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m. Mary Sims; Sarah Agnes, m. John Anderson; Leona
Florence. Family home Charleston, Utah.
Seventies. Farmer.

McAFEE, JOHN (son of Samuel McAfee and Ann Campbell
Baird). Born Nov. 21, 1871, Charleston. Utah.

Married Elizabeth Ann Clayton Oct. 15, 1895, Morgin, Utah
(daughter of John Clayton and Elizabeth Tonks, of Morgan).
She was born July 31, 1876. Their children: Leslie Nadine
b. June 30, 1896; Samuel Maurice b. April 6, 1898; Albert
Clayton b. Jan. 10, 1900; John Willis b. Nov. 4. 1901; Louis
Raymond b. Dec. 17, 1903; Earl Leroy b. July 28, 1905;
Charles Lester b. Feb. 11, 1907, d. infant; Bessie May b.
Nov. 4. 1908; Vera Elizabeth b. Sept. 17, 1910; Harold b. May
1, 1912. Family home Wallsburg, Utah.

Priest. Farmer and stockraiser.

McAFEE, JOHN SHARP. Came to Utah by oxteam.

Married Ann Lyons of Scotland, who came to Utah with
husband. Their children: Samuel; Sarah; Ephraim; Moroni;
Lizzie. Family home Charleston, Utah.

Seventies. Died at Lehi, Utah.

McAFEE, SAMUEL (son of John S. McAfee and Ann Lyons).
Born Aug. 4, 1842, in Scotland. Came to Utah by oxteam.
Married Ann Campbell Baird Nov. 21, 1870. Salt Lake
City (daughter of John and Elizabeth Baird of Scotland).
Their children: John, m. Elizabeth Ann Clayton: Samuel, m.,
Henrietta Graves; James, m. Juliet Taylor; Elizabeth, m.

MCALLISTER, DUNCAN MCNEIL, (son of George McAllister).

Born June 24, 1807, at Kirkintulloch, Scotland, and Christina
McNeil, born May 9, 1815, at Glasgow, Scotland). Born
April 18, 1842, at Glasgow. Came to Utah Oct. 22, 1863, via
Denver with private contracting company.

Married Catherine Perkes Oct. 20, 1866 (daughter of Henry
Perkes and Charlotte Lowe, pioneers 1861). She was born
at Liverpool. Eng. Feb. 16, 1846, and died Jan. 24, 1907. Their
children: Duncan William b. Nov. 25, 1867, m. Anna Hatch
Dec. 3, 1902; George Stanley b. May 26, 1869, m. Jeanette
Maeser June 17, 1896; Catherine b. June 4, 1871, d. July 25,
1871; Katie b. Nov. 27, 1872; Henry Perkes b. Dec. 31, 1874.
d. Aug. 12, 1875; Malcolm b. Feb. 23, 1877, m. Johanna Zitz-
man Dec. 18, 1907; Christina V. b. April 22, 1880, m. N. Lament
Wilson June 16, 1909. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Clerk of general conference of C. of J. C. of L. D. S.,
since Oct. 1906; business manager L. D. S. church office,
Liverpool, 1887-89; employed in Salt Lake temple recorders'
office from the beginning, 1893; ordained a seventy in 1870;
president of third quorum 1898; secretary of manufacturing
departments of Z. C. M. I. 1869-87; clerk of 17th ward 1896-
1913. Mail clerk Salt Lake City postofflce 1865-69. Appointed
battalion adjutant of Box Elder cavalry, of Nauvoo legion
1864. Charter member of Genealogical Society of Utah and
a director. Wrote numerous articles for Deseret News, on
health, hygiene, etc., 1885-87. Associated, until recent years,
with musical and dramatic organizations.


James Frazier McAllister and Elizabeth Thompson of Lewes,
Sussex county, Del., and later of Philadelphia, Pa.). Born
Feb. 19, 1827, at Lewes. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1851, Alfred
Cardon company, secretary of a fifty.

Married Ellen Handley July 6, 1847, in Philadelphia, who
came to Utah with husband. Their children: Moroni H.,
m. Marinda Brown; John D. H., m. Alfreda Fitzgeralds;
Ellen Handley, m. Nephi Sheets; Daniel H., m. Rhoda
Young, m. Susie Barnett; Mary H., m. Schuyler Gates.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Married Angeline Sophronla Goforth Jan. 11, 1857, Salt
Lake City, Brigham Young officiating (daughter of Dr.
William Goforth and Martha Nelson, former of St. Louis,
Mo., where he died, latter of Bellview, 111., came to Utah
in 1848, bringing her daughter and son, William Goforth).
She was born July 10, 1840. Their children: Angeline
b. Oct. 9, 1858, m. Amos Gabbott; James Goforth b. Dec. 22,
1860, m. Emily Marinda Chase; Allister b. 1864. d. Infant;

Richard G. b. March 25, ; Eliza Thompson b. Oct. 26,

1869, m. William Henefer; William Wallace b. July 1872;
Effle Dean b. Oct. 2, 1875, m. Edward Sprout; Josephine,
d. aged 5. Family home, Salt Lake City.

He also married Cornelia Agatha Lenzl, Alvina MacLean
and Julia Nielson.

One of presidents of 16th quorum of seventies; missionary
to England 1853-56; president of Belfast conference; mis-
sionary in Scotland and Wales; in 1860 missionary to the
States, presiding over all branches of the church east of
the Rocky mountains; missionary to England and presided
over Birmingham conference; for many years in charge
of Salt Lake Endowment House; moved to St. George in
1876; set apart as president of the temple; set apart 1877
as president of St. George stake and did missionary work
among the Indians in southern Utah; moved to Manti 1893
and was set apart as president of Manti temple; counselor
to Bishop Elijah F. Sheets and acting bishop of the 8th
ward, Salt Lake City. Raised a company of life guards
1857; served major of cavalry for Great Salt Lake military
district during the Echo Canyon war. In 1862 brought a
company of immigrants to Utah. January, 1863 the legisla-
tive assembly elected him territorial marshal, which office
he held until late in the '70s; 1866-76 Salt Lake City marshal
and chief of the fire department; January, 1869 and January
1870 sergeant-at-arms of the territorial legislature. Jan.
10, 1870. marshal of the day at the celebration of the driv-
ing of the last spike of the Utah Central railway when it
reached Salt Lake City. Sept 3. 1872, as chief of the fire de-
partment, assisted in breaking and dedicating the ground
for the first Salt Lake City water works in City Creek
canyon. Brigadier general of the Utah militia. School
teacher; built many dwellings in Salt Lak? City and mills in
the canyons; was associated with the eighth ward industrial
society. 8th ward co-op, store, the parent Z. C. M. I. organiza-
tion; in charge of the Brigham Young Woolen Factory; ex-



president of the Rio Virgin Manufacturing Co., operating
woolen and cotton factories in southern Utah; owned
the real estate where the O. S. L. depot and Salt Lake fire
department No. 1 now stand, and much land below Tenth
South and West Temple streets; prominent in dramatics and
one of the actors In the opening of the Salt Lake theatre
1862; was noted for his patriotism, and as the leading soloist
of the Mormon tabernacle choir, for many years at con-
ference time sang the "Star Spangled Banner" and other
patriotic songs. Died in St. George Jan. 18, 1910.

MCALLISTER, MORONI H. (son of John Daniel Thompson
McAllister and Ellen Handley). Born July 28, 1848, Phila-
delphia, Pa. Came to Utah with father.

Married Marinda Brown Oct. 12, 1873, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Robert Brown and Mary Deardon of Salt
Lake City). She was born April 13, 1862. Their children:
Edith B., died; Constance B., m. Arthur E. Handley; Harold,
m. Nettie Chamberlain (Nichols); Robert; Sadie, m. Harmon
Weight; Mary, died.

High priest; member tabernacle choir 46 years. Agent
Utah Central, U. P. and O. S. L. railroad companies for 29


T. McAllister and Ellen Handley). Born Jan. 9, 1861, Kanes-
ville, Iowa. Came to Utah with father.

Married Alfreda Fitzgerald Oct. 23, 1875 (daughter of
Perry Fitzgerald and Ann Wilson of Draper, Utah, pioneers
1847). Their children; Perry; Ethel; John D.; Laura;
Archibald; Ellen; Joseph F.; Gale F.; Leon F.

High priest; missionary 1875-79. Surveyor.


Thompson McAllister and Angeline Sophronia Goforth).
Born Dec. 22, 1860, Salt Lake City.

Married Emily Marinda Chase (McKee) Oct. 15, 1889, Salt
Lake City (daughter of George Ogden Chase and Emily
Marinda Hyde of Centerville, Utah, pioneers Sept. 20, 1847,
Jedediah M. Grant company). She was born Dec. 12, 1856.
Their children: Emily Chase b. July 12, 1890; James Go-
forth b. June 1, 1892.

Emily Marinda Chase married H. W. McKee Feb. 5, 1874,
he died 1879. Two sons: Hugh Chase b. Aug. 15, 1876; Earl
Young b. June 15. 1878, m. Nellie Douglas their child:
Clela b. Aug. 13, 1900.

Mr. McAllister was born between Third and Fourth South
on the west side of State street, Salt Lake City, and has
spent his entire life in Utah. He served a carpenter's ap-
prenticeship and worked on the tabernacle; helped to build
the pipes for that famous pipe-organ. In the early days of
his boyhood, the principal necessaries of life were food and
clothes for his mother's family, and he turned his time to
any occupation that would produce these necessaries. He
followed farming, teaming and carpenter contracting. As ha
grew older and the mines opened at Park City, he became
actively engaged in teaming and freighting, having a con-
tract to haul the machinery for the Marasac mill, which was
one of the first mills built at Park City. He served an
apprenticeship as a wagonmaker and blacksmith, which
occupation he followed for several years. In 1886 engaged
In the real estate business; during 1887-88 engaged in min-
ing in Marysvale, Utah, going from there to Ophir and
then to Bingham. Provision Inspector under Mayor Bascom
two years. Head salesman and assistant manager of the
Studebaker Bros. Co., 1897-1906. In 1902 organized the
McAllister Bros. Sheep Co. (John D. H. and James G.
McAllister), which in 1911 was incorporated as the Mc-
Allister Land and Ice Stock Company, of which he is now
the president. In 1907 associated with Frank Esshom In
the beginning of the history of the "Pioneers and Prominent
Men of Utah," being the first president and director of the
company, and a director until the completion of the work.
He and C. B. Stewart were the originators, promoters and
the organizers of the Farmers and Stockgrowers Bank,
which was incorporated Jan. 20, 1913, when he was elected
director and member of the executive board, and as one of
the members of the board, purchased the ground and
arranged for the construction of their banking house at
123-125 South Main street. Director and chairman of the
executive board of the Bird's Eye Marble Company and
director and adviser in other manufacturing, mercantile and
Industrial companies. Member of the state board of equali-
zation 1911-13. One of the committee to organize the first
republican party In the state, and has remained constantly
with the party ever since. Stockgrower; banker and ranch-


Frizen and Eliza Elizabeth Bell of Philadelphia, Pa.). Born
Oct. 15, 1825, Pottsville, Del. Came to Utah Sept. 13, 1861,
Joseph Home company.

Married Elizabeth Elenor Bell in Philadelphia (daughter
of James Bell of Delaware). Their children: Wil.lam James
Frizen; Joseph W.; Susanna Bell; Mary; Llllie; John; James;

Married Emma Wallen.

High priest. Deputy marshal in territorial days for a
number of years. Died in 1905.


Wesloy McAllister and Elizabeth Elenor Bell). Born Aug.
16, 1845, Pottsville, Del. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1861, Milo
Andrus company.

Married Elenor Jackson Adams Oct. 3, 1868 (daughter
of Samuel Lorenzo Adams and Emma Jackson, married in
England). She was born Aug. 3, 1853, Sugar House, Salt
Lake Co., Utah. Their children: William J. F., Jr. b. Nov.
17, 1870, m. Minnett Adams Jan. 6, 1890; Emma Elizabeth b.
Jan. 18, 1872, m. John Q. Adams Jan. 4, 1888; Richard Samuel
b. Oct. 27, 1874, m. Harriet L. Brown Nov. 19, 1895, m. Ida
Young Jan. 10, 1903; Alma Leo b. June 3, 1877, m. Mary
Elizabeth Lewis March 1, 1898, m. Luella Maud Dec. 31,
1908; Walter Adams b. May 23, 1880, m. Rachel Albe; John
b. Aug. 1889, died; Arthur Dee b. Oct. 29, 1884, m. D.
Hatch Oct. 1909; Melita Bell b. Oct. 7, 1887; Dellor Ray b.
May 6, 1889.

Married Angeline Brown at St. George, Utah (daughter
of Joseph Guinzey Brown and Harriet Musa Young, married
at Salt Lake City). She was born Jan. 6, 1861, Draper,
Utah. Their children: Granam Brown b. March 4, 1880, m.
Aseneth Chamberlin 1904; Nellie b. Dec. 13. 1881, m. Edgar
L. Clark 1906; Clara b. April 5, 1883; Symour Young b. May
17, 1887; Pursus b. Sept. 17, 1894; Wesley Theo b. Jan. 3,
1904. Families resided at Kanab, Utah.

Deputy marshal (territorial) for seven years. Served In
court in Beaver and St. George. Indian war veteran. Moved
to Kanab from St. George in 1876. Served as chorister Kanab
ward for 30 years.

Arthur and Susan McKein of Mt. Pleasant, Utah). Born
Dec. 24, 1824, in Pennsylvania. Came to Utah in 1850.

Married Urana Gregg Oct. 25, 1846 (daughter of John
Gregg and Elizabeth Roberts), who was born Feb. 13,
1826. Their children: Almeda Jennet, m. John Carter;
Emma Lucretia; Duncan, m. Lucina Whalin; Perry Melvln,
m. Carrie Jorgensen; Herbert Eldrege; Urana Loreta;
William Henry, m. Zetta Hutchison; Charles; Silas Gregg,
m. Christena Jensen; Annie, m. Erastus Frandsen; Agnes.
Family home Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

High priest; bishop; counselor to W. S. Seely. City
councilman. Farmer and doctor. Died at Mt. Pleasant.

Ait- it it I in-:, HARLUM (son of James McBride and Betsy
Mead of Chautauqua county, N. Y.). Born Dec. 8. 1824,
In New York. Came to Utah In 1849.

Married Jensine Gyldenlove Dec. 25, 1864, Hyrum, Utah
(daughter of Andrew Gyldenlove and Johannah Jocbemsen
of Randers, Denmark). She was born March 21, 1832.
Their children: Betsy Sophia, m. Hans G. Johnsen; Harlum
James, d. Jan. 30, 1894; Helen Maria, m. Andrew B. Niel-
sen. Family home, Hyrum.

High priest. Member Mormon battalion. City marshal
several years. Farmer. Died Nov. 21, 1901.

MeBRlDE, HEBER R. (son of Robert McBride of Rothesay,
Scotland, born Nov. 16, 1803, and Margret Howard, born
Dec. 21, 1814, at Churchtown, Lancashire, Eng. married
Nov. 25, 1833). He was born May 13, 1843, at Churchtown.
Came to Utah Nov. 30, 1856, Martin and Taylor handcart

Married Elizabeth Ann Burns July 28, 1868 (daughter
of Enoch Burns and Elizabeth Jane McGeth Pierce, mar-
ried Jan. 11, 1842, Hancock county. 111.). She was born
Feb. 17, 1851. Their children: Elizabeth Jane b. April 30,
1869, m. Alexander Ririe Jan. 5, 1887; Margarett H. b.
March 31, 1871, m. Joseph Bachmand Dec. 8, 1890; Anna
Bethsina b. Nov. 24, 1873, m. Frank Biard Dec. 30, 1894;
Heber R. b. Aug. 28, 1875; Enoch F. b. July 30, 1877; Orlando
b. Jan. 24, 1880, m. Mary Wangsgaard Oct. 8, 1902; Thirza
b. April 25, 1882, m. Leroy Fackrell April 24, 1901; Clar-
ence Burns b. July 6, 1884, m. Helen Bennett Dec. 28,
1908; Parley b. June 26, 1886, m. Jeneva Day Nov. 21, 1909;
Amber b. Dec. 26, 1888, m. Nels C. Petersen Dec. 9, 1908;
Edna b. Jan. 15, 1891, m. George Rasmussen Jan. 13, 1909.

Married Elizabeth B. Gould Nov. 24, 1884, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Robert Gould and Anna Simpson), who was
born May 27, 1857, In New York. Their children: Elizabeth
Elnora (adopted) b. March 20, 1879, m. Christen D. Peter-
son; Mary Evelee b. July 6, 1887, m. J. Norman Fackrell;
Delecta b. June 12, 1895; Ira Robert b. Sept. 10, 1896;
Detta Olive b. Nov. 7, 1898; Omer b. Feb. 7, 1901. Family
home Eden, Utah.

Assisted in bringing Immigrants to Utah In 1865. Vet-
eran Indian war. President 75th quorum seventies; high
priest; bishop's counselor.

McBRIDE, JAMES (son of Thomas McBride and Catherine
John of Iowa). Born May 15, 1818, In Ohio. Came to Utah
In October, 1850.

Married Olive M. Cheney (daughter of Aaron Cheney
and Mahetable Wells, pioneers 1850). She was born May
16, 1817. Only child: Amos O., m. Mary E. Jenson.

High priest. Farmer. Died Jan. 6, 1881, Grantsvllle,

McBRIDE, AMOS O. (son of James McBride and Olive
M. Cheney). Born Jan. 3, 1850, Appanoose Co., Iowa. Came
to Utah with parents.

Married Mary E. Jenson May 22, 1871, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Trults and Ingraber Jenson of Tooele, Utah).



She was born Feb. 14, 1854. Their children: Olive M.;
James T.; Amos O., Jr.; Alvin H.; Andrew C.; Mary L.;
Ellen E.; Edith I.; Leland L. Family home Grantsville,

High priest. Farmer and fruit raiser.

>!<< \HHF.L, JF.SSK HUGHES (son of Jesse McCarrel and
Mary Hughes). Born March 26, 1825, in Louisiana. Came
to Utah 1852, oxteam company.

Married Amanda Wood In 1848 (daughter of David and
Catherine Wood of Canada, pioneers 1852). She was born
Sept. 2, 1829. Their children: Jesse David b. Feb. 7, 1849,
m. Jane Cliff; Sidney Osborn b. Sept. 22, 1851, m. Susan
Sulzer; Mary Catherine b. Sept. 25, 1853, m. Daniel Evans;
Joseph Peter b. May 5, 1855, m. Elizabeth Sulzer; Amanda,
m. Harmon Knoble; Charles Oscar, m. Margaret Gill; Agnes,
m. John D. Mecham; William Mark, died; Eliza, m. Lafayette
Woods; George Hughes.

McCARREL, SIDNEY OSBORN (son of Jesse Hughes McCar-
rel and Amanda Wood). Born Sept. 22, 1851, at Council
Bluffs, Iowa. Came to Utah 1852, the oxteam company.

Married Susan Sulzer Jan. 24, 1878, Midway, Wasatch
Co., Utah (daughter of Casper Sulzer and Catherine Stued-
ler of Pike Pond, Sullivan county, N. T., the former of
Midway, Utah, the latter of Esenbogan, Switzerland, pio-
neers 1861, Joseph "Soung company). She was born Nov.
24, 1853. Their children: Auriela b. April 24, 1879, m. Alfred
Simpson; Amanda Catherine b. Jan. 12, 1881, died; Mary
Elizabeth b. Dec. 31, 1881, m. Virden Thompson; Frank b.
April 14, 1884, m. Carrie Holmes; Sidney Osborn b. June
SO, 1886, m. Luetta Cook; Harriet b. March 26, 1890, m.
David MeHenry Keays; Vernon Monroe b. May 11, 1893.

Elder; president of deacon quorum. Located at Ameri-
can Fork, Utah, 1852; moved to Provo; then to Midway,
Wasatch Co., Utah, and later to Ashley Fork (Vernal), Uin-
ta Co., Utah, 1881.

McCAHREY, WILLIAM (son of James McCarrey, born Sept.
21, 1799, and Catherine Crane, born July 5, 1793, Kirk Melew,
Isle of Man married in 1824, Kirk Melew). He was born
Feb. 12, 1832, Peel, Isle of Man. Came to Utah Sept. 3,

Married Hannah Melissa Hoopes July 24, 1864 (daughter
of Warner Hoopes and Priscilla Gifford, pioneers Aug. 2,
1859, Harlo Redfleld company married 1840, Kirtland,
Ohio). She was born April 30, 1845. Their children: Wil-
liam, Jr., b. June 26, 1865; Catherine Priscilla b. March
6. 1867, m. Thomas Smith Oct. 22, 1890; Rebecca Jane b.
June 27, 1869; James Lewis b. May 3, 1872, m. Alice Maiben
Squires Sept. 6, 1899; Hannah Elizabeth Adelaid b. Aug.
21, 1874, m. George Ellis Daly June 26, 1901; John b. April
29, 1877, m. Gustina Roggencamp Dec. 21, 1904; Olive Ann
b. Oct. 20, 1879, m. Arthur J. Mendenhall Sept. 7, 1904;
Melissa May b. May 13, 1882. Family home Richmond, Utah.

Ordained seventy 1861. Pioneer of Richmond March 1860.
Built first home at Lewiston, Utah, in August, 1871. Director
of Richmond Co-op. 1875-1900. Minuteman 1861-62; militia-
man Johnson army trouble.

McCARRET, JAMES LEWIS (son of William McCarrey and
Hannah Melissa Hoopes). Born May 3, 1872, Richmond,

Married Alice Maiben Squires (daughter of John Fell
Squires and Alice Penn Maiben, pioneers Sept. 30, 1853,
Jacob Gates company). She was born Oct. 13, 1876, Logan,
Utah. Their children: Alice Squires b. July 20, 1900; Flor-
ence Squires b. Feb. 1, 1902; James Lewis b. Jan. 30, 1906;
Lucile Squires b. Feb. 7, 1908; Elva Squires b. May 24, 1910.
Family home Richmond, Utah.

Missionary to northern states, returning, 1899. Graduate
Brigham Young College in June 1896. School teacher Rich-
mond, Utah, Sept. 1899-June 1902; principal 1903-04; super-
intendent of schools Cache Co., Utah, Jan. 1, 1895-July 1909.
Ordained high priest Jan. 5, 1908; superintendent Benson
stake Sunday schools Jan. 5, 1908; superintendent of Rich-
mond Sunday school May 1900 to Feb. 10, 1907. Director
of Richmond Co-op.

McCARTY, KELSON. Born in 1812 In Canada. Came to
Utah in September 1849, contingent Mormon battalion, Co.
B, Jesse B. Martin captain.

Married Louisa Payne in 1833 in Canada and she died at
Nauvoo, 111., in 1842. Their children: Charlotte b. Feb.
22, 1834, m. Thomas Browning June 1, 1854; Susan Catherine
b. 1836; Susan Maria b. 1837, d. 1844; Lemington b. Oct.
10, 1842, m. Hannah Williams, d. Feb. 21, 1903.

Married Mary Jane Morris in 1843, Nauvoo, 111. (daugh-
ter of Jacob Morris, pioneer, died in 1856 at Ogden). She
was born April 11, 1818, Kirtland, Ohio, died Dec. 4, 1893,
Ogden. Their children: Sarah b. Oct. 11, 1844, m. Daniel
Snell Oct. 30, 1870; Delilah b. April 4, 1846, m.. Thomas
Browning, m. Edward Keys 1864; Nelson b. Oct. 28, 1849,
m. Mary Ann Banford.

October 18, 1847, he, with Co. B, Mormon battalion, went to
winter quarters, arriving Dec. 18, 1847. In May 1849 he
left with his family in Captain Home's company for Utah.
Family arrived at Salt Lake City in September 1849.

McCARTY, NELSON, JR. (son of Nelson McCarty and Mary
Jane Morris). Born Oct. 28, 1849, Salt Lake City, died April
5, 1912, Ogden, Utah.

Married Mary Ann Banford Nov. 29, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Samuel Banford, died 1856, Worcestershire,

Eng., and Charlotte Farron, born Feb. 7, 1814, Worcester-
shire, died Nov. 12, 1905, Ogden Utah). She was born May

11, 1851, in Worcestershire. Left Liverpool March 28, 1857,
ship George Washington. Came to Utah with mother Sept.

12, 1857, Jesse B. Martin company. Their children: Char-
lotte Jane b. Sept. 23, 1870, m. Robert Fields June 21, 1890;
William N. b. Feb. 12, 1872, m. Fannie Foulke; Delilah b.
Oct. 21, 1874, m. George Wahlen; m. Charles L. Mitchell June
11, 1909; John b. May 22, 1878, m. Belle Leavitt; Samuel
b. Jan. 28, 1880, m. Anna Wilson.

McCHRYSTAL, JOHN (son of Philip McChrystal of Montreal,
Canada). Born July 14, 1834, Belfast, Ireland. Came to
Utah in 1857.

Married Sarah Hancock April 15, 1869, in Houghton
county, Mich, (daughter of John Hancock and Margaret
Gorham of Michigan). She was born Feb. 10, 1843. Their
children: John H. H., m. Belle Robins; Jackson C., m.
Miss Earls; Noah, m. Stella Lafeet; Alexander; Sadie, m.
Edward Parsons; Mark A., m. Grace Schuster; Jason. Fam-
ily home, Salt Lake City.

Miningman. Died July 14, 1897, Eureka, Utah.

McCLELLAX, JAMES (son of Hugh McClellan, born Feb.
8, 1773. and Polly McCall). He was born Aug. 8, 1804,
York district, S. C. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1850, William
Snow company.

Married Cynthia Stewart Jan. 19, 1826, who was pioneer
Oct. 6, 1850, William Snow company. Their children: Wil-
liam Carroll b. May 12, 1828, m. Almeda Day July 19, 1849;
Matilda Elizabeth b. Dec. 15, 1829, m. James W. Love-
less; Mary Jane b. Aug. 22, 1831. m. William Head; Samuel
Wilburn b. Aug. 23, 1833, m. Arthusa Head; Hugh Miles
b. Feb. 4, 1835; Hugh Jefferson b. Nov. 13, 1836, m. Juliet
Chase; John Jasper b. Aug. 6, 1838, m. Eliza Walser; Louisa
Ann b. April 11, 1841, m. Eli Bell; Sarah Amanda b. Nov.
5, 1844, m. James Mamoill; James b. Aug. 19, 1848; Cynthia
Selena b. Aug. 22, 1850, m. David Brown; Araminta b.
Aug. 11, 1852, m. Edward Bunker.

Married Elsie Jane Richardson April 14, 1873, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John Richardson and Minerva Ann Wil-
liams Richardson married 1836, came to Utah April 30.
1872, Henry G. Boyle company). She was born May 2,
1848, in Franklin county, Va. Their children: Laura Cath-
erine b. June 9, 1874, m. Hyrum Whipple March 1, 1891;
Lorenzo Carroll b. Nov. 17, 1876, m. Assenath Porter Sept.
SO, 1908; Wilford b. Aug. 7, 1879, m. Clara Kingsford May
13, 1908; Orson Wells b. Nov. 17, 1882, m. Geneva Porter
June 11, 1908; Joseph Earl b. March 28, 1884, m. Lois Hurst
Oct. 5, 1907; Minerva Jane b. March 1, 1887, m. David Mayer
June 8, 1910; Lois Elizabeth b. Oct. 23, 1889; Alta Willmerth
b. Feb. 4, 1893.

Ordained high priest in Nauvoo, 111. Moved to Payson
1851, where he resided for many years. Lumberman; gun-
smith; blacksmith.

Clellan and Cynthia Stewart). Born May 12, 1828, Bedford
county, Tenn.

Married Almeda Day July 19, 1849, Pottawattamie, Iowa
(daughter of Hugh Day, pioneer Oct. 6, 1850, William Snow
company, and Rhoda Ann Nickles). She was born Nov.
28, 1831, Leeds, Lower Canada. Their children: Mary
Almeda b. May 11, 1850, m. Alma E. Bagley Sept. 17,
1867; William Hugh b. March 24, 1852, m. Elizabeth A.
Mitchell; Maria Matilda b. May 2, 1854, m. John Hutch
March 14, 1873; Cynthia Lovesta b. May 2, 1856, m. George
W. Bailey; James Jasper b. Dec. 28, 1858, m. Hannah Soren-
sen; Sarah Evaline b. Feb. 10, 1860, m. Elisha E. Bailey
Sept. 13, 1878; John Henry b. April 12, 1863; David Alvin
b. June 16, 1865, m. Esther Tusley; Samuel Edwin b. July

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