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MATHIAS, JONAH (son of Thomas Mathias and Margaret
Williams). Born July 30, 1843, Carmarthen, Wales.

Married Abigail Burbank April 4, 1868, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Daniel M. Burbank and Abigail Blodget, former
pioneer 1852, latter died on the plains). She was born
Aug. 14, 1848, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Their children: Jonah
B. b. May 10, 1869, m. Mary Ardella Blngham Nov. 18. 1896;
Margaret Abigail b. Oct. 11, 1870. m. J. S. Bingham Sept. 18.
1895; Thomas B. b. July 12, 1872, m. Harriet Reeves Nov. 18,
1896; Daniel B. b. April 4, 1874, m. Rebecca Tlngey Oct. 7,
1909; John B. b. Oct. 29, 1875, m. Esther Marble June 21.
1905; Mary Elvira b. July 9. 1877. m. Ernest P. Horsley Oct.
27, 1897; Ephraim B. b. Aug. 11, 1879. m. Rllla Knudsen Oct.
3, 1908; Laura Liona b. Oct. 13, 1881; Sarah Luella b. July

8, 1884; Ada Vivian b. June 30, 1886, m. A. M. Reeder Oct.
2, 1906; Zillah Elevene b. Jan. 24, 1890; Ivy Hortense b.
Dec. 24, 1892, d. Sept. 12, 1895. Family home, Brigham City.
Second counselor in bishopric of Brigham City, first ward,
1877-92. Assessor and collector of Brigham 1885-87; clerk
of Box Elder county 1886-90; justice of peace 1889; collector
1890 of Box Elder county; justice of peace at Brigham City
1891, and city councilman 1893-95; county commissioner
of Box Elder county 1894-96; mayor of Brigham City 1895-
97, and school trustee four years. Assisted in bringing im-
migrants to Utah 1862-64. Minuteman in home guard eight

MATHIS, HANS HE1VRICH. Born Feb. 22, 1803, in Switzer-
land. Came to Utah 1864.

Married Anna Dorothea Myers 1827. Their children: Jacob;
Anna Marie Dorothea, m. Hans Ulrick Bryner, Jr.; John, m.
Barbara Bryner; Henry, m. Elizabeth Hubsmith. Family
home Lehi, Utah.

Elder. Farmer. Financially assisted Immigration of
several families to Utah.

MATHIS, HENRY (son of Hans Henrich Mathis and Dorothea
Myers). Born at Zurich, Switzerland, 1834. Came to Utah
Oct. 29, 1862, William H. Dame company.

Married Elizabeth Hubsmith 1862 in Wyoming while com-
ing to Utah (daughter of George Hubsmith of Hedigen,
Canton Zurich, Switzerland, pioneers Oct. 29, 1862, Wil-
liam H. Dame company). She was born Sept. 30, 1839. Their
children: George Henry b. Dec. 5, 1863, m. Louise Pace;
Mary Elizabeth b. March 28, 1866, m. James F. Pace; Louise,
died; James Samuel b. March 10, 1870, m. Mary Ann Robb;
John Arnold b. May 3, 1875, m. Rachel Parthenia Cottam,
m. Lilly Pearl Morrison; Albert Ferdinand b. April 27, 1877.
Family home New Harmony, Utah.

Elder. Freighted across plains 1863-64; assisted in build-
Ing wagon roads, canals, and getting out material for
Deseret telegraph line. Settled at St. George 1862, and in
this year he and his brother John built first log houses in
St. George; moved to Harmony, then moved to Toquerville
for two years, then moved back to New Harmony, where he
has since made his home. Popularly known by inhabitants
of southern Utah as "Uncle Henry," and as being very
generous and liberal with his fellow citizens.

MATHIS, JAMES SAMUEL (son of Henry Mathis and Eliza-
beth Hubsmith). Born March 10, 1870, New Harmony, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Robb April 3, 1901, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Robb and Caroline Jones, pioneers
1857). She was born Sept. 1, 1878. Their children: Elwood
James b. Jan. 3, 1904; Clair Robb b. Sept. 24, 1905; Rex Henry
b. Aug. 13, 1908. Family home Price, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher; treasurer of Price Sunday school;
first counselor and president T. M. M. I. A. of New Harmony
ward. Settled at Price 1897, where he assisted in building
up the country.

MATHIS. JOHN ARNOLD (son of Henry Mathis and Eliza-
beth Hubsmith). Born May 3. 1875.

Married Rachel Parthenia Cottam May 5, 1899, St. George,
Utah (daughter of George Thomas Cottam and Rachel
Parthenia Holt of St. George, Utah). She was born March
2, 1877. Only child: Milton Arnold b. Oct. 5, 1900.

Married Lilly Pearl Morrison April 12, 1911, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Morrison and Mary Jane Warren
of Price, Utah). She was born Feb. 20, 1891. Only child:
Bernard Henry b. April 5, 1912.

Member presidency 101st quorum seventy; missionary to
Switzerland, Germany and Austria-Hungary 1903-06; presi-
dent Y. M. M. I. A. Price ward 1899-1900; Sunday school
teacher; secretary and treasurer Y. M. M. I. A. Carbon
stake. Secretary and treasurer Tanners' Exchange and
Implement Co. Settled at Price 1899 and served as school
trustee and town councilman. Farmer and stockraiser.

MATHIS. JOHN (son of Hans Henrich Mathis and Anna
Dorothea Myers). Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Martin and
Tyler handcart company.

Married Barbara Bryner at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Hans Ulrick Bryner of Zurich, Switzerland). She was
born Jan. 29, 1831, and came to Utah 1856, Martin and
Tyler handcart company. Their children: Henry George
b. May 2, 1861; John H., m. Emma Nixon; Barbara Anna, m.
Brigham O. Mclntyre; Louisa; Lena, m. Joshua Crosby;
Albert; Pauline; Alma; Frank; latter four died; Wallace,
m. Minnie Miles. Family home St. George, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Settled at St. George, Utah. 1861.
Worked on temple and tabernacle. Built first house in St.
George. Died Aug., 1899.

MATHIS. HENRY GEORGE (son of John Mathis and Bar-
bara Bryner). Born May 2, 1861, Ogden, Utah.

Married Mary DeFrelze Jan. 30, 1890, St. George, Utah
(daughter of William DeFreize and Mary Aurelia Venton
of London, Eng., who came to Utah 1877). She was born
Aug. 24, 1868. Only child: Mary Florence b. July 12, 1891.
Family home Price, Utah.

Married Sarah Ann MacFarlane Nov. 22, 1893, St. George,
Utah (daughter of John Menzies MacFarlane of Sterling,
Scotland, and Agnes Eliza Heybor of Australia, pioneers
1852, A. O. Smoot company). She was born July 21, 1867.
Their children: George MacFarlane b. June 22, 1895; Iven
John b. Dec. 18, 1898; Zelma b. Aug. 31. 1903; Myrtle and
Murray b. July 9. 1905, twins; LeGrande b. June 22, 1908.
Family home Price, Utah.



High priest; second counselor to Ruben G. Miller of
Emery stake 1898-1910; counselor to Bishop Horsley of
Price ward 1896-98; president Y. M. M. I. A. several years.
Farmer and implement dealer.

MATSO1Y, GEORGE B. (son of George B. Matson and Ann
Pierson, the latter born April 13. 1797, Chester county,
Pa. married Oct. 12, 1819). He was born Oct. 26, 1827,
Centerville, Del. Came to Utah October, 1847, A. O. Smoot

Married Mary Jane Guymon Jan. 25, 1854, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Noah T. Guymon and Mary H. Dudley mar-
ried Dec. 24, 1837, Caldwell, Mo., pioneers 1850, Aaron
Johnson company). She was born Oct. 25, 1838. Their
children. George Brinton; Evaline; Aaron Wesley; Mary
Louella; Aymor Frederic; Noah Thomas; Ida Bernicia; Clar-
ence Rafael; Raymond Marcellus; Dudley Guymon; Erma.

Assisted in building: state house at Fillmore; assisted in
bringing handcart company to Utah 1856. Veteran Indian
war. Built Camp Floyd in 1857. Missionary to Philadelphia
1898. Springville city councilman. In 1864 he went to the
Missouri river for freight. Moved to Fountain Green in
1865; to Moroni in 1866, and in 1867 he went to Springville.
Contractor and builder; mason and freighter.

MATSON, GEORGE BRINTON, JR. (son of George B. Matson
and Mary Jane Guymon). Born Feb. 1, 1855, Springville,

Married Jane Elizabeth Waters Feb. 14, 1877, at Spring-
ville, Utah (daughter of John Waters and Sarah Burch,
pioneers Oct. 6, 1853). She was born Dec. 12, 1854, Big
Cottonwood, Utah. Their children: George Ernest b. Feb.
14, 1878; William b. Aug. 11, 1880, m. Myrtle Robinson;
Sarah Jane b. Sept. 11, 1882; Ella May b. March 30, 1886,
m. Eugene Petrie; John Wesley b. Aug. 11, 1890; Afton
Monroe b. June 23, 1896. Family home Springville, Utah.

In 1871 hauled ore from West to East Tlntlc with ox
teams; assisted in making the wagon road into Pleasant
Valley 1876; assisted in surveying the township; mined first
load of coal out of Pleasant Valley. Moved to Mapleton
ward 1890. Missionary to northern states 1893-95. Mer-
chant; farmer and stockralser.

MATSON, WILLIAM (son of George B. Matson and Jane
Elizabeth Waters). Born Aug. 11. 1880, Springville. Utah.

Married Myrtle Robinson (daughter of Hugh Robinson
and Margaret Stringfellow. who were married Sept. 11,
1864, at Cappel Church, Eng.). She was born July 9, 1881,
at Farnsworth, Lancashire, Eng. Only child: Genevieve b.
July 20, 1906. Family home Green River City, Utah.

Machinist, fireman and engineer on D. & R. G. R. R.

MATTHEWS, WILLIAM (son of William Matthews and
Elizabeth Rowney of North Hill, Bedfordshire, Eng.). Born
Feb. 21, 1817, North Hill, Bedfordshire. Came to Utah Oct.
16, 1855, John Wardle company.

Married Elizabeth Flinders 1842 (daughter of Samuel
Flinders and Sara Garner, who were married at Bedford-
shire, Eng.). She was born at North Hill, Bedfordshire.
Died at sea Oct. 1850. Their children: Samuel b. May 4,
1843, m. Elizabeth Keetch Oct. 12, 1864; George b. Dec.
1845, m. Elizabeth Hunter; Timothy b. April 1848. m. Mary
Poulton. Family home Grantsville, Utah.

Married Sara at St. Louis, Mo., who died 1852. Only

child, a son, died 1851.

Married Charlotte Swift at St. Louis, Mo., 1853 (daughter
of William Swift, who came to Utah with John Wardle
company, and Harrah Reynolds). She was born Aug. 12,
1821, at Pollokshill, Bedfordshire, Eng. Their children:
Walter William b. Feb. 22, 1854, m. Martha E. McMurray;
Joseph b. July 17, 1856; Hyrum b. July 17, 1856; Elizabeth
Hannah b. April 23, 1858; Harrison R. b. March 24, 1860,
m. Sara Ann Williams; William Swift b. Feb. 8, 1862, m.
Clara Hale; Charlotte Ann b. March 26, 1867, m. James

MATTHEWS, SAMUEL (son of William Matthews and Eliza-
beth Flinders). Born May 4, 1843, North Hill, Bedfordshire,
Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 27, 1855, with William S. Godbe
freight train.

Married Elizabeth Keetch Oct. 12, 1864 (daughter of
William K. Keetch and Ann Greenwood), who was born
April 7, 1842. Came to Utah Oct. 1862, David P. Kimball
freight train. Their children: Samuel William b. Aug. 25,
1865, m. Caroline E. Orr; Elizabeth A. b. Feb. 5, 1877, m.
Henry N. Pugmire; Emily M. b. July 9, 1869, m. William L.
Rich: Charlotte A. b. July 2, 1872; Eliza A. b. March 7. 1874.
m. Richard Toomer; Martha E. b. Dec. 12, 1877; Ella b. June
21, 1880, m. James A. Hymas.

Married Annie E. Kennlngton Feb. 28, 1884, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of William H. Kennington, came to Utah
1856 with handcart company, and Annie R. Seward, who
came to Utah Oct. 13, 1863, with Rosel Hyde company
married April 1, 1864, at Salt Lake City). She was born
Feb. 3, 1866, in Tooele, Utah. Their children: George T.
b. Oct. 29, 1886; Alonzo H. b. April 20, 1888; A. Ada b.
July 5, 1890; Edna A. b. Dec. 13, 1892; Harvey K. b.
Feb. 1895; Esther S. b. Aug. 14, 1897. Families resided at
Liberty, Bear Lake Co., Idaho.

Assisted In bringing immigrants to Utah, 1863 and 1866.
High priest; bishop of the Montpeller ward. Commis-
sioner Bear Lake county 1883-85.

MATTHEWS, WILLIAM A. (son of William Matthews of
Dunstable. Eng., and Rebecca Hill of Glasgow, Scotland,
pioneers to Lehi 1852). Born July 2, 1871.

Married Sarah Jane Thomas April 27, 1899, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Samuel Thomas and Mary Darknell of
Salt Lake City). She was born Oct. 15, 1874, 15th ward.
Salt Lake City. Their children: Mary R. b. Feb. 9, 1900;
Samuel W. b. Sept. 3, 1901; Sarah Jane b. Oct. 28, 1903, d.
infant; Abbey E. b. March 6, 1905, d. aged 2. Family home,
15th ward, Salt Lake City.

Farmer. Died Sept. 15, 1904.

MATTI1VSOIV, ROBERT (son of Peter Mattlnson, born Dec.
3, 1803, and Ann Shaw, born Feb. 6, 1812, of Sunderland,
Eng.). He was born July 16, 1835, Lancashire, Eng. Came
to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Edward Martin handcart company.

Married Betsy C. Burnhope (daughter of Isaac Bum-
hope and Elizabeth Charlton, latter a pioneer Aug. 19,
1868, John R. Murdock company). She was born In Eng-
land. Their children: E. A., m. James Nolan; Laura S.,
m. Peter Borup; Marie, m. Richard Barrett; Anna, m. J.
F. Rushter; R. Frank; H. B. b. Nov. 24, 1880; Effle M., m.
E. O. Simons; Joseph B., m. Ella Balch; Roy B. b. Sept. 11,
1891; Veatus b. Oct. 16, 1893. Family home Payson, Utah.

MACGHAX, PETER (son of William Maughan and Martha
Walton of Alston, Cumberland, Eng.). Born May 7, 1811,
Milton, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 17, I860, William Wall

Married Ruth Harrison 1830 at Alston, Eng. (daughter
of Thomas Harrison and Agnes Walton of Milton). She was
born Feb. 26, 1812. Their children: John b. Oct. 8, 1830,
m. Sarah M. Davenport July 24, 1853, m. Mary Nibley Aug.
1863, m. Hannah Toombs 1869; Agnes, m. Jonathan Teas-
dale; William Harrison b. May 7, 1834, m. Barbara Morgan
Dec. 25, 1853; Thomas V. b. May, 1851, died; Mary Ann, m.
Thomas Atkin; Ruth, died at sea. Family home E. T. City,

Married Mary Ann Weston December, 1841, at Nauvoo, 111.
Their children: Charles W.; Peter; Joseph; Hyrum; Wlllard,
m. Lavina Parry; Elizabeth R. Cole; Martha N. Davis; Peter
W., m. Mary Neff.

Presiding bishop. Probate judge. Quartermaster of 1st
brigade of military district, Cache county, and representa-
tive to territorial legislature from Cache and Rich counties.
Farmer. Died April 24, 1871, at Logan, Utah.

MAUGHAN, JOHN (son of Peter Maughan and Ruth Har-
rison). Born Oct. 8, 1830, at Alston, Cumberland, Eng.

Married Sarah M. Davenport July 24, 1853, at Tooele City,
Utah (daughter of James Davenport and Almyra Phelps of
Grantsville, Utah, pioneers 1851, Philo Merrill company).
She was born Nov. 22, 1836. Their children: Sarah A. b.
July 1854, m. W. C. Robbins; Mary A. b. Aug. 1856, m. C. A.
Norton; John b. Jan. 1859, m. Agnes Olsen; Harrison D. b.
Sept., 1861, m. Mary E. Freestone; Ruth E., m. Thomas
Griffln; Peter D., m. Eliza Neilsen; Martha A., m. George A.
Hansen; George, m. Matilda Jensen; Ambrose, m. Melissa
Fifleld; Elise, m. S. T. Merrell; Margaret, m. I. W. McKay;
Hyrum; William; latter two died.

Married Mary Nibley August, 1863. Their children: Jane,
m. Henry Thomas; Charles, d. Oct. 9, 1869.

Married Hannah Toombs 1869. Only child: James.

Settled in Cache valley 1856; helped settle Bear Lake
valley in 1863. Bishop of Preston, Idaho.

and Ruth Harrison). Born May 7, 1834, at Alston, Cumber-
land. Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1860, William Wall

Married Barbara Morgan Dec. 26, 1853, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Morgan Morgan and Cecelia Lewis of K. T.
City, Utah, pioneers 1852, William Morgan company). She
was born Dec. 23, 1834. Their children: Ruth b. Oct. 7, 1854,
m. Thomas Williamson; Mary E. b. July 8, 1856, m. Joseph
Howell; Peter Morgan b. Oct. 18, 1858, m. Jerusha G. Baxter
Feb. 23. 1882; William H. b. Oct. 17, 1860, m. Margret Baxter;
Sarah A. b. Dec. 12. 1862, m. Walter W. Jones; Agnea b.
March 19, 1865, m. Horman C. Allan; Thomas b. June 14,
1869, m. Emily Perkins; Joseph b. Sept. 26, 1872, m. Fannie
Salsbury; Brigham b. Sept. 26, 1878, m. Jessie Hendry.
Family home Wellsville, Utah.

Bishop of Wellsville ward; ward teacher; patriarch.
County selectman; mayor of Wellsville several terms; mem-
ber constitutional convention from Cache county. Farmer
and contractor. Died Aug. 28, 1905, at Wellsville.

MAUGHAN, PETER MORGAN (son of William Harrison
Maughan and Barbara Morgan). Born Oct. 18, 1868, at E. T.
City, Utah.

Married Jerusha G. Baxter Feb. 23, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert Wright Baxter and Jane Love of
Wellsville, Utah, pioneers Sept. 25, 1866. Richard Ballantyne
company). She was born Jan. 1, 1869. Their children:
Jane B. b. June 21, 1885, m. Thomas P. Walters; Peter
Melvln B. b. July 27, 1887; William Harrison B. b. Jan. 25,
1889, m. Mary Ann Jackson; Robert Milton B. b. March 16,
1891; Adelbert B. b. Sept. 12, 1898; Parley B. b. July 1,
1902; Rulon B. b. Nov. 11, 1906. Family home, Wellsville.

Member 28th quorum seventies; president deacons',
teachers' and elders' quorum; Sunday school superintendent;
assistant stake Sunday school superintendent; first counselor



to bishop of Wellsville ward. County assessor two years;
mayor two terms; city councilman two terms; justice of
peace; city assessor and collector, Wellsville; member first
and fourth state legislatures from Cache county. Merchant
and farmer.

MAITSS, MICHAEL (son of Jacob Mauss, born Oct. 20, 1832,
at Lothringen, Germany, and Lena Kelsch, born Aug. 28,
1841 married June 1867). He was born Nov. 2, 1871, at
Papillion, Neb.

Married Charlotte Wright June 28, 1893, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Benjamin Wright and Eliza Darton, pioneers
Oct. 17, 1862, Henry W. Miller company). She was born
Oct. 18, 1873. Murray, Utah. Their children: Myrtle E. b.
Nov. 9, 1894; Mylo M. b. Jan. 26, 1897; Vinal G., Velma M., and
Vilda C. (triplets) b. Oct. 16. 1900; Adella D. b. Nov. 26,
1903; Ruby L. b. April 25, 1906; Lowell b. Jan. 12, 1911.
Family home Murray, Utah.

Deputy sheriff of Salt Lake county 1901-02; city marshal
since 1903. Missionary to Ohio and Nebraska 1897-99; first
counselor to Bishop Orson Sanders of South Cottonwood
ward 1900-03; first counselor to Bishop William B. Erekson
of South Cottonwood ward 1903-06; ordained bishop of
Murray, first ward, Jan. 16, 1909.

MAW, EDWARD. Came to Utah Oct. 19, 1862, Horton D.
Haight company.

Married Dina Gledall, who died in England in 1841. Their
children: Robert, m. Ann Davis, m. Lois Reeves, m. Hertha
Schoenfeld; Abraham, m. Eliza Tripp; Isaac, Jacob, d.
Infants; Sarah, m. William Coy; Ephraim; Aaron; Ellen, m.
Hans Poulsen; Alice, m. Moroni Poulter; Susannah, d. on
plains In 1862 (21 years old). Family home Ogden, Utah.

High priest. Shoemaker and farmer. Died Aug. 9, 1893.

MAW, ROBERT (son of Edward Maw and Dlna Gledall).
Born Sept. 12, 1834, Root, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 30,
1864, Darwin Richardson company.

Married Ann Davis July 15, 1858, Lehl, Utah (daughter
of Thomas and Mary Davis of Wales, pioneers 1855, A. O.
Smoot company). Their children: Robert Edward b. Oct.
15 1859 m. Victorine Sharp; Abraham Thomas b. Nov. 3,
1861; Mary Eliza b. Oct. 4, 1863, m. William Rawson;
Katherine b. Oct. 17, 1865, m. J. A. Lampert; Rose Ann, d.
child. Family home Plain City, Utah.

Married Lois Reeves Nov. 16, 1873, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Abraham Reeves and Miss Straw of Kaysville, Utah,
pioneers with oxteam company). She was born Feb. 6, 1844.
Their children: Robert b. May 11. 1879, m. Mary Victoria
Johnson; James Abraham b. April 29, 1880; Marintha b. May
23, 1881, d. infant.

Married Hertha Schoenfeld May 13, 1897, Salt Lake City
(daughter of F. W. Schoenfeld and Henrietta Loman of
Brighton, Utah, pioneers with John Smith company). She
was born Oct. 11. 1873. Their children: Richard Fredrick
b. June 19, 1898; Ralph Edwin b. Dec. 28, 1899; Howard Wil-
ford b. July 19, 1901; Rudger Floyd b. Nov. 3, 1902; Orin b.
May 24, 1905; Edna May b. Jan. 22, 1910. Family home Plain
City, Utah.

Member 87th quorum seventies; high priest; missionary
to England 1883-86. Farmer.

MAW, ROBERT (son of Robert Maw and Lois Reeves).
Born May 11, 1879, Plain City, Utah.

Married Mary Victoria Johnson Dec. 22, 1909 (daughter
of Victor Johnson and Hilda Kay of Woods Cross, Utah).
She was born Feb. 2, 1887. Their children: Clarence Victor
b. Sept. 17, 1910; Earl Lloyd b. Feb. 19, 1912. Family home,
Salt Lake City.

Priest. Street car conductor.

MAW, ABRAHAM (son of Edward Maw and Dlna Gledall).
Born April 10, 1837, Root, Lincolnshire, Eng. Came to Utah
with his father.

Married Eliza Tripp Aug. 1, 1859, in England (daughter of
Thomas Tripp and Jane Snell). Their children: Robert
William; Mary Jane; Dinah; Abram; John; Henry; Joseph;
Charles; Florence Snell. Family home Plain City, Utah.

Married Olive Williams June 27, 1884. Salt Lake City.
Only child: Albert William, m. Hattie P. Grant Dec. 7, 1910.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

MAXFIELD, JOHN ELLIS (son of John Ellis Maxfleld, born
1762, and Hannah Appleton, born 1760, both of Hull, York-
shire, Eng. married about 1782). He was born March 21,
1801, at Hull. Came to Utah Sept. 9, 1851, Abraham Day

Married Sarah Elizabeth Baker about 1827 (daughter of
Jesse Baker and Sarah E. Schuerman married about 1784
at Prince Edward Island, Canada). She was born May 10,
1810, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Robert b. April 29, 1830, m. Emma Smith Jan., 1855; Richard
b. May 5, 1831, m. Artie M. Harris Oct., 1854; Elijah H. b.
Nov. 5, 1832, m. Helen A. Tanner Aug. 24, 1856; Jesse b.
April 29, 1835, d. aged 15; James b. Jan. 14, 1837, m. Sophia
Johnson 1861; John E. b. Nov. 15, 1838, m. Minnie Johnson
1859; William b. Dec. 10, 1839, m. Elizabeth Caldwell 1863;
Sarah b. Jan. 18. 1844, m. George N. Stager 1859; Joseph
S. b. June 13, 1847, m. Matilda Van Valkenburg Jan. 16,
1872; Quincy b. July 3, 1862, d. 1873; Henry b. Sept. 1,
1X51, m. Helen Morrell 1873. Family home West Jordan,

Worked on Salt Lake temple. Settled at South Jordan
1851. High priest; ward teacher. Died Feb. 1, 1875.

MAXFIELD, ELIJAH H. (son of John Ellis Maxfleld and
Sarah Elizabeth Baker). Born Nov. 5, 1832, Prince Edward
Island, Canada.

Married Helen A. Tanner Aug. 24, 1856, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Nathan Tanner and Rachel Smith, pio-
neers with Amasa M. Lyman company). Their children:
Hiett E. b. Feb. 7, 1859, m. Kate Covert 1881; Helen A.
b. Sept. 8, 1860, m. Hans M. Hanson 1878; Nathan P. b.
Sept. 15, 1862, m. Rosannah Sampson Feb. 5, 1886; Julia
b. Dec. 18, 1864, m. Thomas Blackburn 1882; John S. b.
Feb. 28, 1866, m. Lillle Taylor 1892; Junietta b. June 2. 1869.
d. April, 1878; Quincy b. May 9, 1867, d. 1874; Archelaus
b. Dec. 19, 1876, d. 1895; Ethel b. Oct. 19, 1878, m. George
A. Chappell 1897. Family resided Cottonwood and East
Loa, Utah.

Assisted In settling "Dixie" five years. Took part In
Civil War. Veteran Indian wars. Brought first library to
Utah. Moved to Fremont Valley 1877. High priest; ward
clerk at Lyman. Belonged to Y X company; rode the pony
express and drove fast express. Was spy in Johnston's
army in the Black Hills.

MAXWELL, JAMES (son of Gavin Maxwell and Martha
McMillan of Thornliebank, Renfrewshire, Scotland). Born
Nov. 30, 1852, at Thornliebank. Came to Utah Aug. 20,
1869, John E. Pace company.

Married Jessie Lovina Rands Dec. 25, 1879, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joseph Rands and Sarah Anderson, both
of Cape Town, South Africa, pioneers Oct. 1868, John Gll-
lespie company). She was born March 13, 1862. Their
children: Joseph Rands b. Oct. 27, 1881, m. Ida Thoreson;
William Edward b. April 24, 1883, m. Ann E. Klrkman;
Jessie Ruth b. Dec. 24, 1884, m. John Henry Bean; Martha
Elizabeth b. May 13, 1886, m. Frank Pocock; Hyrum James
b. Feb. 14, 1889, m. Harriet Morris; Sarah Lillie b. Aug.
2, 1887; Margaret Lovina b. Sept. 15, 1891; John McMillan
b. Oct. 27, 1893; Charles Henry b. Aug. 25, 1896. Family
home. Salt Lake City.

Settled at Hoytsville 1869; moved to E. T. ward, Tooele
county, same year. Ward clerk; president Y. M. M. I. A.;
Sunday school superintendent. Moved to Salt Lake City
1880 in 21st ward and served as block teacher; president
4th quorum seventies; Sunday school superintendent; sec-
ond counselor to Bishop M. S. Woolley; ordained bishop of
27th ward. Salt Lake City. Jan. 27, 1902.

MAY, JAMES (son of George May, born 1807, and Hannah
Hobson, born March 18, 1809, of Courage, Eng. married
April 8, 1873). He was born June 1, 1832, Chievely, Berk-
shire, Eng. Came to Utah Oct. 14, 1852, Eli B. Kelsey

Married Martha Allen Aug. 24, 1856 (daughter of Jude
Allen and Mary Ann Nicholas, pioneers 1852, Ezra Benson
company). She was born Sept. 26, 1839. Their children:
James Ira b. Nov. 29, 1857, m. Elizabeth Ann Henrie Dec.
29, 1876; Jude Allen b. Oct. 14, 1859, m. Rose Perry; George
b. Nov. 28, 1861, m. Alice Hall; Henry Lyman b. Jan. 25,
1863; Martha Ellen b. March 14, 1865, m. Enoch Hunsaker;
Sarah Margaret b. Sept. 22, 1867, m. Osro L. Barnard; Eve-
line b. June 26, 1869, m. Elzarus Hunsaker; Andrew b.
Feb. 22, 1871, m. Laura Summerill; Frank b. Nov. 18, 1872,
m. Nettle Wight; Harrett b. Aug. 7, 1874, m. Robert C.
Kelley. Family home Calls Fort, now Harper Ward, Utah.

Married Rhoda Ann Lang Nov. 21, 1878, St. George, Utah
(daughter of William Lang). Their children: William Lavan
b. Aug. 28, 1879; Mary Angline b. April 10, 1880. m. Will
Cleveland; Jane b. Feb. 5, 1882; Artemisia b. March 27,
1883; Ben Hugh b. Jan. 5, 18S5; Agnes b. Nov. 29. 1887;

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