.

Married Hannah Pendlebury Oct. 11, 1852, Manchester,
Eng. (daughter of James Pendlebury and Sarah Walker),
who was born June 10, 1832. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1857,
Israel Evans handcart company. Their children: Emily
Jane b.- Dec. 11, 1860, m. John L. Sperry Aug. 21, 1877; Mar-
grett b. 1862 and James Edward b. 1864, died; Martha Ann
b. April 1, 1865, m. Robert G. Pyper Jan. 7, 1884; George b.

1866, died; Selena Bell b. May 29, 1869, m. Thomas M. Mc-
Cune Feb. 11, 1891; Mary Jane b. May 29, 1871, m. John
William McPherson Sept. 11, 1895.

Married Martha Jackson, Salt Lake City (daughter of
Benjamin Jackson and Ann Grimshaw of Manchester, Eng.,
pioneers Sept. 12, 1857, Jesse B. Martin company). She
was born April 22, 1830, Manchester, Eng. Their children:
Edward b. Nov. 23, 1857, m. Sarah Jane Tolley; William
b. May 11, 1859, m. Elizabeth Ann Tolley April 11, 1883;
Ellen b. Feb. 14, 1861, m. Nephi Jackson 1879; Elizabeth b.
Feb. 7, 1863. m. John H. Cazier March 1, 1882; Louisa b. April
1865, m. William Broadhead March 10, 1886; Benjamin b.

1867, died: Samuel b. 1869; Joseph b. 1875, m. Maud Salis-
bury; John Henry, died; Martha Maud, m. Bertrand Kendall
July 6, 1897. Families resided Nephi, Utah.

Elder. Blacksmith and farmer.

JONES, EDWARD (son of Edward Jones and Martha Jack-
son). Born Nov. 23, 1857, Nephi, Utah.

Married Sarah Jane Tolley Feb. 10, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Fisher Tolley and Sarah Warren,
pioneers, Captain Stenhouse company). She was born Feb.
7, 1863, Fountain Green, Utah. Their children: Edward
Leonard b. Dec. 26, 1881; William Louis b. Dec. 6, 1883;
Jenerva b. Jan. 27, 1886, m. William M. Jenkins June 13,
1906; Franklin Roger b. Dec. 30, 1889; Charles Warren b.
April 17, 1891; Harry Tolley b. June 11, 1893; Ruth Colen b.
June 24, 1895; Donald Q. b. Aug. 11, 1897: Raymond Leon
b. Dec. 30, 1900; Elma Louise b. Feb. 10, 1903; Waldo Leroy
b. Aug. 13, 1905. Family home Nephi, Utah.

High priest. Farmer and stockraiser.

JONES, CHARLES II. (son of John Jones and Maria Mather
of New York). Born Aug. 30. 3836, in New York. Came
to Utah 1857, Johnston's army.

Married V ola Maria Russell Dec. 20, 1862, Grafton,
Kane Co., Utah (daughter of Alonzo H. Russell and Nancy

JONES. ELISHA (son of Thomas Jones and Mary Naylor).
Born June 11, 1813, in Jefferson county, Ohio. Came to
Utah 1850, Matthew Caldwell company.

Married Margeret Talbott, Jefferson Co., Ohio (daughter
of Absalom Talbott and Sarah Mullholland of Maryland).
Their children: Martha, m. Erastus D. Meacham; Thomas,
died; Richard, m. Mary Cummings; William and James, died;
John, m. Elizabeth Young; Mary, m. John Duke; Sarah, m.
Isaac Cummings; Elizabeth, m. James Knight; Margaret
Ellen, died; Elisha Warren b. June 7, 1849, m. Jane A. Pierce;
Jacob Absalom, died; Joseph, m. Metta Maria Nielson, m.
Sybil Seeley; Hyrum, m. Allice Ryan.

Married Sarah Ann Cummings (daughter of John Cum-



mings and Rachel Ann Canada, Heber City, Utah). She wag
born March 20, 1839. Their children: Samuel b. July 12,
1858, m. Margeret Fisher; Rachel Ann b. Jan. 8, 1861, m.
Orson Henry Lee; Mary Malinda b. March 23, 1864, m. Joseph

McDonald; Nancy Jane b. March 26, , m. Elmer Mahoney;

John, m. Minnie Davis; Harmon, died; Susan, m. Albert
Mitchell; Louisa, m. Harry Morris.

Married Anna Poulson at Provo, Utah.

Married Caroline Delight Allen (daughter of Joseph S.
Allen and Lucy Morley, both of Nauvoo, 111.). Their chil-
dren: Simeon, m. Lulu Cordingley; Heber, died; Eliza, m.
Thomas Houlton; Edward, m. Jane Clegg; Leonora, died;
Caroline, m. Marion Lewis.

High priest; bishop of east ward, Heber City. Indian
war veteran. Justice of the peace. Farmer; blacksmith and
shoemaker. Died Aug. 1880, at Heber City.

JONES, ELISHA WARREN (son of Elisha Jones and Mar-
geret Talbott). Born June 7, 1849, Kainesville, Iowa. Came
to Utah with father.

Married Jane A. Pierce March 6, 1871, Heber City. Utah
(daughter of George ~W. Pierce and Margeret Watson, Lock-
galley, Scotland, pioneers, Thomas Watson company). She
was born Nov. 7, 1853. Their children: William Thomas b.
March 16, 1872, m. Margeret McKelprang; Margeret Eliza-
beth b. Oct. 4, 1874, m. Ulysses W. Grange; Jessie Squire b.
Nov. 27, 1876, m. John Huggins Cordingley; Edward Franklin
b. Aug. 30, 1877, died; Joseph Myron b. July 26, 1879, m.
Alice Horrocks; Hyrum b. June 21, 1880, died; Sarah Jane
b. Oct. 23, 1882, m. Quartus Sparks Catlin; Agnes Malinda b.
June 3, 1885, m. Charles William Kimber; Martha May b.
Sept. 9, 1887, m. Seymour D. Cordingley; Richard Warren
b. Dec. 23, 1889, m. Jennie Provost; John Samuel b. Oct. 25,
1891; Hazel G. b. May 17, 1894; Francis Lamont b. March
2, 1897. Family home Heber City, Utah.

High priest; teacher; home missionary; secretary and
counselor elders quorum. Assessor and collector Emery
Co., Utah.

JONES, JOSEPH (son of Elisha Jones and Margeret Tal-
bott). Born May 18, 1854, Provo, Utah.

Married Metta Maria Nielsen June 1880, Heber City, Utah
(daughter of Jens Nielsen and Annie Christina, Heber
City, Utah). She was born Sept. 6, 1864, died Oct. 24, 1894.
Their children: Margaret Ellen b. April 3, 1881, m. Carl
R. Marcusen; James b. July 30, 1883, m. Laura Gallaway;
Elisha Ernest b. May 25, 1885, m. Maud Ward; Joseph Alvin
b. Nov. 20, 1887, d. Feb. 12, 1892; Noah b. March 14, 1890,
d. child; Christine Myrtle b. April 16, 1891, d. April 20,
1891; Metta Mable b. June 4, 1892; Annie Christina b. Oct.
15, 1894. Family home Price, Utah.

Married Lottie Sybil Seeley June 20, 1901, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Don Carlos Seeley and Hannah E. Seeley
Reynolds). Their children: Clarissa Elizabeth b. June 25,
1903; Reta Hannah b. July 5, 1905; Wilton Carlos b. July
28, 1908; Ivan b. Dec. 17, 1910, d. Dec. 29, 1910; Rolland Seeley
b. Dec. 16. 1912.

Member of presidency of seventies; missionary to southern
states 1889, to California 1903-04; Sunday school superin-
tendent; high priest. Farmer and merchant.

JOXES, EVAN (son of John Jones of Llanegwad and Susan-
nah Titus of Brechfa, Caermarthenshire, South Wales). Born
July 13, 1839, at Felingwon, Caermarthenshire. Came to
Utah Sept. 2, 1868, Simpson M. Molen company.

Married Jane Thomas January, 1858, Swansea, Glamorgan-
shire (daughter of David Thomas and Elizabeth Nash of
Neyland, Pembrokeshire, pioneers Sept. 4, 1866, Thomas E.
Ricks company). She was born April 10, 1838. Their chil-
dren: Elizabeth Susannah b. Jan. 20, 1859, m. Parley W.
Price; Sarah Jane b. Dec. 12, 1860, m. John H. Lloyds; John
Claudius b. Feb. 3, 1863, m. Luella Croft; Joseph Hyrum b.
Oct. 24, 1864, died; Parley Parker b. July 4, 1867, m. Mar-
garet Jyort; Evan James b. Feb. 10, 1870, m. Eliza E. Tan-
ner; David William b. March 8, 1872, m. Clara Parks; Lean-
der Thomas b. March 26, 1879, m. Ida Carlson; Mary Ann
b. Aug. 1, 1877, m. David Andrew; Charles Henry b. March
6, 1880, died. Family home Logan, Utah.

High priest; missionary to South Wales 1893-95. Ran
first steam plow on President Young's farm, Jordan River;
ran first train to Logan, Utah, to Idaho and Montana on the
Utah Northern; also steamer "Garfield" on Salt Lake for
three years.

JONES, HOPKINS (son of Thomas and Mary Jones, both of
Neath, Wales). Born Jan. 25, 1824, Neath, Wales. Came
to Utah 1865, Captain Willis oxteam company.

Married Winnifred Morris July 4, 1846, at Neath (daugh-
ter of William Morris and Lucy Hughes), who was born
Oct. 12, 1828. Their children: Mary b. March 7, 1848, m.
Currie H. Banks; Martha b. Nov. 19, 1851, m. Bernard Mc-
Adams; Lucy b. Dec. 4, 1854, m. Abraham Liddell. Family
home Neath, Wales.

Member seventies; missionary to St. George, Utah;
teacher; president of branch in Neath, Wales. Guard in Salt
Lake City against Indians. Mason and stonecutter. Died
April 28. 1897, Salt Lake City.

burned to death Oct. 25, 1860; Isaac Morley b. Aug. 3, 1862,
m. Anne Elizabeth Starkie; Lovina b. Feb. 8, 1864, m.
William Coleman Boren; James Naylor b. Nov. 18, 1865, m.
Mary Ann Bodily. Family resided Heber and Fairview,

High priest; bishop's counselor. Called to The Muddy.
First white man that ever wintered at Marysville. Farmer
and stockraiser. Died Aug. 14, 1866, North Bend, Utah.

Caroline Delight Allen married Elisha Jones after the
death of her husband James Naylor Jones. Their chil-
dren: Leonora b. Jan. 30, 1868, d. infant; Eliza b. June 7,
1869, m. Thomas E. Moulton; Simeon b. Dec. 30, 1872, m.
Lula Cordingly; Heber b. June 3, 1874, d. Aug. 11, 1891;
Edward A. b. Nov. 8, 1877, m. Jane Clegg; Caroline A. b.
Dec. 22, 1879, m. Marian Lewis. Family home Heber, Utah.

JONES, ISAAC MORLET (son of James Naylor Jones and
Caroline Delight Allen). Born Aug. 3, 1862, Fairview, Utah.

Married Anne Elizabeth Starkie Dec. 4, 1890, Merrills
ward, Uinta Co., Utah (daughter of Edward John Starkie
and Ann Spray of Yorkshire, Eng., came to Utah July 3,
1878). She was born Oct. 11, 1869. Their children: Morley
b. Oct. 30, 1891; Mary Elizabeth b. March 15. 1893; Sarah
Rosalin b. March 6, 1895; Isaac Allen b. Dec. 16, 1897;
Caroline Mabel b. Oct. 22, 1899; Lucy Viola b. Dec. 23, 1901;
Warren Starkie b. Feb. 21, 1904; Rachel Ann b. March 28,
1906; Olive Floretta b. April 14, 1908: Albert Edward b.
July 19. 1911. Family home Maeser, Uinta Co., Utah.

High priest; president Y. M. M. I. A.; assistant Sunday
school superintendent nine years; president deacons'
Quorum; counselor in elders' quorum; ward teacher 26 years.
Boss-farmer, teaching the Indians how to farm, on Uinta
Reservation, and later transferred to White Rock, Indian
Agency 1886. Farmer and miller.

JONES, JENKIN (son of Thomas Jones, born Feb. 13, 1814,
Pentra Farm, and Elizabeth Jenkins, born June 10, 1813,
Ton Farm, both of Ystradyfodog, South Wales). He was
born July 17, 1840, Park Isha Farm, Ystradyfodog. Came
to Utah fall of 1867, handcart company.

Married Mary E. Jones Aug. 31, 1870 (daughter of Griffith
Jenkins), who was born June 20, 1846. Their children:
Catherine Palmer b. March 29. 1872, m. W. H. Palmer Nov.
3, 1907; Annie b. Oct. 17, 1873, m. James T. Jones Jan. 23,
1905; Mary E. b. Sept. 5, 1875; Margaret b. June 10, 1876,
m. E. R. Jones June 8, 1908; Jenkin b. Nov. 26, 1880; Evan b.
Oct. 21, 1882; Thomas b. June 12, 1884. Family home Malad
City, Idaho.

Bishop of Malad ward five years; missionary to Wales.
Treasurer of Oneida county; mayor of Malad City.

JONES, JENKIN, JR. (son of Jenkin Jones and Mary B.
Jones). Born Nov. 25, 1880, Malad City, Idaho.

Connected with city government, Malad, last eight years;
clerk district court, Fifth judicial district, Oneida county;
also deputy auditor and recorder, Oneida county.

JONES, JOHN D. (son of Moses Jones of Mt. Pisgah, Iowa).
Born at Mt. Pisgah. Came to Utah by ox team.

Married Susan Boren. Their children: John E., m. Laura
Johnson; Billie, died; Minerva, m. Grayham Daley; Stephen;
Charles E., m. Martha J. Jones; Rosy B., m. Jed Robinson;
Annie; Irvine, m. Millie Barrett. Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Lena B. Sims Dec. 18, 1907, Provo, Utah (daughter
of Frederick Sims and Margaret Nelson of Lee County, 111.,
came to Utah 1886). She was born June 18, 1869. Only
child: Ralph Waldo b. Sept. 28, 1908.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Farmer.

JONES, CHARLES E. (son of John D. Jones and Susan
Boren). Born April 19, 1868, San Bernardino, Calif.

Married Martha J. Jones May 16, 1888, Provo, Utah, later
Manti temple (daughter of John G. Jones and Mary John of
Lancashire, Eng., pioneers 1852). She was born April 6,
1867. Their children: Charles Alma b. Sept. 3, 1890, m.
Julia Sackett; La Real b. Dec. 7, 1892; John Gilbert b. Dec.
21, 1901; Martha Adelaid b. Oct. 27, 1903, died; Etta Jane
b. June 7, 1906; Florence Irene b. Aug. 8, 1908. Family home

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