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Ella Viola b. Sept. 26, 1904; Rose Lucile b. Feb. 1, 1907,
died; Myron Duncan b. March 16, 1909, died. Families re-
sided Salt Lake City.

Member eighteenth quorum seventies; assistant Sunday
school superintendent eleventh ward, Salt Lake City; pres-
ident T. M. M. 1. A. eleventh ward prior to 1877; bishop of
eleventh ward Nov. 1, 1891-Oct. 13, 1912. Member city coun-
cil of Salt Lake City 1897-98. Participated in Indian expe-
dition in San Pete county 1867. Tanner and wool merchant.
Died April 25, 1913.

MORRIS, CHARLES M. (son of Robert Morris and Josephine
H. Meyer). Attorney-at-law, Salt Lake City.

MORRIS, WILLIAM (son of William Morris, born 1794, Clee,
Shropshire, Eng.). Born Feb. 27, 1821, Clee. Came to Utah

Married Harriett Evans, who was born Jan. 17, 1822. Their
children: Elizabeth b. June 19, 1851; Sarah Ann b. Dec.
25. 1852; Mary Jane b. Dec. 3, 1854. m. D. M. Sheldon; Wil-
liam Edward b. Nov. 10, 1856; Elizabeth Ellen b. June 30.
1858; Martha b. March 25, 1860; John Thomas b. June 18,
1861; Lucy Emma b. June 15, 1863. Family home Weber
Co., Utah.

Married Elizabeth Russel March 11, 1865, Marriott, Utah
(daughter of John Russel and Ellen Blackwood), who was
born July 2, 1836, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. Their chil-
dren: William R. b. Jan. 17, 1866, died; Elizabeth b. Feb.
24, 1867, died; Ellen b. Dec. 14, 1869, m. Hyrum W. Marriott
Dec. 1, 1897; John R. b. Feb. 3, 1871. m. Maggie Marriott
March 2, 1894; James B. b. Jan. 27, 1873. m. Ellen M. Mar-
riott Feb. 21. 1900; Peter Thomas b. Oct. 28, 1874, died; Cath-
arine b. June 15, 1876, m. Thomas E. Powell March 16, 1910;
George b. Nov. 12, 1878, died.

One of first settlers of Bingham Fort and Marriott, Utah.
Died Dec. 23, 1892, Marriott, Utah.

MORRIS, JAMES B. (son of William Morris and Elizabeth
Russel). Born Jan. 27, 1873, Marriott, Utah.

Married Ellen M. Marriott Feb. 21, 1900, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John Marriott, pioneer Livingston Kincaid
company, and Elizabeth Stewart, pioneer Hyrum Clawson
company). She was born March 6, 1868, at Marriott. Their
children: Verna b. Dec. 1, 1900; Wallace Floyd b. Jan. 11,
1902; James Russel b. March 10, 1905; Afton Marriott b.
Feb. 27, 1907. Family home Marriott, Utah.

MORRISON, JOHN (son of Andrew Morrison). Born In
1805 In Ireland. Came to Utah Oct. 16, 1852, Eli B. Kelsey

Married Sarah Mark of Ireland, 1835, who was born In
1820. Their children: Jane, m. Samuel Pine, 1853; Andrew,
m. Mary Anne Fleet, 1862; John, m. Mary Jane Warren;
Joseph, m. Luey Annie Henson, Nov. 3, 1878; Ellen, m. Ed-
ward Clayton; Thomas, m. Marguerite Perkins. Family
resided at Palmyra, Utah, and Franklin, Idaho.

High priest; assisted in building Nauvoo temple. Pioneer
of Franklin, Idaho. Farmer.

Died April 1, 1881, Franklin. Idaho.

MORRISON, JOSEPH (son of John Morrison and Sarah
Mark). Born Nov. 25, 1846, at Plymouth, Iowa. Came to
Utah with father.

Married Luey Annie Henson Nov. 3, 1878, Franklin, Idaho
(daughter of Alfred Henson and Mary Ann Frost of Eng-
land, pioneers 1868). She was born March 3, 1861. Their
children: John Alfred b. March 28, 1880, m. Annie Miller
Sept. 11, 1907; Martha Ellen b. May 8, 1882, m. Peter G.
Whitehead, Dec. 18, 1907; George Leo b. May 9, 1884; Alvin
Oliver b. May 18, 1886, d. June 27, 1905; Sarah Violet b.
Dec. 6, 1888, m. Fredrick Henry Campbell Nov. 18, 1908;
Joseph Andy b. June 7, 1891; James Philemon b. Feb. 14,
1893, m. Ray Perkins April 10, 1912. Family home Frank-
lin, Idaho.

High priest. Assisted In bringing immigrants to Utah
1868 with Chester Loveland company. Pioneer of Franklin,
Idaho. Freighter; farmer.

MORRISON, GEORGE LEO (son of Joseph Morrison and
Luey Annie Henson of Franklin, Idaho). Born May 9,
1884. Franklin. Idaho.

Missionary to southern states 1904 to 1906. Graduate of
U. A. C. with degree of B. S. A. 1911. Agriculturist.

MORRISON. JOHN, JR. (son of John Morrison and Sarah
Mark). Born Aug. 15, 1844, Nauvoo, 111. Came to Utah
Oct. 16. 1852, Ell B. Kelsey company.

Married Mary Jane Warren May 15, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William James Warren and Sarah Jane Sim-
mons of Spanish Fork and Price, Utah, pioneers 1853). She
was born March 26, 1857. Their children: Sarah J.; Mary
Ellen; John William; Colemus Maclaurin; Clarence Zenos;
Luella Pauline; Lewis Franklin; Lilly Pearl, m. J. A. Mathis;
Joseph Mellburn; Paul Desmon. Family home Spanish Fork
and Price, Utah.

Elder. Mechanic. Died April 30, 1906, Hyrum, Utah.

MORRISON, WILLIAM (son of George Charles Morrison
and Mary Ann Bruce of Aberdeen. Scotland). Born Sept. 7.
1820, at Inverury, Aberdeen, Scotland. Came to Utah 1856,
Knud Peterson company.

Married Margaret Forquhar Cruikshank Dec. 22, 18-13,
Aberdeen, Scotland (daughter of William Cruikshank and
Mary Forquhar of Aberdeen, Scotland), who was born June
B, 1823. Their children: Anthony Bruce b. Oct. 30, 1844,
d. 1848; Andrew, Mary Margaret, Mary Isabella and Sarah,
all died in childhood; William b. Dec. 9, 1856. m. Emma
Sorenson; Mina b. March 13, 1859. m. Henry Erickson; Tina
b. Feb. 15, 1863, m. Ferdinand Erickson. Family resided
Aberdeen, Scotland, and Utah.

Married Caroline Christina Iverson, Ephraim, Utah
(daughter of Jeppe Iverson and Anna Christina Jensen of
Jutland, Denmark, pioneers 1856, Knud Peterson company).
She was born Dec. 15, 1842. Their children: James Bruce,
m. Caroline Amanda Foutz; Amanda Puella, m. John A.
Hellstrom; Alexander, m. Cecelia Seare; Annie Christina, m.
John W. Orrock; George Charles, m. Mary Avery; Walter
William, m. Christina Sellers; William, died; LaFayette, m.
Cora Snow; Lula, m. Lorenzo Barr. Family resided Mt.
Pleasant and Richfield, Utah.

Married Martha Maria Hansen Sept. 21, 1861, at Mt.
Pleasant, Utah (daughter of Niels Hansen, died In Den-
mark, and Mette Maria Hansen of Denmark, pioneer 1860,
handcart company). She was born Nov. 21, 1846, and came
to Utah with mother. Their children: Martha b. April 20,
1863. m. Joseph S. Home; Hannah, d. child; Charles Henry,
m. Isabella Dunn; Robert Bruce, m. Lillie Seare; Mary Ann
Bruce, m. Christopher D. Swan, m. Jeff Drake; Mary Mar-
garet, d. infant; Cosmelia Jamlma, d. infant; Henrietta
Angelina, m. Chester A. Altsire; William Arthur, m. Esther
Elgreen; Isabella, m. O. A. Gushing. Family resided Mt.
Pleasant and Richfield, Utah.

President Woolwich conference of England. Settled at
Richfield 1864. Sevier stake clerk; president high priests
quorum; patriarch. Probate judge of Sevier county; rep-
resentative Utah territorial legislature; clerk of Sevier
county. Veteran Indian war; member Utah militia. Ship-
builder; farmer. Died Aug. 7, 1889, Clear Creek, Utah.

MORRISON, JAMES BRUCE (son of William Morrison and
Caroline Christina Iverson). Born Nov. 7, 1860, Mt. Pleas-
ant, Utah.

Married Caroline Amanda Foutz Jan. 30, 1882, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Joseph Lehi Foutz, pioneer 1847, and
Amanda Child, pioneer 1851, John Brown company). She
was born Jan. 10, 1861. Their children: James Bruce b.
Jan. 19, 1883, m. Anna McGilvie; Leith Lumsden b. Sept. 29,
1884, m. Flossie Preston; Estelle b. Oct. 16, 1886, m. Guy
H. Goodlander; Reuel b. July 9, 1890; William b. Sept. 11,
1892; Bandera DeVara b. July 6, 1895; Gladys b. Jan. 14,
1898; Elloid and Elloise (twins) b. April 20, 1900; Verona
b. April 12. 1902; Sybil Foutz b. April 19, 1904. Family
home Rlchfleld, Utah.

Missionary to northwestern states 1888-89; high priest;
superintendent Sevier stake Sunday school; high councilor.
City recorder; justice of peace at Richfield; chaplain of
territorial legislature and docket clerk of first Utah state
legislature. President Otter Creek reservoir board. Farmer.

MORRISON. ROBERT BRUCE (son of William Morrison and
Martha Maria Hansen). Born Nov. 28, 1868, Mt. Pleasant.

Married Lilly Jane Seare Sept. 6, 1894, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Seare and Jane Slmmonds both of
Abingdon, Berkshire, Eng.), who came to Utah Sept. 16,
1884). She was born April 17, 1864, at Abingdon. Their
children: Walter Bruce b. Aug. 30. 1895; Von Seare b. Aug.
16, 1897; William b. March 12, 1899; Albert b. March 10,
1901; Lucile Elta b. May 20, 1903; Lillian Jane b. Sept. 14,
1907, d. April 14. 1908. Family resided Richfield, Helper
and Mill Creek, Utah.

Presiding elder at Spring: Glenn; bishop's counselor; presi-
dent Y. M. M. I. A.; ward teacher; Sunday school teacher.
Justice of peace at Helper; notary public of Carbon county;
postmaster at Helper. School teacher; farmer; contractor;

MORSE, FRANCIS YOUNG (son of Ebenezer Morse and
Lydia Young of Boston, Mass.). Born Jan. 25, 1834, at
Boston. Came to Utah In 1869, Peter Nebeker company.

Married Elizabeth Thomas in 1859. Boston, Mass, (daugh-
ter of John Thomas and Phoebe Body of Wattford, near
London. Eng.), who was born Jan. 19, 1830. Their chil-
dren: Lydia Young, m. Joseph S. Rowley; Francis Young,
m. Sarah Larson; John Thomas, m. Louisa Fay; William
B., d. child; Jededlah, m. Hannah Cunningham. Family
home St. George, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher; pioneer of St. George. Carpenter.

MORSE, RICHARD (son of William Morse of South Wales).
Born July 10, 1837, at Llanelly, Caermarthenshlre, South
Wales. Came to Utah In October, 1863.

Married Maria Jones Oct. 11. 1856, at Merthyr Tydfll.
South Wales (daughter of William and Martha Jones of
South Wales), who was born Feb. 18, 1837, and died March 21,
1909. Their children: Mary Ann, m. Samuel Reese; Margret,
m. Daniel J. Williams; Marthur and William, d. Infants; Jane,
m. Jonah Evans; Rebecca, m. John H. Williams; Sarah E.,



m. George H. Williams; Maria, m. David H. Anderson.
Family home Samaria, Idaho.

Member 52d quorum seventies; missionary to South Wales
1887-89; first Sunday school superintendent of Samaria
ward; high councilor of Malad stake. County commissioner;
chairman of school board; chairman of town board. Mer-
chant; farmer. Died Nov. 11, 1901.

MORSE, WILLIAM (son of William Morse and Mary Thomas
of Mountain Ash, South Wales). Born June 6, 1830, Llanelly,
Caermarthenshire, South Wales. Came to Utah Oct. 4,
1863. Captain Wight company.

Married Margaret Evans October, 1859, at Merthyr Tyd-
fil, Glamorganshire, South Wales (daughter of Ebenezer
Evans and Amy Jones of Cynwyl Elfed, Caermarthenshire),
who was born Oct. 10, 1836. Their children: Mary Jane, m.
Jeremiah Jones; Ann, m. William P. Camp; Emma, m. John
B. Price; William E., m. Sarah A. Evans; Margaret, m.
Hyrum W. Jones; Rachael, m. Joseph Williams; Sarah, m.
Lewis Williams: Sophia, m. James R. Hawkins. Family
home Samaria, Idaho.

Farmer. Died April 16, 1904.

MORSE, WILLIAM E. (son of William Morse and Margaret
Evans). Born Oct. 31, 1867, Logan, Utah.

Married Sarah A. Evans Jan. 25, 1905, at Logan (daughter
of Thomas Evans and Elizabeth Reese of Pembrokeshire,
South Wales; came to Utah in June, 1882). She was born
Sept. 29, 1883. Their children: William E. Jr. b. Nov. 19,
1905; Sarah Verla b. July 21. 1909.

Missionary to Great Britain 1897-99; secretary 62d quo-
rum seventies; Sunday school superintendent. Mayor.

MORTENSEN, ANDERS (son of Morten Christiansen and
Metta Mortensdatter of Lille Rorbek, Fredericksborg, Den-
mark). Born Nov. 9, 1828, in Denmark. Came to Utah In
July, 1873.

Married Anna Cathrina Hansen In 1866, Copenhagen
(daughter of Hans Hansen and Mary Christina Christens-
datter, Juderup, Holbek, Denmark), who was born May
18, 1839. Their children: Mary Julia; Metta Christena and
Hans Christian, died; Andrew Daniel; Marten Christian;
Paul, died. Family resided at Spring City, Utah, and Pres-
ton, Idaho.

High priest; ward teacher; president Worm Creek branch.
Farmer. Died Dec. 7, 1892, at Preston.

MORTENSEN, ANDREW D. (son of Anders Mortensen and
Anna Cathrina Hansen). Born July 15, 1874, at Spring
City, Utah.

Married Christena Gregersen Dec. 14, 1904, at Logan, Utah
(daughter of Laurids Gregersen and Metta Fredericksen of
Brande, Denmark), who was born May 12, 1871. Their
children: George A. b. Feb. 24, 1906; Ada M. b. July 12,
1907: Carl A. b. Oct. 14, 1908; Orson A. b. Feb. 14, 1911.
Family home Glendale, Idaho.

Member 114th quorum seventies; missionary to Scandi-
navia 1900-1903; ward teacher; bishop. Farmer; stockraiser.

MORTENSEN, ANDREAS P. (son of Morten Swenson and
Dorthea Sophia Rost). Born July 14, 1822, Dronningaard,
Denmark. Came to Utah In 1864, William B. Preston com-

Married Ingeborg Petersen June 25, 1848, Sollerod, Den-
mark (daughter of Peter and Kjirsten Christiansen), who
was born April 27, 1821, Overod, Denmark. Their children:
Anna Sophia; Sine Maria; Niels William; Jens Christian;
Adam Anders. Family home Huntsville, Weber Co., Utah.

MORTENSEN, NIELS WILLIAM (son of Andreas P. Mor-
tensen and Ingeborg Petersen). Born May 28, 1853, Dron-
ningaard, Denmark. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Cecelia Schow Oct. 25, 1875 (daughter of Hans
and Maren Schow). Their children: Niels William, Jr., b.
Dec. 16, 1876; Anna Maria b. Feb. 17, 1879; Hans Andrew b.
Feb. 25, 1882; Joseph Alma b. Nov. 3, 1884; Aaron b. June
26, 1888.

Married Johanna C. Chrlstensen June 19, 1890, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Hans and Wilhelmlne Chrlstensen). Their chil-
dren: Adam b. June 9, 1891; Rhoda Cecelia b. Dec. 16,
1894; Nora Rosabell b. Nov. 6, 1897. Families resided at
Huntsville, Utah.


Married Eva Rasmusson Feb. 20, 1862, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Rasmus Rasmusson and Johanna Holmberg),
who was born Jan. 2, 1836, Trelleborg, Sweden. Came to
Utah 1861 with her sister in oxteam company, and died
Sept. 4, 1911. Their children: Eva Hilma; Jennie Caro-
line. Family resided Salt Lake City and Logan, Utah, and
In Idaho.

Married Caroline Rasmusson Oct. 4, 1868, Salt Lake En-
dowment house (daughter of Rasmus Rasmusson and
Johanna Holmberg), who was born Feb. 10, 1831, Frau
Alsted, Sweden; came to Utah Sept. 26, 1868, and died
Dec. 13. 1912, Salt Lake City. Their children: Matilda;
Rose Amelia. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Died Sept. 23, 1911.

MORTENSEN, KNTJD (son of Christen Mortensen of Lille
Rorbek, Denmark, born July 2, 1758, and Mette Knudsdat-
ter of Olstykke, born Sept. 19, 1756). He was born Dec.
13, 1819, Lille Rorbek. Came to Utah Sept. 5, 1863, John
F. Sanders company.

Married Karen Ericksen In March, 1845 (daughter of
Erick Andersen and Karen Belersdatter married Sept. 20,
1815). She was born May 8, 1822. Came to Utah with her
husband. Their children: Morton C. b. June 3, 1846, m.
Christene Knudsen Nov. 8, 1869; Marie b. Sept. 30, 1848, m.
Hans P. Andersen Nov. 8, 1869; Elizabeth b. March 13, 1854,
m. Lars Olsen in June 1880; Peter b. June 6, 1857, m. Mary
Iversen Sept. 24, 1884; Moroni b. Oct. 3, 1864, m. Elizabeth
Trenchard June 9, 1898.

Counselor to Bishop William Neely 1870-80 and to Bishop
Carl Jensen 1880-99; ward teacher several years. Pioneer
of Bear River City, Utah. Died Jan. 13, 1909.

MORTENSEN, PETER (son of Knud Mortensen and Karen
Ericksen). Born June 6, 1857, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Married Mary Iversen Sept. 24, 1884, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Nels Iversen and Maren Olsen), who was born July
21, 1867, In Denmark. Their children: Elvira b. Sept. 9.
1885, m. Henry Jensen June 4, 1905; Samuel b. Aug. 22,
1887; Jedediah M. b. Feb. 11, 1894; Benjamin P. b. June 30.
1896; Edna I. b. Dec. 28, 1898; Enos N. b. March 30, 1901;
Heber R. b. June 24, 1903; Pearl b. Aug. 30, 1909; Ethel b.
Oct. 4, 1911. Family home Tremonton, Utah.

MORTENSEN, NIELS CHRISTIAN (son of Martin and Inger
Nielsen of Nykjobing, Sjelland, Denmark). Born July 4,
1833, in Denmark. Came to Utah In 1864, John Smith inde-
pendent company.

Married Mariana Christensen in 1864 at Huntsville, Utah
(daughter of Christian Mortensen and Anna Kathrina Peter-
sen of Astrup, Denmark), who was born March 27, 1835.
Their children: Emma Elizabeth, m. Charles S. Wood; Jose-
phine Anderina, m. George E. Ferrin; Mariana, m. John S.
Gould; Niels Christian, m. Nell Russell; Elvina Caroline, m.
J. J. Allen; Ingar Sophia Amelia, m. Theron L. Rogers.

Married Thora Emalina Christensen. Their children:
Nlelzina Christena, m. Jens Jensen; Peter Andrew; Thora
Etmalina, m. A. C. Schade; Ernest Joseph; Anna Cecelia;
Irene Georgene. Families resided at Huntsville, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Denmark 1883-85; bishop's
counselor. One of the first to go to the penitentiary for
religious convictions. Farmer and merchant. Died Sept.
22, 1898.

Harry Morton and Hannah Tanner of Aldridge's Run, Mor-
gan Co., Ohio). Born Sept. 27, 1832, Pennsville, Ohio. Came
to Utah Nov. 29, 1865, William S. S. Willis company.

Married Mary Ann Croy In 1853 at Pennsville (daughter
of John Croy and Prudence Edgar of Virginia, who came
to Utah, Sidney Willis company). She was born July 7.
1827. Their children: Jemima J. b. March 6, 1856; Hannah
Ann b. July 27, 1857; Melissa E. b. March 16, 1861, m. Edward
McLelland; Laura Geneva b. Nov. 29, 1865, m. Don C. Tufts;
Flora Geneva b. Nov. 29, 1865, m. Robert Cowan; Prudence
Luvera b. June 1, 1868; John William b. Nov. 27, 1870.

Married Julia Ann Conley June 15, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Solomon N. Conley and Martha Smith, Morgan
Co., Utah, pioneers 1849). She was born Feb. 6, 1855. Their
children: Thomas Fincher Harry b. April 15, 1875, m.
Nellie Pettit; Franklyn Willard b. July 12, 1877; Edgar
Townsend b. Oct. 4, 1879; Amos Nelson b. Sept. 19, 1881;
Julia Myrtis b. Feb. 10, 1884, m. Samuel H. Worthen. Fam-
ilies resided at Salt Lake City.

President of fourth quorum of seventies. Died April 8,

Fincher Harry Morton and Julia Ann Conley). Born April
15, 1875, Salt Lake City.

Married Nellie Pettit Sept. 6, 1905, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Edwin Pettit and Rebecca Hill of Salt Lake City, pio-
neers 1847). She was born Feb. 10, 1878. Their child:
Paul Harry b. May 26, 1910. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Practicing physician; graduated in medicine and surgery
in 1908 at Medico-Chirurglcal College, Philadelphia, Pa.

MOSES, JAMES (son of Jesse Moses, born in June, 1774,
South Manchester, Conn., and Ester Brown of Norfolk.
Conn., born 1776 married in Norfolk in 1796). Born Feb.
28, 1806, Norfolk. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1861, Ira Reed

Married Roxy M. Terry April 9, 1833 (daughter of Tim-
othy Terry and Roxy Latimer, married at Simsbury, Conn.).
Their children: Jane b. April 20, 1835, m. Ezra Pettit Nov.
28, 1860; John b. 1837, d. child. Family resided North
Canaan, Conn., and Kirtland, Ohio.

Married Eliza Spencer Oct. 17, 1839, Nauvoo, 111. (daughter
of Solomon Spencer and Martha Jones), who was born June
15, 1813, Johnson, Ohio. Their children: Martha b. In Oc-
tober 1845; Jesse Tilton b. May 9, 1848, m. Phebe A. Wood-
ruff June 14, 1875; Eliza b. in August 1850, m. Joseph Neu-
man; James b. Feb. 14, 1853, died; Fred F. h. June 5, 1856.
Family resided at Nauvoo, 111., Council Bluffs, Iowa, North
Canaan, Conn., and Salt Lake City.



MOSES, JESSE TILTON (son of James Moses and Eliza
Spencer). Born May 9, 1848, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Married Phebe A. Woodruff June 14, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Wilford Woodruff and Sarah Brown), who was
born May 30, 1859, Salt Lake City. Their children: Sarah
Eliza b. April 18, 1876, d. Feb. 16, 1877; Jesse Tilton b. Jan.
28, 1878, m. Lavine Harper Sept. 23, 1903; Sylva Arabell b.
Aug. 24, 1880, m. B. F. Handley June 27, 1906; Wilford New-
ton b. Nov. 18, 1882; James Julian b. July 29, 1885. d. Aug.
6, 1885; David Courtney b. July 6, 1886; Clarence Frederick
b. April 15, 1891; Elmer Woodruff b. June 5, 1894; Ethel
Woodruff b. June 5, 1894, d. March 20, 1895; Phoebe Ester
b. Jan. 20, 1896; Henry Brown b. Nov. 1, 1898; Mary Wood-
ruff b. June 14, 1901; Brigham b. Nov. 22, 1903, d. Nov. 23,
1903. Family resided at Randolph, Big Cottonwood and
Smithfleld, Utah, and Mesa, Ariz.

MOSS, JOHN (son of Hugh Moss and Elizabeth Rushton of
Newton, Yorkshire, En&). Born March 6, 1820, Newton.
Came to Utah in 1848, Brigham Young company.

Married Rebecca Wood in 1845 in Pike county, 111. (daugh-
ter of Daniel Wood and Mary Snyder, pioneers 1848, Brig-
ham Young company). 'She was born May 11, 1826. Their
children: Mary, m. Henry Moyle; Daniel, m. Melvina Rush-
ton; Elizabeth, died; Joseph, m. Sarah Phoebe Sessions;
John Hugh, m. Missouri V. Lincoln; William, m. Grace Ann
Hatch; Moroni, m. Mary Ann Hale; Rebecca Jane, died;
Ellen, m. Hilbert S. Hatch; Nephi, m. Rhoda Pace; Alice,
m. Rastus Eagan; Henry, fa. Minnie M. Atkinson. Family
home Bountiful, Utah.

Married Emma A. Alexander March 25, 1865, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Abel Alexander and Sarah Alexander
[cousins] of Colne, Wiltshire, Eng., pioneers Nov. 3, 1864).
She was born April 14, 1846. Their children: David A., m.
Ellen B. Deppie; Alma, m. Amelia E. Cleaverly; Sarah, d.
infant; Adaline, d. in September 1908; Alexander, m. Annie
Jones; Robert A., m. Linnie Eagan; Stephen, m. Martha A.
Jones; Margret, m. Ernest R. Grant.

President seventy-seventh quorum seventies. Farmer
and stockraiser. Died Aug. 4, 1884.

MOSS, JOSEPH (son of John Moss and Rebecca Wood).
Born Aug. 10, 1850, Bountiful, Utah.

Married Sarah Phoebe Sessions Dec. 18, 1871, Salt Lake
City (daughter of David Sessions and Phoebe C. Foss of
Bountiful), who was born Nov. 26, 1853. Their children:
Sarah Phoebe b. March 28, 1873, m. Edwin P. Porter Feb.
1, 1899; Mary Rebecca b. Aug. 9, 1875, m. Jonathan H. Hale
April 28, 1897; Joseph William b. Dec. 15, 1877, m. Lillian
A. Porter Aug. 13, 1902; Olive Cerdenia b. Aug. 25, 1881. m.
Ansel Hatch June 7, 1899; Carrie b. Sept. 8, 1884; Cora b.
Sept. 8, 1884, m. Sylvanius Nelson May 27, 1908; Calvin b.
Dec. 31. 1886, m. Olive P. Bolton Oct. 9, 1912; David S. b.
May 4, 1889; Ellen b. Jan. 11, 1892.

High priest. Farmer.

MOSS, WILLIAM (son of John Moss and Rebecca Wood).

Married Grace Ann Hatch. Their children: Grace b. Nov.
19, 1879, d. Dec. 25, 1879; Leonard W. b. April 1, 1881, d.
June 3, 1889; Ethel b. Dec. 22, 1883, m. Ezra Waddoups Jan.
6, 1904; Gertie M. b. Jan. 14, 1886, m. Joseph W. McMurrin,
Jr.; Florence b. Oct. 2, 1887, m. M. E. Waddoups; Chloe E.
b. July 27, 1890, m. William Roberts March 6, 1907; Ralph
J. b. April 3, 1893; Delilah b. Jan. 12, 1896; Ezra O. b. Aug.
19, 1898; Amelia b. Aug. 13, 1900. Family home West Boun-
tiful, Utah.

Missionary to England 1902-04; bishop of West Bountiful
ward since March 27, 1909. Superintendent Deseret Live
Stock Company.

MOSS, WILLIAM P. (son of William F. Moss, Sr., and Sarah
Stokes of Derbyshire, Eng.). Born Nov. 16, 1825, Notting-
hamshire, Eng. Came to Utah in 1861, John R. Murdock

Married Eliza Crich In England (daughter of William
Crich and Eliza Summers of England), who was born Oct.
27, 1829, Mansfield, Eng. Their children: Sarah Ann, m.
Caleb Luker; Emily Elizabeth, m. Andrew Barker Forsyth;
Rosenia, m. Heber Lorenzo Crockett; William Edward, m.
Salina Paget; Eliza Charlotte, m. William Owens; Frances
Ellen, m. Alfred F. Denney; Grace Alice, m. Eli Lee; Cath-
erine Jane, died; George F., m. Ada Hammond; Joseph F.
and Henry Crich; last two died. Family home E. T. City,

Bishop of E. T. City 30 years; patriarch. Justice of peace;
postmaster; school trustee. Merchant. Died Sept. 20, 1909,
East Garland, Utah.

MOTT, SAMUEL (son of John Mott and Eunice Thompson
of Vermont). Born in 1782 in Vermont. Came to Utah In
1854, independent company.

Married Elizabeth Dewight in Vermont (daughter of Mr.
Dewight and Electa Garret of Vermont), who was born In
1790 and died July 6, 1865. Their children: Maria Howe,
m. Anson Sheffield; Wesley, d. Infant; William Harrison,
m. Almina Plato, m. Sallie Plato; Jeremiah and Harmon,
died; Ann, m. Daniel Dye; Mary, m. Zebdee Coltren; Samuel,

d. aged 3 years; John W., m. Caroline , who died; m.

Catherine Holden; Daniel Richmond, m. Elizabeth Graham;
m. Isabelle Wilkin McCleave; Electa, m. James Barlow;
Susana, m. James Barlow; Thomas, died; Simon, d. aged 11
years. Family home Batavia, N. Y.

Farmer. Died Feb. 6, 1867, Payson, Utah.

MOTT, DANIEL RICHMOND (son of Samuel Mott and Eliza-
beth Dewight). Born April 23, 1826, Batavia, N. Y. Came to
Utah with parents.

Married Elizabeth Graham in 1850, Decatur, Wis. (daugh-
ter of Sylvenus Graham and Electa Garret of Batavia),
who was born July 8, 1828. Their children: Helen b. 1851,
d. Infant; Juliett b. Feb. 12, 1852, m. Franklin Augustus

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