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City, (daughter of Hans Jensen Meyer and Karen Rasmus-
sen, latter a pioneer married in Denmark). She was born
June 1, 1842, Valsolille, Gingsted, Denmark. Their children:
Hans William b. Feb. 23, 1869. m. Rebecca Jenkins; Jose-
phine b. Aug. 9, 1872; John Christian b. Oct. 5, 1875; Hannah
Teoro b. Aug. 5, 1880, m. Edwin Charles Tame Dec. 20, 1905;
Mary Ann b. Jan. 19, 1882, m. William Wood Sept. 23, 1904;
Emma Christine b. June 6, 1884, m. Charles Rudger Larsen
May 19, 1908.

METER, CHARLES PETER (son of Carl Frederick Meyer
and Anne Jensine Jacobsen and brother of Jacob Myers on
page 1052). Born June 5, 1851, at Ledoie.

Married Wilhelmine Larsen Jan. 12, 1882, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hans and Karen Nielsen Larsen, who came to
Utah 1877). She was born Jan. !t, 1862, Copenhagen, Den-
mark. Their children: Charles Henry b. Feb. 2, 1883, m.
Mary Ann Hamilton June 28, 1905; Clara Jenette b. March
16, 1884, m. James Lundberg June 7, 1905; Minnie Elizabeth
b. Aug. 30, 1886, died; Annie Helane b. Aug. 13, 1888, m.
Lorenzo Jensen Dec. 9, 1908; Joseph Lawrence b. Aug. 16,
1890; Agnes Florentine b. May 24, 1892; Louis Edward b.
April 27, 1897; John Raymond b. Sept. 21, 1899; Geo. Clinton
b. May 29, 1904. Family home Grant Ward, Murray, Utah.

High priest. School trustee. Farmer.

MEYER, JACOB E. (son of Peter Meyer and Barbara
Schmidt, of Calmar, Iowa). Born Dec. 26, 1864, Calmar,
Iowa. Came to Utah 1899.

Married Ella Pierpont Jan. 6, 1904, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Thomas Pierpont and Naomi King, of Toronto, Can.,
pioneers October, 1866, Abner Lowry company). She waa
born Dec. 29, 1878. Their children: Naomi; Edmond; Virginia.
Family home, Salt Lake City.

Mining man.

MICHIE, ROBERT (son of John Michie and Agness Mel-
colm, of Aberdeen, Scotland). Born Feb. 29, 1822, near
Aberdeen. Came to Utah in 1861, having first located in

Married Frances Potts March 16, 1857, in Kent, Eng.
(daughter of Thomas Potts and Harriett Pulling, of Center-
bury, Eng.), who was born Dec. 22, 1836, and died July 20,
1904. Their children: Agnes Catherine Harriett, m. Ephraim
Lambert; Eliza Ann Elena, d. infant; Robert Moroni, m.
Elena Dorothea Lambert; Frances Harriett, d. infant; Alice
Matilda b. Jan. 6, 1866, m. Joseph Heber Lambert; John and
Mary Ellen, both died; Delia, m. John James Horrocks;
William George, m. Eliza Annie Murphy; Christiana, m.
Louis H. Blsel. Family home Woodland, Utah.

Senior president 20th quorum seventy, Heber City; high
priest. Settled at Nephi 1864; moved to Sugar House ward
to run a flour mill and salt refinery; moved to Malad, to
Salt Lake City, to Woodland, thence to Heber City, where
he resided fifteen years and then returned to Woodland-
postmaster there 1893-1901. Farmer. Died April 20, 1909.

MICKELSEN, JENS (son of Mlckel Jenson). Born March
2, 1816, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1861, John Mur-
dock company.

.Married Margret Christenson. born Aug. 29, 1816. She
came to Utah Sept. 12, 1861, John Murdock company. Their

only child: James Peter was born April 18, 1847, m. Annie
B. Hanson and Hannah Jensen. Family home Weston,

High priest; ward teacher, Weston, Idaho.

MICKELSEN, JAMES PETER (son of Jens Mickelson and
Margret Christenson, pioneers Sept. 12, 1861, John Murdock
company). Born April 18, 1847, In Denmark.

Married Annie B, Hanson Nov. 4, 1866, Bear Lake, Idaho
(daughter of Bengta Hanson), who was born Dec. 3, 1843,
in Sweden.

Married Hannah Jenson March 4, 1871, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Jens Jenson and Elsie Nilson, pioneers Sept.
29, 1866, Peter Nebeker company).

In bishopric 1877-1902. Weston, Idaho. Assisted in bring-
ing early immigrants to Utah.

IIH KDI.SON. JENS (son of Mickel Sorensen and Petrlne
Hansen of Eig, Aarhus Amt., Denmark). Born May 2, 1853,
Eig. Came to Utah September, 1861, Captain Wilhelmsen
oxteam company.

Married Anne Christine Anderson, June 24, 1880, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Niels Anderson and Ellen Cathrine Olsen,
of Trellose, Presto Amt, Denmark, latter came to Utah
Sept. 19, 1884). She was born Oct. 6, 1853. Their children:
James M., m. Christine Anderson June 24, 1903; Ellen
Cathrine, d. Oct. 31, 1884; Anna Christine, m. Fred E. Wil-
lardson March 9, 1910; Elmer A., m. Leora Billings Dec. 27,
1912; Minerva; Alice; Lydia M. Family home Manti, Utah.

High priest; high councilor; bishop's counselor. Wool-
grower; farmer; stockraiser.

MICKLEJOHN, DAVID FORBES (son of George Mlckle-
john and Cathrine Forbes, of Glasgow, Scotland). Born In
1816, Kinross, Scotland. Came to Utah 1865.

Married Esther Cowan Martin (daughter of John Martin
and Esther Cowan, of Kinross), who was born in 1821.
Their children Elizabeth, m. George D. Watt; Mary C., m.
Henry Enon Phelps; David F., m. Anna Clark.

Married Anna McGowan, who was born Dec. 25, 1815. and
came to Utah in 1855. Their children: Jane b. 1847; Anna
b. 1855; George b. 1857; Margaret b. 1859; Isabelle; Elmyra,
m. John Noyes; Alice, m. Jeremiah Roach; Ellen; William
b. 1864.

MIDDI.ETON, JOHN (son of William Mlddleton and Amy
Parsons of England). Born Oct. 25. 1841, in England. Came
to Utah November, 1856, Edward Martin handcart company.

Married Jane Withers (daughter of George Withers of
Scotland), who was born in 1840. Their children: John,
died; Amy, m. Frank Brown; George W., m. Margaret E.
Palmer; Annie, m. Isaiah Cox; Mary A., m. Jethro Palmer;
Francis, m. Sarah Holland; Katherine, m. William Pace.
Family home Hamilton's Fort, Iron Co., Utah.

Missionary to England 1891-92. Farmer and stockraiser.
Died September, 1896.

MIDDLETON, DR. GEORGE W. (son of John Middleton and
Jane Withers). Born Dec. 10, 1866, Hamilton Fort, Utah.

Married Margaret E. Palmer Sept. 27, 1894, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Richard Palmer and Johanna Reese of
Cedar City, Utah, pioneers 1850). She was born Jan. 1.
1869. Their children: Roka b. July 3, 1895; Richard b.
Aug. 10, 1901; Eugene b. Feb. 23, 1905; Anthony W. b. April
25, 1907; John b. May 12, 1910. Family home, Salt Lake City.

High priest; alternate high councilor. Mayor of Cedar
City, Utah; regent of University of Utah. Physician and

MIKESELL, HYRUM W. (son of John A. and Catherine
Mikesell (cousins), of Hagerton, Md.). Born June 13, 1812,
in Montgomery, Ohio. Came to Utah Oct. 15, 1852.

Married Ann Augusta Scott Feb. 21, 1844, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Mathew and Nancy Scott). She died on the
plains en route to Utah. Their children: Ammosiah and
Mathew Scott, died; Sarah Jane b. June 11, 1849, m. Osborn
Angel; Sariah Ann b. Oct. 8, 1851, m. George Cheshire.

Married Sarah B. Butler Feb. 3, 1853, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Franklin Butler, born In Virginia
Aug. 15, 1774, and Louisa Heron, born in Now York). She
was born Dec. 26. 1832, and came to Utah in 1852. Their
children: Louisa, d. infant; Azariah H., m. Annie Hanson;
Hyrum W.; Sarah Ann, d. infant; Elizabeth D.; Julia E.,
m. C. T. Husband; William W.; Alice; Eldora J., m. Reginald
Anderson. Family home, Salt Lake City.

President 15th quorum seventies; block teacher; door-
keeper Tabernacle; helped to build Nauvoo temple; served
three years' mission in Endowment House, Salt Lake City.
Stonemason. Died May 8, 1883, at Salt Lake City.

Mil. MS. ALBERT (son of Thomas Miles of New York, born
1790, and Sally Seger, born at Newton, Mass., 1793). He
was born Jan. 22. 1S12. Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1848, Heber
C. Kimball company.

Married Mariah Veits 1833 (daughter of Benjamin Veils
and Sallie Donalson of Ohio married at Southington, Ohio).
She was born Jan. 31, 1810. Their children: Henry Albert
b. Dec. 1833, d. Jan. 1834; Benjamin Adrian b. Dec. 3, 1836,
m. Rachel M. Lockhart 1856; Edwin Ruthven b. May 25.
1838, m. Jane Ruth Warefleld March 11, 1857; Franklin b.



Dec. 10, 1841, d. Dec. 26, 1850; Sally Ann b. Oct. 6, 1843, m.
Orrin S. Lee 1859; Marian Louisa b. Sept. 1849, d. 1861. Fam-
ily resided Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska and Utah.

Married Hannah Daniels in 1856, Salt Lake City (daughter
of David Daniels, pioneer 1856, handcart company), who
was born at Caermarthenshire, Wales. Their children:
Marian b. Jan. 1857, m. Charles Powell 1866; Thomas b.
Aug 14, 1857, m. Elizabeth Merrill 1880; John, m. Alice
Summers 1884; Hannah, m. Charles Montrose 1879; Daniel,
m. Jane Walker; David, m. Lillie Rasmussen. Family re-
sided Idaho and Utah.

Seventy. Member of Nauvoo Legion. Indian war veteran.
Member of Utah militia.

MILES, EDWIN RUTHVEN (son of Albert Miles and Ma-
riah Veits married in 1833). Born May 25, 1838, Parkman,
Geauga Co., Ohio.

Married Jane Ruth Wakefleld March 11, 1857, Big Cotton-
wood Salt Lake Co., Utah (daughter of Thomas Wakefleld,
who died in Nauvoo, 111., 1843, and Mary Clark). She was
born Feb. 3, 1840, Springfield, 111. Their children: Edwin
Ruthven b. Oct. 3, 1858, m. Annie Smith Jan. 9, 1879; Thomas
b Sept. 7, 1860, d. Sept. 7, 1860; Mary Jane b. Sept. 20, 1861.
ni Parmenus Jones June, 1879; William Albert b. April 7,
1864 m. Eleanor Douglas Jan. 22, 1887; Lucinda Louetta b.
March 29, 1866, m. Samuel P. Neilson Oct. 9, 1885; Harriet
Ann b. July 16, 1868, m. Joseph Watts Dec. 19. 1889; Alice
Mariah b. Dec. 20, 1869, m. Charles William Mack March,
1889- Sylvia May b. May 12, 1872, d. Oct. 31, 1873; Eleanor b.
Jan. 25, 1874, m. John T. Hind May 8, 1901; Franklin Wake-
field b. March 14, 1876, m. Amanda Neilson March 1897.
Family resided Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska and Utah.

Married Jane Christiansen Mouritzen May 5, 1870, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Lars Mouritzen and Mary Mouritzen,
latter born Oct. 17, 1825). She was born Jan. 29, 1853,
Hjorring, Denmark. Their children: Lettie Luella b. Jan.
19 1877, m. Hugh Dowdle March 20, 1896; Ruth b. March
19' 1879 d. Oct. 25, 1885; Jeddie Leroy b. Jan. 1. 1881, m.
Myra Smith April 29, 1902; Mina b. Nov. 30, 1884, m. John W.
Roundy Oct. 14, 1903; Leone b. Aug. 25. 1887, m. Hugh S.
Rash Dec. 12, 1094; Ruby b. July 23, 1895. Family home
Smithfield, Utah.

Married Jeanette Hendrickson Oct. 5, 1881, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Nicholas Hendricks and Diana E. Kelsey),
who was born Jan. 11, 1854, Springfield, 111. Their chil-
dren- Fred b. March 11, 1886, d. March 14, 1887; Harvey b.
Nov 9 1887, m. Effle Elvina Tibbets Oct. 2, 1907; George b.
Aug. 11, 1889, m. Ira Marie Corbet Sept. 8, 1909; Diana b.
Dec 25 1890; Glen b. April 6, 1892; Olive b. Nov. 9, 1894;
Zina b. Feb. 4, 1897; John b. April 12, 1899. Family home,

High priest; president of 17th quorum seventies 50 years;
missionary to England and to southern states; helped in
construction of all temples in Utah. Commissioner of
Cache Co., Utah. City surveyor, Smithfleld; president of
Smithfleld Z. C. M. I. Indian war veteran. Member of
Cavalry Company A, First Brigade, Nauvoo Legion.

MILES EDWIN RUTHVEN, JR. (son of Edwin Ruthven
Miles and Jane Ruth Wakefleld married March 11, 1857).
Born Oct 3, 1858, Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake county.

Married Annie G. Smith Jan. 9, 1879 (daughter of George
Young Smith and Johanna Suckle, latter pioneer 1 862). She
was born Nov. 9, 1859, Dundee, Scotland. Their children:
George E b. Dec. 25, 1879, m. Rae Nelson Jan. 4, 1905; Jane
Ruth b. March 3, 1882, d. April 28, 1892; Edwin Ruthven
b July 9 1884; Leonard Smith b. July 17, 1887; Johanna
Pearl b. May 30, 1890; Hazel Vern b. Nov. 12, 1892; Mainice
Kent b. Jan. 26, 1899. Family home, Smithfleld.

Bishop of first ward, Smithfleld, Utah. Merchant. Presi-
dent of the Bank of Smithfield; president of Smithfleld
Brick & Tile Company; first vice president of Trenton Irri-
gation Company of Utah; president Smithfield Lumber Com-
pany, and also of Smithfleld Implement Company.

.mi. MS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (son of Benjamin Albert
Miles and Mahuldah Lockhart). Born in 1857, Wanship,

Married Rachel Emily Shippen In Wanship, Utah (daugh-
ter of Charles Shippen and Mary Alice Casper), who was
born in 1859, Big Cottonwood, Utah. Their children: Zina
Estella b. Sept. 2, 1878. m. George Edgar Wilkins; Jennie,
m. William Wardell; Mary, m. Joseph Beecroft; Benjamin;
Blanche; Pearl; Margaret. Family home Peoa, Utah.

Elder. Farmer.

7, 1887; James Edwin b. Oct. 26, 1867; Charles Henry b. July
2, 1870, m. Minnie Mangum Aug. 2, 1905; Hannah Marinda
b. Aug. 13, 1874, m. W. B. Mathis March 22, 1897. Family
resided Salt Lake City, St. George and Price, Washington
Co., Utah.

High councilor; Sunday school superintendent; patriarch.
Justice of peace. School teacher. Adjutant in Nauvoo
Legion. Secretary Price Irrigation Company.

Mil. MS. SAMtHSL (son of Samuel Miles, born Sept. 3, 1779,
Bransford, New Haven county, Conn., and Prudence Marks,
born May 1, 1795, Rutland county, Vt married May 19,
1825). He was born April 8, 1826, Attica, Genesee county,
N. Y. Came to Utah in 1848, with a portion of Company B,
Mormon Battalion.

Married Hannah M. Colborn Sept. 6, 1849 (daughter of
Thomas Colborn and Sarah Bower married Aug. 11, 1825,
Genoa, Cayuga county, N. Y. pioneers Sept. 24, 1848, Heber
C. Kimball company). She was born Dec. 29, 1831, and
came to Utah Sept. 20, 1848, Brigham Young company. Their
children: William Gustavus b. Sept. 13, 1851, m. Paralee A.
Church May 25, 1874; Samuel b. Dec. 23, 1853, m. E. Louisa
Worthen Dec. 6, 1875; Thomas Colborn b. March 12, 1856,
m. Annie Pulsipher March 27. 1878; Ira b. Dec. 17, 1859, m.
Alice Bell; John Salmar b. May 7, 1862, m. Merza White-
head; Franklin Godbe b. April 7, 1865, m. Nellie Moss April

MILLIARD, JAMES RADFORD (son of John Millard and
Martha Radford of England). Born March 22, 1827, Bidi-
sham, Somersetshire. Came to Utah October, 1853, Joseph
A. Young company.

Married Kathryne Richards (daughter of William Rich-
ards and Alice Howells, the former a pioneer Oct. 2, 1854,
Daniel Garn company). Their children: John James b
Oct. 23, 1855, m. Katurah Haight; Alice Elizabeth b. March
15, 1857, m. William Watson; Mary Kathryne b. June 27,
1860; Celia b. June 16, 1862, m. Walter L. Grover Jan 18
1883; William Joseph b. Sept. 3, 1865, m. Maud Walker.

MILLBURN, HERBERT WEST (son of John B. Millburn
and Jennie Tingley of Battle Creek, Iowa; they came to
Utah 1887). Born Nov. 28, 1873, Battle Creek, Iowa. Came
to Utah in 1887.

Married Olive Branch April 22, 1897, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Henry Branch and Ella Coombs, pio-
neers Oct. 14, 1850, Wilford Woodruff company). She was
born Dec. 19, 1878, St. George, Utah. Their children: Aure-
lia b. Dec. 7, 1897; Jennie Kuth b. June 12, 1900; John Her-
bert b. Feb. 16, 1908; Frank Branch b. Nov. 8, 1909. Family
home Price, Utah.

MILLER, CHARLES J. (son of William Miller and Ann
Ellis of Maresfleld, Sussex, Eng.). Born Oct. 8. 1818, Fletch-
ing, Sussex, Eng-. Came to Utah June 24, 1868, Harvey H.
Cluff company.

Married Harriet Hill in England (daughter of John Hill
and Elizabeth Budgen of England), who was born Feb. 16,

1785. Their children: James, m. Elizabeth ; Harriet, m.

William O'Kinney; Susan, m. John Duke; Charles, m. Amelia
Hawkins, d. March 23, 1883; Jane, died; Eliza, m. George
Barnett; Andrew, m. Caroline Saunders; Job, m. Alice Per-
kins, d. Feb. 28, 1873; Oliver, d. March 5, 1875; Emma, m.
John Goes. Family home Cleveland, Ohio.

Railroader. Died Aug. 18, 1900, Cleveland.

MILLER, ANDREW (son of Charles Miller and Harriet
Hill). Born March 8, 1862, at Clayton, England. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Caroline E. Saunders Dec. 16, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Gilbert Saunders and Phoebe Merrill
of Soham. Cambridgeshire, Eng.). She was born March 5,
1853, and came to Utah in 1854. Their children: Andrew
b. Aug. 22, 1873, m. Mary Buse; William Charles b. Aug. 2,
1876, died; Caroline Eliza b. Feb. 20, 1878, m. George G.
Rose; Oliver Steven b. June 14, 1880, m. Rose Kershaw;
Elizabeth Moyes; Rhoda Harriet b. Oct. 29, 1882, m. John
Williams; James G. b. March 13, 1885, m. Elizabeth Brown-
ing; John H. b. Aug. 17, 1887, m. Gwenna Rhees; Parley b
Jan. 16, 1890, d. July 24, 1890; Albert Joseph b. April 14,
1891, m. Cordelia London; Wiley b. March 1, 1893; Earl b.
June 27, 1896. Resided North Ogden, Utah.

Ordained elder Dec. 16, 1872; clerk of quorum; ordained
high priest March 28, 1908. Brickmaker and poultry raiser.

MILLER, OLIVER STEVEN (son of Andrew Miller and
Caroline' E. Saunders). Born June 14, 1880, North Ogden,

Married Rose Kershaw April 30, 1902, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Andrew J. Kershaw and Rose Whitten of
England). Their only child died In infancy.

Married Elizabeth I. Moyes Oct. 22, 1905, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John H. Moyes and Elizabeth Ingles of Ogden,
pioneers with John Nicholson and P. C. Christenson com-
panies. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Elder. Fruit, bee and poultry raiser.

MILLER, CHRISTIAN JENSEN (son of Jense Christian
Miller, born 1808, Rorbek, Dastrup, Denmark, and Chris-
tina Myriah Christensen, born 1813, Dastrup, Denmark).
He was born Aug. 6, 1840, Thrue, Denmark. Came to
Utah 1863.

Married Mary Poulsen 1866, Hyrum, Utah (daughter of
Jense Poulsen and Dorthea Andersen, former died on plains,
latter came to Utah 1866, Peter Nebeker company). She
was born 1847, Dastrup, Denmark, and came to Utah with
mother. Their children: James C. b. March 3, 1869, m.
Martha L. Bradshaw; Myriah b. Dec. 10, 1871. m. Theodore
Peterson; Caroline b. Aug. 2, 18'i5, m. J. Wilford Munk;
Emma Margrete b. April 1878. m. Hyrum N. Hanson; Lauritz
W. b. May 18, 1882, m. Eliza Robins; Hyrum Jensen b.
March 1885, m. Maud Anderson; Amanda Jensen b. June
8, 1887, m. Robert P. Lotham. Family home Hyrum, Utah.

Married Anna Poulson 1869, Hyrum, Utah (daughter of
Jense Poulson and Dortha Andersen of Denmark). She
was born Nov. 27, 1853, Eastrup. Denmark. Their children:
Anna b. Nov. 11, 1873, m. Herman Johnson; Niels C. b. Aug.
24, 1876, m. Carrie ; Milla Jensen b. April 7, 1878, m.



J. A. Lowry; Charles C. b. Nov. 7, 1881, m. Herman Fosley;
Laura June b. Jan. 13, 1884, m. John Bankrod; Rosetta
b. April 13. 1880, m. George B. Cannon; Agnes A. b. Sept.
30, 1885, m. George Banket; Pearl b. Jan. 8, 1887; Momel b.
1888, m. Will Nielson; Janin b. Jan. 25, 1890; Ruben Jensen
b. Sept. 3, 1892.

Missionary to Denmark 1905-06; high priest. Has done
much for the upbuilding of Hyrum and surrounding country.
Farmer and stockraiser.

MILLER, DANIEL ARNOLD (son of James Gardner Miller
and Ruth Arnold, born 1767, of Lexington, Green county,

N. Y married Oct. 29, 1798). He was born Aug. 11, 1809.

Came to Utah Sept. 4, 1848, captain of one of the large
immigrant trains preceding the large number who came
that year.

Married Clarissa Pond Dec. 29, 1833 (daughter of Tho-
deas Pond, born in 1770, died Aug. 20, 1847, and Lovisa
Minos, born in 1777, died Oct. 30, 1844 married 1797). She
was born Jan. 8, 1806, and died Sept. 1. 1844, near Carthag-e,
Hancock county. 111. Their children: Lovisa b. Oct. 1. 1834,
m. Milton D. Hammon; Jacob b. Dec. 9, 1835, m. Hellen
Mar Cheney; James Thodeas b. Dec. 19, 1837, d. Feb. 25, 1858;
Susan Hulda b. Sept. 11, 1839, m. William Carbine; Clarissa
Jane b. Aug. 11, 1841, m. Oscar Rice; Daniel Arnold b. Oct.
8, 1843, d. Oct. 8, 1843. Family home Adams, Hancock
county. 111.

Married Hannah Bigler Dec. 29, 1844, near Carthage, 111.
(daughter of Jacob Bigler, pioneer Sept. 4, 1848, Daniel A.
Miller company). She was born Jan. 20, 1820. Their chil-
dren: Isabelle Clarinda b. Jan. 21, 1846, m. Adam Bigler;
Joseph Smith b. Aug. 12, 1847, m. Lydia Steed; Emeline
Elizabeth b. May 1, 1849, m. Calvin Wilson; Sarah Lavina b.
June 24, 1850, m. John Hess; Ruth Abagail b. July 29, 1852,
m. Charles Turner; Hannah Malinda b. June 23, 1854, m.
Elija Jones; David Edgar b. Oct. 28, 1855, m. Julia E. Rog-
ers- Bathsheba b. Jan. 12, 1857, m. Ira R. Steede; Daniel G.
b. May 29, 1859, m. Nellie M. Smith; Henry William b. Oct.
B. 1860, m. Annlel Leonard. Family home Farmington,

Married Elenor Williamson Feb. IB, 1857 (daughter of
Thomas Williamson and Hannah Robinson), who was born
Sept. 28, 1827, and died Feb. 26, 1864. Their children:
Clarissa Ruth b. May 28, 1859, m. Arthur Stayner; Charles
Arnold b. May 22, 1861, m. Gertrude Stayner; Frederick
Septimus b. Feb. 10, 1864, died. Family home Farmington,

High priest; missionary to Indiana in 1842; bishop of
Kanesville, Iowa, 1846-47. Assisted in bringing immigrants
to Utah in 1848, and again in 1853. Treasurer of Davis Co.,
Utah. Consecrated all his property ($3,871) to the Mormon
Church. Moved to southern Utah May 2, 1868. Director of
Z; C. M. I. Farmer and stockraiser.

MILLER, JACOB (son of Daniel Arnold Miller and Clarissa
Pond). Born Dec. 9, 1835, Quincy, Adams county, 111.

Married Helen Mar Cheney March 16, 1856, Farmington,
Davis Co., Utah (daughter of Nathan Cheney and Eliza Ann
Beebe, pioneers Oct. 6, 1850, with William Snow company).
She was born July 26, 1835, Freedom, Cattaraugus county,
N. Y. Their children: Jacob Franklin b. Dec. 10, 1856, m.
Hulda Larson; Eliza Ann b. Jan. 15, 1859, d. Jan. 31, 1859;
James Bertram b. April 22, 1860, d. May 14, 1860; Helen
Vestlna b. Nov. 10, 1861, d. Sept. 24, 1866; Nathan Wallace b.
May 23, 1864, d. Sept. 25, 1864; Bertina Nathalia b. Aug. 21,
1865. m. James J. Steed; Daniel Thomas b. May 15, 1870, m.
Hattie Knowlton.

Married Annie Sophia Christensen May 13, 188B, Logan,
Utah (daughter of Mads Christensen and Mary Johannah
Jenson, pioneers Sept. 13, 1867, with a handcart company).
She was born March 4, 1864, Farmington, Utah. Their chil-
dren- Joseph Royal b. May 18, 1890; Harold C. b. April
25, 1894, d. March 26, 1895; Annie Elna b. Aug. 3. 1896;
Hyrum Julian b. Sept. 27, 1898; Horton C. b. Nov. 18, 1900.

Seventy; high priest; patriarch; called on a mission to
Australia on June 12 and left on June 16, 1875-76; counselor
to Bishop John W. Hess and first counselor to Bishop J. M.
Secrist; stake tithing cle-rk; missionary to Indian mission
at Limhi, Idaho. Moved to southern Utah May 2, 1868.
School teacher 25 terms. 1856-69. Superintendent of Sunday
school 1869-73. School trustee for three terms; president of
the board of examination of teachers. Director, secretary
and treasurer of Z. C. M. I. Justice of peace for two
terms. Helped in the attempt to colonize the Little Colo-
rado valley in Arizona, but the undertaking was a failure.
Director, treasurer and assistant superintendent of a Farm-
ington Co-op, for tanning, manufacturing and stockraising.
"Director and secretary and assistant superintendent of a
Davis county company, successor to the Farmington Co-op.
Agent for Hammond, Hendrecks & Co., D. & R. G. R. R.
contractors for grading and track-laying. Served one term
as county clerk of Davis county, 1883. Died Oct. 15, 1911.

MILLER, JACOB FRANKLIN (son of Jacob Miller and
Helen Mar Cheney). Born Dec. 10, 1856, Farmington, Utah.

Married Hulda Larson Sept. 18, 1901, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Ole Larson, who came to Utah Aug. 21, 1885, and
Johanna Nelson). She was born June 26, 1872, Skane,
Sweden. Their children: Joseph Larson b. Sept. 1, 1902;
Helen Mar b. Nov. 13, 1903.

President 40th quorum seventies; missionary to Tennes-
see 1883-86; stake tithing clerk; member of board of Y. M.

M. I. A.; student of Deseret University. Professor of his-
tory and political science in the B. Y. C. 1892-96. In 1896
the degree of Bachelor of Didactics, and in 1902 the degree
Bachelor of Arts were conferred upon him. Died March 25

MILLER, DANIEL G. (son of Daniel Arnold Miller and
Hannah Bigler married Dec. 29, 1844, near Carthage, 111 )
Born May 29, 1869, Farmington, Utah.

Married Nellie M. Smith Dec. 23, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Jesse W. and Catheren A. Vanvelver Smith)
who was born Dec. 14, 1861, Farmington, Utah. Their chil-
dren: Daniel Gardner b. Feb. 18, 1882. m. Sarah Luella
Brower; Jesse Arnold b. April 8, 1885, m. Myrtle Eva Brower-
Charles Henry b. Feb. 18, 1887, m. Olive May Orgill; Horace
S. b. Feb. 2, 1889; Andrew b. Nov. 13, 1890; Wallace Arland
b. Dec. 12, 1892; Ralph b. Jan. 8, 1895; Hellen b. March 30,
1900; Sarah b. Oct. 26. 1902; Stella b. Oct. 27, 1904. Family
resided Farmington, Utah, and Parker, Idaho.

Second assistant superintendent Sundy school, north dis-
trict, Farmington ward; president Y. M. M. I. A.; president
Y. M. M. I. A. Eg-in (Parker), Idaho; assistant Sunday
school superintendent Parker, Idaho; counselor to Bishop
Carbine in 1893; bishop of Parker ward 1902-10; president
of Yellowstone stake; missionary to southern states

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