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26, 1886; Almira I. b. April 13. 1866, m. William Everett June
4, 1884; Samuel B. b. July 6. 1860. Family home, Salt Lake

Married Mary Ann Rodeback (daughter of Charles Rode-
back and Jane Morgan), who was born June 30. 1839.
Chester county. Pa. Their children: Freeman b. Nov. 26.
1857, m. Louise Anderson: Edmund b. Dec. 16. 1862; Millburn
b. Sept. 6, 1867; Ida b. March 10, 1877, m. Gilbert Judd.

Salt Lake City councilman.

MALIN, FREEMAN (son of Samuel Malin and Mary Ann
Rodeback). Born Nov. 25, 1857, Salt Lake City.

Married Annie Louisa Anderson Aug. 1, 1880, Hoytsville.
Utah (daughter of Anders Anderson and Annie Marie Jacob-
son, who came to Utah Sept. 6, 1863). Their children:
Frank A. b. Jan. 18, 1887; Annie Louisa b. Oct. 23, 1882. m.
June 17, 1907; Chester F. b. April 5, 1884, m. Aug. 18, 1909;
Edmund L. b. Nov. 14, 188B, m. Dec. 6. 1904.

County commissioner of Summit county. Superintendent
Sunday school of Hoytsville ward.

ItfALLORY, LEMUEL. Born April 1801, Charleston, Canada.
Came to Utah, 1850, Captain Bennett company.

Married. Only child: Elisha b. 1830.

Married Elizabeth Canada. Their children: Eliza Jane,
m. James Akins; Charles Henry b. Aug. 15, 1840. m. Caroline
M. T. Lesueur March 10, 1866; Frances, m. James Furgeson.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

Pioneer of Cache Valley, Utah. Helped build many mills.
Millwright. Died at Logan, Utah.

MALLORY, CHARLES HENRY (son of Lemuel Mallory
and Elizabeth Canada). Born Aug. 15, 1840, Macon, Mich.

Married Caroline M. T. Lesueur, who was born Jan. 27.
1847, died July 2, 1878. Their children: Charles Lemuel
b. Jan. 17, 1867, m. Emily S. Stoffers March 6. 1896; Warren
James b. Oct. 23, 1868, m. Anna M. Freeman Feb. 15, 1893:
Emma Jane b. Oct. 17, 1870, m. Chester S. Staley Dec. 26,
1891; Lorenzo b. March 3, 1873, m. Mamie Herrlck; John
William b. Oct. 23, 1874, d. Nov. 14, 1874; Rosetta b. Nov.
27, 1876, m. John Boyer; Caroline M. b. June 23, 1878, d.
July 22, 1878.

Made two trips across the plains to bring immigrants
to Utah, also made one trip to California, pioneer of
Cache valley and Bear Lake valley. Moved with family
to Mesa, Ariz. In 1878 and helped to construct the Mesa
canal; built the first house on the Mesa.

MALLORY, WARREN JAMES (son of Charles Henry Mallory
and Caroline M. T. Lesueur). Born Oct. 23, 1868, Montpeller,

Married Anna Marie Freeman (daughter of Elzah N. Free-
man and Anna M. Poulsen, married 1872). She was born
Dec. 31, 1872. Ogden. Utah. Their children: Warren Free-
man b. Dec. 11, 1893: Anna Florence b. May 24, 1896; Charles
Guy b. March 6, 1899; Elijah F. b. Jan. 29, 1902, d. Feb.
16, 1902; Wilford Gold b. Sept. 23, 1903. d. Jan. 3, 1904; Alta
Leona b. June 28, 1906; Theola b. Nov. 3, 1907; Beatrice
b. Dec. 18, 1909.

Bishop 2d ward Shelley, Idaho; president elders quorum
and Sunday school superintendent of St. Johns ward; presi-
dent elders quorum; stake secretary Y. M. M. I. A. and high
counselor in St. Johns stake. Engaged in the drug and mer-
cantile business at St. Johns, Ariz. Member of village board
for two years, Shelley. Manager of the Shelly Merc. Co.
After several months located at Shelley. Idaho, in the spring
of 1907, where he engaged in the mercantile business.

MANGUM. JAMES MITCHELL. Born January. 1820, Mobile
county, Ala. Came to Utah Sept. 29, 1847, Edward Hunter

Married Eliza Jane Clark (daughter of Samuel Clark and
Miss Adair). Their children: Joseph Daniel; James Harvey
b. Nov. 29, 1848, m. Amy Lorette Bigler Feb. 21, 1870; John
William b. Nov. 14, 1860, m. Eliza Hamblin; Heber C. b. Oct.
7, 1852, m. Louisa Leavitt 1870; Martha Jane b. May 5, 1856.
m. George W. Kendall; Lydia Ann b. Aug. 31. 1867, m. Wil-
liam H. Apperly. Family resided Salt Lake, Provo, Payson
and St. George, Utah.

Married Mary Smith 1866. Salt Lake City (daughter of
Thomas Smith). Their children: Frances; Robert; Albert;

Seventy. Expert millwright, conducting saw and grist
mills on Mill Creek and at Provo and Payson, Utah.

MANGUM, JAMES HARVEY (son of James Mitchell Mangum
and Eliza Jane Clark). Born Nov. 29, 1847, Salt Lake City.
Married Amy Lorette Bigler Feb. 21, 1870, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Jacob G. Bigler and Amy Lorette Chase,
pioneers 1862). She was born July 17, 1852, at the crossing
of the pioneer trail on the Platte river. Their children:
James Harvey b. Nov. 18, 1870; W. Lester b. Nov. 27, 1873,
m. Jennie Pearl Knight Sept. 6, 1905; Lewis Irvin b. O<*t.
30, 1876; Ernest b. March 12. 1878; Mark LeRoy b. April
23, 1879; Effle Maud b. May 19, 1881, m. Alvin S. Jackson;



Minnie Lorette b. June 23, 1884, m. C. H. Miles; Clark Chase
b. Nov. 16. 1886. m. Mayme Kerr; Amy Ann b. Dec. 10, 1889,
ra. C. R. Jones Sept. 7. 1910.

Elder. Worked on St. George temple. Drove teams across
the plains for church immigrants and supplies.

MANGUM. W. LESTER (son of James Harvey Mangum and
Amy Lorette Bigler). Born Nov. 27, 1873, Nephi, Utah.

Married Jennie Pearl Knight Sept. 6, 1905 (daughter of
Jesse Knight and Amanda Melvina McEwan married Jan.
18, 1869, Salt Lake City, the former a pioneer of 1869. Edward
Hunter company). She was born Nov. 7, 1885, at Provo.
Their children: Gloria K. b. July 31, 1906; Max K. b. July
6, 1908; Beth K. b. Aug. 19, 1910; Dixie K. b. March 26, 1913.

Missionary to Asiatic Turkey. Tutor In Brigham Toung
university. Director, manager, secretary and treasurer In
various mining, milling, smelting, railroad, banking and in-
dustrial companies. Director of Utah Pioneers Book Pub-
lishing Co.

MANGUM, JOHN. Born 1814. Came to Utah October, 1852,
Jacob Bigler company.

Married Mary Ann Adair in Mississippi (daughter of
Samuel Adair). who was born 1817. Their children: William,
Laney and Martha, died; Francis, m. James Mangum; Joseph
Eslem, m. Maria Lucinda Heath; John Wesley, m. Martha
Ann Smith; Lucinda, m. James W. Wilkin; Cyrus, m. Unity
Alexander; Harvey, twin of Cyrus, died; Abigail, m. Wil-
liam Hamlin, Jr.; Caroline, m. James Wilkins; David New-
ton, m. Elizabeth Thornton; Mary Ellen, m. Ebenezer
Cherry; Julia, died.

Married Ellen Bargeley 1852, Payson, Utah (daughter
of George and Ellen Bargeley). Their children: George,
m. Jane Hamlin; Ellen, died. Family home St. George,

Married Mary Hamlin (daughter of Jacob and Priscilla
Hamlin, pioneers 1852).

Seventy. Marshal at Nephl. Farmer and stockraiser.
Died May 1881 In Arizona.

MANGUM, JOSEPH ESLEM (son of John Mangum and Mary
Ann Adair). Born Dec. 12, 1850, in Iowa. Came to Utah
October, 1852, Jacob Bigler company.

Married Mariah Lucinda Heath July 21, 1872, Pahreah,
Utah (daughter of James Harvey Heath and Mariah Holden
of Louisiana, pioneers 1851). She was born Jan. 21, 1858.
Their children: Samantha Lucinda b. Nov. 24, 1873, m.
Benjamin J. Baker; Joseph Harvey b. Oct. 17, 1875, m.
Malinda Johnson; Celestia b. Feb. 13, 1878 (died May 2.
1913), m. John W. Warf; Jennie Vlvy b. March 16. 1880,
m. Charles Bullard; Benjamin F. b. July 30, 1882, m. Minnie
P. Smith; Tamar b. Nov. 13, 1883, m. Lev! Chrlstenson; John
Ammon b. March 29, 1887, m. Eliza Jane Brinkerhoff; Wll-
ford Woodruff b. April 16, 1889, died; William Arthur b.
June 4, 1891, died; George Edwin b. July 27, 1893; Cora
Ovilla b. Sept. 17, 1895; Burl Atellia b. Jan. 24, 1898; Ether
b. Dec. 25, 1905. Family home Price, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Arizona and New Mexico

MANNING, JOHN RUSSELL (son of John Russell Manning
and Eliza White of Bedmlnster. Bristol, Somerset, Eng.,
born 1795 and 1796 respectively, at St. Mary, Redcliff,
Bristol married Jan. 12, 1813). He was born May 9, 1823,
at Bedmlnster. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph Home

Married Sarah Tucker Sept. 5, 1847 (daughter of James
Tucker and Elizabeth Hill), who was born June 18, 1821,
and came to Utah with husband. Their children: William
Henry b. Nov. 6, 1848, m. Emma Hudman June 9, 1873;
Emanuel b. Jan. 12, 1855, m. Sarah A. Singleton Jan. 31,
1878; Sarah E. b. Aug. 29, 1859, m. Hyrum Raylane Feb.

24, 1898. Family home Slaterville, Utah.
High priest.

MANNING. WILLIAM HENRY (son of John Russell Man-
ning and Sarah Tucker). Born Nov. 6, 1848, Bedmlnster, Eng.
Married Emma Hudman June 9, 1873, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Hudman and Sophia Langley, pioneers
Feb. 7, 1856, Knud Peterson company). She was born June

25, 1851, Alton, 111. Their children: Emma S. b. June 10,
1874, m. John Wheeler June 13, 1894; Edith A. b. March
11, 1876, m. Arthur Barnett June 21, 1899; Clarence A. b.
April 16, 1879. m. Mattie Hofer June 21. 1906; Amelia E.
b. Feb. 25, 1882; Ephraim W. b. Dec. 16. 1884, m. Ethel
Garner June 20, 1906; Nephl H. b. July 23, 1887, m. Flor-
ence E. Barker Nov. 4, 1908. Family home Slaterville, Utah.

Elder; high priest; ward teacher; president 60th qiforum
of seventies; ward clerk.

MANNING, WILLIAM C. (son of David Manning and Susan
Callard of Devon, Eng.). Born Jan. 23, 1819, at Buckfast-
lelgh. Devon. Came to Utah Oct. 16. 1853, with ox and
cow for team, C. E. Bolton Independent company.

Married Elizabeth Elliott June 12, 1843 (daughter of
John Elliott and Ann Webber), who was born Nov. 22,
1818. and came to Utah with husband. Only child: Ell b.
April 15, 1844. m. Deborah Hollist March 24, 1865. Family
home Farmlngton, Davis Co., Utah.

Elder. Settled at Farmlngton Oct. 19. 1853. and spent
the first winter sawing lumber with hand saw. Assisted
In building sawmill in Pears' Canyon 1854; assisted in build-

Ing first flour mill In Ogden 1854; assisted In building
first carding mill in Farmlngton and the first In Utah.
During the winter of 1857 and 1858 was In Echo Canyon
with Capt. Philemon Merrill company resisting Johnston's
army. Went south with the "move"; returned to Farming-
ton fall of 1878, where he resided until his death, Sept. 7,

MANNING, ELI (son of William C. Manning and Elizabeth
Elliott). Born April 15, 1844, Totnes, Devon. Eng.

Married Deborah Hollist March 24, 1865, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Henry Hollist and Elizabeth Chandler, pio-
neers Sept. 13, 1861, Joseph Home company). She was
born July 25, 1846, Brighton, Sussex, Eng. Their children:
David E. b. Sept. 9, 1866. m. Margaret R. WIlcox April 11.
1888; Elizabeth b. Sept. 6, 1868, m. Thomas E. King June
6, 1888; William H. b. March 29, 1871, m. Alice Taylor
March 24, 1897; John C. b. Aug. 1, 1873, m. Mary A. Ed-
monds Dec. 18, 1895; George C. b. Nov. 5, 1875. m. Eliza
J. Reddish April 29, 1896; Charles E. b. May 7, 1878, m.
Nellie Butcher May 18, 1910; Alice D. b. Dec. 16, 1880, m.
Francis H. Edmonds April 26, 1905; Annie S. b. July 6,
1883, m. Henry W. Talbot April 17, 1912; James E. b.
Oct. 20, 1885, m. Zilla J. Walker Nov. 1, 1911; Joseph W. b.
Nov. 25, 1890. Family home Farmlngton, Utah.

Assistant Sunday school superintendent; secretary North
Farmington ward Jan. 25, 1885-1909. Delegate to several
irrigation congresses 1902-10. Farmer and dairyman.

MANNING, DAVID E. (son of Eli Manning and Deborah
Hollist). Born Sept. 9, 1866. Farmington, Utah.

Married Margaret WIlcox April 11, 1888, Logan, Utah
(daughter of James D. Wilcox and Anna Maria Robinson,
latter pioneer 1848). She was born Sept. 30, 1869, at Farm-
lngton. Their children: David Henry b. April 1, 1889;
Alissa Maria b. Feb. 22, 1891; LeRoy WIlcox b. Sept. 1,
1893; Ruth b. Sept. 13, 1896; Rulon Hollist b. Dec. 9, 1898;
Victor Eugene b. Jan. 19. 1901; Julia b. Oct. 4, 1903; Oleen
Marion b. June 29, 1906; Margaret b. July 29, 1909; La Vera
Alice b. June 22, 1912. Family home Garland, Utah.

Chosen and set apart as president of Y. M. M. I. A. of
Sunset branch, at which he served 1896-98; first counselor
in bishopric of Garland ward 1910; alternate high council-
man of Bear River stake.

MANSFIELD, MATTHEW (son of John Mansfield and Sarah
Plnket of Brambly parish, Surrey, Eng.). Born Oct. 25,
1810, Brambly parish. Came to Utah 1848.

Married Johannah Christine Winberg Petersen 1855. Salt
Lake City (daughter of Swen Winberg and Elna Nielsen
of Sweden, latter a pioneer 1865). She was born May 24,
1824. Their children: Isabel Maria, m. Brigham Reese;
Mary Ann, m. W. O. Bentley; Matthew W., m. Cena Ann
Hunt; Sarah. Family resided at Salt Lake City, Mill Creek
and St. George, Utah.

Married Isabella Mansfield, who was born in Scotland,
and died 1891, Mill Creek, Utah.

Married Margaret Haslam (daughter of John Haslam),
who died 1870 at St. George. Only child: John M. b. Sept.
1863, d. Feb. 10, 1884. Family home, St. George.

Pioneer. Died March 6, 1891, Mill Creek, Utah.

Mansfield and Johannah Christine Winberg). Born Jan. 15,

1862, St. George, Utah.

Married Cena Ann Hnut Feb. 23, 1882, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Ames Hunt and Rebecca Wiggins of Hebron,
Utah, former a pioneer Oct. 1, 1852). She was born Oct. 3,

1863. Their children: Matthew Lorenzo b. Jan. 20, 1883.
m. Jennie Bastian; Mary Eliza b. Feb. 17, 1885; John Amos
b. March 9, 1887, m. Maud Robbins; Ellas Edward b. June
14, 1889, m. Effle L. Pace; Ephraim b. May 10, 1892; Pearl
b. Jan. 8, 1895, m. Charles Chappel; Cena Josephine b.
April 26, 1897. Family home Thurber, Utah.

Married Annie M. T. Bastian Dec. 14, 1898, Salt Lake
City (daughter of J. S. and Harriet Bastian). No children.

Member 112th quorum seventies; high priest; bishop
Thurber ward; high councilor Wayne stake; stake super-
intendent and president Y. M. M. I. A. Wayne county
attorney; assessor; collector; school trustee; justice of
peace; representative state legislature. Attorney at law.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

MANWILL, JOHN WORKLEY. Born May 8, 1791, In Maine.
Came to Utah Sept. 9, 1852, Bryant Jolley company.

Married Patty Tracey (daughter of Samuel Tracey and
Elizabeth Getchill), who was born May 20, 1807. and died
In Iowa in 1847. Their children: Daniel Booker, m. Mary
Shumway; John Ferrington b. Dec. 2, 1832, m. Emily Sophia
Brown June 22. 1856; James B. b. Oct. 5. 1835, m. Sarah
A. McClellan Feb. 25, 1863; Orson M. b. March 6, 1840, m.
Alice Crandall Nov. 16. 1863; Mary Elizabeth b. May 6,
1843. m. Horatio Calkins May 28, 1859. Family resided
Salt Lake City and Payson, Utah.

Married Losana Bentley Sept. 16, 1852, Salt Lake City.

Manwlll and Patty Tracey). Born Dec. 2, 1832, Oxford
Co., Maine.

Married Emily Sophia Brown June 22, 1856, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Samuel Brown, pioneer 1852, and Lydia.
Maria Lathrop, died en route to Utah). She was born
April 16, 1837, In Davis county. Mo. Their children: Emily



Elizabeth b. April 19, 1857,' m. Lorenzo Arayle; Lydia Maria
b Feb. 1, 1859, died; John Monroe b. Aug., 1860, m. Ann
Cowan May 14, 1884; Riley b. April 9. 1863, died; Mary
Ann b. Oct. 16, 1864, m. Alpheus Bingham; Virginia b.
May 16, 1866, m. Charles Bingham; George A. b. Aug. 14,
1868, m. Elmira Jensen; Melissa b. Aug. 5, 1874, m. William
Lewis; Princessetta b. Jan. 9. 1876, m. Robert Cowan;
Cynthia May b. May 1, 1870, died; David b. Dec. 11, 1872,
m Viola McBeth; Sarah b. July 7, 1877, m. James N. Hansen.

Married Rosina Trevort Dec. 15, 1881. Their children:
William Rtley b. Nov. 17, 1882; Daisy b. Dec. 5, 1883, m.
William A. Francom; Myrtle b. June 8, 1885, m. Frank
Daley. Families resided at Payson, Utah.

Priest; elder; seventy; high priest. Farmer.

MARBLE, HENRY L. (son of Nathaniel Marble of Ohio,
born Jan. 25, 1800, and Mary King, born Feb. 29, 1802, both
of England). He was born June 2, 1836, in Geauga Co.,
Ohio. Came to Utah In October, 1851, Reddick N. Allred

Married Mary L. Burbank (daughter of Daniel Burbank.
came to Utah in 1852, John Walker company, and Abigail
Blogit, died on plains). She was born Jan. 30, 1844. Their
children: Henry L., Jr., b. April 1862, m. Sarah Abigail
Burbank In 1887; Mary B. b. Jan. 10, 1864, m. Edwin Git-
tent in 1883; Abigail B. b. Feb. 22, 1866, m. Henry J. Rogers
in 1889; Daniel B. b. July 20, 1868, m. Mary Hansen March
31, 1892; Nathaniel B. b. June 25, 1870, m. Jena Germer in
1901; Almeda B. b. Feb. 1, 1880, m. John Rumrell in 1903.

Merchant; farmer; stockraiser.

MARBLE, DANIEL B. (son of Henry L. Marble and Mary
L. Burbank). Born July 20, 1868, Brigham City, Utah.

Married Mary Hansen March 31, 1892, Collinston. Utah
(daughter of Christian Hansen and Anna Mortensen), who
was born Dec. 23, 1872, Logan, Utah. Their children: D.
Milton b. Feb. 23, 1895; H. Irving b. Feb. 20, 1897; Earl
C b. July 4, 1899, died; Harold H. b. June 29, 1900; John
Leroy b. Feb. 27, 1903; Anna Alfreda b. July 2, 1905; Lettia
G. b. Sept. 14, 1907; Eddie H. b. Jan. 3, 1910. Family
home Deweyville, Utah.

Bishop Deweyville since Sept. 20, 1911; high priest. School
trustee; constable.

MARCHANT, ABRAHAM (son of Abraham Marchant of
Bath, Somersetshire, Eng.). Born March 17, 1816, Bath,
pioneer Oct. 28, 1854, Robert L. Campbell company.

Married Lydia Johnson, who was born March 8, 1814,
Came to Utah with husband. Their children: Mary Ann
b. March 19, 1839, m. Austin Green; Sarah Matilda b. Sept.
1, 1841, m. John Newman; Abraham Robert b. April 5,
1843, m. Mary Ann Barter; Albert George Henry b. Jan.
3, 1845, m. Harriet Casper; Lydia Elizabeth b. Oct. 27,
1846, m. Stephen Walker; John Alma b. May 7, 1848, m.
Hannah Russel; Franklin William b. Sept. 20, 1858, m.
Annie Pearson; Gilbert Johnson b. Sept. 20, 1858, m. Eliza-
beth Wright; Maria Louisa b. Oct. 12, 1861, m. Oscar Lyons.

Bishop of Peoa, Utah. Justice of the peace. Merchant;
farmer. Died Oct. 6, 1881.

chant and Lydia Johnson). Born April 5, 1843, Bath, Eng.

Married Mary Barter Nov. 30. 1869. Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of William Barter and Emma Walden), who was born
at Tedegar, South Wales. Their children: Mary Ann b.
Nov. 15, 1867, m. Arthur W. Maxwell; Abraham Robert
b. Dec. 25, 1870, and Marion Joshua b. Jan. 1, 1873, died.

Married Annie Margaret Larson Jan. 8, 1880, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Trols Larson and Ingra Larson), who
was born July 20, 1861, Henras, Sweden. Their children:
Robert Henry b. Feb. 23, 1881, m. Ivy Winigar; Franklin
William b. Nov. 30, 1882, m. Annie Jenson; Lydia Ann b.
Aug. 29, 1884, died; George b. Aug. 7, 1885; Reuben b. Aug.
28, 1887; Hannah Mabel b. June 18, 1889; Esther b. March
B, 1891; Alice Blanche b. June 1, 1892; Mariah Louisa b.
Feb. 21, 1894; Alvin and Almina b. March 18, 1895; Edgar
Walden b. Aug. 31, 1897; Howard Larson b. Jan. 17, 1900.

Married Hannah Dora Larson Dec. 15, 1880, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Trols Larson and Ingra Larson), who
was born March 3, 1856, in Sweden.

Hijrh priest; member of bishopric of Peoa 1871. Justice
of the peace; school trustee. Farmer.

Marchant and Lydia Johnson). Born Jan. 3, 1845, Bath,

Married Marriet M. Casper Feb. 17, 1873, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Duncan Spears and Matilda Allison Casper,
pioneers Sept. 3, 1855, Captain Hindley company). She
was born Nov. 9, 1849, Platt county. Mo. Their children:
Albert George b. March 22, 1874, m. Mary Harper Sept.
7, 1898; Duncan William b. Oct. 9, 1875, m. Malinda Anna
Gunderson June 24, 1903; Lydia Maria b. Aug. 14, 1877,
m. John William Jones June 18, 1902; Robert Henry b.
Dec. 21, 1880, m. Agnes Taylor June 10, 1910; Matilda Cas-
per b. April 6, 1879; Alonzo Justice b. Sept. 23, 1882; Abra-
ham Franklin b. Sept. 30, .1884; Mary Ann Casper b. July
19, 1886; Edward Casper b. July 31, 1888; Stephen Casper
b. Jan. 10, 1890; Harvey Allison b. Oct. 8, 1891; Harriet
Casper b. July 5, 1894; Leroy Casper b. April 22, 1896.
Family resided South Cottonwood and Peoa, Utah.

Ward and Sunday school teacher. Justice of the peace;
school trustee. Helped to bring immigrants to Utah with
John D. Holliday company 1866. Veteran of Black Hawk

M.VHKIIAM, STEPHEN (son of David Markham and DIna
Hosmer of New York). Born Feb. 9, 1800, New York. Came
to Utah July 24, 1847, with Brigham Young company.

Married Mary Curtis Oct. 6, 1848, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Jeremiah Curtis and Ruth Straton of Michigan and
widow of Orren Houghten, by whom she had one child,
Edgar Straton, who married Martha Ann Parnett). She
was born Nov. 15, 1832. Their children: Orvill Sanford,
m. Mary Ann Robertson; Mary Lucy, m. Andrew Dudley;
William Don Carlos, m. Sarah Ann Warner; Sarah Eliza-
beth, m. William Ashby; Atta Ruth, m. Henry Angus;
Hosmer Merry, m. Jessie Geneva Cleveland; Emily Aurilla,
m. William McKee; Margaret Eliza, m. Owen Morgan;
Joseph, m. Mary Lewis; Julina Charlotta, m. Charles S
Crow; Ira Mltchen, m. Rose Patterson; Clarissa Maretta,
m. Ellas Bona; Carolina Louisa, d. child. Family home
Spanish Fork, Utah.

Bishop of Spanish Fork for several years; assisted in
bringing immigrants to Utah in 1848; captain of Nauvoo
Legion and bodyguard of Joseph Smith. Colonel, Walker
Indian war. Farmer and stockraiser. Died March 10 1878
Spanish Fork, Utah.

MARKS, LOUIS A. (son of Louis Marks and Emeline Frost)
Born Nov. 10, 1865, Salt Lake City.

Married Emma Pope Nov. 16. 1900, Fishhaven, Idaho
(daughter of Charles Pope and Maria McCann of Garden
City, Utah, pioneers 1857). She was born May 5 1870
Their children: Louie Thelma b. Sept. 13, 1901; Lewis
Lathalr b. Oct. 25, 1904. Family home, Salt Lake City


MARRIOTT, HENRY (son of Edward Marriott, born Nov
22, 1788, and Mary Hallingsworth, born Oct. 30, 1788 both
of Nottingham, Eng. married September, 1812). He was
born Aug. 18, 1813. at Nottingham. Came to Utah Oct. B.
1862, Ansel P. Harmon company.

Married Esther Spencer Jan. 18, 1836, who was born
March 22, 1817, and came to Utah with husband. Their
children: Joseph Marriott b. April 4, 1838, m. Elizabeth
Williams; Thomas E. b. Nov. 30. 1842, m. Ann Paramore

f e - 2 1 !, 65: u Sarah Ann b " May 16> 1847 ' m - R - Y r k
1865. Family home West Jordan, Utah.

Elder; missionary to England 1877-78. Merchant In West
Jordan for several years.

MARRIOTT, THOMAS E. (son of Henry Marriott and
Esther Spencer). Born Nov. 30, 1842, Nottingham, Eng

Married Ann Paramore at Salt Lake City Feb. 27 1865
(daughter of George Paramore, a pioneer with William
S. Seeley company, and Rose Hannah Clark). She was
born Oct. 16, 1849, Nottingham, Eng. Their children- Rose
Hannah b. Jan. 15, 1866, m. Archibald Stuart- Henry G
b. April 26, 1868. m. Mary J. Gough July 30, 1890; Thomas
E. b. Feb. 6, 1871; Samuel b. Sept. 14, 1873; Albert b. July
18, 1878, m. Zina Williams; Florence b. Aug 20 1882 m
L. L. Raddon; Laura b. Sept. 4, 1885, m. William Hughes
Jan. 30, 1906; Roscoe b. April 21. 1888, m. Lillie Loveridfre
Sept. 1909; Zella b. March 16, 1890, m. Peter Clyde Swenson
Sept. 1908. Family resided West Jordan and Sandy Utah

Blacksmith originally, but was engaged for a time 'in
mercantile business. City councilman; justice of the peace-
was practicing optician at time of his death.

MARRIOTT, HENRY G. (son of Thomas E. Marriott and
Ann Paramore). Born April 26. 1868. West Jordan Utah

Married Mary J. Gough July 30, 1890 (daughter of Joseph
H. Gough and Mary J. Stone, married Nov. 23, 1864) She
was born Aug. 5. 1870, Ogden, Utah. Their chtldren:'Maud
[. b. Feb. 8, 1891, m. Roy Mounteer Nov. 17, 1909; Leon
Fay b. Jan. 9, 1898; Leavon b. Oct. 5, 1901; Leola b Julv
18, 1905. Family home Sandy, Utah.

Blacksmith; wagon maker. City councilman 1905.

MARRIOTT, JOHN (son of John Marriott and Frances
Warren of Bedfordshire, Eng.). Born March 6. 1817. Rhode
Northamptonshire, Eng. Came to Utah May 1851, Livingston-'
Kinkade company.

Married Susannah Folk 1840 (daughter of Samuel F. Folk
and Susannah Holton), who was born July 2, 1825- came to
Utah with husband. Their children: Caroline Swanton b
1841, died; Lorenzo b. 1844, m. Melissa Baker; John b. 185o!
m. Alberta Spiers; Susannah b. 1852, m. Andrew Lepper-
Rebecca b. 1854, m. John Hodson; Martha b. 1856, m. Moroni
Skeen; Benjamin b. 1858, m. Louisa Gampton.

Married Elizabeth Stewart Feb. 26, 1854, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Charles Stewart and Sophia Tlngey),
who was born April 12, 1829, at Colmworth, Bedfordshire,
Eng. Their children: Elizabeth b. April 22, 1855, m. David
S. Tracy Nov. 13, 1872; Moroni Stewart b. Oct. 31, 18B7, m.
Rose W. Parry Jan. 29, 1879: Annie Treazer b. Aug. 7, 1859,
m. Bernard Parry 1873; Louisa b. Oct. 28, 1862, died; Esther
Amelia b. Dec. 6, 1863, m. Fredrick Brown 1881; Hyrum Wil-
lard b. Dec. 6, 1863, m. Ellen Morris Dec. 1, 1897; Caroline
Emma b. April 8, 1866, m. James Hewitt Oct. 12. 1898; Ellen

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