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Nichol; Parley A., m. Lucy R. Hunley; James S., m. Dora
Nichol; Alphonso B.. m. Phoebe Lee; Annie E., m. Leonard
Coleman; Nelson, m. Levina Averttte; Clara, m. Alfred
Rlcheus; Joseph G. and Erastus, both died young; Andrew,
m. Jane Homer. Family home Heber City, Utah.

Married Pernette (Piede Indian) June 26, 1859, Salt Lake
City. She was born 1842. Their children: Benjamin, d.
Infant; Betsy, m. Thomas Blackley; Almy, d. June 1911;
Edward T., m. Jenta Murdock; Franklin Judson, m. Stella

Missionary to Carson valley and to the Muddy In Nevada;
bishop in Wasatch stake 1861. Member of legislature.
Veteran Indian war. Died Feb. 4, 1899, Heber City.

MURDOCK, JOHN HEBER (son of Joseph Stacy Murdock
and Eliza Clark). Born April 28, 1854, Old Church Pasture,
four miles north of Salt Lake City.

Married Mary Elvira Gallagher Dec. 15, 1873, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Gallagher and Amelia Brittingham
of St. Louis, Mo., pioneers 1863). She was born Feb. 22.
1852. Their children: John Gallagher b. Aug. 14, 1874, d.
Feb. 22, 1880; Amelia Brittingham b. Dec. 26, 1875, m. Wil-
liam Witt; Eunice Sweet b. Dec. 11, 1877, m. Orson Thomas
Hicken; Eliza b. Nov. 13, 1879, m. Archibald Sellers; Mary
Elvira b. Jan. 8, 1882, d. Oct. 10, 1882; Pearl b. May 23,
1884, m. George Buckley; Joseph Stacy b. April 24, 1886, m.
Zina Hill; Sarah Esther b. Jan. 31, 1888; Heber b. Dec. 12,
1889, m. Erne Morton. Family resided at St. Johns, Ariz.,
1884-90, and since at Heber, Utah.

Married Emily Ann Bond Dec. 4, 1895, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Stephen Bond and Sarah Clark of Road,
Somersetshire, Eng., pioneers 1857). She was born Oct.
30, 1873. Their children: Marella Irene b. Sept. 30, 1896;
Leah b. June 26, 1898; Paul Bond b. Feb. 28, 1900; Thomas
Calvin b. Jan. 7, 1902; Ellen b. March 7, 1907; Edith May
b. May 28, 1909.

High priest; missionary to Arizona 1884-90, and to Vir-
ginia 1907; high counselor of Wasatch stake. President
of St. Johns Irrigation Co., and Wasatch Irrigation Co., 1912.

MURDOCK, JOSEPH THOMAS (son of Joseph Stacy Mur-
dock and Eliza Clark). Born Dec. 15, 1855, near Blngham,

Married Margaret Sedenia Duke Feb. 14, 1875, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Duke and Mary Jones of Heber City,
Utah; came to Utah Sept. 15, 1850, James Pace company).
She was born Oct. 18, 1858. Their children: Joseph Thomas
b. Jan. 8, 1876, died; Margaret Sedenia b. March 20, 1877,
died; John Heber b. Oct. 1, 1880, m. Tessie Maria Thacker;
Mary Alvina b. Nov. 20, 1882, m. William Jedediah Casper;
Eliza Rocksina b. Dec. 12, 1884, m. William Lloyd; Claude
b. Feb. 12, 1887; Carrie b. May 30, 1889, m. Frank Webster;
Lawrence Lee b. March 20, 1892; Sylva b. June 1, 1895.
Family home Charleston, Utah.

Member elders quorum; missionary to St. Johns, Ariz.,
1884. Member Charleston town board 1908-12. Vice-presi-
dent and director of Pioneer Irrigation company and was
associated with Charleston Irrigation & Canal company.
Settled at Heber City, Utah 1859. Indian war veteran.
Has resided in Provo valley since 1862. Farmer and ranch-

MURDOCH, NYMPHUS CORIDON (son of Joseph Murdock,
died at Nauvoo, 111., 1844, and Sally Stacy, died at Salt Lake
City, both from Hamilton, Madison county, N. Y.). Born
May 12, 1833, Hamilton, Madison county, N. T. Came to
Utah Sept. 22, 1847, Ira Eldridge company.

Married Sarah Malissa Barney Oct. 31, 1854, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Royal Barney and Sarah Bowen Esta-
brook of Amherst, Ohio, came to Utah 1852, Samuel Wooley
company). She was born March 31. 1834, died May 21, 1911.
Their children: Nymphus Coridon, Sarah Malissa, both died;
Joseph Royal; Betsey Emeline, died. Family home. Salt
Lake City.

Married Esther Marian Davis Nov. 12, 1857, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Franklin Judson Davis and Anna Rich-
mond of Salt Lake City, pioneers 1851). She was born
1838, died Nov. 12, 1909. Their children: Franklin Judson,
died; Stanley b. May 27, 1865; Eunice Louisa b. May 27, 1865,
m. William C. Hanks; Alphonso, died; Alva Nymphas, m.
Margarett Watson; Ella b. Feb. 22, 1871, m. Harry Watson;
Frederick, died; Anna; Melissa, died. Family resided Salt
Lake City, Charleston and Heber City, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Chadwick Green, a former wife of
Alphonso Green, Oct. 2, 1912 (daughter of John Chadwick
and Elizabeth Tomlinson), who was born July 27, 1842,
Liverpool, Eng.

Member 10th quorum seventy; missionary to eastern
states 1867-68; deacon; elder; first bishop Charleston ward,
Wasatch Co., Utah, 1877-1900; patriarch. Representative to
constitutional convention to form state of Deseret; post-
master; second sheriff of Wasatch county; school trustee
many years. Farmer; merchant; stockraiser and dairyman.
Brought the first sheep to Utah; brought the first fiaxseed
and made the first linen thread made In Utah.

MURDOCK, JOSEPH ROYAL (son of Nymphus Coridon
Murdock and Sarah Malissa Barney). Born Aug. 11, 1858.
Salt Lake City.

Married Margaret Wright Nov. 28, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Wright and Jamima Dands of Liver-
pool, Eng-., pioneers 1858). She was born Aug. 11, 1860

Their children: Mima Malissa b. Nov. 26, 1879, m. David
A. Broadbent; Maggie Josephine b. Oct. 6, 1883, m. Syl-
vester Broadbent; Royal Joseph b. April 19, 1885, m. Zina
Armadella Chipman; Nymphus Warren b. June 17, 1887.
m. Emma Hicken; Sarah Emeline b. April 14, 1889, m.
Leonard C. Henroid May 7, 1913; Emer Wright b. Sept.
22, 1891, m. Tarza Henry; Chloe b. April 24, 1893; Cora b.
Jan. 13, 1895; Ira Barney b. July 8, 1889, died June 6,
1904; Nellie b. Dec. 13. 1902; Erma b. July 5, 1904. Family
home Heber City, Utah.

President Wasatch stake; counselor to Bishop Murdock,
Charleston ward; president of Charleston Y. M. M. I. A. and
superintendent Sunday school. Member of the constitu-
tional convention 1895; representative to legislature 1896;
member of state senate; commissioner Wasatch county six
years; justice of the peace Charleston ward. Banker;
merchant; farmer and rancher.

MURPHY, EMMANUEL, MASTERS (son of Mark Murphy,
born March 8, 1763, and Holly Duke, born Feb. 27, 1769
married March 19, 1786). He was born Sept. 15, 1809, Union
county, S. -C. Came to Utah Aug. 30, 1860, Jesse E. Murphy
oxteam company.

Married Nancy Judd Easters April 5, 1831 (daughter of
Robert Easters and Celia Hyatt), who was born July 30.
1813, and came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Jesse Easters b. Jan. 27, 1832, m. Grace Broadbent April
28, 1857; Holly Ann b. March 30, 1834, m. Martin Baxter
May 1, 1855; Mark b. July 6, 1837, m. Harriet Kemp Dec.
24, 1860; Louisa Jane b. June 3, 1840, m. William Allman
Nov. 1858; William Columbus b. April 1, 1842, m. Elizabeth
Bean June 27, 1863; Martha Frances b. Dec. 11, 1843; Hyrum
b. March 3, 1846, m. Martha Sarah Ann Murphy Nov. 1,
1869; Thomas Gaden b. June 22, 1848, m. Matilda Slater
Oct. 6. 1868; Charles b. May 15, 1851; Emmanuel Bird b. Oct.
14, 1854, m. Eliza Lambert Oct. 16, 1878.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Alexander May 12, 1861, Salt
Lake City. She was born June 14, 1845, Hancock county,
111. Their children: Nancy Merzy b. May 17, 1862; Randolph
. b. Nov. 12, 1864; Joseph b. Oct. 25, 1866; Masters Alexander
b. Sept. 22, 1868; Burilda b. Aug. 1, 1870; Clara b. Aug. 30.

Married Margret Denning April 1864. No children.

Married Elizabeth Irving August, 1864. Their children:
Brigham Young b. Jan. 28, 1867; Robert E. Irving b. Oct. 5,

High councilor. Farmer.

MURPHY, WILLIAM COLUMBUS (son of Emmanuel M. Mur-
phy and Nancy Judd Easters). Born April 1, 1842, Fayette
county, Ga. Came to Utah 1860, Jesse Murphy company.

Married Mary Elizabeth Bean June 27, 1863, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joseph Bean and Sarah Beanland of
Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng., pioneers 1859). She was born
Feb. 16, 1845. Their children: Sarah Nancy b. May 27, 1864,
m. Richard Humphrey; William C. b. April 1, 1866, m.
Malone Casto; George W. b. June 12, 1868, m. Amanda
Clawson; Annie E. b. July 19, 1870, m. Absalom Williams-
Joseph B. b. Sept. 16, 1872, d. Oct. 7, 1873; Martha A. b.
May 28, 1874, m. George Fenn; Emma B. b. Aug. 12, 1876,
m. John Gribble; Eliza Lorna b. May 20, 1879, d. Aug. 3,
1881; Emmanuel Mark b. Oct. 23, 1881, d. Aug. 29, 1883;
Malissa b. March 24, 1884, m. E. W. Crane; Amy Florence
b. June 18, 1886, m. Peter Oldemalder; Richard Heber b.
Feb. 17, 1890, m. Lavenia Johnson. Family home Salina

Member 23d quorum seventies; missionary to Arizona
1876-77; first counselor to Jens Jensen 1883-87; acting
bishop. School trustee. Minuteman in Black Hawk Indian
war. Carpenter. Died Feb. 17, 1895, Salina, Utah.

MURPHY, HYRUM (son of Emmanuel Masters Murphy and
Nancy Judd Easters). Born March 3, 1846, Fayette county,
Ga. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Martha Sarah Ann Murphy (daughter of James
D. Murphy and Anna Elizabeth Hudson), who was born
July 9. 1853. Their children: Ida b. Aug. 17, 1870; Hyrum
Daniel b. Feb. 20, 1872, m. Alta Baxter Nov. 11, 1896; Alma
b. March 3, 1874, m. Mary A. Curtis Nov. 24, 1897; Ernest
b. May 19, 1876. m. Carrie Nielsen Oct. 11, 1899; Martha
A. b. Aug. 28, 1878, m. Enos Curtis Feb. 3, 1897; Alice b
Nov. 17, 1880, m. Orrin Williams Oct. 1, 1897; Grace R b
June 12, 1883, m. Asel Curtis Dec. 17, 1902; Nancy Lillian
b. Nov. 5, 1885, m. Marlon Cloward May 1, 1907; Eva b.
March 20. 1888, m. Eugene Christensen Aug. 16, 1909; Sam-
uel Bert b. Sept. 20. 1890; Archie b. March 9, 1893; Euphema
b. Sept. 2, 1895. Family home Salina, Sevler Co., Utah.

Married Arminta Curtis (Deaton) Sept. 12, 1906, Manti,

Utah (daughter of John W. Curtis and Matilda Miner

married Oct. 21, 1855, Salt Lake City). She was born June
19, 1871, Springville, Utah. Their children: Ruby Rozilla
b. Dec. 20, 1907; Matilda Mae b. May 13, 1910. Family
home, Salina.

MURPHY, JESSE JEANES (son of John Murphy and Miss
Jeanes. both of Union District, S. C.). Born June 22, 1824,
at Union, S. C. Came to Utah February, 1869, Jesse Murphy

Married Jerusha Elizabeth Pledger Dec. 8, 1842, at Jones-
boro, N. C. (daughter of Joseph P. Pledger and Elizabeth
Chambers, both of Georgia). She was born July 10, 1823.
Their children: Francis; John Joseph; Elizabeth Ann; E. M
Sarah D.; William B.; George W.; Emma. Family home
Ogden, Utah.

Medical doctor. Died March 17, 1894, at Salt Lake City.



MURPHY, WILLIAM B. (son of Jesse J. Murphy and Jeru-
sha E. Pledger, both of Georgia). Born Jan. 14, 1849, at
Jonesboro, N. C. Came to Utah September, 1868, William S.
Seeley company.

Married Mary A. Cousins Sept. 30, 1877, at Ogden, Utah
(daughter of Moses Cousins of Harnerford, Wales). She
was born June 12, 1852. Their children: Elwood Ray b.
Nov. 5, 1878; William E. b. April 17, 1881; George Ernest
b. March 30, -1883; Josephine Alta b. April 23, 1885; Moses
A. b. Oct. 14, 1890. Family home Ogden. Utah.

Justice of the peace at Promontory, Box Elder Co., Utah.
Locomotive engineer.

MURRAY, JOHN (son of Andrew and Chrlstena Murray
of Edinburgh, Scotland). Came to Utah 1852, with ox-

Married Sarah Bates, In Michigan (daughter of John
Bates and Sophia Anderson of Ireland). Their children:
John, m. Mary Ann Marlow, m. Rachel Allred; Richard, m.
Margaret Beck, m. Martha Hicks; Elizabeth, m. John Moyes;
Jeremiah, m. Maria Nelson, m. Mary Ashby; Edwin, Joseph
and Albert, d. infants; Robert, d. aged 8. Family home
Spanish Fork, Utah.

Patriarch; missionary to The Muddy where he endured
many hardships, and took an active part in developing
that country. Veteran Black Hawk and Walker Indian
wars. Farmer and wheelwright. Died at Spanish Fork,

MURRAY. JEREMIAH HATCH (son of John Murray and
Sarah Bates). Born July 11, 1844, Lucerne township, Mon-
roe county, Mich. Came to Utah with father.

Married Maria Nelson Feb. 6, 1863, Salt Lake Endow-
ment house, who was born Jan. 3, 1846, in Denmark. Their
children: Jeremiah, m. Christine Nelsen; Sarah Ellen, m.
Peter Petersen; Andrew, m. Stella Stewart, m. Delia Yeger-
sen; William Riley, m. Emma Hunting; Elizabeth, m. Hugh
Snow; Rebecca, m. Albert Snow; Stephen Robert; Hyrum
Smith, m. Ethel Dudley; Jonathan Moyes, m. Anna Hol-
llngshead, m. Miss Stewart. Family home Spanish Fork.,

Married Mary Ashby March 4. 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Samuel Ashby and Hannah Ward of Leices-
tershire, Eng.). She was born April 1, 1852. Their chil-
dren: John Richard, m. Anna Hodson; Elizabeth Ellen, d.
Infant; Thomas Ward, m. Maryette Caldwell, m. Zinnle
Nichols; Mary Lavlna, m. Charles Merkley; Samuel Ashby,
m. Jane Hansen; Margaret, m. Peter Harrison: Jeremiah
Hatch, m. Pearl Karren, m. Rachel Merkley;, Joseph Smith,
m. Lilly Davis; William Ashby, m. Beatrice Howarth, m.
Stella Woodruff. Family home Spanish Fork, Utah.

Road supervisor and school trustee at Roosevelt. Farmer.
Died Sept. 5, 1909, Maeser ward, Vernal, Utah.

MURRAY, RICHARD (son of John Murray). Born Dec. 16,
1852. in Michigan.

Married Margaret Fannie Beck, Salt Lake City Endow-
ment House (daughter of Joseph Ellison Beck, came to
Spanish Fork, Utah, 1849). She was born Jan. 11, 1840.
Their children: Joseph Ellison b. Nov. 17, 1862, m. Carrie Marie
Jensen; John Richard b. June 1863; Alfred, died; George,
m. Charlotte Searles; Margaret, m. Edward Wilkins; Annie,
died age 2 years; Hannah, m. Ormal Wilkins; James, m.
Alt Ashby; Thomas; Edward, Bert, both died. Family
home Vernal, Utah.

Married Martha Hicks Salt Lake City (daughter of George
Hicks, Spanish Fork, Utah, came to Utah in early days).
Their children: Caroline, m. William Bradshaw; Moroni, m.
Hall; Martha Ann, m. Henry Gltnes; Jeremiah Bates, m.
Caldwell; Alice Nora, m. Robert Carroll; Wilson; Richard;
Scott, m. Bessie Sprouse; William; Nathalia, m. Barnhill.
Lived at Spanish Fork, Utah.

MURRAY, JOSEPH ELLISON (son of Richard Murray and
Margaret Beck). Born Nov. 17, 1S62, at Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Carrie Marie Jensen Feb. 1, 1891, Vernal, Utah,
and temple. Salt Lake City (daughter of Hans Richard Jen-
sen and Mary S. Christensen of Salt Lake City). She was
born Nov. 6, 1871, Salt Lake City. Their children: Richard
Ellison b. Nov. 13, 1892; Carrie b. Sept. 21, 1894; Vera
Mary b. Sept. 24, 1896; Albert b. Sept. 2, 1898; Florence b.
Nov. 28, 1902; Grant b. July 5, 1908; Carl Jay b. March 29.
1911, d. May 4, 1911; Thomas Jefferson b. Oct. 31, 1912.
Lived at Vernal and Duchesne, Utah.

Member of the quorum of elders. Road supervisor; dep-
uty sheriff; constable Duchesne, Utah. Farmer and stock-

MURRAY, ROBERT. Born 1816, Scotland. Came to Utah
Sept. 5, 1861, Job Plngrree company.

Married Jessie Archibald, who was born 1824 and came
to Utah Sept. 5, 1861, Job Pingree company. Their chil-
dren: James b. Feb. 25, 1844, m. Emma L. Steward; David
b. Feb. 23, 1849, m. Christina Archibald; William b. March
23, 1853, m. Sarah Parker; John b. Aug. 25, 1857. m. Mary
Garrett; Thomas b. July 11, 1861, m. Agnes Hendry; Christin
b. June 21, 1865, m. William Jones; George H. b. Jan. 9,
1867, m. Swian Baity. Family home Wellsville, Utah.

MURRAY, DAVID (son of Robert Murray and Jessie Archi-
bald). Born Feb. 22, 1849, in Scotland.

Married Christina Archibald Dec. 11. 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Archibald and Elizabeth Russell, for-

mer died In Scotland, latter a pioneer 1862, Horton D.
Haight company). Family home Wellsville, Utah.

Married Martha Ann Baugh Jan. 31, 1876, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Baugh and Martha Suttiff mar-
ried Jan. 24, 1877). She was born Jan. 22, 1853, Salt Lake
City, died Jan. 24, 1877.

Married Martha J. Woodward Dec. 26, 1878, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Joseph Woodward and Margaret Barnes,
came to Utah 1853). Their children: D. Jessie b. Aug. 28,
1880, and Margaret b. Aug. 1, 1882, d. infants; David W. b.
Sept. 5, 1884, m. Jennie Bayter; Joseph W. b. Sept. 10,
1884, m. Dulla Bradshaw; Martha Ann b. May 1, 1892, d.
Infant; Milton W. b. March 5, 1895.

Bishop of Mt. Sterling ward, Utah; member of high coun-
cil of Hyrum stake; missionary in Scotland 1889-91. City
councilman of Sterling two terms; mayor 1900-02.

MUSSER, A. MILTON (son of Samuel Musser and Ann Barr
of Donegal township, Lancaster county. Pa.). Born May
20, 1830, Lancaster county. Pa. Came to Utah 1851.

Married Annie Seegmiller Jan. 30, 1874, at Salt Lake
City (daughter of Adam Seeg,miller and Anna Eva Knectle
of Stratford, Perth county, Ont., Canada, the latter came
to Utah 1865). She was born Jan. 31, 1841. Their children:
Anna Eva S., m. Ellas M. James; Frederick S., m. Mattle
Petersen; Maroni S. ; William S., m. Mae Arnold; Roscoe
S., m. Louisa Judd; Orson P. Seegmiller, d. aged 17. Fam-
ily home, Salt Lake City.

President 57th quorum seventies; missionary to Hindu-
stan, India, Asia, 1852-56; missionary to Pennsylvania 1877;
high priest; historian. Fish commissioner. Capitalist. Died
Sept. 24, 1909, Salt Lake City.

MUSTARD, DAVID (son of William Mustard and Ann Jeme-
son of Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland). Born July 6,
1819, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland. Came to Utah
Sept. 3, 1852, A. O. Smoot company.

Married Margaret Kay April 1841, Edinburgh, Scotland
(daughter of William Kay and Margaret Moyes of Burn-
tisland, Flfeshire, Scotland). She was born March 9, 1822.
Only child: Margaret b. March 9, 1842, m. George Sant
Oct. 3, 1858. Family resided at St. Gorge, Utah, and Treas-
ureton, Idaho.

Missionary to Scotland, 1859-61 and 1872-75; high priest;
sent to St. George in 1861, where he resided seven and a
half years and worked on the temple. Took part in Echo
Canyon trouble. Carpenter and furniture maker. Died
March 15, 1895, Treasureton, Idaho.

MYERS, ALMA THORNTON. Came to Utah Sept. 20, 1864,
Joseph Rawlins company.

Married Sarah Hellen Wyatt. Their child: Sarah Wyatt,
m. William T. Lloyd.

MYERS, JACOB (son of Carl F. C. Myers and Anna Jen-
. sine Jacobsen of Denmark). Born May 21, 1847, Ledo,
Copenhagen amt, Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1862,
Joseph Home company.

Married Anna M. Johnsen Aug. 23, 1876, Sugar House
ward. Salt Lake City (daughter of John Peter Johnsen
and Anna Carlsen of Denmark, pioneers 1866). She was
born May 15, 1852. Their children: Anna Laura; Hyrum
P., m. Cenia Andersen; Louis J., m. Ida M. Garrett; Lionel
L., m. Stella Holley; Annie J. C., m. Aaron Garside; Clara
S. E., m. Claude Hibbard; Lillie M. H., m. Raymond Boya-
kln; Charles F., m. Annie May Butterfleld; Florence E., m.
Mark Stokes; Wilford J. ; Nellie C.; Mannie M.; Urban G.
Family home Riverton, Utah.

High priest. Railroader; canal constructor; merchant;
freighter. Farmer.

MEYER, CHARLES P. Brother of Jacob Myers.

MYERS, WILLIAM (son of Benjamin Myers of Idle, near
Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng.). Born Aug. 22, 1812, Idle, Eng.
Came to Utah 1866.

Married Martha Ogden 1834, at Idle, Eng. (daughter of
William Ogden and Sarah Heaton of Idle, Eng). She was
born March 12, 1813. Their children: Joseph, m. Eliza
Bentley; m. Sarah Eyre: Sarah; Betty; Ezra; Sophia; Mel-
vina; Paulina; Moroni; Emily.

High priest teacher and elder. Worked as stone cutter
on Salt Lake and St. George temples. Died Jan. 9, 1891,
Minersvllle. Utah.

MYERS, JOSEPH (son of William Myers and Martha Ogden).
Born May 31, 1835. Idle, Yorkshire, Eng. Came to Utah
Oct. 7, 1859, A. R. Wright company.

Married Eliza Bentley July 1855 (daughter of Nathan and
Grace Bentley), who was born Aug. 26. 1835, and came to
Utah with husband.

Married Sarah Eyre January, 1859 (daughter of James
Eyre and Ann Naylor, former died on plains, en route to
Utah, latter died at sea). She was born at Dowsby, Lincoln-
shire. Eng. Their children: John W. b. Jan. 25, 1860, m.
Mary McKnight Nov. 11. 1884; Sarah Eliza b. Feb. 3. 1862. m.
R. W. Dotson; Joseph E. b. Sept. 30, 1864, m. Lillie Corbridge;
Moroni b. Dec. 4, 1866, m. Hattle Brandshaw; Martha b. Jan.



23 1869 m. John Fotherlngham; George L. b. July 25, 1871;
James Heber b. Sept. 19. 1873, m. Edith Roberts; Francette
b May 29, 1875; Erastus Edwin (step son) b. May 9, 1857.
Family resided at Salt Lake City and Minersville, Utah.
Seventy and high priest. Judge of election.

MYLER, JAMES (son of James Myler. born Nov. 19, 1794.
West Moreland N. Y., and Olive Maine, born May 16, 1796,
New York). Born Feb. 3, 1822, Butler Co., Ohio. Came to
Utah Sept. 22, 1849, William Miller's contingent of Mormon

ba Marred Julia A. Brownell Oct. 5, 1843, Buchanan, Mich,
(daughter of Gideon Brownell and Betsy Wheeler, pioneers
Sept 22, 1849 married at Dayton, Ohio). She was born
Feb ' 12 1826 came to Utah with husband. Their children:
Oscar b Dec. 27, 1844. m. Christine Jensen April 1866; Joseph
E b Jan. 31, 1846, m. Emma Godfry 1872; Calvin b. li!48, d.
1856: James b. 1850, d. 1860; Julia A. b. July 25. 1852, m.
Arthur Goody Nov. 29, 1869; John b. June 14, 1854, d. June
1868- Orin Maine b. Sept. 14, 1856, m. Elizabeth Stokes Nov.
8. 1874; Margaret L. b. May 2, 1858, m. Martin H. Hannon
1877' Charles C. b. June 1860, m. Isabell Morton Oct. 1879;
Rosetta E. b. April 1862, m. James Archibald Nov. 1880;
Frank b. Aug. 1864, d. Nov. 1875. Family home Logan,

Member 5th quorum, and later one of the seven presidents
of 6th quorum seventies at Farmington, Utah; president
teachers' quorum. Resi'ded at Farmington ten years, and
moved to Logan in 1859. Took part in Echo Canyon cam-
paign. Pioneer to Sanke River, Idaho. Died May 21, 1894,
Lewisville, Idaho.

MYLER, ORRIN MAINE (son of James Myler and Julia A.
Brownell). Born Sept. 14, 1856, Farmington, Utah.

Married Elizabeth J. Stokes Nov. 8, 1874. Clarkston. Utah
(daughter of Henry Stokes and Elizabeth Hale, pioneers
1862 Henry Miller company). She was born Feb. 5, 1857.
Their children: Sarah E. b. Sept. 2, 1875, m. William W.
Selek Nov. 23, 1892; Mary J. b. Nov. 22. 1877, m. Harry S.
Robinson Dec. 15, 1904; Eliza O. b. April 22, 1880, m. William
Isby Nov. 18, 1898; Alice -A. b. March 4, 1883, m. Harry
Howard May 1899; Orrin M. b. Nov. 20, 1886, m. Mary Walker
Nov 17, 1908; Joseph C. b. Nov. 17, 1887; Lorenzo b. Aug.
2 1890; Lester b. March 21, 1892, d. Jan. 3, 1894; John H.
b Nov 23 1895, d. Feb. 28, 1904; William E. b. Nov. 23, 1895,
d. Nov. 23, 1895; James M. b. April 26, 1898, d. April 8. 1904;
Eullalia b. Aug. 20, 1899. Family home Lewisville, Idaho.

High counselor in Rigby stake, Idaho; bishop of Lewis-
ville, Idaho; first counselor to B. P. Jardine 21 years; super-
intendent Sunday school; president of deacons' quorum.

MYRUP, LARS CHRISTEN N. (son of Niels Larsen Christen
Myrup, of Glade. Thisted, Denmark, born March 25, 1812.
Farerster Thisted, Denmark, and Mette Maree Pedersen,
born 1811, Glade married 1835). Born March 26, 1845,
Glade. Came to Utah April 6, 1866, Abner Lowry company.

Married Maren Christen April 22, 1866 (daughter of Chris-
ten Christensen and Karen Larestysen of Denmark, pioneers
April 6, 1856, Abner Lowry company married March 25,
1845 Denmark). She was born Feb. 14, 1849; came to
Utah April 6, 1856, with Abner Lowry company. Their
children: Mary b. March 22, 1868; Lars Christen b. March
1. 1870; Niels Christen b. March 29, 1872; Adolph M. b. Aug.
24, 1874; Karen Laurene b. June 4, 1877; Joseph Henry b.
May 10, 1879; Sarahann b. Nov. 10, 1881; Manda May b.
May 24, 1883.

Married Josephine Marie Jensen Jan. 17, 1876 (daughter
of Swen Jensen and Marian Larsen of Denmark married
Nov. 1, 1862, Denmark; came to Utah July 21, 1871, with
Peter Madson company). She was born at Hjorring, Den-
mark. Their children: Mattie Marie b. Oct. 8, 1877, m.
A. E. Sorensen; Josephine b. Dec. 28, 1879, m. Chas. B.
Carr; Minirie Gustave b. Aug. 7, 1882, m. Alma Dorius.

Married Mary Ann Jensen Sept. 5, 1877, Wisconsin (daugh-
ter of Hans Jensen and Anna Jenson). Their children:
Mary Ann Ella Onora b. Nov. 18, 1878, m. W. C. Metcalf
Nov. 18, 1897; Anna Maria b. Oct. 26, 1881, m. A. E. Dalton
May 1, 1907; Lars L. b. April 30, 1884, m. Luella Anderson
July 22, 1908; Rany May b. May 29, 1886, m. Earl M. Dack
Feb. 20, 1907; Stella P. b. March 1, 1888, m. Newman Beck
Jan. 18, 1913; Bertie U. b. June 25, 1890; Joseph Christen
b. Feb. 13, 1894; Leah Y., Levl Z. (twins) b. May 12, 1897;
Almena b. Sept. 21, 1900.

Counselor elders quorum; member of the seventies; mem-
ber of the high council of the South Sanpete stake of Zion.
President Grim Irrigation Co. Missionary to Denmark.
Pioneer of Gunnison, Utah 1870.

Elmer Broadhead; Barbara Ann, m. Thomas Broadhead;
Martha, m. William Price; Melissa, m. John Bell; William,

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