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1862, Captain Home company.

Married Caroline Christensen Dec. 15, 1868, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Christen Christensen and Annie Marie
Nielsen of Hjorring Amt, Denmark, pioneers 1868 in one
of the Church companies). She was born Sept. B, 1848.
Their children: Niels Peter b. Sept. 5, 1869. d. infant; Heber
Peter b. March 19, 1872, m. Ida Olivia Larsen June 21, 1899;
Hans Frederick b. Aug. 18, 1874, m. Amalie Christensen Nov.
11, 1896; David Waldemar b. Nov. 13, 1876, m. Johanne
Axelsen Nov. 1, 1899; Abel Christian b. Nov. 7, 1878, m. Peart
Riley Oct. 26, 1903; Aurelie Christine b. Aug. 28, 1880, m.
Frank Otterstrom Jan. 30, 1909; Aaron Godtfred b. June
24, 1882, m. Ida Beal June 6, 1906; Moses Marlam b. May
26, 1884, m. Ada Johnsen April 6, 1910; Annie Adlne Marlnda
b. Feb. 13, 1886, m. Thomas Jefferson Clark March 4, 1908;
Caroline Matilda b. Dec. 26, 1888. m. Ross Andersen Dec. 23,
1909; Ernest Hyrum b. Feb. 6, 1891; Joseph Richard b. Jan.
30, 1893.

Married Caroline Nielsen Nov. 28, 1877 at St. George,
Utah (daughter of Christian Nielsen and Karen Harrlsen,
who were married Jan. 9, 1855, Salt Lake City, pioneers Oct.
3. 1854, Hans Peter Olsen company). She was born Feb.
24, 1857, Ephraim, Utah. Their children: Carrie Jane b.
Sept. 14, 1879, m. Charles Harry Wilson Jan. 4, 1901; Irine
Elmine b. April 14, 1894. Families resided Ephraim, Utah.

High priest; missionary to Denmark 1894, where he pre-
sided over the Island branch of the Copenhagen conference.
Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah 1868. Sergeant In
Black Hawk Indian war.

NIELSEN, HEBER PETER (son of Niels Peder Nielsen and
Caroline Christensen). Born March 19, 1872, Ephraim, Utah.

Married Ida Olivia Larsen June 21, 1899, at Ephraim
(daughter of Christian A. Larsen and Mary Ann Jensen of
same place). Family resided Ephraim and Salt Lake City,

Graduate University of Utah 1894; school teacher nine
years. Sunday school teacher; superintendent religious class.
Vice president and secretary McMillln Paper and School
Supply company, Salt Lake City.

NIELSEN, NIELSEN JACOB (son of Hans Nielsen and
Maren Jacobsen of Odense, Denmark). Born Dec. 13, 1839,
Fraugde. Denmark. Came to Utah in 1864, Tom Booth
freight train.



Married Christine Peterson March 28, 1866, Provo, Utah.
She was born July 30, 1831, Norrkoplng. Sweden. Their
children: Niels Jacob Christian, m. Agnes Rdfcs; Peter and
Henry died; Annie, m. James C. Jensen. Family home Provo.


NIELSEN, PETER (son of Niels Alexsen, Horby Sogn, Hol-
bek Amt, Denmark, and Annie Marie Nielsen, born 1779 in
Denmark). He was born April 15, 1836, at Horby Sogn.
Came to Utah Nov. 8, 1865, Miner G. Atwood company.

Married Kisten Larsen April 4, 1856, Horby, Denmark
(daughter of Lars Larsen and Annie Marie Thomas, both
of whom died In Denmark). She was born April 28, 1826.
Their children: Lars Nielsen b. June 5, 1857, m. Mary J.
Beckstrom; Annie Mary b. Oct. 25, 1859, m. William Vler;
Emma b. Nov. 15, 1867, m. Lee Bailey.

Married Nelsine Nielsen Sept. 22, 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Niels Christian Nielsen, pioneer Oliver Chris-
tiansen handcart company, and Karen Bricksen, pioneer
Sept. 13, 1857, Mathias Cowley company). She was born
Aug. 29, 1855, Nestgard, Hjorring Amt, Denmark. Their chil-
dren: Caroline Christine b. Nov. 2, 1874, m. Alfred Hughes
1896; Peter b. Nov. 18, 1876, m. Laura Belts; Joseph Alex-
ander b. July 10, 1878, m. Elsie Barney; William H. b. Jan.
12, 1881, m. Ella Sorensen; Albert C. b. Jan. 19, 1883, m.
Mlra Holm; Emelie C. b. March 25, 1884; E. Rebecca b. Nov.
30, 1S85; Andrew L. b. May 11, 1888, m. Ella Ainge; M.
Leoretta b. April 23, 1890; H. Elenora b. Oct. 1, 1892; Annie
L. b. Jan. 15, 1S95; Elmer F. b. Aug. 24, 1896; Sarah E. b.
July 16, 1898; Jemima M. b. March 17, 1900. Families resided
Spanish Fork, Utah.

Teacher; elder; high priest. President Co-op, store in
Spanish Fork ten years. President of West Field Irrigation
company four years.

NIELSEN, SOHEN (son of Nels Sorensen of Denmark).
Born Nov. 10, 1824, Marsoe, Denmark. Came to Utah Sept.
25, 1868, John G. Holman company.

Married Amelia Berg May 6, 1857, Grenaa, Denmark
(daughter of Rasmus Berg and Caroline Tolhoe of Grenaa),
who was born Nov. 25, 1833. Their children Mary, m.
Jorgen Hansen; Minnie; Henrietta, m. Simon P. Eggertsen;
Louisa; Serdena, m. William J. Startup; Joseph, m. Beatrice
Woodhead. Family home Provo, Utah.

Member 34th quorum seventies and high priest. Watch-
maker. Died Jan. 13, 1895.

NIELSON, ANDREW CHRISTIAN (son of Niels Pederson,
born Oct. 2, 1810, Mojen Ugilt, Hjorring Amt, Denmark, and
Ane Margretha Anderson, born Feb. 11, 1817, at Hestrup,
Denmark married 1839). He was born March 23, 1840, at
Mojen Ugilt. Came to Utah September, 1864, J. Sharp mer-
chandise company.

Married Mary C. Anderson Dec. 4, 1864 (daughter of An-
drew Larsen and Ane Kistine). She was born July 2, .

Came to Utah September, 1864. Their children: Peter An-
tohn b. Sept. 11, 1865, died Sept. 1, 1SS3; Mary K. b. Feb. 2,

1867, m. Hyrum Thorpe May 10, 1886; Ane M. b. Nov. 19,

1868, m. Charles Allred March 18, 1891; Andrew C. b. Dec.
23, 1870, m. Julia E. Christensen and Pauline Christensen;
Carl Otto b. Nov. 10, 1872, m. Karen A. Rasmussen; James
Lauritz b. Feb. 26, 1875, m. Malinda E. Rasmussen May 13,
1896; Canute b. March 26, 1877, m. Nora M. Bjergard July
6, 1898; Joseph Alma b. Sept. 11, 1879, m. Elizabeth Stevens
Dec. 11, 1899; Oscar Wilford b. Oct. 17, 18S4, m. Caroline
M. Olsen Jan. 24, 1906. Family home Ephraim, Utah.

Married Ellen Gunderson June 10, 1880, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ole Gunderson and Molj Johnson), who was
born June 23, 1843, Stordalen, Norway.

High priest; high councilor; first counselor; president high
priests quorum South San Pete stake; missionary to Den-
mark 1881; president Y. M. M. I. A. Farmer; builder;

NIELSON, ANTON (son of Jens Nielsen and Annie Christine
Hansen, who came to Utah July 24, 1873). He was born
Dec. 20, 1866, Almon, Denmark. Came to Utah July 24, 1873.

Married Sarah May Lott Aug. 4, 1897, Salt Lake City
(daughter of John W. Lott and Sarah Joan Robison, Kanosh,
Utah). Their children: Lenna b. July 23, 1898; Gerald W.
b. Nov. 3, 1899; Jens Guy b. April 3, 1902; Roosevelt b. Nov.
1, 1904; Lott b. Oct. 19, 1906; Glen Ford b. May 26, 1909;
Paul Robison b. May 1, 1911. Family home' Huntington,

Member Slst quorum seventies; missionary to Den-
mark 1892-94; bishop Huntington ward 1906^ County com-
missioner two terms; clerk in Utah state senate 1907.

NIELSON, AUGUST (son of Lars Nlelson, born March 20,
1828, South Orster, and Sidsel Peterson, born March 2, 1826,
both of Stupberry, Maribo, Denmark). Born Aug. 6, 1860
at Stupberry. Came to Utah In 1863.

Married Emma Overson Aprfl 3, 1884, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Christian Overson and Sina Larson), who was
born April 23, 1868. Their children: Fred b. March 21,
1886, m. Mary Steedman Oct. 19, 1910; Wells b. March 13,
1888, m. Emily Paxman June 6, 1910; Barta b. July 28, 1890,
m. Earl Davis April 2, 1913; Spencer b. March 25, 1893;
Laclead b. Feb. 28, 1896; Shelby b. March 4, 1899; Leroy b.
Dec. 3, 1901; Arvilla b. July 26, 1904; Kenneth b. Jan. 28,
1907; Gerald b. May 11, 1910.

President deacons quorum; ward teacher 16 years;
seventy; bishop's counselor.

NIELSON, JENS (son of Niels Anderson and Karn Monson
of Fener, Sweden). Born June 5, 1826, Fener, Sweden. Came
to Utah Sept. 15, 1859, Robert F. Neslen company.

Married Stena Larson 1851, who was born July 29, 1821.
Came to Utah with husband. Their children: Brighamena, b.
June 13, 1854, m. Peter Estelene; Andrew b. June 26, 1860,
d. aged 11. Family home Mt. Pleasant, and Chester, Utah.

Married Cecelia Waldemar April 15, 1860, Fairview, Utah
(daughter of Amos Waldemar, pioneer Sept. 15, 1859, Robert
F. Neslen company), who was born June 7, 1826 In Sweden.
Their children: Hilda C. b. Jan. 19, 1861, m. Hyrum L.
Coates March 1, 1880.

Second lieutenant in Black Hawk Indian war, under Cap-
tain Fredrick Nelson.

NIELSON, OLE. Born about 1880 in Sweden. Came to
Utah September, 1865, Thomas Taylor company.

Married Permella Baum about 1825 in Sweden (daughter
of Niels Baum), who was born 1806 in Sweden. Came to
Utah Sept. 5, 1863, John F. Sanders company. Their chil-
dren: Lizzie, died; Peter, drowned in Green River 1868,
going for Immigrants; James and two other boys, died;
Swen O. b. Jan. 1, 1854, m. Rachel O. Atkin March 14, 1878;
Ole; Lars I.; Slna, d. 1863.

Died 1874, Fairview, Utah.

NIELSON. SWEN O. (son of Ole Nlelson and Permella,
Baum). Born Jan. 1, 1854, in Sweden. Came to Utah Sept.
5, 1863, John F. Sanders company.

Married Rachel V. Atkin March 14, 1878, St. George, Utah
(daughter of William Atkin and Rachel Thompson of St.
George, pioneers Sept. 4, 1859, George Rowley handcart com-
pany). She was born March 14, 1861, Salt Lake City, d.
Oct. 26, 1900. Their children: Swen W. b. Jan. 20, 1879;
Annie Nellie b. Aug. 3, 1880; Rachel Mable b. July 20, 1882,
d. May 23, 1886; Ole Alma b. March 5, 1884, d. March 18.
1884; Sarah Luella b. Jan. 4, 1885; Estella Maud b. Feb. 4,
1887; Sina Christena b. Oct. 6, 1888; Peter Franklin b. Feb.
26, 1891, d. Jan. 27, 1905; Violet Venice b. Aug. 15, 1896, d.
Nov. 26, 1896. Family home Fairview, Utah.

Married (Mrs.) Jennie Poulsen June 4, 1902.

Missionary to Sweden. County commissioner two terms;
Justice of the peace 10 years; constable; marshal; member
state board of equalization. Merchant; farmer; stockralser.

NILSON, NILS (son of Nils Nilson of Simmer Sams, Rorum,
born 1771, and Else Olsson, South Rorum, Malmohus Lan,
Sweden, born May 4, 1764, Espinige, Sweden). He was born
Dec. 30, 1811, South Rorum, Sweden. Came to Utah Aug.
26, 1859, James S. Brown company.

Married Bocl Tykeson (daughter of John Tykeson and
Edna Olas, former born Sept. 20. 1773, Fultofta, Sweden),
who was born May 5, 1812, Fultofta, Sweden, and came to
Utah Aug. 26, 1859. Their children: Elise b. July 17, 1838,
m. Jens N. Christensen; Peter Nilson b. Nov. 18, 1840, m.
Svenborg Tufveson October, 1862; Nils b. July 30, 1843, d,
1849; Elna b. May 17, 1846, d. March 1856; Ola b. April 14,
1849, d. Jan. 4, 1874; Bengta b. Aug. 28, 1854, d. Feb. 25, 1856.
Family home Smithfield, Utah.

High priest. Farmer. Joined the L. D. S. Church in 1854
at Rorum.

NILSON, PETER (son of Nils Nilson and Bocl Tykeson).
Born Nov. 18, 1840, South Rorum, Malmohus Lan, Sweden.
Came to Utah Aug. 26, 1859.

Married Svenborg Tufveson October, 1862, Smlthfleld.
Utah (daughter of Tufve Johnson and Pehrnlla Pehrson),
who was born Dec. 14, 1833, Osby, Sweden. Their children:
Samuel Peter b. July 13, 1863, m. Lorretta L. Miles; Emma
Nilson b. April 18, 1865, m. Ed Cazier; James b. May 24,
1867, m. Pricilla Hamilton; John Nephi b. Feb. 6, 1869. d. Aug.
1, 1871; Eliza Nellie b. May 16, 1871; Ella b. June 29, 1873.
m. Alma Wright; Zina Matilda b. April 11, 1875, d. Jan. 21,
1877; Daniel b. Feb. 25, 1877, d. Aug. 6, 1878.

Married Minnie Hansen March 13, 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Ole and Marie Hansen), who was born Oct.
10, 1858, Odense, Denmark. Their children: Amanda Emele
b. June 13, 1877, m. Frank Miles; Marinda b. March 13, 1879,
m. Seth Chambers; Oliver b. Jan. 1, 1882, m. Millicent Low
Sept. 1902; Edna b. July 10, 1885, d. Aug. 1887; Ezra b.
Jan. 23, 1890, m. Allee Toolson Oct. 1909. Family home
Smithfleld, Utah.

Married Kierste Jenson Nov. 30, 1883, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Peter Jenson and Else Olson), who was born
June 16, 1861, Everad, Sweden. Their children: Ida Ellenore
b. Oct. 1, 1884, d. Dec. 26, 1905; Amos Carl b. Dec. 24, 1886;
Joseph b. May 7, 1890; Elsie Matilda b. Dec. 7, 1891; Parley
Franklin b. Oct. 19, 1893; Omer Victor b. Oct. 31, 1897, d.
Sept. 23, 1898; Edgar b. Sept. 10, 1899; Milo b. Sept. 10, 1899.
Family home Smithfleld, Utah.

High priest; performed two missions In Sweden 1880-1888;
hauled rock for the Salt Lake temple In 1863; hauled one of
the first three loads of rock for the foundation of the taber-
nacle in 1863.

NIRDEN, THOMAS (son of Thomas Nirden). Born at
Herefordshire, Eng.). Came to Utah Sept. 19, 1852, Captain
Clawson company.

Married Elizabeth Dunn Sept. 19, 1852 (daughter of Jo-
seph and Phoebe Dunn). She was born September, 1812,
and came to Utah Sept. 19, 1852, on her wedding day. Their
children: Mary Ann b. July 27, 1835, m. William S. Lords,



July 23, 1854; Harriet b. Oct. 12, 1832, m. Thomas Whooley;
1'hoebe, m. Robert Jones; Elizabeth, m. Albert Harris; Mar-
tha, m. George Slough. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah.
Pioneer of Pleasant Grove 1852. Farmer.

NIXON, GEORGE. Born 1818. Came to Utah In 1853, Vin-
cent Schurtllff company.

Married Frances Hart (daughter of William Hart), who
was born Feb. 22, 1818, and came to Utah 1853, Vincent
Schurtliff company. Their children: George William b.
Sept 26, 1847, m. Elizabeth H. Johnson Oct. 24, 1868; Char-
lotte b. Dec. 24, 1838, m. William Robins July 7, 1859; Fanny
b. Jan. 19, 1851, m. Frank Carling; Stephen Henry b. Feb.
12, 1853, d. Jan. 3, 1910. Family home Holden, Millard Co.,

NIXON, GEORGE WILLIAM (son of George Nixon and
Frances Hart). Born Sept. 26, 1847, St. Louis, Mo.

Married Elizabeth H. Johnson Oct. 24, 1868, Salt Lake
City (daughter of Richard Johnson and Husseter Bevan,
pioneers 1851, Joseph Home company). She was born Nov.
1, 1849, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa. Their
children: Harriet Ellen b. Feb. 7, 1870, m. Benjamin Ken-
ney Sept. 23, 1891; George William b. Feb. 15, 1873, m.
Rachel Marinda Stephenson Aug. 28, 1895; Ira Alvin b. Feb.
5. 1875, d. May 14, 1882; Elizabeth H. b. Oct. 2, 1877, d. May
29, 1882; Richard Stephen b. Sept. 12, 1880, m. Sarah Armina
Stevens May 16, 1906; Frances Charlotte b. Nov. 9, 1883,
m. Alma Stevens Sept. 27, 1905; Marion b. Jan. 19, 1887, d.
Feb. 12, 1888; Carl b. May 29, 1889; Flossie b. Oct. 18, 1892.
Family home Holden, Millard Co., Utah.

Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Constable two
terms; sheriff four years. President, vice president and
director of Holden Co-op, store 20 years; director of Holden
Irrigation Co. several years.

NIXON, GEORGE W., JR (son of George William Nixon and
Elizabeth H. Johnson). Born Feb. 15, 1873, Holden, Utah.

Married Rachel Marinda Stephenson Aug. 28, 1895, Manti,
Utah (daughter of Simeon Stephenson and Rachel Stevens).
She was born Aug. 20, 1875. Their children: Neva b. May
26, 1896; Ira b. March 2, 1898; Alda b. Nov. 13, 1902; Marion
Albert b. Sept. 29, 1907; Myrl b. June 21, 1911. Family
home Holden, Utah.

NOAKES, THOMAS. Born in England. Followed the
founders of Utah in all their migrations. Came to Utah

Married Emma Inkpen at Sussex, Eng. Their children:
George, m. Sophia Crowfoot; Thomas; William; John Hub-
bard, m. Susan Childs. Family home Springville, Utah.

One of Joseph Smith's bodyguards. Died September, 1870,
at Springville, Utah.

NOAKES, GEORGE (son of Thomas Noakes and Emma Ink-
pen). Born Sept. 4, 1811, in England. Came to Utah 1852.

Married Sophia Crowfoot January, 1848, Nauvoo, 111.
(daughter of Benjamin Crowfoot and Samantha Sackett of
Saratoga Springs, N. Y.; she came to Utah 1852). She was
born Feb. 11, 1818. Their children: George Washington
b. Feb. 14, 1849, m. Ann Wintertor, m. Rosina Haney; Wil-
liam Hubbard b. Sept. 25, 1850; Thomas Nephi b. Sept. 10.
1852, m. Neilus Carter; Emma Inkpen b. Dec. 3, 1854, m. John
Winterton; Mary Elizabeth b. Oct. 3, 1857; John Hubbard
b. March 19, 1859, m. Margeret Priscilla Casper; David E.
b. Sept. 9, 1860; Robert Avery b. Sept. 5, 1862. Family home
Charleston, Utah.

High priest; ward teacher; bishop; superintendent Sunday
school. Veteran Indian war. Farmer.

NOAKES, JOHN HUBBARD (son of George Noakes and
Sophia Crowfoot). Born March 19, 1859, Alpine, Utah.

Married Margeret Priscilla Casper May 15, 1889, Manti,
Utah (daughter of William Nephi Casper and Agnes Mc-
Farland of Charleston, Utah), who was born June 4, 1872.
Their children: Mary June b. June 12, 1890, m. John J.
Gordon; David Avery b. Sept. 25, 1891; Mable Sophia b.
Nov. 1, 1893, m. Frederick Howarth; Gertrude Louisa b.
Oct. 9, 1895; William Ruben b. Feb. 13, 1897; Wallace Nephi
b. April 4, 1899; Erving Arthur b. Nov. 23, 1900; Beatrice
Verga b. Nov. 29, 1902; Vida Luella b. March 10, 1904; Reva
Agnes b. Jan. 8, 1906; Margeret Myre b. July 17, 1908.

Elder; ward teacher. Constable; town marshal; road
supervisor. Farmer.

NOBLE, JOSEPH B. (son of Ezekiel Noble and Theodocia
Bates of Egremont, Mass). Born Jan. 14, 1810, at Egremont.
Came to Utah October 2, 1847, Jedediah M. Grant company.

Married Mary Adeline Beman Sept. 11, 1834, Bloomfleld,
N. Y. (daughter of Alvah Beman and Sally Burtts of Livonia,
Livingston county, N. Y.), who was born Jan. 10, 1810.
Their children: Meriam; Joseph Heber; Nephi; Louisa;
Edward Alvan, m. Jane Peal; Mary Adelia; Hiram Brigham;
Eliza Theodocia, m. Edgar Dalrymple; Benjamin, m. Rachel
Lee. Family home Bountiful, Utah.

Members first quorum seventies; missionary to New York;
bishop's counselor; bishop; patriarch. Performed the first
plural marriage in the L. D. S. church. Miller; farmer;
stockraiser. Died Aug. 17, 1901, Wardboro, Idaho.

Married Emily Wilcox Jan. 30, 1831, at East Bloomfleld,
N. Y. (daughter of Smith Wilcox and Martha Turner of
that place). Their children: Angeline, m. Ira Nathaniel
Hlnckley; Adelaide, m. Ira Nathaniel Hlnckley; Lucian
Gardner, d. child; Theodore Smith, d. child; Emily. Family
home, Salt Lake City.

High priest; missionary to eastern states 1872. School
teacher. Horticulturist. Died Jan. 20, 1891.

NOBLE, WILLIAM G. (son of Joseph Noble and Ann Hart).
Born March 29, 1811, Irchester, Northamptonshire. Eng.
Came to Utah Oct. 17, 1862, Henry W. Miller company.

Married Mary Ann Harper Dec. 7, 1830, Irchester, Eng.
(daughter of John Harper and Rachel Waterhouse). Their
children: Jane Ann b. June 21, 1832, m. Robert W. Fox;

Rachel b. Aug. 28, , d. infant; Waterhouse Harper b. Sept.

17, 1834 (d. 1856), m. Mary Pearse; Eliza Priscilla b. April
3, 1836, m. R. L. Fishburn; Henrietta b. Aug. 11, 1837, m.
George H. Gilbert; Lavinia b. March 20, 1839, m. Benjamin
Arkens, m. James Meikle; William Aquilla b. May 4, 1841
(d. Dec. 12, 1880), m. Sarah C. Merrill, m. Sarah F. Smith;
Louisa Rock Snow b. Oct. 19, 1842, m. Henry Watts; Zil-
phah b. April 6, 1844, m. Alonzo P. Raymond; Leonora b.
Dec. 21, 1846, m. Samuel Merrill; Laura Matilda b. Feb. 17,
1850, m. R. L. Fishburn. Family home Smithfield, Utah.

High priest; missionary to England. Tailor. Died March
14, 1893.

NOBLE, W. P. (son of William Noble and Jane Payne of
Jefferson county, N. Y.). Born Dec. 24, 1847, in Jefferson
county, N. Y. Came to Utah Nov. 7, 1883.

Married Margret Hollaran 1882, who was born 1848. Their
children: Ida J., m. L. C. Robinson; Fred W., m. Mayme
Ward; Edith, m. Robert Goldsmith; Mayme. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Police commissioner; Salt Lake City councilman. Engaged
in stockraising; banking.

NOE, ABRAM (son of Job Noe and Evaline Tibbets, Cin-
cinnati, Ohio). Born Dec. 18, 1820, Cincinnati, Ohio. Came
to Utah October, 1852.

Married Mary Jane Winslow March 1853, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Thomas Winslow and Rebecca Tibbets, Cin-
cinnati). She was born Feb. 25, 1830. Their children:
Evaline Noe b. Nov. 27, 1852, m. Henry Isaac Bush; Rebecca
Jane b. Jan. 26, 1855, m. James Alexander; George Joseph
b. Oct. 12, 1859, m. Mary E. Thome; Emily Losania b. Aug.
Aug. 14, 1863, m. Lucius Scoville; Edward Prebel b. March
15, 1865, m. Emma Walker.

The children by the second wife were: Eugene Abram
b. April 7, 1866; Clarence William b. April 6. 1867; Clarinda
Angeline b. April 6, 1867; Charles Lafayette b. March 6.
1868. Family home Springville, Utah.

Veteran Indian wars. Justice of peace 20 years; member
constitutional convention.

NORDFORS, PETER. Born Dec. 24, 1805, Farela, Helsen-
glang, Sweden. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1862, Joseph Home

Married Margaret Monson, who was born December, 1799.
Their children: Cathrina Margaret b. 1830; Andrew M. b. Feb.
29, 1839, m. Cathrine Olson; Carl Constantine b. 1840; Chris-
tena Elizabeth b. 1842; Matilda Josephine b. Dec. 2, 1844,
m. F. R. Thyberg May 10, 1862; Olov Eric b. 1846. Family
resided Beaver City, Fairview, Glenwood and Koosharem,

Died at latter place 1895.

NORDFORS, ANDREW M. (son of Peter Nordfors and
Margaret Monson). Born Feb. 29, 1832, Upsala, Sweden.

Married Cathrine Olson Dec. 1863, Kronge Ade, Ragunda,
Sweden (daughter of Jens Olson), who was born Aug. 26,
1832, Holja Lith, Sweden. Their children: Margaret Jo-
sephine b. Oct. 13, 1864, m. John W. Jackson Nov. 14, 1883;
Cathrine W. b. July 17, 1866, m. James Bunker April 12,
1889; Johan Peter b. Dec. 1871; John Axel b. Sept. 18, 1873.
m. Rebecca Roberts 1900; Agnes Rozina b. April 26, 1875,
m. Oscar Anderson Feb. 1898; Charles Victor b. July 21,
1877; Emily Matilda b. June 20, 1878; Andrew Leonard b.
June 19, 1882. Family resided Bear River City, Glenwood
and Annabella, Utah.

High priest; missionary in northern Sweden 1861-62.

NOBLE, LUCIAN (son of Silas Noble and Leah Hollenbeck
of Ontario county, N. Y.). Born Nov. 26, 1807, East Bloom-
field, Ontario county, N. Y. Came to Utah Oct. 6, 1850,
William Snow company.

NORTH, LEVI (son of Sidney North and Mary Hawthorne
of West Virginia). Born July 17, 1817, in White county,
111. Came to Utah with Robert Wimmer Sept. 15, 1852.

Married Ariminta Howard (daughter of John and Jane
Howard), who was born Feb. 25, 1819, in Madison county
(near Detroit), 111., and came to Utah Sept. 15, 1852, where
she died March 12, 1903. Their children: Charles Addlson
b. Nov. 14, 1838, m. Albertlna Silvernia Battleson, who
pulled one of the handcarts over the plains, and d. March
12, 1903; Hyrum Bennett, b. Dec. 16, 1840. m. Leah R. Davis
and Priscilla Jane Blair; Almyra, m. Ephraim H. Williams;
Lev! Howard, m. Annie Maria Morgan; Ariminta, m. Amos
B. Fuller; Merari, m. Queen Jackson; Mary Jane, m. A. L.
Fuller; Malinda Howard, m. William H. Butterworth; Mar-



gery Annie, m. John Price. Family home Mill Creek, Utah.

Married Christenia Rassmensen in 1865, who was born
in Scandinavia. Their children: John Riley; Rhoda D.;
Hulda; Kate; Lula; Maud; James.

Missionary to White Mountain, Nev.; ward teacher. Pio-
neer to Mill Creek. Farmer. Died Feb. 24, 1894.

NORTH, HTRUM BENNETT (son of Lev! North and Ari-
minta Howard). Born Dec. 16, 1840, in Lee Co., Iowa.
Came to tJtah Sept. 15, 1852, with Robert Wimmer company.

Married Leah R. Davis Dec. 31, 1862, Mill Creek, Utah
(daughter of John R. Davis and Mary Miles of Ebbwale,
South Wales). She was born May 4, 1846, and came to
Utah Oct. 15, 1861, with Ira Eldredge company, walking
nil the way from Florence to Utah. Their children: Lev!
and Elizabeth, twins, b. Nov. 22, 1863. d. infants; Hyrum
Thomas b. Nov. 8, 1864, died; Charles David b. Oct. 5, 1865
and Amos b. April 5, 1866, died; Mary Ariminta b. Aug. 13,
1868, m. Charles Neilson Jan. 29, 1889; Merari Franklin
b. Sept. 3, 1870 (d. April 15, 1909), m. Annie Lohr Feb. 20,
1903 (d. June 19, 1909, leaving- two children, Leah and Har-
old); Leah Alwilda b. Sept. 15, 1872, died; Malinda Jane b.
Dec. 1, 1873, m. Peter Sorensen; Pheba A. b. Nov. 30, 1875
(d. April 23, 1900), m. G. W. Daybell Nov. 2, 1908; Perry
Davis b. May 19, 1877. m. Cynthia Brunsen March 17, 1898;
Eunice Ann b. Aug. 26, 1878, died; Martha Almira b. Jan. 29,
1883, m. Robert Daybell. Family home Charleston, Utah.

Married Priscilla Jane Blair April 5, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Harrison Blair and Mary Ann McNutt of
Adams county, 111., pioneers late in 1857 from California).
She was born Feb. 13, 1853, in Adams county. 111. Their
children: William Harrison b. May 14, 1870, m. Caroline
Steadman; Webster Howard b. July 21, 1872, died; Arthur
Mormon b. May 30, 1874, m. Caroline Blakey; Ashaet Albert
b. July 2, 1876, m. Mary Steadman; Milton Blair b. Sept.
27, 1878; Edith Priscilla b. Feb. 16, 1881; Alma b. Jan. 22,
1883; George Addison b. July 23, 1884, and Royal Exile b.
Aug. 29. 1886, died; Warren Lyman b. Aug. 22, 1888, m.
Hazel Montgomery; Lorin Harvey b. April 4, 1890, m. Zella

Ordained a seventy Feb. 25, 1859, Mill Creek, Utah; ward
teacher. Member of Utah volunteer cavalry, enrolled April

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