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pioneers Sept. 29, 1847, Edward Hunter company). She was
born Nov. 27, 1840, Quincy, 111. Their children: Eliza Ann
b. April 16, 1858, m. John W. Coons; George William b.
March 15, 1860. m. Cosmelia E. Farnsworth; Mary Isabelle
b. July 17, 1862, m. Raleigh Jones; Charles Henry b. March
13, 1864, d. Feb. 4, 1885; Joseph Smith b. July 1867, d. Infant.
Family resided Spanish Fork and Richfield, Utah.

Elder; ward teacher. Sheriff of Sevier county 1873-74.
Early settler to Sevter and Utah counties. Served as guard
In Echo Canyon war; Black Hawk Indian war veteran.

OHl.SO.v. GUSTAVE ADOLPHUS (son of Jepea Ohlson and
Bothilda Pramberg of Lund, Sweden). Born Aug. 31, 1828,
at Lund. Came to Utah 1863, Enoch Reese company.

Married Elena Anderson 1850, Malmo, Sweden (daughter
of Anna Rosequest of Malmo), who was born Dec. 18, 1832.
Their children: Arthur Frederick; Hllma Marthina: Thor
Wilhelm; William Leve; Emma Gustava, d. infant; Charles
Gustaf; Joseph Valdemar, d. aged 12; Ellen Sophrona b.
March 2, 1861, m. William Alfred Biddle Jan. 3, 1884; Hyrum.
m. Alice Biddle; Anna Lovisa; Oscar Emil; Frithooff; Francis
Julius, d. infant; Alfred.

Married Anna Mortensen March 4, 1867, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Morton Mortensen and Marian Larson of
Sweden), who was born March 8, 1845, In Sweden. Their
children: Anna Roslna b. July 30, 1868; Emma Augusta b.
Feb. 2. 1870, m. Thomas H. Carr; Selma Elnora b. Feb. 6,
1872, m. Joseph Cafe; Mary Charlotta b. May 28, 1874, d.
aged 5; Ada Cornelia b. April 14, 1876, m. John J. Murphy;
Elvira V. b. July 16, 1878, m. Joseph Higginbotham: David
H. b. Aug. 6, 1880, d. Infant; Evelyn b. Feb. 26, 1882, m.
George H. Freecy; John Edgar b. June 1, 1884, d. infant.
Family resided Ogden. Utah.

Missionary to Sweden 1865-67; high priest. Tinsmith.
Died Dec. 11, 1912. Murray, Utah.

OKERLUND, OL.E (son of Jeppie Olsen, born April 29, 1803,
and Elsie Swensen of Sweden). Born Sept. 16, 1829. Came
to Utah Sept. 22, 1861, Samuel A. Woolley company.

Married Bengta Carlson Dec. 20, 1854 (daughter of Pehr
Carlson and Kjaiste Johnson, married 1829; former died
In Sweden, latter pioneer October, 1863). She was born Aug.
1, 1832. Their children: Charles P. b. May 28, 1856, m.
Harriett Blackburn 1881; Hilda b. Feb. 20, 1859, d. In Sweden,
Matilda b. Oct. 14, 1860, m. Wilford Ivie Nov. 1880;
George W. b. Nov. 9, 1862, m. Lydia Hunt May 14, 1890;
Lydia b. July 11, 1864, m. Jacob A. Ivie 1882; Hannah b.
April 23, 1866, m. Thomas H. Jakeman Nov. 30, 1885; Alber-
tina b. June 15, 1868, m. Ammon Hunt May 11. 1890; Ole A.
b. Sept. 17, 1870. m. Katie Oldroyd Aug. 20. 1894; Mary E. b.
Feb. 12, 1873, m. Andrew Anderson 1899; Orilla B. b. March
31, 1877, m. Delbert Harris Nov. 1905; Edward b. Sept. 18,
1879, m. Reba Blackburn April 3, 1905. Family resided Mt.
Pleasant, Salina, Gunnlson, Scipio and Loa, Utah.

Missionary In Sweden four years; superintendent of Sunday
school; president of high priests' quorum; home missionary.
Veteran Indian wars.

OKERLUND, GEORGE W. (son of Ole Okerlund and Bengta
Carlson). Born Nov. 9, 1862, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Married Lida Hunt May 14, 1890, Manti, Utah (daughter
of Thomas Hunt and Hannah Moon, pioneers Sept. 21, 1861,
Samuel Woolley company). She was born April 2, 1866,
Monroe, Utah. Their children: Ivan b. May 10,, 1891; Ruth
b. Jan. 23, 1893; Berta b. Dec. 3, 1895; Dalton Hunt b. Aug.



16, 1897; Loren Clalr b. Jan. 17, 1899; Esther b. Jan. 24,

1 High "pri'Jst; 'missionary to Sweden 1901-1903. Worked on
Mantl temple. Bishop of Loa ward.

OKEV, EDWIN (parents resided at Gloucestershire, Eng.).
Came to Utah about 1848.

Married Mary Pitt, Gloucestershire, Ens. Their children:
Daniel m. Jane Green; Elizabeth, m. James Spratty; Sarah
Celestia, m. Albert Marsh; Baby, died; Edwin, m. Mary Ellen
Clark- Joseph Moroni, m. Synthia Adams. Family resided
Kaysville. American Fork and Salt Lake City, Utah

High priest. Shoemaker. Died about 1855, Salt Lake
OKET EDWIN, JR. (son of Edwin Okey and Mary Pitt).

ara4, Salt Lake City
(daughter of George Clark and Catherine Gascoigne of
Finxton, Derbyshire, Eng., pioneers Oct 4 1863, Horton D.
Haight company). She was born Sept. 12, 185b Their chil-
dren: Harriet Ada b. Nov. 7, 1874, died; ^ Catherine b Oct. 1.
1876, m. Willard McDaniel; Mary Ruth b. March 15, 1879, m.
Frank Devey; Charlotte Ellen b. Oct. 5, 1881, m. William B.
Smith; Sarah Adelaide b. Aug. 28, 1884, m Joseph Devey;
George Edwin b. Jan. 19. 1886, died; Lucy Elizabeth b June
21 1888, m. Frank Healey; Harvey Clark b. Dec. 6. 1890, m.
y.lla Cox- Lavina b. Nov. 22, 1892; Martha Hortense b. Jan.
To, 1894! died; Lester Clark b. Dec. 1, 1895. Family home

Mmeeers quorum. Pioneer of American Fork .1858,
moved to Alpine about 1872. Teamster; farmer. Died Oct.
28, 1904.

OLESON, JORGEN. Born May 10, 1822, Kosteslev, Fyen
Amt, Denmark. Came to Utah October, 1868.

Married Kjersten Hansen, who was born Dec. 8, 1820.
Their children: Annie C. b. March 4, 1847, m. Henry Hanson;
Catherine, m. Christen Christensen; Hans, m. Sena Christen-
sen; Olna, m. Peter P. Hansen.

Died at Spanish Fork.

OLIVER, FRANCIS (son of Frank Oliver and Mariah Batton
of Engand). Born June 12. 1825, Brown Condover, Eng.
Came to Utah Sept. 25, 1866, John D. Holladay company.

Married Elizabeth Bailey Feb. 5, 1848, In England (daugh-
ter of James and Ann Bailey of same country). Their chil-
dren: Emily, m. Thomas H. White; Elizabeth b. July 31,
1849 d. Aug. 18, 1866, on plains; Ann, m. James Rice; Francis
b Sept 2 1855, d. Dec. 5, 1856; Mary Jane, m. Joseph Had-
neld; William F. b. Sept. 2, I860, d. Nov. 2, 1861. Family
home Salina, Utah.

Died Jan. 29, 1905, Riverside, Utah.

OLIVER, HARRISON (son of Samuel N. F. Oliver of Ken-
tucky). Born March 29, 1800. Came to Utah Sept. 23, 1850,
Perrigrlne Sessions company.

Married Dorothy Martin 1824, Louisville, Ky. (daughter
uf William Martin and Hannah Adams of same state). She
was born in Kentucky, 18U4, and died 1828. Their children:
Samuel N F., d. aged 18; William, d. child; Martin, d. aged
21; Sarah, d. infant. Family home Louisville, Ky.

Married Hannah Martin 1832, Louisville, Ky. (daughter of
William Martin and Hannah Adams, pioneers 1850, Per-
rigrine Sessions company). She was born Jan. 27, 1812,
at Louisville, and died Jan. 24, 1853. Their children: William
T., m. Nancy Lovern; Edward McClelland, d. aged 27; Lamira
Jane, m. George Allen and Christopher Tippel; Arabelle,
m. James Montague; Dorothy, d. infant. Emily Frances, m.
Alexander G. Davis; Polly, d. infant. Family resided Ken-
tucky and Illinois.

Married Rebecca Butler September, 1853, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Charles Butler and Lovisa J. Heron of Ogden
and Salt Lake City; came to Utah 1850, Perrigrine Sessions
company). She was born March 19, 1828. Their children:
Hannah M., m. Mr. Reid, m. Mr. Johnson; Harrison; Charlea
F., m. Lizzie Carter; John; Juliet, d. aged 20. Family home.
Salt Lake City.

Bishop. V.eteran Indian wars. Farmer and stockraiser.

OLIVER, SAMUEL (son of William Oliver and Susan
Fletcher, latter of Barrlngton, Eng.). Born Dec. 25, 1840,
Whaddon, Cambridgeshire, Eng. Came to Utah Sept. 15,
1860, Ira Eldredge company.

Married Fannie Emma Barnes Sept. 6, 1870, Salt Lake
City (daughter of J. S. Barnes and Jane Lee). Their chil-
dren: Minnie Ann b. Aug. 18, 1871, m. John L. Scott; Samuel
William b. March 13, 1873, d. 1891; Sarah Jane b. Feb. 15.
1876, d. 1905; Alma A. Morris; Susan Ada b. Dec. 16, 1877, m.
Edward A. Gustaveson; Lydla May b. May 19, 1881, died;
Mary b. May 21, 1884; Joseph Smith b. Oct. 23, 1886; John
Lee b. March 22, 1889. Family home East Mill Creek, Utah.

Patriarch; counselor In the bishopric nearly 35 years.
School trustee ten years; justice of the peace ten years.

OLLORTON, JOHN (son of Thomas and Betty Ollorton of
Croston, Lancashire, Eng.). Born April 20, 1800, at Croston.
Started for Utah in Edward Martin "frozen" handcart com-
pany, died en route, as did fully one-fourth of this company
of 600. The remnant of this family arrived In Salt Lake
City Dec. 1, 1856.

Married Alice Dandy 1823, Eccleston, Lancashire, Eng.
(daughter of James Dandy and Elizabeth Ogden of Eccleston,
Eng.), who died Nov. 20, 1856, near Sandy Creek, Wyo.
Their children: Elizabeth, m. James Wilson; Seth, m. Jane
Rogerson; Esther, m. Daniel Ashton; John, m. Dinnah Dick-
erson; Elizabeth; James; Ellen, m. William Howson; Alice
and Hannah, died; Jane Ann, m. James R. McPherson; Mar-
gret; Henry; Sarah, m. George Eatough.

Elder. Died Nov. 12, 1856, at the "Three Crossings" of the
Sweetwater river, which had become a veritable graveyard
of those who perished from the hardships of the fateful
journey across the frozen desert.

OLSEN, ANDREW (son of Niels Larsen of Denmark). Came
to Utah in 1854, Murdock oxteam company.

Married Boletta Larsen 1857, In Denmark (daughter of
Niels Larsen). Their children: Cena b. May 30, 1858, m.
Charles Swasey; Andrew b. Aug. 20, m. Caroline Johansen;

Lewis b. April 7, m. May Westwood; May b. May 24, ,

m. Lewis Halverson; Edward, m. Viola Worthing; Frederick,
m. Laura Worthing; George, m. Nancy Hanson. Family
home was In Iowa and Moroni, Utah.

Married Jardean Olson, Spring City, Utah (daughter of
Martin Olson, later in the Endowment house at Salt Lake
City). She was born Oct. 4, 1858. Their children: James, m.
Nerve Kofoed; Alfred; Anne, m. Joshua Anderson: Caroline,
m. Thomas McGann; Chasta, m. John Teakln; Lena, m. Mr.
Peterson; Malle; Eva; Luella, d. aged 2. Family home Castle
Dale, Utah.

Member dominant church and was a farmer. Died at
Boneta, Uinta county, Utah.

OLSEN, BENGT (son of Ole Bengtson and Ella Svenson
of Stora Uppiakra, Sweden). Born Feb. 5, 1824 at Stora
Uppriakra. Came to Utah Sept. 26, 1862, James Wareham
Independent company.

Married Wilhelmlna Petersen (daughter of Paul Peter-
sen and Badel Anderson of Denmark). She was born Jan.
15, 1823. Their children: Charles F. b. July 25, 1857
(adopted), m. Thurza Ward; Josephine b. March 18, 1860,
died; Benjamin F. b. April 13, 1862, m. Emily Clark; Joseph
Reuben b. Nov. 7, 1864, m. Mary Frances Jefferies and Jose-
phine C. Josephson; Margrett b. April 24, 1866, m. William
John Cawley. Family home Big Cottonwood, Utah.

Farmer and painter. Died December, 1908.

OLSEN, JOSEPH REUBEN (son of Bengt Olsen and Wilhel-
mina Petersen). Born Nov. 7, 1864, Big Cottonwood, Utah.

Married Mary Frances Jefferies June 19, 1889, Logan, Utah
(daughter of William Jefferies and Mary Frances Old of
Grantsville, Utah). Their children: Joseph William b. Oct.
24, 1890, m. Erma Crompton; Harold Reuben b. Nov. 5,
1893; Albert Jefferies b. Dec. 13, 1895. Family home Grants-
ville, Utah.

Married Josephine C. Josephson Sept. 15, 1897, Logan, Utah
(daughter of Andrews M. Josephson and Arma Anderson of
Brigham City, Utah, pioneers Sept. 5, 1863, John F. San-
ders company). She was born Jan. 11, 1877. Their
children: Josephine b. Feb. 19, 1899; Joseph Reuben b. July
26. 1900; Mary b. July 12, 1902; Karl L. Grand b. June 5,
1904; Farris Mozart b. June 4, 1907, died; Hard Arma b. Feb.
20, 1910; Lillian Bodel b. Feb. 13, 1912. Family home Brig-
ham City. Utah.

Sheep Inspector of Box Elder county three years, and
county sheriff since 1911. Farmer and sheepralser.

OLSEN, CARL STEEN (son of Ole Thorson and Gurl AB-
laksdater of Ris5r, Norway). Born Dec. 10, 1830, Rlsor,
Norway. Came to Utah 1866.

Married Maren Marie Wrolsdater Aug. 14, 1858, Rlsor.
Norway (daughter of Wrol Evansen and Karen Thorsdater
of Rls8r, Norway, pioneers 1866). She was born March 25,
1837. Their children: Ole, m. Hanna Kaspara; Wrol Chris-
tian, m. Sophie Louise Peterson; Thor Gurnellus. died, and
burled at sea; Guro; Karen Olene b. Aug. 23, 1866, d. on
plains; Theodore Ephralm; Joseph; Amanda Marie. Family
resided Farmlngton, Utah, and Ovid, Idaho.

Member 146th quorum seventies; high priest. Walked
and drove lame oxen all the way across the plains for
eight weeks; had 3 yoke of oxen -when they started, but
had only one yoke when they arrived at Salt Lake.

OLSEN, WROL C. (son of Carl Olsen and Maren Marie
Wrolsdater). Born March 7, 1861, RlsBr, Norway.

Married Sophia Louise Peterson March 19, 1883, Ovid,
Idaho (daughter of Henry and Marian Peterson of Ovid,
pioneers). She was born Oct. 2, 1864, and died May 24,
1894. Their children: Mary Louise b. July 2, 1884, d. July
21, 1890; Amanda b. July 2, 1887, m. Retls Cooper; Edna
Matilda b. May 12, 1889; Wrolf Christian b. Oct. 6, 1891;
Edith b. May 19, 1894, d. May 26, 1894.

Married Ingeborg Holmquist Oct. 11, 1898. Their chil-
dren: John Fritljef b. Jan. 8, 1900, d. Oct. 21, 1902; Wilford



K. b. Feb. 2, 1903; Henry La Vod b. July 19, 1905; Sarah
Geneva b. April 29. 1907. Family home lona, Idaho.

Member 156th quorum seventies; missionary to Norway
1899-1902, and 1907-09.

OLSEN, CHARLES C. (son of Ole and Carrie Olsen of Nor-
way). Born April 2, 1824, Christiana, Norway. Came to
Ctah 1854.

Married Eveline Benson in 1856, Salt Lake City (daughter
of Jerome Benson and Mary Rhodes, pfoneers 1850, Ezra
T. Benson company). She was born Feb. 28, 1835. Their
children: Charles Messenger b. June 27, 1857, died; Mary
Caroline b. Aug. 30, 1858, m. Joseph Bartholomew 1883; Oscar
Alfred b. Aug. 4, 1860, m. Rachel Weach 1894; Eveline
Amelia b. Nov. 28, 1862, m. Austin Evans 1893; Logan N.
b. Sept. 22, 1864, d. July 1884; Rosa b. Nov. 26, 1866, d. June
1884; Louie b. June 22, 1868, d. July 1884; Alma b. Feb. 19,
1870, d. Nov. 1870; Vendee b. July 13, 1871, d. April 4, 1875;
Elam b. Feb. 26, 1873; Virginia Aurilla b. Feb. 9, 1875, m.
Frank Curtis 1901; George Leo b. June 1877, died. Family
home Logan, Utah.

Seventy; acting teacher. Cabinet maker and farmer.
Died May 12, 1887, Layton, Ariz.

OLSEN, OSCAR ALFRED (son of Charles and Eveline
Benson). Born Aug. 4, 1860.

Married Rachel Weach Oct. 1, 1894, Layton, Ariz, (daugh-
ter of Joseph Weach and Emma Wilkins). Their children:
Joseph Alfred b. July 5, 1895; Emma b. June 24, 1897; Howard
b. Dec. 1, 1901; Harry and Harold, twins b. March 27. 1903;
Lola b. April 9, 1905; Louis b. July 24, 1909; Glenna b. Aug.
SI. 1911.

OLSEN, CHRESTEN J. (son of Jens Olsen and Anne Kjer-
sten of Aalborg, Denmark). Born Aug. 1, 1803, Aalborg,
Denmark. Came to Utah Oct. 5, 1854, Hans Peter Olsen

Married Anne Nielsen (daughter of Peter Nielsen and
Kjersten Nielsen), who was born March 18, 1803. Their
children: Mette Kjersten b. Feb. 3, 1830, died on way to
Utah; Karen Marie b. May 11, 1832; Chrestine b. Aug. 13,
1834- Nekoline b. April 26, 1836; James b. March 27, 1839;
Else Marie b. Feb. 26, 1841; Margrete b. 1843; Chresten b.
Oct. 1847. Family home Brigham City, Utah.

High priest. Farmer and stockraiser. Died 1869.

OLSEN, JAMES (son of Chresten J. Olsen and Anne Nielsen).
Born March 27, 1839, Aalborg, Denmark. Emigrated from
Copenhagen, December, 1852, in first regularly organized
company from Scandinavia, arrived in Utah 1853.

Married Marie Petersen Jan. 28, 1862, Brigham City, Utah
(daughter of James O. Petersen and Anne Jensen, pioneers
1856, James G. Willie handcart company). She was born
Sept 9, 1846. Their children: James W. b. Dec. 22, 1862;
Christian L. b. Feb. 28, 1864; Anne M. b. Dec. 1, 1865; Joseph
H. b. Oct. 13, 1867; Hyrum b. Sept. 26, 1869; Lovenus b.
Aug. 18, 1871; Alma b. March 3, 1875; Nephi P. b. Dec. 12,
1876- Mary E. b. Aug. 24, 1878; Sarah b. April 19, 1882;
Moses b. Aug. 13, 1883; Helana b. July 1. 1888.

President of high priest quorum Box Elder stake. Held
civil offices for 20 years In Cache county and precinct.

OLSE1V, CHRISTIAN (son of Ole Bartelsen, born about 1781,
and Maria Johnson, born Nov. 17. 1782, both- of Raade, Nor-
way). Born Jan. 21, 1825, at Raade. Came to Utah Sept.
15, 1859, Robert Nelsen oxteam company.

Married Annie Ellington May 20, 1859 (daughter of Anart
and Gubjer Ellington, married 1834, Christiana, Norway).
She was born Dec. 27. 1835. Their children: Orson b. Nov.
11, 1860, m. Mary Ann Smith Feb. 24, 1886; Christian b.
Sept. 25, 1862, died; Agnes b. April 11, 1864, m. John
Maughan Oct. 10, 1881; Annie b. May 12, 1866, m. John
Palmer June 21, 1909; Joseph b. March 27, 1868, m. Lorette
Smith Jan. 24, 1895; Nephi b. Sept. 20, 1870, m. Katie Hawkins
Dec 12 1900; Hyrum b. March 17, 1873, died; Martha b.
May 7. 1875, m. William Lundqulst Jan. 22, 1902; Wilford
b Nov 22 1877, m. Luella Norton March 17, 1909; Millie b.
Sept. 10, 1879, m. Niels Nelsen Dec. 12, 1900.

High priest; missionary to Norway 1886-88; president
of Scandinavians, Weston ward; president of ward teachers.
Settled in Salt Lake City 1859, moved to Logan 1861, and to
Weston in 1869.

OLSEN, FREDERICK. Born in Denmark. Came to Utah
Sept. 13, 1857, Chris Christiansen handcart company.

Married Mary Justisen in Denmark (daughter of Lars
Justisen of same country), who was born Sept. 1, 1820, in
Denmark. Their children: Hannah, died; Ole b. Jan. 19,
1851, m. Elsie L. King; Andrew, m. Stena Nielsen; Lewis
and Levl, d. infants; Livy, m. Olive Hitchcock; Mary, d.
child; Fredrick, m. Martha Stevens; Diantha, Hannah ana
Baby, d. infants. Family home Spring City, Utah.

Married Matilda Jensen 1869, Salt Lake City. Their chil-
dren- Lewis, m. B'yot Hansen; Mary, m. Gustave Iverson;
Fredrick Jr., m. Cornelia Rtgley, m. Nellie Taylor; Sarah;
Deloss, m. Mary Osborne. Family home Spring City and

Veteran Black Hawk war. Seventy; high priest; bishop
Monroe ward one and a half years; bishop Spring City ward
14 years; bishop Ferron ward 25 years; patriarch. Assisted
In bringing immigrants to Utah. Farmer.

OLSEN, LIVT (son of Frederick Olsen and Mary Justisen).
Born Dec. 1, 1856, Copenhagen, Denmark. Came to Utah
with parents. -

Married Olive M. Hitchcock May 3, 1905, Ferron, Utah
(daughter of Franklin Hitchcock and Rosetta Cook of
Fillmore, Utah). Their children: Ferrell b. Feb. 15, 1906;
Lewis b. Feb. 10, 1908; Justin b. March 20, 1910. Family
home Ferron, Utah.

Member 149th quorum seventies; missionary to northern
states 1900-02. Acting ward clerk Ferron; sheriff of Emery
county two years. Assistant Sunday school superintendent.
President town board; president Ferron Creek Canal &
Reservoir Co; president Independent Canal & Reservoir
Co. Farmer and stockraiser.

OLSEN, OLE (son of Frederick Olsen and Mary Justisen).
Born Jan. 19, 1851, in Denmark. Came to Utah with parents.

Married Elsie King, Salt Lake City (daughter of Eleazar
King and Mary Caroline Fowler), who was born March 17,
1853, Manti, Utah. Their children: Mary b. Feb. 8, 1872, m.
James Nelson; Caroline b. Nov. 14, 1873, m. Christian Nelson;
Diantha b. Jan. 25, 1876, m. James Watt; Cella b. May 10.
1877, m. Erastus Nelson; Ole b. June 16, 1879; Hannah b.
Sept. 1, 1884, m. Joseph Cameron Jr.; Arthur b. Oct. 1886,
m. Delia Peterson; Leonard b. Dec. 21, 1888; Ervln b. April
8, 1892, m. Rhoda Worthen; Kenneth b. Dec. 21, 1894. Family
resided Spring City and Ferron, Utah.

Seventy; high priest. Black Hawk war veteran. Farmer,
and stockraiser.

OLSEN, GUSTAVE (son of Olivis Olsen and Kirria Anderson
of Swentup. Sweden). Born 1820, in Sweden. Came to Utah
1864, Captain Preston company.

Married Johanna Anderson 1840, Sweden, who was born
Feb. 10, 1810. Their children: Mary, m. George Langlois;
Stova F., m. D. F. Thomas; Matilda, m. A. Sprague. Family
home Huntsville, Utah.

Seventy; president of a branch in Sweden; patriarch.
Farmer. Died Dec. 27, 1911, Ogden, Utah.

OLSEN, HANS (son of Lars Olsen). Born May 1, 1800, in
Sweden. Came to Utah Sept. 29, 1847, John Taylor com-

Married Chasta Okersen, who was born June 1800. Their
children: Benta; Eliza, m. Niels B. Nielsen; Ola; Johanna,
m. Wiley P. Alfred; Ingrie, m. Peter Nielsen; Peter b. 1836;
Niels; Hannah, m. Orange Seeley. Family home Sweden.

Farmer. Died January, 1896, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

OLSEN, HANS (son of Ole Olsen and Anna Hansen of
Wabensted, Maribo, Isle of Laaland, Denmark). Born Dec.
22, 1839, at Wabensted. Came to Utah Sept. 29, 1866, Peter
Nebeker company.

Married Hannah Madsen Sept. 29, 1868, Wanship, Utah
(daughter of Lars and Taren Madsen of Fuglse, Maribo,
Denmark; latter came to Utah 1870). She was born March
4 1846. Their children: Lewis b. Oct. 28, 1869, m. Hannah
E. Lunceford; Carrie Christine b. Feb. 3, 1873, m. Frank
Lawrence; Anna Louisa b. April 29, 1874; John Taylor b.
Sept. 19, 1879, m. Sina Johnson; Ferdinand Henry b. Sept.
12, 1882, m. Myrel Woodhead.

Married Hannah Oman Sept. 29, 1887, Logan, Utah (daugh-
ter of Peter Oman and Annie Christina Andreason of
SkBfde, Skaraborg Lan, Sweden). Born June 24, 1864. Their
children: Karl b. July 1, 1888, died; William Alfred b. Feb.

22, 1890; Ruth Helen b. Sept. 19, 1892; Loren LeRoy b.
Nov. 25, 1894; Lillian Belle b. Aug. 15, 1897; Sarah Ellen b.
April 26, 1900; Adolph b. Dec. 31, 1902; Paul Oscar b. May

23, 1906. Families resided Lake View, Utah.

High priest; home missionary; presiding elder of branch
In Denmark; ward teacher at Wanship. Black Hawk Indian
war veteran. Farmer; blacksmith.

OLSEN, JAMES PETER (son of Niels Christian Olsen and
Marn Thomasen of Denmark; latter came to Utah 1860).
Born June 23, 1851, Skose, Presto Amt, Denmark. Came
to Utah Sept. 20, 1860, Oscar O. Stoddard handcart company.

Married Kisten Mary Hansen April 20, 1874, Salt Lake City
(daughter of Hans Peter Hansen of Denmark and Kisten
Petersen, pioneers 1856). She was born Jan. 29, 1857. Their
children: Sarah b. Jan. 7, 1876, died; Mary Laurettie b. April
9, 1878, m. Royal Leo Jensen; Rupert Peter b. July 22, 1881.
m. Genevieve Blackburn; Alfred Nels b. Nov. 2, 1883; Anne
Cleopha b. Feb. 12, 1886, m. Marcus Hamson; Lewis Hans b.
June 23, 1888, died; Hans Peter b. Jan. 16, 1891, died; Daisy:
Lenora H. b. Feb. 12, 1892, m. Carl Hanson; Leslie John b.
Jan. 6, 1895; Norman Alma b. May 24, 1897.

Married Laura Hansen Feb. 23, 1910, Salt Lake (
(daughter of Anders Hansen and Anne Kistine Lauritsen
of Denmark, who came to Utah Dec. 29, 1899). She was
born March 28, 1880. Their children: Lloyde Reland b.
April 21, 1911; Cleon Olean b. Sept. 22, 1912. Family home
Brigham City, Utah.

Missionary to Denmark 1888-90; ward teacher; assistant to
president of T. M. M. I. A. Farmer.

OLSEN, SEREN. Born November, 1791, In Uland, Denmark.
Came to Utah 1853, Lorenzo Snow company.

Married Bertha Peterson in Copenhagen while on way to
Utah She was born May 8, 1821, and came to Utah
with husband. Their children: Peter Isaac b. Jan. 6, 1856,



ra. Sally Ann Barton: Seren b. Sept. 24, 1860, m. Emily
Frances Barton; Joseph b. Sept. 24, 1860, died; Erastus b.
April 1, 1863, m. Sarah Cox. Family resided Manti and Rock-
ville, Utah.

Elder; teacher in ward. Helped to build the first canal
and roads at Rockville. Died Oct. 8, 1872, at Rockville.

OLSEN, SEREN JR. (son of Seren Olsen and Bertha Peter-
son). Born Sept. 24, 1860.

Married Emily Frances Barton June 24, 1880, St. George,
Utah (daughter of Stephen Smith Barton and Jane Evans,
who resided at Lebanon, 111. and Paragonah, Utah). She
was born Nov. 9, 1863. Their children: Bertha Jane b. July
10, 1881, m. Hubbard Warren; Seren Penn b. Oct. 24. 1883;
Mary b. June 9, 1885, m. Edward Jones; Frances b. Jan.
10, 1888, (d. Feb. 1909), m. John Allred; Stephen Alvin b. Feb.
6, 1890; Ira Glen b. Nov. 30, 1892; Asael b. Aug. 27. 1895:
Fern b. Oct. 2. 1897: Eva b. April 8. 1899; Herald b. Dec.
24, 1901; Leroy Tell b. Jan. 29, 1904; Carl Emron b. Nov. 14,
1906. Family home Price, Utah.

High priest; ward and Sunday school teacher. City coun-
cilman at Price. One of the earliest settlers, he planted
the first trees on the Price townsite; pioneer. Canal and
road builder.

OLSEN, PETER ISAAC (son of Seren Olsen and Bertha
Peterson. Born Jan. 6, 1856, Manti, Utah.

Married Sally Ann Barton Jan. 11, 1877, St. George, Utah
(daughter of Stephen Smith Barton and Jane Evans of
Paragonah. Utah), who was born Sept. 10. 1858, at Para-
gonah. Their children: Thomas William b. Nov. 23, 1878;
William Isaac b. Dec. 27, 1879, Lorenzo b. Dec. 8, 1880, and
Erastus b. March 7, 1882, all died infants; Mary Jane b. Oct.
8, 1888, m. Lawrence Rasmussen; Peter Barton b. July 22,
1892; Elvaleene Barton b. Aug. 5, 1894; Stephen Bryan b.
Aug. 30, 1896; Viola Penn b. June 20, 1899. Family home
Price. Utah.

One of the first settlers of Price, where he located in
1882; helped to build the first canal and wagon roads at that

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