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Ing diligently in his office and calling at home. While on
this last mission, he not only visited many of the European
countries, including Russia, but also the Holy Land, and
Egypt, and wherever he went he turned the keys for the
establishment of liberty and the preaching of the Gospel.
His traveling companions were Elders Sylvester Q. and
Joseph J. Cannon.

LYMAN. FRANCIS MARION, JR. (son of Francis Marion
Lyman and Rhoda Ann Taylor). Born Sept. 25, 1863, at

Married Betsy Ann Gowans Oct. 16, 1889, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Hugh S. and Betsy Gowans, pioneers 1855,
Milo Andrus company). She was born Dec. 7, 1864, Tooele,
Utah. Their children: Manon b. Nov. 30, 1890, m. Charles
Colson Smith April 16, 1909; Merl b. June 5, 1892, m. Irene
Gray Nov. 8, 1909; Hugh Marlon b. March 7, 1894; Taylor
b. Dec. 14, 1895; Coral b. Feb. 6, 1898; Frank Gowans b.
June 23, 1901; Donald Gowans b. Jan. 2, 1905. Family re-
sided Tooele and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Civil and mining engineer and surveyor. At 20 years
of age went on a 3 years' mission to Germany and traveled
extensively In Russia, Palestine and Egypt, as well as In
Turkey and Italy. Seventy.

LYMAN, RICHARD ROSWELL (son of Francis M. Lyman
and Clara C. Callister). Born Nov. 23, 1870, Fillmore.

Married Amy Brown Sept. 9, 1896, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Brown and Margaret Zimmerman of Pleasant
Grove, Utah, pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham Young com-
pany). She was born Feb. 7, 1872. Their children: Wen-
dell Brown b. Dec. 18, 1897; Margaret b. Sept. 15, 1903.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

High priest; superintendent of M. I. A. of Salt Lake stake
1896-1902; supervisor of parents' classes of Ensign stake
1907. Vice chairman of State road commission 1909. Pro-
fessor of civil engineering at University of Utah; civil and
consulting engineer. Director In Inter-Mountain Life In-
surance Co., and also In Delta State bank.

LYMAN, WALDO WILLKEN (son of Francis M. Lyman and
Susan Delilah Calllster). He was born March 2, 1893, Salt
Lake City.

LYMAN, AMASA MASON. JR. (son of Amasa Mason Lyman
and Louisa Maria Tanner). Born Feb. 22, 1846, Nauvoo, 111.
Came to Utah 1848.

Married Hannah Olive Felshaw Jan. 6, 1867, Fillmore,
Utah (daughter of William Felshaw and Mary Harriet
Gilbert), who was born Nov. 2, 1848, Callands Grove, Iowa.
Tbeir children: Olive Ethel b. Oct. 30. 1867, m. Seth Taft
Sept. 23, 1885; Amasa Mason b. June 5, 1870, m. Elizabeth
Jane Moosman Nov. 7. 1896; William Milton b. May 12,
1872, d. July 9, 1872.

Married Cynthia Wright Oct. 9, 1872, Fillmore, Utah
(daughter of Jonathan C. Wright and Cynthia Martin),
who was born Aug. 12, 1851, Big Cottonwood, Utah. Their
children: Sarah b. May 1, 1873. d. May 1. 1873; Rachel
b. May 1, 1873. d. May 1. 1873; Willard Henry b. April 9.
1874, m. Hlldagard Sophia Schoenfleld Nov. 15, 1893.

Married Rosannah Reynolds May 16, 1877, Panguitch,
Utah (daughter of John Reynolds and Mary Haskln), who
was born May 23, 1857, Pleasant Grove, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Vern b. Jan. 5, 1878, m. Mary Wllcock Oct. 7, 1909;
Haskln b. Feb. 20, 1880, m. Ruth Elizabeth Peters Dec. 12,
1901; Reynolds b. June 4, 1882; Mary b. July 20, 1884. m.
John S. Hlskey May 12, 1902; Maria b. Aug. 9, 1886, m.
Volney Emery King Aug. 9, 1904; Francis b. Nov. 26.
1888; Maurice b. Nov. 27, 1892, m. Inez Merl Shaw Oct. !).
1911; Amasa b. Oct. 23, 1894, m. Fanny May Stewart Jan.
29. 1913.

Settled at Little Cottonwood 1848: moved to San Ber-
nardino, Cal., 1851; returned to Utah 1855; and to California
again In 1856. In 1859 went again to Utah and settled at
Cedar; moved to Beaver 1860. In 1862 drove a ten mule
team to Sacramento, Cal., for his uncle Freeman Tanner;



in 1864 went with Captain John R. Murdock to the Missouri
river with a six mule team to assist a company of immi-
grants to Utah. Served in the Black Hawk Indian war
under James C. Owens. Assisted in the erection of the
O. K. flouring mill at Fillmore 1866; In 1879 and 1880 went
with a company of Saints Into San Juan county and as-
sisted in the construction of the road known as the "Hole
in the Rock," where the wagons were let down with ropes.
Moved to Rabbit Valley in 1883, where he resided 7
years, assisting In developing the country; from here he
went to Boulder, and resided there 20 years and did much
in reclaiming the country and making it habitable; later
he went to Teasdale, where he now resides.

LYON, ALBERT C. (son of John B. Lyon and Arvilla Olcott
of Lunenburg, Vt.). Born Sept. 15, 1832, at Lunenburg.
Came to Utah Aug. 17, 1859, Harlow Redfleld company.

Married Susan R. Redfleld Sept. 27, 1860, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Harlow Redfleld and Alpha P. Foster of
Salt Lake City, pioneers Sept. 3, 1850, Aaron Johnson com-
pany). She was born Aug. 7, 1839, in Illinois. Their chil-
dren: Clarissa A. b. Sept. 2, 1862, d. infant; Alpha b. Oct.
10, 1866, d. infant: Rachel E. b. July 31, 1869, d. aged eight;
Albert M. b. June 24, 1873, d. aged four. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

Elder. Farmer.

LYON, JOHN (son of John Lyon and Jennette McCarter of
Kilmarnock, Scotland). Born March 3, 1803, Kilmarnock.
Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1853, Jacob Gates company.

Married Janet Thompson Dec. 4, 1825, Kilmarnock (daugh-
ter of Kobert Thompson and Janet Lament), who was born
March 15, 1809. Their children: Thomas, m. Mary Ann Hug-
gins; Janet, m. George Spiers; Annie, m. Allen Hilton; Rob-
ert Thompson, d. aged 17; John, Jr., m. Mary E. Toone;
Lillian, m. William C. Staines; David Carruthers, d. aged 11;
Matthew Thompson, m. Sarah Shilitoe; Mary, m. Ami Shum-
way; Margaret, d. aged six; Agnes, d. infant; Franklin
Richards, d. aged three. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Superintendent House until the dedication of the temple.
Died Nov. 28, 1889, Salt Lake City.

LTON, JOHN, JR. (son of John Lyon and Janet Thompson).
Born Jan. 18, 1835, Kilmarnock, Scotland. Came to Utah
with father.

Married Mary Elizabeth Prosser Toone April 4, 1857, Salt
Lake City (daughter of John Toone and Emma Elizabeth
Prosser of Leamington, Warwickshire, Eng., pioneers 1852).
She was born April 18, 1840. Their children: John James
T. b. March 24, 1858; David Lyon b. Jan. 22, 1860, d. same
day; William Henry b. July 5, 1861, m. Alice Brown;
Matthew Thompson b. Jan. 25, 1864, m. Delia Mangum;
Thomas b. Oct. 14, 1866, d. same day; Charles Ernest b.
April 28, 1868; Emma Elizabeth b. Oct. 9, 1870, m. James
B. Eddington; George A. b. April 6, 1873, d. April 7, 1873;
Mary G. b. March 21, 1875, d. Aug. 19, 1875; Albert Edgar
b. Feb. 25, 1877, m. Cora Mears; Janet M. b. Sept. 7, 1880,
d. Oct. 4, 1880; Martha b. April 5, 1883, d. same day. Family
home, Salt Lake City.

Member 36th quorum seventies.

LYON, WILLIAM HENRY (son of John Lyon, Jr., and Mary
Elizabeth Toone). Born July 5, 1861, at Salt Lake City.

Married Alice Brown March 20, 1884, at Salt Lake Gity
(daughter of William Brown and Sarah Apperley of Here-
ford. Eng., the latter came to Utah 1881). She was born
March 29, 1861. Their children: William H. b. Dec. 16,
1884, d. Aug. 23, 1885; Alice D. b. Oct. 12, 1886. m. George
W. Phillips March 4, 1908; John William b. Oct. 12, 1888, d.
Dec. 16, 1888; Albert E. b. Dec. 20, 1889, d. Jan. 4, 1892;
Archibald T.' b. Jan. 14, 1892; George B. b. Dec. 26, 1893;
Emma E. b. Nov. 25, 1895; Charles Leonard b. Aug. 21,
1897; Paul I. b. June 30, 1899; Mary M. b. May 24, 1902;
Wilhelmina b. April 12, 1904. Family resided Salt Lake and
Morgan, Utah.

Elder. Farmer.

LYON, JOSEPH DE (son of William and Hannah Tilley of
Rainhlll, Lancaster, Eng.). Born Feb. 19, 1836, at Ralnhlll.
Came to Utah Sept. 7, 1855, Noah T. Guymon company.

Married Eliza Goddard April 5, 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Goddard and Elizabeth Harrison of
Leicester, Eng., pioneers 1852). She was born Oct. 20, 1841.
Their children: Joseph Cornelius, m. Millie Foster; Mary
Elizabeth, m. A. F. Angell; Katie Goddard, m. J. E. Wright;
Gertrude Eliza, m. T. C. Patten; Lorretta Edna, m. Daniel
Taylor; George Archibald, m. Ella Grace Robertson; Ida
Louise; Ruby Goddard, m. Ernest Rumell; Elsie Goddard,
m. Harry Anderson. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Eliza Ann Rumell (daughter of John Rumell and
Elizabeth Gray). No children.

High priest; bishop's counselor. Contractor; plasterer and

LYON, JOSEPH CORNELIUS (son of Joseph De Lyon and
Eliza Goddard). Born Jan. 31, 1865, Salt Lake City.

Married Millie Foster June 4, 1890, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William and Neslen Foster of Salt Lake City). She
was born 1853. Their children: Vera Foster b. April 13,
1891; Afton Foster b. Feb. 25, 1893; Marion Foster b. April
25, 1903. Family home, Salt Lake City.


LYONS, OSCAR FITZALLEN (son of Caleb Lyons and Sarah
Biglowe of Ireland). Born Dec. 25, 1838. Came to Utah 1849.

Married Maria L. Marchant 1869, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Abraham Marchant and Lydia Johnson, pioneers
1849). She was born Oct. 12, 1851. Their children: Oscar
F.; Maria Louise, m. Albert Miles; Abraham M., m. Jenetta
Wltklns; Gilbert, d. aged 9; Herbert A., m. Maude M.
Herridge; Elbert, d. infant: Amy C., m. George Criddle;
Emory L., d. aged 18 months: Edith, m. Frank Barnum;
Hazel; Gladys. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to England; Sunday school superintendent;
ward clerk. County attorney; justice of peace; postmaster.
Telephone operator in Summit county; actor; farmer and
stockralser. Died Jan. 1908, Peoa, Summit Co., Utah.

LYTHGOE, JAM US (son of Thomas Lythgoe, born July 12,
1905, died Sept. 30, 1887, at Pendlebury, Lancaster, Eng..
and Esther Wllcock, born April, 1806, died July 23, 1885,
Henefer, Utah, both of Leigh, Lancaster, Eng.). He was
born March 15, 1842, at Pendlebury. Came to Utah Sept.
22, 1864, Joseph S. Rawlins oxteam company.

Married Martha Heelis April 17, 1864, Manchester, Eng.
(daughter of Thomas Heelis and Elizabeth Singleton), who
was born Dec. 12, 1840, Breathmet, Lancaster, Eng., and
died Aug. 14, 1881, Henefer, Utah. Their children, born at
Porterville, Morgan Co., Utah: Joseph Sept. 22, 1865, m.
Emily Harris; Thomas b. Oct. 5, 1867, m. Mary Harston;
James Heelis Jan. 24, 1870, m. May King. Born at Henefer,
Summit county; Mary Jane April 5, 1872, m. James Burton;
Edward Dec. 18, 1874, m. Mary Johnston; Elizabeth S. Jan.
14, 1880, m. Dee Roy Keithley. Born Santaquin, Utah
county; John July 13, 1877, m. Clara Hlnes.

Married Esther Howarth Feb. 23, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Howarth, born in 1788, and Ann Miller,
born Aug. 12, 1879). She was born March 1, 1827, in Lan-
cashire, Eng., and died Aug. 11, 1889, In Henefer.

Married Elizabeth Ann Birks Feb. 23, 1882, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James Birks and Mary Wealdlng, born
March 12, 1837, Stockport, Lancaster, Eng., died Nov. 3,
1875). She was born Jan. 22, 1859, Stockport, Eng. Their
children, born at Henefer: William B. Jan. 22, 1883- Her-
bert Howarth Nov. 7, 1886.

Married Hannah S. Peterson Aug. 16, 1892, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Neils Peterson and Annie Bolletta Borsen.
latter came to Utah with oxteam company). She was born
March 21, 1861, in Norway. Her children by former mar-
riage, born at Mill Creek, Utah: Mary Johnson Feb. 17,
1880, m. Edward Lythgoe; Hyrum Johnson Dec. 24, 1882,
m. Gertrude Stevens; Ephraim Johnson Feb. 18, 1884; Joseph
Sept. 21, 1886. Children of James Lythgoe, born at Henefer-
Martha Heelis Aug. 16, 1893; Neils Peterson July 2, 1895-
Brigham Aug. 3. 1897, d. March 8, 1899; Bolletta Wllcox
Sept. 21, 1899; Otto Jan. 8, 1902; Sophia Dec. 6, 1904; Esther
March 1, 1907.

Ordained first a church teacher; elder; seventy; high
priest. Justice of peace two terms. Has received bless-
ings from three different patriarchs; all said, "Thy name
shall be handed down from generation to generation in
honorable remembrance."


MABEY, THOMAS (son of William Mabey and Sarah Acker-
man of Mapperton, Dorsetshire, Eng.). Born Oct. 15, 1812,
at Mapperton. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1862, Ansel Harmon

Married Esther Chalker in Dorsetshire (daughter of Jo-
seph Chalker and Mary Hoskins of Dorsetshire). She was
born May 1, 1813. Their children: Maria b. Dec. 3, 1838 m
Albert Holt; Jane b. May 13, 1841, m. William Holt; Albert
b. Sept. 4, 1843, m. Celestie J. Wood; Joseph T. b. June
30, 1845, m. Sarah L. Tolman; Esther b. July 4, 1850, m
Perrlgrine Sessions; John James b. Nov. 22, 1857, m. Dan-
lelette Wood. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Farmer. Died March 8, 1863.

MABEY, ALBERT (son of Thomas Mabey and Esther
Chalker). Born Sept. 4, 1843, Wraxall, Dorsetshire, Eng.
Came to Utah September, 1862, Kimball and Lawrenco
freight train, arriving about two weeks In advance of his

Married Celestie J. Wood May 12, 1873, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Daniel Wood and Emma M. Ellis of Boun-
tiful, Utah, former a pioneer July 24, 1847, Brigham Young
. ompany, the latter with Appleton Harmon company). She
was born March 7, 1855. Their children: Thomas b. Aug.
.'4, 1874, and Ellen b. Dec. 17, 1875, died; Albert b. Feb. 4,
1878, m. Aileen Irvine; James E. b. July 4, 1879, m. Maj-y
Lewis; Esther Verena b. March 30, 1881, m. William New-
bold; Samuel, died; Daniel W. b. Aug. 16, 1885; Ella Maria
b. Jan. 31, 1886, m. Samuel Newbold; Myrtle b. April 13,
1890, died; Walter A. b. Aug. 10, 1893. Family home South
Jordan, Utah.

Bishop's counselor South Jordan ward 1892-1900; assist-
ant Sunday school superintendent South Jordan ward. School
trustee 35th district. Veteran Black Hawk Indian war.
Worked on Union, Central and Southern Pacific .railroads
during their construction ; director In South Jordan Canal
Co. since 1S96. Farmer and sheepman. Died March 28, 1912.



MABET. JOSEPH THOMAS (son of Thomas Mabey and
Esther Chalker). Born June 30, 1845, Wraxall, Eng. Came
to Utah Oct. 6, 1862, Ansel Harmon company.

Married Sarah L. Tolman March 13. 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Judson Tolman and Sarah L. Holbrook of
Bountiful, Utah, pioneers Sept. 28, 1848, Brigham Young
company). She was born April 7, 1855. Their children:
Joseph T. b. March 24, 1872, d. Oct. 17, 1873; Judson A.
b. Nov. 26, 1873, m. Ruby P. Pickett Oct. 11, 1900; William

A. b. Oct. 7, 1875, m. Nancy Oct. 8, 1912; Charles

R. b. Oct. 4, 1877, m. Afton Rempton Dec. 20, 1905; Joseph
L. b. Aug. 30, 1879, m. Margaret Payne May 18, 1906; George
E. b. July 30, 1881, m. Jennie Roberts June 15, 1906; Clar-
tnce b. Dec. 23, 1883, m. Sarah Wagstaff Oct. 1905; David
b. May 2, 1886, m. Nellie Pack March 20, 1913; Sarah L. b.
Feb. 14, 1888, m. Jasper Hepworth June 5, 1913; Orson H.
b. Aug. 9, 1890; Alice E. b. Jan. 11, 1893; Esther b. Aug.
5, 1897. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Member 100th quorum seventies; high priest; president
Y. M. M. I. A.; Sunday school superintendent. County com-
missioner 1904-05; constable and city marshal. Sheepraiser
and gardener.

MACDUFF, JOHN ROBERTSON (son of Malcolm Macduff
and Mary Morrison, of Dumfrieshire, Scotland). Born Oct.
12, 180], at Lochgllphead, Scotland. Came to Utah Oct.
4. 1864, William S. Warren company.

Married Ellen Hancock in 1859. Nottingham, Eng. (daugh-
ter of Joseph Hancock of Chesterfield, Eng.). She was born
June 19, 1813. Their children: Mary E., m. William Varley;
Malcolm b. May 17, 1842, m. Jane Lord; Sarah Anna, m.
Thomas Hancock: John M., d. infant; Ada A., m. Henry
Hampton; Jane R. M., m. William Butler. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Seventy; missionary to England 1854-64; block teacher.
Laborer. Died Oct. 17, 1871.

MACDUFF, MALCOLM (son of John Robertson Macduff and
Ellen Hancock). Born May 17, 1842, Nottingham, Eng. Came
to Utah in 1861.

Married Jane Lord Aug. 11. 1866, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Lord and Mary Allen of Radcliffe, Eng.;
latter died en route to Utah). She was born May 25, 1846.
Their children: Sarah Hannah, d. infant; John Williams;
Malcolm, m. Harriet Horsley; Ellen M., m. George E. Asper;
Jane, m. William Hunter; Minnie E. ; Thomas W., d. infant.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Elder. Lime-burner. Died Sept. 27, 1881.

MACK, HENRY M. (son of James Mack (McCracken) and
Elizabeth F. Miller). Born Jan. 30, 1867, Smithfield. Utah.

Married Alice Hanson Nov. 29, 1893, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William L. Hanson and Mary Jane Judson, latter a
pioneer Oct. 3, 1847, Charles Coulson Rich company). She
was born March 8, 1867, Salt Lake City. Only child was
Helen Mar, born Nov. 14, 1894. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Deputy recorder of Salt Lake county 1890-97; secretary
and treasurer, and acting manager Ogden Milling 1 & Eleva-
tor company of Ogden, Utah.

MACFARL.ANE, JOHN MENZIES (son of John and Anna-
bella Sinclair Macfarlane). Born Oct. 11, 1833, Stirling,
Stirlingshire, Scotland. Came to Utah in 1852, A. O. Smoot

Married Ann Chatterley Dec. 30, 1854, Cedar City, Utah
(daughter of Joseph and Nancy Morton Chatterley). Their
children: Isaac Chancey; Charlotte Ann; Annabella; John
Morton; Joseph Chatterley; Ellen; Elizabeth; Kate; Daniel
Sinclair; William Chatterley.

Married Agnes Eliza Heyborn Oct. 9, 1866, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John and Sarah Ann Heyborn). Their chil-
dren: Sarah Ann: Agnes Eliza; Robert Urie; Catherine;
Archibald; Jennie Bell; Ann; Menzies John; Erastus.

Married Elizabeth Jane Adams Jan. 30, 1879, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Samuel Lorenzo Adams and Emma Jack-
eon). Their children: Emma; Donald; Samuel Alexander;
Elizabeth; Jane; John; Hubert.

Pioneers of Cedar City, Utah. Died June 4, 1892, St.
George, Utah.

Macfarlane and Ann Chatterley). Born Nov. 6, 1855, Cedar
City, Utah.

Married Hephzlbah Smith Jan. 9, 1878, St. George (daugh-
ter of Charles Smith and Eliza Mathews). Their children:.
Ellen; Charlotte Ann; Delia Maude; Isaac; Chancey, Jr.;

Married Christina Forsyth March 16. 1892. St. George,
Utah (daughter of Thomas Forsyth and Mary Browit).
Their children: Christina; Lauree; Donald.

MACK, JAMBS (McCracken) (son of Henry McCracken and
Sarah Shaw). Born Nov. 15, 1836, at Duntocker. Scotland.
Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1865, Richard Ballantyne company.

Married Elizabeth F. Miller Jan. 16, 1858, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Miller and Mary McGowan of Glas-
gow, Scotland). She was born Sept. 3, 1842. Their chil-
dren: Sarah E. b. Nov. 3, 1858, died; James M. b. Dec. 14,
1860, m. Fannie Hansen; Mary E. b. Oct. 4, 1862, m. Robert L.
Flshburn; Sarepta L. b. Jan. 26, 1865, m. Frank Flshburn;
Henry M. b. Jan. 30. 1867, m. Alice Hanson; Charles W. b.
April 3. 1869, m. Alice M. Miles; Ada J. b. Sept. 26, 1871;
Moses M. b. Nov. 12, 1876, m. Charlotte Douglas; Glen H. b.
March 16, 1882, m. Edith Dee; Wanda b. Jan. 9, 1886; Pearl
m. Foster Wardlelph; Lettle, Margaret and David, died.
Family home Smithfield, Utah.

Counselor to Bishop Geo. Farrel 12 years; county com-
missioner of Cache county; city councilman two terms;
mayor Smithfield one term; school trustee; president and
manager Ogden Milling and Elevator company; vice-presi-
dent Plngree National bank, Ogden; director Thatcher
Bros, bank, Logan.

MACKAY, THOMAS (son of Mackay and Nancy Sloan or
Ireland). Born July 23, 1810. Belfast, Ireland. Came to
Utah Sept. 1847, John Taylor and Edward Hunter company.

Married Ann Rodgers on the Isle of Man (daughter of
Peter Rodgers and Eleanor Cowley), who was born Sept.
1799. Their children: Margaret Ellen; John b. March 18,
1834, m. Isabella Calder Oct. 6, 1865; Thomas Rogers b.
1836; Annie R. b. Sept. 23, 1837, m. David O. Calder; Charles
R. b. 1839. Family home Taylorsville, Utah.

Married Charlotte James In 1853, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Mary James of Taylorsville, pioneers 1852). She
was born 1830. Their children: Hyrum b. June 1, 1864, m.
Sarah and Newbold; Margaret b. Jan. 31, 1856, m. Charles
Wright; Joseph b. Sept. 1, 1868, m. Susan Taylor; Mary A.
b. June 7, 1860, m. Albert Duncombe; David b. June 10.
1862, m. Agnes Park; Edward b. July 6, 1865, m. Mary Park;
Heber b. Sept. 13. 1868, m. Hattie Todd; Charlotte b. April
1871, m. William Clark; Jane b. May 10, 1872, d. Dec. 1896.
Family home, Taylorsville.

Married Sarah Franks January 1857 (daughter of Joshua
Franks and Sarah Stanley of American Fork, Utah, formerly
of England, latter a pioneer Sept. 12, 1861, Milo Andrus
company). She was born May 9. 1832. Their children:
Elizabeth Ann b. Jan. 16, 1859, m. John Richardson; William
b. Oct. 11, I860, m. Miss Park; George b. March 10, 1862, d.
Jan. 12, 1870; Emma b. Sept. 28, 1863, d. Feb. 1, 1865; Samuel
b. Feb. 19, 1865, m. Miss Hill; Sarah Ellen b. Oct. 2, 1866.
m. Mr. Park; Daniel b. Sept. 15, 1868. m. Elizabeth Smith;
Joshua A. b. May 10, 1870, m. Laura Smith; Clara b. May 16,
1874, m. Charles Davis. Family home, Taylorsville.

School trustee 1868-71. Farmer and stockralser. Died
Feb. 19, 1880, at Taylorsville.

MACKAY, JOHN (son of Thomas Mackay and Ann Rodgers).
Born March 18, 1834, on the Isle of Man.

Married Isabella Calder Oct. 6, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George S. Calder and Ann S. Johnston of
Scotland, latter a pioneer 1861, Captain Clawson company).
She was born Sept. 20, 1833. Their children: Annie John-
ston b. Oct. 2, 1866, m. Mark Murphy; John Calder b. Nov.
30, 1867, m. Catherine J. Moses Nov. 8, 1883; Isabella C. b.
Feb. 1, 1860; David Orson b. May 8, 1862, m. Maria A.
Gaboon Dec. 17, 1886; William Wallace b. Dec. 30, 1864, m.
Mamie Jensen; Jane C. b. Feb. 12, 1868, m. Enos Bennion;
George C. b. Oct. 4, 1869, Albert Thomas b. Sept. 30, 1871
and Arthur C. b. Sept. 18. 1872. latter three died; Walter
Scott b. Nov. 8, 1873, m. Ellen Winder; Julian Benedict b.
March 26, 1877, m. Lillie Tripp. Family resided Salt Lake
City and Taylorsville, Utah.

High priest. Freighter. Farmer and stockralser.

MACKAY, JOHN CALDER (son of John Mackay and Isa-
bella Calder). Born Nov. 30, 1867, Salt Lake City.

Married Catherine J. Moses Nov. 8, 1883, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Moses and Alice Christie), who was
born March 23, 1863, Salt Lake City. Their children: John
Elmer b. Nov. 1, 1884, m. Abijall Tanner April 10, 1907;
Eugene b. Feb. 1, 1886, m. Geneva Player June 12, 1907;
Alice b. July 24, 1887, m. L. I. Acomb June 17, 1909; Alonzo
b. April 17, 1889; Albert Calder b. Feb. 11, 1891; George
Washington b. Jan. 11, 1893; Roland Carlisle b. Nov. 26,
1896: Harold Moses b. Aug. 1, 1897; Dewey Calder b. March

28, 1899; Wendell b. Dec. 20, 1901; Thomas Wayne b. March
30, 1903; Catherine Isabella b. May 3, 1905. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

Chairman board of county commissioners. Salt Lake
county. Member legislature of 1891. President Western
Wyoming Land and Live Stock company; vice-president
North Irrigation company. Graduate from university of
Utah 1875; president of the Alumni 1907.

MACKAY, DAVID ORSON (son of John Mackay and Isa-
bella Calder). Born May 8, 1862, Salt Lake City.

Married Maria A. Cahoon Dec. 17, 1886, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Andrew Cahoon and Margaret Carruth of
Murray, Utah, pioneers 1848). She was born April 11, 1866.
Their children: Margaret Isabella b. Dec. 24, 1886, m.
Edward L. Hoagland; David Orson, Jr. b. Nov. 9, 1888, m.
Mary H. Collins; Winnie b. Oct. 3. 1891; Gertrude b. Dec.
14, 1893; Lincoln Clyde b. April 14, 1896; Genevieve b.
Sept. 16, 1898; John W. b. Aug. 6. 1901; Thurza b. Sept.

29, 1903: Annie J. b. Oct. 20, 1906. Family resided Taylors-
ville, Jensen and Roosevelt, Utah, also Emmett, Idaho.

Ordained high priest Sept. 22. 1912; ward teacher; presi-
dent deacons quorum 20th ward. Salt Lake City; assistant
to president Y. M. M. I. A. at Taylorsville ward; superin-
tendent Sunday school of Bramwell (Idaho) ward; superin-
tendent religion class Duchesne stake; missionary to Arizona
1884-86; senior president 162d quorum of seventy; home
missionary. Postmaster of Roosevelt. Farmer.



MACKAY, DANIEL (son of Thomas Mackay and Sarah
Franks). Born Sept. 15, 1868, at Taylorsville.

Married Elizabeth Smith, Logan, Utah (daughter of Daniel
Smith and Caroline Burr of Murray, Utah; came to Utah
1876). She was born Jan. 13, 1870, Birmingham, Eng. Their
children: Laura C. b. Feb. 13, 1890, d. Dec. 6, 1891; Daniel
T. b. Nov. 11, 1891, m. Norma Christopherson; Hazel L. b.
July 13, 1893; Elsie A. b. March 31, 1895; Velma M. b. Feb.
6, 1897; Frederick M. T. b. Dec. 26, 1899; Raynor J. b. Sept.
9, 1902; Clarice E. b. July 26, 1905, d. Dec. 12, 1907; Sterling
b. July 10, 1907; Luella May b. May 22, 1909; Chadwick C.

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