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LEONARD, DAVID HENRY (son of James Leonard and Jane
Caldwell of upper Canada). Born March 7, 1841, In upper
Canada. Came to Utah Sept. 17, 1853, Moses Clawson

Married Emma Eliza Child Jan. 7, 1861 (daughter of John
Child and Eliza Newport of London, Eng., pioneers Sept.
17, 1863, Moses Clauson company). She was born Aug. 13,
1841. Their children: Emma Leu Alice b. July 25, 1866,
m. William Willis Wimmer; David Heber b. July 13, 1869,
m. Hannah Matilda Johnson; Myra Annie b. Jan. 6, 1872, m.
Henry Charles; Mary Eliza b. Jan. 6, 1874 and George Alma
b. June 25, 1876, d. infants; Alonzo Newport b. Feb. 22, 1878,
m. Georgiana Spilsbury; Marian Lyman b. Jan. 9, 1885, m.
Rosa Ward.

Married Elizabeth Charles Sept. 16, 1865, in Salt Lake City
(daughter of David Charles and Elizabeth Thomas, of South
Wales, pioneers 1862). She was born Dec. 7, 1846. Their
children: William Henry b. Aug. 9, 1866, m. Annie Luce;
Elizabeth Jane b. March 1868, m. James Johnson; James
Vaughan b. April 4, 1870, m. Janet Collard; John Hyrum
b. Dec. 18, 1871. m. Alice Rowley; Alice- Ann b. April 2.
1874. m. George Westover; Margaret b. Dec. 1, 1876, d.
infant: Agnes b. Dec. 9, 1877, d. child; Elsie Adeline b. Feb.
2, 1880, m. Robert Litster; Caroline Althera b. March 3.
1882. m. George A. Albright; Davis Charles b. April 26. 1884.
m. Bessie Collard; Emma Eulila b. Sept. 23, 1886, m. Amasa
Portor Clark; Alvin Eugene b. Aug. 7, 1888, m. Katy Gordon;

Myron Herald b. Sept. 1, 1890, m. Elsie Bartlett. Family
home Huntington, Utah.

Missionary to frontier; elder. School trustee for several
years in St. Johns, Tooele county. Bee and tree inspector.
Black Hawk war veteran. Farmer; blacksmith and stock-
raiser. Missionary to settle Hush Valley, Tooele county,
St. Joseph, The Muddy, Nevada and Emery county 1870,
returned to Missouri river 1863 for immigrants for the
church crossing the plains with oxteams three times in all.

LEWIS, DAVID (son of David Lewis). Born April 10, 1814,
in Simpson county, Ky. Came to Utah October, 1850.

Married Duritha Trail 1836, in Kentucky (daughter of
Solomon Trail and Nancy Durant of Kentucky, pioneers
Oct. 1850). She was born Jan. 5, 1813. Their children:
Armita, m. George Baker; Preston, m. Virtue Ann Bow-
thorpe; m. Sarah Coleman; David, d. Oct. 30, 1866; Siney, m.
Elizabeth Coleman; m. Elizabeth Blair; Olive, m. David
Brenton; m. Hill Wylie; William Trail, d. aged 14. Family
home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Huntsman at Salt Lake City. Their
children: Annie Elizabeth; Liza.

Married Jane Huntsman at Salt Lake City.

Married Clarlssy .

High priest. Photographer; cooper and farmer. Died
in 1854 at Parowan, Utah.

LEWIS, PRESTON (son of David Lewis and Duritha Trail).
Born Nov. 16, 1838, Simpson county, Ky. Came to Utah

Married Virtue Ann Bowthorpe Jan. 4, 1856, Salt Lake
City, by Elija Sheets (daughter of William Bowthorpe and
Mary Ann Tuttle of city of Norwich. Norfolkshlre, Eng.,
pioneers Oct. 13, 1853, Cyrus H. Wheelock company). She
was born Feb. 28, 1836. Their children: David W. b. Feb.
4, 1858, d. aged 2; Preston K. b. Dec. 21, 1859, m. Margeret
R. Herbert; George S. b. Feb. 17, 1862, d. aged 10; Virtue
Ann b. Feb. 4, 1864, m. Fredrick Kent; Marlon T. b. March
10, 1867, d. aged 2; Mahaley A. b. Jan. 9, 1870, m. William
H. La Pearl; Franklin T. b. Feb. 22, 1872, m. Lorett Butler;
Emeretta b. July 23, 1875. d. aged 2; Ira A. b. March 22,
1877, m. Annie Quist. Family home, Big Cottonwood ward.

Married Sarah Coleman (daughter of George Coleman and
Elizabeth Bailey, of Big Cottonwood, Utah).

Seventy at Big Cottonwood; missionary to "Dixie" one
year and to The Muddy six months; priest; block teacher.
Road supervisor at Big Cottonwood three years; school
trustee. Farmer and Stockraiser. Died Jan. 13, 1913, Heber,

LEWIS, PRESTON KING (son of Preston Lewis and Virtue
Ann Bowthorpe). Born Dec. 21, 1869, Big Cottonwood. Utah.

Married Margeret R. Herbert Jan. 4, 1900, Vernal, Utah,
by George A. Davis (daughter of Thomas Herbert and Ann
Wardle of Vernal, Utah). She was born May 27, 1882. Their
children: Margeret A. b. Feb. 24, 1901; Mary b. Jan. 16,
1903; Charles b. Dec. 22, 1904; Frank b. Oct. 24, 1906.
Family home, Big Cottonwood.


LEWIS, SINEY (son of David Lewis and Duritha Trail).
Born Aug. 1, 1848, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Came to Utah 1860,
oxteam company.

Married Elizabeth Coleman Jan. 6, 1874, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of George Coleman and Elizabeth Bailey of
England, pioneers with oxteam company). She was born
Dec. 6, 1866. Their children: David b. Nov. 23. 1874. d.
child; Lenorah b. Aug. 16, 1876, m. Alfred Watkins; m. E.
W. Evans; Annie Elizabeth b. May 9, 1878, m. Joseph H.
Carroll; Minnie b. Sept. 21, 1880, m. William Pierce; Siney
Jr. b. June 6, 1883, m. Lena Hoft; Frank C. b. July 26, 1885;
Mary Coleman b. Nov. 25, 1887, m. Charles Hatch; Georgeana
b. July 12. 1890, m. Linn McClelland; Charles b. March 3,
1892; Aaron b. Jan. 17. 1892, d. child; Birdie b. June 9, 1898;
Jennie b. Dec. 6, 1900. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Elizabeth Blair Oct. 10, 1876, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Harrison Blair and Mary McNutt). She was
born May 9, 1856. died Nov. 19. 1887, at Big Cottonwood,
Utah. Their children: Lottie b. Dec. 28, 1877, m. Allen
Hodson; William Harrison b. Dec. 9, 1879, d. aged 16: Royal
b. Dec. 6, 1881, died; Mary Elizabeth b. March 2, 1883, and
Olive b. Aug. 13, 1884, d. child; Baby b. Nov. 19, 1887, d. infant.
Family home Big Cottonwood, Utah.

High priest; Sunday school superintendent; superintendent
T. M. M. I. A.; ward teacher. Assisted in bringing immi-
grants to Utah. School trustee at Vernal. Director in
Wasatch water company at Midway. Indian war veteran.

LEWIS, ENOCH (son of Thomas and Rachel Lewis). Born
Nov. 25, 1824, in Wales. Came to Utah 1869, James Brown

Married Emma Farrell In 1849, at Newport, Walea Their
children: Alice, m. Mr. Kewley; Thomas H. ; George, died:
Mary, m. William Edwards; Enoch H.; Martha, m. Mr.
Carlisle; Lewis, died.

Settled at Farmlngton, Utah; moved to Logan 18. Died
Feb. 7, 1890, Logan, Utah.



LEWIS, JESSE WILLIAM (son of John Lewis, born 1799,
in Virginia, and Mary Douglas, born 1800, in Kentucky).
Born Oct. 27. 1836. Came to Utah in 1861.

Married Mary A. Fuller Dec. 27, 1855, Des Moines, Iowa
(daughter of Amos Botsford Fuller and Esther Smith, both
born in St. Lawrence county, N. Y.). She was born Aug.
31, 1833. Their children: Oran Amos b. Nov. 2, 1857, m.
Ellen Gillisple Aug. 2, 1883; m. Laura Larson June 30, 1887;
Seth b. Jan. 30, 1860; Mary Esther b. March 2, 1863; Ella
Sophina b. June 20, 1865; Alcesta Adelia b. May 21, 1867;
Loretta Alice b. Aug. 20, 1870, m. John Mitchell Cowan Dec.
19, 1889; Jesse William, Jr. b. Oct. 15, 1872, m. Melissa
Manwell June 30, 1897: Elmer Ray b. Dec. 23, 1874; Cora
Cordelia b. Feb. 24, 1877; Ora Jane Gertrude b. Oct. 8, 1879,
m. John August Allen Feb. 29, 1903. Family home Provo,

LEWIS, JOHN A. (son of Edmund Lewis, born 1771, and
Amelia Preece, born 1780, of Cardiff, South Wales, who
were married in 1800). He was born Dec. 11, 1814, at
Llandaff, South Wales. Came to Utah Sept. 30, 1854, Darwin
Richardson company.

Married Ann John (daughter of John and Elizabeth John,
who were married about 1808). She was born May 3, 1818.
Their children: Ann b. June 25, 1836. m. Henry Clegg
1855; Mary b. Nov. 22, 1839, m. Joshua Hawks Dec. 21, 1859;
Fredrick b. May 29, 1844, m. Agnes Ferguson Jan. 28,
1865; William b. Jan. 6, 1847, m. Sarah Ann Malcom April
3, 1875. Family resided Salt Lake City, Brigham City and
Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Priscilla Merrlmen in 1851 (daughter of Joseph
and Mary Merrimen), who was born Feb. 22, 1811, at Pem-
brokeshire, Wales. Their children: Amelia Priscilla b.
June 3, 1852, m. Moses B. Gay Feb. 22, 1874; John Samuel
b. July 13, 1864, m. Mary Jane Warner Dec. 28, 1874.

Missionary to Wales 1872-74. Planted first orchard at
Brigham City in 1866. Assisted in bringing immigrants to
Utah in 1864. Contractor and builder

LEWIS, FREDRICK (son of John A. Lewis and Ann John).
Born May 29, 1844, at Cardiff, Wales

Married Agnes Ferguson Jan. 28, 1865, at Spanish Fork,
Utah- (daughter of Andrew Ferguson and Cathrine Douglas,
former came to Utah 1855, with Moses Thurston com-
pany). She was born Sept. 21, 1843, at Airdrie, Scotland.
Their children: Priscilla b. Oct. 26, 1867, m. John O. Swenson
Jan. 2, 1890; Agnes b. April 5, 1872, m. Myron Newton
Crandall Feb. 13, 1895; Mary Cathrine b. March 21, 1874, m.
Joseph Markham Jan. 28, 1899; Adlinda b. Jan. 8, 1877, m.
Paul Ludlow June 28, 1899; Fredrick b. Aug. 17, 1880, m.
Sarah Jane Amos Sept. 6, 1906. Family resided Salt Lake
City, Brigham City and Spanish Fork, Utah.

Leader of military band 1862-76. Missionary to Wales
1883-85. Policeman and city marshal of Spanish Fork

LEWIS, JOHN MOSS (son of Benjamin Lewis and Joannah
Ryan of Simpson county, Ky.). Born Feb. 16, 1829, in Simp-
son county. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young

Married Martha Jane Crismon In 1848, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Crismon and Mary Hill of Simpson
county, Ky., pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham Young com-
pany). She was born Sept. 8, 1831, Jacksonville, 111. Their
children: Martha Joannah b. Oct. 16, 1851, m. Jesse Hobson;
Charles Benjamin b. Aug. 15, 1853, 'm. Libbey Carpin; Clara
Jane b. Nov. 24, 1856, m. Charles Peterson; Ida Francis b.
June 24, 1857, m. Harve Blair; John Franklin b. May 19,
1861, m. Eliza Morris; Emily Ann b. Jan. 12, 1863, d. March
20, 1873; George William b. Oct. 29, 1866, m. Oleni Kemp;
Walter Beers b. Nov. 21, 1866, m. Fannie Holly; Henry
Mahalen b. Feb. 8, 1869, m. Rose Ingram; Leonard Ryan b.
Nov. 6, 1870, m. Alice Ingram. Family home Mesa City, Ariz.

High priest in Maricopa stake, Arizona. Farmer. Died
May 6, 1894, Mesa City.

LEWIS, NERIAH (son of Neriah Lewis of Kentucky). Born
April 29, 1816, Simpson county, Ky. Came to Utah October,
1861, James Cummings company.

Married Rebecca Hendricks in Kentucky (daughter of
Samuel Hendricks of Kentucky, who came to Utah with
Orson Pratt company). Their children: William H., m.
Martha Pitt; Benjamin Marion b. March 20, 1841, m. Barbara
Crockett; Neriah R. b. March 10, 1843, m. Amanda Jane
Allred Jan. 20, 1864; Rebecca Louisa b. Sept. 7, 1848, m.
M. W. Merrell. Family resided at Salt Lake City and Rich-
mond, Utah.

High priest. School trustee. Farmer.

LEWIS, BENJAMIN MARION (son of Neriah Lewis and
Rebecca Hendricks). Born March 20, 1841, in Kentucky.
Came to Utah with his father.

Married Barbara Crockett at Logan, Utah (daughter of
David Crockett and Lydia Young of Maine). She was born
April 6, 1845. Their children: Marion Alonzo, m. Lena
Feiste; Harriett, m. William Brown; Lettie.

LEWIS, NERIAH R. (son of Neriah Lewis and Rebecca
Hendricks). Born March 10, 1843.

Married Amanda Jane Allred at Richmond, Utah, Jan. 20,
1864 (daughter of Isaac Allred and Julia Ann Taylor), who

was born Nov. 16, 1843. Their children: Robert Charles
b. Dec. 10, 1864, m. Mary Ann Anderson; William Alma b.
June 1, 1867, m. Laura Howell; Rebecca Augusta b. March
6, 1869; Augusta Louisa b. March 6, 1869; Amanda Laura
b. Aug. 7, 1870, m. Henry Johnson; Isaac Neriah b. Jan.
27, 1872, m. Jane Hillman; George Wara b. Sept. 28, 1874,
m. Florence E. Ewing; Julia E. b. Dec. 31, 1876, m. Albert
M. Merrill; Clarence Leroy b. April 29, 1879, m. Margaret
Black; Nellie P. b. Feb. 16, 1882, m. C. A. Meeker: Lillie V.
b. Oct. 17, 1884, m. Herbert W. Mauring; Edna V. b. Sept.
6, 1887, m. Moses Gustaveson. Family home Oxford, Idaho.
Settled at Richmond, Cache county, 1860. Assisted in
bringing immigrants to Utah in 1861, making round trip to
Florence, Neb., by oxteam. Moved to Oxford in 1883, where
he served as bishop for 23 years; high priest. Farmer and

LEWIS, WILLIAM CRAWFORD (son of Benjamin Lewis,
born April 20, 1803, at Pendleton, S. C., and Joanna Ryons.
born April 6, 1808, in Clark county, Ky., who were married
1826). He was born Nov. 24, 1830, in Simpson county, Ky.
Came to Utah Sept. 19, 1847, David Spencer company.

Married Sarah Jane Veach Feb. 27, 1853 (daughter of
William Veach and Ann Elliot, the former died at Nauvoo
and the latter came to Utah in September, 1851, Orson Pratt
company). She was born Oct. 26, 1834; came to Utah with
her mother. Their children: Mary E. b. Dec. 30, 1853, m.
J. P. Collins 1889; Joanna S. b. April 9, 1855, m. J. W. Bain-
bridge 1874; Ellen b. Sept. 16, 1866; Adelaide H. b. Feb. 20,
1859, m. J. N. Van Noy Oct. 8, 1878; William W. b. Sept.
14, 1860, m. Julia A. Tidwell Nov. 28, 1882; Eliza J. b. Jan.
20, 1862, m. Frank V. Lamb March 24, 1882; Benjamin E. b.
Nov. 13, 1863, m. Fanny Williams Oct. 16, 1890; Julia A. b.
Jan. 4, 1866; Martha A. b. Sept. 14, 1867, m. Chas. Oakley
June 1894; James Leonard b. Aug. 26, 1869; Lorette V. b. Nov.
11. 1871, m. H. A. Adamson Dec. 21, 1896.

Married Martha Ann Kingsbury Nov. 15, 1869, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Joseph C. Kingsbury and Loenza A.
Pond, who were married Jan. 27, 1846, pioneers Sept. 29,
1847, A. O. Smoot company). She was born Oct. 17, 1860,
at Salt Lake City. Their children: Abbie Loenza b. Nov.
30, 1871, m. H. S. Stephenson Oct. 4, 1905; Maria Luctnda b.
Dec. 14, 1873; Vilate Elizabeth b. Dec. 4, 1875, m. Albert J.
Elggren June 5, 1901; Sanford Bingham b. July 8, 1878; Amy
Frances b. May 19. 1882; Ray Crawford b. Feb. 27, 1891;
Hazel Cosby b. Nov. 22, 1896.

Moved to Richmond 1860. Indian war veteran.

LIDDELL, WILLIAM. Born Jan. 13, 1822, in Lanarkshire.
Scotland, died Jan. 16, 1862. Came to Utah Oct. 12, 1863.
Rosel Hyde company.

Married Agnes Cassell Park Dec. 20, 1841, Rutherglen,
Scotland (daughter of John Park), who was born Oct.
24, 1822, and died in May, 1912, Salt Lake City. Their chil-
dren: Mary, William, James and Margaret, died; Peter
Gillespie, m. Ruth Voce Hutchinson; Agnes, died; Mary, m.
Soren Peter Neve; Abraham, m. Lucy Jones; Elizabeth, m.
Joseph Hyrum Felt. Family home. Salt Lake City.

LIDDELL, PETER GILLESPIE (son of William Llddell
and Agnes C. Park). Born Sept. 12, 1851, Ervin, Ayrshire,
Scotland. Came to Utah Oct. 13, 1863, Rosel Hyde company.

Married Ruth Voce Hutchinson Feb. 3, 1875, Randolph,
Utah (daughter of Jacob Flynn Hutchinson and Constantia
Elizabeth dementia Langdon of Nashua, N. H.). She was
born Jan. 24, 1858. Their children: William Barker b. May
1, 1876. m. Kate Blackburn; Jacob Flynn b. Aug. 26, 1877,
died; Peter James b. Jan. 21, 1879, m. Elizabeth Jane Phelps-
Mildred b. April 11, 1887, m. Frank Holmes; David Na-
thaniel b. Dec. 30, 1882; Wallace George b. June 10, 1885
died; Ruth Voce b. Sept. 8, 1887, m. Roscoe Philip Whit-
more; Agnes Elizabeth b. Feb. 14, 1890, m. Abraham Ouel-
lete; Abraham b. May 6, 1894, died; Frank b. May 16 1893-
Helen Mar b. Dec. 20, 1897.

Elder. Rancher; miner; farmer.

LIDDELL, 'ABRAHAM (son of William Liddell and Agnes
Cassell Park of Glasgow, Scotland). Born Oct. 27, 1856,
Ervin, Ayrshire, Scotland. Came to Utah Sept. 16, 1868,
with John Gillespie's oxteam company.

Married Lucy Jones Sept. 21, 1876, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Hopkins Jones and Winifred Morris of South Wales
pioneers Nov. 29, 1866, with William S. Willis oxteam
company). She was born Dec. 4, 1854. Their children-
Bernard William b. Aug. 9, 1876, m. Stella Flower and
Lillian Brown Clayton; Agnes Winifred b. May 6, 1878
m. Eugene Branch, Jr.; "Abraham b. March 4, 1880. m
Mary Crawford; Hopkins Jones b. Jan. 26, 1882. m. Ethel
Moss; Lucy May b. Jan. 26, 1832, m. Arthur Day; Mary
Lillian b. Jan. 30, 1884, m. Ernest Miller; Martha Elizabeth
b. July 31, 1887, m. Bliss Roberts; Iris Ruth b. Jan. 15
1890, d. Jan. 28, 1891; Willis James b. Dec. 20, 1891; Carl'
Lynwood b. April 10, 1894; Beatrice Maud b. Sept. 16, 1897.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Elder; block teacher. Commissioner Carbon county four
years; also assessor Carbon county. Carpenter; builder-
farmer; stockraiser. Died at Salt Lake City.

LIDDELL, "ABRAHAM (son of Abraham Llddell and Lucy
Jones). Born March 4, 1880, Smithfork, Wyo.

Married Mary Crawford 1904, Sunnyside, Utah (daughter
of John and Agnes Crawford of Scotland). She was born
April 11, 1886. Their children: Willis Lynwood b. Jan!



12. 1905; Clarence Dyer b. Feb. 7, 1906: John b. April 1908;
Agnes b. 1910. Family home Sunnyside and Myton, Utah.
Deacon; Sunday school superintendent. Salesman; farm-
er; liveryman.

I.IDDIARD, SAMUEL, (son of James Llddiard and Mary
Nippress). Born June 27. 1841, Aldbourne, Wiltshire, Eng.
Came to Utah Oct. 3, 1863, Daniel McArthur company.

Married Sarah Collins May 6, 1863, Collingbourne, Kings-
ton. Wiltshire, Eng. (daughter of John Collins and Pris-
cilla Sheffred of Collingbourne, came to Utah in October,
1863. in Daniel D. McArthur company). She was born
March 31, 1844. Family home Provo, Utah.

Member 34th quorum seventies; high priest; Sunday
school superintendent 1876-91; high councilor 1886-98. City
councilman of Provo 1890-91; school trustee 1868-74 and
1878-90. Contractor and builder; manufacturer.

LIKCHTY, JOHN (son of John Liechty and Christina Gug-
gisburg of Langnau, Canton Bern, Switzerland). Born Nov.
27, 1827. Came to Utah October, 1863, Peter Nebeker corn-
Married Louisa Wintsh, Provo, Utah (daughter of Casper
Wintsh and Annie Willieman of Zurich, Switzerland, pio-
neers to Utah Oct. 1862, Captain Decker company). She
was born Feb. 13, 1849. Their children: Louisa, died;
John Nicholas, m. Mary Keppler; Abraham Brigham, m.
Ida Stooki, m. Louisa Relnwald; Frederick Bernhart, died;
Christian Hyrum, m. Elizabeth Andrews, died; Enoch, died;
Josephine m. John Nicholas Muhlestetn; Joslah Nephi;
Rosinna Ester, m. Stoyl Cheney; Ephraim Amon, Elizabeth
Edna. Family home Provo, Utah.

Missionary in Switzerland; high priest; ward teacher.
Guard against Indian invasion; pioneer canal and road
builder. Farmer. Died Sept. 17, 1910.

and Louisa Wintsh). Born March 10, 1870, Provo City,

Married Ida Stooki Jan. 20, 1897, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Jacob Frederick Stooki and Elizabeth Morgenegg, of
Bern, Switzerland). She was born April 3, 1873. died Dec.
IB, 1900. Their children: Brigham Jacob b. Nov. 27. 1897;
Eda Elizabeth b. Jan. 18, 1899; Heber J. b. Dec. 9, 1900.

Married Louisa Reinwald April 20, 1904. Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Reinwald, born at Brackenheim, and
Louisa Brauenberger, born Steinfeld, Germany, resided Heil-
bronn, Wurttemberg). She was born June 15, 1875, in
Germany. Came to Utah In 1903. Their children: Ida
Louisa b. July 14, 1905, Clear Creek, Utah; Gertrude b.
Nov. 17, 1907; Helen Rose b. May 27, 1910. Families reside
at Pleasant View, Utah.

Missionary to Germany 1901-03; high priest; second coun-
selor to Bishop Gillespie of Pleasant View; president dea-
cons' quorum; secretary Pleasant View ward; secretary
of the Y. M. M. I. A. at Pleasant View and Scofleld, Utah;
ward teacher. Blacksmith; engineer; mechanic; farmer.

I.INU, ANTON. Born Oct. 18, 1822, Aalborg. Denmark.
Came to Utah 1868, Jesse Smith oxteam company.

Married Mary Ann Nelson, who was born April 8, 1824.
Their children: Baby; Larsine; Niels Peter, first three died
infants; Marie, m. James Freestone; Sine, m. Peter Mor-
tesen; Jennie, m. George Freestone; Caroline, m. Edward
Adams; James Christian, died at age of one year; George
Christian b. April 4, 1863; Louis Peter b. June 17, 1865, m.
Eliza Grey; Marion, m. Emery Williams, m. Henry Winslow,
m. Edward Adams.

Elder. Iron molder. Died April 6, 1877, Weston, Idaho.

i.i.vimOLM, CARL. ERIC (son of John Skantz and Brita
Catherine Olsson, Fombo, Locksta county, Sweden). Born
Nov. 16, 1835, at Fombo. Came to Utah 1861.

Married Johanna Nilsson May 15, 1861, on the Atlantic
ocean (daughter of Nels Johnson and Christina Anderson,
Greyby, Gothland county, Sweden). She was born July
29, 1836. at Greyby. Their children: Charles, d. Nov. 29,
1900; Franklin, m. Agnes Stewart; Parley, d. Oct B, 1867;
Thecla, m. Francis D. Herman; Clara, d. Jan. 8, 1870; Martha,
d. Feb. 26, 1888; Albert, m. Agnes Adams; Alma Eric, m.
Agnes Smith. Family home Tooele City, Utah.

Tailor. Died April 19, 1875.

L.INDQUIST, NIL.S AARON. Born Dec. 24, 1830, Norrala,
Sweden. Came to Utah Sept. 5, 1863, John F. Sanders com-

Married Josephine Hagerlund Sept. 6, 1863, who was born
Aug. 19, 1844 and came to Utah with husband. Their chil-
dren: Charles John Aaron b. July 24, 1864, m. Amelia C.
Ness Larson Aug. 15. 1888; Elizabeth Carolina; Selma b.
July 2, 1869. m. Christian Olsen Jan. 13, 1892; George
William b. Sept. 29, 1871, m. Mettlne Olsen Dec. 3, 1890;
Albert Relnbalt b. Oct. 6, 1873; Millie Christina b. Oct. 7,
1875. m. E. A. Hardy Dec. 1, 1891; Alfred Henning b. March
11, 1880, m. Ethel N. Ashcroft Dec. 1902; Jennie Harriett b.
Nov. 27, 1882, m. James R. Dinsdale Dec. 14, 1904; Edward
Elmer b. Dec. 17, 1884, m. Delia Dinsdale Dec. 15, 1904;
Niels Ernest b. April 7, 1888, m. Bergulat Slmonsom June
22, 1911.

High priest. Furniture dealer. Undertaker.

Lindquist and Josephine Hagerlund). Born July 24, 1864,
Salt Lake City.

Married Amelia C. Ness Larson Aug. 16, 1888, Logan, Utah
(adopted daughter of Carl Larson and Elizabeth Larson,
pioneers Sept. 6, 1863. John F. Sanders company). She was
born Jan. 12, 1867. Huntsville, Utah. Their children: Bessie
Amelia b. Feb. 16. 1890; Carl Archibald b. Jan. 29, 1892;
Myrtle Josephine b. March 4, 1894; Ruby Estella b. May 16,
1896; Milton Wilford b. June 4, 1898; Clyde Arthur b. Sept.
7, 1900; Norene May b. Oct 6, 1908. Family home Ogden,

Missionary to Sweden 1883-85 and 1903-05; home mis-
sionary; second counselor to Bishop Robert McQuarrle.


LILJENO,TTIST, OL.E N. (son of Nils Tykerson and Bengta
Larson, Ignaberga, Skaane, Sweden). Born Sept. 23, 1825,
Ignaberga. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1857, Mathias Cowley

Married Christine Hansen Jacobson 1848, Copenhagen,
Denmark, who was born Jan. 1, 1822. Their children:
Theodore, N., m. Henrietta Benson; Otto, died; Clara Jose-
phine, m. Julius Johnson; O. Oscar, m. Emma Anderson;
Harold F., m. Laurine Rasmussen; Nina, died. Family
home Hyrum, Utah.

Children by second marriage: Joseph, died; Charles, m.
Katurah Williams; Olivia, died; Waldamer O.. m. Nora
Antousen; Zina.

Children by third marriage: Conrad, died; Ezra, m. May
Wilcox; Victor; Truel, died.

Missionary to Scandinavia 1859-62 and 1876-73; bishop
of Hyrum ward 1863-72; president Scandinavian mission
1876: ordained patriarch June 22, 1873; president Copen-
hagen conference. First mayor of Hyrum 1870; delegate
from Cache county to constitutional convention 1871.

LILJENQUIST, HAROLD F. (son of Ole N. Llljenquist
and Christine H. Jacobson). Born Jan. 19, 1857, Copen-
hagen, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1857, with parents.

Married Laurine Rasmussen Jan. 1, 1876, Hyrum, Utah
(daughter of Jens Rasmussen and Bendta Nielsen of Ag-
gebo, Denmark, pioneers Sept. 1863, John Young company).
She was born May 28. 1858. Their children: James Harold
b. Nov. 4. 1876, d. April 6, 1877; Olaf Ncphl b. June 30, 1878,
m. Ida Allen; Otto E. b. Nov. 24, 1880, m. Ivy Y. Allen; Wal-
lace H. b. Aug. 8, 1883, m. Mellnda Petersen; George E. b.
Feb. 22, 1886; Warren M. b. Aug. 18. 1888; Willie S. b.
Oct. 28. 1893. Family home Hyrum, Utah.

Member 62d quorum seventies; missionary to Denmark
1890-92; president Y. M. M. I. A.; Sunday school super-
intendent; ordained bishop of first ward, Hyrum, Aug. 25,
1901; president Copenhagen conference 1892. County com-
missioner of Cache county; city councilman three terms;
mayor of Hyrum three terms. Farmer.

LINDSAY. JAMES (son of William Lindsay and Christna
Howie of Scotland). Born 1849, Hudson Bridge, Scotland.
Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1862, Homer Duncan company.

Married Agnes Watson Jan. 9, 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James Watson and Jennett Cambell), who was
born 1852. Their children: Jennett L. b. Nov. 4, 1871;
Christna T. b. March 6, 1873, m. Jonathan M. Duke July 24,
1891; Minnie Mattle b. Oct. 30, 1875, m. Frederick Crook
1893; James W. b. July 30, 1877, m. Christina Bowers Nov.
17, 1908; Lizzie b. June 14, 1879, m. Edward Jones Oct. 6,
1899; Maggie B. b. Feb. 22, 1881, m. Eugene Brown July 18,
1906; Bennett b. Oct. 23. 1882, m. Sarah Sweat Nov. 23, 1905;

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