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LAKE, JOHN WILLIAM (son of William Lake and Ellen
Grimes). Born April 13, 1862, Ephraim, Utah.

Married Annie Elizabeth Everett March 13, 1883, Mt.
Pleasant, Utah (daughter of Charles Washington Everett
and Elizabeth Coats). She was born April 13, 1866. Their
adopted child: Basil Guy b. Feb. 2, 1895. Family home
Castle Dale, Utah.

President 91st quorum seventies; missionary to Oregon;
ward teacher 18 years; Sunday school superintendent.
Treasurer Castle Dale two years. Stockralser and farmer.

LAMB, SUEL (son of Erastus Lamb, born 1806, and Abigail
M. Jackson, born 1808, both of Connecticut, former died
while crossing plains to Utah). He was born March 1, 1833,
Huron, Wayne county, N. Y. Left Nauvoo 1846, arrived in
Utah October, 1862, James Snow company.

Married Elizabeth Zimmerman Nov. 30, 1864, Lehi, Utah
(daughter of George G. Zimmerman and Julia Ann Hoke).
who came to Utah in William Critchlow's company. Their
children: Elizabeth Victorine b. Oct. 19, 1866, m. William
Hyde Jan. 20, 1873; Julia Ann b. Dec. 26, 1867, m. Joseph
B. Roper Dec. 28, 1877; Susie b. Jan. 12, 1860, m. William
Hawkes Oct. 11, 1878; Harriet Emeline b. Feb. 23, 1862,
m. James Johnson Dec. 23, 1880; Olive Rosan b. May 30.
1864, m. Joseph Johnson Oct. 29, 1884; Suel Erastus b. Nov.
20, 1866, m. Phoebe A. Thurston Dec. 12, 1888; Margaret
Elsie b. April 1, 1869, m. Joseph T. Sharp April 1, 1888;
Myra Christenia b. April 19, 1871, m. Joseph B. Daines
Oct. 24, 1889; George Zimmerman b. Aug. 2, 1873, m. Jane
E. Grant June 6, 1894; John James b. Oct. 4, 1876, m. Tracy
Thurston March 6, 1896.

Married Anna Wys in 1864 at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Jacob Wys and Elizabeth Wayman, former a pioneer,
handcart company). She was born Sept. 1, 1839, Zurich,

Married Susan Kirby in 18S4 at Logan, Utah (daughter
of John Klrby and Charlotte Wright), who was born May
6, 1836. Shipmeadow, Suffolk, Eng.

Missionary among the Indians 1863; bishop's counselor
to Robert Daines of Hyde Park 16 years. School trustee
of Hyde Park. Died Feb. 10, 1913.

Married Mary Alice Cannon Nov., 1844, at Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of George Cannon and Ann Quayle of Liverpool,
Eng.). She was born Dec. 9, 1828. Their children: Charles
J., m. Lillie Druce and Mary Hovey; George C., m. Mary
Alice Needham and Rosina Cannon; Richard G.. m. Mary
Ann Jenkins and Martha Hovey; Mary A., m. Thomas H.
Woodbury; Ann T. and Leonora E., m. Isaac M. Waddell;
David H.. m. Minnie Eldredge; Sarah M., m. Louis C. Shaw;
Elizabeth, died; Angus M., m. Edna Snow; Joseph, d. infant;
James C, m. Mary Waddell; Ellas, died infant; Alma C.
m. Mary Woods. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Euphemia Gillespy 1872 at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Ralph Gillespy and Margaret Thompson, who came
to Utah July 12, 1871). Their children: Elizabeth, m.
Joseph Porter; William G., m. Olive Patten; Isaac G. m
Florence Cottrell; Thomas G., m. Pearl E. Tomllnson;
Maggie G., m. John Carlson. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Senior president 23d quorum seventies; missionary to
England, 1882-83 and 1870-71; block teacher. Stone cutter
and mason. Died May 2, 1892, at Salt Lake City.

LAMBERT, GEORGE C. (son of Charles Lambert and Mary
Alice Cannon). Born April 11, 1848, at Winter Quarters
Neb. Came to Utah October, 1849, Allen Taylor company.

Married Mary Alice Needham May 1, 1871, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Needham and Alice Warburton,
both of St. Louis, Mo., pioneers 1864). She was born March
25, 1853. Their children: May N. b. May 4, 1872, died infant-
George C. b. Dec. 10. 1873, m. Kate Y. Clawson; James N!
b. June 18, 1876, m. Maria G. James; Mary A. N. b. Ausr 10
1878, m. John G. Peart; William N. b. Nov., 1881, died when
10 years old; Lester N. b. Sept. 20, 1885, m. Afton Eldredge-
Zina N. b. Nov. 17, 1S87. m. W. Haven Willey; Grace N.
b. May 19, 1890, m. George P. Frayner; Felicia N. b. April

LAMBERT, CHARLES (son of Charles Lambert and Sarah
Greaves of Kirk Delghton, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born Aug.
30, 1816. Came to Utah October, 1849, was captain in Allen
Taylor company.

, o.

Married Rosina M. Cannon Nov. 4, 1872, at Salt Lake
City (adopted daughter of George Q. Cannon, but daughter
of James Mathews and Mary Oakey). She was born Oct.,
1862. Their children: Edna C. b. April 27,- 1874, m. Eugene
M. Cannon; Leroy C. b. Dec. 23, 1877. d. infant; Ettie C
b. May 23, 1880. m. Emil Egli; Mamie C. b. Dec. 17 1885
m. James Smith; Sidney C. b. Jan. 22. 1891. d. aged is'
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England 1882-84; senior president 23d
quorum seventies; worker in Salt Lake temple. Manager
Deseret News 1887-92. President and manager Lambert
Paper Company 1893; president Lambert Manufacturing
Co., Lambert Roofing Co. and Lambert Calendar and Novelty

LAMBERT, JOHN (son of Richard Lambert, born July 10
1771, West Martin, Yorkshire, Eng., and Patience Vey of
Yorkshire married Oct. 6, 1811, in Yorkshire). Born Jan.
31, 1820, at Gargrave, Yorkshire. Came to Utah Sept 11,
1860, Lorenzo Young company.

Married Adelia G. Groesbeck Feb. 6, 1846, at Sugar Creek,
Iowa (daughter of Garret L. Groesbeck and Mercy Bos-
worth), who was born April 14, 1822; came to Utah Sept.
12, 1860, Thos. Johnson company. Their children: Martha
Adelaide b. Feb. 24, 1847, m. William R. Green Feb. 24,
1866; John Carlos b. Sept. 20, 1849, m. M. A. Woodard 1882
and Olevia F. Anderson 1886; Mary Adelia b. Sept. 11, 1851,
m. William Gibson 1873; Sarah Amelia b. March 9 1863 m
Silas M. Pack Jan. 6, 1874; Richard Franklin b. Feb 11
1856, m. Elva E. Woolstenhulme 1886; Jededlah Grant b.
July 10, 1867, m. Alice M. Myrick 1887; Ann Maria b. May
24, 1861, m. Thomas A. White 1883; Emma Cordelia b. Jan.
6, 1864, m. Don C. Pack 1896; Mercy Harriet b. March 21
1866, m. Daniel B. Lewis Jan. 25, 1887. Family resided Salt
Lake City and Kamas.

Married Elena Hansena Larsen in 1885, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hans Larsen and Elena Dorathea Benson of
Denmark, pioneers Sept. 30, 1853, Capt. John Forsgren com-
pany married Aug., 1836, at Copenhagen, Denmark). She
was born Sept. 13, 1838, in Denmark. Their children: Joseph
Heber b. Oct. 27, 1856. m. Alice Matilda Mitchie Jan. 7,
1886; Ephraim b. Nov. 4, 1858, m. Agnes Catherine Harriette
Mitchie April 1880; Dan b. March 2, 1861, m. May Young
March 6, 1884; Eleanor Dorothea b. April 9, 1863. m. Robert
Moroni Mitchie Jan. 7, 1886; Mary Elizabeth b. June 14,
1866, m. Robert Booth Montgomery Oct. 18, 1886; Sarah
Christine b. Aug. 20, 1867, d. Sept. 18. 1867; Rebecca Cornelia
b. Aug. 30, 1868, m. Ephraim Merritt Jan. 26, 1886; John
Benjamin b. March 10, 1871, m. Edith Lemon Oct., 1892;
Laura Amanda b. July 1, 1873, d. July 3. 1876; Parley William
b. H July 28, 1876, d. Dec. 4. 1892; Emeline Agnes b. May 19.
1879, m. Frank Carpenter 1901; Alice Adelia b. Feb. 7. 1882.
d. infant. Family resided. Salt Lake City and Kamas.

Member 9th quorum seventies. Settled at Salt Lake City
1860, moved to Kamas in 1861; at both places took an active
part in upbuild of country. Member Nauvoo legion. Echo
Canyon war veteran. Worked on Salt Lake temple. Brick-
mason. Died Nov. 26, 1893, at Kamas.

LAMBERT, JOHN CARLOS (son of John Lambert, born 1820,
Yorkshire, Eng., and Adelia G. Groesbeck, born 18?2, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio, married 1846). Born Sept. 20, 1849, at Kansas
City, Mo. Came to Utah Sept. 11, 1860, L. Young company.

Married Margarete Ann Woodard Feb. 23, 1882, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Charles N. Woodard and Margarete
Ann Malin, pioneers 1847). She was born Feb. 19, 1859, at
Salt Lake City, died Jan. 6, 1883, at Kamas, Utah. The only
child was Margarete Ann, who died young.

Married Olevia Frances Anderson April 14, 1886, Logan,
Utah (daughter of William Ove Anderson and Dorothy



Erlckson, pioneers 1847). She was born Nov. 11, 1860, at
Salt Lake City. Their children: John Carlos b. Feb. 12,
1887. m. Laura Seymour Sept. 23. 1908; Roy Grant b. April
18, 1888; Olive Alberta b. Feb. 2, 1890, m. Clarence E. Jones
June 1, 1910; Alfred William b. March 22, 1892; Harold Alma
b. June 18, 1894; Parley Henry b. March 27, 1896; Lorraine
b. April 27, 1900. Family resided, Salt Lake City and Kamas.
Ward clerk at Kamas eight years. County commissioner;
county road commissioner; justice of peace; school trustee;
constable; mayor of Kamas. School teacher. Indian war
veteran. Farmer and stockraiser. Died June 29, 1912, at

LAMBERT, JOHN CARLOS, JR. (son of John C. Lambert and
Olevia Frances Anderson). Born Feb. 12, 1887, Kamas,

Married Laura Seymour Sept. 23, 1908 (daughter of Charles
W. Seymour and Elizabeth Brown; former came to Utah 1853,
latter in 1864). She was born June 8. 1886. Only child:
Beth b. Aug. 3, 1911. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Elder; superintendent Sunday school at Kamas 1907-08;
2d counselor in Y. M. M. I. A. of Kanab ward 1909. School
teacher 1907-09. Deputy state dairy and food commissioner
1911-13. Graduate B. Y. U. 1907. Bachelor of Science
Utah Agricultural college 1911.

LAMBERT, JOSEPH HEBER (son of John Lambert and
Elena H. Larsen). Born Oct. 27, 1866, at Salt Lake City,

Married Alice Matilda Mitchie Jan. 7, 1886, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Robert Mitchie of Scotland and Frances
Potts of England, pioneers Aug. 1861). She was born Jan.
6, 1866. Their children: Joseph Robert b. Nov. 11, 1886;
Ralph b. Nov. 14, 1888, d. Infant; Delia b. Feb. 13, 1893;
Donald b. April 20, 1896, d. infant; Harold b. Aug. 1, 1898;
Gladys b. Dec. 6, 1900; Minola b. July 28, 1903; Alta b. Oct.
6, 1906; Reed b. June 12, 1908. Family home Roosevelt,

President high priests quorum, Roosevelt; missionary to
Holland 1889-92; high councilor; stake Sunday school super-
intendent; one of presidents of seventies; counselor to
Bishop Hansen of Roosevelt ward; secretary Y. M. M. I. A.
of Kamas ward. Member Heber City council. Settled In
Kamas 1861; moved to Heber City 1885, and to Roosevelt
1908; at all these places has assisted in building up the

I.AMBORN, JOSEPH THOMAS (son of John Lamborn and
Ellen Bailey of Bath, Somersetshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 20,
1885, at Bath. Came to Utah 1864.

Married Emily Hulda Sprague, born Jan. 16, 1858 (daugh-
ter of Festus Sprague and Lydia Barrus). Their children:
Joseph Edwin b. July 18, 1879; Mary Ellen b. Oct. 4, 1881;
Emily Eliza b. March 23, 1883; Lydia Maltnda b. Jan. 18,
1885; Cora b. May 6. 1889.

President of fourth elders quorum 1903-07; assistant super-
intendent of Sunday school; ward teacher. Village treasurer.
Director In Marysville State bank and Farmers' elevator;
stockholder in Marysville Mercantile Co. and Marysville

L.AMBSON, ALFRED B. (son of Boaz Lampson and Polly
Walworth of Niagara Co., N. Y.). Born Aug. 27, 1820,
Niagara Co., N. Y. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1847, Elijah
E. Fuller company.

Married Melissa G. Bigler Nov. 25, 1845, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Mark Bigler and Susanna Ogden of West
Virginia). She was born March 24, 1825. Their children:
Melissa J., m. Albert W. Davis; Julina L., m. Joseph F.
Smith; Edna L., m. Joseph F. Smith; Alfred B., m. Eveline
DeWitt. Family home 17th ward, Salt Lake City.

Seventy; missionary to West Indian islands 1852-54. Ma-
chinist and blacksmith. Died Feb. 26, 1905, 17th ward,
Salt Lake City.

LANE, JAMES. Born March 1, 1834, Berkshire, Eng. Came
to Utah 1861, James S. Brown company.

Married Sophia S. Brown in 1859, Redding, Berkshire,
Eng. (daughter of Daniel Brown and Sarah Stopes of
Oxfordshire, Eng.). She was born April 17, 1834. Their
children: William J., d. aged 18 months; Louisa, m. James
Herridge; Sophia J., m. Theodore McKean; Clara E., m.
Samuel B. Hazen; Charlotte A., m. Nathan Gedge; Ida M.,
m. Peter Clegg; Camilla N., m. Horace Hollingworth.
Family home Brighton ward, Salt Lake City.

Seventy; choir leader. Boiler maker and farmer. Died
Feb. 10, 1879, Brighton ward, Salt Lake City.

LANEY, ISAAC (son of Culbert Means Laney and Margaret
Cook of Simpson county, Ky.). Born Dec. 19, 1815, in
Simpson county, Ky. Came to Utah in 1847, Captain Hunter

Married Sarah Ann Howard March 26, 1841, in Glrard,
Macoupin county. 111. (daughter of Samuel Howard and
Margaret Disher), who was born Sept. 16, 1822. Their chil-
dren: Margaret Elizabeth b. Jan. 13, 1843, m. James Elijah
Malin; George Culbert. Family home. Salt Lake City.

One of the presidents in seventies quorum. Died Oct.
31, 1873, at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Married Sarah E. Olson March 18, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Shure Olson and Ellen Jacobs of Salt Lake
City, pioneers Oct. 26, 1849, Charles Hopkins company).
She was born Dec. 30, 1864. Their children: Sarah Ellen
and Mary Ann b. Oct. 29, 1881; Jeremiah E. b. March 1,
1884, m. Florence Tuddenham; Estella b. Jan. 16, 1887, m.
Albert Leroy Taylor; Lester O. b. Nov. 14, 1890; Florence b.
Dec. 22, 1892; Ralph Jackson b. Dec. 23, 1896.

L.ANCFORD, WILLIAM E. (son of Jeremiah Langford and
Mary E. Jackson). Born Jan. 16, 1860.

Married Caroline A. Reed (daughter of Lev! W. Reed and
Matilda Pettit). She was born April 1, 1869. at Salt Lake
City married Oct. 10, 1876, at Salt Lake City. Their
children: William L. b. April 25, 1878; Levl A. b. Oct. 31,
1879, d. aged 27; Pearl A. b. June 28, 1881; Jeremiah b. May
27, 1883, d. aged 8; Francis b. May 27, 1883, d. infant; Ira A.
b. June 12, 1886, m. Lillian Baker; Ruby O. b. Sept. 16,
1890; Mary E. b. Dec. 28, 1892; John O. b. Nov. 6, 1894; Lewis
W. b. Nov. 15, 1898; Archie C. b. Dec. 26, 1900. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

LANGLEY, GEORGE. Born Sept. 20, 1818, in Tennessee.
Came to Utah in September, 1848.

Married Mary Turner. Their children: Elsie; Mary;

Married Martha Frost Aches in 1846, Nauvoo, 111. (daugh-
ter of McCleane Frost and Pirrina Smith of North Caro-
lina pioneers Sept., 1856). She was born 1826, Knox county,
Tenn. Their children: Martha Mclnna, m. Hyrum Karren;
Perrina McCleane, m. James Allen.

Missionary to Memphis, Tenn; Brigham Young's body-
guard. Captain of police at Nauvoo. Captain of first
company that came across the ice at Nauvoo. Standing
guard at Nauvoo temple. Built first adobe house at Salt
Lake City. Died Feb. 24, 1850, and was first man buried
in Salt Lake cemetery.

I/ANGSTON, JOHN (son of Francis Langston and Elizabeth
Heathecut). Born March 8, 1822, in London, Eng. Came
to Utah in 1854.

Married Clarinda Phillips Sept. 6, 1844 (daughter of
Israel Phillips and Dorothy Rose, the former came to Utah
1864). She was born Jan. 19, 1829. Their children: John
F. b. Sept. 16, 1862, m. Ann Morris; Clarinda Jane b. Feb.
2, 1857, m. H. F. Stout; Mary Emma b. Feb. 16, 1869, m.
Alfred F. Stout; Isaac Heber b Nov. 28, 1860, m. Rosilpha
Dalton; Jacob Heathecut b. Jan. 20, 1863, m. Alice M. Hall;
Alice Ann b. Feb. 1865, m. -Orley Dalton; Laura Matilda
b. April 15, 1869, m. Brigham Dalton; William Robert b.
Feb. 15, 1872, m. Phoebe Fames. Family resided Alpine
and Rockville, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Ann Freestone March 7, 1867, at Salt
Lake City. She was born Jan. 26, 1841, in Harden Co.,
Ohio. Their children: Elizabeth Ellen b. April 4, 1868;
George Heber b. Sept. 22, 1860.

Seventy. Indian war veteran. Settled in Dixie in 1862.
Died Dec. 21, 1882, at Rockville.

and Clarinda Phillips). Born Jan. 20, 1863, at Rockville,

Married Alice Maud Hall Oct. 1, 1884, at St. George
(daughter of John C. Hall, pioneer 1861, and Kezla DeGrey).
She was born April 6, 1864, at Rockville. Their children:
Maud, m. D. Earl Bishop Dec. 20, 1906; Jacob Alma b. May 3,
1887, m. Jennie P. Camp Dec. 21, 1910; Ella b. Jan. 12, 1889;
Sarah b. Sept. 26, 1890; Myrtle Kezla b. Dec. 16, 1892; Charles
John b. March 24, 1895; Carrie b. Oct. 22, 1898; Tressle b.
April 2, 1901; Enola b. Sept. 24, 1903. Family resided Rock-
ville and Hinckley. Utah.

Bishop's counselor at Rockville and also at Hinckley.
Member state legislature, 1910 session.

Langford and Mary Ann Jackson of Rome, Ga.). Born Sept.
18, 1848, at Rome. Came to Utah Sept. 11, 1866, Seth M.
Blair company.

I/APISH, JOSEPH (son of Joseph Lapish and Ann Mltchel
of Woodhouse, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born April 3, 1830, Wood-
house. Came to Utah Aug. 27, 1860, with Daniel Robinson
handcart company.

Married Hannah Settle July 3. 1853, Bradford, York-
shire, Eng. (daughter of William Settle and Hannah Strick-
land of Beaston, near Leeds, Yorkshire). She was born
Nov. 2, 1834. Mrs. Lapish founded the society of the Daugh-
ters of the Handcart Pioneers April 14, 1910. Their chil-
dren: Marintha A., d. child; Laura J., m. William H. Bird;
Emily V., m. Silas D. Beebe; Joseph S.; James W., m. May
Kirby, m. Addie Brlce; Sarah Ann, m. Phillip Stelzer; Rose
Hannah, d. infant; Kate Amalia and Fanny Sherwood
(twins), d. infants.

Missionary to eastern states and England, 1883 to 1886;
president high priest's quorum; Sunday school superintend-
ent at Salina. Upon arrival In Utah he settled at Lehl,
where he taught school and engaged in farming. In 186*
and 1867, in company with Edward Webb, he made an
overland trip for freight to Los Angeles, Cal.; In 1867
and 1868, in company with Gilbert Webb, he built a tele-
graph line between Cheyenne, Wyo., and Denver, Colo. In



1868 he moved to Salt Lake county, where he engaged In
mining and smelting work; in 1876 he moved to Sallna,
where he served as school trustee, town clerk and justice
of peace. Died March 2, 1909, Sallna, Utah.

LAPISH, JOSEPH SETTLE (son of Joseph Laplsh and
Hannah Settle). Born Nov. 4, 1861, Lehi, Utah.
Member 4th state legislature of Utah. Inventor.

I. \K VMII-:. ONEZIME (son of Louis Laramie and Mary
Vinet of Canada). Born Sept. 25, 1837, St. Rock, Canada.
Came to Utah 1859.

Married Harriet Ground Dec. 16, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Amond Ground), who was born 1840. Their
children: Harriet Esther b. Jan. 25, 1863. m. Richard Wil-
son; Mary Elizabeth b. Sept. 21, 1865, m. David Allen;
Onezime Louis, died. Family home Orangeville, Utah.

Married Alice Heaps Dec. 25, 1870, Panaca, Nev. (daugh-
ter of Henry Heaps and Susannah Turner of Garston, Eng.,
pioneers 1863). She was born March 18, 1855. Their chil-
dren: Susannah b. April 18, 1872, m. Henry Davis; Alice
Annis b. April 11, 1874, m. John W. Woolsey; John Henry
b. Oct. 18, 1879, m. May Moffett; Armeline b. June 30, 1886,
m. William Taylor; Josette b. Feb. 21, 1886, died; Henrietta
b. June 8, 1890,' m. Orsen Miles. Family home Orangeville,

Member 86th quorum seventies. Farmer; shoemaker;

LARK, WILLIAM (son of Samuel and Miss Coe of Norfolk,
Eng.). Born March 15, 1819, at Norfolk. Came to Utah
Aug. 30, 1860, Jesse E. Murphy company.

Married Mary Clarkson in 1843 at Beverly, Eng. (daugh-
ter of Mathew and Elizabeth Clarkson of Beverly). She
was born Oct. 28, 1824. Their children: Maria Elizabeth
b. Jan. 11, 1844; Mary Francis b. May 3. 1846; Clarissa b.
March 26, 1848, m. James Knight; Minus b. March 1, 1851;
Erastus Robert b. Feb. 15, 1853, m. Mary Peterson; Isabella
b. Aug. 23, 1855, m. James Knight; William Henry b. May
23. 1868; Angus Edward b. Aug. 9, 1859; Louisa b. Aug. 13,
1861; John Albert b. May 16. 1863; Julia Ann b. Nov. 1,
1866, m. Benoni Green. Family resided Beverly, Eng:., and
Salt Lake City. Utah.

Clerk for George Q. Cannon in immigration work; ward
clerk. Died May 23, 1889.

LARK, ERASTUS ROBERT (son of William Lark and
Mary Clarkson). Born Feb. 15, 1853, at Beverly. Yorkshire.

Married Mary Petersen Feb. 13, 1879, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Christian Petersen and Elizabeth Jensen of
Denmark, pioneers of Oct., 1860, John W. Young company).
She was born March 3, 1860. Their children: Erastus Ed-
ward b. Jan. 26, 1880, m. La Verna Nelson; Mary Elizabeth
b. Nov. 30, 1882, m. Eri W. Butler; Frank Theodore b. July
4, 1886; Clarissa Ellen b. June 7, 1888, m. Joseph D. Wil-
"kins; William Charles b. March 16, 1891; Alice Lenora b.
May 21, 1894; Robert Ozro b. Nov. 30, 1898; Milton Leland
b. June 26, 1901; Hazel Geneva b. June 29, 1905. Family
home Brlnton, Utah.

I. \KKIV ELIJAH (son of Thomas Larkin and Sarah South-
well of Cambridge, Eng.). Born April 20, 1829, at Chester-
ton, Cambridge. Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1863, Daniel D.
McArthur company.

Married Sarah Parley 1846 at Chesterton, Cambridge,
Eng. (daughter of James Parfey and Mary Phillips of
Chesterton). She was born Aug. 16, 1812. Their children:
George William Larkin b. April 1, 1847, m. Ann Lane;
Joseph S. Larkin b. Dec. 6, 1861, m. Harriett Chatterly.

Married Ruth Coe Nov. 17, 1863, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of James Coe and Rose Gostling Barrett of East Dere-
ham, Norfolk, Eng.). She was born April 27, 1833. Their
children: Ruth b. Jan. 6, 1865, m. Orrin W. Bates: Susan
b. Feb. 19, 1867, Elijah b. Jan. 16. 1869; John b. Dec. 31,
1871; James and Alma b. Oct. 29, 1874.

Died Jan. 4, 1906. at St. Johns, Tooele Co., Utah.

LARKIN, GEORGE WILLIAM (son of Elijah Larkin and
Sarah Parfey). Born April 1, 1847, at Chesterton, Cam-
bridge, Eng.

Married Ann Lane Aug. 2, 1869, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Henry Lane and Bridget Lyles of Leicester, Eng.,
pioneers of Sept. 6, 1864, Captain Rawlins company). She
was born Dec. 16, 1860. Their children: George William
b. July 30. 1870, m. Annie Trott; Elijah A. b. March 30,
1876, m. Aurella Mary Kremer; Emily A. b. Aug. 19, 1873;
Sarah J. Larkin b. July 29, 1879, m. William W. Shaw;
Alma J. b. Dec. 12, 1881, m. Nellie Stark; Zlna R. b. Aug.
23, 1884; Ellen E. b. Jan. 8, 1889, m. Lester H. Patterson;
Josephine P. b Oct. 23, 1891. Family home, Ogden.

Counselor in first quorum of elders, Weber stake; later
made president; first counselor to Bishop T. J. Stevens
of fifth ward, Ogden; ordained patriarch July 21, 1901.
Holds Royal Humane medal of Great Britain for saving
lives of three persons.

Married Mary Jensen. She was born June 26, 1812; came
to Utah with her husband. Their children: Lars C. b. Jan.
28, 1842, m. Clara C. Jensen Nov. 6, 1864; Ness b. May 4.
1843, m. Sarah Nelson; John b. May 1, 1846, m. Anna Jensen;
Maria, m. Paul Hansen; Anna C., m. Jens C. Jensen. Family
home Logan, Utah.

Farmer and stockraiser. Died Nov. 1864.

LARSEN. LARS C. (son of Anders Larsen, born Dec. 23.
1814, and Mary Jensen, born June 26. 1812, of Sunder-
stranders, Denmark). Born Jan. 28, 1842. at Guedumluned.
Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 10, 1861, Goodby and Wright

Married Clara C. Jensen Nov. 6, 1864 (daughter of Jens
C. Jensen and Christina Peterson, the former pioneer 1862.
Mattson company, the latter died at Florence, Neb., en route
to Utah). She was born May 1, 1848. Their children: Clara
C. b. June 9. 1866; Lars C., Jr. b. June 27, 1867, m. E. A.
Hebdon March 29. 1890; Mary b. Dec. 21, 18G9, m. Joseph
Nelson Feb. 12, 1890; Andrew b. March 19, 1872; James b.
Dec. 26, 1874, m. Olga F. L. Peterson Feb. 27, 1902; George
b. June 16, 1877; Alma P. b. Dec. 19, 1879; Alice M. b. Aug.
1. 1882; Nephi Hyrum b. April 26, 1885, m. Cathrine Mc-
Kinney Dec. 12, 1906; Annie L. b. July 23, 1888. m. Herbert
Owen June 3, 1908. Family home Logan, Cache Co., Utah.

Presided in absence of bishop 3rd ward, Logan. Utah;
ward teacher 40 years; home missionary Cache stake 1890;
worked on various church buildings. Assisted in building
Utah Northern R. R. Farmer.

LARSEN, LARS, C., JR. (son of Lars C. Larsen and Clara C.
Jensen). Born June 27, 1867, at Logan, Utah.

Married Elizabeth A. Hebdon (daughter of James R.
Hebdon and Mary A. K. White, pioneers July 1869, Captain
Loveland company). She was born April 6, 1876, at Paris.
Idaho. Their children: Christina James b. Jan. 17, 1894;
Clara Elizabeth b. March 14, 1895; Lars Harvey b. Feb. 11,
1897; Melinda Alice b. Nov. 22. 1898; Merlin Joseph b. March
21, 1902; Percy William b. Aug. 24, 1905; Arland Alvin b.
Nov. 29, 1909; Vesta b. Sept. 1, 1911. Family home Glendale,

First counselor In deacons quorum; president deacons
quorum two years; assistant secretary of Sunday school.
3rd ward; director-secretary, 3rd ecclesiastical organiza-
tion; ward clerk; first counselor to E. E. Hopkin of Worm
creek branch of Preston ward; first counselor to Austin T.
Merrill; bishop. Justice of the peace of Riverdale precinct
two terms; school trustee.

LARSEN, JOHN (son of Anders Larsen and Mary Jensen).
Born May 1, 1845, at Guedumluned, Denmark. Came to
Utah in 1861.

Married Anna Jensen Nov. 26, 1866, at Logan, Utah

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