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1885, m. Vivian Whitlock; Helen C. b. Feb. 12, 1889, died.
Family resided Ephraim and Mayfleld, Utah.

Married Metta Polena Peterson June 6, 1871, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Jens Peterson and Metta Christena Olsen,
pioneers 1854). She was born March 12, 1849, Hals, Den-
mark. Their children: Peter Franklin born July 4, 1872,
d. July 26, 1872; Joseph H. b. Nov. 19. 1873, m. Lottie Lay-
ton; Mary H. b. March 17, 1877, m. Hyrum Olsen; George
O. b. Dec. 16. 1879, d. Oct. 25, 1905; Raymond D. b. June 16,
1882, m. Lilly Christianson; Wilford E. b. Feb. 26, 1885,
m. Agnes Holland; Mabel Lena b. Dec. 26, 1887, m. Claud

D. Michaelson.

Ordained teacher in 1862; elder May 2, 1868; seventy
March 6, 1885; one of the council of 75th quorum seventies
for many years; Sunday school teacher 26 years. In 1864
drove an oxteam from Ephraim to the Missouri river
for immigrants in August Canfleld company. Black Hawk
Indian war veteran; took active part In early Indian
troubles. Farmer and breeder of horses.

LARSON, CHRISTIAN HANSEN (son of Hans Larson, born
1809, at Torop, Frederiksborg amt, Denmark, and Karen
Petersen, born April 27, 1817, at Craguma, Frederiksbnrg).
Born Jan. 30, 1844, at Meleby, Frederiksborg. Came to
Utah Sept. 25, 1868, J. G. Holman company.

Married Mary Ann Larson Dec. 21. 1868 (daughter of
Lars Jorgensen and Maren Kirstena Jorgensen, who were
married April 1840, pioneers of Sept. 26, 1868, J. G. Hol-
man company stepdaughter of Lars Niels Christensen, pio-
neer of Sept. 25. 1868, J. G. Holman company). She was
born Nov. 11, 1841. Their children: Lorenzo C. b. Nov.
20, 1869, m. Altena Ericksen Aug. 24, 1892; Hyrum M. b.
Feb. 3, 1872, m. Anna Petersen June 29, 1898; Joseph J.
b. Sept. 27, 1873, m. Letta Christensen Oct. 18, 1900; Mary
Ann b. Nov. 16, 1875, m. R. Amos Dowdle Nov. 11, 1903;
Caroline B. b. June 25, 1878: William L. b. Feb. 24, 1883.
m. Sarah Ada Porter Dec. 4, 1907. Family resided Brigham
City. Kanab and Newton, Utah.

Missionary In Denmark three years: assistant super-
intendent of Sunday school; second counselor in bishopric
at Newton; high priest.

LARSON, HANS (son of Lars Petersen. born 1766, died
Nov. 26, 1833, and Maren Hansen. born 1770, died March
20, 1839, of Lunde. Lyderslaw. Preasto amt, Denmark).
He was born July 8, 1806. at Lunde. Came to Utah Sept. 30,
1853, John Forsgren company.

Married Elena Dorathea Bensen Aug. 5, 1836, at Copen-
hagen, Denmark (daughter of Christian Bensen and Pauline
Klrstlne Margrette Falkenberg), who was born Dec. 27,

LARSON, LARS (son of Lars and Martha Larson of eastern
Iowa). Born Jan. 11, 1825, Hadngar, Norway. Came to
Utah 1860.

Married Mary Adelphla Bellows 1848, en route to Utah
(daughter of James Bellows and Judith Hopper of Nauvoo,
111., the latter came to Utah 1860). She was born Aug.
17, 1832. Their children: Martha Ann, m. Thomas Baker,
d. 1896; Mary Jane, d. 1852; Lars James, m. Isidore Andrus,
m. Olena M. Peterson; John Thomas, m. Henrietta Riding;
Thurston, m. Maria Perkins; Judith Marillia, m. James Alfred
Larson: Charles William, m. Jane Riding; Elizabeth Betsy,
(d. 1893) m. William B. Baker: Sarah Maria, m. Francis T.
Morse; Joseph Merlan. Family resided Mill Creek and St.
George, Utah.

Member 29th quorum seventies; missionary to Ponca
Indians in northern Nebraska and Dakota with W. C.
Stames 1846 and to "Dixie" 1862; ward teacher. Brick and
stone-mason; farmer. Died Feb. 7, 1903, at St. George,

LARSON, LARS JAMES (son of Lars Larson and Mary
Adelphia Bellows). Born June 7, 1863, Mill Creek. Utah.

Married Isidore Andrus May 20, 1879, at St. George, Utah
(daughter of Milo Andrus and Margaret Boyce of Price and
St. George, Utah). She was born May 20. 1869. Their chil-
dren: Martha Marillia b. March 6, 1880, m. Granville H.
Fullerton; Milo b. May 20, 1882, d. June 26, 1894: Isidore b.
May 4, 1884, m. Wallace Blake; Aaron b. Feb. 13, 1886, m.
Clara Fawcett.

Married Olena M. Peterson Dec. 17, 1885, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Lars P. Peterson and Martha Neilson
of Richfield, Utah). She was born April 26, 1868. Their
children: Willard b. June 28. 1887, m. Emma L. Booth;
Elsie Victoria b. Sept. 22, 1889, m. Alfred A. Carpenter;
Reuben b. Nov. 26, 1892; Pearl b. Nov. 18, 1894; Charles b.
Dec. 18, 1896; Martha Adelphia b. July 17, 1899; LeRoy b.
Dec. 19, 1901; Ellis b. June 6, 1904; Elizabeth b. April 22,
1907. Family home Bloomington, Utah.

High priest; bishop's counselor; Sunday school superin-
tendent and teacher; home missionary. Justice of peace.
School trustee. Pioneer to Bloomington. Farmer and hor-

LARSON, LARS C. (son of Christian Larson and Kjersttne
Nielsen of Denmark). Born Jan. 1, 1808, in Denmark. Came
to Utah Nov. 10, 1863, W. B. Preston company.

Married Maren Bertelsen in 1836, in Denmark (daughter
of Christen Bertelsen and Johanna Christensen), who was
born Nov. 22, 1816. Their children: Johanna Christena, m.
Marcor Petersen; Christian Peter, m. Charlotte C. Johnson;
Christina Marie, m. Charles Peter Warnick.


LARSON, MADS. Born April 21, 1837. Came to Utah in

Married Sophia Johanson in 1867, at Ephraim, Utah
(daughter of Carl Johanson, of Sweden, later of Denmark;
came to Utah 1862). She was born Dec. 21, 1843. Their chil-
dren: John Frederick b. Sept. 19. 1868, m. Ellen Hansen;
Alexander b. July 28. 1871. Family home Ephraim, Utah.

Married Cecilia about 1870. Their children: Annie,

died; Louise, m. Walter Hickey.

High priest: bishop's counselor; high councilor; president
of ward teachers.

LARSON, JOHN FREDERICK (son of Mads Larson and
Sophia Johanson). Born Sept. 19, 1868. at Ephraim.

Married Ellen Hansen Oct. 27. 1897, at Molen, Utah
(daughter of Hans C. Hansen and Mary Lenora Morley of
Denmark). She was born Feb. 18, 1878. Their children:
Pearl b. Dec. 21, 1898; Lavera b. May 9, 1900; John Frederick
b. Oct. 23, 1901; Elmer Ray b. April 8, 1903; Aprilla b. April
1, 1906; Ella b. March 16, 1907; Leonard b. Dec. 3, 1911.

Bishop's counselor; president Y. M. M. I. A.; Sunday
school superintendent. School trustee. Farmer.

LARSON, MONS (son of Lars Olson and Birtha Jonson
of Sweden). Born June 6, 1823, Skagllnge. Sweden. Came
to Utah Sept. 4, 1869, George Rowley handcart company.

Married Elian J. Malstrum, in Sweden (daughter of Olof
Jensen Malmstrum and Carna Parsen of Sweden). She was
born Feb. 13, 1826. Their children: Betsy, m. Edwin L.
Carter; Caroline, m. Wesley B. Robbins; Lehl, m. Letitia
Carter; Olof. m. May Hunt: James M., m. Stella Wllkins;
Emma E., m. Jesse N. Smith; Ellis J., m. Silas D. Smith.
Family home in Sweden.

Seventy. Farmer. Died March 1890, Fairview, Utah.



LARSON, NIELS PETER (son of Lars Nielsen and Metta
Christian of Jutland, Denmark). Born April 20. 1826,
Weiby, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1869, Robert F.
Neslen company.

Married Karem K. Swensen in 1864 (daughter of Swen
Larscn and Anne Pedersen of Weiby). She was born May
17, 1830. Their children: Anna, m. Alexander Gillespie;
Lauritz, Emma, Peter and Clara, died; Maria Clarinda, m.
James Bell Heywood; Joseph, m. Ostella Baker; Ella, m.
James Lehi Brown; Alma, died. Family home Pleasant
Grove, Utah.

Missionary to Omaha, Neb., 1880; missionary to Denmark
in 1892; high priest. Farmer. Died Nov. 20, 1911.

LARSON, NILS (son of Lars Larson, born Oct. 6, 1800, and
Elna Jacobson, born July 2::, 1793, of Willie Parish, Malmo,
Sweden). He was born July 17, 1833, Malmo. Came to
Utah Oct. 1, 1862, Joseph Home company.

Married Bengta Flaygare May 13, 1864 (daughter of Nils
Flaygare and Anna Neilson, pioneers Aug. 29, 1863, John R.
Murdock company). She was born May 11, 1835. Their
children: Mary Ann b. April 1, 1865, m. George M. Smoot
Dec. 19, 1888; Settle Elenor b. Jan. 25, 1867, m. Joseph L.
Wiggand July 17, 1902; Nils Olaf b. April 11, 1869, d. Sept.
29, 1870; Ester Johanna b. Sept. 19, 1871, d. June 26, 1877;
John Lawrence b. Aug. 28, 1873, d. Sept. 26, 1877; Emma
Christina b. July 21, 1875, m. Joseph Oliver Stone Jan.
19, 1898; Isaac Jacob b. Sept. 27, 1877, m. Jane Delila Stone
Dec. 9, 1903. Family home Salem, Utah.

. LASHBROOK, EDWARD LAKER (son of Henry Lashbrook,
born 1801,- Horson Sussex, and Elizabeth Finch, born at
Readhill, Eng.). Born 1839 at Croydon, Surrey, Eng., died
in Montpelier, Idaho. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1862, Ansel
Harmon oxteam company.

Married Mary Lenor Johnson, who was born Nov. 1864, in
Denmark. Their children: Johann Elizabeth b. Oct. 18.
1875, m. John S. Green; Mary Ellen b. May 25, 1877, m
Carl Leisering; George Finch b. March 19, 1879; Charles
Brigham b. Nov. 9, 1880; Laker John b. Sept. 22, 1882, d
April 4, 1902; Annie Alina b. April 21, 1884, m. Carl Stron-
borg; Minnie b. Nov. 27, 1885, m. David Bischoff; Lillie Jayne
b. Jan. 26, 1889, m. Albert Preston; Edward Ancel b. Nov.
26. 1890; Lawrence b. June 13, 1892. Family home Geneva.
Bear Lake Co., Idaho.

High priest; Sunday school superintendent Morgan, Weber
stake, Utah; also in Ovid ward, Bear Lake stake. Worked
on Salt Lake temple. Carpenter.

LATER, PETER (son of Peter Later, born 1796, Lancashire,
and Margrate Barrington. born 1799, Mostyn, Eng.). Born
May 30, 1835, Newton Heath, Eng. Came to Utah Sept.

4, 1859, George Rowley company.

Married Elizabeth D. Brown (daughter of Richard D.
Brown and Margrate Parkinson, former pioneer 1864). She
was born Oct. 28, 1841, Wigan, Eng. Their children: Samuel

5. b. March 14, 1864, m. Helena M. Hayes Dec. 22, 1886;
Elizabeth Ann b. Oct. 24, 1865. m. James L. Robson Feb.
27, 1890; Peter b. Dec. 3, 1867, m. Laura Ann Taylor Jan.
21, 1891; Richard b. Nov. 20, 1869, m. Mary A. Prophet Dec.
8, 1897; William b. Oct. 16, 1871, died; Mary b. Nov. 20,
1873, died; Rebecca b. March 28, 1876, died; Joseph b. April
16, 1877, m. Lucetta Taylor; Abner b. March 26, 1881, m.
Alvira Myler. Family resided Sugar House and Lynn, Utah.

LATER, SAMUEL S. (son of Peter Later and Elizabeth D.
Brown). Born March 14, 1864, Sugar House, Utah.

Married Helena Mary Hayes Dec. 22, 1886, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Richard Hayes and Anna M. Turner, who came
to Utah 1869). She was born Oct. 4, 1866, Yorkshire, Eng.
Their children: Lewis S. b. Nov. 6, 1887, m. Chloe Call
April 21, 1907; Lawrence R. b. Oct. 28, 1889, m. Mable
Cordon Oct. 4, 1911; Hazel b. Jan. 6, 1891. died; Athel E.
b. June 28. 1894; Curtis C. b. Aug. 26, 1896; Reta L. b,
Jan. 21, 1898; Thelma G. b. May 31. 1901; Gladys M. b. Nov.
13. 1905; Jeston J. b. Oct. 31, 1907; Dillon W. b. July 7, 1909;
Floyd H. b. May 10, 1911. Family resided Harrisville, Utah,
and Rigby. Idaho.

LATIMKH. THOMAS (son of Sarah Ann Jones of Stafford-
shire. Eng.). Came to Utah 1863.

Married Ann Hardy Feb. 10. 1856, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Robert Hardy of Falkirk, Scotland). She was born
June 3, 1838. Their children: Sarah Ann, m. John W. A.
Tlmms; Thomas H.. m. Annie M. Gant; William G., m. Amelia
Hunter; John J., m. Ella Gant; Elizabeth H., m. Almond
Rust; Jeanette W. H., m. Robert Anderson; Robert H., d.
Infant; Euphelia H., m. William D. Pyper; Richard H., m.
Emma Mclntyre; Henry James, m. Nellie Halliday, m. Myrtle
Brown; Lucy H.. m. Benjamin Hunt; Warren N., m. Emily
Grinsdell. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Lumber merchant and planing miller. Died Nov. 1881, at
Salt Lake City.

i M it. GEORGE! (son of Jacob Laub and Barbara Resler
of Lancaster county. Pa.). Born Oct. 6, 1814, Lancaster
county. Came to Utah 1862.

Married Mary Jane Megtnness Jan. 6. 1846, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of nenjamln Meginness and Sarah Johnston of

Lancaster Co.. pioneers 1860). She was born Jan. 11. 1831.
Their children: Luemma E., m. John W. Snell; Sarah, m.
Ute W. Perkins; George W., m. Willamma Terry; John F.,
m. Mary Pulsipher; Mary J., m. Arnold D. Miller; Alice,
d. child; Rachel, m. William Perkins; William B., m. Mary
Robison; Caroline, m. Frederick W. Richards; Corinda E.,
died. Family resided Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah.
Member 26th quorum seventies. Called to St. George
in 1862 to help settle that country. Worked on Salt
Lake theater. Built several saw and grist mills. Car-
penter. Died Nov. 14, 1880. at St. George.

LAWRENSON, WILLIAM. Born 1799 at Liverpool, Eng.
Came to Utah September, 1856, handcart company.

Married Ann Quick, born Feb. 1, 1801, who came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Mary b. Aug. 24, 1824-
Ann b. Oct. 2, 1826; William b. Dec. 18, 1830; James b
Oct. 6. 1832; Richard b. June 6. 1835; Eliza b. April 9
1837; Jane b. Oct. 9. 1838, m. Abraham Shaw Dec. 2. 1856-
Margret b. April 7, 1842, d. 1843; Margret b. May 9. 1845
m. William Sampson. Family home, Liverpool.

LAWSON, JOSEPH. Born Dec. 9, 1824. Isle of Man Eng
Came to Utah 1864. Bishop Hogland company.

Married Ruth M. Greenway (daughter of John Green-
way and Elizabeth Price), who was born Dec. 6, 1826, and
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Joseph b
Jan. 16, 1866, d. June 8, 1866; Brigham b. Jan. 18, 1858
m. Susa Poole; Sarah b. Dec. 6, 1860, m. Lamonl Grtx-
Benjamin b. Jan. 17. 1862. d. June 16, 1864; Ephraim b.
Aug. 16, 1864, m. Mary Scott; David Cottier b. July 6
1866, m. Orrilla Ann Stephens Feb. 6. 1889; John b. May
18. 1871, m. Martha Trott March 7, 1895.

Secretary of seventies 20 years and high priests 16
years. Black Hawk war veteran. Colonizer. Secretary
and treasurer of Ogden Bench canal 1868-66; secretary and
treasurer David Heber canal 1873-94. Assisted in bringing
immigrants to Utah 1866-69 from Liverpool, Eng. Farmer.

LAWSON, DAVID COTTIER (son of Joseph Lawson and
Ruth M. Greenway). Born July 6, 1866. Ogden. Utah.

Married Orrilla Ann Stephens Feb. 5, 1889, at Ogden
(daughter of Cornelius J. Stephens and Harriet Orrilla
Shaw), who was born Nov. 6, 1870, at Ogden. Their chil-
dren: David S. b. Oct. 16. 1889, m. Jane Greenwell; Lillian

S' K- ov -,\ 3 - 1890; Wllllam H - >>. Aug. 6. 1892; Benjamin
T. b. Dec. 29, 1893; Maxwell B b. April 18, 1896; Sarah May
b. May 3, 1898; Eyvonne Orrilla b. July 18, 1904- Harriet
Jane b. April 11. 1906; Edward Nephi b. Feb. 11 1908-
Edith Marie b. Nov. 4. 1909; John Francis b. Jan. 21 Mil
died. Family home, Ogden.

LAYMAN, JOHN (Johannes Lehmann) (son of Felix Leh-
mann, born May 16, 1782, and Elizabeth Gassmann born
Oct. 9, 1784, both of Rumlang, Switzerland married March

10, 1807). Born Sept. 23, 1816. at Rumlang. Zurich, Switz-
erland. Came to Utah October, 1861.

Married Anna Geering May 27. 1850, Rumlang. Switzer-
land (daughter of Kasper Geering and Elizabeth Roshlin
latter pioneer Oct. 1861 married Aug. 28, 1826). She was
born April 16, 1833. Their children: Adolph b Oct 4
1851, m. Annie E. Stanger Jan. 13, 1873; Gottlieb b Dec'

11, 1853; Conrad b. July 1, 1865. m. Hannah Baird April'
11. 1891; Mary b. March 23, 1860. m. Samuel L. Brown

Un S ,V, 1883: Betty Annte b - Oct - 20 - !81. m. Thomas
Reed White Dec. 5. 1882; Herman b. Aug. 16. 1863, m
Mary Herzig Oct. 8, 1892; Anna Rosa b. Jan. 27, 1866. m
Samuel Harrop March 3. 1886; John b. April 26, 1867 m
Melissa M. Fogg May 3, 1899; Hyrum b. Oct. 8, 1868 d'

Ma Ti h 7 6> 1 . 1 o 8 J 1 \, W '! llam b ' May 9 ' 1871 ' m - Caroline Baird'
April 7. 1894; Nettie b. Aug. 24. 1873, m. Francis W Dud-
man May 31, 1899. Family home Lynn, Utah
Active church worker. Assisted in bringing "immigrants
Utah. Freighted carding mill across the country to
Bingham Fort and erected It In 1863. Farmer and fruit

LAYMAN. ADOLPH (son of John Layman and Anna Gear-
ing). Born Oct. 4, 1851, at Rumlang.

Married Annie E. Stanger Jan. 13, 1873, Salt Lake Citv
(daughter of Thomas Stanger and Jane Wilson, pioneers
Sept. 25, 1865, Richard Ballantyne company) She was
born April 28. 1864. Faceby. Yorkshire. Eng Their chll
dren: Edward Adolph b. Aug. 22, 1874, d. May 30 1878
Thomas Wilson b. Aug. 14. 1877; Laura Jane b. May 16
Sl^ervUle^Utah Meyerhoffer June 2 - 1909 - Family homo

High priest. Farmer and dairyman.

LAYTON, CHARLES (son of Mr. Martin, who died about
1831, and Bathsheba Layton; son assumed mother's name
according to custom of that day). Born April 6 1832
Sandford, Lincolnshire, Eng. Came to Utah 1862

Married Elizabeth Bowler at Salt Lake City. Their
children: S. J., m. Sarah Trappet; Charles A., m. Victoria
Walker; William I., m. Rosa Warren; Eliza, m. Charles
Wall; Orson, m. Ruthe Bodily; Phoebe, m. Mr Warrrn-



Timothy, m. Harriet Jarmen; George, m. Annie Deshazo.
Family home Kaysville, Utah.

Married Sarah A. Crockett at Salt Lake City, who was
born April 12, 1833. Peterborough, Northamptonshire, Eng.
Their children: Edith, ra. James A. Cottrell; Christopher
E m. Clara M. Hyde Nov. 27, 1895; Nettie I., died; Erminie,
m.' Charles Cottrell; Frank L., m. Elizabeth Hall. Family
home, Kaysville.

Seventy. Died April, 1901, at Kaysville.

LAYTON, CHRISTOPHER E. (son of Charles Layton and
Sarah A. Crockett). Born September. 1867, at Kaysville.

Married Clara M. Hyde Nov. 27, 1895. Salt Lake City
(daughter of Rosel Hyde and Hannah Simons of Kays-
ville), who was born Dec. 2B, 1868. Their children: Gladys
b. March 10, 1897; Corydon H. b. Jan. 1. 1899; Mabel b.
Jan. 26. 1901; Lena b. Aug. 24, 1903; Willis H. b. Jan. 19,
1906; Charles H. b. Oct. 30, 1908; Alice b. April 6, 1911.

Missionary to southern states 1893-95; bishop of Hunter
ward 1899-1901; high councilor in Pocatello stake. Furni-
ture dealer.

I.HATIIAM, JAMES (son of Robert Leatham and Janet
Urquhart, Lanarkshire, Scotland). Born Dec. 15, 1830.
Lanarkshire. Came to Utah Oct. B, 1853, Appleton M.
Harmon company.

Married Margaret Irvine Dec. 31, 1852, Lanarkshire
(daughter of William Irvine and Agnes Kerr of Lanark-
shire, pioneers Oct. 26, 1855, Milo Andrus company). She
was born Jan. 3, 1837. Their children: John, m. Annie
Critchlow; Agnes, m. John Acomb; Janet; Margaret, m.
R. C. Pitt; Jane; Selina, m. D. J. Mackintosh; James, m.
Agnes Reid; Alice, m. J. B. Kesler; William A., m. Florence
Beck; Robert; Sarah A., m. R. B. Wooley. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

First counselor In presidency of high priests' quorum
of Pioneer stake. Stone cutter.

LEATHAM, WILLIAM A. (son of James Leatham and Mar-
garet Irvine). Born Feb. 12. 1872, at Salt Lake City.

Married Florence Beck at Salt Lake City (daughter of
Peter Beck and Isidora Jameson of Prove, Utah). She
was born Oct. 1, 1877.

Salt Lake county assessor. Bookkeeper.

LEAVER, SAMUEL H. (son of Samuel Leaver and Mary
Ann Hartlett, England). He was born Nov. 5, 1847, Winter
Quarters, Neb. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Mary Sprtggs Sept. B, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Spriggs of Wales, came to Utah 1853).
She was born Jan. 9, 1851. Their children: Mary L., m.
Frederick Stauffer: Edmund Spriggs, m. Netah Yearsley;
Moroni, m. Cora Wilson; Hartlett S., m. Theresa Hopf en-
bach; Genevieve, m. George Hopfenbach; Barnes; Earl S., m.
Florence Pratt; Sidnay A., m. Lenora Lewis; Thomas O.;
Leona. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Seventy. Bookkeeper. Died Jan. 31, 1910.

LEAVITT, GEORGE (son of Wire Leavitt, born 1785, and
Phoebe Cole of New Hampshire). Born Aug. 29, 1828, In
Sherbrooke Co., Quebec, Canada. Came to Utah October,
1847, Bates Noble company.

Married Janet Brinkerhoff Aug. 29, 1852, Centervllle,
Utah (daughter of James Brinkerhoff and Sally Ann Snyder,
pioneers Oct. 1847, Bates Noble company). She was born
Oct. 30, 1836. Their children: Phoebe Ann b. June 13,
1853, m. A. B. Cherry Aug. 15, 1868; Sarah Janett b. April
17. 1855, m. John R. Allen Nov. 2, 1875; George b. Oct. 23,
1857, d. Sept. 23, 1861; James Brinkerhoff b. Aug. 31, 1858,
m. Pennina J. Rawlins May 6, 1881; Leona b. Sept. 25,
1861, m. F. A. Rawlins Dec. 18, 1879; Hyrum b. Dec. 9,
1863, m. Jane F. Stoddard Feb. 23, 1888; Mary Edith b.
Dec. 27, 1864, d. Feb. 22, 1878; Levle b. April 25, 1866, d.
Feb. 9, 1888; John C. b. Feb. 16. 1868, d. July 16, 1869-
Lucy E. b. April 14, 1870, d. March 14. 1871; Horton Brink-
erhoff b. May 12, 1871, m. Lurinda A. Hendricks Nov. 15,
1895; Georgia Anna b. Oct. 29. 1873, m. Thomas S. Karren
Dec. 2, 1891; Edward b. Nov. 18, 1876, m. Lydia E. Karren
March 8, 1899; Wire b. Jan. 18, 1878, d. March 18, 1878.
Family home Lewiston, Utah.

Married Sarah A. Porter April, 1857 (daughter of Chauncy
Warriner Porter and Amy Sumner, former pioneer of 1849,
latter died at Winter Quarters, Iowa). She was born 1841
at Green Plains, Hancock county, 111. Their children: Nina
Malinda b. Nov. 25, 1861, m. Sanford Marius Porter Sept.
4. 1879; Elva Armina b. Feb. 15, 1864, m. William Henry
Bond 1881; Ada Permelia b. July 29, 1865, m. William H.
Bond Jan. 6, 1886; Amy Teresa b. Feb. 1, 1868, m. Sullivan
C. Richardson 1886. Family resided at Porterville, Utah,
and Sunset and St. Joseph, Ariz.

Married Nancy Minerva Earl July 11, 1857, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Asa Earl and Minerva Rich), who was
born Oct. 13, 1840, Hancock county. 111. Came to Utah
Oct. 1847, Charles C. Rich company. Their children: Joseph
Wire b. Nov. 14, 1859, m. Mary E. Rawlins May 4, 1882;
Charles Coulson b. Oct. 7, 1861, m. Sarah E. Cazier; Louisa
b. May 16, 1863, d. May 26. 1865; William b. July 17, 1864,
m. Carline F. Corlage Aug. 12. 1889; Charlotte Ann b.
Oct. 3, 1867, d. May 16. 1868; Landon b. April 15, 1869, d.

Dec. 20. 1869; Orson b. Feb. 23. 1871, m. Alice Spackman
1898; Henry b. Oct. 17, 1874, m. Hepsebeth Webster Aug.
26, 1893; Albert b. May 25, 1878, d. May 10, 1898; Julia
b. March 9, 1882. m. Marriner W. Jackson Nov. 12, 1902.
Family home Lewiston, Utah.

First settled at Salt Lake City, moved to Centerville.
Assisted in settlement of Parowan, Cedar City and Lewis-
ton, Utah, Muddy, Ariz., and Star Valley, Wyo. Mem-
ber of bishopric; high priest. President Cub River Canal
Company. Died Jan. 23, 1889, Lewiston, Utah.

LEAVITT, JOSEPH WIRE (son of George Leavitt and
Nancy Minerva Earl). Born Nov. 14, 1869, Centerville,

Married Mary E. Rawlins May 4, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Harvey M. Rawlins and Margaret E. Frost).
Their children: Joseph McCaslin b. Jan. 2, 1883; William
Francis b. Nov. 22, 1883; Eulalle Ardella b. June 7, 1886.
m. Fredrick Taggart Dec. 17, 1902; Arden Odell b. Oct.
3, 1887; Charles Newel b. Feb. 1, 1891; Elden Harvey b.
July 1, 1893; George Lament b. June 11, 1896; Hettie
Mildred b. Sept. 1, 1898; Edith Alvira b. March 29, 1901;
Hyrum Andrew b. July 3, 1903. Family home Lewiston,

Officer in Y. M. M. I. A.; Sunday school teacher. Farmer;
carpenter; dairyman.

LEAVITT, JOHN QUINCY (son of John and Lucy Leavitt,
Compton, Quebec, Can.). Born Oct. 1, 1834, at Compton.
Came to Utah September, 1860, Captain Brown independent

Married Malinda Minion Sept. 21, 1858, Pulaski, Jackson
county, Mich, (daughter of Isaac Minion and Clartcy Curn
of Pulaski). She was born April 22. 1838. Their children:
Elmer Brigham b. 1859, m. Mary Ellen Spitzer; John
Julian b. Oct. 4, 1861, m. Annie World; Ida Josephine b.
Feb. 3, 1863, m. Abram Hatch. Family home Farmlngton,

President 14th quorum seventies; ward teacher. Assisted
in bringing immigrants to Utah. Assessor and collector
of Davis county; county recorder; county clerk; justice
of peace at Farmington. Lieutenant in Utah militia. Di-
rector Utah Central railroad. Vice-president Utah Live
Stock Company.

itt and Sarah Sturdifont). Born Nov. 3, 1826, Compton
Canada. Came to Utah October, 1849.

Married Melvina Thompson Oct. 15, 1850, by whom he
had seven children, among whom was Lovisa b. Oct. 22
1861, m. Myron Abbott Jan. 11, 1878. She died 1862.

Married Betsy Mortlnson Feb. 1864. She died 1867. Only
child: Mary Matilda b. Nov. 6, 1864, m. Myron Alma Abbott
April 14, 1881 (son of Myron Abbott above).

Married Mrs. Craig, an English widow, who died a year
or two after marriage.

Married Mary Ann Adams, an English widow, by whom
he had one son.

Married Mrs. Waite, an English widow, who died a few
years later, bearing him one son and one daughter.

About 1850 settled near Pine Canyon, Tooele county
in 1856 assisted in planting the first grain in Cache valley-
located at Santa Clara, Utah, 1867. In 1863 drove an ox-
team to Omaha, Neb., and returned with Immigrants same

LEE, ALFRED (son of Samuel Lee, born April 14 1778
Orange county, N. C., and Elizabeth Gilham). Born Sept.
12, 1805, in North Carolina. Came to Utah 1849.

Married Elizabeth La Flesh (daughter of Peter La Flesh
and Polly Dudley), who was born Aug. 24, 1806. Their
children: Isaac b. Sept. 12, 1826, m. Julia Ann Chatman-

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