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b. Dec. 8, 1910; Karma Aurania b. Sept. 14, 1911. Family
home, Salt Lake City.


MACKEY, SAMUEL (son of Joseph Mackey of Scotland
and Ann Kimmens, born 1755 in Pennsylvania). He was
born Sept. 3, 1806, Lancaster, Pa. Came to Utah Oct. 28,
1852, Isaac Stewart company.

Married Phoebe Wilkinson Sept. 3, 1834 (daughter of
Anthony Wilkinson of Ireland and Catherine Miller of Ger-
many, both immigrants to Pennsylvania). She was born
Feb. 17, 1804, and came to Utah Oct. 29, 1852, Isaac Stewart
company. Their children: Joseph b. Nov. 22, 1836, died;
Harriet b. Nov. 22, 1836, m. Alan Wilkinson Jan. 16, 1853;
John b. Nov. 25, 1838, m. Marie Davenport; Ann b. Oct.
8, 1839, m. Welcome Chapman; Fanny b. Nov. 15, 1840, d.
Sept. 6, 1846; Hannah b. Aug. 11, 1842. d. Aug. 16, 1846;
Samuel, Jr., b. June 7, 1844, m. Annie Amanda Gifford Oct.
11, 1869; Phoebe b. July 14, 1846. d. Sept. 19, 1846; Eliza-
beth Catherine b. July 5, 1848, d. March 30, 1849; Sarah
b. March 17, 1850, m. Samuel Davenport.

MACKET, SAMUEL, JR. (son of Samuel Mackey and Phoebe
Wilkinson). Born June 7, 1844, Nauvoo, 111.

Married Ann Amanda GifCord Oct. 11, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Henry Dill Gifford and Elmira Ann Braffet,
latter pioneer 1852). She was born March 11, 1850, at
Plum Hollow. Their children: Almira Ann b. Aug. 17,
1870, m. Don Carlos Ross Oct. 3, 1889; Samuel b. Oct. 1,
1872, m. Charlotte Jane Levy May 16, 1894; Mary Lucretia
b. July 26, 1876, d. Sept. 20, 1876; Sarah Minerva b. Jan.
17, 1878, d. Sept. 18, 1879; Henry John b. June 19, 1880, m.
Sarah Lottie Moore June 25, 1907; Anthony b. April 18,
1884; Phoebe b. Sept 25, 1888, m. John Burgess Utley Oct.
16, 1906.

MACKINTOSH, DANIEL (son of James Mackintosh and
Grace Stewart of Perthshire, Scotland). Born Aug. 12,
1821, Caline, Scotland. Came to Utah in 1852.

Married Elizabeth Ingles Hogg in 1846, Edinburgh, Scot-
land (daughter of Mr. Hogg and Miss Ray of Edinburgh).
She was born June 1825. Their children: Daniel James,
m. Emeline Young, m. Barbara S. Leatham, m. Elizabeth
Ockey, m. Josephine Reiser; Thomas John, m. Rhoda Young;
Charles S., d. infant; Elizabeth G., m. John F. Frost; Cath-
erine Gow, m. Edwin S. Snelgrove; Laura Ray, m. George-
H. Snelgrove; William W., m. Elizabeth W. C. Young-.
Family home Edinburgh, Scotland.

Married Ellen Nightingale in 1855, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Henry Nightingale and Agnes Leach of Preston,
Eng.). She was born Dec. 2, 1835. Their only child was
Agnes, who married Mahonni M. Young.

Member 39th quorum seventies; missionary to eastern
states; private secretary to President Young. Merchant;

MaoKNIGHT, JAMES (son of John W. MacKnight of Cleve-
land, Ohio). Born, Irish Channel Islands. Came to Utah In
Married Mary Ann Fielding (daughter of Joseph Fielding).

MacKNIGHT, JOSEPH FIELDING (son of James MacKnight
and Mary Ann Fielding). Born July 20, 1872, Salt Lake

Married Katherine Heystek June 6, 1900, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Peter Heystek and Nellie Fountain of Zendam,
Holland; they resided at Rotterdam, Holland, pioneers of
1854). She was born Dec. 5, 1880. Their children: Joseph
b. Oct. 15, 1901; Helen Mlrona b. April 15, 1903; Hallet
Glen b. Dec. 27, 1905; Mary Virginia b. March 17, 1907;
Baby b. Aug. 26, 1912. Family home Vernal, Uinta Co., Utah.

Member first quorum seventies of Uinta stake; coun-
selor. Superintendent Mutual Improvement Association of
Uinta. Counselor elders' quorum; teacher; class leader.
City land and water commissioner of Salt Lake City 1904-
06; claim agent Utah Light and Railway Co. 1906-08;
cashier Consolidated Wagon and Machine Co. 1907-1912.
Republican nominee for city treasurer of Salt Lake City In

MADSEN, HANS PETER (son of Mads Petersen of Aal-
borg, Wadum Sogn, Denmark, and Caroline Petersen of
Denmark). Born Aug. 18, 1824, Aalborg, Denmark. Came
to Utah 1860.

Married Christina Petersen in Denmark, who came to
Utah with husband 1860. She was born Sept. 17, 1823, and
died Aug. 8, 1902, at Willard.

Married Anne Mette Ericksen Dec. 19, 1863, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Soren Ericksen, pioneer with Captain
Young company, and Boletta Christina, Kyen). She was
born Dec. 15, 1839, Morkholt, Gjerslev Parish, Velle amt,
Denmark. Their children: Hans Peter, Jr., b. Oct. 25, 1864,

m. Edith Ella Robbins Dec. 31, 1888; Annie b. April 25.
1867, m. Omer S. Call Dec. 31, 1884; Christina b. March 1,
1869; Matthew b. Aug. 12, 1871, m. Olive Gray May 15,
1903; Serena b. Oct. 29, 1873, m. James S. Mason March
4, 1897; Charles b. Oct. 25, 1875; Zina b. Oct. 30, 1878.
Family resided Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake county, and
Willard, Utah.

Married Evangeline Brig Ida Nielsen Nov. 25, 1872, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Soren Nielsen and Inger Andersen),
who came to Utah 1871 with mother. Their children: An-
thony Frederick b. Feb. 9, 1876; Marie b. March 29, 1878,
m. George W. Jacobs April 3, 1900; Mary Ann b. March
29, 1878, m. D. B. Woodland, Jr., June 1, 1898; Caroline
b. April 21, 1880; Ida b. Jan. 12, 1882, m. John H. Single-
ton May 3, 1899; Margaret b. June 13, 1884, m. Hobert A.
Thompson June 17, 1908; Patrea Hancena b. Aug. 5, 1887;
Cyril Peter b. Nov. 28, 1889.

Seventy; high priest. Settled at Salt Lake City; moved
to Big Cottonwood 1861, and to Willard late in 1868. Car-
penter; farmer; Stockraiser.

MADSEN, HANS PETER, JR. (son of Hans Peter Madsen
and Anne Mette Ericksen). Born Oct. 25, 1864, Big Cotton-
wood, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

Married Edith Ella Robbins Dec. 31, 1888, at Rigby,
Idaho. Their children: LaVern P. b. Dec. 23, 1889; Dan;
Howard; Loyal; Arnold; Edith Annie; Melvin; Theodore;
Eva; Zenda.

Ordained member of high council of Rigby (Idaho) stake
June 11, 1911.

MADSEN, MADS PETERSEN (son of Peter Madsen of
Odense, Denmark). Born June 30, 1852, at Odense. Came
to Utah July 17, 1876, Andrew Andersen company.

Married Minnie C. Christiansen July 24, 1876, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Casper Christiansen of Aashur, Denmark;
they came to Utah July 17, 1876, Andrew Andersen com-
pany). She was born June 27, 1858. Their children: Charles
P., m. Ora Dooly; William F., d. infant; Rosila M., d. aged 17;
Oscar H., d. infant; Lillian M., d. aged 3; Ida A, Family
home, 4th ward. Salt Lake City.

High priest; missionary to Denmark 1872-76; counselor
to Bishop H. Sperry of 4th ward, Salt Lake City. Sales-
man for P. W. Madsen, furniture merchant, 25 years. Died
Oct. 29, 1906.

MADSEN, NEL.S (son of Mads Nelsen and Karen Nelsen
of Denmark). Born March 27, 1813, Toreby Ryde, Den-
mark. Came to Utah Aug. 10, 1860.

Married Martha M. Hansen of Denmark (daughter of
Nels Hansen and Catherine S. Jacobsen of Denmark, pio-
neers Aug. 10, 1860). She was born Sept. 16, 1816. Their
children: Adolph b. June 12, 1841, m. Mary Wogensen;
Peter F. b. Aug. 10, 1843, m. Emelia Dahlgren; Karen
Sophia b. May 3, 1846, m. C. C. Lee; Caroline b. Jan. 9,
1849, m. G. B. Reeder; Trenla b. Jan. 6, 1851; Nels b. Aug.
14, 1853, m. Eliza Johnson; Josephine; Nephena b. Oct.
4, 1858, m. Joseph Frodsham.

Died May 18, 1891.

MADSEN, PETER F. (son of Nels Madsen and Martha M.
Hansen). Born Aug. 10, 1843, at SJaeland, Denmark. Came
to Utah August, 1860, independent company.

Married Emelia M. C. Dahlgren Nov. 10, 1873, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Jacob Jorgen Ulrik Dahlgren and
Anne Sophia Basse), who was born June 16, 1848, In Skjil-
skol, Denmark. Their children: Waldemar T. F. b. Aug.
19, 1874, m. Adah Nichols Nov. 1901; unnamed b. Jan. 9,
1876, died; Emelia Maria b. Aug. 21, 1877, m. Frank Well-
ing June 1911; Victor Emmanuel b. March 17, 1879; Roland
Adolph b. Oct. 2, 1880, m. Abble Reese Jan. 24, 1906; Lillle
May b. March 19, 1882; Leo Dahlgren b. Feb. 1, 1884, m.
Albertie West June 19, 1912; unnamed b. July 23, 1887,
died; Sterling Dahlgren b. April 4. 1890; Constance b. June
12, 1892.

Missionary to Europe three years; bishop's counselor;
high councilor. Bookkeeper tithing office. First man to
subscribe to Edmunds-Tucker oath In Utah and voted In
1887. Justice of the peace; county clerk and recorder;
commissioner and probate judge. First telegraph operator
in Brigham 8 years.

MADSEN, VICTOR E. (son of Peter F. Madsen and Emelia
M. C. Dahlgren). Born March 17, 1879, at Brigham City,

Married Beatrice Winnifrid Midgley April 23. 1902 Salt
Lake City (daughter oi Benjamin Midgley and Sarah J.
Midgley, former pioneer May 1855, Mllo Andrus company,
latter of Nov. 2, 1864, Warren Snow company). She waa
born Aug. 28, 1877, at Nephl, Utah, died Oct. 6, 1902. Fam-
ily home Brigham City, Utah.

Married Sarah Fleofa Forsgren June 24, 1908, at Salt
Lake City (daughter of John H. Forsgren and Annie Jane
Evans of Brigham City, Utah). She was born May 11, 1881.
Their children: Victor Earl Madsen b. April 14, 1909; Irwin
Denton b. Dec. 16, 1910, died Dec. 18, 1910. Family home
Brigham City, Utah.

Missionary to Scandinavia 1905-07; high priest; chorister
in 3d ward since 1900; leader of tabernacle choir. Manager
of Box Elder creamery 1900-05. Editor Box Elder News.
Member 32d ward bishopric.

MADSEN, NELS (son of Nels Madsen and Martha If. Han-
sen). Born Aug. 14, 1853, in Sjaeland, Denmark.

Married Eliza Johnson Feb. 12, 1885 (daughter of John



and Annie C. Johnson of Brigham City. Utah, pioneers Aug.
10. 1860). She was born June 30, 1864. Their children:
Marcus N. b. Dec. 13, 1886; Francis M. b. Aug. 13, 1887;
Stanley J. b. Aug. 13, 1889; Violet M. b. Oct. 24, 1891; Marco
b. Dec. 30, 1893; Irving L. b. Aug. 21, 1896; Augusta b.
Sept. 19, 1899. Family home Brigham City. Utah.

Missionary to central states 1877; assistant superintend-
ent Y. M. M. I. A. Box Elder stake 20 years; stake super-
intendent of religion classes Box Elder stake 2 years; presi-
dent of the 58th quorum seventies; second counselor in
high priests' quorum; assistant superintendent Sunday
school third ward; home missionary 20 years. Pound
keeper Box Elder county; school trustee and city council-
man Brigham City. Superintendent' of construction of
Brigham City water works.

MADSEN, PETER (son of Mads Madsen and Grandmother
Madsen of Bredstrup, Denmark). Born April 6, 1824, in Den-
mark. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1864, Hans Peter Olsen ox team

Married Mary Ann Madsen 1847 In Denmark (daughter of
Mads Monk of Bredstrup, Denmark). She was born 1832.
Their children: Mads Peter b. Aug. 6, 1848, m. Johanna
Gronnaman; m. Frances C. Scott; Anna Marie b. 1860, died;
Hans Olof b. 1862, died; John b. 1865. m. Hannah Christine
Jorgensen; Peter b. 1858, m. Bertha Knutsen. Family home
Lake View, Utah.

Married Johannah Christine Anderson at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Andrew Peter Anderson and Marie Kristine
Ammitzbohl of Germany). She was born Feb. 19, 1827.
Only child: Andrew b. Feb. 2, 1869, m. Ellison Archibould;
m. Annie Jorgensen. Family home. Lake View.

Married Caroline Jensen April 1860 at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Knud Junsen and Boddel Olsen of Toreby,
Laaland, Denmark, pioneers Sept. 23, 1862. Ola N. Liljen-
quist company). She was born April 3. 1838. Their chil-
dren: James b. Jan. 7, 1861, m. Priscilla Stephenson; Mary
Ann b. Oct. 3, 1862. m. Christian Sorensen; Caroline b. Oct.
25. 1864, m. John Park; Ephraim b. May 28. 1867, died; Boddel
Margaret b. March 6, 1869, died; Sarah Elizabeth b. July 15,
1872, m. Jacob Fullgreen; Dorothy b. March 9, 1875, m. Nels
Hanson; Charles b. Oct. 23, 1877, m. Roxie Garner; Eliza
b. March 22, 1880, m. Fred Starton. Family home, Lake

Married Wilhelmina Jorgensen May 14, 1864, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Nels Jorgensen and Johanna Petersen of
Fyen, Denmark, pioneers 1866, oxteam company). She was
born Nov. 6. 1847. Their children: Nels Christian b. Oct.
7. 1866, died; Rasmina b. March 16, 1868, m. David Bowen;
Johanna b. Jan. 11, 1871, m. Levy Carpenter; Brigham b.
June 16, 1873, m. Mattie Chesley; George Abraham b. Nov.
25. 1876, m. Nettie Wilson; David Heber b. Feb. 12. 1878, m.
Annie Hardy; Emma b. Aug. II, 1880, died; Mary Josephine
b. April 20, 1882, m. William Bean; Albert Ephraim b. Aug.
5, 1884, died; Annie Gullna b. Sept. 24, 1886, m. Alma Clare
Ferguson; Clarence Elmer b. May 8, 1893. Kamily home.
Lake View.

Married Lena Johnson at Salt Lake City (daughter of
John Johnson and Bergite Larson of Hedemarken, amt,
Norway, pioneers Oct. 1, 1864, John Smith independent
company). She was born Dec. 9, 1846. Their children:
Julia b. Nov. 27, 1866, m. Samuel E. Bunnell; John Joseph
b. Feb. 23. 1869, m. Susan Elmina Scott; Ellen Bergite b.
Nov. 29, 1870, d. Jan. 21, 1890; Hyrum b. Nov. 2, 1872, m.
Clara Lovina Edwards; Marie b. Dec. 23, 1874, m. Rufus
Daniel Babcock; Alma Theodore b. April 18, 1877, m. Sarah
E. Carter; Parley William b. Oct. 22. 1879, m. Christina
Nuttall b. Nov. 21, 1888; Inger B. b. March 20, 1883, m.
Arthur James Harding; Edwin Anton b. July 18, 1886.
Family home, Lake View.

Missionary to Denmark and also to Sandwich Islands;
bishop of Lake View. Veteran Danish-German war 1848-50.
Provo City councilman. Farmer; stockraiser and fisher-
man. Died In 1911 at Provo, Utah.

MADSEN, MADS PETER (son of Peter Madsen and Mary
Ann Madsen). Born Aug. 6, 1848, Bredstrup, Denmark. Came
to Utah Oct. 6, 1854, Hans Peter Olsen company.

Married Johanna F. W. Gronnaman 1871 at Salt Lake
City (daughter of George L. Gronnaman and Andrea Rose
of Provo, Utah, pioneers, 1864, John Smith Independent
company). She was born Nov. 26, 1861. Their children:
Mary Ann Andrea b. Dec. 13. 1872. m. Heber W. Harrison;
Johanna Dorothea b. Sept. 7, 1874, m. Henry Wing. Family
home, Lake View.

Married Frances Cornelia Scott Dec. 18, 1885, at Logan,
(daughter of George Comb Scott and Cornelia Elmina Ken-
nedy of Provo, Utah). She was born Dec. 4, 1863. Family
home, Lake View.

Member 45th and 123d quorums seventies; high priest;
Sunday school superintendent; home missionary; president
Y. M. M. I. A. two years. Justice of peace at Lake View;
Provo city councilman; school trustee. Dairyman and

MADSEN, JOHN (son of Peter Madsen and Mary Ann Mad-
sen). Born May 15, 1855, Fort Ephraim, Utah.

Married Hannah Christine Jorgensen Jan. 26, 1882. at Salt
Lake City (daughter of Mads Jorgensen and Annie Jensen),
who was born Nov. 19, 1862. Their children: John Peter
b. Feb. 16, 1884, m. Florence Bullock; Curtis Adolphus b.
April 14, 1886, m. Ruby Bean; Ernest b. Oct. 25, 1887, m.
Stella Roberts; Edith Hannah b. April 17, 1890; Leonard
Jorgensen b. April 13, 1892; Margaret Ann b. Nov. 16, 1894,

died; Harold b. Aug. 31, 1897, died; Onetah Mabel b. Sept.
7, 1901; Alta Eva b. April 4, 1904; Sylvia b. April 8, 1907.
Family home Vineyard, Utah.

High priest; Sunday school superintendent at Vineyard
nine years; ward teacher. Farmer and stockraiser. Fisher-

MADSEN, JOHN PETER (son of John Madsen and Hannah
Christine Jorgensen). Born Feb. 16, 1884, Vineyard, Utah.

Married Florence Bullock, 1909, at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Alexander Bullock and Emily Harris of Pleasant
Grove, Utah). She was born Feb. 7, 1884. Their child:
Emily b. July 10, 1911. Family home Duchesne, Utah.

Missionary to southern states 1902-06; Sunday school
superintendent; president second quorum elders of Duchesne
stake; ward teacher. Farmer.

MADSEN, PETER (son of Peter Madsen and Mary Ann
Madsen). Born June 2, 1858, Lake View.

Married Bertha Knutsen June 2, 1881, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hans and Beget Knutsen of Lake View,
pioneers, 1864, John Smith Independent company). She
was born Feb. 26, 1860. Their children: Peter Hans b. May
B. 1882. died; John William b. April 22, 1884, m. Margaret
Grace Forsythe; Ann Pearl b. April 3, 1887, m. Don T.
Allred; Clara b. Nov. 8, 1890; Evelyn b. June 12, 1893;
Spencer b. Nov. 4, 1896; Raymond Lamar b. April 22, 1901.

Elder; high priest; ward teacher; president Y. M. M. I. A.
School trustee; religious teacher. Farmer and stockraiser.

MADSEN, ANDREW (son of Peter Madsen and Johannah
Christine Anderson). Born Feb. 2, 1869, at Lake View.

Married Ellison Archibould April 1884 at Salt Lake City

(daughter of Archibould of Salt Lake City). Only child:

Jessie b. 1886, d. same year.

Married Annie Jorgensen Feb. 20, 1892, at Logan (daugh-
ter of Mats Jorgensen and Annie Jensen of Lake View,
pioneers 1869, oxteam company). She was born June 28.
1866. Their children: Ethel b. 1890; Josephine b. 1892:
Andrew b. 1894; Luella b. 1900; Eugene b. 1900; Jessie b.
1902. Family home Provo, Utah.

Member 46th quorum seventies; high priest; counselor to
Bishop Roundy of Knightsville ward; home missionary.
School trustee of Vineyard precinct. Mine foreman.

MADSEN, JAMES (son of Peter Madsen and Caroline
Jensen). Born Jan. 7, 1861, at Lake View.

Married Priscilla Stephenson Jan. 25, 1888, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Paul Stephenson and Jane Cobb of
England, pioneers Sept. 26. 1855. Richard Ballantyne com-
pany). She was born Aug. 10, 1865.

Elder; home missionary. Justice of peace. Farmer.

MADSEN, CHARLES (son of Peter Madsen and Caroline
Jensen). Born Oct. 23, 1877, at Lake View.

Married Roxle A. Garner Dec. 26, 1900, Lake View (daugh-
ter of Robert Nute Garner and Marie Ann Staley of Hunting
Creek, N. C.). She was born Nov. 25, 1880. Their children:
Gladys Mary Ann b. Sept. 20, 1903; Alfred James b. Dec.
24, 1905; Robert Peter b. Sept. 30, 1907; Herbert Charles
b. Dec. 31, 1909; Helen b. Jan. 16, 1912. Family home.
Lake View.

Elder; treasurer of Y. M. M. I. A.; Sunday school teachor
at Lake View. Farmer and stockraiser.

MADSEN, BRIGHAM (son of Peter Madsen and Wilhelmina
Jorgensen). Born June 15, 1873, Lake View, Utah.

Married Mattie Chesley March 23, 1896, at Provo (daugh-
ter of William Alexander Chesley and Matilda Robertson
of Provo, pioneers oxteam company). She was born Jan.
14, 1876. Their children: Erma Esther b. Dec. 3, 1897;
Leah b. June 23, 1899; Shirley Brigham b. Jan. 30, 1900;
Gordon David b. July 1, 1903, d. May 9, 1911; Grace b. March
20, 1904; Stanley Alexander b. Aug. 17, 1906; Grant Chesley
b. Jan. 2, 1909. Family home, Lake View.

Elder. County game, warden 1907-09; chief deputy state
flsh and game warden until his death. Died July 11, 1910,
Sprlngville, Utah.

MADSEN, JOHN JOSEPH (son of Peter Madsen and Lena
Johnson). Born Feb. 23, 1869, at Lake View.

Married Susan Elmina Scott Jan. 11, 1893, Manti, Utah
(daughter of George Comb Scott, Sr. and Cornelia Kenm-dy
of Lake View). She was born Oct. 13, 1870. Their children:
John Joseph b. Oct. 27, 1894; Leland Scott b. Dec. 14, 1896;
Susan Elmina b. Nov. 25, 1899; Druzella b. Feb. 7, lf>04;
George Willis b. May 17, 1907. Family home Vineyard.

President elders quorum; Sunday school teacher four
years; home missionary. School trustee of Lake View
precinct; deputy state flsh and game warden. Farmer.

MADSEN, PARLEY WILLIAM (son of Peter Madsen and
Lena Johnson). Born Oct. 22. 1879, at Lake View.

Missionary to north-western states 1906-08; elder; assis-
tant Sunday school superintendent of Lake View ward three
years; member Utah stake Sunday school board: secretiiry
of deacons quorum 10 years. Salesman for Consolidated
Wagon & Machine Co.

MADSEN. EDWIN ANTON (son of Peter Madsen and Lena
Johnson). Born July 18, 18?5, at Lake View.
Elder; Sunday school teacher. Farmer.



MVl)Si:\, HANS (son of Jacob and Dorothy Madsen of
Denmark). Born Jan. 4, 1840, Randers, Denmark.

Married Annie Broom (daughter of John and Elizabeth
Heywood). Their children: John Franklin; Oscar B.; Del-
bert; Walter; Parley; Dorothy; Wilford; LeRoy; Carl;

MADSEN, OSCAR B. (son of Hans Madsen and Annie
Broom). Born March 28. 1870, at Ogden, Utah.

Married Adella Bauscher Feb. 17. 1904 (daughter of Joseph
and Eliza Bausoher). Their children: Kathryn; Dorothy;

Weber county commissioner and prominent In Republican
politics. Wholesale milk dealer and farmer.

NAIR, ALLEN (son of John Mair and Mary Fowles of Grass-
water. Ayrshire, Scotland). Born April 28. 1816.

Married Mary Murdock June 24 (daughter of James Mur-
dock and Mary Murray of Common Dyke, Ayrshire, Scot-
land). She was born Nov. 19. 1819, and brought her family
to Utah 1866 with Captain Scott company. Their children:
John; James; Fowles; Mary ri. William Lindsay: Andrew
m. Mary Ann Thompson; Alexander Eliza Thompson.
Family home Heber City. Utah.

MAIR, ANDREW (son of Allen Mair and Mary Murdock).
Horn Feb. 18, 1856, Grasswater, Scotland. Came to Utah

Married Mary Ann Thompson July 24, 1879. at Heber
City, Utah (daughter of William Thompson and Sarah Fenn
of Heber City, Utah). She was born Oct. 6, 1863. Their chil-
dren: Wm. Allen b. Oct. 19. 1880, m. Isabell Burt; Mary b.
Aug. IB, 1882, m. George D. Giles; Sarah b. Oct. 14, 1884.
m. Thomas Horrocks; Esther b. Dec. 18. 1886. m. Thomas
Davis; Andrew b. April 14, 1889, m. Myrtle Young; John b.
Aug. 28, 1891, m. Alma Florence Harcourt; Franklin b.
Sept. 1, 1893; Martha b. Jan. 17, 1895: Nellie b. Sept. IB.
1899; Mabel b. Sept. 24, 1902; Emma b. Nov. 6, 190B. Family
home Heber City. Utah, since 1869.

Elder. Blacksmith.

MAI, IN, ELIJAH (son of Thomas and Hannah Malin).
Born Feb. 1, 1774, in Chester county. Pa. Came to Utah
1848, Amasa M. Lyman company.

Married Catherine Essex March 19, 1799, in Chester county,
Pa. (daughter of Rudolph and Mary Essex, both of Vincent
township, Chester county. Pa.). She was born Jan. 3, 1779.
Their children: Sidney Ann b. Oct. 20, 1800, d. Dec. 22,
1817; Ann Maria b. March 28, 1802, m. Jacob Weiler Aug.
12, 1830; Sarah b. Jan. 10, 1804, m. Brigham Young April
18, 1848; Nancy b. Nov. 9, 1806, m. Joshua Hookes Dec. 2B,
1827; Elijah, Jr. b. March 11, 1808, m. Sarah McQuicken Feb.
4. 1830; Levl b. April 18, 1811, m. Eliza Lewis Nov. 6, 1835;
Samuel b. June 29, 1813. m. Mary Ann Bosley Nov. 14, 1846;
Rudolph b. Aug. IB, 181B, d. 1820: Thomas b. Aug. 14, 1818.
d. 1818; Eliza Ann b. March 24. 1820, m. John Gleason April
20, 1861. Family home, Salt Lake City.

MALIN, ELIJAH. JR. (son of Elijah Malln and Catherine
Essex). Born March 11, 1808, In Chester county. Pa. Died
1848, en route to Utah.

Married Sarah McQuicken Feb. 4, 1830, In Chester county,
Pa. She was born Aug. 29. 1803. Their children: John
McQuicken b. Aug. 16, 1833, m. Alice Smith Jan. 2, 1864:
Margaret Ann b. Feb. 14, 1836, m. Charles Woodard April
27, 18B6; Catherine b. April 6, 1837, d. July 19, 1837; James
Elijah b. Sept. 10. 1839, m. Margaret Laney Nov. 29, 1861.

Died May 6, 1848. at St. Louis, Mo.

MALIN, JAMES ELIJAH (son of Elijah Malin and Sarah
McQuicken). Born Sept. 10, 1839, In Chester county, Pa.
Came to Utah 1851, Ansel Harmon company.

Married Margaret Laney Nov. 29, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Isaac Laney and Sarah Ann Howard of Girard,
Macoupin county, 111. pioneers Sept. 29. 1847, Edward Hunter
company). She was born Jan. 13, 1843. Their children:
James Elijah, Jr. b. Jan. 28, 1863, m. Jeannetta Barnard
Gibson Feb. 2, 1888; Isaac Howard b. Dec. 29, 1866, d. Feb. 4,
1899, m. Jessie Brown; Sarah Ann b. June 28, 1871, m. George
F. Baldwin Feb. 19, 1904; George Hyrum b. Dec. 14. 1873,
m. Sena Craig June 16. 1897; John Charles b. June 18, 1874,
m. May Gray Sept. 9, 1907; Joseph Abiah b. June 30, 1880.
m. Alice Phelps Sept. 2, 1908; Margaret Pearl b. Jan. 28,
1884, d. July 13, 1886: Ivy Hazel b. Aug. 28, 1885, m. Elva
V. Black June 19, 1907. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Seventy; missionary to Wisconsin 1868-70; president elders
quorum. Peace officer. Died Oct. 26, 1909.

MALIN, JAMES EL/UAH, JR. (son of James Elijah Malin
and Margaret E. Laney). Born Jan. 28, 1863, Salt Lake City.

Married Jeannette Barnard Gibson Feb. 2, 1888, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John S. Gibson and Jeannetta Barnard).
She was born March 13. 1863. Their children: Jeannetta G.
b. June 15, 1889, and Margaret G. b. Oct. 29, 1890, d. Infants;
Sarah Ann b. May 6, 1891; James Elijah b. Oct. 20, 1892, d.
infant; Raymond G. b. Oct. 18, 1893; Bar b. Aug. B, 1896,
d. infant.

First president street car drivers union. Drove mule
street cars in Salt Lake City. Motorman on first electric
car in Salt Lake City.

MALIN. SAMUEL (son of Elijah Malin and Catherine Essex).
Born June 29. 1813, In Chester county, Pa.

Married Mary Ann Bosley (daughter of Edmund Bosley,
came to Utah 1848. Ezra T. Benson company). Their chil-
dren: Council B. June 19, 1849, m. Elizabeth Shorten Dec.
4, 1878; Millard F. b. Oct. 24, 1851, m. Annie Pinnock Jan.
22, 1885; Sarah A. b. Dec. 28, I860, m. W. G. Seamands Sept.

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