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30, 1862. Farmer and ranchman.

NORTON, AL.A1VSO1V (son of Allen Norton, Granville, N. Y.,
and Lucy Wilkinson, born March 3, 1788, in Connecticut).
He was born March 26, 1814, at Granville, N. Y. Came to
Utah 1851, John G. Smith company.

Married Sallie Maria Freeman (daughter of Silas Free-
man and Sallie French), who was born April 24, 1817, and
came to Utah with her husband; died 1852, Provo, Utah.
Their children: Harriet Emeline b. April 22, 1837, m. Leonard
Phillips in 1852; Lucy Ellen b. April 1840. m. Thomas S.
Nixon; Mary Eliza b. July 11, 1842, d. Infant; Emma Louisa
b. March 10. 1844; Martha Elmira b. Sept. 12, 1846. m.
Thomas B. Wilde; Althea Maria b. Nov. 1849, m. Isaac Lewis;
Sallie Aldura b. Jan. 16, 1852, m. Joseph Southworth 1861.
Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Julia Ann Williams in 1856, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Andrew B. Williams, died in 1901, McCammon,
Idaho, and Abagail Lewis, pioneers 1853). She was born
Feb. 24, 1839, Des Moines, Iowa. Their children: Lucena
b. 1857, d. infant; Louella Abagail b. April 9, 1860, m. Henry
D. Lish 1878; Delinda Amelia b. March 3, 1861, m. Albert
J. Lish 1881; Alanson, d. infant; William Andrew b. Aug.
8. 1865, m. Annettie A. Lish Nov. 2, 1886; Erminnie Valettia
b. Jan. 1, 1868, m. Hyrum P. Lish Dec. 2, 1885; Ida Elinor
b. June 17, 1870, m. James A. Lewis 1888; Annie May b.
May 1, 1874, m. Charles A. Romriell 1892; Charles Ethan
b. Jan. 6, 1876, m. Alice Evans 1900; George b. 1878, d.
infant; Clara Grace b. July 2, 1881, m. James A. Lish Nov.
21, 1896; Lemuel b. May 28, 1883. Family resides Provo, Salt
Lake City, Brigham City, Utah, and McCammon, Idaho.

Married Maria Jensen (Cutler) 1872, Salt Lake City
(daughter of M. C. Jensen and Maren Hansen), who was
born Jan. 28, 1846, in Denmark. Their children: Elvin J.
b Jan 6, 1877, m. Martha Barron Sept. 13, 1899; Joseph
A. b. Feb. 14, 1882. d. March 14, 1902.

Counselor to Bishop Blackburn of Provo; bishop of Mc-
Cammon ward, Oneida stake, Idaho; patriarch; filled two
missions. Provo City councilman; justice of the peace four
years. Purchaser machinery for President Lorenzo Snow's
woolen mills and operated mills for years; said to have
operated first woolen and carding mills in Utah. Died
Aug. 1904, McCammon, Idaho.

NORTON, WILLIAM ANDREW (son of Alanson Norton
and Julia Ann Williams). Born Aug. 8, 1866, Coleville,

Married Annettie A. Lish Nov. 2, 1886, Albion, Cassia
Co., Idaho (daughter of William Seely Lish and Falrzina
C. Cornwell, pioneers 1850). She was born Sept. 12, 1868,
Huntsville, Utah. Their children: Alta May b. March 14,.
1889, m. Edwin C. Rouse 1904; Annettie Ellen b. April 7,
1891, m. Clifford W. West Feb. 12, 1SU2; Julia Fairzina b.
Sept. 23, 1892, m. H. S. Rodd Sept. 28, 1911; Alanson William
b Feb. 22, 1895; Ethan C. b. Nov. 15, 1896; Hyrum Edmund
b. Dec. 19, 1898, d. infant; Joseph Lemuel b. Nov. 8, 1901.
Family resided McCammon and Pocatello, Idaho.

President of 88th quorum of seventies; high priest; bishop
of McCammon ward, Pocatello stake; president T. M. M.
I A Appointed state water commissioner, division 1, April
1. 1913.

NORTON, JAMES WILL.EY (son of David Norton and Eliza-
beth Benafield of Kentucky). Born Aug. 6, 1822, in Wayne
Co.. Ohio. Came to Utah Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball

Married Nancy Hammer July 8, 1846, Walnut Grove,
Iowa (daughter of Austin Hammer and Nancy Elston,
former killed at Haun Mill massacre Oct. 30, 1838). She
was born Oct. 14, 1829. Their children: Amanda M. b.
April 19, 1847, m. John E. Ross; Nancy P. b. Jan. 1, 1849,
m. Squire Reynolds: Sarah J. b. April 17, 1852; Rufus W.
b. Aug. 14, 1853, m. Cynthia A. Cooper; James R., m. Martha
E. Haws; Julia I. b. July 23, 1855: Maryette b. May 29,
1856, m. James N. Southwick; Leander D. b. Feb. 17, 1858,
m. Martha E. Cooper Jan. 1, 1886; John F. b. April 27,
1860, m. Margret Williams; Rebecca R. b. Feb. 3, 1862, m.
Isaac D. Cooper; Elizabeth A. b. April 20, 1864; Almyra
C. b. July 9. 1865, m. John Empy; Alfred S. b. Dec. 31,
1868. m. Ruth Jones. Family home Lehl. Utah.

Married Mary Ann Rolfe in Dec. 1875, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Samuel J. Rolfe, born Aug. 26. 1794, Concord,
N. H., and Elizabeth Hathaway, born Aug. 29, 1801, Canton
Mills, Oxford Co., Maine married 1819). She was born

Feb. 6, 1844, Nauvoo, 111., and came to Utah . Their

children: Samuel Alma b. March 15, 1877; Weltha Ann
b. June 27, 1879, m. Canute Ellingson Dec. 22, 1898; Eliza-
beth Rolfe b. Dec. 31, 1881, m. George Robert Lamb March
11, 1913.

Seventy. Minuteman. Sheriff.

NORTON, LEANDER D. (son of James Willey Norton and
Nancy Hammer). Born Feb. 17, 1858, Lehi, Utah.

Married Martha E. Cooper Jan. 1, 1886, Idaho Falls,
Idaho (daughter of Isaac Cooper and Mary E. Stuart,
American Fork, Utah, pioneers Sept. 19, 1847, Daniel Spen-
cer company). She was born April 7, 1865. Their chil-
dren: Cynthia U. b. Nov. 4, 1887, m. Maurice Woffenden-
Leander C. b. Dec. 3, 1889: Martha S. b. Aug. 23, 1891;
Leola N. b. Dec. 18, 1893; Mary E. b. Jan. 23, 1896; Greta
I. b. July 10, 1902; Ruel I. b. Jan. 10, 1907. Family home
Lincoln, Bonnville Co., Idaho.

NORVILl,, GEORGE! (son of George Norvill and Elizabeth
Gould, Paterson, N. J.). Born June 30, 1800, Paterson.
Came to Utah 1851, Alvin Nichols company.

Married Rachel Cook April 23, 1825, Jersey City, N. J.,
who was born Dec. 5, 1806, and died in New York. Their
children: Levl; Rachel A.; Mary E.

Married Catherine Force. Only child: Emma, m. Samuel

Married Teresa Cragun. who died Jan. 6, 1897.

First shoemaker at Pleasant View, Utah. Died May
1884, North Ogden.

NOWERS, WILL.SON GATES (son of Edward Nowers, born
Feb. 6, 1781, Brambles Farm, Wye, and Susannah Gates,
born Jan. 6, 1794, Dover, Kent, Eng.). Born March 8, 1828,
at Dover. Came to Utah Oct. 1, 1851, Orson Pratt oxteam

Married Sarah Anderson June 28, 1855 (daughter of
Miles Anderson and Nancy Pace, pioneers Oct. 6, 1851,
Alfred Cardon company married Aug. 9, 1821, in Georgia).
She was born Dec. 4, 1828, and came to Utah with parents.
Their children: Willson Edward b. March 14, 1856, d. July
30, 1860; Nancy Kathleen b. April 22, 1857, m. William
Burt; William Gates b. Jan. 27, 1859, m. Catherine Lilly-
white; Sarah Susanna b. March 25, 1861, m. Edward W.
Thompson; John Alfred b. March 5, 1863, m. Minerva Riddle;
James Albert b. Nov. 29, 1864, m. Ella May Wileg; Edwin
Lorenzo b. Jan. 26, 1867, d. Dec. 7, 1869; Joseph b. Dec.
15, 1868, d. Dec. 23, 1868. Family home Beaver, Utah.

High priest; member of high council. Took active part
In protecting early settlers from Indians. Member of Utah
militia. First treasurer of Beaver county; county recorder;
Justice of peace; city councilman; city recorder. Said to
be the only pioneer of this name who ever came to Utah.

NOTES, FRED F. (son of John Henry Noyes and Sarah
Burrus, former of Connecticut, latter of St. Augustine',
Fla.). Born Dec. 25, 1847, Albany, N. Y. Came to Utah
Sept. 25, 1865, Caldwell overland, transportation company.

Married Meria Williams Jan. 22, 1869, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Gustavious Williams and Meria Andrews,
pioneers Sept. 24, 1848, Heber C. Kimball company). She
was born June 29, 1849, Salt Lake City. Their children:
Gustavious b. June 11, 1870; Diantha b. May 25, 1872, m.
John W. Forsyth Sept. 10, 1892; Fred W. b. Sept. 22, 1875,
m. Nettie Behanen March 15, 1897; John H. b. March 27,
1877, m. Edith McDougal March 7, 1903; Ada b. March 16,
1879, m. Frank Ostburg Dec. 12, 1899; Howard S. b. Jan.
15, 1882, m. May Woolsey Nov. 7, 1905; Emma b. Dec. 28,
1884, m. William H. Heaps June 12, 1907; Frank b. Oct. 11,
1886; Sarah b. Jan. 10, 1888, m. David Rolleyt Sept. 2, 1908;
Sylvester b. Dec. 23. 1890; Hyrum b. May 6, 1892.

Farmer; carpenter.

NUTTAL,!,, WILMAM. Came to Utah October, 1852, from
Liverpool, Eng.

Married Mary Langhorn. Their children: William; Leon-
ard John b. July 6, 1834, m. Elizabeth Clarkson; Joseph.
Family home Provo, Utah.



NUTTALL, LEONARD JOHN (son of William Nuttall and
Mary Langhorn). Born July 6, 1834, Liverpool, Eng. Came
to Utah October, 1852.

Married Elizabeth Clarkson Dec. 25, 1855, at Provo
(daughter of Thomas and Kitty Clarkson), who was born
1835. Their children: Elizabeth Ann b. April 1, 1857, m.
George Shumway; Leonard John b. Dec. 5, 1859, m. Chris-
tina Little; Thomas Clarkson, m. Harriet Self; Joseph Wil-
liam; Mary Clarkson; Eleanor Clarkson, m. Malin M.
Warner; Clara Clarkson, m. Joseph Giles; Wilford Clark-
son, m. Delia Lowe. Family home Provo, Utah.

Married Sophia Taylor at Salt Lake City (daughter of
John Taylor and Harriet Whitaker of Salt Lake City, pio-
neers 1847). Their children: William Taylor; Lenora; Mary.
Family home. Salt Lake City.

Member 20th quorum seventies; missionary to England
1874-75; high councilor of Utah stake; bishop of Kanab
ward 1875-77; president Kanab stake 1877-84; private secre-
tary to President John Taylor 1879-87, and to President
Wilford Woodruff 1887-92. Probate judge; county recorder
and clerk of Utah county; Provo City recorder; territorial
superintendent of schools 1881-87; chief clerk of legisla-
ture. Colonel in territorial militia; Black Hawk Indian
war veteran. Died Feb. 23, 1905, Salt Lake City.

NUTTALL, LEONARD JOHN, JR. (son of Leonard John
Nuttall and Elizabeth Clarkson). Born Dec. 5, 1859, Provo,

Married Christina Little March 11, 1880, St. George, Utah
(daughter of James Amasa Little and Anna Matilda Bald-
win, Kanab, Utah, pioneers 1848). She was born Jan. 12,
1863. Their children: Elizabeth Annie b. Oct. 19, 1882;
Josephine b. May 30, 1884, died; Leonard John b. July 6,
1887, m. Fannie Burns; Christina b. Nov. 21, 1888; Ethel b.
May 19, 1890; James A. b. Aug. 4, 1892; Vernon Malcolm b.
Nov. 28, 1893; William b. Dec. 2, 1894. died; Milton Carlos
b. Jan. 29, 1896. died; Velma b. April 22, 1899; Rulon b.
Dec. 20, 1900; Clarissa b. July 28, 1902; Maurice b. Dec.
19, 1904; Hazel b. Oct. 12, 1907. Family home Lake View,

Member 123d quorum seventies: president elders and sev-
enties; missionary to England 1884-86 and to central states
1907-10. Justice of peace at Lake View. Farmer.

NUTTALL, THOMAS C. (son of Leonard John Nuttall and
Elizabeth Clarkson). Born Oct. 19. 1862, Provo, Utah.

Married Harriet Self Dec. 6, 1883, Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Anthony and Rebecca Self of England, pioneers
1867). She was born Oct. 27, 1862. Their children: John
T. b. Dec. 17, 1886; Blanche b. Sept. 8, 1887, m. Phineas
H. Toung; Roscoe S. b. Jan. 16, 1891; Clyde b. March 30,
1894, d. infant.

President elders quorum in Pioneer stake; first assistant
Sunday school superintendent; Sunday school teacher. Pres-
ident Salt Lake Wire and Iron Works.

NUTTALL, JOSEPH (son of William Nuttall and Mary
Langhorn). Born Aug. 31, 1836, in Liverpool, Eng. Came
to Utah October, 1852, with company bringing supply of
sugar over plains.

Married Emily Isabelle Chesley Provo, Utah (daughter
of Emily Haws of Provo, came to Utah Oct. 1852, sugar
company). Family home, Provo.

Married Susian Saunsosee Salt Lake City (daughter of
Louis Saunsosee and Rebecca Fawcett of Provo, pioneers
of 1852). She was born Nov. 28, 1850. Their children:
Louis William, m. Laura McEwan; Joseph Charles, m. Mary
Williams; Francis Henry, m. Anny Hall. Family home,

High priest; missionary to Great Britain 1896-97. Crossed
the plains seven times. Veteran Indian wars. Farmer;

NUTTALL, LOUIS WILLIAM (son of Joseph Nuttall and
Susian Saunsosee). Born July 11, 1869, Provo, Utah.

Married Laura Saunfah McEwan at Manti, Utah (daugh-
ter of Joseph Thompson McEwan and Frenda Naomi Cran-
dall of Provo, pioneers Sept. 1860, J. D. Ross company).
She was born Sept. 24, 1871. Their only child: Bertha b.
Nov. 20, 1893, m. William F. Abbott. Family home, Provo.

Elder; assistant Sunday school superintendent. Dairyman;

21, 1881; Alice b. July 31, 1884, m. Alfred Hatfleld; Mary
Ellen b. Dec. 27, 1888, m. M. N. V. Scully.

High priest. Veteran fireman, serving 20 years; veteran
of Civil war, California volunteer cavalry, Co. M, 1864-66.
Plasterer and builder.

1VYSTROM, THEODORE (son of Peter T. Ny strom, Broby.
Sweden). Born Sept. 26, 1870. Came to Utah in 1868.

Married Almira Mae Taylor June 21, 1900, Salt Lake
City (daughter of George Hamilton Taylor and Elmlna
Shepard), who was born Aug. 11, T871, Salt Lake City.


OAKASON, HANS (son of Hans Oakason and Chastie Lar-
son of Woldy, Sweden). Born Sept. 12, 1839, Woldy. Came
to Utah Sept. 21, 1861, Heber C. Kimball company.

Married Ingre Stark.

Married Marie Olsen, Salt Lake City, who was born
Jan. 29, 1845, and came to Utah 1862. Their children: Emma
Elvira b. July 8, 1866, m. N. J. Harris; Heber b. Feb. 7,
1868, died; Sarah b. July 1, 1871, m. Frank Stewart; Eliza
b. Aug. 28, 1873. m. O. L. Witbeck; Albert b. Feb. 26. 1876,
m. Lizzie Bergen; Lillian b. Jan. 1, 1879; John b. Aug.

OAKLEY, EZRA. Came to Utah Sept. 30, 1847, John Taylor

Married Elizabeth DeGroot 1852 on Staten Island, N. T.
Their children: Henry, m. Mary Baldwin, m. Jannette
Backet; John, m. Mary Patterson and Louise Jones- Mary
Anne, m. John Taylor; James, m. Anne Cole, Celia Lane
and Fannie Palfryman; Margaret, m. Alfred Best. Family
home Long Island, N. T.

Member of seventy. Farmer.

ODEKIRK, ISAAC (son of Jacob and Katherine Odekirk,
both of New York. Born April 1, 1809, In New York; came
to Utah 1852.

Married Eliza Dutcher in New York state (daughter of
Thomas and Betsey Dutcher, both of New York). She was
born Feb. 25, 1814, at Cherry Valley, N. Y. Their children:
Betsey, m. James Burrosand; Sarah, m. James Caston; Han-
nah, m. Charles Dana; Thomas; Heber b. Aug. 5, 1845, m.
Hannah Brown; Frank, m. Margaret Dana; John, m. Emma
McCann. Family home Ogden, Utah, and Bear Lake, Idaho.

Seventy; teacher. Settled at Ogden, Utah; moved to
Bear Lake Valley 1864.

ODEKIRK, HEBER (son of Isaac Odekirk and Eliza
Dutcher). Born Aug. 5, 1845, at Nauvoo, 111. Came to Utah

Married Hannah Brown June 27, 1870, at Salt Lake City,
Utah (daughter of William Brown and Hannah Richard-
son, both of Salt Lake City). She was born Aug. 15. 1853;
came to Utah 1852. Their children : Isaac William b. Aug.
26, 1871, m. Hannah Margaret Pace; Hannah Elizabeth b.
April 23, 1873, m. William Stanley Ashton; Mary Adalaid
b. Jan. 19, 1875, m. George Julius; Flora b. Sept. 17, 1876;
Heber Thomas b. April 29, 1879; Hilda b. Feb. 23, 1881;
Franklin b. Dec. 7, 1883; Peter Richardson b. Feb. 9, 1886;
Sarah Amy b. May 31, 1888; Wilford LeRoy b. May 15, 1891;
Fern b. July 8, 1893; Afton b. Aug. 2, 1895.

Elder; teacher; home missionary; member of Y. M. M.
I. A., Garden City, Idaho. Settled at Bear Lake, Idaho,
1864; moved to Ashley Valley 1884. County commissioner.
Farmer and stockraiser.

ODEKIRK, ISAAC WILLIAM (son of Heber Odekirk and
Hannah Brown). Born Aug. 26, 1871, at Smithfleld, Utah.

Married Hannah Margaret Pace Oct. 23, 1890, at Vernal,
Utah (daughter of John Alma Lawrence Pace and Susanna
Taylor, both of Thistle Junction, Utah). She was born
Nov. 11, 1873. Their children: Harvey Eugene b. Sept. 8.
1891, d. in infancy; Heber Lawrence b. Aug. 7, 1894; Isaac
Warren b. Oct. 2, 1896, d. at birth; Hyrum b. Sept. 12, 1898;
Doris b. Dec. 15, 1899; Preston Pace b. Oct. 27, 1901; Mary
Hannah b. March 21, 1903; Cleland Pace b. Sept. 21, 1904;
Alma Nichols b. March 19, 1906; John Ford b. July 18,
1908; William Benton b. April 7, 1911. Family home Myton,

High priest; bishop's counselor; Sunday school superin-
tendent; high councilor. Conducted U. S. forage station
one year 1901. Farmer and merchant.

ODELL, THOMAS GEORGE (son of Gregory Fleming: Odell
and Elizabeth Hopkins of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire,
Eng.). Born Jan. 3, 1823, at Leighton Buzzard. Came to
Utah Sept. 30, 1861, in the Homer Duncan Independent

Married Ann Newman 1846 In London, Eng. (daughter
of Charles Newman and Sarah Davis of London). Their
children: Annie Sarah b. March 27, 1847; George Thomas
b. Dec. 4, 1848; Charles b. July 20. 1851; Harry Edward
b. Aug. 5, 1860. Family home London, Eng.

Married Mary Ann Cato 1867 at Salt Lake City (daugh-
ter of Charles Cato and Ann Higbee of Tring, Hereford-
shire, Eng., pioneers of 1858, Jesse B. Martin handcart
company). She was born Aug. 19, 1833. Only child was
Joseph Odell b. March 15, 1870, Ogden, Utah, who married
Louise Torgeson May 15. 1895.

City councilman and recorder. Newspaper man in Salt
Lake City and Ogden.

ODELL, GEORGE THOMAS (son of Thomas George Odell
and Ann Newman). Born Dec. 4, 1848, London, Eng. Came
to Utah Sept. 30. 1861.

Married Florence Caroline Grant May 10, 1872, Ogden.
Utah (daughter of Joshua Frederick Grant and Louise
Marie Goulet of Salt Lake City, pioneers 1847). She was
born May 11, 1851. Kanesvllle, Iowa. Their children: Thomas
George b. April 3, 1873; Joshua Frederick b. Aug. 10, 1875;
Florence Louise b. June 2, 1878; Adelaide Eugene b. Nov.
11, 1885; Ethel Marie b. June 11, 1892. Family resided at
Ogden and Salt Lake City.

Living in London. Eng., until 12 years and 5 months of
age, he did everything that a boy of that age could, even
to selling papers, when not in school. His education was



obtained through the Home and Colonial school of London,
prior to coming to Utah in 1861, with his parents, by oxteam
in the Homer Duncan independent company. They lo-
cated at Ogden. From October, 1861 to 1866, he was em-
ployed on a farm, which his father owned. In 1866 he
went to Bear River, Boxelder county, to a place called
"Hampton's Bridge." a station on the Wells-Fargo Co. stage
line, and remained there 2 years. In 1869 moved from
Bear River to Corinne. The town was just started and
there he engaged with the construction company for the
building of the Union Pacific railroad and remained with it
until the completion of the lines at Promontory, Utah. He
left Promontory on the morning that Governor Stanford, of
California, drove the golden spike. From there following
the Union Pacific east into the Bitter Creek country, re-
maining with that company working on bridges until some
time in 1871. From early 1871 to 1879 he was a brakeman
and conductor on the Central Pacific railroad running be-
tween Ogden and San Francisco and worked between
Ogden. Toano and Wells, Nev. In 1879 he went the way
of most conductors and determined to enter a commercial
life and started in the produce and commission business
on '24th street, Ogden, operating there successfully for a
little over 2 years. In 1883 he went to Bullionville, Nev.,
for the Bullionville Smelting Co., whose interests were
safeguarded by Messrs. W. H. Godbe and Benjamin Hamp-
ton, and remained there until the winter season of 1883
and 1884, at which time their business in Nevada closed
down. In the winter season of 1883 and 1884 he came
to Salt Lake City and started with the aid of Messrs. Heber
J. Grant and Joshua F. Grant the implement and vehicle
business under the title of Grant-Odell & Co.; in a little over
a year this was changed to Grant-Odell & Co. (incorporated). .
In 1885 the business was merged into the Co-operative
Wagon & Machine Co. and remained under that title until
1902. In 1902 it was merged with the Consolidated Imple-
ment Co., and since 1902 he has been general manager of
the Consolidated Wagon & Machine Co., which operates at
some 60 points in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and eastern
Nevada, and whosi annual sales are about three milli
dollars. The company's paid up capitalization is two ana
a half million dollars. He is a director in the Utah State
National bank and the Bank of Garland; vice-president
and director of the George Romney Lumber Co.; director
H J Grant & Co., insurance agency; vice-president and
director of the board of governors of the Commercial club.
Salt Lake City; director of the Pittsburg-Salt Lake Oil Co.;
vice-president and director of Rich Lands Irrigation Co.;
vice-president and director of the Rexburg Drug Co. Rex-
burg, Idaho; vice-president and director of the Wright Mer-
cantile Co., Idaho Falls, Idaho; director of the Opex Consoli-
dated Mines Co., of Utah; president and director Odell-
Wright Investment Co.; director In the Utah Independent
Telephone Co.; director In the Sugar City Hardware &
Lumber Co.. Sugar City, Idaho; vice-president and mernb.
board of directors of the Utah Pioneers Book Publishing
Co., and vice-president and director of the Farmers' and
Stockgrowers 1 bank. _.

Mr Odell is well known In eastern business circles. I
la a member of the Alta and Commercial clubs of Salt Lake
City, also a member of Wasatch Lodge No. . 1, Free and
Accepted Masons and Knights Templar and Shrlner.

ODELL, JOSEPH (son of Thomas George Odell and Mary
Ann Cato). Born March 15, 1870, Ogden, Utah.

Married Louise Torgeson May 15, 1895, Logan. Utah
(daughter of Knud Torgeson and Gurinda Fredrtckson of
Risor Norway, pioneers 1863, John Needham company).
She was born June 18, 1870. Their children: Joseph Conrad
b May 1, 1896; Florence Louise b. Sept. 23, 1898; Afton
b.' Nov. 13, 1901; Wesley T. b. Dec. 9. 1906. Family home

"printer and publisher; as well as photographer by pro-
fession. Chairman of Republican party organization in
Cache Valley for many years. Now postmaster at Logan,

OGDE.V WILLIAM (son of Thomas Ogden, born 1791, and
Olive Lumax, born October, 1782, Little Sever, near Bol-
ton, Eng.). He was born Oct. 28, 1820, at Tone, Lancashire,
Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 24. 1868, Edward T. Mumford

Married Mary Vickers (daughter of William Vickers and
Mary Greenhalgh), who was born Oct. 6, 1819, at Hallith
Wood, near Bolton. Came to Utah with husband. Their
children: James b. Jan. 7, 1845, m. Alice Wray Aug. 24,
1872, m. Betsy Marsh Oct. 12, 1874; Mary Ann b. Dec. 26,
1847. m. William C. B. Orrocks Nov. 1, 1869; Thomas b.
Sept. 25, 1849, m. Ann Marsh March 31, 1873, m. Hannah
Wells Oct. 3, 1884; Jane b. Jan. 26, 1852, m. Henry D. Dall
Oct. 9, 1871; William b. Aug. 25, 1854, m. Emma Fraser Oct.
25, 1877; John b. Jan. 31, 1857, m. Martha M. Outzen Dec.
6, 1882; Joseph b. Aug. 31, 1859, m. Hannah M. Christensen
March 26, 1885. Family resided Santaquin and Richfield/

President of elders quorum; member of high council.
City councilman. President of Co-op, store at Richfield.

OGDEN, WILLIAM. JR. (son of William Ogden and Mary
Vickers) Born Aug. 25, 1854, Hallith-Wood, Tong, Eng.

Married Emma Fraser Oct. 25, 1877, St. George (daugh-
ter of Alexander Fraser and Sarah Scott, pioneers Sept.
16, 1868, John Gillespie company). She was born Oct. 30,
1859, Kirtintilloch, Stirling, Scotland. Their children: Alice
Robena b. March 9, 1879, m. Christian P. Christensen Oct. 8,

1903; Junius Francis b. Oct. 18, 1881, m. Alice Jackson June
4, 1909; Daisy May b. Dec. 20, 1883, m. George P. Hansen
Oct. 23, 1907; Laura Emma and Lottie Jane (twins) b. Aug.
20, 1887; William George b. Feb. 5, 1893; Violet Rozelle b.
Aug. 22, 1895; Owen Miles b. Feb. 17, 1899. Family home
Richfield, Utah.

Missionary to England 1889, and to northern states 1907;
ward clerk; clerk high council; first counselor to president
high priests' quorum; bishop's counselor. County com-
missioner four years; school trustee 21 years; city council-
man; city recorder.

OGDEN, JOSEPH (son of William Ogden and Mary Vickers).
Born Aug. 31, 1859, Hallith-Wood, Eng.

Married Hannah M. Christensen March 25, 1885. St. George,
Utah (daughter of Hans and Johannah M. Christensen,
pioneers 1862, Christian A. Madsen company). Their chil-
dren: Joseph L. b. Jan. 13, 1886; Rhoda A. b. Oct. 17, 1889,
m. George Dobson June 23, 1909; Milo C. b. Nov. 27, 1891;
Rodney C. b. Feb. 2, 1898, and Grant b. March 24, 1900, died;
Emma M. b. Dec. 31, 1901; Morris D. b. July 6, 1906.

Missionary to Great Britain 1893-94, and 1903-04; presi-
dent Bristol conference 22 months; clerk of elders' quorum;
superintendent of Sunday school; member of high council.
Teacher L. D. S. high school one year; county surveyor
Sevier county; assistant professor University of Utah two

OGII/VIE, GEORGE (son of George Byers Ogilvie and Bar-
bara Elizabeth Mattatahl of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Can).
Born April 24, 1834, at Halifax. Came to Utah Sept. 7,
1855, Noah T. Guymon company.

Married Eliza Ann Hales March 2, 1857, Big Cottonwood,
Utah (daughter of Charles Henry Hales, born June 17, 1817,
and Julia Ann Lockwood, born Aug. 10, 1824, both in Canada,

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