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m. Thursia Shaw; Mary Jane; Martha A.; Joseph C., m. Pearl
Richards; John S., m. Alice Llddell; Louisa, m. Gilbert Mears;
Arthur, m. Gertrude Rock; Harriet, m. Julias Millican;
Florence; Lawrence C.; William C., d. aged 4. Family home
Ogden, Utah.

Member 131st quorum seventies; missionary to England
1904-07; block teacher. Station baggage agent U. P. R. R.
at Ogden.

McFERSON, DIMON (son of William McFerson and Miriam
Runnels of New York state). Born June 15, 1809, Newport.
N. H. Came to Utah In 1855, Isaac Allred company.

Married Mary Ann Neas Nov. 29, 1845, at Nauvoo (daughter
of Peter Neas and Ellen Martin of Pennsylvania). She was
born Jan. 29, 1824. Their children: Sarah b. Oct. 20, 1846,
m. Peter Van Orden; Abner b. Sept. 14, 1849; Delila b. Jan.
B, 1852; m. William Bodily; Lydia b. Aug. 26, 1853, m. Lev!
Phillips; Jedediah b. Dec. 7, 1866; Miriam b. Oct. 12, 1858, m.
J. G. M. Barnes; Mary Ann b. Nov. 4, 1860, m. Jacob Layton;
Rhoda Matilda b. May 6, 1863, m. Irvin Keetely; Dolly b.
March 7, 1865, m. Frank Brown; David b. March 31, 1867,
m. Mary Ann Watte. Family home Kaysvllle, Davis Co.,

Justice of the peace; orderly sergeant and color bearer;
member of city council. Died Feb. 14, 1876.

MeGARY, CHARLES. Born about 1810. Came to Utah 1850,
Captain Evans company.

Married Charlotte Earle in Canada (daughter of William
Earle of Logan, Utah, pioneers 1850, Captain Evans com-
pany). She was born 1816. Their children: William, m. Ellen
Pratt; Jane, m. Wells Chase; Ellen, m. Potter Bowen; Sarah,
m. James Browning; James; Malissa. m. Benjamin Garr.
Family home Ogden, Utah.

Road supervisor several years. Blacksmith and farmer.
Died April 1875.

McGAVIN, ROBERT (son of Robert McGavin and Janet
Johnston of Glasgow, Scotland). Born July 6, 1843, at
Glasgow. Came to Utah 1865, Hooper & Eldredge merchant

Married Rozelia Gee Oct. 7, 1865, Tooele City, Utah
(daughter of Lysander Gee and Theresa Bowley of St. Louis
Mo., pioneers 1852). She was born June 1, 1848. Their chil-
dren: Laura Theresa; Sarah Inez, m. 1898; Robert Lysander;
Rozelia Irene, m. 1895; Almond E., m. 1900; Jeannette, m
1900; George G. Family home Glen, Idaho.


McGHIE, JAMES (son of Richard McGhle and Helen Ander-
son of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland). Born Dec. 1, 1834,
in Scotland. Came to Utah Sept. IB, 1861, Ira Eldredgc

Married Isabella Lindsay Dec. 28, 1868, Liverpool, Eng.
(daughter of Alexander Lindsay and Annie Mathle of Glas-
gow, who came to Utah Dec. 28, 1861). Sue was born Oct.
17, 1833. Their children: Isabella b. Dec. IB, 1859, m. A. F.
Cummings; Annie b. Aug. 1, 1861, m. S. H. Igbert; James
b. March 24, 1864, m. Susanna Wagstaff; Nellie b. March
1867, died; R. L. b. April 14, 1874, m. Angle Cabbot; Catherine
b. Aug. 1877, m. A. A. Alkier. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Missionary to Scotland; patriarch. Manager Burton &
Sharp woolen mills.

McGHIE, JAMES, JR. (son of James McGhie and Isabella
Lindsay). Born March 24, 1864, Salt Lake City.

Married Susanna Wagstaff Sept. 10, 1886, Logan, Utah
(daughter of William Wagstaff, pioneer from England Sep-
tember, 1854). She was born Jan. 18, 1867. Their chil-
dren: James L. b. June 21, 1887, died; Arthur W. b. June 3.
1889, m. Emma Sylvester; Jesse Earl b. Oct. 8, 1891, m. Maude
Fisher; Susie D. b. Aug. 15, 1893, m. Ralph Quayle; Joseph
E. b. July 13, 1895, died; Richard D. b. April 19. 1896; Frank
W. b. May 10, 1898; Rulon S. b. Jan. 2, 1900; Emily L. b.
June 17, 1905; Isabelle b. June 17, 1905. Family home, Salt
Lake City.

Member first quorum seventies of Granite stake; division
president. Fire insurance agent.

and Henrietta
Came to Utah

who was born
b. Jan. 6, 1830,
b. Jan. 6, 1832,

Henrietta 1st;

Mr. Robinson.

MrGHIE, WILLIAM (son of Mr. McGhle
Gibson). Born 1811 Dumfrieshire. Scotland.
Oct. 1, 1854, Daniel Garn company.

Married Elizabeth Collins in Scotland,
1809 in Ireland. Their children: William
m. Mary McBlain Dec. 31, 1850; Elizabeth
m. Thomas Boam 1854; John; Sarah 1st;
Sarah 2d; Henrietta 2d; Agnes b. 1843, m,
Family home Cottonwood, Utah.

Member of seventy.

McGHIE, WILLIAM, JR. (son of William McGhie and Eliza-
beth Collins). Born Jan. 6, 1830, In Scotland.

Married Mary McBlain Dec. 31, 1850, in Scotland (daugh-
ter of Alexander McBlain and Mary McMaster, former
pioneer Oct. 1, 1854, Daniel Garn company). She was born
July 27, 1832, in Scotland. Their children: William b.
Dec. 20, 1851, m. Sarah J. Spillett; Alexander b. Nov. 8,
1853, m. Emma Rowan; Mary b. Oct. 25. 1855, m. Nerl But-
ler; Agnes b. Sept. 2, 1857, m. Hyrum Covert; John b. Aug.
15, 1859, m. Rozetta Daw; Joseph b. Aug. 9, 1861, m. Chris-
tina Porter; Thomas b. July 22, 1863, m. Viola Draw; Eliza-
beth b. July 22, 1863, m. William O. Blair; Sarah b. Nov.
8, 1865, m. Charles Colebrook; Henrietta b. March 19, 1868,
in. Parley Hansen; Jean b. Oct. 7, 1870, m. Charles Buhler;
Annie b. March 27, 1873, m. Joseph I. Staker. Family resided
Midway, Provo Valley and Butler, Utah.

Postmaster at Butler.

McGHIE, ALEXANDER (son of William McGhle and Mary
McBlain). Born Nov. 8, 1853, Scotland.

Married Emma Rowan (daughter of Matthew Rowan and
Jane V. Martin, pioneers Oct. 28, 1855, C. R. Harper com-
pany), She was born March 15, 1856, South Cottonwood,
Utah. Their children: Raymond A. b. March 29, 1882, m.
Hazel Staker Nov. 18, 1904; William Matthew b. Jan. 31,
1884, m. Jane Brady Nov. 18, 1904; Mary Evalyn b. July
13, 1886, m. William W. Butler Nov. 18, 1908; James Ber-
trand b. March 20, 1888, m. Marvel Hulsh Sept. 22, 1909-
Oliver Calvin b. Aug. 16, 1890; Florence Jane b. June 16.
1892; Annie Caryl b. April 22, 1896. Family resided Park
City and Butler, Utah.

McGREGOR, WILLIAM (son of William McGregor and
Agnes Murray of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland). Born
Oct. 4, 1842. Came to Utah 1850.

Married Charllla Emily Browning May 1, 1876, Salt Lake
City (daughter of David Ellas Browning, pioneer 1852,
and Charilla Abbott, pioneer 1849, of Ogden, Utah). She
was born Jan. 29, 1854. Their children: William David
b. Jan. 22, 1877, m. Hannah Victoria Larson; John Jona-
than b. June 25, 1878, m. Evelyn Leona Woods; James
Stephen b. Oct. 14, 1880, m. Agatha Georglena Woods;
Charles Roy b. July 1, 1882, m. Effle Horrocks; Charilla
Abigail Christmas b. Dec. 25, 1883, m. Ernest M. W. Jones;
Frank Duncan b. Nov. 29, 1885. m. Annie Empey; Mary
Agnes b. April 6, 1887, m. Lawrence Anderson; Joseph b.
June 10, 1889, m. Hortense Toung; Arthur b. Sept. 10, 1891;
Arba May b. May 6, 1895. Family home Og.den, Utah. Died
Oct. 15, 1906.



McGREGOn, JAMES STEPHEN (son of William McGregor
and Charilla Emily Browning). Born Oct. 14, 1880, Ogden,

Married Agatha Georglena Woods Nov. 25, 1903, Salt
Lake City (daughter of Francis Charles Woods, who came
to Utah Sept. 14, 1869, and Evelyn Pratt, born In Salt Lake
City). She was born Dec. 18, 1883. Their children: Agatha
Woods b. Sept. 14, 1904; James Edmond Woods b. July 12,
1906; Parley Wallace b. Jan. 18, 1908; Athleen Woods b.
Oct. 12, 1909; Francis Walker b. June 11, 1911. Family
home Ogden, Utah.


Lorenzo Burrtdge; Abraham Edward b. March 4, 1860, m.
Mary Ghould; Lillian Elizabeth, m. Heber McBride; Caro-
line Jennett b. Nov. 2, , m. Joseph Jordon; Joseph Albert,
m. Annie Russell. Family home Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

High priest; presided over St. John mission; missionary
to Panaca, Nev., and Pangultch and Rush Valley, Utah.

McGUIRE, PATRICK HENRY (son of Bernard McGuire
and Susan McHugh of Derry Lahan, County Cavan, Ire-
land). Born June 14, 1844, at Derry Lahan. Came to Utah
July 9, 1872.

Married Sarah Elizabeth Parcell May 31, 1875, Salt Lake
City (daughter of John C. Parcell and Esther Lewis of
Wallsburg, Utah, both formerly of Cambridge, Eng.). She
was born May 19, 1855. Their children: John Parcell b.
March 6, 1876, m. Amanda Elizabeth Anderson; Patrick
Henry b. Oct. 15, 1877, died; Anna Elizabeth b. Aug. 19,
1879, m. William D. Bethers; Edna b. Jan. 12, 1881, m.
Ephralm Bethers; Esther b. Oct. 16, 1883; Francis Pres-
ton b. Oct. 10, 1885; Bernard b. Dec. 7, 1887; Lewis Curtis
b. Oct. 24, 1889; Ada b. Dec. 5, 1893, died; Orson b. June 16,
1897; James Ernest b. Nov. 2, 1899.

Married Annie Eliza Lee Jan. 1, 1881, St. George, Utah
(daughter of John P. Lee and Eliza Foscue of Beaver,
Utah). She was born Jan. 11, 1849. Their children: Rupert
Lee b. March 12, 1882; Alice Hulda b. May 17, 1885, died.

Bishop Daniels ward Nov. 12, 1899; president elders'
quorum; ward clerk; superintendent Sunday school, Wash-
ington ward, St. George stake; president of Daniels branch
of center ward. County assessor of Wasatch county 1899-
1910. Missionary to Ireland Oct. 6, 1910; returned Nov. 21,

MoGURRIN, FREDERICK T. (son of Manis McGurrin and
Ellen Malone of Grand Rapids, Mich.). Born 1869 Grand
Rapids. Came to Utah 1889.

Married Estelle La Fitte McChrystal, Colorado Springs,
Colo., 1903.


Intire and Sarah Davis of Wheatfleld, Pa.). Born May
29, 1813. Came to Utah 1849, Orson Spencer company.

Married Anna Patterson in Pennsylvania (daughter of
William Patterson and Margaret Weir), who was born in
Pennsylvania Dec. 19, 1811, died June 28, 1880. Their chil-
dren: Wallace M., m. Adelaide Hovey; Margaret Jane, m.
Melancthon Burgess; Erastus W., m. Anna Birch; Alex-
ander, m. Viola Paxton; Mary and Sarah, twins, d. Infants;
Caroline A., d. aged 16; John O., m. Alice Empey; Brigham
Oscar, m. Barbara Mathls; Joseph H., m. Rose Clark. Fam-
ily home St. George, Utah.

Missionary to eastern states in 1840; seventy. Called to
St. George by President Young to build up that country.
Tailor. Died Jan. 7, 1881.

McINTIRE. BRIGHAM OSCAR (son of William Patterson
Mclntire and Anna Patterson). Born Aug. 21, 1852, Salt
Lake City.

Married Barbara Mathls Dec. 7, 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of John Mathis and Barbara Brayner of St.
George, pioneers 1855, Richard Ballantyne company). She
was born Oct. 14, 1858. Their children: Zina b. Sept. 29,
1878, d. Infant; Brigham Franklin b. March 4, 1880, m.
Effie Cottam; Anna B. b. Feb. 26, 1882, m. Oliver Harmon;
William Mathis b. June 28, 1884, m. Zelma Harmon; Oscar
b. Sept. 7, 1888; Lena b. Dec. 28, 1890, m. J. W. Nelson;
Leon b. Nov. 23, 1896, died aged 4; Evelyn b. March 2,
1901, d. Infant. Family home Price, Carbon Co., Utah.

Elder; teacher; worked on St. George temple. Road super-
visor. Minuteman in Indian war. Farmer and cattle-
raiser. Died Feb. 15, 1907.

McINTIRE, BRIGHAM FRANKLIN (son of Brigham Oscar
Mclntire and Barbara Anna Mathis). Born March 4, 1880,
at St. George, Utah.

Married Effle Cottam June 23, 1910, at St. George (daugh-
ter of George Thomas Cottam and Rachel Holt of St.
George). She was born Nov. 23, 1890. Their child: Wayne
Franklin b. Sept. 7. 1911.

Missionary to Germany and Austria-Hungary 1893-96;
high priest; member of high council; member of stake
mutual 1897-99; president Y. M. M. I. A.; ward teacher;
Sunday school teacher. Farmer and stockraiser.

McINTOSH, "WILLIAM (son of John Mclntosh and Isabell
Rankln of highlands of Scotland). Born Sept. 16, 1819. Came
to Utah in 1852.

Married Maria Caldwell Sept. 16, 1841, In Lanark county.
Canada (daughter of David Caldwell and Mary Ann Vaughn
of Lanark, the latter a pioneer 1852). She was born Feb.
17, 1827. Their children: John Ephralm, died; Mary Ann
and David, died; William Henry (died), m. Mary Keelle;
James Franklin (died), m. Annie Jordon; Malissa Jane,
m. Jacob Keelle; Alice Maria b. Sept. 16, 1858, m. Thomas

MoINTYRE, SAMUEL (son of William Mclntyre and Margret
Anglin of Texas). Born Dec. 16, 1844, *n Texas. Came to
Utah 1853, Captain Daily company.

Married Mary Alexander July 4, 1872, St. Louis, Mo.
(daughter of Robert Alexander and Mary Melvin of St.
Louis, who came to Utah 1872). Their children: Samuel
G.; Frank; Lapere, m. Stella Switz; Stella, m. Capt. R. H.
Allen; Earl; Roy. Family home, Salt Lake City.

Stockraiser. With brother William he Is owner of the
Horn Silver mine.

MoINTVRE, WILLIAM HOWELL (son of William Mclntyre
and Margret Anglin of Grimes county, near Anderson City,
Texas). Born March 19, 1848, in Grimes Co., Texas. Came to
Utah 1853 with his mother.

Married Phoebe Ogden Chase July 10, 1878, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George O. Chase and Emily Marinda Hyde).
Their children: June M. b. June 23, 1881, m. Frederick Carl
Dern; Elizabeth G. b. Dec. 28, 1883, m. Arthur G. Hertzler;
William Howell b. Jan. 2, 1887; Robert Bradford b. March
2, 1891; Margaret Anglin b. Aug. 11, 1894; Marion b. Nov. 19,

Director Z. C. M. I. and Deseret National bank. Owner
and builder of the Mclntyre building; owner Mclntyre ranch
of sixty-four thousand acres, Alberta, Canada. Engaged in
cattle business. Freighter between Blackfoot, Idaho, and
California; furnished the U. S. government, at Ft. Douglas,
Utah, with supplies. Went to Texas 1869, returning to South
Tintic, Utah, the next year with 1,000 cattle. In 1872 brought
2.000 cattle to Utah from Fort Hayes, Kan., and has fol-
lowed the cattle and land business ever since. In 1875 he and
his brother Samuel bought an interest in the Mammoth
mine, Tintic, Utah, and gained control of the mine 1879,
owning it until 1901. This mine produced about two million

McKAY, ANGUS (son of William McKay and Grace Gunn of
Kirtomy, Parish of Farr, Sutherlandshire, Scotland). Born
June 3, 1839, Kirtomy, Scotland. Came to Utah Oct. 4, 1863,
Thomas Ricks company.

Married Williamena McKay Dec. 14, 1866 (daughter of
William McKay and Ellen Oman of Thurso Parish, Caithness,
Scotland, pioneers Oct. 1859, James Brown company). She
was born Dec. 23, 1846. Their children: Barbara E., m. A.
E. Barnes Oct. 21, 1891; Cathrine G., m. John McFarland Oct.
17. 1889; Angus W., m. Christina Wangsgard Oct. 23, 1902;
Isabella; Harriet C., d. 1878; Donald D., m. Ethel E McLean
Dec. 8, 1905; James G. ; Mary, m. John Christy Dec. 24, 1902;
Hugh Leroy, d. 1894; Ernest R. Family home Huntsville,

Senior president 75th quorum seventies; missionary to
Arizona February, 1873, and March, 1876; to southern states
November, 1882, and to Scotland October, 1883: president Y.
M. M. I. A. 6 years; Sunday school teacher 40 years. Justice
of peace; road supervisor; school trustee 19 years; state
representative. First lieutenant Utah territorial militia.
Farmer and stockraiser.

McKAY, WILLIAM (son of John McKay, born 1779, and
Barbara Monroe, both of Sutherland, Scotland). He was
born March 18, 1804, Sutherland. Came to Utah September,
1859, James S. Brown company.

Married Ellen Oman (daughter of David Oman and Isa-
bella Sutherland), who was born 1810, and came to Utah with
husband. Their children: Isaac b. Nov. 2, 1839, m. Ellen
Jesperson; Isabella b. Aug. 26, 1842, m. William Wadley
1858; David b. May 3, 1844, m. Jennette Evans April 9,
1867; Willhelmlna b. Dec. 23, 1846, m. Angus McKay Dec.
14, 1866; Barbara b. Dec. 23, 1846; John George b. 1848;
Catherine b. May 1, 1849, m. John Grow Nov. 8, 1869. Family
home Ogden, Utah.

President elders quorum, Weber stake. Founded first
co-operative mercantile and drug company in Ogden, and
was its president.

McKAY. DAVID (son of William McKay and Ellen Oman).
Born May 3, 1844, Thurso, Caithness, Scotland. Came to
Utah with father.

Married Jennette Evans April 9, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Evans and Margaret Powell of Cefn-
Coed, near Merthyr Tydfll, Wales, pioneers 1859, Captain Buz-
zard company). She was born Aug. 28, 1850, at Cefn-Coed.
Their children: Margaret Elizabeth b. Jan. 22. 1869, d.
March 25, 1880; Elena Odetta b. March 16, 1871, d. April
1. 1880; David Oman b. Sept. 8, 1873, m. Emma Ray Riggs
Jan. 2, 1901; Thomas Evans b. Oct. 29, 1875, m. Faun
Brimhall Sept. 11, 1912; Jennette Isabelle b. Nov. 12, 1879, m.
Joseph R. Morrell June 19, 1907; Annie Powell b. April 19,
1881, m. Thomas B. Farr Sept. 20, 1905; Elizabeth Odetta b.
Oct. 30, 1884; William Monroe b. Sept. 3, 1887; Katherine
Favorite b. Feb. 16. 1891; Morgan Powell b. June 25, 1893.
Family home Huntsville. Utah.

One of presidents of 75th quorum seventies; missionary to
Scotland 1891-93; president 75th quorum high priests; presi-



dent Scotch conference 1882-83; bishop Eden ward 1884;
bishop Huntsville ward 1885. Member lower house of first
state legislature, and later elected to the senate. Justice
of p ace. Farmer and stockralser.

' McKAT, DAVID O. (son of David McKay and Jennette
Evans). Born Sept. 8, 1873. Huntsville, Utah.

Married Emma Ray Riggs Jan. 2. 1901, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Obadlah H. Riggs and Emma L. Robblns of
Salt Lake City). She was born June 23, 1877. Their chil-
dren: David Lawrence b. Sept 30, 1901; Llewelyn Riggs b.
June 5, 1904; Louisa Jennette b. Oct. 13, 1906; Royle Riggs b.
Oct. 21, 1909. Family home Ogden, Utah.

Secretary Sunday school; ward officer In T. M. M. I. A.;
president Scotch mission 1898-99; called as a member council
of twelve apostles 1906; member superintendency Weber
stake Sunday school. Principal Weber academy 1902-08.
Teacher. Stockraiser.

McKEAlV, THEODORE (son of Washington McKean and
Margaret Ivins of Tom's River, Ocean county, N. J.). Born
Oct. 26, 1829, Allentown, N. J. Came to Utah Aug. 11, 1853,
Orson Pratt and Horace S. Eldredge company.

Married Mary Page Gulick 1847 at Tom's River (daughter
of Stephen Gulick and Deborah Homes Page of Tom's
River). She was born Aug. 6, 1825. Their children: George
b. April 12, 1848; Sarah Ivins b. April 11, 1849, m. William
Perry Nebeker; Mary Gulick b. Oct. 10, 1851, m. William
J. Newman; Theodore b. Oct. 10, 1855, m. Sophia J. Lane;
Stephen G. b. July 11, 1858; Margaret I. b. Sept. 3, 1861;
Ruth Gulick b. May 28, 1864; Maud b. Sept. 30, 1868. Family
home Salt Lake City, Utah.

Married Elizabeth Ann Emery 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Henry Emery and Elizabeth Brewerton of
Salt Lake City). She was born March 1, 1854. Their chil-
dren: John Emery; Elizabeth E., m. Idwill Ajax; Mabel:
Dorothea E.; Samuel E.; Vida E., m. Jesse Argile; Edith E.;
Bertha E., m. Claron Swan; Joseph E.; David; Salome E.;
Theodoris E.; Naomi E.; Jean E.

Seventy 1859 and high priest 1877; high councilor Salt
Lake stake; counselor to Bishop Kesler June, 1872 to Decem-
ber, 1884; missionary to eastern states 1869, to Europe July,
1891; Sunday school superintendent. Surveyor of Salt Lake
county August. 1860; county treasurer September, 1860-76;
collector internal revenue 1862-69; sheriff August, 1876 to
October, 1883; road commissioner January, 1860; superintend-
ent of water works; city councilman Sept. 30, 1860. Director
Z. C. M. I. 1872. Colonel of Nauvoo Legion Feb. 1, 1868.
Veteran Indian war.

McKEAN, THEODORE, JR. (son of Theodore McKean and
Mary Page Gulick of Tom's River, N. J., pioneers Aug. 11,
1853). Born Oct. 10, 1856.

Married Sophia Jane Lane Feb. 7, 1884, Salt Lake City,
Daniel H. Wells officiating (daughter of James Lane and
Sophia S. Brown of Salt Lake City, pioneers 1861, James
S. Brown company). She was born Jan. 24, 1864, 16th ward,
Salt Lake City. Their children: Theodore L. b. Nov. 17, 1884,
m. Nina Burnham; Howard, J. b. Sept. 16, 1886, m. Mable
Fredrickson; Franklin L. b. Nov. 18, 1888, m. Cora Millecam;
Margaret b. April 7, 1891, m. Robert C. Newson; Alvin b.
May 31, 1893; Royal L. b. March 10, 1896; Rachel I. b. March
10, 1896; Mary b. Jan. 18, 1900; Edna b. Nov. 11, 1901. Family
home 29th ward. Salt Lake City.

High priest; bishop of 29th ward 1901-10. Sheep inspector
and stockman.

McKEE, JAMES (son of David McKee and Mary Tweed
McMillan, both of Butler county. Pa.). Born May 8, 1820,
In Butler county, Pa. Came to Utah in 1850.

Married Matilda Sweat. Their children: James Albert,
m. Ruth Chase; Sarah Jane, m. Andrew Stephensen; David
D., m. Emily Giles. Family home Spanish Fork, Utah.

Elder. Veteran Walker Indian war. Farmer. Died July
14. 1861.

McKEE, JAMES ALBERT (son of James McKee and Matilda
Sweat). Born Dec. 27, 1854, Palmyra, Utah.

Married Ruth Chase Jan. 17, 1878, Nephl, Utah (daughter
.of John Darwin Chase and Almira Higglns of Vermont,
pioneers 1847). She was born Oct. 12, 1859. Their children:
Ruth Almire b. April 15, 1880; James Albert b. Aug. 3,
1883, m. May Sherman; Laura Matilda b. Feb. 2, 1885; Goldie
Euzell b. March 25, 1887, m. Robert C. Woodward; Archie
Montell b. Feb. 17, 1889, died; Alma Dorus b. Dec. 14,
1892; Miriam Chloe b. May 27, 1895; Sarah Lazette b.
March 27, 1897, both d. Infants; David Vardine b. June
26, 1899. Family home Huntington, Utah.

Member 81st quorum seventies; high priest; president of
priests, teachers and deacons 1883-87. Farmer; restau-

MrKEE, WI I.I.I AM (son of David McKee of Pennsylvania).
Born 1825 in Pennsylvania. Came to Utah 1852, captain of
oxteam company.

Married Sarah Ann Hodgson at Salt Lake City, who
was born in Bradford, Eng. Their children: David, d.
infant; Mary Tweed, m. Thomas Butler; William, m.
Emily Aurilla Markham; Joseph A. b. April 3, 1859, m.
Laura Orser, m. Sarah Priscilla Henry; Sarah Ann, d. child;
Louisa Ann, m. Marion Dudley. Family home Spanish Fork,

Member of seventy. Brought Immigrants to Utah. Vet-
eran Echo Canyon campaign and Indian wars. Captain
police Spanish Fork 15 years. Farmer. Died 1900 Vernal,

McKEE. WILLIAM, JR. (son of William McKee and Sarah
Ann Hodgson). Born Feb. 24, 1857, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Emily Aurilla Markham March 10, 1886, Spanish
Fork, Utah (daughter of Stephen Markham and Mary Cur-
tis of Spanish Fork, Utah, pioneers July 24, 1847, Brigham
Young company). She was born Jan. 4, 1864. Their chil-
dren: Mary b. Jan. 27, 1887; Joseph Ray b. Oct. 21, 1889;
Emily Aurilla b. Feb. 28, 1892; Sarah Ann b. Jan. 15, 1895:
Margaret Elsie b. Aug, 11, 1900; William Harvey and Stephen
Harold b. Nov. 25, 1903; Lynn Curtis b. Jan. 12, 1912. Family
home Maeser, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Farmer and stockralser.

McKEE, JOSEPH A. (son of William McKee and Sarah
Ann Hodgson). Born April 3, 1859, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Laura Orser Dec. 28, 1887, Vernal, Utah (daugh-
ter of Everet Orser and Mary America Mecham of Provo,
Utah), who was born Nov. 13, 1868. Their children: Laura
America b. Dec. 10, 1888, m. John Alma Workman; William
F. b. Sept. 23, 1890; Eugene b. Feb. 12, 1892, d. Infant;
Mary Alice b. Jan. 15, 1896; Joseph Clair b. Feb. 20, 1899,
d. aged 13; Ella Leon b. Aug. 31, 1902. Family home Vernal,

Married Sarah Priscilla Henry Sept. 7, 1904, Salt Lake
City (daughter of James B. Henry, born In Michigan, and
Mary Brown, born In South Cottonwood, who resided in
Heber and Vernal, Utah). She was born May 5, 1881. Their
children: Rena Permelia b. June 23, 1905, d. May 7, 1906;
Josephine b. April 22, 1910; Vella b. Sept. 6, 1912. Family
home Vernal, Utah.

President T. M. M. I. A.; bishop's counselor; bishop Ulnta.
County commissioner. President Ashley Upper Irrigation
Co.; president Ouray Valley Irrigation Co. Farmer.

MeKEL,!,, ROBERT (son of John McKell and Robena Wil-
son of Glasgow, Scotland. Came to Utah 1852, Captain TId-
well company). Born Feb. 23, 1823, Glasgow, Scotland.
Came to Utah 1852 with parents.

Married Elizabeth Boyack January, 1856 (daughter of
James Boyack and Elizabeth Mealmaker of Dundee, Scot-
land, who were married at Dundee; came to Utah Oct. 24,
1855, Milo Andrus company). She was born April 15, 1838,
came to Utah with parents. Their children: Robert W. b.
Nov. 16, 1856, m. Emma E. Jex; Henry J. b. May 25, 1858, m
Alice V. Jex; Louisa S. b. Jan. 1, 1860, m. William B. Hughes-
Ellen R. b. Feb. 26, 1862, m. David A. Hughes; William
B. b. Feb. 19, 1864, m. Marelda Andrus; Emma J. b. March
4, 1866, m. Joseph Brockbank; Margaret Ann b. April 19,
1868, m. Jacob A. Hansen; David A. b. March 8, 1870, m.
Sarah Ann Wood; John E. b. Feb. 25, 1873, d. Dec. 5, 1896;
Joseph G. b. April 27, 1875, m. Rebecca J. Sterling; Lucy
M. b. Aug. 8, 1877, m. James Clayton Beck. Family home
Spanish Fork, Utah.

President East Bench Irrigation and Manufactory Co.
and director In board of Spanish Fork Co-op, for several
years. Pioneer blacksmith of Spanish Fork, Utah. Veteran
Indian war. Helped forge flrst cannon used In Spanish

McKELL, ROBERT W. (son of Robert McKell and Eliza-
beth Boyack). Born Nov. 16, 1856, Spanish Fork, Utah.

Married Emma E. Jex Feb. 28, 1876, Salt Lake City
(daughter of William Jex and Eliza Goodson, who came

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