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JOST, JOHN A. Born Dec. 17, 1811, in Nova Scotia. Came
to Utah Dec. 16, 1856, Wooley & Atwood company.

Married Mary A. Zwicker, who was born July 1811
Came to Utah with her husband. Their children: George
H.; Eliza A.; Alice E.; Kate; John D.; Samuel E.; Thomas-
Minnie; Alexander; Andrew. Family home Ogden, Utah.

JOST, SAMUEL EDWARD (son of John A. Jost and Mary
Ann Zwicker). Born Dec. 1, 1844, Lunenburg, N. S pio-
neers Dec. 16, 1866, Wooley & Atwood company.

Married Elizabeth A. Baker (West) April 2. 1872 Ogden
Utah (daughter of Henry Baker and Jean Rio), who was
born April 2. 1842. Their children: Mary A. Frances I
Feb. 23, 1873, m. Alexander Huss Nov. 1, 1893; Katie B b'
Aug. 27, 1874, m. George Huss Oct. 6, 1894; Lila E b Dec'
20. 1876; Samuel E. b. April 2, 1879, m. Ann Christiansen
June 19, 1908; Walter H. b. Feb. 4, 1882. Family home

Married Flora B. Durling (Dilley) Oct. 6, 1909, at Ogden
(daughter of John Durling and Elizabeth Reddig, married
about 1848, in Pennsylvania). She was born May 14 1860
Harrisburg, Penn.

As teamster brought first telegraph wire.

JUDD, ZADOK KNAPP (son of Arza Judd, born Jan 10,
1798, and Lucinda Adams, born Dec. 13, 1799, natives Can-
ada). He was born Oct. 15, 1827, Johnstown, Canada. Cama
to Utah September 1848 with Mormon Battalion contingent

Married Mary Minerva Dart Nov. 14, 1862, Parowan, Utah
(daughter of John Dart and Lucy Ann Robert, former pio-
neer at Parowan 1851, James Foote company, latter died en
route), who was born March 31, 1838. Their children-
Lucinda Abigail, m. Charles H. Olephant; Zadok K., m. Ada
M. Howell; Harriet Polina, d. Infant; Lois Sabina, d. infant;
Henry Ell, m. Mary E. Johnson; Ezra Abner, d. infant;
Esther Irene, m. John Mantripp Ford; Asa Walter, m. Alice
M. Young, m. Llby Brown; Samuel Ami, m. Polly A. John-
son; James Arthur, d. infant; William Leonard, d. infant;
Mary Gertrude, m. Charles S. Cottam; Arza Orange, d. In-
fant; John Lael, d. infant. Family home, Kanab.

Member of seventy; missionary to Santa Clara 1856; bishop
Santa Clara ward 1866. School trustee at Kanab. Member
Company E, Mormon Battalion. Pioneer at Parowan; re-
sided Santa Clara 1866; Kanab 1871. Farmer. Died Jan.
28, 1909.

JUDD, ZADOK KNAPP (son of Zadok K. Judd and Mary
Minerva Dart). Born Nov. 25, 1866. Parowan, Utah.

Married Ada M. Howell Jan. 21, 1884, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Robert Howell). Only child: Daniel K. b. Nov.
2, 1884, m. Elizabeth Church.

JUDD, ASA W. (son of Zadok K. Judd and Mary Minerva
Dart). Born Aug. 28, 1868.

Married Alice May Young May 31, 1893 (daughter of Brig-
ham L. Young and Ida F. Lewis), who died Jan. 6, 1898.
Their children: Asa Walter; Amy Elizabeth, d. aged 14.

Married Tilly Leonore Brown Dec. 22, 1903 (daughter of
A. W. Brown and Emma S. Sibley). Their children: Thora
Mae; Rex Aberdeen, d. Infant; Abla Waldemar; Verda Leo-
nore; Whitney Carlyle; Ellse lone.

Bishop Fredonia ward; second counselor to Bishop Joel



Johnson of Kanab 1890-1903: missionary to Holland; presi-
dent Netherlands mission 1895-96; second counselor to Bishop
Fredonia one year; bishop Fredonia ward since December,

JUDGE, JOHN (son of John and Annie Judge), born 1845,
County Sligo, Ireland. Came to Utah April, 1876.

Married Mary Harney Nov. 25, 1867, Port Henry, who
became the mother of his five children. Family home Salt
Lake City.

Enlisted In Union Army as private in Company K, second
regiment. New York Volunteer Cavalry, and served a little
over two years. Miner at Wood River, Idaho. Returning
to Utah, he went to Park City where he did considerable
prospecting and worked upon some of the most valuable
properties in that section, notably the Daly mine. One of
the original lessees of the "Mayflower." One of the or-
ganizers of the Silver King Mining Company. In his will,
he provided for the building of the Judge Mercy Hospital,
which was to be a home for destitute or sick men who had
given their lives to mining and prospecting. The Judge
building at the southeast corner of Main and Third South
streets was built by his widow. Mining. Capitalist. Died
Sept. 14, 1392, Salt Lake City.

JUDY, WILLIAM CLARK (son of Samuel Judy of Illinois).
Born June 1, 1826, in Ohio. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Kesiah Benson March 22, 1846 (daughter of Alva
Benson and Cynthia Vail, pioneers 1852, Uriah Curtis com-
pany), who was born March 10, 1825. Only child: William
Alva b. Dec. 2, 1847, m. Alseoun Smith Nov. 15, 1869. Family
home, Big Cottonwood.

Died July 6, 1851.

JUDY, WILLIAM ALVA (son of William Clark Judy and
Kesiah Benson). Born Dec. 2, 1847; Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Married Alseoun Smith Nov. 15, 1869. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Adam and Melissa Henry Smith, pioneers 1857).
Their children: Melissa Kesiah b. Aug. 29, 1870, d. Aug. 1883;
William Aaron b. Nov. 28, 1871, m. Mary Ann Ward Oct. 22,
1897- Elvira b. May 14, 1873, d. Aug. 17, 1890; Merilla b. Feb.
27, 1875, m. Charles H. Fogg April 15, 1896; Elmina b. March
31 1877, m. Delonza Cherry Sept. 13, 1899; Angelia b. Nov.
18, 1878. d. Aug. 26, 1883; Charlotte b. Sept. 21, 1888, m.
Joseph B. Anderson June 12, 1905; Ivie Josephine b. May 9,
1890 m. Wilfred J. Price April 8, 1909; Junius Victor b. April
6, 1895. Resided Hyrum, Cache Co., Utah, and Salem, Fre-
mont Co., Idaho.

High priest; missionary.

JTTLANDER, JACOB A. Born April 8, 1805, Denmark. Came
to Utah 1856, handcart company.

Married Johanna Christina Vacht, who died 1863. Came
to Utah 1866 with husband. Their children: William, m.
Ida Ingerberg Darling; Caroline, m. Ira Button; Brigham, m.
Annie Johnson; Julia A., m. Henry John Rich; Jacob m.
Mary Johnson; Lucretia, m. Martin Larsen.

High priest. Pioneer Sevier county. Indian war veteran.
Farmer. Died June 1898, Monroe, Utah.


KAIGHTV, MAURICE M. (son of William S. Kaighn and
Nancy S. McElroy). Born March 30, 1843, Camden, N. J.
Came to Utah October 1876.

Married Effle M. Coates July 31, 1901. His children by a
former wife: Jean F.. m. A. H. Gawler; Maurice E.; Walter
H.; Herbert E. ; Merill M.

First appointed receiver of United States land office, Salt
Lake City, In February 1907; reappointed in March 1911.
Department commander of Utah G. A. R. 1899. Admitted
to the bar by Supreme court of District of Columbia 1870.
Clerk in the interior department of law, Washington, D. C.,
1869-76. Mining and corporation lawyer Salt Lake City.
Served with the 44th and 197th regiments, Pennsylvania
volunteer infantry. In the Civil war.

KARLSON, CLAUS HERMAN (son of Lars Karlson, born
July 26. 1813. and Breta Anderson, born Sept. 23, 1822, both
of Bergvlk, Sweden). He was born Sept. 26, 1849. Came
to Utah In 1857, Christiansen handcart company.

Married Henrietta Severe Jan. 10, 1876 (daughter of Har-
rison Severe and Elizabeth Orr), who was born June 3, 1853.
Their children: Herman W. b. Sept. 23, 1876, died; Noel b.
Oct. 15, 1879, m. Maud Cook; Raymond Karlson b. Nov. 16,
1883, m. Nellie Martindale Nov. 29, 1910; Lawrence b. Aug. 16,
1886, m. Eva Jenkins Feb. 1, 1904; Lewis b. March 28, 1890;
Leo b. Jan. 14, 1899.

Missionary to Sweden 1887-90; member of high council In
Cassia stake 1892-1900. Member of Grantsville city council
1875-80; justice of the peace of Oakley precinct 1883-87;
chairman of Parker village board 1904-10

K \ltur.V. THOMAS (son of Thomas Karren, born in 1784,
and Catherine Clark of Isle of Man). He was born in 1810
on Isle of Man. Came to Utah July 28, 1847, with part of
Company E, Mormon Battalion.

Married Ann Ratcliff (daughter of John Ratcliff and Lydia
Farecliff married at Farnely, Eng.). She was born Nov. 1,
1815, Liverpool, Eng., and came to Utah 1850, Captain Dil-
ley company. Their children: John b. 1834, m. Mariah Law-
rence; Catherine K. b. 1836, m. Lorenzo Hatch; Lydia K. b.
1838, m. Silbvens Collett; Thomas, Jr., b. 1840, m. Sarah Reed;
Joseph b. 1842, d. child; Hyrum b. July 9, 1844, m. Martha
Langley Dec. 30, 1865; Charles H. b. 1846, m. Sarah Agnes
Davis; Ann b. 1848, d. child; Mary K. b. Feb. 1852, m. Hyrum
Bennion; Isabel K. b. Jan. 1, 1866, m. S. R. Thurman; David
b. 1858, died. Family home Lehi, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Gilcrist at Salt Lake City. Their chil-
dren: George b. 1865; Robert b. 1867; James b. 1869; Eliza
b. 1871, m. Mr. Carra.

Married Hannah . Their children: Jane; Anna; one

boy died young.

Missionary to Sandwich Islands In 1853; bishop's coun-
selor. First man to plow a furrow and start the settlement
of Lehl. Built first house in Lehl. Indian war veteran.

KARREN, THOMAS (son of Thomas Karren and Ann Rat-
cliff). Born Dec. 22, 1839, Liverpool, Engr. Came to Utah in

Married Sarah Garrett. Their children: Thomas b. March
4, 1864, m. Sarah Caldwell and Nettie Van Norton; David H.
b. June 22, 1866, m. Elizabeth Haworth; Charles.

Married Ellen Wllkshire (Rolf) in 1876 at Lehl, Utah, who
was born April 2, 1845.

Their children: Virginia b. Aug. 8, 1877, m. Roy B. Ander-
son; Pearl b. Nov. 21, 1879, m. Hatch Murray; Merton b.
April 22, 1883, m. Minerva Melvina Wilkins Johnson; Maud
b. May 25, 1885, m. Frederick W. Richards; Margaret b. May
26, 1885, and Clarence, d. child. Family home Vernal, Utah.

Ellen Wilkshire was the widow of Jasper Rolf, a pioneer
of 1847, to whom were born: William, m. Hannah Jacobs;
Annie, m. Garabaldi Gamble; Lydia, m. J. M. Shaffer; Samuel,
m. Hetta Crandall.

Missionary to England 1891-93; high priest; ward and
Sunday school teacher. Early settler to Lehl; moved to
Vernal in 1879. Sheepman. Died November 1903 at Vernal,

KARREN, MERTON (son of Thomas Karren and Ellen Wilk-
shire). Born April 22, 1883, at Vernal, Utah.

Married Minerva Melvina Wilkins (Johnson) Nov. 22, 1900,
Vernal, Utah (daughter of Oscar Wilkins and Mary Jane
McEwan of Provo, Utah, pioneers. She was born Dec. 17,

Farmer and stockralser.

Minerva Melvina Wilkins was the widow of J. Warren
Johnson, whom she married May 29, 1895, Salt Lake City, and
by whom were born: Warren L., April 8, 1896; Venice, Dec.
29, 1899; Isis, Feb. 10, 1902; Arvan, Aug. 1, 1903; Jessie,
Aug. 25, 1905.

KARREN, HYRUM (son of Thomas Karren and Ann Rat-
cliff). Born July 9, 1844, Nauvoo, 111.

Married Martha Langley Dec. 30, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Langley and Martha M. Frost, former
came to Utah with Heber C. Kimball company). She was
born Jan. 17, 1847, Winter Quarters, Iowa. Their children:
George Hyrum b. Dec. 2, 1866, m. Ella Kent; Mary Isabel
b. Sept. 29, 1868, m. E. M. Harris; Thomas Sylvester b. Aug.
12, 1870, m. Annie Pingray; Fredrich William b. May 12,
1873, m. Annie Pingray; Lydia Elnora b. Nov. 11, 1879, m.
Edward Leavitt March 9, 1899; Dennina Ann b. Jan. 11, 1876,
m. John Blair May 20, 1895; Vila May b. Dec. 2. 1882, m.
George Elfonzo Pope Dec. 10, 1902. Family home Lewiston,

Hauled rock for Salt Lake temple, 1861. High priest.
Drove cattle across the plains several times. Mlnuteman In
early Indian troubles.

KARREN, THOMAS S. (son of Hyrum Karren and Martha
Langley). Born Aug. 12, 1870, at Richmond, Utah.

Married Georgiana Leavitt (daughter of George Leavitt
and Jeanette Brinkerhoff married Aug. 29, 1852, Center-
ville, Utah former came to Utah in 1847, Jedediah M. Grant
company; latter Sept. 26, 1847, Ira Eldredge company). She
was born Oct. 29, 1873, at Lewiston, Utah. Their children:
Liva b. July 6, 1892; Verta b. March 16, 1894; Leahfay b.
Oct. 26, 1896; Lowell Sylvester b. Sept. 23, 1897; Myrtle b.
Aug. 10, 1899; George Leavitt b. April 17, 1902; Zenda b.
June 4, 1904; Langley Clawson b. May 14, 1906; Fred Velford
b. June 16, 1909. Family home Lewiston, Utah.

Missionary to eastern states in 1898, and to southern
states in 1901; member high council of Benson stake 1901-09;
bishop of 3d ward at Lewiston in 1909.

opher Kartchner and Prudence Wilcox, of Hartvllle, Mont-
gomery county, Pa.). Born May 4, 1820, Hartvllle. Came
to Utah In 1847, Captain Emmett company, escorted by
members of the Mormon Battalion.

Married Margaret Jane Casteel (daughter of Jacob I.
Casteel and Sarah Nowlin, of Cooper county. Mo.), who was
born Sept. 1, 1826, and came to Utah with husband. Their
children: Sarah Emma, m. Nlnlan Miller; William Amnuin.
died; Prudence Jane, m. William J. Flake: John, m. Lydia
A. Palmer; Mark Ellsha, m. Phoebe Palmer; Alzada S..



m. Alma Z. Palmer; James, died; Mary Marinda, m. Don
C. Clayton; Nowlin D., m. Margaret Savage; Orrin, m.
Annie Hunt; Euphemia A., died. Family home Beaver City,

Married Elizabeth Gale at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Henry Gale of Australia, who came to Utah with oxteam
company). Their children: Aaron, m. Margaret Blythe;
Culver, m. Rebecca Stewart; Minnie, m. William E. Stratton;
Byrtleson, m. Emma McCleve; Darien, m. Haggle McCleve;
Elsie, m. George Gale; Etta, m. John McCleve; Melva, died.
Family home Snowflake, Ariz.

Seventy; superintendent of Sunday school; ward and
block teacher. Postmaster Panguitch, Utah, and Snowflake,
Ariz. Blacksmith; farmer. Died May 14, 1892, Snowflake.

KARTCHNER, MARK ELISHA (son of William Decatur
Kartchner and Margaret Jane Casteel)- Born Dec. 10, 1853,
San Bernardino, Cal. Came to Utah, spring of 1858.

Married Phoebe Palmer May 11, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Zemira Palmer and Sally Knight of Provo,
Utah, pioneers 1847, division of Mormon Battalion). She
was born Feb. 18, 1858. Their children: Mark Elisha b.
June 6, 1876, m. Nellia Loveless; Zemira b. April 12, 1879,
died; Asael W. b. June 21, 1882, m. Rosina Heath; Ellora
b. Oct. 24, 1889, m. Benjamin H. Knudsen; Lydia b. Oct. 30,
1891, died; Rachel b. March 1, 1895; Lyman Alma b. March
17, 1897; Jesse C. b. July 11, 1899. Family resided Snowflake,
Ariz., and Provo, Utah.

Seventy; high priest; block teacher; superintendent of
Sunday school; president T. M. M. I. A. Farmer.

Frances O. b. Dec. 3, 1875, m. Fred N. Swalberg; Nels Frank
b. Oct. 2, 1877, m. Carrie B. Mayfleld; Lydia b. April 26,
1881, m. Charles E. Ferre; Elmer E. b. Jan. 15, 1884; Blanche
b. Aug. 3, 1886, m. Herbert Beck March 7, 1906. Family
home Gunnison, Utah.

High councilor. Farmer.

KATZ, MICHAEL S. (son of Michael Katz and Catherine
Jolley of Philadelphia, Pa.). Born April 20, 1853.

Married Mary J. Thomas Dec. 25, 1880, Salt Lake City,
Elias Smith performing ceremony (daughter of Samuel
Thomas and Ann Jones of Salt Lake City, pioneers Sept.
25, 1849, Dan Jones company). She was born June 8, 1858,
Salt Lake City: Their children: Edith b. Nov. 1, 1881; Vera
b. Sept. 7, 1887; Harold T. b. Dec. 6, 1894. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

KAY, THOMAS (son of John Kay and Margaret Batisby
of St. Helens, Lancashire, Eng.). Born June 21, 1836.
Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1854.

Married Margret Ann Vest April 16, 1864 (daughter of
Elizabeth Barnaby), who was born March 31, 1849. Their
children: John Thomas Kay, m. Laura Rosetta Haus Nov. 12,
1890; Amanda Melvina Kay, m. Andrew B. Roberts Nov. 13,
1890; Abraham Kay, m. Ellen Burgin; Lorenzo Kay, m.
Martha Kay.

Married Eliza Day Dec. 13, 1869, In Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Day and Mary Ann Leonard, came
to Salt Lake City with Wheeler Duncan married Nov. 23,
1840, St Augustine, Lancashire, Eng.). She was born Dec.
4, 1846, in Stock Port, Lancashire, Eng. Their children:
Sarah Ann Kay, b. Aug. 3, 1871, m. Charles Henry Stark;
Mary Elizabeth Kay, b. Nov. 8, 1874, m. James William Kay
June 20, 1896.

Farmer. Died 1875, Mona, Juab Co., Utah.

KAY, JOHN THOMAS (son of Thomas Kay and Margret
Ann Vest). Born Feb. 8, 1865, in Mona, Juab Co., Utah.

Married Laura Rosetta Haus Nov. 12, 1890, Provo. Utah
(daughter of John M. Haus and Laura Jane Partridge, of
Mona, Juab Co., Utah), who was born March 28, 1871.
Their children: Calvin Kay b. April 25, 1894; Lucinda Kay,
b. Nov. 16, 1896; Loren Kay b. May 4, 1897; Millie Rosetta
Kay b. July 21, 1898; Laura Ann Kay b. frov. 17, 1899; Lapreal
Kay b. March 21, 1901; Leona Kay b. Nov. 1, 1902; Carma
Alta Kay b. Aug. 29, 1904; Arvella Kay b. Dec. 6, 1906;
Dorothy Kay b. Aug. 11, 1908; Enico Verll Kay b. Feb. 18,
1911; Lillian Marie Kay b. April 24, 1913.

Farmer and stockraiser.

KAY, WILLIAM (son of William and E'izabeth Mercer of
Chailey, Lancashire, Eng.). Born April 11, 1811, Challey.
Came to Utah Oct. 10, 1848. Willard Richards company.

Married Mary Twinberrow Wattis 1844, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Edmund Wattis and Sarah Twlmberrow), who
was born Aug. 26, 1819. Their children: Jeanetta, m. David
George Nelson; Sarah Elizabeth, m. Willace Foulger; Maria
Deborah, m. George Walker; Martha A., m. James Allen;
Isabella, m. William David Littlefield; Elveretta, m. Ezra
Farr. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Missionary in Great Britain 1840-44, and to Carson, Nev.
1856; bishop of Kaysville; president of West Weber district.
Farmer. Died March 25, 1875, Ogden.

KM VUVS. AUSTIN (son of Hamilton H. Kearns and Char-
lott White). Born Sept. 2, 1845, in Iowa.

Married Mary Jergensen Jan. 29, 1865, Gunnison, Utah
(daughter of Andrew Jergensen and Elizabeth Snelson of
Denmark, pioneers January, 1856, Martin and Willis hand-
cart company). She was born July 15, 1846. Their children:
William b. Jan. 12, 1866. m. Lillie May Whitlock; Charlott
b Dec. 16, 1868, m. William S. Roper; Mahala b. Sept. 18,
1869, m. William C. Marten; Andrew H. b. Nov. 29, 1871, m.
Eliza Jenson; John M. b. Sept. 8, 1873, m. Fleata Long;

KEAHNS, HAMILTON H. (son of Matthew Kearns of Ohio
and Mahala Frazier of Ireland). Born Sept. 17, 1817, Ohio.
Came to Utah Sept. 8, 1850, Aaron Johnson company.

Married Charlott White in 1840, in Ohio (daughter of
William and Elizabeth White of Ohio), who was born in
1825. Their children: Mahala; William b. Oct. 3, 1841, m.
Martha Snellson; John; Austin b. Sept. 2, 1845, m. Mary
Jergensen; Elizabeth b. May, 1848, m. Hans Jergensen.
Family home Springville, Utah.

Married Emma M. Guymon Feb. 4, 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Noah T. Guymon and Mary D. Dudley of Nau-
voo, 111.; they came to Utah in 1850. Matthew Caldwell com-
pany). She was born July 8, 1842. Their children: Edwin
J. b. Dec. 29, 1858, m. Ovanda Whltbeck; Emma Jane b.
March 15, 1861, m. George H. Knlghton; Marion D. b. Feb. 23,
1863; Helena M. b. March 16, 1865, m. William Parker;
Harriet L. b. Oct. 12, 1867, m. Heber S. Goddard; Anna A.
b. May 3, 1870, m. Moses Johnson; Noah G. and Margaret
B. b. Dec. 24, 1873; Noah, m. Ella Garrick; Margarett, m.
Samuel Dowse; Joseph A. b. June 17, 1876, m. Cordelia
Peterson; Zina b. April 22, 1878; Zada b. March 2, 1880, m.
Hubert T. Andrews; Leah b. Sept. 1884. Families resided
at Springville and Gunnison, Utah.

Bishop of Gunnison. Indian war veteran. Wheelwright;
millwright; blacksmith. Died Feb. 28. 1893.

KEARNS. EDWIN J. (son of Hamilton H. Kearns and Emma
M. Guymon) Born Dec. 29, 1858, Springville, Utah.

Married Ovanda Witbeck Feb. 1, 1899, Gunnison, Utah
(daughter of John C. Witbeck and Susan Roper of Gun-
nison, Utah, pioneers 1857). She was born March 3, 1876.
Their children: Helen b. Nov. 25, 1899; Edwin J. b. April
28, 1901; Richard Dudley b. Dec. 18, 1906; Henry Witbeck
b. May 27, 1910. Family home Salt Lake City.

Member board of sheep commissioners 1902-04.

KEARNS, THOMAS (son of Thomas Kearns and Margaret
Maher of Ireland). Born April 11, 1862, Oxford county.
Upper Canada. Came to Utah 1883.

Married Jennie Judge Sept. 14, 1890 (daughter of Patrick
Judge of Ireland, and Jane Pattison of America). She was
born Nov. 30, 1869, Port Henry, Essex county, N. T. Their
children: Margaret, d. 1893; Edmund J.; Thomas F.; Helen
Marie. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Worked on Denver & Rio Grande railroad until the com-
pletion of the line to Salt Lake City. In June, 1883, he went
to Park City and entered the employ of the Ontario Min-
ing Company; in 1889 went to work for the Woodside mine,
which was then owned by Edward Ferry. That same year
he bought Into a lease on the Mayflower mine, the other
lessees being David Keith, John Judge, A. B. Emery and
W. V. Rice. In 1891 he, with David Keith and their part-
ners, bonded the Silver King mine site, and purchased the
same in 1892. He became its manager and through his
enterprise and ability effected Its rapid and successful

Member city council of Park City, and In 1894 was elected
to the Constitutional Convention which, in 1895, framed
the basic law of the present state of Utah. Delegate to
the National Republican Convention held at St. Louis, Mo.
Elected United States senator in 1901. Donated $50,000 for
the erection and endowment of St. Ann's orphanage In Salt
Lake City. Sole owner of the Pixton property on Main
street; owner of the Kearns terraces at corner of Sixth
South and State, and corner of First and G street. Part
owner in the Grand Central, Raymond, Crown Point and
other mines. Builder and owner of the Kearns building.
With David Keith, principal owner of the Daily Salt Lake
"Tribune." Capitalist.

Ki'.r.i.i:. RICHARD. Came to Utah 1853, oxteam company.

Married Elenor . Their children: Aleck; Dabney;

Thomas; Elizabeth; J. Polly. Family home Payson, Utah.

Indian war veteran. Farmer. Died 1877, at Mt. Carmel,

KEELE, THOMAS (son of Richard and Elenor Keele).
Born Aug. 16, 1828. Came to Utah 1863, oxteam company.

Married Mary Jolly (daughter of Henry Bryant Jolly
and Britannia Mayo, of Spanish Fork, Harmony and Mt.
Carmel, Utah, came to Utah 1863, oxteam company). She
was born 1834. Their children: Nancy E. b. Jan. 15, 1863,
m. William H. Worthen; Susan Elizabeth b. Oct. 1854. m.
Harvey Pace; Henry b. 1856, m. Maggie Englestead; Mary
b. 1858. m. Henry Jolly; William b. 1860. m. Annabell
Bullock; Richard Bryant b. 1862, m. Mary Hanson; John b.
1864, m. Vind Owens; Alice b. 1866, m. John Jolly; Nephl
b. 1868, m. Martha Boick; Cynthia Ann b. 1870, m. Chris.
Larsen; Maggie b. 1873, m. Heber Petty. Family home
Harmony, Mt. Carmel and Emery. Utah.

Elder. Veteran Black Hawk Indian war. Farmer. Died
in Uinta reservation.



Keeler and Amy Hutchlnson of Pemberton, N. J.). Born
July 26. 1811, at Pemberton, N. J. Came to Utah in Septem-
ber 1862 with Horace S. Eldredge company.

Married Ann Brown (Taylor) in 1853 (daughter of James
Brown and Elizabeth Atkin of Tildsley, Eng.). Their chil-
dren: Amy b. July 28, 1864, died; Joseph Brigham b. Sept.
8, 1856, m. Martha Alice Fairbanks May 17, 1883; Theodosia
b. Aug. 31, 1858. m. Jacob Collier; Lucy b. Oct. 27, 1860, died.
She was the widow of Benjamin Taylor, by whom she had
the following children: James; Sarah; Ann; Mary Jane;
Martha, died.

Married Philinda Eldredge (Merrick) in July 1843 at Nau-
voo, 111. Their children: Abner Eldredge, m. Jane Shaw;
Daniel, died.

High priest; ward teacher. Mason; contractor; builder.

KEELER, JOSEPH BRIGHAM (son of Daniel Hutchinson
Keeler and Ann Brown). Born Sept. 8, 1855, Salt Lake City.

Married Martha Alice Fairbanks May 17, 1883, Salt Lake
City (daughter of David Fairbanks and Susan Mandville of
Mountain View, N. J., came to Utah in October 1847, with
John Taylor company). She was born June 29, 1860. Their
children: Major Joseph b. Feb. 19, 1884, m. Esther Reese:'
Beulah May b. Oct. 25, 1885, m. Daniel H. McAllister; Karl
Fairbanks b. Jan. 1, 1887, m. Kitty Leetham; Irvin Talmage
b. Nov. 29, 1889; Hattie Brown b. April 3, 1891; Eva Josephine
b. Oct. 25, 1894; David Hutchinson b. April 1, 1896; Ralph
Budd b. Dec. 27, 1897; Daniel Mandeville b. Oct. 28, 1900;
Paul Fortesque b. Feb. 12, 1904.

High priest; missionary to southern states 1880-82; super-
intendent of T. M. M. I. A. of Utah stake 1893-96; bishop of
4th ward, Provo, 1896-1901; president of Utah stake of Zion
1908-13. County recorder 1882-84; city councilman 1876-79;
member of board of trustees of Agricultural College at
Logan 1894-96. Author and publisher; one of the presi-
dency of the Brigham Toung University, Provo, 1913.

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KEELER, JAMES (son of George Keeler and Laura Thomp-
son of Vermont). Born Jan. 4, 1817, Ferrisburg, Vt. Came
to Utah in 1849.

Married Jane Herritt June 8, 1842, Jacksonville, 111. She
died in 1845. Their child: Sophia b. July 29, 1843.

Married Eliza Shelton March 3, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of David Booth Shelton and Bethiah Slawson of

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