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(daughter of John Evans and Mary Thomas of Brechfa,
Carmarthen, Wales). She was born March 25, 1829. Only
child: David, died.

Member 62d quorum seventies; missionary to Wales
1874-75; ward teacher. Veteran Black Hawk Indian war.
Shoemaker 1853-1903. Died May 29, 1903, Salt Lake City.

LLOYD, JOHN HEBER (son of William John Lloyd and Ann
Thomas). Born July 23, 1857, Salt Lake City.

Married Sarah Jane Jones Aug. 6, 1880, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Evan Jones and Jane Thomas of Carmarthen,
Wales, pioneers Sept. 2, 1868, Simpson M. Molen company).
She was born Dec. 12, 1860. Their children: John Willard
b. June 17, 1881, died; Florence May b. Aug. 22, 1883, m.
George S. Soderborg; Elizabeth Jane b. Jan. 3, 1886, died;
Luella b. Nov. 6, 1888; Charles Heber b. Feb. 13, 1891; Par-
ley William b. June 20, 1894. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Member 2d quorum seventies; home missionary; president
deacons-quorum; ward teacher. Painting contractor.

Brigham, died; Daniel, m. Murran M. Young and Jeannette
Ennis Graham; Margaret, m. Speirs Wilson; Mary, m.
Charles Lund; Elizabeth, died; Jeannette, m. Angus
Buchanan. Family home Richfield, Utah.
High priest. Miner. Died 1879 at Richfield.

LOCKHART, DANIEL (son of Daniel Lockhart and Mar-
garet Glenn). Born Feb. 24, 1858, Motherwell, Lanarkshire,
Scotland. Came to Utah In 1873.

Married Murran Mitchell Young Sept. 27. 1881, at Rich-
field (daughter of Archibald Young and Mary Graham of
Kirkintilloch, Scotland). 'Their children: Mary Graham
b. Jan. 7, 1883, m. James William Boyden; Daniel b. April
15, 1884, d. infant; Archibald Bert b. May 30, 1886, m. Nessie
S. Killacorn. Family home Neils Station, Utah.

Married Jeannette Ennis Graham Jan. 2, 1890, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Alexander Stewart Graham and Eliza-
beth Jane Nuttman of St. Louis, Mo.). She was born Oct.
2. 1872. Their children: Daniel Alexander b. Sept. 16, 1890;
George William b. May 6, 1893; James Lee b. Nov. 14, 1894;
Glenn Dewey b. March 6, 1898; Jeannette Oreen b. Aug. 13.
1900; Murran Elizabeth b. Dec. 23, 1903; Verl Dellis b. April
23, 1906; Eugene Lester b. May 24, 1909. Family home
Wallsburg, Utah.

Elder. Railroader; farmer.

LOFTHOUSE, JAMES (son of Anthony and Ann Lofthouse,
Downham, Lancastershire, Eng.). Born November 1833,
Downham. Pioneer Oct. 6. 1853, H. C. Wheelock company.

Married Charlotte E. Woodhead Feb. 19, 1856, North
Ogden, Utah (daughter of William Woodhead and Charlotte
Spenceley, Goole, Yorkshire, Eng., pioneer Oct. 22, 1855, Milo
Andrus company). She was born Oct. 19, 1837. Their chil-
dren: Charlotte Ann b. Oct. 5, 1857; James Richard b. Feb.
22, 1860, d. at Paradise Sept. 9, 1889, m. Dorcas Crager;
Anthony William b. Sept. 6. 1862, m. Sarah Housley; John
Henry b. April 27, 1866, m. Josephene James; Joseph Thomas
b. Sept. 18, 1867, m. Emma Bishop; George Frederick b.
Feb. 16, 1870, m. Ellen M. Danielson; Margaret Elizabeth b.
Jan. 12. 1873, d. Sept. 10, 1873; Sarah Helen b. Dec. 24, 1875,
m. Ellas T. Tarns; Charles Edwin b. Feb. 1, 1879. m. Rachel
Weld; Parley W. b. Aug. 9. 1883, m. Jennie A. Miller.

Died June 6, 1908, Paradise, Utah.

LONDON, JOHN (son of George London of England, born
1806, and Sarah Garfield of Allcester, Eng., born March 25,
1808). He was born Nov. 7, 1840, at Allcester. Came to Utah
Sept. 16, 1862, Homer Duncan company.

Married Hannah E. Smith Nov. 8, 1863 (daughter of Sam-
uel Smith and Elizabeth Baldwin). She was born June 22,
1838; came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863, Horton D. Haight company.
Their children: Annie Elizabeth b. Sept. 19, 1864, m. George
R. Thackeray May 4, 1883; George Thomas b. June 25, 1866,
m. Sarah L. Geary Aug. 15, 1888; Mary Louisa b. March 22,
1868, d. March 27, 1878; Alfred John b. March 28, 1870, m.
Annie M. Kirkland; Alice Rebecca b. March 28, 1872, m.
Thomas A. Condle Dec. 8, 1897; Emily Maud b. May 16,
1874, m. James Edwin Lingenfelter Oct. 9, 1907; William
Henry b. Oct. 27, 1876, m. Lucy B. Robinson Feb. 1, 1906;
Oliver Charles, m. Katie B. Blackwell Feb. 12, 1902. Family
home Croydon, Utah.

High priest; superintendent of Croydon Sunday school 30
years. Postmaster of Croydon for 24 years.

LONDON, GEORGE THOMAS (son of John London and Han-
nah E. Smith). Born June 25, 1866, at Echo, Summit Co.,

Married Sarah L. Geary at Logan, Utah, Aug. 15, 1888,
who was born April 11, 1870, at Morgan. Their children:
Walter George; Clarence Oliver; Cordelia; Mary Alice;
Leone Seymour; Flora May; Ella Maud. Family resided
Morgan and Ogden, Utah.

LOCKHART, DANIEL. Born in Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Came to Utah in 1868.

Married Margaret Glenn in 1864 at Lanarkshire, Scotland
(daughter of David Glenn of Lanarkshire). Their children:

LONGHURST, WILLIAM HENRY. Born Jan. 22, 1818. Came
to Utah in 1864.

Married Ann Preston, who was born in 1827 and died Feb-
ruary, 1873, at Woodruff, Utah. Their children: Thomas,
m. Emma Bruff; Amelia, m. William Rounds; Clara, m.
Warren Tinney; William, m. Betsy Dean; Charles, m. Volate
Davis; Marintha, m. George Whittington; George Heber, m.
Mary E. Moore; Joseph, m. Lydia Bennett; Edwin John, m.
Adalina Orno Orlendo Pope; Warren, m. Myra I. Allred.
Family home Woodruff, Utah.

Missionary In England; high priest. Resided at Bounti-
ful, Uta*, until 1872; moved to Woodruff, Utah. Was one
of the original members of the United Order and remained
In the order until its dissolution. Cofflnmaker; wheelwright.
Died April 1888, at lona, Utah.

LONGHURST, EDWIN JOHN (son of William Henry Long-
hurst and Ann Preston). Born Jan. 22, 1865, at Salt Lake

Married Adalina Orno Orlendo Pope Oct. 2, 1884, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of Robert Pope and Sarah La Duke of Ver-
nal, Utah, pioneers 1858). She was born Sept. 24, 1869.
Their children (all adopted): Elizabeth Pope; Charles Hln-
ton; Syntha Margerln; Jerald V. Hunting. Family home
Vernal, Utah.

Member of seventies at Garden City, Utah; missionary
to England 1889-1900; president seventies at Vernal, Utah;



missionary to Colorado 1904-06; president of Colorado
(Pueblo) conference; one of the first superintendents of
Uintah stake Sunday schools; superintendent Riverdale
Sunday school for nine years; president Y. M. M. I. A. sev-
eral times. School trustee for nine years; deputy sheriff of
Uintah county. Mine and smelterman at Dyer, 28 miles
north of Vernal, Utah. Promoter of farms.

LONGSTRATH, STEPHEN. Came to Utah 1848, Brigham
Young company.

Married Ann Gill In England (daughter of George Gill of
Lancashire, Eng.). She was born 1793. Their children:
Alice, m. Moses Whitaker; Sarah, m. Willard Richards;
Nannie, m. Willard Richards; George, died; Mary, died;
William, m. Lottie Baker; Ann, m. John K. Whitney. Fam-
ily home Iron Cliff, Lancastershire, Eng.

Cabinetmaker. Died about 1859, Salt Lake City. .

LONGY, FRANCIS (son of Peter Longy and Mary Ann
Bywater, former of New York, latter of Canada). Born
June 19, 1835, Toronto, Canada. Came to Utah in 1849.

Married Mary A. Warburton June 19, 1856 (daughter of
Edward Warburton and Sophia Bywater, pioneers Oct. 28,
1849, Ezra T. Benson company). She was born May 29,
1839, and came to Utah with parents. Their children:
Francis X. b. June 19, 1856, died; Edward W. b. Sept. 4, 1869,
m. Mary A. Atkin Sept. 9, 1880; Mary Ann b. Dec. 25, 1861,
m. Thomas Nix in 1879; Edgerton b. Nov. 28, 1863, m. May
Smith; John b. June 19, 1867, died; Richard b. Oct. 29, 1869,
m. Mary A. Martin; Sophia b. June 19. 1871, m. Hyrum
Dronby; Isabell b. Dec. 12, 1873, m. James A. Smith; Clara
b. May 11. 1876; Luetta b. June 21, 1879, m. William Nix.
Family home Tooele City, Utah.

High priest. Took part in Echo Canyon trouble. Indian
fighter of Tooele county.

LOOFBOUROW, CHARLES F. (son of Franklin S. Loof-
bourow of Ohio). Born 1841 in Ohio. Came to Utah Feb-
ruary, 1889. ,

Married Fanny H. Hodgkins at Marshalltown, Iowa. Their
children: Wade; Jesse H. ; Leon L. ; Frederick C., m. Maud
H. Read. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Judge of llth district of Iowa. President of city council
at Salt Lake City.

LOOFBOUROW, FREDERICK C. (son of Charles F. Loof-
bourow and Fanny H. Hodgkins). Born Feb. 8, 1876, Atlan-
tic, Iowa. Came to Utah February, 1889.

Married Maud H. Read Oct. 31, 1901, at Helena, Mont,
(daughter of Francis S. Read and Laura Thoroughman of
Helena). She was born July 7, 1880. Their children: Fred-
erick Read b. Feb. 13, 1904; Leonidas T. b. March 31, 1906;
Francis H. b. Nov. 17, 1907. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Graduate law department of University of California.
Assistant county attorney at Salt Lake City two years; dis-
trict attorney 1904; judge 3d judicial district of Utah

LOOSLE, JOHN KASPER (son of Andrew Loosle, born Dec.
11, 1803, in Canton Bern, and Barbra Kahser, born Oct. 15,
1807, Durrenroth, Switzerland). He was born Oct. 21, 1831,
at Bern, Switzerland. Came to Utah Sept 1, 1860, John
Smith company.

Married Anna Elizabeth Huncebager (daughter of Christen
Huncebager and Elizabeth Mautidize, pioneers Sept. 1, 1860,
John Smith company). She was born Aug. 18, 1836. Their
children: George b. July 11, 1858, m. Anna Dahle March
29. 1906; Adolph b. Oct. 26, 1860; Elizabeth b. March 13,
1863; Emma b. June 24, 1865; John W. b. Aug. 11, 1867;
Roslindy b. June 21, 1869; Sarah b. Aug. 19, 1872; Mary b.
Nov. 17, 1874; Anna Elizabeth b. March 1, 1877; Rosette b.
May 15, 1881. Family resided Providence, Clarkston and
Ogden, Utah.

Married Anna Foster. She was born May 16, 1824, at
Alkon, Zurich, Switzerland.

LOOSLE, GEORGE (son of John Kasper Loosle and Anna
Elizabeth Huncebager). Born July 11, 1868, at Bern, Switz-

Married Anna Jeannette Dahle March 29, 1906, at Logan,
Utah (daughter of John Dahle, born Nov. 16, 1837, at Ber-
gen, Norway, and Jeannette B. Dahle, born February, 1846, at
Trenadgern, Norway). She was born In 1874 at Logan,
Utah. Their children: George D. b. Dec. 11, 1906; John C.
b. May 16, 1909; Normen D. b. Nov. 6, 1910. Family home
Clarkston, Utah.

I.OOSLI, TJLRICH (son of Andrew Loosli, born 1803, and
Barbra Kahser, born 1807, both of Switzerland). He was
born April 22, 1830, DUrrenroth. Came to Utah Sept. 3,
1860, James D. Ross company.

Married Magdalin Aeschemann In 1862 (daughter of
Christian Aeschemann and Barbra Brand), who was born
1818 at Trachselwald, Switzerland; came to Utah with hus-
band. Their children: Rosetta b. 1853, m. Jacob Zollinger;
John b. 1854, d. 1862; Jabez b. August, 1859, d. 1898. Family
home Newton, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Eggimann September 1869, at Salt Lake
City, who was born 1842, Gumiswell, Switzerland. Their
children: Anfaniel, died; Boundy Endore b. June 2*. 1872:
DImond M. b. Oct. 20,' 1876, m. Hattie Salisbury Nov. 11.
1898; Edward S. b. April 24, 1879, m. Nellie Price Oct. 5,
1904; Andrew b. 1881; Joseph b. May 14, 1884, m. Minnie
Cunningham Nov. 7, 1906; Henry, d. infant. Family home
Marysville. Idaho.

High priest; missionary to Switzerland 1868. Pioneer to
Newton, Clarkston and Trenton, Utah, and Marysville,

LOOSLI, DIMOND M. (son of Ulrich Loosli and Elizabeth
Egemann). Born Oct. 20, 1876, Clarkson, Utah.

Married Hattie Salisbury Nov. 11, 1898, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Joseph M. Salisbury and Miranda Ramsden,
former a pioneer 1856, latter of 1863). She was born May
13, 1876, Brlgham City, Utah. Their children: Dimond
Herschel b. Sept. 26, 1899; Stanley b. Aug. 13, 1901; Anna
Lisle b. June 6, 1903; Clayton Girr b. March 18. 1905:
Adrienne b. March 12, 1907; Leo Arden b. March 18. 1909;
Berlin Ramsden b. June 10, 1911.

Bishop's counselor; choir leader. Farmer and engineer.

LORDS, WILLIAM S. Born Oct. 13, 1820, in Massachusetts.

Married Mary Ann Nlrden July 23, 1854, Pleasant Grove,
Utah (daughter of Thomas Nirden and Elizabeth Dunn,
pioneers Sept. 19, 1852, Captain Clawson company). She
was born July 27, 1836, in England. Their children: Thomas
b. April 26, 1857, m. Charlotte Long May 1, 1878; Henry
B. b. Nov. 16, 1859, m. Anna Lance July 23, 1879; John S.
b. Oct. 12, 1861, m. Isabell May; Joseph C. b. May 26, 1866.
m. Agnes Cook July 23, 1887; David N. b. March 25, 1868.
m. Morilla Locks May 14, 1893; Susan A. b. Nov. 14, 1871,
m. Erastus Bingham Jan. 1, 1888; Daniel J. b. Nov. 10, 1873,
m. Ella Cook Jan. 2, 1895; Amy L. b. Nov. 9, 1880, m. Joshua
Cook Dec. 25, 1898.

Drummer boy and soldier in the United States army 10
years. Settled In Pleasant Grove. Captain in Black Hawk
Indian war. Cattle herder.

LOHENTZEN, CHRISTEN (son of Lorentzen and Margaret
Chrlstensen of Geisling, Denmark). Born March 26, 1821,
Geisling, Denmark. Came to Utah July 3, 1878.

Married Dorthea Larsen, Follesslov, Denmark (daughter
of Lars and Ane Larsen, Slagelse, Denmark). She was
born March 26, 1824. Their children: Soren Peter b. April
13, 1847, d. 1888; Anna b. Feb. 15, 1863, m. Andrew Nelson;
Ane Margaret b. Sept. 23, 1864, m. Christen Peterson;
Marie b. July 19, 1870, m. Nephi Pierce. Family home
Follesslov, Denmark.

Seventy. Farmer. Died Nov. 25, 1895, Ferron. Utah.

LORENTZEN, GODTFRED (son of Soren Lorentzen and
Anna Helene Roager of Sclesvig, Denmark). Born Dec. 23,
1862, Sclesvig, Denmark. Came to Utah June 1884.

Married Chrestlne B. Smith Dec. 15, 1887, Logan. Utah
(daughter of Jens Smith and Fredricka Jepsen of Hjorup,
Denmark, came to Utah June, 1881). She was born 1868,
Terp Sclesvig; died May, 1900. Their children: Annie R.;
Eden C.; Ernald G.; Verna C. Family resided Moroni and
Salina, Utah.

Married Elmer Olivia Johnson Sept. 29, 1903, Mantl. Utah
(daughter of Gustaf Johnson and Marie Jansen of Stock-
holm, Sweden, came to Utah 1879). Their children: Ora
M.; Emma L.; Vera. Family home Salina, Utah.

Member of 107th quorum seventies; bishop of Salina ward.
Miller; farmer.

LOTT, CORNELIUS P. Came to Utah July 24, 184T, Brig-
ham Young company.

Married Rebecca Fawcett (Saunsosee) (daughter of Wil-
liam Fawcett and Matilda Butcher of Kentucky and Ten-
nessee. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1851, Roswell Stephens com-
pany). Only child: Islah Barkdell b. Nov. 12, 1846, m.
Lavonia Andrews.

Rebecca Fawcett was the widow of Louis Saunsosee, pio-
neer 1862. Their children: Susan, m. Joseph Nuttall; Ma-
tilda, m. George James; Rosilla, m. William C. Hathenbrook.
Family home Provo, Utah.

LOTT, ISIAH BARKDELL (son of Cornelius P. Lott and
Rebecca Fawcett). Born Nov. 12, 1846, at Winter Quarters.
Neb. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1861, Roswell Stephens com-

Married Lavonia Andrews May 10, 1870, at Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of Samuel Andrews and Elizabeth Potts,
both of Rome, Ga. Came to Utah October, 1869). She waa
born Jan. 19, 1849. Their children: Walter J. b. Feb. 7.
1872, m. Margaret Norton; Daisy b. April 2, 1873, m. William
Thorton; Alnora b. Dec. 10, 1874, m. Joseph Mills; Nellie
b. Jan. 20, 1876, m, Millage Jaques; Willie b. Nov. 14, 1878;
Charles W. b. Aug. 4, 1880, m. Minnie Gillespie and Myrtle
Mowers; Frederick b. March 2, 1883, m. Tobitha Norton;
Wallace b. Dec. 14, 1884, m. Elsie Cook; Lavona b. May 7,
1887, m. Nelson Seamount; Ella b. Dec. 13, 1889, m. Lafayette
Baum; Ora b. Nov. 28, 1890, m. Myrtle Doudle.

Farmer. Located In Pleasant View ward in 1861. where
he was active in building up the country.



LOTT, CORNELIUS P. (son of Peter Lott and Mary Jane
Smyle of Holland). Born Sept. 27, 1798. Came to Utah
September, 1847.

Married Permelia Darrow (daughter of Joseph Darrow
and Mary Ward). Their children: Mellisa, m. Ira Willes;
John S.; Mary E., m. Abraham Lossee; Almira H., m. J. R.
Murdock; Jane, m. Abram Hatch; Alzlna L., m. Sidney
Willes: Amanda; Joseph; Peter, m. Sarah Snow; Corne-
lius; Benjamin S., m. Mary A. Evans.

Superintendent of the Church farm for a number of

LOTT, BENJAMIN S. (son of Cornelius P. Lott and Per-
melia Darrow). Born Nov. 16, 1849, Salt Lake City.

Married Mary A. Evans Oct. 25, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Israel Evans and Mallta Ann Thomas, former
came to Utah with the Mormon Battalion, latter 1847,
Parley P. Pratt company). She was born Feb. 15, 1850, Salt
Lake City. Their children: Lillian b. July 30, 1870, died;
M. M. b. Oct. 16, 1872; B. C. b. Sept. 5, 1874, m. G. R.
Broadbent; L. E. b. Aug. 6, 1877, m. Agnes Adamson; E. A.
b. Oct. 17, 1880, m. Ellis A. Peterson; B. D. b. July 18,
1883, m. Delia Jacobs; I. L. b. July 30, 1885, m. Emma
Brown; M. S. b. July 30, 1885, m. R. B. Peterson.

d. aged 3; Sarah Elizabeth, d. aged 9. Family home Payson,

Elder. Black Hawk Indian war veteran; veteran Echo
Canyon war. Farmer. Died Jan. 6, 1882, at Payson, Utah.

LOTT, JOHN S. (son of Cornelius Lott of Pennsylvania).
Came to Utah 1848, Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Mary Ann Faucett at Provo, Utah (daughter of
William and Matilda Faucett of Provo, Utah, pioneers 1849).
Their children: Cornelius, d. Infant; Pemelia, m. Richard B.
Shinner; John W., m. Sarah J. Robison; Joseph A., m. Mural
A. Twlchell; Asa, d. child; Amosy, d. youth; Angelia H., m.
Rodolp Lucre; Elmyra, m. Henry Berlin; Francis; Benja-
min S.; Isaac R., d. youth. Family home Joseph City,
Sevier Co., Utah.

High priest. Sheriff of Utah county 15 years; Black Hawk
Indian war veteran. Took part in Tintic and Echo Canyon
wars. Farmer. Died at Joseph City.

LOTT, JOHN W. (son of John S. Lott and Mary Ann Fau-
cett). Born Oct. 24, 1850, Mill Creek, Utah.

Married Sarah J. Robison Feb. 23, 1873, at Petersburg,
Utah (daughter of Peter Robison and Salina Chaffe of
Pennsylvania). Their children: John S. b. Oct. 10, 1874,
m. Otilda Johnson; James P. b. April 21, 1876, m. Annie
Rowburry; Sarah M. b. Oct. 10, 1878, m. Anton Nielson.
Family home Petersburg, Utah.

Married Hannah C. Johnson Jan. 27, 1882, Joseph City,
Utah (daughter of Bengt Johnson and Annie Hogan of
Sevier county, Utah). She was born in November, 1865.
Their children: William b. Nov. 1, 1882, d. child; Emma C. b.
Feb. 25, 1884, m. John S. Knight; Pary F. b. Dec. 14, 1884,
d. Infant; Adelbert J. b. Feb. 20, 1887, m. Vina J. Gardiner;
Hyrum F. b. Jan. 14, 1889; Myrtle A. b. March 25, 1891;
Pearl H. b. April 15, 1893; Ira F. b. May 22, 1895; Mary A.
b. May 17, 1911. Family home Huntington, Utah.

Deacon. Trustee of town board of Huntington, Utah.
Guard In Black Hawk Indian war. Farmer and stockralser.

LOVE, DAVID. Born Jan. 1, 1822, at Blackbraes, Scotland.
Came to Utah Aug. 12, 1852.

Married Margaret Hunter 1852 In St. Louis (daughter of
James Hunter of Clackmannan, Scotland). Their children:
David; Henry: Margaret; John; Stephen H.; James W.;
Joseph H.; Neil; Winnifred. Fmaily home 6th ward, Salt
Lake City.

Died at Salt Lake City 1888.

LOVE, STEPHEN H. (son of David Love and Margaret
Hunter). Born Jan. 15, 1865, Salt Lake City.

Married Eleanor Wilding Feb. 8, 1883, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Wilding and Mary E. Layne of Salt
Lake City, 19th ward, pioneers 1852). Their children:
Eleanor Hazel; Geneva; Lucy; Stephen Russell; Milton H.;
Viola; Steve Layne; Afton; Douglas; Doris; Eugene; Eloise.

State senator eight years; twice president of the senate.
Traffic manager of the Z. C. M. I. President Commercial
Club traffic bureau.

LOVELESS, JOHN. Came to Utah in 1851.

Married Rachel Mahaley. Their children: Ellen, m.
Charles White; James, m. Matilda McClelland; Nephl, m.
Louisa Williams; Joseph J., m. Sarah Jane Scriggins; Parley
Pratt, m. Ann Parry; Hyrum, m. Eliza Wimmer; William,
m. Rebecca Gaines; Mary Elizabeth, m. Lucius Elmer;
Prlscilla, m. David Wilson. Family resided West Jordan
and Payson, Utah.

High priest; elder. Farmer.

LOVELESS, JOSEPH J. (son of John Loveless and Rachel
Mahaley). Born in Jackson county. Mo. Came to Utah in
1851, oxteam company.

Married Sarah Jane Scriggins at Provo, Utah (daughter of
Samuel Scriggins and Ellen Printiss of Salem, Mass., pio-
neers 1852, Archibald Gardner oxteam company). She was
born Aug. 13, 1839. Their children: Matilda Jane b. Aug.
7, 1863, m. William H. Wignal; Martha Ann, m. Charles
Hawkins; Jedediah J.; Joseph Henry, m. Hattie Savage;
Rachel Mahaley, m. Morris Davis, m. A. Crump; Raphael
Grant, d. aged 24; John Franklin, d. aged 12; Stella Emeline.

LOW, SYLVESTER (son of David Low and Jane Oliver of
parish of Tealing, Scotland). Born March 12, 1836, at Teal-
Ing. Came to Utah Nov. 13, 1855. Isaac Allred company.

Married Annie Allen Paton Feb. 28, 1858 (daughter of
Jacoblna Osborne, pioneer Nov. 13, 1855). Their children:
James Paton, m. Sarah Ida Barber; Sylvester, m. Lillian
Jones; Osborne b. April 1, 1865, m. Sylvia Merrill Dec. 21.
1887, m. Mary A, Kennington Nov. 8, 1893; William, m. Car-
rie Dahl; Annie, m. Robert Reid; Janetta, m. Alfred Erick-
son; Lydia, m. George Nelson; Lawrena May, m. Joseph
Richardson; Sylva Euphemia, m. June Jensen; Charles
David, m. Grace Nelson; Millicent, m. Oliver Nilson. Family
home Smlthfleld, Utah.

Married Mary Smith Nov. 13, 1884, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Nathan Smith and Jane Sant). Their children: Jane;
Sylvester; Joseph Smith; Brigham Young; Sterling; Oliver;

Missionary to Scotland 1887-88. Early settler in Cache
valley. Resided at Bear Lake, Idaho, and Smithfleld, Utah,
and Afton, Wyo.; finally settled at Cardston, Canada, 1892.

LOW, OSBORNE (son of Sylvester Low and Annie Allen).
Born April 1, 1865, Ovid, Idaho.

Married Sylvia Merrill Dec. 21, 1887, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of George Merrill and Alice Smith), who was born Oct.
10, 1867, Smithfield, Utah. Only child: Alice Ann b. Jan. 1,
1889, d. in July, 1889. Family home Afton, Wyo.

Married Mary A. Kennington Nov. 8, 1893, Logan (daugh-
ter of William H. and Annie Rebecca Kennington, former
pioneer Sept. 26, 1856, Daniel D. McArthur company, latter
pioneer Oct. 13, 1863, Rosel Hyde company married April

1, 1866, Salt Lake City). She was born April 29, 1872, Lib-
erty, Idaho. Their children: Osborne b. Sept. 9, 1894; Jen-
nie b. Nov. 3, 1896; Bessie b. Aug. 26. 1899; Wanda b. Sept.

2, 1903; Nora b. Oct. 15, 1905; Rolla b. July 1, 1908.
Ordained as bishop of Freedom ward, Wyoming, In 1894;

moved to Afton and ordained bishop of that ward Aug. 12,
1899, to date. Mayor one term; city marshal; member board
of education Star Valley stake. Manager telephone ex-

LOWE, JOHN (son of Peter and Ellen Lowe of Ashton, near
St. Helens, Lancaster, Eng.). Born April 24, 1818, Wigan,
Lancaster, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 14, 1853, Cyrus H.
Wheelock company.

Married Mary Wilgoose 1839, Wigan, who was born Aug.
13, 1817. Their children: Richard, m. Mary Rebecca War-
ner 1872; William, m. Emma Cordon Oct. 14, 1864; Jarvis, d.
1845; Peter, m. Esther Ford (died), m. Martha Summers;
Elizabeth, d. 1848; Elizabeth, d. 1862; John, m. Ann Eliza-
beth Ward; Mary Ellen, m. Alfred Ward; Alice, died; Sarah
Jane, m. John Darington.

Married Elizabeth Dueherst in 1859, died; no children.

Married Mary Rebecca Warner 1872. Families resided
Willard, Utah.

Blacksmith. Died Oct. 15, 1891.

LOWE, RICHARD (son of Richard Lowe). Born Dec. 26,
1826, Nottingham. Eng. Came to Utah In 1851.

Married Ada Clements at Grantsville, Utah (daughter of
Alvin and Ada Clements; former came to Utah In 1849, latter
in 1847, both of Missouri). She was born in 1841. Their
children: Richard Alvin, m. Charity Foreman; Ada, m. Wil-
liam S. Lemmon; Joseph Hyrum, m. Rose Jensen; John, m.
Annas Barlow; Harriet Louisa, m. Jack Lemmon; Juliaette,
m. George Dallln; Adelia, m. Lee Daniels; Betsy Ann, m.
C. B. Scovllle; William Nephl, m. Mary Powell.

Married Jane Hale at Salt Lake City (daughter of James
Hale and Lucy Clements of Hooper, Utah). Their child:
James E., m. Almira Powell. Families resided Sprlngville,

Settled at Sprlngville in 1857. President of elders quo-
rum of Springville. Early settler in Tooele and Box Elder
counties. Veteran Indian war. Farmer; stockraiser and
apiarist. Died Dec. 26, 1899.

LOWE, RICHARD ALVIN (son of Richard Lowe and Ada
Clements). Born Sept. 13, 1856, Brigham City, Utah.

Married Charity Foreman Nov. 22, 1880, Monroe, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Cephas Foreman and Eliza Biggs of
North and South Carolina, pioneers 1863). She was born
Aug-. 6, 1864, Pine Valley, Utah. Their children: Richard
Franklin b. Oct. 20, 1881, m. Lydia Yergensen; Thomas
Cephas b. Dec. 16, 1882, m. Clara Anderson; Clara b. June 8,
1885, m. Joseph Ross; Eliza b. Oct. 9, 1887, m. Peter Wash-
burn; William b. Dec. 16. 1889; Birdy b. June 30, 1893, m.
Hyrum Peterson; Silvia b. March 26, 1896; Ada b. Nov. 13,
1898; Alvin b. June 26, 1901. Family home Monroe, Utah.

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