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Settled at Santaquin in 1869. Teacher; president elders
quorum; high priest; high councilor in Nebo stake. En-
gaged in farming at Santaquin, at which he was very suc-
cessful. Died Feb. 19, 1911, Santaquin.

L.TJNDQ.ITIST, AXEL THEODORE (son of Carl Gustav Lund-
qulst born Dec. 7, 1804, and Katrine Abrlka Hornstrand,
both of Stockholm, Sweden). He was born Feb. 6, 1838, at
Stockholm. Came to Utah October, 1863, Captain Fabus

Married Sarah Erson Nov. 27, 1866 (daughter of Anders
Erson of Dalene, Sweden, and Sarah Miles), who was born
Aug. 22, 1843 (deceased). Their children: Axel Jalmer b.
Jan. 20, 1867, d. same year; Alexander Theodore b. Sept.

3, 1868. m. Alvilda Fonnesbeck; Sarah Josephine b. March 6,
1870, m. Willard Carlson March 23, 1892; Charles William
b. Jan. 22, 1872. m. Catherine E. Kofoed Dec. 6, 1894. and
Martha E. Olsen Jan. 22, 1902; Selma Catherine b. March
23, 1873, died; Anders Enoch b. April 21, 1874; John Parley
b. Sept. 6, 1876, m. Antonine Christina Nielsen March 6, 1901;
Alvin Theodore b. March 3, 1878, died; Hulda Johanna b.
Jan. 19, 1879, m. James J. Nelson Nov. 16, 1899; Albert Peter
b. Dec. 28, 1880, died; Anna Sophia b. July 23, 1882, died.
Family home Weston, Idaho.
Worked on Logan temple.

i,lTNT, EDWARD (son of John Lunt, born 1786, Walsall.
Staffordshire, Eng., and Ann Elton). Born July 10, 1816, at
Walsall. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1867, Israel Evans hand-
cart company.

Married Harriett Wood Sept. 17, 1844 (daughter of James
Wood and Ann Amos), who was born Oct. 6, 1822, and came
to Utah with husband. Their children: Alfred b. Sept. 27.
1845, m. Prlscilla Pitt Dec. 8, 1865; Elizabeth b. Dec. 16.
1848. m. Eli Batchelor Jan. 1, 1866; Shedrach b. Oct 2, 1850.
m. Ann Pitt May 27, 1872; Nephl b. May 23, 1864; Sarah Ann
b. Aug. 11, 1868, m. Henry Lunt Jan. 16, 1878; James Ed-
ward b. Oct. 15, 1860, m. Mary Ann Shaw Sept 1, 1881.

LUNT, ALFRED (son of Edward Lunt and Harriet Wood).
Born Sept. 27, 1845, Wlllenhall, Staffordshire. Came to Utah
with parents.

Married Priscllla Pitt Dec. 8, 1866 (daughter of John Pitt
and Caroline Wright, pioneers 1866. Daniel Thompson's
oxteam company), who was born Oct. 10, 1846, Willcnhail,
Eng., and came to Utah 1864, W. S. Warren company.
Their children: Elizabeth Ann b. Nov. 17, 1866, m. Charles
H. Grace; Shedrach James b. Oct. 26, 1869. m. Sarah Flor-
ence McCune; George William b. July 23, 1872, m. Rose
Etta Morhan; Alfred Oscar b. Dec. 4, 1874, m. Jeanette
Sperry; John Edgar b. May 3, 1880, m. Lydia Jane Kendall.
Family home Nephl, Utah. ,

Member 71st quorum seventy; high priest. City council-
man of Nephi six years. Helped bring immigrants to Utah
1864; Black Hawk war veteran. Rancher; sheepman;

L.UJTT, HENRY (son of Handle Lunt and Ann Morgan both
of Midley Hall Farm, Eng.). Born July 20, 1824, Midley,
Hall Cheshire, Eng.). Came to Utah October, 1850.

Married Ellen Whittaker March 26, 1862, Parowan, Utah
(daughter of James Whittaker and Rachel Taylor both of
Heywood, Lancashire, Eng., pioneers 1851, W. W. Phelps com-
pany), who was born June 6, 1830.

Married Mary Ann Wilson Oct. 7, 1857, Salt Lake City,
who was born Jan. 19, 1832, Carlisle, Cumberland, Eng.
Came to Utah 1867, Jesse B. Martin company. Their chil-
dren: Henrietta Wilson; Ellen Eva W.; Henry Whittaker;
Randle W.; William W.; Florence W.; Violet W.; Maude.
Family home Cedar City, Utah.

Missionary to England 1854-57; bishop of Cedar City.
County selectman; mayor and city councilman. Cedar City;
member of legislature and state militia. Farmer. Died
Jan. 22, 1902, Pacheco, Old Mexico.

LUNT, HENRY W. (son of Henry Lunt and Mary Ann Wil-
son). Born Jan. 25, 1863, Cedar City, Utah.

Married Roselia Hunter Dec. 10, 1884, St. George, Utah
(daughter of George Hunter and Mary Muir, both of Scot-
land, pioneers 1860). She was born Feb. 26, 1866. Their
children: Henry Hunter b. Nov. 24, 1886; George b. June
8, 1887; Raymond b. Nov. 19, 1889; Wallace b. July 14.
1891; Mary Ellen H. b. May 16, 1895; Corrls H. b. June 18,
1897; lona H. b. May 27. 1900; Anthon H. b. Oct. 14, 1902;
Willard H. b. Oct. 20. 1904; Rose Olive II. b. March 22, 1909.
Family home. Cedar City.

Missionary to England 1892-94; bishop of Cedar City.
County commissioner; mayor; city councilman; state sena-
tor. Farmer and stockraiser.

I.UTZ, FREDRICK. Born Feb. 25, 1838. Came to Utah

Married Fannie Barton April 10, 1871. Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Barton and Mary Ann Taylor of Salt
Lake City, pioneers 1866, Edward Martin company). She
was born Aug. 7, 1862, Southport, Eng.; came to Utah with
parents. Only child: Fredrick P. b. March 6, 1872, d. aged 3.

Wells Fargo mallcarrier across the plains. Died Sept.
20, 1911, Salt Lake City.

Joachim Frederick Lybbert of of Mecklenburg, Schwerin,
Germany, and Margrethe Elsebethe Wllkelmlne Evart of
Denmark). Born Nov. 6, 1834, Flade, Hjorring, Denmark.
Came to Utah Nov. 8, 1865, Miner G. Atwood company.

Married Mary M. Andersen June 16, 1862. Copenhagen.
Denmark (daughter of Christian Andersen and Anna Chris-
tine Petersen), who was born May 27, 1833, and came to
Utah with husband. There were no children.

Married Antonette M. Olsen March 10, 1866, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Christian Olsen and Christine Halvarsen,
pioneers 1868). She was born Jan. 6, 1845, Chrlstianla,
Norway, and came to Utah with husband. Their chil-
dren: Enoch C. b. Nov. 26, 1867, m. Augusta O. Rinnon
June 11, 1902; Waldemar C. b. Oct. 21, 1869, m. Ella Dora



Darnell Nov. 10, 1892; Emma T. b. Aug. 8, 1871, d. infant;
Emma Theresa b. April 11, 1873, m. Winfleld S. Hullinger, jr.
Jan. 1, 1896; Rachel C. b. July 27, 1875, m. John W. Bascom
Jan. 1, 1895; Mary Sophia b. Sept. 25. 1877, m. William P.
Merrill Oct. S. 1896; Daniel Evert b. Oct. 26. 1879, m. Fannie
M. De Friez Aug. 19, 1903; Charles Joachim b. Oct. 19, 1881,
m. La Pearl Cook June 19, 1909; John Isaac b. March 6, 1884,
m. Verda Elmira Timmons Sept. 23, 1903; Jacob Norman b.
April 24, 1886, m. Elma Goodrich; Esther b. Feb. 2, 1890, m.
Daniel F. Olsen. Family home Naples, Utah.

Priest; missionary to Randers June 1854; clerk of Aalborg
conference and later of the pastorate, district and branch.
While doing missionary work was called into the service
of his native land as a soldier, and while serving in the
army remained clerk of the Copenhagen conference. Member
of the choir. Returned to Salt Lake City Nov. 9, 1865.

L.YMAN, AMASA MASON (third son of Roswell Lyman, who
was born in 1784, Lebanon, and Martha Mason, born June
7, 1787, at Grafton, both in New Hampshire married March
14, 1810). He was born March 30, 1813, at Lyman, Grafton
county, N. H. Came to Utah July 24, 1847, Brigham Young

Married Louisa Maria Tanner June 10, 1835 (daughter
of John Tanner and Lydia Stewart married 1801, Green-
wich, N. T.; former a pioneer Oct. 17, 1848, Amasa M.
Lyman company; latter died May 31, 1825, Bolton, Warren
county, N. Y.). She was born Nov. 28, 1818, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: Matilda b. Nov. 14
1836, m. Isaac P. Carter Oct. 6, 1856; Francis Marion b.
Jan. 12, 1840, m. Rhoda Ann Taylor Nov. 18, 1857 (see
genealogy); Ruth Adelia b. Aug. 1, 1843, d. Feb. 27, 1848;
Amasa Mason, Jr. b. Feb. 22, 1846, m. Hannah Olive Fel-
shaw Jan. 6, 1867; Maria Louisa b. May 8, 1849, m. William
Clayton Oct. 3, 1866; Lelia Deseret b. Jan. 21, 1852, m.
Edwin Bartholomew Dec. 25, 1871; Love Josephine b. April
25, 1854, m. Hyrum S. Coombs June 23, 1872; Agnes Hilda
b. Dec. 6, 1857, m. George C. Veile Dec. 16, 1877. Family
home Fillmore, Utah.

Married Caroline Ely Partridge Sept. 6, 1844, Nauvoo,
111. (daughter of Edward Partridge and Lydia Clisbee
former died May 27, 1840, Nauvoo, 111.; latter a pioneer
Oct. 17, 1848). She was born Jan. 8, 1827, Patnesville,
Ohio, and came to Utah with mother and husband. Their
children: Martha Lydia b. April 1, 1853, m. Alvin Roper
Oct. 26, 1874; Frederick Rich b. Oct. 12, 1856, m. Ann
Elizabeth Lovell Dec. 6, 1875; Annie b. July 2, 1860, m.
Peter Anderson Oct. 9, 1882; Walter Clisbee b. Oct. 1, 1863,
m. Sylvia Ann Lovell Oct. 4, 1883; Harriet Jane b. Aug.
17, 1866. m. John Edmond Lovell Oct. 4, 1883. Family
home, Fillmore.

Married Eliza Maria Partridge Sept. 28, 1844, Nauvoo,
111. (daughter of Edward Partridge and Lydia Clisbee),
who was born April 20, 1820, Painesville, Ohio; came to
Utah w'th husband's company. Their children: Don Car-
los b. July 14, 1846, d. Dec. 12, 1846, Florence, Neb.; Platte
DeAlton b. Aug. 20, 1848, m. Adelia Robinson May 18,
1867; Carlie Eliza b. Aug. 1, 1851, m. Thomas Calllster
Feb. 14, 1878; Joseph Alvin b. Dec. 13, 1856, m. Nellie Gray-
son Roper April 25, 1878; Lucy Zina b. Aug. 26, 1860, m.
Lemuel Hardlson Redd Oct. 31, 1883. Family resided Fill-
more, Salt Lake City and Oak City, Utah.

Married Cornelia Eliza Leavttt Nov. 14, 1844, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Enoch Virgil Leavitt and Abigail Leonora
Snow, former pioneer Oct. 17, 1848, Amasa M. Lyman com-
pany). She was born Jan. 5, 1825, Warren, Ohio. Their
children: Lorenzo Snow b. Nov. 6, 1851, m. Zuriah Rowley
Nov. 21, 1874; Henry Elias b. July 4, 1854, m. Ina Caldwell
Dec. 31, 1883. Family resided Salt Lake City and Parowan,

Married Diontia Walker In July, 1845, Nauvoo, 111. (daugh-
ter of Oliver Walker and Nancy Crissy, pioneers Oct. 17,
1848, Amasa M. Lyman company). She was born March

10, 1816, Dayton, Ohio, and died childless. Family resided
Salt Lake City and Mlnersville, Utah.

Married Paulina Eliza Phelps Jan. 16, 1846, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Morris Phelps and Laura Clark), who was
born March 20, 1827, Lawrencevllle, 111. Their children:
Oscar Morris b. Dec. 16, 1847, m. Phebe Medora Benson
April 5, 1869; Mason Roswell b. July 5, 1851, d. May
31, 1866, Parowan, Utah; Clark b. Oct. 5, 1853, d. April
7, 1854, Salt Lake City; Charles Rich b. Feb. 18, 1857, m.
Barbara Alice Ward July 8, 1876; William Horn b. Feb.
19, 1859, m. Julia Hannah McGregor Oct. 26, 1888; Solon
Ezra b. Aug. 9, 1863, m. Luella Ward Feb. 8, 1884; Laura
Paulina b. Aug. 19, 1865, m. Porter van der Clark Dec. 31,
1883. Family resided Salt Lake City and Parowan, Utah.

Married Prlscilla Turley Jan. 17, 1846, Nauvoo, 111. (daugh-
ter of Theodore Turley and Frances Kimberley, former
pioneer Oct. 17, 1818, Amasa M. Lyman company). She
was born June 1, 1829, Toronto, Canada. Their children:
Theodore Kimberley b. April 13, 1853, m. Elizabeth Duggins
Dec. 29, 1875; Ira Depo b. April 30, 1855, m. Elizabeth Ann
Rowley Jan. 1, 1878; Isaac Newton b. Oct. 18, 1857, d.
Sept. 27, 1858, Parowan; Albert Augustus b. Oct. 5, 1859, d.
Oct. 25, 1860, Minersvllle, Utah; Stephen Alonzo b. Aug.

11, 1865, m. Ellen King Dec. 24, 1887; Frances Prlscilla b.
July 21, 1868, m. Robert Edward Barry April 20, 1884.
Family resided Salt Lake City and Fillmore, Utah, and
San Bernardino, Cal.

Married Lydia Partridge Feb. 7, 1853, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Edward Partridge and Lydia Clisbee), who
was born May 8, 1830, Painesville, Ohio. Their children:
Edward Leo b. Jan. 4, 1857, m. Mary Maranda Callister
Nov. 14, 1878; Ida Evelyn b. March 28, 1859, m. Hans

Joseph Nlelson Nov. 30, 1881; Frank Arthur b. Sept. 9.
1863, d. April 26, 1864, Salt Lake City; Lydia May b. May
1, 1865, m. Kumin Treharne Jones Nov. 2, 1882. Family
resided Salt Lake City and Fillmore, Utah.

He was early placed upon his own resources, for when
he was about two years old his father left home for the
western country, never to return, and is supposed to have
died in New Orleans.

At the age of eighteen, just a year after the organization
of the church, he became somewhat thoughtful on religious
subjects. In the spring of 1832, Lyman E. Johnson and
Orson Pratt visited the neighborhood where he lived and
Amasa believed In their doctrine and was baptised by the
former on April 27, 1832, being confirmed the following day
by Orson Pratt.

On account of his Joining the Latter-day Saints 111 feeling
arose against him, in his uncle's family where he resided,
and for that reason he sot off for a journey with only
scanty provisions and clothing. He arrived at Lyons, Wayne
Co., New York, and hired out to Thomas Lackey, who, by-
the-bye, was the man who purchased Martin Harris* farm
when he sold it to raise money for printing the Book of
Mormon. He only stopped here a couple of weeks, and then
made his way to Buffalo, and thence to Cleveland, Ohio, and
later to Hyrum, Portage Co., Ohio, where he was received by
Father Johnson and family. He soon met the Prophet
Joseph Smith and was given a living testimony by the spirit
that he was a man of God. He was called on a mission on
the 23d of August, 1832, by the Prophet Joseph, who ordained
him an elder, and labored during the following winter with
Zerubabel Snow In southern Ohio and Cable Co., Virginia.
They returned to Kirtland early the following spring having
added forty souls to the church.

He filled a second mission with William F. Gaboon, leaving
March 21, 1833, and journeying as far as Chautauqua and
Cattaraugus counties, New York. During this mission he
held 150 meetings and there were about a hundred souls
added to the church. While on this mission the call reached
him to go to Missouri. Arriving in Kirtland on May 1st,
1834, a few days later he joined Zion's Camp at New Portage,
and traveled with this organization to Missouri, suffering
all the privations and difficulties of that famous trip. Hav-
ing attended the dedication of the Kirtland temple. In the
spring of 1836, in company with Elder Nathan Tanner ho
filled another mission that year to the state of New York.
In 1837, he went to Missouri and there experienced all the
persecutions to which those of his belief were subjected.
His family in the meantime were enabled to move to Illinois
and he joined them in March, 1839. During that year he
made two dangerous trips to Missouri for the purpose of
assisting Elder Parley P. Pratt and his fellow-prisoner*
and to attend to unsettled business.

He settled in Iowa In the spring of 1840, building a cabin
for his family on the half-breed Indian tract in Lee county.
In 1841, with his family, he moved to Nauvoo and later
was called on a mission to northern Illinois and Wisconsin.
He was subsequently directed in company with Peter Haws
to go on a mission to secure means to build the Nauvoo
temple and Nauvoo House, going as far east as Indiana.

In the spring of 1842 he was sent on a mission to the state
of Tennessee with Horace K. Whitney and others. On the
20th of August, 1842, Elder Lyman was ordained to the
apostleship, and the following month sent on a mission
to southern Illinois in company with Elder George A. Smith,
being a part of the time in company with Brigham Young
and Heber C. Klmball.

He went through many of the privations and trials at
Nauvoo and filled many other missions in the states around
about. In the spring of 1844 he went to Nauvoo to attend
the April Conference, and It was here determined that he
should go to Boston. He had proceeded only as far as
Cincinnati (remaining until July), when he received the
news of the massacre of the prophet and patriarch. Joseph
and Hyrum Smith. He was recalled to Nauvoo, arriving
there July 31, 1844, and was present at the meeting at
Nauvoo on August 8th following when the twelve apostle*
were acknowledged as the presiding quorum of the church.
He rendered efficient aid during the exodus of his people
from Illinois In 1846, and was one of the pioneers of Utah
In 1847.

In 1848 he led a large company of immigrants to the great
Salt Lake valley. In 1850 he went on a mission to California,
returning September 30th, of that year, and in 1851 he and
Apostle Charles C. Rich were appointed to lead a company
of settlers to California. This company left Payson, March
24, 1851, and arrived at San Bernardino the following June.
It was a few months later. In September, that the ranch
of San Bernardino was purchased, and a settlement was
located. This was continued until 1857, when the Johnston
army-Echo Canyon hostilities caused it to disintegrate when
most of the Inhabitants had gone to Utah.

In 1860 he filled a mission to Great Britain, arriving July
27th, and in connection with Apostle Charles C. Rich pre-
sided over the European mission until March 14, 1862, when
he returned home. It was while on this mission that he
delivered the remarkable sermon at Dundee, Scotland, March
16, 1862, In which he denied the atonement of the Savior.
Some time later he was summoned to answer the charge of
having preached false doctrine, and he acknowledged his
error, and signed a. document January 23, 1867, In which he
asked forgiveness of the authorities. Soon after, however,
he again preached In the same strain, and was finally
excommunicated May 12, 1870. He died at Fillmore, Millard
county, Utah, February 4, 1877.



LYMAN, FRANCIS MARION (son of Amasa M. Lyman and
Louisa Maria Tanner). Born Jan. 12, 1840, Goodhope. 111.

Married Rhoda Ann Taylor Nov. 18, 1867, San Bernardino,
Cal. (daughter of James Taylor and Ann Stanley Kingston,
former died in Australia, latter a pioneer in February 1858,
Capt. Bell Company). She was born Aug. 29, 1840, New
South Wales, Australia. Their children: Rhoda Alice b.
April 26, 1869, m. Charles R. McBride Nov. 20, 1876; Ellen
Taylor b. Jan. 7, 1861, m. Alfred F. Hanks Jan. 24, 1878;
Francis Marion Jr. b. Sept. 25, 1863, m. Betsy Ann Gowans
Oct. 16, 1889, Edna Jane b. Sept. 8, 1866, m. Daniel D. Houtz
June 23, 1886; Louisa Ann b. Dec. 28, 1868, m. William Henry
King April 17, 1889; Mary Crlsmon b. July 29, 1871, m.
Ephraim G. Gowans June 1, 1893; Lois Victoria b. Sept. 27,
1876, m. Phares Wells Dunyon Aug. 9, 1899; Ada Alta b.
July 4, 1878, d. Nov. 6, 1881, Tooele, Utah; Hilda Olive b.
Jan. 25, 1881, d. Jan. 21, 1882, Tooele. Family resided Beaver,
Fillmore, Tooele and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Married Clara Caroline Callister Oct. 4, 1869, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas Callister and Caroline Smith,
pioneers 1847), who was born April 18, 1850, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Richard Roswell b. Nov. 23, 1870, m. Amy
Cassandra Brown Sept. 9, 1896; George Albert b. Nov. 14,
1873, m. Susan Mae King Sept. 25, 1901, Salt Lake City;
Lucy Smith b. Aug. 6, 1876. m. George Arthur Partridge
Nov. 14, 1895; Ida b. Aug. 2, 1878, m. Eric Herman Anderson
Nov. 18, 1908; John Callister b. Sept. 24, 1880, m. Zella Jane
Brown Oct. 15, 1908; Amy b. Dec. 10, 1882; Don Callister b.
June 21, 1886, d. Sept. 24, 1892, Manassa, Colo. Family
resided Fillmore and Tooele, Utah, and Manassa, Colo.

Married Susan Delilah Callister Oct. 9, 1884, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas Callister and Helen Marr Clark,
pioneers 1847), who was born May 25, 1863, Salt Lake City.
Their children: Clark Callister b. July 4, 1891, d. same day;
Waldo Wilcken b. March 2, 1893, Salt Lake City, Grant
Herbert b. May 10, 1896, Fillmore; Floe b. July 6, 1898,
Fillmore; Rudger Clawson b. Nov. 2, 1900, d. May 17, 1909;
Helen Marr b. Oct. 30, 1904, Fillmore.

When Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were assassin-
ated at Carthage jail, in his native state of Illinois, President
Francis M. Lyman was four and one-half years old. Only
as a child would know and remember such great personages
was it possible for him to know them, but in his mature
manhood he has had a thorough knowledge of all their
successors and through them a better understanding of
those who have gone before. At home and abroad for fifty
years, President Lyman has been in the missionary service,
beginning the work at the age of twenty. He has officiated
In the offices of elder, seventy, high priest and an apostle
during the past thirty years of his life. Three missions
In Europe, occupying all together seven and one-half years,
have been filled by him.

Elder Lyman's childhood was spent in Illinois, Indiana,
Nebraska, Utah and California. For six years he lived at
San Bernardino, Cal., and he was married there In 1867.
During that year he returned to Utah, it being the time of
the Echo Canyon Imbroglio, and resided later in Cedar
City, Beaver, and Farmington. After his first mission in
1860-2, he located with his father and family, under the
direction of President Brigham Young, at Fillmore, and it
was his home for fourteen years. During this time he en-
gaged enthusiastically in all the activities of the people of
Millard county, being much of the time their public and
official servant.

On March 23, 1866, he was appointed assistant assessor of
Internal revenue for District No. 6 of Utah, by Hugh
McCulloch, then secretary of the U. S. treasury. He served
In this capacity under the following assessors: Col. J. C.
Little, A. L. Chetlain, John E. Smith, Richard V. Morris,
and Dr. John P. Taggart.

It was in 1866 that Elder Lyman with his father built the
O. K. Flour Mills of Fillmore, and he was largely engaged
in the flour and grain trade as well as in many more busi-
ness enterprises.

In September, 1867, he was commissioned by Governor
Durkee as lieutenant colonel of the first regiment of militia
In the Pauvan military district. Two years later, 1869, he
was elected a member of the house of representatives of the
general assembly of the state of Deseret for Millard county
and subsequently represented that county In the territorial
legislature of Utah In the 17th, 18th, 22d and 23d sessions,
and Tooele county in the 24th and 25th sessions. In the 25th
session (1882), he acted ao speaker of the house, while
President Joseph F. Smith was president of the council
(now senate).

He served as high councilor in Millard stake about six
years, and In political activities occupied the positions of
district attorney, superintendent of common schools, county
and probate clerk and recorder. He was also secretary and
treasurer of the county cooperative companies, and did the
land business of the county, such as homesteading, pre-
empting and the entering of townsltes with Probate Judge
Edward Partridge and Mayor Joseph V. Robison. It was
during the organization of the stakes of Zlon by President
Brigham Young In 1877 [died Aug. 29 of that year], that
Elder Lyman was called to preside over the Tooele stake of
Zlon when It was organized by [Apostle] President John
Taylor and the other apostles on June 24 % 1877. Later he
was chosen by election of the people as a representative
of Tooele county, and county clerk and recorder, serving
In those positions about four years. He had a most thrilling
experience in the fight with the liberals, and it was during
his term of office that the people succeeded in redeeming
Tooele county from their unrighteous rule.

With Elders Erastus Snow, Brigham Young, Jr., and eight
others, he went on a mission, In 1880, to San Juan county,

Utah, and Into Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. During
this trip they traveled 1,800 miles with teams. It was
during this year and while at Orderville, Kane county, on
the 10th of October, that he was chosen at the general semi-
annual conference of the church, one of the council of the
twelve apostles, John Henry Smith being chosen at the
same time. Both were ordained by President John Taylor
and Wllford Woodruff on the 27th of October, 1880, in the
Endowment House.

He filled a second mission to Europe In 1873-4-6, just
before moving to Tooele. Since he was chosen an apostle
he has been engaged exclusively in the spiritual and tem-
poral welfare of the people of the church. He has visited
the stakes of Zion over and over again and given counsel
and advice to the people serving towards their spiritual
growth and strength. In a temporal way he has served as
a director in such institutions as Z. C. M. I., Zion's Savings
Bank and Trust Company, Consolidated Wagon and Machine
Company, Home Fire Insurance Company, Heber J. Grant
& Company, Deseret National Bank, Beneficial Life Insur-
ance Company, Zion's Cooperative .Home Building and Real
Estate Company, president and director Utah Pioneers Book
Publishing Company, etc.

After the death of President Brigham Young, Jr., in
1903, he was sustained president of the council of the twelve
and was blessed and set apart for that presidency In the
temple by President Joseph F. Smith and his counselors and
the twelve, on the 7th of July, 1904, since which time he
has filled another mission to Europe, presiding over the
European mission, May, 1901, to January, 1904, besides labor-

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