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23, 1867, m. Bertha M. Lewis Sept. 27, 1891; Rhoda Ann
b. Oct. 27, 1871, m. Joseph S. Cardon; George Alma b.
June 13, 1872, m. Mary A. Wright Sept. 18, 1893; Charles
Eli b. Feb. 8, 1875, m. Josephine Haws April 11, 1900.

Bishop of Pleasanton, N. M.; president 46th quorum sev-
enties; member high council Juarez stake 17 years. As-
sisted in ferrying pioneers across Missouri river. Member
Company E Mormon battalion. Came to Utah July 27,
1847, and in August 1847 started for Missouri to assist
family, reaching Council Bluffs in November 1847; moved to
Payson in March 1851. Called to Sunset, Ariz., Sept. 24,
1877; moved to Forest Dale, Ariz., and resided there one
year, when called to preside over church at Pleasanton,
N. M., where he remained three years. Veteran Indian war.

McCLELLAN, WILLIAM HUGH (son of William Carroll
McClellan and Almeda Day). Born March 24, 1852, Payson.

Married Elizabeth A. Mitchell May 18, 1875, at Payson
(daughter of David Mitchell and Christiana Frost, pio-
neers Sept. 1862, A. H. Patterson company). She was born
May 3, 1859, in South Africa. Their children: Ethel Ger-
trude b. April 28, 1877; Almeda Ladell b. April 5, 1879, m.
Lee Vannosdol Feb. 12, 1900; William Hugh b. July 15,
1882, m. Jennie Taylor April 13, 1902; Elizabeth Jane b.
Jan. 11, 1884, m. John Gamwells Feb. 17, 1902; Christiana
Marlah b. Dec. 27, 1886, m. Willard Ellertson Oct. 5, 1905;
David Mitchell b. Feb. 4, 1888; James Samuel b. Feb. 12,
1890; Alfred A. b. May 18, 1892; Sarah Arminta b. March
3, 1894; Learah Deseret b. Jan. 5, 1896; Norah Marian b.
Nov. 1, 1898. Family home, Payson.



lan and Cynthia Stewart). Born Nov. 13, 1836, Shelby
county, 111. Came to Utah In 1847, James McClellan corn-
Married Juliet Chase Aug. 11, 1858, Ogden, Utah (daugh-
ter of Ezra and Tirzah Wells Chase of Harrisville, Utah).
She was born Sept. 13, 1841. Their children: Hugh Manuel
b. Sept. 11. 1859; Elsie b. Sept. 18, 1861; James Ezra b.
Sept. 15, 1863; Tirzah Juliet b. Nov. 11, 1865; Cynthia Let-
ticia b. Nov. 7, 1867; Georg]e B. b. July 12, 1870; Henry
Vernon b. May 30, 1872; Ernest b. Aug. 25, 1874; Winficld
Scott b. Feb. 7, 1877; Nellie b. Oct. 8, 1879; Ethel b. July
21, 1882; Albert L. b. Sept. 13, 1884.

Rancher; farmer; merchant; miller. Died Jan. IS, 1912,
Loa, Utah.

McCLEMOND, SAMUEL. Born in Ireland. Came to Utah
in 1853.

Married Mary Ann Hartle at Salt Lake City (daughter
of Samuel Hartle and Mary Nichols of England, pioneers
1849). Their children: Lydia Jane b. May 8, 1888, m. Sam-
uel R. Page; Sarah Ellen b. April 21, 1889, m. Francis
Melvin Caldwell. Family resided Salt Lake City and Vernal,

McCLEVE, JOHN (son of John McCleve). Came to Utah
with handcart company.

Married Nancy Jane McFarren (daughter of Margaret
McHarra of Ireland). Only child: Mary Jane, m. Priddy

McCRACKEN, HENRY (son of James and Sarah McCracken,
of Letterkenny, near Londonderry, Ireland). Born in 1810,
at Letterkenny. Came to Utah Sept. 27, 1862, John R.
Murdock company.

Married Sarah Shaw 1834 at Duntocker, Scotland (daughter
of Hugh Shaw and Sarah Summerville, of Duntocker). She
was born in 1818 at Dumbarton. Their children: James, m.
Elizabeth F. Miller; Henry; Robert; Sarah; John, m. Jane
Downes; Joseph, m. Annie Scrowthers; Thomas, m. Emma
Downes; Elizabeth, m. Charles Rash. Family home Smith-
field, Cache Co., Utah.

Elder. President of Bradford district near Manchester,
Eng. Chemist. Died May 4, 1879, Smithfield.

[Note The son of Henry McCracken adopted the name of

McCULLOCH, JOHN BLACK (son of George McCulloch,
Puston, Scotland, born in 1801, and Marion Black, born Stub-
hill, Scotland). He was born in August, 1829. Came to
Utah Aug. 27, I860, Daniel Robinson company.

Married Margeret McNeil in June 1852 (daughter of
Charles McNeil and Marion Dobie. pioneers Aug. 27, 1860,
Daniel Robinson company married in 1830, Penston, Scot-
land). She was born Jan. 1, 1834. Their children: George
b. May 25, 1855, m. Katherine Smith 1876; Charles b. Aug.
14. 1857, m. Jane H. Smith 1879; Marian b. May 23, 1860.
m. William Nelson 1878; John Henry b. Nov. 12, 1862; Isa-
bell b. March 3, 1866, m. Frank Hubbard 1890; Alexander
b. April 29, 1868, m. Ethel Mary Oct. 14. 1909; Margeret b.
Dec. 9, 1870. m. Charles Davey, Jr. 1900; Agnes b. June 8,
1873. m. Richard Smith 1890; Anna b. June 24. 1881, m. Otto
Bt'arson 1902; George b. Jan. 1885. Family resided Salt Lake
City and Logan, Utah, and Rexburg, Idaho.

Pioneer of Logan, Utah, in 1861. Died In 1893 at Rexburg.

McCULLOCH, ALEXANDER (son of John Black McCulloch
and Margeret McNeil). Born April 29, 1868. Logan. Utah.

Married Ethel Mayo at Towcester, Eng. (daughter of
Valentine Joseph Mayo and Harriet Wheeler), who was
born March 26, 1882. Their child: Hazel Marion b. July
19. 1910.

McCULLOUGH, LEVI HAMILTON (son of Lev! McCullough
and Isabel Hamilton). Born April 18. 1810, Norwich, Chen-
ango county, N. Y. Came to Utah in 1848, Captain Howell

Married Clarinda Bartholomew Jan. 9, 1834 (daughter of
Isaac Bartholomew and Jerusha Molby), who was born June
4, 1815. and died at Winter Quarters, Neb. Their children:
Julia Frances b. July 26, 1836, m. Amos Bemis 1863; Eliza
Esther b. Dec. 31, 1837, m. Culbert King 1854; Henry Judson
b. April 13, 1842, m. Helen Mar Callister May 22, 1864; Emily
Jerusha b. Aug. 11, 1845. d. Aug. 2, 1847.

Sheriff of Millard county 1854-65; mayor in Nauvoo legion
1855: member presidency 42d quorum seventies; member Co.
C Mormon battalion. School teacher at Fillmore 1865-66.
Member Fillmore city council.

McCULLOUGH, HENRY JUDSON (son of Levl Hamilton Mc-
Cullough and Clarinda Bartholomew). Born April 13. 1842,
Jackson. Mich

Married Helen Mar Callister May 22, 1864, Fillmore, Utah
(daughter of Thomas Callister and Helen Mar Clark, pioneers
Sept. 26, 1847, Daniel Spencer company). She was born
Kpt. 26, 1846. Winter Quarters, Neb. Their children: Helen
Mar b. March 12, 1866. m. John Elbert Wi'cox; Caroline
F.liza b. Nov. 13, 1866. d. Nov. 16, 1866; Clarinda Altana b.
Nov. 20, 1867, m. Peter Lorenzo Brunson; Frances Melissa b.
Nov. 1, 1870. m. David Oswell Wilcox: Henry Judson, Jr.
b. June 12. 1874. d. June 7, 1876; Claribell b. Jan. 19, 1877. m.
Parley Franklin Savage; Esther b. Dec. 7, 1879, d. July 6,

1894; Levi Hamilton b. March 27, 1833. m. Sarah Alvey March
26. 1903; Thomas Clark b. Dec. 16, 1885, m. Rose Day June
28, 1911; Eleanor b. March 26, 1888, m. Charles R. Sampson
Dec. 21, 1910. Family resided at Fillmore, Marion ward,
and Burtner, Utah.

Ward teacher; president Y. M. M. I. A.; superintendent
Sunday school; second counselor to Bishop Alexander Mel-
ville; member high council of Millard stake; missionary to
Great Britain 1867-68. Councilman at Fillmore; constable.

MeClJNE, MATTHEW (son of Robert McCune, of Newtown
Ards, Ireland, and Lucy Jane Fleming, of Scotland). Born
July 23, 1811, Douglas, Isle of Man. Came to Utah Sept.
21, 1867. Delaware company.

Married Sarah E. C. Scott April 11, 1836. who came to
Utah with husband and who was born Jan. 28, 1812. Their
children: Henry F. b. May 31, 1840, m. Elizabeth Grace Dec.
24. 1861; George b. Dec. 27, 1846, m. Sarah E. Wright
Jan. 11, 1868; Alfred W. b. July 11, 1849, m. Elizabeth A.
Clarridge July 1, 1876; Edward J. b. Sept. 27, 1851, m. Mar-
garet A. Hague Sept. 30, 1872.

Missionary to Great Britain twice. Military officer. Physi-
cian and surgeon. Pioneer of Nephi, Utah 1868. Died Oct.
27, 1889.

McCUNE, HENRY F. (son of Matthew McCune and Sarah E.
Scott). Born May 31, 1840. Calcutta, India.

Married Elizabeth Grace Dec. 24, 1861, Nephi. Utah (daugh-
ter of Isaac Grace, pioneer Oct. 15, 1851, James W. Cummings
company, and Elizabeth Williams Grace). She was born
July 23, 1843, Liverpool, Eng. Their children: Henry M. b.
Sept. 27, 1862, m. Esther E. Paxman April 9, 1885; Elizabeth
Grace b. May 21, 1864, m. Adelbert Cazier Jan. 1890; Hen-
rietta b. Sept. 2, 1867, m. Mark A. Coombs March 6. 1890;
Alfred A. b. March 2, 1870, m. Sarah Broadhead June 22. 1892;
George W. b. May 24, 1872, m. Sarah A. Scowcroft Nov. 21,
1900; Sarah Florence b. Sept. 16, 1874. m. S. J. Lunt Oct. 17,
1898; Royal Albert b. Jan. 29, 1877. m. Elizabeth May Rice
Dec. 19, 1905; Mabel b. March 12, 1881, m. J. W. Ure. Jr. Sept.
12, 1906: Margaret Leah b. June 21, 1883, m. B. W. Musser
Jan. 3, 1906; Ross Hamilton b. Oct. 9. 1887; Clarence Scott b.
June 9, 1890. Family resided Nephi and Ogden, Utah.

Was member of Juab stake high council for 19 years.
Veteran Black Hawk war. Missionary to East Indies and to
New Zealand. Pioneer to Nephi 1858; moved to Ogden In

McCURDY, ALBERT GALLINTON (son of John Robert Mc-
Curdy and Mary Epperson, of Glenwood, Iowa). Born Nov.
6, 1844. Came to Utah In 1867.

Married Chrlstena Bonner Sept. 7, 1869, at Midway, Utah
(daughter of George Bonner and Margerette Edmiston,
pioneers 1857). She was born Sept. 7, 1862, in Scotland.
Their children: tlmeda Loretta b. May 19. 1870, m. George
Bird; Albert b. Feb. 8, 1872, m. Delia Workman; George
Bonner b. April 4. 1874. m. Clarissa Antonette Clark; Mar-
gerett Edmiston b. May 1, 1876, m. Myron Roberts; Ann
b. April 6, 1878, m. George Clark; Daisy b. Feb. 24, 1880. m.
Lars Sorensen; Jane b. May 6, 1882, m. Louis Galley; Tina
Lucretia b. Aug. 19, 1884, m. Archer Jenkins; Robert b.
May 18, 1886, m. Allie Decker; Elizabeth b. April 29, 1888,
and Ethel May b. May 2, 1890. latter two died.

Elder. Farmer. Died Jan. 24, 1892, at Vernal, Utah.

McCURDY, GEORGE BONNER (son of Albert Gallinton Mc-
Curdy and Christena Bonner). Born April 4, 1874, Heber
City, Utah.

Married Clarissa Antonette Clark Jan. 1, 1897, Vernal,
Utah (daughter of Israel Justice Clark and Emily Jane
Pearson, pioneers 1848, John Smith company). She was
born Nov. 4, 1880. at Vernal. Their children: Alice Mel-
vina b. Aug. 7, 1898; Lavista Pearl b. Dec. 24, 1907.


McCURDY, JACOB WENTLING (son of John McCurdy, born
In Ireland, and Elizabeth Wentling, born in Germany). He
was born March 11, 1818, in Ocean county, N. J. Came
to Utah Aug. 10, 1853, Anthony and Israel Ivans company.

Married Emerline Applegate in June 1845 (daughter of
John Applegate), who was born Sept. 7, 1825, and came to
Utah with husband. Their children: Martha Ann b. 1847,
d. 1852; Charles Ivans b. 1849, d. 1852; Mary Emma b.
1852, d. 1852; France Anna b. 1854. m. J. S. Wing 1876;
Jacob Ellwood b. Oct. 9. 1856, m. Olive L. Packard, Provo,
Utah, Oct. 15, 1894: Anthony b. 1864, d. 1875.

Ironmolder. Veteran of Walker Indian war. Pioneer
to Gunnison, Utah; moved to Sprlngville in 1863. Pioneer

McCURDY, JACOB ELLWOOD (son of Jacob Wentling Mc-
Curdy and Emerline Applegate). Born Oct. 9, 1856. Salt
Lake City.

Married Olive L. Packard Oct. 15, 1894, Provo. Utah
(daughter of Romanzo Packard and Mary Ross), who was
born Nov. 10, 1870, in Iowa. Their children: J. R. b. Nov.
6. 1897; Howard E. b. July 10, 1899; Elsie L. b. April 7,

MoDANIEL, JOHN (son of James McDaniel of Ohio and
Zbinh McCarley). Born 1812 in Ohio. Came to Utah Oct.
29. 1852. Isaac Stewart company.

Married Christine Stocker in Ohio (daughter of David



Stocker, pioneer Oct. 29, 1852, Isaac Stewart company).
She was born in Hancock county. 111. Their children:
Electa Jane b. 1835, m. Eli Ashcraft; Tabltha b. 1837, m.
Dale Norton; John R. b. 1839, m. Sarah Ann Watkins;
Cathrine b. 1842, m. Alma Winn; George Washington b.
1844, m. Mary Jane Taylor; Matilda b. 1841, m. T. J. Mc-
Cullough; James William b. 1847, m. Vina Mantle; David
b. 1851, m. Sarah Ann Clark; Michael Sylvester b. 1857, m.
Emma Beck. Family home Alpine, Utah.

Settled at Alpine 1852. High priest. Farmer.

lel and Christine Stocker). Born 1844 in Hancock county,
111. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Mary Jane Taylor Dec. 29, 1867, Alpine, Utah
(daughter of Mary Ann Taylor of England, pioneer Sept.
4, 1866, Thomas E. Ricks company). She was born in Bir-
mingham, Eng. Their children: Mary Matilda b. Oct. 23,
1868, m. Francis Lyman Carlisle; William Ellas b. Dec.
21, 1870, died; George Willard b. Dec. 1871, m. Cathrine
Oakley; Charlotte Alice b. Dec. 19, 1874, m. John Gould
Davis; Alvin Sylvester b. 1877, m. Alice Hunter; William
John b. 1879, died; Delbert Carroll b. 1880, m. Hazel Rishens;
Esther Eliza b. 1882, m. John S. Curzon.

High priest; ward teacher. Builder. Indian war veteran.

McDONALD, EDWARD. Born Feb. 1, 1821, Ruskey, Tyrone,
Ireland. Came to Utah in 1866.

Married Elizabeth Kellun, who was born May 6, 1827,
and died In April 1912. Their children: Isabella, m. John
Batchelor; William; John Taylor; Mary b. March 5, 1863,
m. J. T. Dorchnus Dec. 20, 1882; Jessie, m. Walter Bingham.
Family home Riverdale, Utah.

Died In 1891 at Ogden, Utah.


Married Rachel Burck Taaffe. Their children: Elizabeth
Taaffe b. Dec. 27, 1823; William Taaffe b. Dec. 13, 1825; John
Taaffe b. April 11, 1830; Alexander Taaffe b. April 8, 1833;
Washington Taaffe b. Aug. 9, 1835; James K. Taaffe b.
Aug. 4, 1837; Jane Taaffe b. In March 1840; Joseph Taaffe
b. Jan. 1, 1842. All came to America except Elizabeth,
who died in Ireland. William died In California; all the
other children died in Salt Lake City.

MCDONALD, JOHN TAAFFEE (son of John Kiipatrtck and

Rachel Burck Taaffe of Armagh, Ireland). Born April 11,
1830, in Armagh. Came to Utah with father.

Married Eleanor Amelia Crossland May 17, 1858, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Junius Crossland and Frances
Otton of London, Eng., pioneers Sept. 11, 1853, Jacob Gates
company). She was born March 24, 1841. Their children:
Fannie Rachel, m. George B. Margetts; John Crossland,
m. Laura Elvira Minor; Joseph Smith, died; Rachel, m.
F. E. Margetts; James G., m. Edith Cartwright, m. Lillie
Neal; Junius C., m. Alice Byetheway; William C., m. Annie
Strongberg; Ronald C., died; Eleanor Amelia, m. Richard
Chamberlain; George Washington C., m. Kate South; Ronald
C. and Alexander, died. Family home. Salt Lake City.

Seventy; high priest. Merchant. Died Aug. 15, 1910.

McDONALD, JAMES G. (son of John Taaffe McDonald and
Eleanor Amelia Crossland). Born April 30, 1865, Salt Lake

Married Edith Cartwright at Salt Lake City (daughter
of John Cartwright and Ann Hartwick, pioneers 1862).
She died. Their children: Florence; Irene; James G. ; Lucile.

Married Lillie Neal (daughter of Casper W. Neal and
Elizabeth Hanna, came to Utah in 1869). Their children:
Neal: Lillie; Earl. Families resided at Salt Lake City.

High priest. President and director of Utah State Fair
Association. Manufacturer of candy, cocoa and chocolate.
Director Utah State National Bank.

McDONALD, WILLIAM (son of James McDonald and Sarah
Ferguson of Crawford's Burn, County Down, Ireland). Born
In Ireland In 1805. Came to Utah Oct. 15, 1850, oxteam

Married Seriah Shirts Dec. 10. 1853, Cedar City, Utah
(daughter of Peter Shirts and Margaret Cameron of Cedar
City, Utah, pioneers Oct. 1, 1850, oxteam company). Their
children: Jane b. Oct. 19, 1854, m. Thompson McNaughton;
Sarah Ann b. March 3, 1856, m. Brigham Young; William
b. Dec. 16, 1857, m. Hannah Handberg; Margaret Seriah b.
Jan. 15, 1860, m. Jonas Anderson, m. John Erickson; James
b. Dec. 21, 1861, m. Sarah Broadhead; Mary b. Feb. 1,
1864, m. David Young; Eliza Ann b. July 4, 1865, m. John
Blackley; George b. Dec. 12, 1866, m. Sarah A. Hamilton;
Olive b. Aug. 20, 1868, died; Nancy b. April 11, 1870; Roda
Francis b. Dec. 6, 1871, m. David Jones; Joseph b. Nov.
11, 1872, died; Lucy and Robert (twins) b. May 18, 1874,
died; Fannie Levina b. Sept. 7, 1875, m. Henry R. Cluff;
Ermlna b. Sept. 2, 1876; Alma b. Jan. 11, 1878; John b.
April 11, 1879; Lenora b. March 12, 1882; Allilea b. Sept.
28, 1885. These last five all died. Family home Heber
City, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Ann Shirts Nov. 3, 1865, Salt Lake
Endowment House (daughter of Peter Shirts and Margaret
Cameron of Cedar City, Utah, pioneers Oct. 1, 1850, oxteam

company). She was born Feb. 15, 1849. Their children:
Hyrum b. Feb. 7, 1867, died; Seriah Jane b. April 14, 1870,
m. Andrew Johnston; Margaret Ann b. July 15, 1872, m.
Daniel L. Griffith; Henry Carlos b. Nov. 21, 1874, m. Flor-
ence Morgan; Susan Sophia b. Aug. 4, 1877, m. Richard
R. Giles; Elizabeth b. April 24, 1880, m. Jesse Munroe
Witt; Joseph b. Aug. 24, 1882, m. Nettie Clegg; Elva Loretta
b. Feb. 7, 1884, died; Clara b. Jan. 3, 1885, m. John McAfee:
Edward b. May 4, 1888. m. Myrtle Clayborn; Daniel Lewis
b. Nov. 25, 1890, m. Nina Sulcer; Maudie May b. July 27,
1893, died. Family home, Heber City, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher at Springville, Utah; appointed
by Brigham Young to locate agricultural sections for set-
tlement; worked on Nauvoo temple. First county treas-
urer Wasatch county; selectman same county. Scout in
Echo Canyon campaign; veteran Walker and Black Hawk
Indian wars. Farmer and stockraiser.

McEWAN, HENRY (son of John McEwan and Jane Mc-
Anley of Ireland). Born Feb. 14, 1802, Parish of Garvaby,
County Down, Ireland. Came to Utah Sept. 3, 1860, James
D. Ross company.

Married Jane Thompson in Ireland (daughter of Joseph
Thompson and Eliza Boyce of VanBridge, Down, Ireland).
She was born Dec. 25, 1801. Their children: John, m.
Amanda M. Higbee; Jane, died; Joseph, died; Robert T.,
m. Jeanette Hogg; Henry, m. Agnes Hogg; Jane, m. Wil-
liam T. Reid; William, died; Joseph, died; Eliza, m. Joseph
M. Brown; Joseph Thompson, m. Irinda Naomi Crandall.
Family home Provo, Utah.

High priest; president Edinburgh conference several
years. Farmer. Died Sept. 24, 1882, Provo, Utah.

McEWAN, JOHN (son of Henry McEwen, born February
1802, County Down, Ireland, and Jane Thompson, born Dec.
25, 1801, Bonbricly, Ireland). Born February 1824 at Bon-
bride, County Down, Ireland. Came to Utah 1848.

Married Amanda M. Higbee Dec. 23, 1845 (daughter of
Isaac Higbee and Keziah String, married Feb. 11, 1819,
former pioneer 1848, latter died at Nauvoo, 111.). She was
born May 20, 1826. Their children: Mary J. b. Nov. 17,
1846, m. Oscar Wilktns Nov. 27, 1866; William b. June 17,
1848, m. Ellen Haws; Joseph b. May 17, 1850; Amanda M.
b. Nov. 13, 1851, m. Jesse Knight Jan. 18, 1869; John H. b.
Sept. 22, 1854, m. Nellie Flemings; Isaac H. b. Dec. 3, 1856,
m. Rachel Ferre; Julia R. b. Feb. 20, 1860, m. William Haws;
David O. b. Aug. 6, 1863; Jesse b. July 7, 1867; Eleanor b.
Oct. 10, 1869, m. John Roundy. Family home Provo, Utah.

President 22nd quorum seventies; secretary to Joseph
Smith In Nauvoo, 111. Clerk 3rd judicial district court;
postmaster Provo.

McEWAN, JOSEPH THOMPSON (son of Henry McEwan
and Jane Thompson). Born Sept. 1, 1840, Edinburgh, Scot-
land. Came to Utah with father.

Married Irinda Naomi Crandall Aug. 25, 1867, Provo. Utah
(daughter of Spicer Wells Crandall and Sophia Kellogg
of Michigan and later Springville, Utah, pioneers Aug.

1850, Captain Johnson company). She waa born Aug. 18,

1851, Springville, Utah. Their children: Joseph C. b. July
1, 1870. died; Laura Sophia b. Sept. 24, 1871, m. Louis Wil-
liam Nuttall; Robert Wells b. May 16, 1873, died; Bertha
Irinda b. Dec. 17, 1874, m. George Henry Elliott; William
Spicer b. Feb. 6, 1877, died; Daniel Dean b. Aug. 14, 1878,
m. Emily Mecham; Mabel Ottilie b. Dec. 9, 1881, m. Reed
A. Boren; Rhoda b. Aug. 16, 1883, m. Raymond Boren;
Jennie Theresa b. Oct. 31, 1885, m. Frank C. Thome; Ella-
therla b. June 6, 1887, m. George V. Selman; Owen Cran-
dall b. Jan. 10, 1889; Erma b. Sept. 20, 1892, m. J. Oliver
Hood. Family home Provo, Utah.

High priest; president 45th and 123rd quorums seventies;
ward clerk 4th ward, Provo. County commissioner; city
councilman. One of those who started the Salt Lake Herald
and started the first newspaper at Provo. Printer.

McEWAN. DANIEL DEAN (son of Joseph Thompson McEwan
and Irinda Naomi Crandall). Born Aug. 14, 1878, Provo,

Married Emily Mecham Nov. 16, 1898, Manti, Utah (daugh-
ter of Amasa Lyman Mecham and Lorana Boren of Provo,
pioneers 1851, Morris Phelps company). She was born Nov.
23, 1879. Their children: Kenneth Eugene and Gilbert Dean
(twins) b. Aug. 27, 1899; Murry Wells b. July 25, 1902; Vivian
Lorana b. March 27, 1904; Inez b. Nov. 16, 1908: Marvin
D. b. Jan. 13, 1912. Family home Provo Bench, Utah.

Member 123d quorum seventies; missionary to eastern
states 1908-10; bishop; president Y. M. M. I. A. Miller and

McFARLAND, JAMES (son of John McFarland and Mary
Irvin of Paisley, Scotland). Born May 18, 1818, in Ireland.
Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1866, Joseph S. Rawlins oxtratn.

Married Sarah Mitchell In Ireland (daughter of Henry
Mitchell and Mary McCalvay of Belfast). She was born Nov.
14. 1814. Their children: Mary, m. William Morrow; Mar-
garet, m. William Morrow; Agnes, m. William Nephi Casper;
William Henry, m. Trade Brown; Sarah Jean, m. James
Moroni Casper. Family home Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co.,

High priest. Settled at Mill Creek and after seven years
moved to Granger; lived there 15 years, then to Star Valley,
Wyo. Farmer. Died April 10, 1891, at latter place.



MeFARLAND, WILLIAM (son of Archibald McFarland and
Mary Blair of Dromora, Ireland). Born June 8, 1795, Tril-
lick, Tyrone Co., Ireland. Came to Utah Sept. 25. 1855,
Richard Ballantyne company.

Married Margret McCormick January, 1832, Dysart, Fife-
shire, Scotland (daughter of James McCormick and Jennet
Mitchel of Fifeshire). She was born April 11, 1804. Their
children: Archibald b. Dec. 17, 1832, m. Isabell Mitchel;
James b. Oct. 25, 1835, m. Hannah Boyck; William b. May 14,
1838, m. Rose Cole; Mary Ann b. Oct. 22, 1842, m. Hans D. Pet-
terson; Robert b. Sept. 11, 1844, m. Mahale Wilson; Jennet b.
Sept. 8, 1846, died. Family home West Weber, Utah.

Patriarch; high priest. Justice of the peace. West Weber
precinct. Died Jan. 27, 1890, West Weber.

McFARLAND, ARCHIBALD (son of William McFarland and
Margret McCormick). Born Dec. 17, 1832, Hawklymuir, Fife-
shire, Scotland. Came to Utah Sept. 25, 1855, Richard Bal-
lantyne company.

Married Isabel Mitchel Aug. 3, 1856, Boness, Linlithgow,
Scotland (daughter of William Mitchel and Isabella Nimmo
of Linlithgow). She was born March 5, 1837. Their chil-
dren: James R. b. Dec. 20, 1859, m. Mary E. Etherington;
Charles B. b. April 8, 1862, m. Susan A. Etherington; Isa-
bella b. Sept. 25, 1864, m. Joseph Hogge; Archibald b. Jan.
16, 1867, m. Emiline Nelson; John b. Dec. 31, 1868, m. Grace
McKay; Albert R. b. May 1, 1871, m. Elizabeth Greenwell;
Margret E. b. Oct. 13, 1873, m. Joseph Nelson; Janet b. June
29, 1879, m. Thomas R. Faddis; Daniel b. May 17, 1882, m.
Esther Greenwell. Family home West Weber, Weber Co.,

Presided over West Weber ward nearly ten years; filled
three foreign missions. Two terms In legislature; justice of
the peace ten years.

McFARLAND, CHARLES B. (son of Archibald McFarland and
Isabell Mitchel). Born April 8, 1862, West Weber.

Married Susan A. Etherington April 2, 1882, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Thomas Etherington and Sarah Wheeler
of West Weber, Utah, pioneers 1855, Jacob Secrist com-
pany). She was born April 2, 1864. Their children: Ida
b. March 2, 1883, m. Jacob W. Gibson; Charles H. b. Nov.
6, 1884, m. Esther E. Drake; Archibald J. b. Sept. 29, 1887;
Thomas L. b. Sept. 24, 1891; William M. b. June 8. 1894; Roy
b. May 14, 1896; Susan A. b. Aug. 9, 1898; Donald B. b. Oct.
18, 1900; Sarah Isabell b. July 26, 1903.

Second counselor elders' quorum. Died Oct. 16, 1909.

McFARLANE, PETER (son of George McFarlane and Agnes
Bryson of Scotland). Born Aug. 28, 1819, Glasgow, Scot-
land. Came to Utah September, 1862, Israel Canfleld

Married Mary Clark 1846 at Glasgow (daughter of John
Clark of Johnston, Scotland). She was born June, 1820.
Their children: James, m. Martha Smuln; Peter K., d. Infant;
John; Peter B.; Mary C., d. infant; Arthur, d. aged 33.
Family home, Glasgow.

Home missionary 1864-68; president of branch, Grenock,
Scotland; block teacher. First lieutenant territorial militia.
Shoemaker. Died July, 1883, Ogden, Utah.

McFARLANE, JAMES (son of Peter McFarlane and Mary
Clark). Came to Utah with father.

Married Martha Smuln Oct. 6, 1868, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of John Smuin and Jane Honey of London, Eng., pioneers
1869). She was born Aug. 8, 1848. Their children: James,

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