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(daughter of Ole Jensen and Enger Pearson, pioneers 1862,
Captain Home company). She was born Dec. 4, 1846, at
Herby, Sweden. Their children: Mary Ann b. Sept. 3, 1867;
John A. b. Sept. 14, 1869, m. Myra Allen Dec. 3, 1895; Nephl
b. Aug. 1, 1872, m. Bertha S. Parkinson Dec. 7, 1898; Willard
b. Jan. 8. 1876, m. Anna B. Cowley March 4, 1902; Alma b.
Oct. 3, 1877, m. Martha Swainston Jan. 17, 1906; Charley b.
March 10, 1880; Louisa b. March 10, 1880; Marinda b. April
15, 1886; George Lee b. Jan. 11, 1889; Blanch b. June 27, 1890,
m. J. Eugene ClufE Oct. 12, 1910. Family home Logan, Utah,
and Preston, Idaho.

Bishop's counselor 15 years; bishop of Preston three years;
high councilor. Merchant and banker.

I.ARSEN, ANDREW (son of Larse Andrews and Hannah
Eskelson of Sweden). Born Jan. 26. 1819. Came to Utah
Sept. 13, 1857, Christian Christensen handcart company.

Married Caroline Andrews in 1846, born Dec. 23, 1812, at
Nalma, Sweden. Their children: Lewis b. March 12, 1847;
Anna Hannah b. Nov. 30, 1849, m. Dunham Van Leuven, Nov.
30, 1864; Mary Christine b. May 6, 1862, m. Henry F. Collin
Feb. 7. 1872. Family home Sprlngville, Utah.

Ward teacher; merchant. Died June 4, 1899, at Mapleton,

LARSEN, ANDREW (son of Ole Larsen and Ingeborg Maria
Rholfsen of Reesoer, Norway). Born March 26, 1844,
Reesoer, Norway. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1863, Peter
Nebeker company.

Married Esther Anne Follette Dec. 18, 1879, St. George,
Utah (daughter of William Tillmon Follette and Esther
Bayliss of San Pete Co., Utah, the former came to Utah
with a division of the Mormon battalion). She was born
Oct. 4, 1856.

Missionary to Norway 1892-94; first counselor to Bishop
D. L. Harris of Monroe, Utah. President of Monroe town
board; town trustee. Early settler in Sevier county. Veteran
Indian war. Farmer and stockraiser.

LARSEN, ANDERS. Born Dec. 23. 1814, at Sunderstranders,
Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1861, John R. Murdock

LARSEN, CHRISTEN A. (son of Christen and Maria C.
Larsen, of Denmark). Born March 6. 1836, in Denmark.
Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1854. Captain Olsen company.

Married Mary Ann Jensen May 18, 1868, Ephraim. Utah
(daughter of Andrew and Annie Jensen of Loland, Den-
mark). She was born March 6, 1842. Their children: Wil-
liam A., m. Matilda Anderson; Mary C, m. H. P. Larsen:
Anna b. July 12. 1866, m. James R. Larsen Dec. 2, 1885;
m. Emil W. Larsen May 10, 1902; Christian, m. Sarah Sodo-



burg; Olivia, m. Heber Nielson; Alma C., m. Mamie Tucker;
m. Vina Rockhill; Zenobia, m. Alma Jenson. Family home
Ephraim, Utah.

Seventy. Leader in city affairs of Ephraim; councilman
two 'year.-; postmaster seven years. Black Hawk Indian
war veteran, and had a horse shot from under him in this
war. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Director of
co-op, at Ephraim. Strong believer in free speech and re-
ligious freedom. He erected a large hall and fitted it up,
giving any and all denominations, without cost, the privilege
of using it for many years. In 1891 took a trip to Europe,
and visited his old home in Denmark; while on this trip
he did a great deal of good for the people of Utah. Farmer;
stockraiser and capitalist.

LARSEN, ALMA CLARENCE (son of Christen A. Larsen and
Mary Ann Jensen). Born July 10, 1877, Ephraim, Utah.

Married Mary E. Tucker April 19, 1899, at Ephraim, Utah
(daughter of Amasa Tucker of Fairview, Utah). She was
born May, 1879, died. Only child: Cecil Alma b. 1899.

Married Vina Garland Rockhill Aug. 2. 1903, at Nephi,
Utah (daughter of John Rockhill and Cynthia Amelia
Thurber of Spanish Fork, Utah, pioneers 1854). She was
born June 20, 1877.


LARSEN, CHRISTIAN GRICE (son of Lars Johansen and
Anna Margaret Sorensen). Born Dec. 17, 1828, Veile amt,
Denmark. Came to Utah September, 1867.

Married Maria Caroline Sorensen April 1, 1857, at Copen-
hagen. Denmark (daughter of Peter and Mariaret Soren-
sen of Bornholm, Denmark, pioneers Sept. 1857). She
was born Oct. 27, 1838. Their children: Annie M., m. Ras-
mus Jenstesen; Christian Grice, m. Emma Jane Seely; Han-
nah Margaret; Samuel Henry, m. Sarah Seely; Joseph
Smith, m. Jeanetta Peacock and Carrie Olsen; Orson Albert,
m. Ella Christensen; Franklin Peter, m. Ella Burresen;
George Washington, died; Erastus Snow, m. Emma E.
Petersen; Luella Minerva, m. William Petersen; Edna El-
nora, m. Ray Olson. Family home Castle Dale, Utah.

Presided over Scandinavian mission 1873-75; president
Emery stake; bishop of Spring City. Mayor of Spring
City. Moved to Castle Dale 1880.

LARSEN, SAMUEL HENRY (son of Christian Grice Larsen
and Maria Caroline Sorensen). Born Dec. 8, 1865, Spring
City, Utah.

Married Sarah Seely Oct. 24. 1890, Manti, Utah (daugh-
ter of Orange Seely and Annie Olsen of Castle Dale, Utah,
pioneers 1847). She was born Feb. 7, 1872. Their chil-
dren: Horace Henry b. April 9, 1891; Glen Seely b. Feb.
25. 1894; Lyman Grice b. May 5, 1896; Thelma b. July 1,

Member 91st quorum seventies; missionary to northern
states 1907-09; counselor Peter J. Akelund 1910-12; presi-
dent T. M. M. I. A.; ordained high priest and bishop of
Castle Dale ward Aug. 10, 1912; teacher In -ward and
Sunday school. School trustee seven years. Farmer.

LARSEN, CHRISTIAN J. (son of Lars Johansen and Anna
Margreta Sorensen). Born May 21, 1831, at Griesviele,
Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1854, himself as captain
in Hans Peter Olsen company.

Married Barbara J. Dortha Olsen Oct. 30. 1853, Copen-
hagen, Denmark (daughter of Jens Olsen and Maria Berg),
who was born April 24, 1833, Aalborg, Denmark. Their
children: John Christian b. Jan. 13, 1856, m. Susannah Titen-
sor Feb. 7, 1877; Maria b. April 11, 1857, m. Willard S.
Hansen 1876; Brlgham Louis b. Jan. 2, 1869, m. Anna
Olsen June 8, 1892; Jacob Peter b. Oct. 26, 1860, m. Sophia
Titensor Dec. 14, 1887; Julia Christina b. Oct. 16, 1862, d.
April 27, 1864; Joseph Abraham b. Dec. 15, 1864, d. Dec. 8,
1873; Erastus Snow b. Jan. 14, 1867, m. Ruth Cornish June
28, 1892; Anna Margreta b. July 30, 1870, d. July 30, 1870;
Hyrum Christopher b. May 28, 1872, m. Carlin Cornish
June 28, 1893; Barbara Dorthea b. Oct. 17, 1875, m. Milton
D. Hammond March 12, 1902. Family resided at Spring
City, Logan and Cove, Utah, and Preston, Fairview and
Rexburg, Idaho.

Married Ingeborg Ellefsen (daughter of Elef Ellefsen
and Bertha Danielsen, former pioneer 1856, Knud Petersen
company). She was born Oct. 30, 1821, Risor, Norway.
Their children: Elias Saverin b. June 2, 1859, m. Clarinda
Hannah Goaslind June 4, 1884; Mary b. Feb. 9, 1861, m.
Daniel Clark Feb. 20, 1885; Anna Margreta b. Dec. 9, 1863,
d. Dec. 9, 1863; Anna Louisa b. Dec. 9, 1863, m. Martin
Hansen. -

Married Inger Margreta Petersen Dec. 9, 1863, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Alf Petersen and Osster Christensen,
former pioneer 1863, Captain Needham company). She was
born July 7, 1838, at Risor, Norway. Their children: Ellef
Ellefsen b. Jan. 14, 1869, died (adopted); Almartin Ellefsen
b. Aug. 1, 1861, died (adopted); Magdalene b. Sept. 9, 1864,
d. Aug. 4. 1866; David Ellef b. July 1, 1866, m. Mary Alice
Smith Sept. 9, 1886; Almartin b. Dec. 25, 1868, m. Ellen
Cornish Oct. 16, 1893; Joseph Franklin b. Oct. 4, 1874, d.
Nov. 16, 1900; Alexander Willard b. Jan. 28, 1877, m. Anna
Jamesen Dec. 8, 1897.

Missionary in Denmark 1860-63; second counselor to

Bishop Thomas Kinkton; first counselor to Bishop Bal-
lard of Logan; bishop of Logan; high councilor 1872-77;
patriarch. Veteran of Echo Canyon and Black Hawk In-
dian wars. Farmer.

LARSEN, JOHN C. (son of Christian J. Larsen and Bar-
bara J. Dortha Olsen). Born Jan. 13, 1866, West Weber,

Married Susannah Titensor Feb. 7, 1877, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Titensor and Sarah Robbins of Rich-
mond, Utah, pioneers 1861). She was born Jan. 7, 1855.
Their children: John C. b. Nov. 22, 1877, m. Hattie Cornish;
Oliver T. b. June 4, 1880, d. Sept. 27, 1881; Ida Larsen
b. June 6, 1882, m. David Nash; Louis W. b. Oct. 27. 1884,
m. Ada Hendricks; Joseph R. b. May 22, 1887, m. Char-
lotte Andersen; Hazen b. April 25, 1891, d. July 4, 1900;
Hazel b. April 25, 1891, m. Louis Ricks. Family resided
Logan and Coveville, Utah.

Married Mary Ellen Titensor Nov. 24, 1881, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas Titensor and Sarah Robbins
of Richmond, Utah, pioneers 1861). She was born Jan.
13, 1859. Their children: Alice b. July 22, 1882, d. July 22,
1882; David b. June 23, 1883; Almeda b. Nov. 20, 1885, m.
Alma Hendricks; Irene E. b. July 27, 1888, m. Thomas
Rose; Inez S. b. July 27, 1888; Barbara Lavern b. Jan.
29, 1896; Edna Maria b. Nov. 16, 1897; Mary Teresa b. Dec.
8, 1900. Family home Coveville, Utah.

Married Emma Jane Howland April 27, 1887, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Henry Howland and Martha Diana Case of
Flaggtown, Ogle county, 111., former died on the plains,
latter pioneer 1852, Thomas Tidwell company). She was
born Jan. 14, 1849. Only child: Newel H. b. Jan. 30, 1888,
m. Louise Larsen. Family home Coveville, Utah.

Bishop of Coveville 1882 to date. Road supervisor. Presi-
dent Cove Water Works Corporation. Farmer.

LARSEN, EMIL W. (son of Even Larsen Laerum and Fred-
rike Wilhelmine Ohlsen). Born Feb. 28, 1859, Moss, Norway.

Married Anna Larsen May 10, 1902, Salt Lake City
(daughter of C. A. Larsen and Mary Ann Jensen of Ephraim,
pioneers Oct. 5, 1854, Captain Olsen company). She was
born July 12, 1866.

Cashier of Stockvllle Bank in Nebraska. Bookkeeper for
T. C. Martin Furniture Company, Pocatello, Idaho.

LARSEN, BRICK (son of Lars Ericksen and Dorothy Jor-
gensen of Sjelland, Denmark). Born June 20, 1845, at
Seirslev, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 30, 1866, Captain
Rawlings company.

Married Annie Elizabeth Ericksen April 4. 1868. at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Jorgen Ericksen and Sidse Peter-
sen of Tjornmard, Sjelland, Denmark, pioneers Sept. 29,
1866, Peter Nebeker company). She was born July 22.
1846. Their children: Emma Elizabeth b. May 21, 1869,
m. Jeremiah Roby; Nancy Dorothy b. March 16, 1872; Alma
E. b. Oct. 19, 1874, m. Harrietta Eden; Lars Peter b. May
11, 1877, m. Nora Oveson; Joseph Jorgen b. Aug. 3, 1879.
m. Geneva Oveson; Elsina Sophia b. Dec. 20, 1884, m. James
T. Johnson; Junius Benjamin b. May 3, 1889. Family home
Cleveland, Utah.

High priest; bishop's counselor at St. Johns, Ariz., 1887-
92, and at Cleveland, Utah, 1897-1910; patriarch; member
high council of eastern Arizona stake. Assisted in settling
St. Johns, Ariz. Farmer.

LARSEN, JOSEPH JORGEN (son of Eric Larsen and Annie
Elizabeth Erickson). Born Aug. 3, 1879, Spanish Fork,

Married Geneva Oveson Oct. 28. 1908, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lars P. Oveson and Louisa Otterstrom of
Larslev, Hjorring, Denmark, pioneers Oct. 12, 1863). She
was born June 5, 1885. Their children: Joseph La von b.
March 28, 1910; Alma Verdell b. May 24, 1912. Family
home Cleveland, Utah.

Missionary to eastern states 1906-07; president New Eng-
land conference; ordained bishop of Cleveland ward Aug.
7, 1910. Farmer.

LARSEN, HANS PETER (son of Lars Rasmussen. born
1803, at Falster, Denmark, and Christina Petersen, born
1800, in Denmark). Born Sept. 24, 1836. Came to Utah
Sept. 7, 1865, Noah T. Guyman company.

Married Eleanor Andersen Shelton Dec. 6, 1875 (daugh-
ter of Richard John Shelton and Mary Wann, pioneers
Sept. 12, 1861, who were married May 15, 1863, at Philadel-
phia, Pa.). She was born Jan. 4, 1859. Their children:
Christiane b. Jan. 9, 1877, d. Jan. 26, 1877; Peter b. March
6 1878, m. Hannah Acomb June 29, 1904; Mary b. Dec.
23, 1880, m. William Patrick Feb. 4, 1907; Joseph b. Sept.
20, 1882, d. June 18, 1883; Ellenor b. June 27, 1884, m.
John Worley June 29, 1904; Annie Marie b. Feb. 9, 1886,
m. Alfred Curtis March 28, 1909; Isabell b. Dec. 1, 1887,
d. Aug. 30, 1888; Elizabeth b. Oct. 28, 1889; Lucy b. Oct.
10, 1891; Jennie b. Dec. 6, 1893; Maggie b. Feb. 11, 1896;
Wilford b. Dec. 6, 1897.

Presiding high priest 16 years. Settled in Big Cotton-
wood 1856; moved to Mendon, Cache county, 1869. Assisted
in bringing immigrants to Utah in 1862. Served two terms
in Mendon city council.



LARSE.V, HANS S. (son of Lars Larsen and Sidre Chris-
tina Nielsen of Odden, Sjelland, Denmark). Born April
13, 1858, at Eyderly, Odden, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept.
24, 1868, Edward T. Mumford mule team.

Married Lucy Sephrona Janson Dec. 29, 1881, at Salt
Lake City, Utah (daughter of Anthony A. Janson and Anna
Christena Maria Pallisen of Brigham City, Utah, pioneers
July 9, 1858). She was born Sept. 27, 1862, died March 16.
1886. Their children: Hans Ethelbert Larsen b. Oct. 17,
1882, m. Sophrona Johnson; Ruby Sophrona b. Sept. 25,
1884. Family home Brigham City, Utah.

Married Sophia Pertreia Sorensen Oct. 28, 1886, at Logan
City, Utah (daughter of Lars Sorensen and Christena
Petersen of Brigham City, Utah, who came to Utah 1871
by rail. She was born Jan. 14, 1869. Their children: Lucy
C. b. Aug. 5, 1890; Milton N. b. April 17, 1892; Leland L.
b. Nov. 10, 1893; Leora M. b. Jan 20, 1896; Tracy H. b.
April 4, 1898; Alta b. July 10, 1900; Frank S. b. Dec. 9,
1903; Sopreal b. April 24, 1908. Family home Brigham
City, Utah.

County commissioner 1911-12; city councilman, 1896-1900
and 1910-11; state senator 1900-06. Fruit grower and

LARSEN, HENRICK (son of Lars Jensen of Smeserop,
Denmark, and Annie Hansen of Rumlesse, Denmark). Born
June 20, 1833, at Rumlesse, Fordenkbough, Denmark. Came
to Utah Sept. 16, 1864, W. B. Preston company.

Married Mary Hansen (daughter of Lars Hansen; came
with W. B. Preston company). She was born May 29,
1831. Their children: Henry b. May 17, 1872, at Logan City,
Utah, m. Mary E. Jensen Nov. 3, 1893; Hannah b. Nov. 12,
1859, m. Peter L. Larsen; Mary b. Oct. 27, 1866, m. Peter
Nielsen Dec. 25, 1880; Emma b. July 16, 1869, m. Ole Hansen
Oct. 16, 1893.

LARSEN, HENRY (son of Henrick Larsen and Mary Han-
sen). Born May 17, 1872.

Married Mary Elizabeth Jensen Oct. 3, 1892, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Niels Jensen and Annie Elizabeth Niel-
sen, the former a pioneer). She was born Feb. 16, 1867, at
Mendon, Utah.

Bishop of Cleveland ward.

LARSEN, JACOB. Born Feb. 6, 1841, Deiret, Mols, Denmark.
Came to Utah Sept. 30, 1862, Captain Massen independent

Married Anna Catherine Nelsen 1869, at Sale Lake City
(daughter of Simon Nelsen of Lumby Mark, Odense, Den-
mark came to Utah 1868). She was born Dec. 8, 1841, died
May 4, 1899. Paradise, Utah. Their children: Jacob N.;
Caroline S.; Martha J. N.; Eliza S. N.; Joseph S. N. Family
home, Paradise.

Married Eva Larsen.

Missionary to Denmark 1893-96; member bishopric of
Paradise ward. Member school board 16 years. Director of
Paradise Co-op.

LARSEN, JACOB N. (son of Jacob Larsen and Anna C.
Nelsen). Born March 11, 1871, at Paradise, Utah.

Married Ella Bickmore May 20, 1895, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Isaac D. Bickmore and Ellen Oldham). Their chil-
dren: Vincent b. April 20, 1896; Nelsen b. March 1902;
Thelma b. Feb. 26, 1906; Paul b. March 22, 1909; Ellen b.
Nov. 22, 1911. Family home Preston, Idaho.

Missionary to northern states 1898-01; 1st counselor In
bishopric of 4th ward, Preston, Idaho. County clerk, Cache
county 1902-06; justice of peace, at Paradise 1893-96; mem-
ber city council of Preston, Idaho 1909-11; mayor of Preston
1911-15- Cashier of Idaho State & Savings bank, Preston
1906-09: director Lundetrom Furniture & Carpet Co., Logan,
Utah; vice-president First National bank of Preston, Idaho.

LARSEN, JAMES R. (son of J. P. and Kisty Larsen). Born
Dec. 29, 1863, Ephraim, Utah.

Married Anna Larsen Dec. 2, 1886, Ephraim, Utah (daugh-
ter of Christen A. Larsen and Mary Ann Jensen of Ephraim,
pioneers Oct. 6, 1864, Captain Olsen company). She was
born July 12. 1866. Only child: Urania M. b. Sept. 3. 1886,
m. Harry G. Shafer. Family home Ephraim.

Seventy; high priest. Farmer and stockraiser. Died
April 6, 1888, Ephraim.

Missionary to Denmark 1867-70; 2nd counselor to Bishop
James A. Allred of Spring City ward 14 years. Settled in
Ogden 1867, moved to Spring City 1860. Member of constitu-
tional convention 1896; mayor of Spring City two terms;
justice of the peace four terms. Farmer. Died, Spring City,
Utah 1896.

LARSEN, LAURITZ ORSEN (son of Lauritz Larsen and
Louise R. Jaspersen). Born Feb. 7, 1867, Spring City

Married Deseret M. Anderson June 13, 1894, Manti, Utah
(daughter of James Anderson and Matilda Cheney), who
was born May 13, 1871, Fairview, Utah. Their children:
Ruby Gladys b. Nov. 27, 1895, d. April 14, 1896; Sylvia
Firl b. June 1, 1898; Liona Louise b. Dec. 25, 1900; Dora Fay
and Flora May b. Sept. 16, 1909.

Missionary southwestern states 1897-1900; choir leader
ten years; president of 80th quorum of seventies; ward
superintendent Y. M. M. I. A.; bishop of Spring City; member
of board of Snow academy; bishop 1906-11. City councilman
four years; mayor two years. Merchant.

LARSEN, LAURITZ EDWARD (son of Lars Emanuelsen and
Berthar Maria Olsen of Fredrikshald, Smaalenene, Nor-
way). Born Dec. 6, 1832, at Fredrikshald. Came to Utah
with William B. Preston company.

Married Carolina Larsen Sept. 15, 1864 (daughter of Lars
Larsen and Annie Christensen of Haegeland, Norway). She
was born Feb. 21, 1836; came to Utah April 6, 1864, William
B. Preston company. Their children: Carolina Maria b.
May 20, 1866, m. George Petersen April 3, 1890; Edward
Lauritz b. Dec. 6, 1866, m. Christina Andersen Feb. 13, 1907;
Ludvig Joseph b. Jan. 22, 1870, m. Sarah S. Valentine Dec.
31, 1889; Orson Alfred b. Oct. 30, 1871, m. Nancy Rock Dec.
6. 1894; Alma Benjamin b. Oct. 18, 1876, m. Lydia Hales
Dec. 1, 1904; Matilde Eliza b. Oct. 16, 1877, m. Henry Frank
Hulze April 1907; Charles Wilford b. Dec. 15, 1879, m. Maria
Jacobsen April 12, 1906; Anna Bolette b. Oct. 29, 1872, d.
infant. Family resided Hyrum, Cache Co., Utah, and Salem,
Fremont Co., Idaho.

Missionary to Scandinavia 1856-64 and 1897-99; high priest;

LARSEN, ALMA B. (son of Laritz Edward Larsen and
Carolina Larsen). Born Oct. 18, 1875, at Hyrum, Cache
Co.. Utah.

Married Lydia Hales Dec. 1. 1894, at Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Stephen and Alice Jane Hales of Bountiful, Utah;
the former came to Utah, but the latter did not). She was
born Sept. 30, 1882. Their children: Gerald Leeland b.
Feb. 3, 1906; Alice Melva b. March 15, 1910; Alma Melvln
b. March 16. 1910; Gladys Lydia b. Aug. 14, 1911. Family
home, Salem, Freemont Co., Idaho.

High councilman of the Freemont stake; missionary to
Scandinavia 1907-09. Farmer. Presided over Chrlstiania
conference 13 months

LARSEN, PETER (son of Lars Larsen and Elizabeth Hart-
wick of Lobeher, Sjelland, Denmark). Born Oct. 14, 1843.
Came to Utah October, 1868, Joseph S. Rawlings company.

Married Ellen Johnson May 9, 1870, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jons and Annie Nelsen of Marthasholm,
Sweden). She was born Jan. 30, 1844, came to Utah 1868,
Captain Lowland company. Their children: Annie Eliza-
beth, m. Olander Pearson and Peter W. Nelson; Peter,
died; Ellen Charlotte, m. James Peterson; Margarett Mag-
dalene, m. John Peterson; Chestey, died. Family home
Lehl. Utah.

Married Mathea Fredericksen Dec. 9, 1880, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Christian Fredericksen and Maria Olsen
of Lueten, Hademarken, Denmark, who came to Utah by
railroad). She was born Feb. 28. 1868. Their children:
Frederick Peter b. Jan. 2, 1882, died; Marie Christina b.
March 27, 1883, m. John H. Parker; Henry Christian b.
April 12, 1885, died; Edward Joseph b. Jan. 19, 1887, m.
Clara Woodhouse; David b. Aug. 30, 1889, died; Leslie
Franklin b. Feb. 19, 1892; Ernest Wllburn b. Jan. 15,
1893; Elvira Hellena b. Jan. 12, 1894; Oscar b. March 7.
1896, died; Ole Moroni b. June 11, 1897. Family home Lehl,

Teacher In 14th ward. Salt Lake City, and 4th ward,
Lehi. Helped build railway to Promontory, Utah; had
charge of material for construction Utah Southern R. R.
United States grand juryman. Farmer and butcher.

LARSEN, I.AVHITZ (son of Lars Johansen and Anna Mar-
greta Sorensen). Born Jan. 26, 1834, at Veile, Denmark.
Came to Utah 1867.

Married Marie Thompson 1867, who died Dec. 28. 1887.
Their children: Marie Catherine, m. Louis Olsen Feb. 19,
1880; Eliza M., m. James Crawforth.

Married Louise R. Jaspersen Jan. 15, 1864, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Rasmus Jaspersen and Kirstina Olsen), who
was born Sept. 25, 1838, at Nyborg, Denmark; died Oct. 28.
1892. Their children: Laura M. b. 1866, d. 1866; Lauritz
Orsen b. Feb. 7, 1867, m. Deseret M. Anderson June 13,
1894; Emeline M. b. Aug. 18, 1871, m. John S. Blain 1900;
Mary L. b. April 16, 1873, m. Charles Zabriskie Dec., 1893;
Albert E. b. Sept. 2, 1876, m. Lizzie Behunin. Family home
Spring City, Utah.

Married Minnie Jensen. Their children: Leona b. 1894,
d. 1898; Lauretta b. 1896.

LARSEN, SOREN (son of Lars Johansen and Anna Mar-
greta Sorensen). Born March 28, 1821, at Copenhagen
Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1864.

Married Maria Hansen of Denmark, who was born May
3, 1831. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1864, died April 23, 1907.
Their children: Hans Ephraim, m. Bell Davidson; Soren,
m. Meta; Marenius. m. Anna Mena Mlckelson; Daniel, m.
Sarah Jane Farmer; Josephine, m. Christian Christlanson;
Mary Ann, died; Otto, m. Hannah Ellis; David, died; Peter
Christian b. March 23, 1874, m. Nellie Acord. Family
home Spring City, Utah.

Married Christena Nielsen of Denmark. Their chil-
dren: Maria, m. Fred C. Sorensen; Niels; Hyrum, m. Ann
Ellis; Joseph, died: Fredrick, m. Maud Alfred; Ida Marinda,
m. Vincent Bellington.

Elder. Settled at Ephraim, moved to Spring City. Min-
uteman. Carpenter and farmer. Died August. 1892.



LARSEN, PETER CHRISTIAN (son of Soren Larsen and
Maria Hansen). Born March 23, 1874, Spring City, Utah.

Married Nellie Acord April 19, 1899, at Manti, Utah, who
was born July 7, 1879, at Spring City. Their children:
Leslie Acord b. May 9, 1900; Henry Clarence b. Feb. 18,
1902- Hue Ernest b. July 7, 1907; David Arthur b. March
19, 1909, d. April 11, 1909.

High priest; ward teacher; assistant superintendent Sun-
day school; counselor to Bishop David McMillan of Clear
Creek ward. Settled at Clear Creek 1904.

1810, died March 4, 1877. Their children: Ellen Matine
Paulen b. 1837, d. 1837; Elena Hansine b. Sept. 13. 1838,
m. John Lambert: Carl Olof b. 1840, d. 1846; Peter b. 1843,
d. 1843; Petrine Christine b. Aug. 13, 1844, m. Samuel Miller;
Mary Magdalene b. March 11, 1847, m. John F. Oblade:
Margrete Kjerstine b. 1849, d. 1863; John George Erastus
b. Sept. 3, 1852, m. Mary Cecilien Smith. Family home Salt
Lake City.

High priest. Worked on Salt Lake temple many years.
Sailor. Died Feb. 27, 1876, at Salt Lake City.

LARSON, CARL, HENNING (son of Lars Olson and Anna
B Swenson of Snotorp, Sweden). Born Dec. 26, 1839, Halm-
stad. Halland, Sweden. Came to Utah Sept. 6, 1863, John
F. Sanders company.

Married Elizabeth Swenson Sept. 7, 1863, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Peter Swenson and Johannah Gilbert of
Halmstad, Sweden). She was born Feb. 8, 1840. Their
child: Amelia C., m. C. J. A. Lindquist. Family home Ogden.

Elder. Contractor and builder. Died March 11, 1877.

LARSON, CHRISTEAN S. Born May 9, 1802, In Denmark.
Came to Utah Aug. 29, 1869, James S. Brown company.

Married Johanna Marie Christiansen Feb. 19, 1836, A1-
borg, Denmark (daughter of Christian Christianson), who
was born Jan. 21, 1813. Their children: Christian Peter,
m. Mary Larson; Inger Marie, m. Peter Ahlstrom; James
P., m. Kisty Larson; Lars C., m. Hansena Peterson; Maren
Margretta, m. Louis Larson. Family home Ephraim, Utah.

Blacksmith and farmer. Died October, 1884, Ephraim,

LARSON, LARS C. (son of Christean S. Larson and Johanna
Marie Christianson). Born Dec. 4, 1844, Alborg, Denmark.
Came to Utah with parents.

Married Hansena Peterson Dec. 22. 1865. Circleville,
Utah (daughter of Jens Peterson and Metta Christena
Olsen of Hals, Denmark, former died en route to Utah,
latter came In 1864). She was born Nov. 19, 1846. Their
children: Christian A. b. Sept. 27, 1866. m. Cynthia Keel;
Louis D. b. Aug. 18, 1868. m. Amelia Christianson; James
E. b. Sept. 2, 1870, m. Nora Sorenson; Johanna Christena
b. Feb. 23, 1873, m. Andrew Sorenson; Orvil L. b. May 25,
1876, m. Hazel Kimball; Zina R. b. Oct. 8, 1877, m. Peter

C. Lund; Alma LeRoy b. Feb. 25, 1880; Malinda Ann b.
Nov. 19, 1882. m. Albert Rosenlund; John M. b. Oct. 1,

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