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Farmer and apiarist.

LOWRY, JOHN' (son of William Lowry of Nashville, Tenn..
and Polly Norrls). Born Aug. 10, 1799, at Nashville. Came
to Utah Sept. 30, 1847, John Taylor company.

Married Susan Groom, who died in Missouri. Their chil-
dren: William; Sarah, m. George Peacock April 4, 1840.



Married Mary Wllcox (daughter of Hazard Wllcox and
Sarah Seeley. latter came to Utah Sept. 30, 1847, John Taylor
company}. Their children: James Hazard b. June 3, 1825,
m. Mary Ann Bryerly; Hyrum b. March 16, 1827, d. March 16,
1847; John b. Jan. 31, 1829, m. Sarah Jane Brown, m. Mary
A. Allen; Abner b. Oct. 12, 1831, m. Louisa Bradley; Susan
Lucretia b. March 13, 1834 (d. Oct. 21, 1859), m. William
George Pettey Dec. 13. 1854; Mary Artemesia b. March 13,
1834, m. George Peacock Aug. 6, 1854; George Moroni b. Aug.
9. 1836. d. May 26, 1856: Sarah Jane b. Jan. 26, 1838, m.
Nelson D. Higgins: Elizabeth b. March 16, 1841, d. Aug. 18,
1846; William Mahonrl b. April 28, 1844, d. Sept. 14, 1846.
Family home Manti, Utah.

First counselor to Bishop Hunter, the first bishop of Salt
Lake City; also bishop of second ward. Salt Lake City,
1849; first bishop of Manti 1850. Justice of peace at Manti.
Farmer and stockraiser. Sent with John Crawford, by
Brlgham Young, to colonize Elk Mountain country, Nevada.

Died Jan. 7, 1867, at Manti.

LOWRT, JOHN. JR. (son of John Lowry and Mary Wilcox).
Born Jan. 31. 1829, In Lewis county, Mo. Came to Utah
Sept. 30. 1847. Edward Hunter oxteam company.

Married Sarah Jane Brown Nov. 27, 1851, at Manti (daugh-
ter of James Polly Brown and Eunice Reesor, pioneers July

29, 1847, Captain Higgins company of James Brown contin-
gent Mormon Battalion). She was born Oct. 27, 1834, Green-
ville, Ind. Their children: John b. Oct. 3, 1852, m. Lorency
Anderson March 14, 1876; James Hazard b. Dec. 8, 1853, m.
Maria B. Larson March 8, 1877; Sarah Jane b. Sept. 22, 1855,
m. James C. Reynolds May 9, 1878; William Brown b. Dec.
21. 1857, m. Ellen Hansen Nov. 11, 1879; Eunice b. April 16.
1860, m. Michael W. Molen; Olive b. Sept. 1, 1862, m. George
Edward Anderson May 30, 1888; Ida May b. July 30. 1865.
m. Samuel H. Allen June 8, 1892; Dora b. Nov. 9, 1869, m.
Edwin Olsen June 8, 1892; Ethel b. July 6. 1873, m. Clare
William Reid Oct. 9, 1895. Family resided Manti and Spring-
ville. Utah.

Married Mary Ann Allen in March 1857, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Daniel Allen and Mary Ann Maurice, pioneers
oxteam company). She was born March 10, 1837. Kirtland,
Ohio. Their children: Daniel Allen b. Jan. 7, 1858, m.
Emily Ludvigsen Oct. 22. 1885; Mary Artemesia b. March

30, 1860, m. Hyrum A. Nelson; Clara Bell b. March 7. 1863,
m. Samuel Singleton: Evelyn b. Oct. 23, 1865, m. Nathaniel
Crawford Oct. 22, 1885; Diantha b. March 31, 1868, m. Wil-
liam F. Reid; Orson Hyrum b. Aug. 23, 1873 (d. March 26,
1913), m. Matilda Eleanor Jensen July 20, 1897. Family
home. Manti.

High priest; patriarch. Settled at Manti in 1849. Veteran
Indian war. Commissioned, by Brig-ham Young, as pay-
master in infantry of San Pete county 1855. Missionary to
Elk mountains, under President Alfred Billings, 1855. Inter-
preter for Ute and Shoshone Indians. Member of legislature
from Manti 1896; also city councilman four terms, 1851-69,
and assessor and clerk four years. Farmer and stock -

LOWRY. DANIEL ALLEN (son of John Lowry and Mary
Ann Allen). Born Jan. 7, 1858, at Manti, Utah.

Married Emily Ludvigsen Oct. 22, 1885, at St. George. Utah
(daughter of Eric Ludvigsen and Anna Steck of Manti, pio-
neers with oxteam company). She was born May 5, 1868.
Their children: Mervin Daniel b. July 12, 1886; Mary Eve-
lyn b. May 11, 1888; Ivy C. b. Oct. 26, 1890; Zora b. Oct. 30,
1893, d. Oct. 29, 1894: Llyle Revere b. Sept. 20, 1898; June
Lament b. June 14. 1903; Floyd b. June 29, 1906, d. infant.
Family home Ferron, Utah.

Member 49th quorum seventies; missionary to central
states 1897-99; Sunday school superintendent. School trus-
tee 15 years. Mechanic.

LOWRY, ORSON HYRUM (son of John Lowry and Mary
Ann Allen). Born Aug. 23, 1873, at Manti, Utah.

Married Matilda Eleanor Jensen July 20, 1897, at Manti
(daughter of Jens Jensen and Dorothy Petersen of Den-
mark), who was born Jan. 14, 1878. Their children: La-
Fonta b. April 11, 1899; Aleda b. Feb. 8, 1901, d. Nov. 8,
1903; Allen b. Feb. 13, 1904. Family resided Manti and
Ferron, Utah.

Manti city marshal. Farmer.

, JAMES (son of James Loynd of Bolton, Eng.).
Born In May, 1815, Chatham, Eng. Came to Utah Nov. 30,
1866, Edward Martin handcart company.

Married Elizabeth Thompson in England (daughter of
Joseph Thompson and Sarah Thompson of Lancaster, Eng.),
who was born Sept. 22, 1810, Worksop, Eng. Their children:
John b. Aug. 21, 1837, died; James, Jr.. b. March 1, 1838, m.
Sophis Pew; Thomas b. Sept. 19, 1840; Joseph b. Dec. 19,
1843, m. Mary Ann Holllngdrake; Richard b. Jan. 11, 1846.
m. Larsine Sorenson. Family resided Cheshire, Eng., and
Springville. Utah.

High priest. Pioneer of Davis and Utah counties. Gar-
dener. Died in 1891

LOYND, JOSEPH (son of James Loynd and Elizabeth
Thompson). Born Dec. 19, 1843, Dukinfleld, Chestershire,
Kng. Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1866, with parents.

Married Mary A. Hollingdrake Dec. 18, 1864 (daughter of

John Holllngdrake and Ann Swain, former pioneer Joseph

i. Rawllns company Sept. 20, 1864 married at Bradford,

Eng.). She was born Aug. 20, 1842, and came to Utah with

father. Their children: Elizabeth A. b. March 6, 1866, d.

same day; John b. Feb. 28, 1867, d. same day; Joseph S. b.
July 25, 1868, m. Amelia Allsworth; Thomas b. June 11,
1871, m. Mary E. Gabitias; Mary A. b. Aug. 17, 1874, d. same
day; James A. b. Nov. 16, 1877. m. Louise L. Daniels; Albert
b. Sept. 26, 1883, m. Carry M. Ekker. Family home Spring-
ville, Utah.

Married Sarah Ann Briggs April 19. 1899, Manti, Utah
(daughter of John Briggs and Amelia Hilton; former came
to Utah in 1876. latter having died in England). She was
born Jan. 16, 1876, Atherton, Eng. Their children: Amelia
Gladys b. Jan. 15, 1901; Josephine b. Jan. 10, 1903; Sarah b.
Jan. 21, 1906; Alice b. July 4, 1907; Elizabeth b. Nov. 1, 1909.

Bishop of 4th ward, Springville; ward teacher. City coun-
cilman; school trustee.

LOYND. JOSEPH S. (son of Joseph Loynd and Mary Ann
Hollingdrake). Born July 25, 1868, Springville. Utah.

Married Amelia Allsworth February, 1898, Salt Lake City
(daughter of James E. Allsworth and Emily Whitehead),
who was born July, 1874, in England. Their children:
Harry Joseph b. Feb. 1889; El very b. May 1900; Frank b.
Aug. 1902; William b. 1903: Walter b. Nov. 1904.

Road supervisor and deputy marshal at Springville. Presi-
dent Y. M. M. I. A. and Sunday school teacher. Agricultural
superintendent for the American Beet Sugar Co., in Colorado.

LOYND, RICHARD (son of James Loynd and Elizabeth
Thompson). Born Jan. 11, 1846, at Hyde, Cheshire, Engr.
Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, with parents.

Married Larsine Sorenson Sept. 1, 1872. Monroe, Utah
(daughter of Soren Rasmussen and Annie Hogensen of
Denmark, who came to Utah in October, 1862). She was
born Feb. 21, 1851. Their children: Richard James b. Aug.
6, 1873, m. Ida Larson; Sine Annie b. Nov. 12. 1876, m. Steven
Prince: John b. Feb. 8, 1878, m. Birdie McMurtury; Mary b.
Aug. 11. 1880. died; Sarah Elizabeth b. July 13, 1882, m.
Lars Christian Larsen; Martha Ann b. Aug. 1, 1886, and
Josephine b. Dec. 17, 1886, died; Emma Jane b. Nov. 13,
1888, m. Edgar R. Lloyd; Thomas b. Jan. 6, 1891, died; Har-
riet b. June 21, 1892. Family home, Monroe.

Elder. Veteran Indian wars. Farmer; freighter.


Married Mary in Denmark. Only child: Peter, who

was killed by Black Hawk Indians. Family home Manti,

Married Stena Only child: Baby, who died at birth.

Family home, Manti.

Married Anna Steck (daughter of Jens Steck and Mariah
Vosse, pioneers with oxteam company). Their children:
Christina, m. Edward Clark, m. P. J. Goble; Mary, m. Chris
K. Jensen; Emily, m. Daniel Allen Lowry Oct. 22. 1886;
Anna, m. Arthur Nelson; Eric; Sophronia, m. John Wilson,
m. Will Nelson; Lillian, m. George Bradley: Elmer, m.
Pearl Snow; Leona, m. Alva Barrackman; Merelda, d. aged
18 months. Family home, Manti.

Weaver and farmer.

LUFF, GEORGE T. (son of George Luff and Mary Simpkina
of Surrey, Eng.). Born Oct. 23, 1836, In Surrey. Came to
Utah Sept. 13. 1861, Homer Duncan company.

Married Mary H. Dixon Dec. 11. 1869, London, Eng.
(daughter of James W. Dixon and Hannah Taylor), who
was born Aug. 29, 1836, and came to Utah Sept. 13, 1861,
with husband. Their children: Mary A., m. Charles Castle-
ton; George D. (d. April 12, 1893), m. Sarah Owen; Elbertha
Louise, m. Lorenzo J. Aubrey; Elizabeth Jane, d. infant:
Emily H., m. Albert Bergman; Frank T., m. Kate Dunbar;
Harry A., m. Callie Carter; Fred S., m. Myrtle Persell; Lin-
vill J. (d. Oct. 9, 1910), m. Flora Longley. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

Deacon; missionary in England 1866-58: high priest; block
teacher. Carpenter and builder. Died Feb. 22, 1904, at Salt
Lake City.

1.CFKIN, SAMUEL, (son of Samuel Lufktn, born March 29.
1762. and Sarah Livingston, born Feb. 18. 1766. both at
Chelmsford, Mass.). He was born June 22, 1788, Chelms-
ford, Mass. Came to Utah October, 1862, Blind Lennard

Married Eleanor Johnson 1816 (daughter of James John-
son and Eleanor O'Brien), who was born 1795, and came to
Utah with Captain Hawley company. Their children:
Cyrus, m. Sarah Goodele: Sarah E., m. Eastman Reedham;
Acenach E. b. Oct. 18, 1827, m. H. Taylor: George Washing-
ton b. June 30, 1831, m. Martha A. Townsend; Jane Ann b.
Nov. 8, 1836, m. John Wesley Jennlson; Charles H. b. July
18, 1839, m. Catherine Jones.

Married Olena Nelson 1856, who was born In Norway.
Their children: Sarah Jane b. Dec. 1866. m. Henry Rudy;
Eleanor Olena, m. Jedediah Klmball; Samuel, m. Martha

High priest; superintendent of Sunday school, Lehi, Utah.

and Eleanor Johnson). Born June 30, 1831, Lincoln, Vt.

Married Martha A. Townsend 1853, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of James Foss Townsend and Susan Davis. Came to
Utah with John M. Higby company). She was born March 2,
1832, Buxton, Me. Their children: John T. (adopted) b.
Jan. 21, 1863, m. Hanna Barron; Florence May b. March 2,



1855, m. William A. Barren; George Eastman b. May 26,
1857, m. Hanna Hanson; Emma M. b. March 26, 1859, died;
Susan Asenith b. Nov. 11, 1860, m. Adelbert Phippen; Jessie
b. July 20, 1863, m. Ashmer Meloney; Jane Maria b. Feb. 14,
1866, m. Stephen Hailstone; Marion Davis b. Aug. 7, 1868,
m. Douglas M. Todd; Vernie Isabell b. April 18, 1871, m.
Samuel Thatcher; Kate Naomi b. Jan. 3, 1880, m. Franklin
R. Davenport.

High priest. Went with Lot Smith to Fort Bridger to
resist Johnston's army and, with 24 others, burned 70
wagons destroyed provisions, captured over 1,000 head of
oxen and some beef cattle, used by the army in hauling their
outfit. Veteran Walker war. Owner Salt Lake Transfer
Company five years. Furniture merchant. Cabinetmaker.
President and manager North Point Canal Company of Salt
Lake county. Watermaster and justice of peace two years
at Logan, Utah. Farmer.

LUKE, WILLIAM (son of Charles and Hannah Luke of
Manchester, Eng.). Born May 8, 1801, at Manchester. Came
to Utah 1850, oxteam company.

Married Emma Perkins Dec. 31, 1824, at Manchester, Eng.
She was born In 1803. Their children: Emma b. Sept.
29, 1825; John Henry b. Sept. 1827; Charles Oliver b. Jan. 25,
1829, m. Ann Beaver b. Feb. 27, 1853; Thomas William b.
Nov. 3, 1830; William b. Sept. 2, 1834, m. Mary Haydock
Jan. 10, 1857; Henry b. 1836; Uriah b. Oct. 10, 1838; Elizabeth
b. 1840; Angelina b. 1841; Charlotte b. Sept. 25, 1843; Mary
b. 1845. Family home Manchester, Eng-.

Seventy; ward teacher. Settled at Manti 1850. Indian
war veteran. Killed by Indians October, 1853, near Fountain

LUKE, CHARLES OLIVER (son of William Luke and Emma
Perkins). Born Jan. 25. 1829. at Manchester, Eng.

Married Ann Beaver Feb. 27, 1853, at Manchester (daugh-
ter of John Beaver and Ann Bradshaw, latter pioneer Oct.
9, 1853, Appleton Harmon company). She was born Dec.
25, 1826, at Shevlent, Eng. Their children: Emma Ann b.
Aug. 15, 1854; Elizabeth Charlotte b. April 6, 1856, m. James

C. Tooth Feb. 18, 1896; Charles William b. Dec. 25, 1867, m.
Amanda Anderson Feb. 20, 1896; Sarah Jane b. Oct. 16, 1859,
m. Henry Wintch; Mary Malinda b. July 27, 1861, m. Aaron

D. Squire; Margret Beaver b. Sept. 22, 1863, m. Christian
Poulsen; Thomas James b. July 24, 1865; Joseph Oliver b.
Aug. 18, 1867, m. Lev! Davis; Benjamin Franklin b. Aug. 6,
1871, m. Emily Jane Davis. Family home Manti, Utah.

High priest.

LUKE, CHARLES WILLIAM (son of Charles Oliver Luke
and Ann Beaver). Born Dec. 25, 1857, at Manti, Utah.

Married Amanda Anderson Feb. 20, 1896, at Manti, Utah
(daughter of Anders Anderson and Johannah Erickson),
who was born May 11, 1866, at Aleverta, Kullsveden, Sweden.
Their children: Delis Ann b. Aug. 16, 1902; Mabel Margret
b. June 6, 1905; Melroy C. b. Nov. 9, 1908. Family home
Manti, Utah.

Elder. Farmer.

LUKE, WILLIAM, JR. (son of William Luk'e and Emma Per-
kins). Born Sept. 2, 1834, at Manchester, Eng., pioneer Oct.
16, 1853, Captain Harmon company.

Married Mary Haydock Jan. 10, 1857, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Haydock and Elizabeth Crompton,
former died in England, latter pioneer with Robinson hand-
cart company). She was born Jan. 29, 1835, at Little Eton
Lance, Eng. Their children: William Haydock, Jr., b. Jan.

25, 1858, m. Anne Martina Ottoson March 14, 1878; George
Henry b. Feb. 4, 1859, d. Dec. 6, 1880; John Thomas b. May

26, 1861, m. Henrietta C. Barlow Oct. 19, 1881; Joseph b.
Aug. 4, 1863, d. Oct. 6, 1863; Mary Emily b. Nov. 6, 1864, m.
N. W. Anderson Aug. 17, 1882; Elizabeth Ann b. Nov. 27,
1866, m. Willard Barlow May 6, 1887; Charlotte Jane b.
March 8, 1869, m. Oliver C. Peacock; Alonzo b. Dec. 12,
1871, d. Jan. 4, 1873; Franklin b. April 21, 1874, d. same day;
Albert Edward b. Aug. 2, 1875, m. Inger M. Ahlstrom Dec.
18, 1895. Family home Manti. Utah.

Settled at Manti in 1853. Veteran Indian war. One of the
founders of the Co-op, at Manti and acted as its director for
many years. School trustee; road supervisor 13 years;
county commissioner three years; Manti city councilman
six years; alderman four years; mayor of Manti two
terms. Died Sept. 28, 1904, at Manti, Utah.

LUKE. WILLIAM HAYDOCK. JR. (son of William Luke,
Jr., and Mary Haydock). Born Jan. 25, 1858, at Manti,

Married Anne Martina Ottoson March 14, 1878, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Jens Ottoson and Johannah Sorenson,
former came to Utah in 1858, latter with last handcart com-
pany). She was born Nov. 15, 1861, at Goshen, Utah. Their
children: William James b. Dec. 22, 1878, m. Levina Allen;
Joseph Lolnal b. March 12. 1880, d. Aug. 9, 1882; George
Leroy b. Nov. 3, 1881, m. Delia Connell June 30, 1903; Melvln
b. Oct. 13, 1883, m. Clarissa Esplin June 13, 1907; Hannah
Cleo b. Sept. 30, 1885; Mary Hazel b. April 12, 1887, m. John
Pendleton June 16, 1909; Odien b. March 11, 1889; Jessie b.
April 5, 1891; Clinton Lamar b. Feb. 20, 1893, m. Fern I.
Morrill Sept. 20, 1910; Ottoson b. April 21, 1895; Isabell
Martina b. Aug. 14, 1897; Lorenzo Franklin b. Oct. 14, 1899;
Orral Stanford b. July 23, 1903; Alton Arnold b. April 8.
1905. Family home Junction, Utah.

Worked on St. George temple. Counselor to first presi-
dent of Y. M. M. I. A. at Manti; ward teacher. Moved from

Manti to Junction in 1888. School trustee. Sunday school
superintendent at Junction; missionary to central statea
1905-07; high priest; counselor to Bishop Morrill of Junc-
tion ward. Clerk Piute county two terms.

LUKE, HENRY (son of William Luke and Emma Perkins).
Born March 17, 1836, Manchester, Eng. Came to Utah Octo-
ber, 1853, oxteam company.

Married Harriet E. Luce at Spanish Fork, Utah. Their
children: Maria b. Jan. 30, 1858, m. Abram C. Hatch; Wil-
liam Andrew b. Jan. 29, 1860, m. Ellen M. Busby; Emma
Caroline b. Aug. 29, 1861, m. Frederic L. Clegg; John Henry
b. June 18, 1864, m. Sophia Clyde; Mary Ann b. March 28.
1866. m. Fred Davis. Family home Heber, Utah.

Assisted in settling the "Dixie" country. Indian Inter-
preter. Farmer. Died June 26, 1876, at Heber City, Utah.

LUKE, WILLIAM ANDREW (son of Henry Luke and Har-
riet Luce). Born Jan. 29, 1860, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Ellen M. Busby Jan. 27, 1881, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of John K. Busby of Glasgow, Scotland, and
Harriet Emma Killlan of Missouri, pioneers with oxteam
company). She was born July 23, 1860. Their children:
John Henry b. Dec. 28, 1881; William Andrew b. Dec. 30.
1883, m. Leona Jenson; Nellie May b. Oct. 1, 1885, m. Wil-
liam Gibson; George Edward b. May 20, 1887, m. Jennie
Gibson; Charles Franklin b. Nov. 26, 1888, m. Cordelia
Shelton; James Alfred b. Dec. 17, 1890, d. Sept. 4, 1891;
Douglas b. Oct. 13, 1892, d. Aug. 22, 1899; Wallace b. Jan.
10, 1895; Otto b. July 26, 1896; Violet b. June 10, 1898. d.
Jan. 21, 1899; Pansy b. May 18, 1900, died same day; Law-
rence b. May 22, 1901; Avon b. April 18, 1903. Family home
Midway, Utah.

Elder. Road supervisor. Farmer and freighter. Man-
ager Lukes Hot Pots at Midway, Utah.

LTTIVCEFORD, WILLIAM (son of George and Nancy Lunce-
ford, both of St. Clalr county, 111.). Born April 15. 1796.
Came to Utah 1850, oxteam company.

Married Rawsey Robertson (daughter of Robert and
Elizabeth Robertson of Illinois. Their children George b.
Nov. 14, 1821, died; Mary Ann b. Aug. 1, 1823, m. Thomas
Berry; Elizabeth b. March 6, 1825, m. William Padfleld;
John Dew b. Jan. 23, 1826, died; Joseph b. Dec. 12, 1828, m.
Angeline Skinner; Martha Jane b. Nov. 8, 1830, m. William
Ashmead; Samuel b. Dec. 22, 1832; Caroline b. Nov. 15, 1834,
died; Rawsey b. Nov. 22, 1836, died. Family home, Illinois.

Married Mary Trent Holdaway in Illinois (daughter of
Timothy Trent of Tennessee), who was born 1805. Their
children: William Trent b. Aug. 7, 1838, m. Mary Jane
James; Nancy Emaline b. Dec. 4, 1840, m. Sirus Snell, m.
Silas Call; Sarah Melvina b. Feb. 18/1884, m. William Keller;
Synthia Mary Mahaly b. Sept. 6, 1847. Family home, Illinois.

Veteran Walker Indian war. Died 1886, San Luis Oblspo.

LUNCEFORD, JOSEPH (son of William Lunceford and
Rawsey Robertson). Born Dec. 12, 1828, in Illinois. Came
to Utah 1850, Shadrach Holdaway company.

Married Angeline Skinner Oct. 18, 1860, Provo, Utah
(daughter of Horace Billins Skinner and Elinore Clace of
Nauvoo, 111., pioneers October, 1852, Captain Walker oxteam
company), who was born Oct. 4, 1843. Their children:
Rawsey Angeline b. Aug. 20. 1862, died; Joseph William b.
Aug. 7. 1864, m. Mary Gardner; John Hyrum b. Nov. 26, 1866,
m. Melvina Hansen; Martha Elinore b. Oct. 21, 1869, m.
Frank Birmingham; Emma Almeda b. Jan. 19, 1873, m.
Lewis Birmingham; Hannah Elizabeth b. July 20. 1876, m.
Lewis Olsen; Sarah Caroline b. April 3, 1879, m. Julius John-
son; Annie b. Aug. 27, 1882, m. Joseph S. Wheeler; Alonzo
b. Oct. 3. 1886, died. Family home Lake View, Utah.

Married Esther Jane Skinner, 1868, Provo, Utah (daugh-
ter of Horace Billins Skinner and Elinore Clace of Nauvoo,
111., pioneers October, 1852, Captain Walker company).
Their children: Elizabeth Esther, m. John Hick; Mary Ann.
died; Cynthia Melvina; David Hyrum; Wilford; Ellen Or-
minda, m. Andrew Lovegrande; Alma, m. Sadie Randall;
George, m. Lutty Hale.

Elder; ward teacher. Black Hawk and Walker Indian
war veteran. Farmer. Died June, 1896, Lake View, Utah.

LCJfD, ANTHON H. (son of Henry Lund and Anna Christina
Anderson of Denmark). Born May 16, 1844, Denmark.
Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1862, C. A. Madsen independent

Married Sarah Ann Peterson May 2, 1870, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Canute Peterson and Sarah Ann Nelson of
Illinois, pioneers September, 1849). She was born Jan. 4.
1853. Their children: Anthony C., m. Cornelia Sorenson;
Henry C., m. Julia A. Farnsworth; Sarah H. ; Herbert Z., m.
Emma Jensen; Canute L.; Othniel R., m. Mabel Hall; August
William, m. Josephine Brown; George C.; Eva A. Family
home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to Denmark 1871-72, to Scandinavia 1883-86.
to England 1893-95, to Palestine 1897-98 and to Europe 1909;
first counselor to Joseph F. Smith in presidency; church
historian. Member legislature 1886 and 1888; author of bills
creating the industrial school at Ogden and the agricul-
tural college at Logan. Vice president of Zion's Savings &
Trust company; director of Z. C. M. I. and of Utah State



National bank; regent of the university of Utah; member of
the capitol commissions and president of the genealogical
society of Utah; president of the board of trustees of the
L. D. 8. university.

LUND. ANTHONY CANUTE (son of Anthon Henrik Lund
and Sarah Ann Peterson). Born Feb. 25, 1871, Ephraim,

Married Laura Greaves Aug. 14, 1895, Ephraim. Utah.
Their children: Weber Anthony b. July 16, 1896; Grant b.
Oct. 2, 1898.

Married Cornelia Sorenson Dec. 24, 1902, Manti, Utah
(daughter of Neils Christian Sorenson of Gunnison, Utah,
and Sareh Christina Capsson, born July 31, Spanish Fork,
Utah), who was born March 8, 1882. Their children: Anthon
Hc-nrlk b. Dec. 11, 1903; Herschel Sorenson b. Feb. 11, 1905;
Sarah Cornelia b. Sept. 20, 1907; Max Welton b. July 31,
1910. Families reside Prove, Utah.

LUND, HENRY C. (son of Anthon H. Lund and Sarah
Ann Peterson). Born April 13, 1873, Ephraim, Utah.

Married Julia A. Farnsworth Sept. 20, 1899, Salt Lake
City (daughter of P. T. Farnsworth and Julia P. Murdock).
who was born Nov. 2, 1874, Beaver, Utah. Their children:
Henry C. F. b. Sept. 8, 1900; Philo F. b. Jan. 9, 1902; Anthon
F. b. Oct 10, 1905, died; John C. F. b. March 3, 1907;
Alton F. b. Jan. 29, 1909; Julia F. b. Oct. 26, 1911. Family
home. Salt Lake City.

Member 124th quorum seventies; member general board
of Y. M. M. I. A. Lawyer.

LUND, HERBERT Z. (son of Anthon H. Lund and Sarah Ann
Peterson). Born Jan. 17, 1877, Ephraim, Utah.

Married Emma Jensen May 16, 1902, Mantl, Utah (daugh-
ter of James Iver Jensen and Inger Nlelson Syndegard of
Denmark. Came to Utah September, 1868, Independent com-
pany). She was born June 29, 1879. Their children: Sarah
Inger b. June 2C, 1904; Herbert Z. b. July 19, 1907; Richard b.
March 7, 1911.

Member seventy; missionary to southern states 1899-1901.
Physician and surgeon state prison; member of state board
of medical examiners. Physician and surgeon.

LUND, OTHNIEL R. (son of Anthon H. Lund and Sarah Ann
Peterson). Born Feb. 28, 1882, Ephraim, Utah.

Married Mabel Hall Jan. 27. 1906. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Edwin Hall and Clara Bringhurst), who was born
1885. Their children: Robert b. July 29, 1907; Elmo b. Feb.
16, 1912. Family home Ephraim, Utah.

Deputy treasurer of Salt Lake county four years. School
teacher. Farmer.

I.UtiTt, ROBERT C. (son of Wilson and Eliza B. Lund). He
was born May 29, 1847, New Diggins, Wis. Came to Utah

Married Mary A. Romney 1870.

Settled at Salt Lake City; moved to St. George 1860. Tel-
egraph operater Deseret telegraph company, at St. George,
Utah, and Ploche, Nev.; Wells Fargo express agent at St.
George and Silver Reef, Utah; chairman board of county
commissioners, Washington county; served in territorial
legislature; member and president state board of equaliza-
tion. Died Jan. 30, 1906.

LTntTDBLAD, HAWS. Born Sept. 29, 1821, in Sweden. Came
to Utah 1866 with oxteam.

Married Karste Mortenson in Sweden (daughter of Andres
Mortenson and Anna Pahrson of Sweden), who was born
Sept. 10, 1821. Their children: Johanna, m. John T. Coving-
ton; Mary Chrlstena, m. Joseph Ash; Charlotte Elena, m.
Joseph Slmkins; John Willlard, Joseph and Emma Helena,
died; Ellen, m. John H. Fullmer. Family home Beaver,

President Scandinavian mission before emigrating to
America. Settled first In San Pete county, later In 1861
moved to Washington county. Tailor by trade. Died June
29, 1868, Beaver, Utah.

n MUlOf.M. ANDREW G. (son of Anders E. Lundholm and
Maria Louisa Llndberg of Sweden). Born May 17, 1833,
Tillinge Socken, Upsallalan, Sweden. Came to Utah August,
1868, working on Union Pacific railroad.

Married Gustava Charlotta Grlndstrom, In Sweden, who
died Jan. 12, 1903, Santaquin. Utah. They had two daugh-
ters, both of whom died In Sweden.

Married Louisa Gustafson May 27, 1903. Salt Lake temple.

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