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ter of William Richardson and Ann Jones), who was born
Nov. 15, 1816. and came to Utah with husband. Their chil-
dren: Amanda b. Sept. 10, 1837, d. 1846; Alonzo b. July 23,
1839, d. 1846; Clarence b. May 18, 1841, m. Bathsheba Smith
Jan. 3, 1861, m. Julia Felshaw Dec. 7, 1867, and Isabelle M.
Harris Oct. 8, 1879; Franklin b. March 17, 1843, m. Elizabeth
Peck; Austin b. Oct. 8. 1844; Alfred b. Aug. 6, 1846, d. infant;
Albert b. Oct. 10, 1848, d. 1870; Margaret Elinor b. Dec. 19,
1850, d. 1904; Marion b. March 29, 1853, m. Lydia A. Young
Jan. 27, 1873; Melville b. 186S, d. Infant; Irene b. Jan. 14,
1855, d. 1864; Alice b. Sept. 28, 1859, d. 1865; Austin, d. infant.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Marrk-d Frances Machin Oct. 21, 1860, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Machin and Sarah Mermick). who was
born Sept. 15, 1843, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Eng. Their chil-
dren: Annetta b. Aug. B, 1863. m. William Lunnen June 16,
1881; Valentine b. April 22, 1865, d. infant: Ada b. April 6,
1866, m. John Barrows; Annie b. May 19, 1868, m. Jake
Mahone; Mark Earnest b. Jan. 10, 1870, m. Jane Norris;
Clara b. Aug. 13, 1871. m. William Thompson Feb. 1901;
Leo Sisson b. Feb. 4, 1873, d. infant.

President 16th quorum seventies, Salt Lake City; mis-
sionary to eastern states 1841-44 and 1869-70; ordained
patriarch May 7, 1873. Captain of Hardie Independent Rifle
Company 1856, and major of battalion 1857 in Nauvoo Leg-
Ion; captain of 17 families of Captain Howell company,
which arrived in Utah September, 1852. Farmer. Pioneer
hat manufacturer of Utah. Died Nov. 1, 1873, Salt Lake

MERRILL. CLARENCE (son of Albert Merrill and Margaret
Ann Richardson). Born May 18, 1841, South Norwalk, Fair-
field county. Conn. Came to Utah September, 1852, Captain
Howell company.

Married Bathsheba Smith Jan. 3, 1861, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Albert Smith and Bathsheba W.
Biglow of Nauvoo, 111., former pioneer July 24, 1847, Brig-
ham Young company, the latter 1849, Captain Jones com-
pany). She was born Aug. 14, 1844. Their children: An-
nella b. Dec. 19, 1861, d. infant: Leila b. Sept. 6, 1863, m.
David R. Allen; George Albert b. Feb. 2, 1866, d. aged 33;
Alice b. Jan. 2, 1868, m. George H. Home; Maud b. Feb. 7,



1870, m. B. T. Lloyd; Margarett M. b. Feb. 5, 1872, m. Joseph
A. Fisher; Clarence Jr. b. Jan. 7, 1874, m. Louisa Amott;
Irene b. June 4, 1876, m. Stephen L. Richards; Alton b.
July 15, 1878. d. aged 14 months; John H. b. Feb. 28, 1880,
m. Marie Rounds; Joseph S. b. May 8, 1882 (killed April 23,
1913. in railroad accident), m. Jennie Nordvall; Thomas S.
b. March 6, 1884, m. Mary Ridges; Lewis Bigler b. July 30,
1887; Charles S. b. April 27, 1890. Family home Salt Lake
City and Fillmore, Utah.

Married Julia Felshaw Dec. 7, 1867, at Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Felshaw and Mary Harriett Gilbert
of New York, pioneers fall of 1851). She was born June 27,
1832. Their children: Frank F. b. Sept. 30, 1868, m. Frede-
reka Poulson, m. Elizabeth A. Petersen; Luta F., b. Aug. 3,
1870, d. aged 15.

Married Isabelle M. Harris Oct. 8, 1879, at St. George,
Utah (daughter of Charles Harris and Louisa Hall), who
was born April 15, 1861. Their children: Albert b. Feb. 16.
1881, m. Rosella Gertrude Seely; Horace G. b. July 19, 1882,
m. Murl Miller.

Member 16th quorum seventies; high priest. First lieu-
tenant to Major John L. Smith of Nauvoo Legion. Member
city council of Fillmore two terms; superintendent schools
of Piute county. Telegraph operator; hatmaker; farmer;
stockraiser; merchant.

MERRILL, MARION (son of Albert Merrill and Margaret
Ann Richardson). Born March 29, 1853, Provo, Utah.

Married Lydia Young Jan. 27, 1873, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Young- and Sarah McCleave, former pio-
neer Oct. 22, 1847, latter 1853). She was born Nov. 7, 1854.
Their children: Lydia Mable b. Dec. 17, 1873, died; Madelon
b. May 18, 1875, m. Frank W. Merrill Sept. 9, 1893; Nellie
Marie b. Feb. 14, 1877, died; John b. April 27, 1881, m. Jessie
Busby April 2, 1906; Sarah b. March 22, 1884, m. Joseph E.
McGinty Nov. 21, 1901; Albert b. Feb. 22, 1892. Family
home. Salt Lake City.

Miner; owner of "Bill Nye" mine at Deep Creek, Utah.

MERRILL, AUSTIN S. (son of Epaphreas Merrill and Sarah
Taylor of New York). Born 1805, in Massachusetts. Came
to Utah 1848, Lorenzo Snow company.

Married Laura W. Harris (daughter of Joseph Harris,
pioneer). Their children: Laura C., m. Jehu Cox; Ira
E., m. Lucinda Olmsted; Horatio H., m. Jane Webb; Solo-
mon S., m. Lucinda Jane Olmstead; Sarah C., m. Aquilla
Noble; Austin T. m. Mary Hatton; Freborn S., m. Mary
Davis. Family home Smithfleld, Utah.

MERRILL, SOLOMON S. (son of Austin S. Merrill and
Laura W. Harris). Born 1840, Will county. 111.

Married Lucinda Jane Olmsted Sept. 26, 1862, Smithfleld,
Utah (daughter of Hyrum Olmsted and Eliza Winters), who
was born 1841. Hancock county, 111. Their children: Elias
S. b. 1864, m. Melvina Scott 1889; Mary T. b. 1866, m. John
F Hillyard 1886; American C. b. 1867, m. J. A. Rainey
1886; Abarbara E. b. 1873. m. William Hawk 1894; Grace A.
b. 1879, m. George Cunningham 1897; Elsie I. b. 1881, m.
Pearls Raymond 1897; Warren L. b. 1885, m. Mary Hall

Minuteman In early Indian troubles, In the course of
which he was wounded.

born 1805, and Emily P. Merrill, born Feb. 2, 1804, of New

y or k married 1825). He was born Jan. 8, 1836, Genesee

county, N. Y. Came to Utah in 1851, Captain Williams mer-
chandise train.

Married Eliza Ann Perkins (daughter of Lewis Perkins),
who was born 1840, married 1863, died 1872. Their chil-
dren: Edwin D. b. June 1871; Emily C. b. 1869, m. Samuel

Ordained elder 1862; president Y. M. M. I. A. four years.
Minuteman several years; took part in several raids against
the Indians; enlisted in U. S. service, Lot Smith company;
guard for Brigham Young. Has six grandchildren and five

MERRILL, HORATIO HARRIS (son of Austin Taylor Mer-
rill, born 1805, in Massachusetts, and Laura Wilder Harris).
He was born Jan. 3, 1834, Alden, Erie county, N. Y. Came
to Utah in 1850.

Married Jannette Webb July 28, 1861 (daughter of Charles
Young Webb and Margaret Allen), who was born Oct. 24,
1876. Their children: Laura Margaret b. Oct. 13, 1863, m.
Samuel C. Weeks Nov. 8, 1880; Horatio Epaphras b. Dec. 13,
1866 d. Sept. 12, 1884. Family home Smithfleld, Utah.

Married Martha Mouritsen Dec. 24, 1866. at Salt Lake City
(daughter of Lars Mouritsen and Maren Sorensen, pioneers
September, 1859, Captain Nibley company). She was born
Nov. 11, 1851, in Denmark. Their children: Joseph Harris
b. March 10, 1868, m. Grace Emma Hale June 21, 1894, m.
Katie Eliza Hale Sept. 6, 1889; Martin Herman b. Jan. 20,
1870, d. Aug. 16, 1870.

Married Sarah Ann Smith (daughter of John Glover Smith
and Margaret Allen Webb), who was born Sept. 4, 1858,
Mill Creek, Utah. Their children: Robert Wilson b. June
4, 1879; Ann Eliza b. July 27, 1881, d. Dec. 4, 1894; Ira La-
fayette b. Jan. 27, 1885, m. Jessie Saphronia Smith Oct. 9,
1907: Ivin Allen b. Aug. 30. 1886, m. Carey Gray Jan. 30,
1909; Margaret b. Oct. 4, 1888. m. Balus Hendricks May 25,

1902; Austin Smith b. Sept. 4, 1891, m. Clara Larsen Aug.
30, 1910.

Member 17th quorum seventies. Located at Big Cotton-
wood; moved to Smithfleld in early '60s. Pioneer wheel-
wright and carpenter of Smithfleld. Fifer In first martial
band. Moved to Pima, Ariz., where he was shot from am-
bush and killed by Indians, Dec. 4, 1894.

MERRILL, JOSEPH HARRIS (son of Horatio Harris Mer-
rill and Martha Mouritsen). Born March 10, 1868, at Smith-
fleld, Utah.

Married Katie Eliza Hale Sept. 6, 1889 (daughter of Alma
Helaman Hale and Sarah Annie Clark), who died June 29,

Married Grace Emma Hale June 21, 1894 (daughter of
Alma Helaman Hale and Sarah Annie Clark), who was
born March 16, 1873, Grantsville, Utah. Their children:
Leland Hale b. May 19, 1895; Leonard Mouritsen b. Nov. 27,
1896; Melvin Horatio b. Jan. 14, 1899; Joseph Ernest b. Dec.
27, 1901; Alma Harold b. Jan. 6, 1904; DeMar b. July 14,
1905; Kenneth b. April 25, 1907; Katie Anona b. July 26,
1910; Donald Gower b. Sept. 20, 1912.

Missionary to Samoan Islands 1890, where he was instru-
mental in opening up several branches of the church and
presided over Savii conference; released April 25, 1894; sec-
retary and later one of the presidents of 17th quorum seven-
ties; president of 147th quorum seventies; second mission
to Samoa 1901-02; presided over the mission there. Moved
from Smithfield, Utah, to Groveland, Idaho, 1894. Member
Blackfoot stake Sunday school board three years; and of
Y. M. M. I. A. three years. Farmer.

MERRILL, JUSTIN J. (son of Samuel J. and Phebe Odell
Merrill of Salt Lake City, Utah). Born Feb. 18, 1806, Byron,
Genesee county, N. Y. Came to Utah September, 1848, Wil-
lard Richards company.

Married Camilla Wirack in 1840, Pawpaw, Pawpaw Grove,
De Kalb county, 111. (daughter of Jacob and Camilla Wirack
of Nauvoo," 111., pioneers July 24, 1847). She was born Oct.
3, 1817. Their children: George G.; Justin J.; Maryette;
Lucy; Julia; Jacob; Samuel J.; Jededlah; Morgan; Parme-
lia, d. child. Family home Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah.

Farmer. Died Jan. 14, 1887, Smithfteld, Utah.

MERRILL, GEORGE G. (son of Justin J. and Carmllla
Wirack, Salt Lake City). Born March 17, 1841, Nauvoo, 111.
Came to Utah in 1848, Willard Richards company.

Married Alice Smith May 30, 1864, Smithfleld, Utah (daugh-
ter of Barnett and Delilah Hilock Smith of Logan, Cache
Co., Utah. Came to Utah August, 1863, William B. Preston
company). She was born Jan. 14, 1845. Their children:
George Wallace b. July 31, 1865; Sylvia b. Oct. 14, 1867;
Alice Adelia b. Feb. 10, 1870; Josephine b. July 5, 1872, and
Frank b. Nov. 8, 1874, d. child; Maud Milly b. Sept. 13, 1877;
Catie b. March 7, 1880; William Leroy b. Sept. 3, 1882;
Delilah May b. May 6, 1885; Florence lone b. Oct. 7, 1887;
Rada Rane b. Feb. 11, 1895. Family home Smithfield, Utah.

Missionary to Omaha 1863-65. Marshal of Smithfleld for
10 years. Farmer.

MERRILL, MARRINER WOOD (son of Nathan Merrill and
Sarah Ann Reynolds of Sackville, N. B., Canada). Born
Sept. 25, 1832, Sackville. Came to Utah September, 1853,
William Atkinson company.

Married Sarah Ann Atkinson Nov. 11, 1853, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Atkinson and Phoebe Campbell of
Sackville, pioneers September, 1853, William Atkinson com-
pany). She was born Sept. 28, 1834. Their children: Phoebe
Ann, m. James R. McNeil; Marriner Wood, Jr., m. Mary M.
Garden, m. Lucina Shepard; Thomas Hazen, m. Emma B.
Olsen, m. Margaret W. Thompson; Alma, m. Almira E. and
Rebecca Hendricks; Rhoda Louisa, m. William S. Hendricks;
Clarissa; William, m. Lucy Cardon; Louis Edgar, m. Clara
Hendricks, m. Carrie Jane; Amos Newlove, m. Eliza Drys-

Married Cyrene Standley June 6, 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Alexander Standley and Philinda Upton of
Nauvoo. 111., pioneers 1852). She was born May 1, 1840.
Their children: Nathan Alexander; Healon, m. William H.
Jackson; Parley, m. Mary Jackson, m. Emma Griffeth; Ella
Rebecca, m. Joseph M. Kerr; Alonzo David, m. Lulsina Whit-
tle; Ida, m. Peter E. VanOrden; Ezra J., m. Mary McCann;

Married Almira Jane Bainbridge April 1, 1865, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Fredrick Bainbridge and Elizabeth Pond),
who was born Aug. 27, 1849. Their children: Charles' Ed-
ward, m. Ortencia and Chloe Hendricks; Elizabeth Almira,
m. James W. Hendricks; Heber Kimball. m. Ora Dudley;
Albert Marion, m. Julia Lewis; Lewis Alfred, m. Effle En-
sign; Lorln Asa, m. Laura Reese; Fredrick Whitmore, m.
Ida Homer; Emma Irene, m. Joseph Sharp; Preston Reyn-
olds, m. Millie Lowe; Alvaretta. m. George A. Lewis.

Married Maria Loenza Kingsbury Oct. 4, 1867, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joseph C. Kingsbury and Loenza Pond),
who was born Sept. 19, 1852. Their children: Joseph Fran-
cis, m. Annie Laura Hyde: Hyrum Willard, m. Bessie duff;
Hattie Loenza, m. Andrew Morrison; Laura Vilate, m.
Clarence Funk; Lucy Alcene, m. James W. Funk; Newel
Alvin; Ambrose Pond, m. Lydia Stevens; Melvin Clarence;
Nellie Maria, m. Erastus Johnson; Lenora Evallne.

Married Elna Jonson Feb. 11. 1885, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Peter Jonson and Elsa Sajer Carlson of Sweden, who
came to Utah 1882). She was born Oct. 30, 1863. Their



children: Elna b. Jan. 29, 1886. m. Victor Johnson April
1905; Hilda b. Feb. 7, 1889. m. Thomas W. Richards Aug. 28.
1907; Loretta b. Nov. 13, 1891; Luella b. June 17, 1896; Wil-
ford b. Aug. 22, 1898. Family home Richmond, Utah.

One of the most prominent and personally well-known
men of his day, a counselor to thousands, a peripatetic
traveler and intermittent visitor. Past Utah histories are
strangely brief concerning this wonderfully unique charac-
ter, as only a glimpse here and there is given of his activi-
ties. Bishop of Richmond July 1861-79; first counselor to
William B. Preston in stake presidency 1879-84; first coun-
selor to Charles O. Card in stake presidency 1884-89; presi-
dent Logan temple 1884-1906. Oct. 4, 1889, on reorganization
of first presidency, with Anton H. Lund and Abraham H.
Cannon, he was called to apostleship of the council of the
twelve, succeeding the revered veteran Erastus Snow. In
1899. though a member of the council of the twelve to solve
a difficult problem, he was appointed president of Cache
stake, which office he held until the division of the stake in
1901. Member of the B. T. College board for a number of
years, 1896-1906; member of Agricultural College board
nearly four years. Member Utah legislature 1876 and 1878,
the first term in the lower house and the second in the
council (senate); member county court Cache county for
10 years. One of the subcontractors on C. P., and succeeded
Moses Thatcher as superintendent of Utah Northern in the
'70's; then as contractor built this railroad from Franklin,
Idaho, to Butte, Mont., 1877-81. Died Feb. 6, 1906, Rich-
mond, Utah.

MERRILL, THOMAS HAZEN (son of Marriner Wood Mer-
rill and Sarah Ann Atkinson). Born June 11, 1859, Boun-
tiful, Utah.

Married Emma Boletta Olsen April 7, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Christopher Marenus Olsen of Denmark and
Caroline Christina Johnson of Norway), who was born Feb.
2, 1862. Their children: Thomas Hazen b. Nov. 25, 1885,
d. May 26, 1897; Roscoe Cyril b. May 24. 1888; Edna Boletta
b. Sept. 21, 1891: Veda Adella b. May 3. 1894; Emma Gwen-
doline b. Feb. 3, 1897; Reno Olsen b. June 6. 1899; Irma
Berneice b. Jan. 15, 1903; Osmond Marriner b. Sept. 2. 1906.

Married Margaret Winifred Thomson April 22, 1884.
Logan, Utah (daughter of George Thomson of Scotland and
Alice Tomlinson of England, pioneers September, 1851).
She was born March 16, 1860. Their children: George
William b. Nov. 4, 1885, d. Nov. 5, 1885; James Newlove b.
April 12, 1887, d. April 12, 1887; Ira Edgar b. March 7, 1889.
d. June 18, 1899; Athel Wood b. Nov. 11, 1891, d. Feb. 3,
1892; Mazel Melburn b. Sept. 25, 1893: Alice Winifred b.
Nov. 30, 1895; Rhoda Luoile b. March 15, 1898; Eva Thom-
son b. Jan. 26, 1901; Phyllis Janet b. May 18. 1904.

Bishop of Richmond ward since April 23, 1900. Member
Richmond city council in 1881; state representative two
terms, 1903-05; member state land board. Farmer; dairy-
man; stockraiser.

MERRILL. LEWIS A. (son of Marriner Wood Merrill and
Almira J. Bainbridge). Born June 23, 1874, Richmond,

Married Effle Ensign June 6, 1895, Logan, Utah (daughter
of Fuller Ensign and Mary Dunn of Brigham City, pio-
neers 1847). Their children: Lola b. Aug. 13, 1896; Myla
b. June 11. 1898; Edna b. Aug. 4, 1899. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Bishop of 31st ward. Liberty stake, 1909-12. Director
extension work of Utah Agricultural College; member state
conservation commission. Agricultural expert.

MERRILL, JOSEPH FRANCIS (son of Marriner Wood Mer-
rill and Maria L. Klngsbury). Born Aug. 24, 1868, Rich-
mond, Utah.

Married Annie Laura Hyde June 9, 1898, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Alonzo Eugene Hyde, born Feb. 28, 1848, Coun-
cil Bluffs. Iowa, and Annie Taylor, born Oct. 21, 1849, Salt
Lake City, both of Salt Lake City). She was born Dec. 25,
1871. Their children: Joseph Hyde b. March 18, 1899;
Annie H. b. Nov. 2, 1900: Edith H. b. Jan. 5, 1903; Rowland
H. b. Jan. 11, 1904; Taylor H. b. June 2, 1906; Eugene H. b.
June 25, 1908. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Member 3d and 106th quorum seventies; first assistant
superintendent T. M. M. I. A. of Salt Lake stake 1897-03;
second assistant Sunday school superintendent, Granite
stake, 1904-07; stake superintendent Sunday schools 1907-
11; second counselor in Granite stake presidency 1911.
Trustee of Forest Dale 1911-12; member and secretary state
conservation commission 1907-12; professor and director
State School of Mines. Member of several technical and
scientific societies, as American Institute Electrical Engi-
neers, American Physiological Society, American Electro-
chemical Society, American Association Advanced Science,

MERRILL, ALMA (son of Marriner Wood Merrill and
Sarah Ann Atkinson). Born Nov. 9, 1861, Richmond, Utah.
Married Almira Esmerilda Hendrlcks March 19, 1885,
Logan temple (daughter of William Dorris Hendricks and
Almira Davenport, former came to Utah with the Mormon
Battalion from California). She was born Oct. 28, 1866,
Richmond, Utah. Their children: Alma Lowell b. Jan.
24, 1886; Wesley Hendrlcks b. April 5, 1887; Rhoda Mildred
b. Oct. 18, 1888; Nathan Dorris b. Sept. 26, 1891; Annie
Esmerilda b. Nov. 26, 1893; Ruby Leora b. Feb. 12. 1896;
Eliza Zelka b. Nov. 9, 1899; Tenna b. April 8. 1901; Atha
b. May 29, 1903; Denzal Reed b. Aug. 16, 1905; Juanita b.
March 28, 1907.

Married Rebecca Hendricks, Logan temple (daughter of
William Dorris Hendricks and Almira Davenport). She
was born Jan. 30, 1868. Their children: Carrie Rebecca
b. June 20, 1887. m. Amasa Linford Oct. 16, 1907; Alfred
Adrian b. Dec. 12. 1890; Erma Almira b. May 31, 1889; Ruel
Derby b. Jan. 24, 1893; La Rue Hendricks b. Aug. 3, 1895;
Phebe Ann b. Dec. 12, 1897; Ethelia Fern b. Dec. 29, 1899;
Marriner Hendricks b. Feb. 8, 1902; Ruth b. Jan. 5. 1904-
Matthias Wood b. July 14. 1905; Rilda b. July 11, 1907;
Vermont b. Nov. 15, 1909; Neomi b. Jan. 1, 1912.

MERRILL, HIRAM WILLARD (son of Marriner Wood
Merrill and Maria L. Kingsbury). Born Jan. 19, 1870,
Richmond, Utah.

Married Bessie Cluff March 26, 1891, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Benjamin Cluff and Eliza Arnetta Foster of Logan.
Utah, pioneers 1850). She was born May 25, 1873. Their
children: Wlllard Alvin b. Feb. 19, 1892; Reynold Cluff
b. Oct. 2, 1893; Aaron Utillus b. July 15, 1895; Maria b.
Jan. 29, 1897: Rosley Cluff b. Oct. 17, 1899; Glaucus Godfrey
b. May 27, 1905; Foster Cluff b. Sept. 26, 1908. Family
home Richmond, Utah.

Missionary to western states 1901-03; ward teacher 15
years; member Benson stake Sunday school board 3
years; Sunday school officer at Richmond 12 years. An up-
to-date, progressive farmer.

MEIiniLL, SAMUEL (son of Jared Merrill and Abigail
Phelps of Sansbury. N. Y.). Born Sept. 28. 1780, Sansbury,
N. Y. Came to Utah July 29, 1847, Capt. James Brown and
his detachment of Mormon Battalion.

Married Phoebe Odell (daughter of Jones and Lucy Wea-
ver Odell), who was born April 29, 1788.

MERRILL, SAMUEL B. (son of Samuel Merrill and Phoebe
Odell). Born Jan. 4, 1812, Smithfleld, N. Y. Came to Utah
1849, Captain Gardner company.

Married Elizabeth Runyan, in 1836. Utica, Mich, (daughter
of Ralph Runyan and Rachel Gardner), who was born
Aug. Ifi. 1818. Their children: Adelbert Owen b. Aug. 16,
1837; Cynthanah R. b. Nov. 10. 1840, m. William Douglass
Nov. 9, 1862; Elthurah Roseltha b. Sept. 8, 1842, m. Ruben
S. Collett Jan. 19, 1861; Samuel Adams, b. April 2, 1846, m.
Elnora Noble Feb. 3, 1865; Ralph Teancum, b. June 13. 1849,
m. Matilda Collett May 23, 1869; Sarah E. b. Oct. 22, 1852,
m. Joseph Gold; Orrin Jackson b. June 22, 1855, m. Elizabeth
White Feb. 15, 1875: Caroline b. June 12, 1858, died: Prin-
cetta R. b. May 2, 1861, m. James Christenson. Family home
Mill Creek and Smithfleld, Utah.

Counselor to Bishop John B. Smith, Smithfield, Utah, for
a number of years; high priest. Farmer.

MERRILL, PHELEMON C. (son of Samuel Merrill and
Phoebe Odell). Born Nov. 12, 1820, Byron, N. Y. Came to
Utah July 29, 1847.

Married Cyrena Dustin, who was born Jan. 6, 1817. Their
children: Sabina Ladena b. Aug. 21, 1841, died; Phelemon
Alisandra b. Nov. 18, 1843, m. Lucinda Rowe; Lucy Cyrena
b. April 7. 1846, died; Melissa Jane b. Sept. 10, 1848. died;
Morgan Henry b. Feb. 17, 1860, m. Emma Fenemaker; Albina
Altamira b. Oct. 31, 1851, died; Thomas Stephen b. Jan. 3,
1853, m. Ester Collett: Seth Adelbert b. Aug. 10, 1859, m.
Lucy Ann Merrill. Family resided in Utah, Idaho and

Married Mary Jane Smith. Their children: John Smith
b. March 5, 1853, m. Rebecca Weaver; Jedediah Grant b.
Dec. 14, 1857, m. Harriett A. Dunn; Hannah Ann b. Jan. 24,
1860, m. Charles C. Collett; Cyrena Imorjean b. Nov. B, 1861,
died; David Elmore b. May 4, 1863; Joseph Lott b. June 4,
1865; Henry Morgan b. March 4, 1867, m. Amy Welker;
Peter Herbert b. June 6, 1869, died. Family resided In Utah,
Idaho and Arizona.

Patriarch. Worked on the construction of first railroad
in Utah. Died August. 1903.

MERRILL, JEDEDIAH GRANT (son of Phelemon C. Merrill
and Mary Jane Smith). Born Dec. 14, 1857, Farmington,

Married Harriett Amelia Dunn Dec. 18, 1876, Paris. Idaho
(daughter of John Dunn and Julian Ann McGuire of Utah
and Idaho), who was born March 2, 1860. Their children:
Catharine b. July 27, 1877, died; Mary Jane b. Aug. 22,
1878, m. C. A. Jensen; Ambrose Dunn b. Aug. 29, 1880, m.
Ada Welker, m. Estella Hansen; Jedediah Grant b. Feb. 3,
1883, m. Marian McNiel; Mable b. Oct. 20, 1884, m. Mahonri
Crane Aug. 19, 1912; Lorn Smith b. Sept. 12, 1885, m. Jennie
Barrett Dec. 25, 1912: Harriet Amelia b. May 15, 1893. d.
July 5, 1902: Julius LaRoue b. Dec. 9, 1905. Family home
Bennington, Idaho.

MERRILL, ORRIN JACKSON (son of Samuel B. Merrill and
Elizabeth Runyan). Born June 22, 1855, Little Cottonwood,

Married Elizabeth White Feb. 14. 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Samuel D. White and Elizabeth Thomas), who
was born Feb. 14, 1855, Lehi, Utah. Their children: Orrln
Preston b. Aug. 5, 1876, m. Alice N. Stephensen; Elmer S.
b. March 12, 1878, m. Annie Neaf; Frank T. b. Feb. 1, 1880,
m. Emma Bennett; Jessie b. Sept. 13, 1881; Harrison b. Nov.
11, 1884, m. Edna Johnson; Ralph b. April 23, 1888; Martil
b. Nov. 4, 1890; Maddie b. Jan. 22, 1896; Maggie b. Jan. 22
1896. Family home Preston, Idaho, where he settled In



MERRILL, ORRIN PRESTON (son of Orrin Merrill and
Elizabeth White). Born Aug. 5, 1876.

Married Alice May Stephenson (daughter of Archibald
B. Stephenson, born Sept. 13, 1843, pioneer 1861, and Mariah
Slmpkins, born in 1853, St. Louis; came to Utah 1863 mar-
ried March 17, 1871, Adamsville, Utah). She was born
June 9, 1886, Lewiston, Utah. Their children: Virginia b.
Aug. 7, 1906; Donald b. Aug. 17, 1908; Levohn b. April 8,
1909. Family home Smithfleld, Utah.

Formerly bishop's counselor, now a bishop; Sunday school
superintendent. President of M. I. A. Farmer.

MERRITT, SAMUEL, (son of George Merritt and Elizabeth
Scott). Born Nov. 18, 1838, near Indianapolis, Ind. Came to
Utah about 1864.

Married Emma Naylor July, 1865 (daughter of William
Naylor and Diana Ireland), who was born Dec. 18, 1846,
Bedford, Nottinghamshire, Eng. Came to Utah 1863, Rosel
Hyde company. Their children numbered six sons and seven
daughters. Family home Bedford, Wyo.

Frederick Meyer, born Jan. 8, 1797, and Marie Elizabeth
Morgensen, born Nov. 2, 1795, both of Copenhagen, Den-
mark). He was born June 29, 1819, Rodie, Copenhagen.

Married Anne Jensine Jacobson Dec. 6, 1839 (daughter of
Mr. Jacobsen and Sophia Amelia Krog), who was born
Feb. 15, 1817, and came to Utah in 1862. Their children:
Carl b. April 1841; Jacob b. Sept. 23, 1842; Carl b. March
30, 1845; Jacob b. May 21, 1847; Sophia b. Sept. 11, 1849,
m. Isaac Wardle; Enger b.* Nov. 2, 1851; Bien Marie b.
March 11, 1855, m. Christian Lovendahl; Carl Peter b.
June 5, 1857, m. Wilhelmine Larson; Josephine Caroline b.
April 9, 1860. Family home Murray, Utah.

Married Anne Mary Meyer in February, 1867, Salt Lake

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